Raisa & Silus

Chapter One

Raisa jumped from the airplane, freefalling toward the ground at high speeds. If not for the night vision goggles she wore, she and her two companions would not be able to see where they were supposed to land. She opened her parachute and was pulled to a stop, her descent slowed. She could hear Eoin’s scream of excitement as he came into view to her right. He loved the adrenaline rush he recieved every time they jumped from a plane. Ellair came into view on her left, quiet as usual. Soon they would be in the middle of the Brazilian jungle where they would be searching for a man named Silus West. His file said he was highly intelligent and incredibly dangerous, a man who had been trained to kill and would not hesitate to take a life. The politician who had hired them had seemed nervous when speaking Silus’ name.

Silus woke from a dead sleep, his heart beating quickly in his chest. He had a strange feeling, the feeling of being hunted. His survival instincts had kicked in and all the warning bells were going off. He jumped up and pulled his clothes on then tossed what little belongings he had in his backpack. He looped the plastic case that held the flash drive around his neck and tucked it into his shirt. Those pictures and videos of what that man had been doing to people would stay with him until he found a way to expose them. He had not had time in the states and now it seemed he was not quite out of the woods. He fled from the small cottage, leaving behind some money for the owner.

Silus wasn’t sure where he was going but if his gut wanted him to run then he ran. Especially now that he had pissed off someone high up. He heard screaming in the distance. It sounded like someone screaming because they were having fun but it was still disturbing and made his pace faster. Raisa, Eoin and Ellair landed and packed up their shoots. “that will never get old” Eoin said with the enthusiasm of a ten year old. Ellair just smiled as he shook his head.

Raisa began to walk and the boys quickly followed “serious as and on your mission as ever little sis” Eoin commented. Raisa responded ‘ This guy is really dangerous. I don’t want him killing anybody for shelter. We need to round him up quickly before innocent people get hurt.”

“I know, we’ll get him. We always do. What’s his specialties again?”

“stealth, evasion, and hand to hand combat”

“He’ll be fun”

“The challenge is always fun unless there aren’t casualties.”

“Pehaps we should check at the nearest town sister, see if he has been seen.” Ellair said.

“I agree, it’s not far anyway. I could see the lights as we came down.” Raisa replied and they pushed their way through the jungle. They made the town after two hours of walking and were glad to see a couple of people still sitting outside. They approached a middle aged man sitting on his porch and Raisa pulled Silus’s picture out of one of the pockets on her pants. “Voce ja viu este homem?” She asked in Portuguese as she held up the picture.

The man looked at it and nodded. “Ele esta hospedado na casa velha do meu irmao.”

“Ele e muito perigoso, por favor nos mostrar onde ele esta.”

The man laughed. “Para um homem perigoso, ele tem sido muito util, mas ele disse que alguem como voce pode aparecer e nao discutir. Segue-me.”

He got up and they followed close, Raisa pulling her knife from her boot when he stopped in front of an old shack. She moved him out of the way and pressed her ear to the door. She didn’t hear anything, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t awake. She directed Eoin and Ellair to the back of the house and once they were in position she kicked the door in and rolled inside. The shack had a small kitchenette and against the far wall a bed. The only room that was seperated was the bathroom. She noticed the money on the counter and frowned. He had bolted before they even showed up. She went back out, money in hand and gave it to the man then called Eoin and Ellair.

“He’s already gone.” She said as she put her knife away.

“How did he know?” Eoin asked.

“Like all good soldiers he gets that feeling in the pit of his stomach that tells him danger is headed his way. He must have snuck out the back so as not to alert the people.

Eoin and Ellair sighed at the same time. “He’s made this much harder. We have to hunt without any leads. Oh well we can still do it.” Both men said. “Obrigado por sua ajuda senhor” Raisa said to the man who had guided him before they began to walk off in the direction she thought a military man would go in. Eoin and Ellair followed her lead as always. They walked at a determined pace but no so fast that they would wear themselves out. Which to them wearing themselves out quickly was way more walking than any normal person could do straight. The problem with this man is that he was military trained so no doubt could travel nearly the same amount of distance as them, if not precisely the same.

Raisa finalyl saw prints in the ground that looked like shoes that a military man might be wearing. It was their only lead though may lead them nowhere but she decided to use this anyway. “we’re following this set of boot prints boys” Raisa said and they nodded, glad she found some real direction to go in after their current target. Raisa walked a little faster with an actual path to follow and the twins picked up their pace without a word.

