Rehan & Alpheus

Chapter One

Alpheus watched as Rehan sat across from a prominent professor. They were discussing Rehan going on a short lecture tour with him. Alpheus didn’t care if he went or not, he’d close the bar and he’d follow weather Rehan wanted him following or not. He couldn’t help but smile as the two conversed. Rehans intelligence had to be the sexiest thing about him. “I see you eyeballing Rehan pretty hard again” One of the women said as she laughed “what of it?”

“You two are getting painful to watch”

“How so”

“You just need to take him to your home and bang him. I just picture you two all the time”

“Thats a little creepy Helene”

“seriously, just hoist him over your shoulder and take him home with you”

“Romance doesn’t work that way”

“It must with him. You show obvious interest and he doesn’t care. It’s not fair, I can’t have you because you’re gay and he’s just throwing away his shot” Alpheus shook his head and went back to cleaning glasses. When Rehan was done talking he sat down “can I have my usual Alpheus”

“Sure, what was that about?” He asked even though he heard the whole conversation. “Oh he wanted me to lecture with him”

“You going?” That Alpheus didn’t know since he had stopped eavesdropping. “Can’t, I’d still be gone when my mother is coming. I don’t see her much now that she’s moved and I’m not canceling her visit. He understood and told me to tell my mother hello. They were childhood friends apparently”

“wow, how long has it been since she was here?”

“Years, I get it though. She’s really happy with the new guy, Osius but this was still where she grew up with and was with my dad for many years. The whole reason she left is she didn’t like being here after he died.”

“Is your brother coming too?”

“No but he’s a pest so i don’t care. Plus he visits more than mom. I’m glad I get time just with her and Osius”

“Have I gotten to meet Osius before?”

“No, this will only be his second time here. Last time he was here you didn’t live here yet”

“Do you like him?”

“My step dad?”

“Who else dork?” It took a lot of will not to laugh at how adorably ruffled Rehan looked “He’s nice, unlike you”

“hey, you know I was just playing” Rehan sighed, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I do like him a lot. He’s made my mom really happy. He spoils her like she deserves. My mom is a good woman”

“Does it hurt your feelings she left?” Helene butted in. “I didn’t invite you to this conversation” Rehan said with a glare “now now Rehan” Alpheus said soothingly. Rehan sighed and answered her for Alpheus “No, I was an adult at the time and she asked me to come with her. My brother went but he was young. I already had a life here and I didn’t want to leave. I go see her about once a year and we write all the time, its a constant back and forth”

“is she pretty like you” Rehan stood up angrily “I’m not pretty!” She cackled and Rehan slammed some money on the table “I’m leaving”

“Oh don’t be angry you adorable little thing. You’re shorter than me, have soft features and have pink hair. You’re pretty for a man but you like cock so what’s the problem”

“Helene, Leave him alone” Alpheus said sternly as Rehan made his way out the door. “what?” she turned to ask him “You know how much he loathes being called pretty. You were being a bitch on purpose because you’re jealous” She rolled her eyes and walked out.

Alpheus really wanted to go after him and apologize for Helene’s behavior. Though he was beautiful, he didn’t deserve to be talked to like that. He looked around. He didn’t have a lot of customers right now and he did trust them. None of them had ever stolen from him, probably too scared. “I’m going out boys, watch the place for me for a few minutes.” He said and they raised their glasses in understanding. He grabbed his coat and left, hurrying to catch up with Rehan who he could see down the road. “Rehan, slow down.” He said when he neared him. “Please wait.”

Rehan forced himself to slow his pace, not that he really needed too, Alpheus was taller than he was and could easily catch up, but he did it anyway. “What do want?”

“To apologize for what she said, it wasn’t right, I’m sorry. I won’t let her be rude to you again, I promise.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does and if she had been a man I might have punched her.”

“I just hate it, even if it is true.” He’d had trouble with men saying the same thing, though it was always way worse.

“Then I won’t let her say it again, she’s just upset she can’t have her way.”

He sighed. “It’s fine, really, you shouldn’t be the one apologizing anyway.”

