Reuben & Akari 2

Chapter One

Akari was sitting at her kitchen table with a large cup of coffee as she contemplated what could be going on with her son Derwin. He was acting strange lately but she didn’t know what to do. He was a teenager now, if he was younger, even her daughters age she might demand he tell her but she remembered being a teen. Akari knew it was important to them they felt like adults and he certainly deserved his privacy. He had always been such a good kid. She never got called to school, he never stayed out past curfew, he hadn’t raised his voice to her since he was a toddler or anything of the sort. She loved being a parent and normally felt it was easy now that her kids were so grown but moments like these it felt impossible to decide what to do.

He was her baby and she wanted to fix whatever was wrong but he was becoming a man as well and might get terribly upset with her if she tried to push something he obviously didn’t want to talk about. She didn’t want him to push away even more. The thought of snooping through his room and computer crossed her mind but once again he had earned his right to privacy, he was such a good kid. Even as his mother she just didn’t feel she had the right to invade him like that. The door opening startled her but she was even more surprised when her son came in, he was supposed to be in school “Derwin?”

“Mom…I need to talk to you really bad. I’m sorry for skipping class but I can’t take it any more.” Finally, he was opening up about whatever it was. Today she couldn’t care less about him skipping a few classes “sit down then”

“I can’t, we need to pick up Iona first. I can’t tell you with her at school. I’ll tell you on the way but you have to promise me you’ll pick her up and you wont send her to school anymore”

“Derwin…whats going on?” Akari was nervous now. “Mom please, just get in the car and pick her up”

“and you’ll tell me on the way? Truly?”

“yes mam” she grabbed her keys and they got in the car “start talking” she said as she turned the key in the car ignition. “you know that girl that went missing…the eleventh grader?”

“Amy Harper, of course, your father is still working on her case”

“I know…um…mom…she’s not missing”


“she’s dead” she pulled the car over “what?”

“she’s dead and….I’m sorry mom…I’m so sorry” her heart felt like it might beat right out of her chest. He couldn’t have done anything to her, he just couldn’t have. “what’re you sorry about?” she pushed and he said “because I was there when she died and…I didn’t tell anybody…I didn’t tell dad even though he’s been wasting his time looking for her but…the boys that killed her told me if I told they’d kill Iona too. They said even if I told dad and he tried to hide her their dads have enough money to find her so we need to pick her up. If I’m going to tell you everything somebody has to be watching my sister”

“I need to call your father.”

“After we have her, please?”

“Alright baby.”

Reuben sighed as he hung up and dropped his head into his hands. Every day it was harder to talk to young Amy’s parents. They were so hopeful and checked in at the same time everyday. He did his best not to give them false hope, only promising he wouldn’t rest until she was found. He couldn’t bring himself to say alive because she may not be. “You alright?” He raised his head and gave Gerald an exhausted smile.

“No. I know I should learn to turn it off, but all I can think is what if it was my child. I would be going mad, I wouldn’t stop until I had them back.”

Gerald patted his back. “It’s hard for all of us. You wouldn’t think so, but there are nights that I go home and just sit there and cry.”


“Yeah, it’s good to let it out. You just have to remember to keep calm in front of the family. You have to be their rock.”

“I know, thanks.”

Akari arrived at the middle school and went into the front office “Mrs Kandinsky, is everything alright?” The vice principle asked. She had been at the front desk talking to another school employee “something pretty major has come up with my family and I’d lie to pull my daughter out. How many of her absent days has she used?”

“could you check on that for me please Brenda” she asked the woman she had been talking to then looked back at Akari “it’s that serious?”

“Yes but it’s not something I’m ready to talk about” Akari didn’t want to say anything to anybody until she had talked to her husband. He was the cop and she knew he’d best know how to handle all this. “I understand, her grade has a pretty big test though in two days. Could someone drop it off or could you come get it?”