Silus stopped to sip some water from a small pool that had formed on the ground. He knew the water might not be the cleanest, but he had to stay hydrated. He made sure the flash drive was still around his neck and started again. He knew he was being followed, he could feel it in his bones that they weren’t far behind. He looked back, seeing his footprints in the mud. He wished it wasn’t so wet, but knew he would have to make due for now. He moved silently through the woods, his senses alert. It was pitch black, but he had been in many jungles before this so his night vision was amazing. He came to a river and knew this was his chance to lose them for a few moments. He stepped into the water and started up river.

“Get your head lamps out.” Raisa said as she came to a stop and unzipped one of her pockets. She slipped the lamp onto her head and switched it on. They continued following Silus’s footsteps, watching closely for any signs that he had diverted off his path. When they came to a river she almost growled. She knew exactly what he had done and it was frustrating.

“Which way do you think he went?” Eoin asked.

“There’s no way to tell.” Ellair replied.

Raisa sighed. “We have to split up.”

“Are you sure that’s safe?”

“It doesn’t matter, we have no choice. You two go down river and I’ll go up. Whoever finds him first fire off a flare.”

“alright” They answered, knowing better than to bicker with her about such things. They knew if all three of them went the same way they would only have a fifty percent chance of catching him and that they were only against it atall because they thought of her as their sister. The twins decided to do the intelligent thing instead of being protective brothers and making them less likely to catch the criminal they were after. They wished eachother luck then went their opposite ways.¬†Ellair and Eoin knew they didn’t have anything to worry about anyway. Raisa could probably kick both their asses if she wanted to. It was partially why she was their superior. She was smart and very skilled. She was far from a woman who needed protecting.

As Silus walked he kept watch for a tree close enough to the river that he might not have to step foot on the groundto get on. If he could get on one to get out and maybe get to another tree from that one maybe in the dark his followers woul just keep going and not look for footprints far from the river, if they were even going to correct way down the river. If he was lucky whoever was following him went the opposite way he chose.

Chapter Two

When he found a tree with a branch low enough and close enough he jumped up and grabbed on the hauled himself up. He moved from branch to branch until he was close enough to another tree then hopped over. It was slower going this way and it wasn’t long before he heard footsteps. He froze, his eyes searching down river. A light bloomed in the darkness, drawing ever closer. Raisa couldn’t believe she had not found any clue to give her direction. She sighed, knife in hand as she crossed the river. The water made it up to her midriff and was icy cold so she shivered. She stepped out of the water and continued up river, her eyes watching the ground for any sign of boot prints.

Silus followed her, moving silently from tree to tree like a shadow. He couldn’t believe a woman had been sent after him. He hated hitting women, but would do it if he absolutely had to. Raisa suddenly had a weird feeling on her abdomen. She tried to ignore it, but it got to where it was annoying. She stopped and lifted her shirt, her eyes widening when she saw leeches. She started shaking and screamed. “Oh god, oh god, oh god no.” She said, feeling sick to her stomach. Silus hopped down from the tree, wondering what was wrong with her. She looked absolutely terrified. He moved up behind her and put her in a headlock.

“Don’t move.” He said in her ear. “If you do I’ll snap your neck.” It was a lie, but he didn’t want her to get any ideas. “Drop the knife.” She gripped it tighter and he tightened his hold on her. “Don’t think because you’re female I will show mercy, now drop it.” She dropped it and the blade imbedded itself in the ground.

“Just take it easy.” She said shakily, unable to get her mind off the leeches.

“Now, tell me what has you so scared.”

“I have leeches on my stomach. I hate leeches. Do you have any?”


“How unfair.” He kept one arm around her neck while he reached into his bag with the other. He pulled out a lighter and flipped it open.

“Lift your shirt.” He whispered.


“Just do it.” She lifted her shirt and he flicked the lighter on. He looked over her shoulder and used the flame to burn the leeches so they let go and fell to the ground. “Do you feel them anywhere else?”


“Good.” He stuck the lighter back in his bag then choked her. Raisa fought against him, using every technique she could think of to get loose and failing. Her vision began to blur then darken. Right before she passed out he said, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

Even though she was his pursuer he ran off hoping no animals would harm her while she lay unconscious. Raisa woke with a jump and stood up. She looked around, frustrated he was gone. She was surprised he helped her and then instead of taking her life he just knocked her out to run. The man she encountered was nothing like the description she was given. He should have killed her albeit he shouldn’t have even cared she was freaking out. On top of it all he felt remorse for having to knock her out. She had heard his apology before darkness overcame her mind. Somthing was up here and she was going to figure out what. She didn’t like being sent after innocent people and now she had to wonder if maybe it was the politician that was scummy instead of the man she was sent after.