“It’s not like she would.”

Rehan came to a stop in the middle of the street and Alpheus nearly stumbled at the sudden halt in movement. “Alright, apology accepted then. Shouldn’t you be at the bar? You shouldn’t leave a bunch of people there when they’re drunk. What if they stole from you?”

“Wouldn’t happen and even if it did, the others would sell the culprit out in a heartbeat.”

“Just let me cool my head, you go back to work, I’ll be fine.”

“Can I come over later? Maybe I can help you get your house ready for your mom to visit” Rehan felt embarrassed still but Alpheus was the best friend he had ever had and he didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying no. “Okay”

“I’ll close the bar early if I can. If it’s empty one second I’ll close it”

“You really don’t have to do that”

“Nope but I want to and since it’s my bar I can do whatever I want with it” Rehan smiled, making Alpheus feel a lot better and less like chasing Helene down or banning her from his bar. Without saying bye Rehan started walking again but Alpheus wasn’t upset by it. He knew how badly being called pretty upset Rehan and he knew his mind was just consumed with that at the moment. Not that he was generally the most courteous guy but under normal circumstances he would have said bye to him.

Alpheus walked back to his bar to see all the people doing what they were when he left. “You’re probably the only bar owner who can do that without worrying. Even the worst alcoholics around here aren’t dumb enough to steal from a man your size” A man that was sitting right up at the bar said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, well don’t let them know I’m a bit of a softy.” He winked.

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

Alpheus wasn’t exactly happy when the bar filled up, but most of the customers were there for a quick drink on their way home or to pick up women or men. Helene showed up and he only interacted with her to give her her drink and then ignored her until she left. He managed to only have to lead one patron out who got a little rowdy. Like he had told Rehan, the moment the bar was empty, he cleaned and closed up the headed over to his home. He was really excited to be spending more time with him and he hoped he was feeling better. Rehan actually opened the door with a surprised look on his face and Alpheus smiled. “What, I told you I’d be over.”

“It’s only ten, are you sure your patrons won’t get mad?”

“There are other bars they can visit tonight. May I come in or am I going to help you from here?”

“Oh, sorry.” He moved aside.

As Rehan shut the door he said “you know my mom doesn’t care about my house. She comes to see me” Alpheus wasn’t in Rehans house often so he didn’t know if he had just come at particularly clean times or if the place was worse than it had ever been. “I don’t mean to be a dick or anything, especially after Helene but what happened?”

“studying mostly” Rehan said with a shrug. “well your mom can’t visit with the place like this” Rehan started picking up books “I suppose, I just find cleaning a waste of my time, always have. She used to get on me about my room all the time growing up.”

“where would you prefer me to start?”

“could you help me carry books and get them on the higher shelves? You would be faster than me climbing up and down a ladder” About a million sex jokes popped into Alpheus’s head but he said the more tame one. “You want to climb up and down me instead? I don’t know if that will be faster, especially considering all the things that could happen” Rehan gave him a look, shook his head and handed Alpheus the books he had picked up so far.

Sometimes Alpheus wondered if Rehan, depiste his intelligence, didn’t understand he was flirting or if Rehan just was that unattracted to him and was brushing him off. He hoped it wasn’t Rehan just wanting to be friends. He’d be able to respect that but there was something about Rehan, somthing that consumed him and he wanted to be with him more than he had anybody in the past. Once they got all the books to his library room Alpheus shelved them precisely how Rehan told him to.

“I can’t believe it took hours just to pick up your books from around the house” Alpheus said, placing his hands on his hip and looking down at Rehan. Alpheus smirked when Rehans eyes met his “I know a couple other things that could take us hours” Alpheus added. Rehan just turned to walk out and Alpheus followed him. They wound up in the kitchen and Rehan asked Alpheus to clear off the table and counters then wipe them down while he started on the dishes.

“I really like this table.” Alpheus said. “Oak?”

“Yeah, my mom bought it when I moved into this place. She said if I didn’t have a decent table to put books then it would probably break under the weight.”

“Test it out?”


“How sturdy it is.”

