Reyna & Neme

Chapter One

A new king had finally taken over and rebuilt the castle in Holvincora. It was known the queens body was never found so he sent ten of his followers to scavenge the land for Queen Reyna. He wanted another trophy and he couldn’t think of a better one than having the previous kings woman to pleasure him. Over the years Reyna had been slowly building her confidence and her magic to what it used to be. She still wasn’t half as strong as she was when Jeremiah broke her but she was getting there.

She vowed to never let a man own her again. She caught wind of the men searching and was doing her best to keep out of their reach. One night as she lay resting she heard snarls. She sat up quickly, surrounded by the kings knights “we’ve finally got you Reyna” One said menacingly. “No you don’t!” She caught fire to them. She knew it wouldn’t kill them but it was painful and distracting.

She got away and ran as fast as she could. She cursed herself for her senses being so dull that she didn’t wake sooner. She hoped they could get back to how they were before she let Jeremiah break her. She cursed herself for not trying harder but she had gone hundreds of years without using any of her demon senses. It was a miracle she was getting them back atall. The only reason she was able to start refining her senses and gaining power again was because she was so determined. She used the rage she held for her departed husband to fuel her when she trained herself.

A weak woman would be a victim again and she wasn’t willing to let this new king get a hold of her. She heard the demons chasing her and didn’t know what to do. Her mind raced as she ran away from them. It then dawned on her that these demons couldn’t swim. She started heading for a lake she knew was nearby. They were almost close enough to grab her by the time she dove in.

Reyna held her breath even as the icy water bit into her skin. They fired arrows into the water and once cut her arm open. She clutched the bleeding wound and fought not to go up for air. “Just stay calm, I will protect you.” The voice sounded close to her ear, but she saw no one. She suddenly found the water pushed away from her so she sat safely on the muddy lake floor. She could see the water flowing around her and if she reached out she could have touched it. A face darted into view on the other side of the water and startled her. She briefly glimpsed green eyes and then it was gone.

Neme manipulated the water into spiraling tendrils that he shot out of the lake at the demons. The water was moving so fast that it sliced easily through them. He wrapped others in large balls of water, drowning them. They had spilled blood in his lake and harmed a woman. He could tell by their attire that they were knights and thought perhaps the woman had escaped from the king. She was beautiful and would have been used as a play thing and breeder. He slaughtered the demons without mercy then drifted back down to the terrified woman. He studied her for a few moments, admiring her. She started shivering and he wrapped her in an air filled bubble and pushed her to the surface.

Reyna stepped out of the bubble and turned around. He suddenly appeared in the water, blond hair flowing around him and his unique green and blue eyes staring at her. He walked out of the water and she immediately averted her gaze. He was completely nude and very handsome. She had never seen anything like him. “Are you alright?” He asked and she could only nod. He grabbed her chin and turned her head. “Your arm is bleeding. May I fix it?”

“I can heal it.” She replied and placed her hand on her wound. She healed the cut and showed him. “Thank you for helping me. I’m Reyna.” She felt nervous being so close to him, but found herself unable to move.

“I am Neme, this is my lake, my home.”

“Oh, you’re a water spirit.”

“Spirit or elemental. They are one and the same. Please tell me why those men were after you.”

“I…I was King Jeramiahs Queen…..the new king wants me as a trophy…he wants to use me like….like that monster…” Reyna felt tears burning her eyes but she held them in. Saying Jeramiahs name was still hard. It always brought her such pain and fear. It was frustrating that he still tormented her from the grave. What hurt the most was the nightmares. She never dreamed of him abusing her but she had frequent nightmares of all the times she birthed a daughter only to have the baby ripped from her arms and killed. Most she never even got to hold. He would just kill them the second he knew it wasn’t a boy. The rape and beatings were nothing compared to how badly it hurt to watch her little girls die. She couldn’t even cry, if she dared cry over them it would mean a sever beating.

Neme could feel her sorrow at the remembrance of the late king but he knew of their cruelty and how the royal line had treated their brides. He just wanted to hug her but could see she wasn’t even comfortable with him. He had to ask “you look like you need a hug. Could I hug you?” Reyna had instant distrust for any man that approached her but this one did save her life. He was speaking so kindly to her and he had killed all the demons the new king sent. Her heart said yes but her head was telling her no. He oculd have bad intentions too.