“Of course, honestly if theres any other work you or her teachers think she needs to do I’d be happy to help her with it”

“good, thank you Mrs Kandinsky” Brenda came back “she’s only missed one day this year” The vice principle spoke again “which means she has eleven days left she can be absent without a doctors excuse”

“thank you”

“No problem, I’ll walk with you to get your daughter” Akari felt nervous as they walked and was happy to see her daughter when they arrived at the class she was currently in “Hello Mrs Weirs, we need Iona Kandinsky. She’s going home for the day”

“alright Iona, have a good day” her teacher said as Iona began to gather her things, curious as to why both her mother and older brother were here. The Vice Principle walked them back to the office then said “I’ll call you when I figure out what she’ll need and we’ll figure out how we’re getting it to you”

“Thank you so much”

“Truly, I’m sorry to hear somethings wrong with your family. Iona is a good student and an absolute sweetheart”

“she is, I have two really amazing kids” They walked out and loaded into the car where Iona asked “what’s going on?”

“Your brother came home early with some bad news and I want to talk to your father before I say anything else okay” She didn’t want to scare Iona but she did know her daughter would need to know eventually. She just wanted her husband there when she spoke to her. He dealt with stuff like this all the time and she had no idea where to begin besides him.

Reuben was finishing up a report when his cell vibrated and he smiled when he saw Akari’s name. Just the thought of her made him feel better and he quickly answered and sat back in his chair. “Hey baby.”

“Reuben, I need you to come home.”

Her tone had him setting up straight, his heart giving a little leap. “What happened? Are the kids okay?”

“They’re fine, but it’s an emergency. Can you leave? It’s important.”

He stood, pulling his gun out of his desk and slipping it into its holster. She was scared and worried, he could tell. The last time her voice had shook like that was when he had saved her from her ex. “Let me tell my boss and I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Alright, I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.”

Reuben hurriedly went to his boss and said “I’m sorry but I need to go home, probably for the day. My wife just called and I haven’t heard her voice like that since she was with her abusive ex”

“what did she say? Can we help?”

“She just asked me to come home”

“hurry on then and let me know if it’s something you need help handling”

“Thank you” he walked briskly to his car. There was some sort of kidnapper on the loose, if not murderer so he had to hurry home. He had to see what was troubling his wife and make sure everyone was safe. He took every short cut he knew to get home then hurried up to the door and went inside. Akari had been pacing in the living room so he found himself in her embrace quickly “is everything okay?” She pulled out of the hug “Our kids are in the kitchen and I want your input on what to say to Iona before she knows whats going on so lets go talk in your car”

“okay” They walked back to his police cruiser, shutting the doors so they could talk without listening ears. “you know how weird our son has been lately?”

“yes, did he do something?”

“I don’t have much of the story yet but he came home from school early today and told me the girl that went missing, Amy Harper, is dead. He…he says he was there when some boys from his high school killed her and they told him if he told anybody they would kill Iona and that we couldn’t even hide her because their parents have enough money to track her down anywhere….I dont know what to think and I dont know what to do at all but she’s dead…the look in his eyes when he told me and the shame in his face for not coming to us sooner made it clear she’s not missing, she’s dead and if they’d kill her of course they’d hurt Iona” She was crying now so he hugged her “Nobody is touching my daughter Akari. Nobody will lay a finger on any of you. Call your friend Lily, her husband is a demon isn’t he and he made her one. We don’t need to hide her when we have a demon like Maruo on our side.”

“what do we tell Iona?”

“that she isn’t to go outside of the house without someone with her and she doesn’t need to be going anywhere period if it can be helped”

“But she’ll want to know why”

“I’ll talk to her okay honey, I’ll do it while you call Lily and Maruo” She nodded and he wiped the tears from her face “Hey, I promise you. I’ll make sure everything is okay and nobody hurts our daughter”

“can you protect our son from being a witness and not coming forward? In a murder doesn’t that make him a part of it?”

“He was scared for his sister but I’ll have to get the whole story out of him to know exactly what we’re dealing with legally on his part but come hell or high water I promise you baby you wont lose either of your children” she started crying a little harder so he held her a few moments “it’s going to be okay Akari. I love you three so much”

They went back inside and into the kitchen where Derwin was sitting staring at the table and Iona was eating some chips. Akari went and got her phone while Reuben sat down across from his children. “What’s wrong dad?” Iona asked.