“Sat on it once, not that that would do anything, I’m quite light so I’ve been told.”

“Oh? By who, a boyfriend?”

Rehan shook his head. “My brother when we were wrestling once. He said he could break me in half or something like a twig. I’m not some delicate flower.”

“Never said you were.”

Chapter Two

Alpheus could tell Rehan was still feeling the sting of being called pretty again. He decided after his kitchen was clean, with how late it was anyway at this point they needed to stop for the night and do something fun. The dishes weren;t even all put away when Rehan started talking about the next room. “hey now, we’ve done a lot of work and it’s a little after three in the morning.”

“You’re actually tired? You never get tired” Alpheus smiled again, his always dirty mind filling with combacks. “No, I’m not tired in the slightest. I want to do somthing fun with you. I mean, there’s a lot I’d like to do with you but a walk under the stars sounds perfect. The nights are so perfect right now, just the right amount of chill” Rehan gave Alpheus a confused look and Alpheus, not sure what could have been confusing said “walk, you and me? Moving our legs so we go forward”

Rehan rolled his eyes “I know what going on a walk is. It’s just” he didn’t want to embarrass himself by saying something stupid but he had to ask “are you flirting with me?” Alpheus couldn’t help but laugh “I have been for as long as I’ve known you dope. You’re supposed to be the smartest dude around here”

“You don’t have to be so cruel, just because I’m oblivious. I don’t think about stuff like that, I have my studies.”

He moved closer to Rehan whose heart gave a leap. “Next time I’ll just come right out and say exactly what I want from you then since subtle and charming doesn’t seem to work.” He stood there for a moment just letting it sink in. “So, walk with me or stay here?”

“I’ll walk.”

The wheels in Rehan’s head were turning as he tried remembering all the times Alpheus must have flirted with him. Once he really thought about it, he had been doing it since they knew each other. He felt stupid for the first time in his life. “I was right, it’s perfect.” Alpheus said and Rehan looked up at him. He had his face turned up to the sky, a smile on his lips.

“Yeah, they’re nice.”

Alpheus chuckled as he looked down at him. “You really take issue with the word pretty. How about beautiful?” Rehan looked at his feet and Alpheus nudged him. “You know, there’s nothing wrong with being pretty.”

“I hate it.” He sighed. “There have been men, straight men, who have said things, sexual things, mean things because I’m pretty. Why can’t I be manly like you, tall and muscular and able to break someone’s neck with just a look.”

Alpheus laughed again “I’ve actually never tried that. I think I will next time someone pisses me off” He did a practice glare, it having the desired affect on Rehan. Rehan smiled and shook his head “you can be such an idiot”

“an amusing idiot though right?” Rehan blushed “very much so”

“I just want you to feel better”

“I do, you coming over made me feel a lot better and finding out you’re attracted to me” Rehan cleared his throat “well, you’re”

“I’m what?”

“I don’t know, why me?”

“At first it was physical. I mean, you don’t look bad yourself Rehan. You don’t need muscle to look good. Plus I saw through your attitude right away. You’re a good guy you’re just not good with people because you spend most your time studying. I’m convinced you only know how to be a person at all because while you kept yourself secluded you grew up with incredibly kind parents so when you did socialize it was around massive doses of how people should be. You’re smart, you’re handsome and you have a good heart. I also have a lot of fun with you, especially because I know I can tease you and even if you do get frustrated it doesn’t last long before we’re hanging out again”

“You do seem to have an abundance of patience, like my mother and brother and my father, even my step-father.”

“Maybe that’s because we all care about you.” He reached down and took Rehan’s hand, giving him an adoring smile.

“I wouldn’t make a good boyfriend, I’d just end up neglecting you with my studies and everything.”

“I wouldn’t let you, I can be very persuasive when I need to be.”

Rehan blushed. “I’m sure you can, you’re so…just so…” he gestured to Alpheus with his free hand, “all of that.”

Alpheus chuckled. “Do you like all of this?”

Of course I do, who wouldn’t?”

“well perfect, so we’re a couple then”

“You’re just declaring that?”