In any case she had to send up the flare so the twins would know to join her in Silus’s pursuit. She quickly tugged out her flare gun then shot it up. The twins and Silus saw it which made all men move fast. Silus to get away and the twins to help Raisa. Raisa knew the twins would run her way and they were very fast men but she still debated waiting on them or running herself. ¬†She decided it best to run after Silus. He obviously wouldn’t kill her. He had the perfect opportunity and let her live. She needed to talk to him and knew the twins would be less willing to have a discussion with a mark.

Silus wished he had not had to choke the woman out. He didn’t like it and it made him feel like a shitty person, but he had no choice. He had thought himself safe for awhile in Brazil, in the deep dark jungle, but he had been wrong. He had to get to the city, had to keep moving until he got the photos to a reporter. He had fled America in such haste that he had been unable to after they had come into his possession. He came to a cliff face and made sure his backpack was secure before making his ascent. Raisa ran through the jungle, knife in hand in case some predator decided she would make a good meal. She felt she was drawing closer to him and refused to slow down until she had him.

She skidded to a halt when she came to the rock face, her boots slipping in the mud. She looked up, seeing he was already half way up and started after him with her knife clenched between her teeth. She was amazed at how fast he was going after his run through the jungle and couldn’t help but admire him. He looked down and she swore she saw a grin briefly touch his lips as he hauled himself higher. She glared at him, wondering if he was laughing at her dogged pursuit. Silus made it to the top and hauled himself over the edge then turned and looked down at the beautiful woman chasing him.

“You’re getting tired.” He said.

Raisa took the knife from her teeth and stabbed it into one of the tree roots. She gripped on, taking a breather. “I wouldn’t be if you didn’t have so much stamina.” She snapped and he smiled.

“I was in the military from the time I was eighteen plus I’ve been through many jungles in my life. I know how to get around the obstacles. What about you?”

“I’m army and a part time mercenary. The boys back home call me The Huntress since I can chase down and catch pretty much anyone.” She took a deep breath, her arms and legs aching and shaking. “I think I might be stuck Silus.”

“That’s because you’re not used to jungle conditions and this type of exertion. Do you want my help?”

“You’d really help me?”

“I can’t have you falling. You’d die or atleast break a thing or two”

“You are nothing like I was told” She said, letting a bit of her strain seep into her voice. “I’m nothing of what you were told I’m sure. Just wait one second and I’ll help you” Silus said then Raisa gave a small, breathless laugh “well I’m definitly not going anywhere”

“sarcastic, I like that” He said as he came down to where she was. Silus helped her get the rest of the way up “Can we talk?”

“I was planning on it after you helped me with the leeches and spared my life. Somthing is obviously going on here and I’d like to hear your side of the story. Try to make it short, my mercenaries are coming and they wont be as willing to talk as me. They wont kill you or anything but it’ll b easier to hear you out right now”

“Thank god they sent someone level headed after me. You wont regret letting me tell my side. I’m not the evil one here it’s the dirty politician that sent you.” Silus gripped his necklace and continued “I have all the proof you and everybody else will need right in this flashdrive. He’s wrong and hurt so many people in horrible ways and needs to be stopped. I’m trying to find a reporter so the world can see what kind of a man he is”

“May I ask what is on the flash drive?”

“Just photos, things that sicken me. I’ll show you once we make it to the city.”

“You mean if you make it to the city.” Ellair said, he and Eoin both had a sword resting on each of his shoulders.

“You boys really don’t want to go there.” Silus warned.

“Has he hurt you sister?” Eoin asked.

“Put your weapons away you half wits. If he had hurt me I doubt I would be standing. You two really need to learn to read a situation better. How in the hell did you get up here anyway?”

They slipped their katanas into the sheaths at their backs. “There was a trail. It looked like it was used for hunting.” Eoin answered, still eyeing Silus suspiciously.

“So we climbed up here for no reason then, great. I’ll be sore for nothing.”

“I wouldn’t say for nothing, it was quite invigorating.” Silus said with the same amused smile he had given her earlier.

“So what now sister, what are we to do with this man?” Ellair asked, face serious as always.