Reuben sighed. “Iona, I want you to know that you aren’t in any trouble, that you haven’t done anything wrong, but you’re going to be staying either inside for awhile or if you have to go anywhere, you’ll have an escort.”

“But why?”

“Your brother witnessed something really bad and the boys responsible threatened to hurt you if he said anything. I know it’s unfair, but I want you to do this for me until it’s safe.”


“Thank you baby. Why don’t you go ahead and find your mother. I need to talk to your brother.”

Chapter Two

“yes sir” she said, getting up and giving her dad a quick kiss on the cheek before running to find her mother. Derwin couldn’t look at his father, he was too afraid to see anger or disappointment. He had witnessed a murder because he had been too weak and outnumbered to help and then to make it worse, he had actually kept it a secret. He had grown up with a cop, he knew what letting this go unchecked had done. Evidence they could of had right away was deteriorated or gone all together, he was less credible, valuable police time and effort hunting her had been simply wasted when he could have simply told them she was dead. “Derwin” Reuben sighed, this was much harder talking to his own son. “Derwin I wish you would have trusted in mine, your mothers and your mothers friends abilities to keep Iona safe”

“I’m sorry…I really am” Reuben could hear the shame drenching his sons voice so he tried to assure him “I still love you and while I’m upset I dont think you’re some monster or anything. You kept this a secret because you were scared for your sister, I really do understand that. I need the entire story though son, beginning to end. I know it might be hard to tell me what happened but you need to tell me every detail”

“don’t you need it on the record too or something”

“I want to just talk to my son first”

“dad, I didn’t hurt her at all. I tried to help her but I couldnt”

“I never thought for a second you might have been involved in killing her.”

“well…one of my friends, Andrew, he’s been wanting to have sex with her really bad but Amy wouldn;t have sex with anybody at school. She was actually teased quite a bit for being a virgin which was dumb because I know for a fact some of the kids that teased her were virgins too, its just nobody knew it you know”


“I promise I didn’t know they were going to help him rape her when Andrew and a few of his other friends invited me to meet her out at Jakes barn, they said it was some party but when she arrived things got out of hand so fast” he started to cry and Reubens fatherly instincts kicked in. He took his son into his arms and held him, letting him cry a few moments before he pushed him to tell him more “I would have never thought she was so strong or fast but she fought so hard and she wouldnt stop fighting. When I realized what they were trying to do and intervened two of them beat the hell out of me….it was when I came home and told you guys somebody had robbed me for the allowance you give me….I think her parents might would like to know they never did get to rape her. They slammed her a little too hard into the wall of the barn and there so happened to be something really sharp and pointy there. I dont know what it was but then they weren’t turned on by her anymore. One of them actually threw up. It had gone right through her head.”

The horror on his sons face only increased the anger Reuben felt in his heart “I wanted to call an ambulance which was when they threatened me. They told me to just leave while they’d still let me and not tell a soul or they’d…..they’d do what they wanted to do to Iona then kill her….I couldn’t tell mom that they threatened to rape Iona…I..” he was sobbing again.

“It’s alright, Reuben, everything’s going to be alright.” He held his son back so he could look at him. “I promise your sister and mother will be safe, that it doesn’t matter how much money those brats have, no one else will be hurt.”

“What do I do?”

“We’re going to have to talk to the police chief. I know you’re scared, but he’s a good man.”

“But doesn’t that mean I’ll have to testify?”

“Yes, but you’re the only witness and the best bet to get them put away.”

“Am I going to go to jail?”

Reuben shook his head. “No, you were scared and and beaten. I’m sure they’ll understand and we’ll hire someone that will make everyone see that.” He hugged his son again. “Please tell me when something bad happens from now on, no matter what it is.”

“I will, I’m so sorry dad.”