“well you’re attracted to me, I’m attracted to you, we are already best friends I mean, unless I missed something”

“I demand to be asked out like a properly” Alpheus, who had been controlling himself for far too long now leaned down, using his free hand to gently hold Rehan’s face as he gave him a passionate kiss. “Fine, will you be my boyfriend Rehan Dwight Irchel?” HIs words were confident and clear with just a hint of playfulness. Breathlessly Rehan responded “My..my middle name, re really?”

“I was being as proper as possible” Alpheus said with a wink. “that kiss wasn’t proper” Rehan said with a blush. Alpheus grinned wolfishly, a bit more mischief in that confident smile “There’s nothing proper about anything I want to do to you Rehan” To Rehan it suddenly felt like it was one hundred degrees outside instead of the chilly night he had been feeling before.

“Maybe we should…”

“Go back to your place?”

“No, I…I mean um…”

“Are you scared to be alone with me?”

“Well, you can be…you’re really…you have this kind of dominating thing going on.”

“You’re just embarrassed that you like it and you don’t know what to do.” Alpheus found the myriad of emotions playing across his face to be quite adorable and he really wanted to tell him how cute he was. “You’re really sexy when you’re confused.”


“You generally have all the answers, but seeing you so flustered is just…it does something to me.”

Alpheus was right. It was out of the ordinary for him not to have all the answers. No matter what question was thrown at him he always knew what to do or how to respond but Alhpeus had always had a way of catching him off guard. Alpheus made him feel so much that was new to him. He had dated before, and had a few lovers in the past but everything was so much more intense with Alpheus. His personality, how ridiculously sexy and built he was, how dominating he was while still being one of the greatest guys he had ever spent time with. Alpheus was genuine and honest and sexy and it was illogical to Rehan that he wanted him. Alpheus gently ran his fingers up and down Rehans shoulder. Rehans skin and even more embarrassingly his groin reacting instantly.

Alpheus moaned “Let me take you home Rehan and we’ll test that table your mom bought you” There was a deep need in Alpheus’s voice, like Rehan was as much as a temptation to him as the other way around.

“Yes.” His voice was breathy and needy and Alpheus lifted him, kissing him hungrily as he carried him home. Rehan’s heart was beating frantically in his chest when they finally made it through the door and Alpheus shifted him around so Rehan could wrap his legs around his waist. He shakily tugged Alpheus’s shirt off, moaning at the heat of his skin. He felt the table press into his back and Alpheus stripped him, his hands and mouth exploring, teeth nipping so Rehan moaned embarrassingly loud. Alpheus’s tongue swept over his shaft, making him whimper. “Please, stop, I can’t.”

Alpheus grinned as he removed the rest of his clothing then pulled Rehan’s hips to the edge of the table. “Do you realize how hot you look?” He leaned forward, lifting Rehan’s legs over his shoulders. He pushed slowly into him and Rehan’s eyes filled with tears at the overwhelming pleasure. “You’re so beautiful, Rehan.”

“I’m…” Alpheus slammed into him and he cried out, gripping tightly to him in surprise.

“Only to me, no one else.”


“I love you.” He let his lips find Rehan’s and lost himself completely in him. He didn’t stop until Rehan was limp and lifted him, taking him to bed. He pressed a kiss to his lips and went back to clean up. He was sure Rehan would be embarrassed once his mother and step-father arrived. He then joined Rehan, pulling him into his arms and kissing him goodnight.

In the morning Rehan woke first. He was surprised at how sore he felt. He guessed it was because while he hadn’t been a virgin he had never had sex quite so passionately. The people he had been with before Alpheus were nothing like what he experienced last night. He tried to get up without waking him because he wanted to soak to help with the soreness but despite his efforts Alpheus’s light blue eyes opened and filled with all the teasing Alpheus wanted to give him “don’t be a jerk” Rehan said and Alpheus said “what? I didn’t say anything”

“I know you, I can see the look in your eyes” Alpheus stretched, making yet another sexy noise as he did. Sighing happily he pulled Rehan back into him “you aren’t leaving bed are you?”