“I believe he may be innocent. He says he has proof that the man who hired us is dirty and you know how I feel about dirty money.” She slipped her knife into her boot. “I say we head to the city and email Skype KatieMay. Perhaps she can shed some light on our employer, search for rumors of his evil deeds. We can also use a computer to view those pictures.”

“Very well, we do as you say.” Ellair replied.

“And I was really looking forward to a payday.” Eoin said with a pout and Ellair slapped him in the back of the head.

Raisa rolled her eyes with a smile “come on boys” They began their way back to town. It seeming shorter than when they had to hunt for Silus. They got rooms then went in the one for Silus where Ellair pulled out his laptop and gave it to Silus to use after he had entered his password. Silus stuck his flash drive in, Raisa, Eoin and Ellair watching expectantly for what the contents held. Silus opened all the folders, showing them image after image until Raisa had to ask him to stop. “god, that’s the creep who hired me?!”

“yeah, he just doesn’t want this all found out”

‘That fucking bastard. No wonder he was so damn nervous” ¬†Raisa said then Ellair answered “Lets hurry and Skype KatieMay.” Ellair signed into Skype and was grateful to see she was online. It was a rare thing for her to be offline though so their odds were good to catch her. Ellair called her and she didn’t answer so he called again. This time she did “sorry, i wasn’t at my computer”

“It’s fine but we need you to look into Calvin Bishmoore” Ellair then sent her the files Silus had showed them “look at that shit” she opened them “I’ll call you back when I know more. Stay near your computer”

“i will, hurry”

“Oh don’t worry, i will”

“Why don’t you boys go get out of your gear and bathe. You’re both covered in mud and check for leeches.” Raisa said.

“Leeches? Awesome.” Eoin said.

“I had them on me Eoin, so not awesome.”

“Are you telling me I completely missed you girling out over some blood slugs.”

“Ellair, get him out of here before I beat him up.” Ellair grabbed the collar of Eoin’s jacket and pulled him out of the room, the whole time Eoin apologized and tried to wrestle free of his brother’s vice like grip. “Would you like to take a shower, I don’t mind.” She said as she turned back to Silus.

“Nah you go ahead, ladies first. I don’t mind waiting.”

“Alright then if KatieMay calls back just holler.”

She grabbed a pair of shorts and a sports bra out of her suitcase then headed into the bathroom. She switched on the water and put her knives on the counter before pulling her soaked, muddy clothes off. She checked herself for more leeches, shuddering at the thought of being fed on by those little bloodsuckers. She was relieved when she found none and stepped under the water, giving a sigh of relief when her skin warmed.

Chapter Three

She took a slow shower, knowing the hot water wouldn’t run out in a hotel room. It always felt incredible to get a shower after chasing someone, especially in the jungle. The heat was also losening muscles she didn’t know had wound up so badly. Raisa guessed they had over tensed when the leeches were on her. Raisa wanted them both clean and ready when her friend called back so eventually forced herself to lave the heat and comfort of the bathroom. She dried and dressed before entering their room. Her hair was messy from the shower since she didn’t bring her brush in the bathroom. Silus gave her a warm smile, thining of how gorgeous she was and how a bit of cuteness was added into that beauty with her hair messy.

“your turn” She said and he cleared his throat before getting up and heading into the bathroom with his pajamas. “it’s not polite to stare” she said teasingly and he turned to smile again “I’m sorry, you’re very beautiful but I’ll try not to stare”

“I guess I can let you slide since you helped me twice when you didn’t have to”

“I knew you were probably misinformed”

“well take your shower so we can do what we need to do when my friend calls back”

“alright” Silus took a much quicker shower. He didn’t know why he wanted to be back with Raisa so badly but he did so cleaned then dressed as quick as he could. “look at you, showing me up. That was fast” Raisa said when Silus came out. He smiled “well you are a girl”

“do you want this computer lodged at your head?” Raisa answered making Silus laugh a deep, and very sexy laugh. “are we going to wait up for the call?”

“we need to catch a little sleep but if I leave the laptop open and plugged in Skype will ring and wake me. I’m sure the twins are catching a little sleep. I do want to go the second she tells us what to do next. We need to get that man behind bars.”

“yeah, well I’ll try to stay on my side but I will warn you and I swear I’m being truthful, I cuddle in my sleep. If I do just push me away or wake me”

“ok, I’ll just elbow you really hard” Raisa got up, plugged the laptop in then turned off the lamp at her side of the bed “night Silus”

“Night” he answered then turned his lamp out.