Akari came down with Iona “so Lily and Maruo are on their way. They were heading to grab some fast food and are bringing us all some. I just had them get you two what you order most from where they were going”

“thank you” Akari’s heart dropped as she looked at her son. He looked so sad and afraid despite what comforts she knew her husband would have given him during their talk. She hugged him “everything will be okay son. Maruo is a skilled demon and Lily has gotten pretty good too. We’re all going to be okay” When Lily and her mate arrived Reuben only stayed long enough to eat the food they brought before leaving with Derwin. Maruo locked up after them then shut all the curtains before reminding Iona “don’t post anything to Facebook or try to go outside or peek out any windows on your own. I may be a demon but you’re still a human and I don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re like a niece to my mate Iona”

“Can I go watch some anime so I don’t have to think about it”

“Of course” Akari kissed her daughters head “do you want me to make you a smoothie or something?”

“I’m stuffed already…thanks Lily and Maruo for the food”

“You’re welcome sweetie.”

Akari sighed. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Derwin is such a sweet kid, I’m surprised he was able to keep that all to himself.” Lily said.

“He was more scared than I’ve ever seen him. He really thought it was the only option, my poor boy. I wish he would have trusted us.”

“I’m sure he does, but fear can be a strong emotion and his need to protect his sister was even stronger.” Maruo said. “I promise he won’t have to worry anymore. No one can get in here without us knowing.”

“I know, thank you.”

Derwin sat silently in the passenger seat of his father’s car, his head ducked in shame, his eyes on his hands. It had been hard keeping such a horrible secret and he wished he had done more. Reuben reached over and patted his knee. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I should have fought harder.”

“You were outnumbered and scared, just the fact that you stood up for her means more than you will ever know. They could have killed you.”

“How could I not help her? How could so many boys be in on it and not care at all about how scared she was or how badly they were hurting her” Reuben sighed “Theres mob mentality that takes over, people doing things they wouldn’t normally do on their own. Then there are simple sheep who will just go with whatever the more dominant personality wants to do, theres the fact a lot of men are desensitized to rape due to all the rape porn available. They don’t see it as something so bad sometimes after they’ve seen enough of it. You can’t necessarily blame porn because we all make choices and know right from wrong, I’m just saying that can be a factor too.”

“it doesnt give anybody an excuse…I really wish I could have saved her…I wish she didn’t have to die. There are so many girls at school that would just sleep with anybody…why couldn’t they just leave her alone”

“there is so many reasons for that too son. It’s a shame but I’m really proud of your actions and I know if something similar ever happens again you’ll tell me or some other authorities right away” Derwin nodded then looked out the window. When they got to the station they hurried to the chief and Derwin poured out his story again, this time on the record, naming all the boys and with a little less tears. “I think I can speak for the rest of the officers here when I say we’ll help you with a lawyer. He’s going to need a good one against them. You know their daddies as well as I do, Henrys and Liams in particular. They get their boys out of everything and I don’t want them to do it by pushing anything off on your boy”

His boss looked a little uncomfortable as he said “that does however mean you can’t be a part of investigating.”

“I know”

“You promise to keep your nose out so they can’t throw any of our evidence out”

“you know I wouldn’t compromise a case like this”

“It’s my job to make sure it’s clear Reuben. Anyway, I’ll make sure we get a warrant to search that barn and the surrounding area. You just worry about finding a lawyer”

Akari was relieved when they finally made it back home and hugged both of them the minute they were inside. “How did it go?” She asked.

“Good, I’m off the case, but I trust the chief and everyone else. He told me to find a good lawyer for Derwin.”

“I might have someone.” Maruo said. “This kind of thing is right up his alley.”

“You know him personally?”

“No, but his name is Jasper Bookchild and he’s supposed to be the most terrifying thing in the justice system. Having him on your side guarantees a win. I can get his number.”

“I’ve heard of him, do you think he’d come?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“I’ll call and see if it’s too late to make an appointment with him. If it is I’ll call again tomorrow” Jasper wasn’t in the office building when he called but his brother Lupin was and decided it was a case Jasper would want to get on immedietly so he called his brothers cellphone. When Jasper answered Lupin filled him in on what the dad had shared over the phone “I just thought it sounded like something you’d want to know about right away”

“thank you Lupin, if we’re dealing with a lot of money and parents that dont believe in consequences I want you to be my second chair. Is your case load light enough you can help?”