“I um..I was” he was nervous again. Somehow Alpheus was even hotter with bed head. “Are you sore?” Rehan broke their gaze and pushed his face into Alpheus’s chest.

“I hate you.”

Alpheus chuckled and kissed the top of his head. “Wait here.”

He got up and Rehan hid his face in his pillow until Alpheus was gone. He had never been more embarrassed in his life and he still had to face his mother and step-father. “Hey, did you go back to sleep?” Alpheaus asked as he brushed his fingers through Rehan’s hair.

“If I say yes, can I hide here forever?”

Alpheus lifted him then pressed a kiss to his lips, making his face flush. “Want to take a bath with me?”


The water felt amazing once he was settled and Alpheus slid in behind him then let his hands move over his back, massaging him so he let out a little moan. “Better?”

“Oh yes, thank you.”

He pulled Rehan back and kissed his cheek. “Should I get carried away more often then?”

“I might die if you do.”

“But there’s so much more I want to do.” He nibbled Rehan’s ear and laughed when he covered his face.

“well you’ll get used to me”

“This feels so surreal. I can’t believe you’ve actually been attracted to me this whole time”

“You and those books. I was hoping it was just you not noticing. I have to admit it would have been really hard to only be your friend forever”

“why didn’t you just ask me out instead of flirting?”

“I didn’t know if you felt like you had time for a relationship and I didn’t want to make you feel pressured. I flirted with you so much I figured you’d just let me know if you were ever interested. I definitely didn’t hide the fact that I was attracted to you”

“well, I’m happy…I’m glad we’re together now”

“You’ll have to tell me more about this step dad I’m meeting. You’ve told me loads about your mom but very little about him”

“you want to be prepped for meeting him?”

“Yeah, it’ll feel weird knowing a lot about her but nothing about him. Besides, I like listening to you talk” Rehan felt that tingle inside of him, the feeling of being special that Alpheus so often stirred in him. “His father is captain of the guard and his mother is apparently a lot like mine. Adventurous, outgoing and kind. Osius can be a little serious, like overly serious at times but I’ve found he’s a good man and like I said at the bar, most importantly he’s good to my mom. When she first wrote home she had finally met someone I was so worried about her with me so far away. I know my brother is there but it still worried me who she might have ended up with. I planned a visit as soon as I could and my worries were quickly laid to rest, especially after seeing the good people he comes from.

He let mom keep our family portrait too. Two years before he died he wanted us to get a picture of us all painted together. When he died two years later the three of us were so glad to have it. He couldn’t have known he was going to die but…it was like one last gift to us..especially mom. I think she needed that painting at first, it was nice for her to have a way to still see him you know? It said a lot to me that he didn’t make her get rid of it when he moved in.”

“I’m glad he didn’t”

“Anyway, besides all that he works with his father in the guard for that kingdom.”

“so with your brother too then right?”


“Does your mom cope well with that after the way your dad passed?”

“Yeah, besides, she’d never stifle one of our dreams, even if it scared her. Nor is she controlling. She’d never tell Osius he absolutely couldn’t do something.”

“Do you have any pictures of your dad?”

“No, that one mom has is the only one of any of us”

“Really? That’s a shame. You know Isaac’s tab at the bar has gotten almost to the point I’m going to cut him off until he pays. You should have a picture with your mother. Maybe while they are visiting I can have him paint us all. If he does two, one for them and one for you to keep I’ll forgive his tab”

“Yeah, forgive my morbidness but if anything ever happened to mom I’d be upset if I never got one for my home painted.”

“The it’s settled. I’ll talk to Isaac about forgiving his tab”

“Thank you”

“It’s no big deal”

“It is” Alpheus leaned down and whispered seductively “you could pay me back for it tonight”

Chapter Three

“We should get out and get dressed.”

“Scared?” Alpheus teased.

“Of never walking again.”

Alpheus laughed. “You’re so cute.”

“I’m not.”

“Like a ferocious little puppy, all fluff and no bite.”

“Why do you have to tease me?”