She laid there for half an hour, wondering if he was going to turn over or not. When he didn’t she finally allowed her eyes to close and sleep to take her. The sound of her skype ringing roused them both from their sleep. She tried to get up, but found herself held tightly against Silus. “Sorry.” He said drowsily and let her go so she could go answer it.

“Hey Katie, what did you find?” She asked.

“What I found was a sexy fugitive in your bed. What were you two doing?”

“Nothing, he’s a cuddler.”

“Oh how sweet.”

“Come on, back to business.”

KatieMay giggled. “Alright sorry. Calvin Bishmoore has a surprisingly squeaky clean record so I had to hack into some encrypted files. He was accused of rape, murder, using child labor, having an entire village of innocent men, women, and children killed over oil, among other things. He’s a sick sadist as I’m sure you got from the photos. If you want this bastard taken down then you need to get back here and get me into a news station that way I can hack into their feed and broadcast these pictures as far as I can.”

“We’ll catch the earliest flight we can.”

“Okay, be careful honey.”

“we will. Goodnight”

“Well I know you’ll be having a good night” Her friend said with a wink and Silus laughed. Raisa hung up “you’re not that cute” she said when she turned to Silus. “sure I’m not. Come on. I’ll try not to hold you again”

“You can’t help what you do in your sleep. I’m not mad”


“let me book a flight real quick and then I’ll lay down” Raisa quickly booked the earliest flight available which would be leaving in about four hours. Once that was booked she set an alarm then laid down to get what sleep she could. It seemed only moments later that the alarm was blaring. Raisa opened her eyes and laughed when she found herself in Silus’s arms again. He woke to Raisas laughter and let her go. “sorry again”

“You’re fine, I’ll go wake the twins. You start getting ready” Raisa got up and left the room. She came back only moments later. “they wake easy”

“Ellair does, once you get him up he’ll get Eoin up” Raisa grabbed a change of clothes then dressed before gathering her things. The twins were waiting for them in the lobby, always being quick to get ready. When they arrived at the airport there wasn’t long until their flight. They quickly bought sandwiches to scarf down before boarding. They had barely finished when their flight was called so they were glad they were hasty. Raisa texted Katie t let her know they were boarding and when they would land so she could be awaiting their arrival at the airport. On board Ellair and Eoin fell back asleep quickly. Raisa turned to Silus and said “you can go back to sleep too. I don’t need much sleep”

“Me neither, I’m fine. I slept really good last night anyway”

“The bed was comfortable. I slept good too” Silus smiled at her. He had slept in that hotel before so he knew it wasn’t the bed that made him sleep so well. He had a feeling she knew it wasn’t the bed but his company that made her sleep better but he wouldn’t mention it. Maybe he was over estimating himself because of how much he liked her. Raisa was beautiful, definitely more beautiful than he felt he was attractive. She also had gotten a horrible first impression of him because of that damned politician. Silus just turned his attention out the window to admire the world below so he wouldn’t say anything that would make himself look like a fool.

When they landed and collected their luggage it wasn’t very long until they found Katie. Everyone exchanged only brief hugs before piling into her car. Raisa started making calls to the few reporters she had gotten to know well and trusted. She didn’t give them much information but Arthur decided to let them broadcast in the lunchtime slot which was only about an hour away. “we can do that. Thank you” They went ahead and drove over there. Making it in plenty of time.

“Raisa it’s good to see you again.” Arthur said when they walked through the door. He had been waiting for them, nervously checking his watch. “So what do you got?” Raisa held up the flash drive.

“This is the holy grail of disgusting shit. Calvin Bishmoore’s dirty secrets.”

“How dirty?”

“Vomit worthy. Just wait, you’ll definitely be sickened.”

He lead them back to the control room where Katie hooked up her lap top, stating it was the only computer she trusted when Arthur gave her a weird look. She plugged the flash drive in then tapped into their broadcasting system for a live stream. “I need a microphone.” She said and Arthur ran to get one. He brought it back quickly and she hooked it up to her computer. She hacked into other news feeds to Arthur’s amazement then switched on the microphone. “If there are small children in the room you may want to cover their eyes.” She said then sent the photos out. “This ladies and gentlemen is the great and powerful Calvin Bishmoore. He kills, beats, and rapes his way to power.”

“Alright, we should get out of here.” Raisa said. “Arthur, thank you and I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For this.” She punched him in the side of the head and Silus caught him then laid him down.

“Damn Raisa you got him good.” Katie said as she packed up her laptop and the flashdrive.

“It would be better for him if it looked like we forced him to let us in. I’ll make it up to him, I’m sure he knows that.”