“I can” It still lit Lupin up the rare time Jasper wanted his help. He had been at the firm quiet awhile at this point but his brothers faith in him still meant a lot. “thank you, I’d come now but I’m at Reons school for his acting clubs performance. I’ll be in right after though unless you needed to go home”

“Brigid has plans with her parents tonight anyway. I’ll just call and let them know I’m not joining them”

“call the parents back and see if coming in to talk to us today is doable for them since I wont be free for atleast another hour”

“okay, I’ll see you in a little bit regardless. Tell Stella and the kids I said hi”

“I will” When Lupin called back he couldn’t believe how fast this was happening. As a cop he had known lawyers to be fairly slow about getting back with people. “Just let me know when my son and I should come”

“Like I said, expect a call in about an hour.”

Chapter Three

“Where’s Iona?” Derwin asked.

“Watching anime in her room.” Akari said.

“Can I go and sit with her?”

“Sure honey. Are you hungry or anything?”

“No thank you.”

Akari let out a little sigh and Reuben hugged her. “He’ll be alright.”

“I hope so. I can’t even imagine what he must have seen.”

“If you like, before they go to bed tonight, I can talk to him.” Lily said. “You know what happened to me, what I saw, maybe if he feels like he’s not alone…”

“Of course, thank you.”

“I just hope it helps him. Truly though it’s just going to take time. It took me awhile to get over it but as you already know I did” Maruo kissed her hand, still wishing he had been faster and more able to protect her from all of that. He had never let anything else touch her again and he still swore to himself he never would. Those little punks were going to regret it if they tried to come here and do anything to a single member of this family. “what’re you watching Iona?” Derwin said as he sat on the bean bag chair she had in the corner of her room “Haikyu, I promised Alban I’d give it a try. I told him I don’t like sports anime but he still insisted”

“I’ve seen a little of this, it’s good as far as sports anime goes”

“come here and sit on the bed with me dork” He smiled, walking over to the bed and settling beside her. They were at the head of the bed, resting their backs against the headboard. She hugged him “you looked like you needed a hug”

“I do, thank you” he tried not to get emotional again. He didn’t want her to ask more questions. She was near the end of Middle School but he still just saw her as his baby sister. If it was avoidable he didn’t want her to know everything. She sat back up, her eyes returning to her television. He stayed with her until they needed to go talk to Jasper Bookchild.

“You don’t have to be afraid, Derwin, we just want to know exactly what happened.” Jasper said and Derwin slowly raised his head, swallowing.

“It’s alright son.” Reuben said as he patted Derwin on the back.


Reuben understood his son being nervous. Even as a human he could tell that Jasper and Lupin were powerful and he had heard stories about the former’s ability to intimidate even the most accomplished lawyers. He also trusted that both he and Lupin would protect his son. “It’s alright, Derwin, I know having to repeat it again and again sucks, but the more they know, the easier it will be to convict.”

Derwin nodded. “Okay dad.”

Derwin repeated everything he had told his father, making sure he didn’t leave out any details. He started tearing up again and Reuben rubbed his back, helping to keep him calm enough to get through it. Both Jasper and Lupin made notes of names and locations, where everyone was during the altercation and asked Reuben what kind of injuries Derwin had when he came home. “Do you think you can help us? Can you get them put away?”

“Absolutely.” Jasper said. “Lupin, I want you to look into who will be representing these animals, make sure you look into anything else they got away with. They sound like the type who have hurt others. Maybe we can find other victims.”

Lupin nodded then walked out, knowing his brother would give him any other important information later if anything else big came up while he was out of the room. ‘so what’re you doing in terms of keeping your daughter safe?”

“My wife is friends with two demons who are staying with us. Maruo and Lily”

“ah, Iona is in good hands then. I’m glad you’re not taking the threat lightly.”