“Because I love you and it’s one of the many ways I show affection.” He gave him another quick hug. “I’ll make us breakfast while you relax okay?”

“Okay.” He handed Rehan out then drained the tub and followed. He took the towel from him and rubbed both of them down, grinning at Rehan’s blush. He told himself to be good, not wanting to being the middle of something when his mother and step-father arrived.

It wasn’t long after breakfast that a knock sounded at the door. Alpheus had never seen Rehan look so excited about anything besides a new book. He made his mom stumble a bit with how hard he ran into the hug “Hey baby” she said cheerfully. “Hi mom” he let go and hugged Osius. “welcome” Rehan was just stepping into the living room when shock shown on Eveny’s face “wow Rehan, did you hire a maid or something. I’ve never seen this place so clean” Alpheus almost made a joke but held his tongue. He didn’t want to offend his mother and he didn’t quite know her humor set yet.

“No, you have Alpheus here to thank for that. He came over yesterday to help get this place together for you” She lit up “Alpheus, he’s told me so much about you in letters. He mentions you in almost every one” Alpheus closed the distance between them and hugged her before shaking Osius’s hand “I’ve heard a lot about you too mam”

“I’m Eveny and this is Osius. You don’t have to call us mam and sir”

“Awesome, your son and I started dating yesterday as well” she gasped “Rehan” she said, looking over at her son. Rehan blushed “yeah” Eveny had to hug Alpheus again ‘well welcome to our family then. If you’re anything like the letters say I’m so happy he’s picked you as a boyfriend”

“Me too, though it was a bit of challenge getting him to actually see I was interested. I should have just kissed him ages ago instead of letting it go on for so long.” He pulled Rehan into him, making him blush. “Even so, he’s so perfect.”

“Stop.” Rehan said, embarrassed.

“You two are so cute together.” Eveny said with a big smile.

“So how is everything at home?” Rehan wanted very much to change the subject and get the attention off of him.

“Good, your brother says hello and he loves you and he’ll come and see you when he can get some time off. He’s going to be excited you have a boyfriend.”

Rehan groaned. “He’ll just tease me mercilessly and make all kinds of crude jokes.” He tipped his head back to look at Alpheus. “You two together sounds like a nightmare.”

Alpheus smiled. “I’m not so bad, you should know that by now.” Rehan blushed and Alpheus bent down to kiss him.

“Jerk.” He cleared his throat. “So, mom, Osius, are you two hungry? I could make you something or we could take you out.”

“No, we’re fine, thank you though baby. Is there anything new around here?”

“A couple things, we could spend the day going around, letting you check out the new shops and such. You definitely need to see my boyfriends bar”

“did you build a new one?”

“No, he took over Westons”

“That was some project. That place had been abandoned many years even before I moved away”

“I enjoyed it, I just set up a bar wherever I decide to live. If I can buy a place and fix it up how I want I prefer to do that over making something new. Why waste materials you know?”

“what’s it called now?”

“I give all my bars my last name, Darshan”

“Do you just close up shop when you leave?”

“No, I’m pretty good at running a bar so I’ve always just been able to leave it to the person I trust most working for me” Rehan and Alpheus put shoes on then began the tour, ending it with Alpheus’s bar. “I adore what you’ve done with this, wow” Eveny said in astonishment. They talked more about Alpheus’s life running bars, spending the rest of their day there.

“Do you have to work tonight, Alpheus?” Eveny asked.

“Not if I don’t want too, I was thinking of closing up tonight since it’s your first night here and I want to spend more time with your son.”

“Are you sure it’s safe for us to stay with you?” Osius asked, making Eveny laugh.

“Y…yeah, of course.” He cleared his throat. “Why don’t I make you guys dinner.”

“I’ll bring some wine, just give me a minute.” He grabbed the key to the cellar and went downstairs, quickly grabbing one of his best bottles and locking up again. “Alright, let’s go.” He made sure the sign was turned and the door was locked and then took Rehan’s hand, wanting to stay connected to him as much as possible. When they got back, Rehan let him go to open the wine and decided to let Rehan and his mother spend time together while he got to know Osius. “You drink right?” He asked as he brought Osius a glass.