They quickly got back into Katies car then decided to drive to the police department and pray they weren’t crooked. They would be found by Calvin and whatever goons he had at his disposal anyway so they might aswell be surrounded by police with their evidence. The world had seen the evidence too so there was no denying it even if most the police force was crooked. The police station was about twenty minuets from the News casting Station so the trip felt like forever, all feeling nervous at every light they stopped at. When they arrived everything already seemed busy with the news since the local police always had the news playing in the department.

A deputy walked over to them “what is it?”

“we’re the ones who leaked that information about Calvin” The deputy walked them over to the cheif and explained who they were. the cheif asked if they could all sit and talk about it in the interogation room so it would be less busy and noisey. All four followed with the deputy right behind them all.

“So how did you come into possession of these pictures?” The Chief asked.

“I stole them.” Silus answered truthfully.

“And what would possess you to do such a thing?”

“A friend of mine, an old military buddy, working as a bodyguard for Mr. Bishmoore told me about some of the things he had done and that he was having everything documented to take him down. Before my friend could leak them he put a bullet in his brain.”

“I have a feeling you doubt he killed himself.”

“Yes sir. I stole the flash drive from Bishmoore. He kept it as a trophy.”

“And how did you three meet Silus?” He asked Raisa.

“Mr. Bishmoore hired us to track down, capture, and return him. He told us Silus was a dangerous, cold blooded killer who was threatening his family. We followed him to Brazil where the boys and I H.A.L.O. jumped out of an airplane. Once we caught up with Silus we discovered that we had been lied to by Mr. Bishmoore so we brought the evidence back and had KatieMay upload it.” She answered and the chief sighed.

“You are welcome to stay here, but remember that men like Bishmoore have goons everywhere. Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t let anyone give you anything unless I say they can be trusted.”

“How do we know you can be trusted?” Ellair asked.

“You can’t, you just have to. There are vending machines if you get hungry or thirsty, showers if you need one, and bunk beds if you’re tired. Their are signs that indicate where everything is so they should be pretty easy to find.”

“Thank you sir.” Silus said and they were allowed to leave the interrogation room. “I’m going to go jump in the shower to cool off. Every time I have to look at those pictures I feel like killing someone. If you need anything just come get me.” He walked away and Katie elbowed Raisa in the ribs.

“Ow what?”

“He did say anything.”

“Katie! Get, go flirt with the cops or get a soda you pervert.”

She laughed. “I think I’ll check the news and see what our little deviant has been saying.”

“you do that. Maybe you’ll calm down” Silus was glad they had showers in the police station so he could relax. As magical as showers were it was even helping his stomach that got upset when he saw or even thought of those disgusting pictures. His mind filled with Raisa to chase the horrible images away. He thought of how cute she was trying to climb yesterday and how warm she had been in his arms last night. He liked waking up with her, even if he had to let her go the second he inhaled that sweet scent and felt her comforting body heat.

He imagined how nice it would be to be able to lay lazily in bed or on a couch with her, doing nothing but cuddling. He wondered if a woman like her was even interested in cuddling. He had dated a tough girl before who laughed at him every time he even suggested cuddling. She thought it made him less of a man to want that which was ultimately why they broke up. That was leading towards sad thoughts he didn’t want to think so he changed back to picturing her face and playing that sweet voice in his head.

“Come on Ellair give me my chips back.” Eoin said as his brother held him back with one arm while holding the back of doritos behind him with the other.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have drank my soda while I was in the bathroom.” He shoved him back and he bumped into Raisa who was just taking a drink of her Sprite. It spilled on her shirt and she dropped the can, making a puddle on the ground. She glared at them and Ellair gave Eoin’s chips back.

“I’ll go get a towel, don’t let anyone slip in it you assholes.”

“Sorry sister.” Ellair said, his face serious, but his voice sincere.

She rolled her eyes. “It’s fine.” She headed to the locker room and stopped in front of the door. They connected to the showers where Silus was. She sighed and pushed the door open, to angry to care if she saw him naked. She made her way to a closet in the back of the room where they kept the towels and grabbed a couple. She would need to shower later to get the soda off of her before it became sticky. She turned around, running right into someone and dropping the towels as she instinctively reached for her knife. Her wrist was grabbed and she was spun around and pressed into the wall.

“You’re pretty quick for someone who can barely climb. I’m glad I was a lot faster or I might have lost something vital.” She looked over her shoulder, glaring at Silus. He let her go, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

“Stop laughing at me.” She said as she put her knife away and picked up the towels.