“I couldn’t and neither could my son..I’m glad he finally told someone what he saw though”

“Me too, especially for that young girls families sake. I can’t imagine the pain they are going to feel but at least they can have closure. When it comes to Iona, even with Maruo handling it make sure you tell us if anybody does try to bother or hurt her. It can be used against them later. If possible get them on camera, even if its just a quick picture of them on your property. We’re dealing with teenagers and teenagers don’t tend to think clearly so they may help incriminate themselves” Reuben left their office with his son soon after and called home to check on everything and see if he should pick up dinner. He felt relief rush through him when his wife told him all was okay so far. Akari asked everyone there what they wanted and then let Reuben know so he could pick it up.

Over the next week Akari ended up deciding to home school her children. Getting this all cleared up was going to take awhile anyway, especially with how slow the court system worked and she had thought about home schooling them many times over the years, this was a good segue into it but she wanted to talk to her kids about it. “so, how would you two feel? I want your honest opinions.”

“I’m almost done with school anyway so why not” Derwin said and Iona seemed happy about it as she added “I wouldn’t have to get up so early right? That sounds like a dream.”

“really? I thought especially you would hate it. You’re so popular in school Iona” she shrugged “I’m only friend friends with like three people and it’s not like we have to stop being friends if I’m home schooled. I can see them on the weekends”

“I’m so glad to hear that. I wish I would have brought it up the other times I’ve thought of it”

Derwin’s relief that Iona was going to be kept safe was interrupted when his phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket, swallowing when he saw it was Andrew. “M…mom?” He raised his phone so she could see the screen. “What do I do? Do I answer?”

“Don’t.” Maruo said. “Let it go to voicemail.”

“He’s right, just leave it alone. Your dad said we should get as much proof as possible.”

“But maybe I could just get him to admit it and turn on the others.”

Iona reached over and grabbed his arm. “I don’t want them hurting you again.” Derwin nodded and switched off his ringer. He would check his voicemail after Andrew stopped calling. He knew Andrew might text him too. “You can show dad when he gets home.”


The phone stopped and though they were hoping for a voicemail it surprised them all a little when his phone alerted him to one “No way” Derwin was really starting to think that maybe his friend really would incriminate himself. His old friend anyway, he could never think of any of those boys the same again. He considered listening to it on speaker but he was still worried about what his sister might here. He couldn’t help but be protective of her. “I didn’t have to invite you that night asshole. I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’ve made a massive mistake and I’ll have you know, Ionas looking cuter these days” The message ended and the look on Derwins face made Maruo take the phone and listen to the message “Akari, why don’t you and my mate take this phone to Reuben and the police chief. I have the kids”

“even if we have to take it over to Jasper and Lupins office?”

“yeah, I wouldn’t want either of you to go alone but I can’t leave Iona and I don’t think it’s smart to take her anywhere open. Here in the house I have the advantage.” When Akari and Lily left Iona said “I really think I deserve to know everything. Please guys, what did Andrew say?”

“she has a point Derwin” Maruo said, leaving it up to Derwin since their parents weren’t here.

Derwin opened his mouth then closed it again and sighed. Iona took his hand. “It’s okay, you can tell me.”

“Iona, it’s just…it’s bad, really bad and I don’t want it to effect you.”

“But it’ll better prepare me right?”

He sighed again. “Th…they said if I told anyone that they would take you and…and rape you and then kill you. They said there wouldn’t be anyway to hide you since their dad’s have so much money. Andrew’s going to try hurting you, he…he…I’m so sorry Iona. I wish I could do something to stop them.”

Maruo could see that Derwin was still ashamed and Iona was obviously scared, but was doing an amazing job at hiding it. She was brave, they both were. “Derwin, it’s alright, I know you’ll protect me and so will everyone else, so please don’t worry. They’re a bunch of assholes.”

“Iona, language.” Derwin said with a little laugh.

“It got you to smile. Don’t tell mom and dad, okay?”