“On occasion, most knights do.” He took his glass. “You seem to be doing a good job at embarrassing, Rehan, I’m sure his mother’s teasing him about it.”

Alpheus smiled. “I can’t help myself, he’s just so cute when he makes that face.”

They continued talking in the kitchen awhile before rejoining Rehan and Eveny. The next day Alpheus brought up the painting “so I was just going to take the painting in trade if you two feel up to getting us all painted together”

“That’s a wonderful idea! That’s really sweet of you Alpheus. I would have brought something prettier to wear if I would have known” Osius kissed her cheek “You’re gorgeous in anything Eveny” She smiled, just looking up at him a moment. “well I’ll go talk to him. You three just hangout here” Alpheus said as he stood. “we can go with you” Rehan responded. “You guys sure?” he looked at his parents “yeah, even if he can’t right now we can do something else while we’re out”

“alright then” They found Isaac at another bar which wasn’t surprising, even given the time of day. Isaac seemed relieved when Alpheus offered to forgive his debt for two paintings. Rehan suspected he probably had a lofy debt at every bar in the area. “I’d do it now but I should be sober. I’ll go home, take a nice shower and get my stuff together. Where would you like the painting to be. For how much you’re paying for these paintings I’ll do it anywhere”

“we’ll just meet you at your home and decide amongst ourselves”

“fine by me” Isaac got up from the bar and walked out. Alpheus turned to Eveny and Osius “don’t let his alcoholism scare you. He’s a magnificent painter. You’ve been in the castle here before right?”


“He painted a large portion of the art in there and he is the one who painted the ballroom”

“wow, really?!”


“well thank you again then. I’m excited.”

Since they wanted to give Isaac a few minutes to wake and compose himself, Alpheus suggested going to the new bakery. “You all look hungry and they make a mean cinnamon roll.” He laced his fingers through Rehan’s and they walked at a slow pace, Eveny asking more questions about his time running bars and if he had any crazy stories. Alpheus was happy to tell her and Rehan just enjoyed the sound of his voice. He was still so amazed that he had managed to land Alpheus at all, not with how oblivious he had been to his feelings. When they made it to the bakery, they tried not to take too long choosing what they wanted, not wanting to keep Isaac waiting too long.

Chapter Four

They walked and devoured their delicious pastries, finished by the time they arrived at Isaacs home. Alpheus knocked and he soon answered. “Good morning all. Did you decide where I should paint you?”

“we agreed on where I first met your son right?” Alpheus asked Eveny and she nodded saying “Yes, it’s beautiful over there and it’s fitting since you’re paying for this”

“I’ll follow your lead then. Come in and pick what size canvas you’d like these on. You of course can pick any size Alpheus. I really appreciate you taking my tab in trade”

“I like you a lot. We have good conversation at the bar. It’s a win all around really. It was getting near the time I’d have to start turning you away again and you know I hate doing that”

“I know, you’re the most patient bar keep with me” They agreed on a size and Alpheus picked up two while Isaac grabbed his paints. Isaac followed them out to the area where everything for Rehan and Alpheus had all began.”alright, I need you all to start out how you want to be posed in the painting. Give me about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes then you can move. You may talk the whole time though. Only real rule is don’t look until I’m done”

“How do we want to pose?” Alpheus asked. “I guess just all side by side. Rehan and I can be in the middle while you’re on the outside of Rehan and Osius is on the outside of me”

“alright” they found the spot they wanted to stand in, wanting as much of the gorgeous background as possible. They weren’t far out of town but they were far enough to have the majesty of nature flourishing all around them. “Could I hold you instead?” Osius asked just before Isaac began to paint. “How so?” he pulled her in front of him and wrapped his arms around her. She smiled brightly, Rehan loving how much happiness appeared on his mothers face just by Osius putting his arms around her. Alpheus did the same with Rehan then they closed the gap between them “this is going to be a really sweet one” Isaac noted then began painting.