“I don’t remember laughing.”

“It’s in your eyes. I can see it.”

“Well if you weren’t so damn adorable I wouldn’t always have this look on my face.” She narrowed her eyes at him and he smiled. “May I have a towel or do you still feel like gutting me?” She blushed when she realized he was naked.

Chapter Four

Raisa quickly picked up the towels and gave him one. She rushed out, not saying another word and trying to stop blushing. Silus hoped grabbing her while he was naked hadn’t made her mad. She was going to cut somthing off if he hadn’t pushed her against the wall. He sighed then went over to his clothes to get dressed. When he came out Raisa quickly went in for her shower, still saying nothing. Raisa had started blushing again as he walked out and she hoped he didn’t notice.

Raisa scrubbed hard, almost as if scrubbing would take away her full bodied blush. The twins were curious about her discomfort. She had been in many tense situations and just now was the only time they had seen Raisa flustered and seemingly uncomfortable. They walked over to Silus “how was the shower?”

“You two gay?”

“No, Raisa seems tense. Did somthing happen in there?”

“I kept my manhood intact is all. She’s way to quick to use that knife. She ran into me and thought I was a hitman I guess. I should probably not walk so quietly around her.”

“So no kissing or…you know?” Eoin asked.

Ellair grabbed his ear. “She’s an adult Eoin. If she wants to sleep with Silus that is her choice. It’s not like he’s the enemy so stop being so protective.”

Eoin screamed and Ellair let him go. “Maybe you just aren’t protective enough.”

Ellair rolled his eyes. “I don’t really care myself if you two decide to be fuck buddies or more, as long as she’s consenting it really doesn’t matter.” Ellair walked away, going up to one of the officers he had seen with a book and asking if she had an extra for him to read.

“I’m watching you.” Eoin said as he backed away and ran into the vending machine.

“Maybe you should watch your step first.”

Raisa dried her hair, bending over slightly to keep the water out of her face. She heard footsteps outside the shower room door and then the sound of it creaking open. “Damn it, just because I got an eye full doesn’t meant you get one.” She snapped as she looked up, but instead of Silus it was a police officer with a gun pointed straight at her. She raised her hands, dropping her towel and revealing herself. He became distracted and she grabbed his wrist, causing him to fire off a shot at the wall. Everyone on that floor heard the pop of gunfire and Silus went running with Ellair and Eoin close behind. They burst into the bathroom, seeing Raisa trying to wrestle a gun from an officer’s hand. Silus walked over and kicked the guy in the back of the knee, making him drop down as Raisa twisted the gun out of his hand and pistol whipped him across the face.

“Fucking piece of shit.” She spat then noticed there were a bunch of people staring at her save for Eoin and Ellair who had averted their gazes. “Get this fucker and get out damn it. Yes I have breasts.” Her angry words set the other officers in motion and two of them quickly grabbed the fallen man and took his gun from her. Everyone left except Silus who was giving her that sarcastic little smile that set her teeth on edge. “What are you laughing about?”

“How you can be flustered and blushing one moment and not even caring the next. I have to say it’s a fine sight.” His voice was husky and she felt herself growing red and was unable to move. His smile got bigger and he bent down and grabbed her towel, holding it out to her. She reached for it and he pulled it away. “Give it to you for a kiss.”

“You jerk.” She said and he just shrugged.

She groaned angrily, not knowing where another towel was or if he’d just take that one too. She jerked him down, giving him a hard angry kiss though she enjoyed his lips on hers. She just didn’t appreciate him pushing her into it. He could have waited until she wasn’t vulnerable and naked and leaned in for one. She may not have taken it so hard if she wasn’t still embarrassed from earlier and even more so now with him looking at her like that. She shoved him back ‘give me the damn towel” Noticing she was angry and feeling remorseful Silus said ‘I’m sorry”

“Just give it to me” He handed it over “I didn’t think I’d upset you. I’ve just been thinking about a kiss for awhile now. I’m so sorry. Don’t be mad at me” All his arousal gone with his words. “As she was putting her clothes on she said “Why couldn’t you have just done it when I wasn’t naked and embarrassed from the police men seeing me?”

“To be honest I was just aroused. It was more than that though. It really was Raisa. I like you alot. I think you’re amazing and a very beautiful woman. I don’t want that kiss to ruin things. I wouldn’t have done that if I would have known you’d be so mad” Raisa sighed “well i enjoyed the kiss even though I was mad”

“I did too up until I realized you were honestly mad at me” Raisa walked over to him and gave him a softer, genuine kiss “don’t back me into corners. I bite and may not forgive so easily next time.” Silus smiled and took her hand to walk out with her.