That night Maruo decided not to sleep. They had told Derwin from the beginning that they would hurt Iona but now that Andrew had made that comment he wanted to be vigilant. It turned out to be a good choice around eleven at night when he caught the scent of a boy he didn’t know coming up to the house. He listend to the new heartbeat and followed it. He walked right into Ionas room and opened her window to find a teenager with a ladder. The boy went pale and Maruo couldn’t help but be baffled at how stupid teenagers were. This was either pure stupidity or just the result of growing up with rich daddies and no consequences. “what was your plan you little shit?” He heard a few other boys start to run, there had been multiple. He jumped out the window, grabbing the one on the ladder by his shirt then easily catching up with and collecting another.

One boy tried to shoot him and missed then shot again, hitting his shoulder. Maruo sighed “I really liked this shirt” The boy looked like he might pass out from horror as Maruo snatched his gun and knocked him out with it. He collected them all up then noticed Iona at the window, awake and obviously scared. He could hear everyone else in the house had been woken by the shots too. “I’m going to help your dad get these guys to the station. Go to my mate, she’ll make sure nobody hurts you until I get back” Iona ran from the window.

“Are you alright?” Reuben asked when he came out. He had pulled on a pair of sweats, a t-shirt, and his running shoes.

“Yeah, fine, this little shit shot me.” He dropped the unconscious boy. “Now which one of these is Andrew?”

“That one.” Reuben pointed out at one of them.

“I see, got nothing to say boy? Too afraid of the big bad demon?” Maruo asked.

“D…demon?” One of the boys said.

“That’s right, and you know what demons like to do. They love eating souls.”

Reuben would have laughed at how scared some of them looked if the situation hadn’t been so serious. These boys had fully intended to kidnap, rape, and possibly murder his daughter tonight. “Let’s get them out of here, I don’t want them anywhere near my family.” He then stuck his head into the house. “Akari, call Jasper and let him know what just happened. I know it’s late, but I have a feeling he would want to know.” He then locked and shut the door and lifted the unconscious boy up off the ground.

The boys had at least been smart enough to refuse to speak once they were at the station but even in just the first week of hiring Jasper he and his brother Lupin were building a damning case which he knew scared the parents. This would be the point the mommies and daddies would normally just pay someone off but they knew Jasper wouldn’t accept any amount of money from them to make the evidence vanish. They might not be talking about tonight but it made Jasper feel like he had this case in the bag. He had known it was coming but it still took an incredible amount of willpower not to roll his eyes when one of the parents said “well that demon still assaulted our son”

“your son shot him first. It was self defense”

“Oh he’s a demon”

“I am too and gun shots still hurt like hell. Even though we’re not likely to die from it your son shot without knowing Maruo was a demon anyway so that’s not a case at all for you.” He wanted to tell the woman she should be grateful Maruo hadn’t done worse to her son. He could see how much that family meant to him and Lily. In Jaspers opinion Maruo had shown great self control, even when dealing with the pain that wound would have caused him.

It was two months later when Jasper felt the triumph and relief that he not only got the boys convicted but had convinced the judge to have them tried as adults so they’d get a real punishment for what they had done. These boys were still technically children but they were old enough to be accountable for horrible things like this just as much as adults were. They knew and fully understood what monstrous things they were going to do and they still did them.

They all went out to celebrate after and Jasper said “you guys can call me anytime if you ever have any other problems”

“thank you so much”

“I was happy to help. Stuff like this is why I became a lawyer. My family has always been in the legal system in different capacities and they inspired me from a young age to go out there and fight for people who can’t fight this stuff for themselves.”

“I wish I had become a lawyer sooner” Lupin added. He truly loved this work too and would always regret spending so much of his life getting drunk, sleeping with everything and getting high. It had been such a colossal waste but thankfully Brigid had stumbled into his life and inspired him to finally take the help his family had always been offering. “well we’re glad you became one. Our daughter and many more daughters out there are safe because of you…plus all that other stuff you found. You helped more than just us” Things slowly went back to normal and the kids loved being home schooled. They wouldn’t let such a terrible event dampen their lives. The Kandinsky family knew they would always have eachother and together, they could face anything the world had to throw at them.

~ The End

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