Being able to embrace like this it didn’t feel like much time had passed when Isaac told them he was far enough they could move. “Just stay right where I can see you four”

“No problem” When Isaac had completed his work the four of them couldn’t be happier. “I’ll copy this painting at home then deliver these to you guys tomorrow if that’s okay. I’d hate for it to start raining while I’m copying out here”

“That’s a good idea. Consider your bill forgiven Isaac” Once they were nearing Rehans home Eveny asked “are you sure Osius and I shouldn’t pay you for ours?”

“I’m sure, you made Rehan for me so I still owe you” Alpheus said, giving Rehan a wink.

Eveny laughed at her son’s embarrassed look and hugged him. “Oh sweetie, you definitely have your hands full with this one. I’m glad you met someone with the ability to say what’s on his mind.”

“It’s embarrassing.” Rehab replied.

“We all need a little embarrassment in our lives, it’s refreshing.” She kissed her son’s cheek. “I think Osius and I are going to do a little exploring before lunch.”

“Are you sure? I could cook you something to go.”

“Positive, spend some time with Alpheus, we’ll be back later.”

Osius and Eveny went their own way, leaving Rehan and Alpheus alone again. “Are you having fun with them?” Rehan asked and Alpheus answered “Yeah, I like them both a lot.” They talked about their day until they were inside Rehans house and Alpheus suddenly became ravenous with lust. “wha what are you doing?” Rehans voice sounded a little panicked as his shirt was ripped off “I’ll buy you a new shirt” Alpheus said before he started kissing Rehans bare chest “Tha thats” Alpheus began working Rehans right nipple with his tongue and teeth, causing Rehan to softly moan Alpheus’s name. “I need you baby, I need you so fucking bad”

His voice reflected the need deep within. Rehan wound up pushed down onto the couch, Alpheus taking his intire length in his mouth “Oh god Alpheus” Rehan gripped his shoulders as Alpheus gave him tremendous amounts of pleasure. Alpheus didn’t stop even after he came, still not stopping even after the second time “Al, please” Alpheus took his mouth off of Rehan and repositioned him on the couch so he could slam into him. Alpheus’s grip on his hips was almost painful it was so tight but it made the experience that much more exciting and earth shattering. Though Rehan hadn’t admitted it out loud Rehan did get a lot out of and really enjoyed Alpheus’s domination in this way. It was sexy and exciting.

Alpheus pulled Rehan into his lap, grabbing a nearby blanket and wrapping them. Even now his heavy breaths were exciting. “I liked that shirt” Rehan eventually said and Alpheus chuckled “I’m sorry then. Where can I buy it?”

“I bought it on a lecturing tour”

“so where then, we’ll go.”

“It;s okay”

“I don’t want you upset with me”

“I’m..I’m not…it;s sexy how wild you are”

“Oh really?”

“yeah” Alpheus looked a bit smug and Rehan rolled his eyes.

“Now don’t get mad.” He hugged him tightly. “I love you and it feels good hearing you say I’m such a fantastic lover.” He kissed him, going from light and playful to passionate once again. He was already addicted to the heat of Rehan’s body, to his soft lips and the moans that came from them. “Could I have you again?”

“I won’t be able walk.” Rehan replied and Alpheus gently bit his shoulder making him whimper.

“I’ll be gentle this time, I promise.” Rehan nodded his head and Alpheus took his time slowly building him up until he couldn’t take it anymore. They cuddled in bed afterwards, taking a short nap before getting up, bathing and making lunch.

That night when Alpheus went to work her put up a help wanted sign. He really, deeply cared about Rehan and he wanted this to be a lasting relationship. Him working so much while they were friends was one thing but he wouldn’t do that to him dating. He knew Rehan loved to study so he only planned on taking on one person. That way he would have more time for him while still being gone enough Rehan could study guilt free and without his distractions.

He knew he couldn’t’ expect someone to ask for the job immediately but he hoped it would be soon. He was already addicted to his new lover and he wanted to dedicate so much more of his time to him. Rehan was finally his and Alpheus was going to make sure he always knew how loved and treasured he was.

~ The End

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