“Seriously, what happened in there?” Eoin asked when they came down the hall.

“What are you gay?” Raisa asked.

“I’m not gay, what’s with the two of you making assumptions?”

Ellair slapped him in the back of the head. “Don’t you think there are bigger things going on than their sex life and whether or not you’re gay. If you are just come out already and if not shut it.” He said with a glare. He then turned his attention to Raisa and Silus. “The officer that tried to kill you is on Bishmoore’s payroll. He started talking the minute he was in cuffs.”

“And where is Bishmoore?”

“At home hiding. No one can get in, the dam thing’s like a fortress.”

Raisa looked up at Silus. “How did you get in?”

“The chimney. I rappelled down like Santa.”

“Santa so doesn’t do that.” Eoin chimed in.

“How would you know, you’re sleeping.”

“So the only way to get him out is to wait until he’s sleeping. We can slip in under the cover of darkness and kidnap him. Alright, yes, you lead the way Silus. We’ll bring the fight to Bishmoore.”

“sounds good to me. Lets go get some rest. My house or yours?”

“Lets all go to my house. Are you two coming?” Raisa said looking at¬†Ellair and Eoin “sure, we want to help” They left the station even though the cops tried to make them stay. Raisa let them know of their plan and the chief told them to be careful. Katie drove everyone to Raisas home then went to her own. When they entered Raisa gave Silus a tour of her home. He hoped he would be seeing a lot more of it. Silus guessed they were dating now and didn’t want to ask her and it be a stupid question. he would just go with they were dating and apologize if they weren’t and his misconception made him over step his bounds. They just lazed around the house talking, getting to know Silus while he got to know them.

Night came and they got their gear together to collect Bishmoore. Once they had everything they loaded into Raisas car. Silus drove since he knew where Bishmoore lived. They parked a neighborhood over then followed Silus’s lead to get inside. It was eays and smooth since he knew how to get around everything. Raisa was surprised the cops hadn’t said anything against this when she told them.

He raised his finger to his lips when they came to Bishmoore’s door. He grabbed the door handle, gun in hand and pushed it open. They rushed into his room on silent feet and moved over to the bed. Silus pulled the blanket back, shocked when he saw no one. The bedroom light came on and they all spun around. “Did you think it would be that easy?” Bishmoore said as he pointed a gun at them. His body guards filtered into the room and surrounded them. “Raisa, you and your lackeys disappoint me.”

“Fuck you, you sick bastard. I don’t take dirty money.”

“You would do well to watch your tongue.”

“You don’t scare me and to answer your question, yes it’s this easy. Boys, disarm these crooked fucks.” She pulled Silus to the ground as Eoin and Ellair’s katanas left their sheaths. They stood back to back, Eoin smiling, Ellair serious. Their swords darted out, smacking the guns from the bodyguard’s hands. They knocked them out with the hilts of their swords and resheathed them before the last man fell. Raisa and Silus got to their feet, the latter impressed by the twins. Silus pointed his gun at Bishmoore. “Now you can come quietly or we can kick your ass.”

“Or I’ll just kill you.” Bishmoore replied angrily. Silus grinned that amused grin and crossed the room. Bishmoore pulled the trigger and nothing happened. He did it a second time and nothing happened again. Silus punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious and breaking his nose.

“What the fuck?” Raisa said angrily. “He could have shot you.”

Silus bent down and picked up Bishmoore’s gun. “Not with the safety on.”

Raisa¬†cracked a smile while he twins laughed.¬†Silus,¬†Ellair¬†and¬†Eoin¬†lugged¬†Bishmoore¬†out and all the way to the car. They took him to the police station where they put him in a cell. “thank you for your work” The¬†chief¬†sad. “No problem. I don’t want scum like him going around” They left the police station then picked up some KFC for dinner. Raisa dropped the twins off at their home then asked Silus “want to go hom or eat dinner with me and spend the night?”

“Is that a real question?” Silus asked and Raisa smiled then drove home. They didn’t sleep that night. They were too busy talking, laughing and joking around. Silus turned out to be an amazing person when she started out thinking he was some bastard. Raisa forgot things coudl surprise her until Silus and was glad the world finally gave her a surprise again. They were both glad to have met eachother and glad for the future they now had together.

~ The End ~

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