Neme waited silently for an answer. “yes” Reyna answer and Neme wrapped her in a gentle hug. His skin felt so cold but she guessed it was because he had just moments ago been water “thank you again. I appreciate it”

“Do you have a home I could take you to so that I know you got there safely?” Reyna shook her head “I have to be on the run too much for a home. I don’t know the first thing about making one anyway. I just sleep in trees or a soft patch of grass.”

“That won’t do at all, it gets very cold and dangerous at night. Let me take you somewhere warmer.” He could tell she was nervous, scared even and could see the faded scars on her wrists from being tied down. He wondered what the old king had done to her. It infuriated him beyond words. “On my honor, I swear I will do nothing to harm you. Please come with me.”

She couldn’t help but be drawn in by his sincerity. He seemed so kind and genuine. “Okay, I’ll go.” She held out her hand, giving him her trust and hoping he didn’t hurt her. He took her hand gently in his and brushed his thumb over the scars on her wrist. He wished he could make them disappear.

He pulled her slowly through the woods, lifting her over fallen trees. She did her best to keep her eyes off his naked form, feeling her face grow hotter by the minute. “Are you feeling alright?” He asked as he stopped to feel her forehead. “You’re burning up.”

“I’m sorry, it’s the whole nude thing.”

He looked down then back up and laughed. “I must apologize, I often forget that I’m naked since I spend most of my time as water. I have clothes where I’m taking you. I could carry you so you won’t see anything.”

“That would be nice.” He laughed again and lifted her into his arms. Her heart rate increased and she suddenly felt very scared. He was bigger than her and could easily take advantage of her if he chose to. She felt guilty thinking such things of her savior and mentally shook herself. They came to a cave that was lit up inside with lanterns. At the very back she was surprised to see a cottage setting next to a hot spring. It was incredibly warm thanks to the heat coming off the water.

“This is my home.” Neme said softly as he sat he lowered her feet to the ground and opened the door. “I want you to know you can come and go as you please. This door will always remain unlocked. I only have one room, but I can sleep on the floor or in the water, whichever makes you more comfortable.”

“You can sleep as water?” Neme smiled “Yes I can and will. It’s how I frequently sleep. I wont mind Reyna. You seem so scared of me. I’m afraid inside I might startle you somehow. I want you to be comfortable.”

“I’m very grateful for your help Neme. I…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be afraid of you atall” Neme wanted to point out that she obviosuly had reason to be afraid of men because of the scars on her wrist. He knew this woman was a demon, for a demon to scar like that she would have had to be tied down overly tight for a very long period of time. The king had obviously tortured her quite a bit. He didn’t even want to imagine why he had kept her tied down so much. “I will sleep as water tonight. Let me just grab clothes so I can dress before entering the house in the morning.”

Reyna hugged Neme “thank you for everything. I know I’ve already thanked you but my worst fear is returning to that castle….to be someones toy again.” Her voice seemed near breaking but she kept it steady. He didn’t mention it and just hugged her. They went inside where he grabbed clothes and made sure she knew where everything was in the hosue. “just come outside if you need me Reyna”

“goodnight Neme”

“Night, please sleep well. In the morning I’ll come in the kitchen to cook for you. Please dont be afraid if you hear noise in the kitchen”

“Ok” Reyna was taken back by how sweet Neme was. He was the nicest man she had ever encountered. Then again, she felt her father was the greatest man alive until he just handed her over to the king without a care. He saw how she was treated and it didn’t even phase him. She thought her father loved her but in the end he didn’t seem to care about her atall. She sighed, knwoing she was tired and needed to rest before her thoughts went into it any further. This man was giving her a place to stay, saved her and was being very kind. He didn’t deserve her suspicion. Chthon was a good male demon, there had to be more.

Neme sat the clothes just out side the house then dove into the warm water. He allowed himself to mingle with it, become it. He would not be sleeping this night, but would stand vigil and make sure no demons found their way to her. She trusted him and he would do anything to keep it. Reyna pulled off her wet clothes and grabbed one of Neme’s shirts. She hoped he wouldn’t mind. She pulled it on and crawled into bed, pulling the covers up to her chin and making sure she was facing the door. She immediately succumbed to exhaustion, falling into a restless, nightmare filled sleep.

It was the screams that alerted him that something was wrong. He jumped out of the water and ran into the house, expecting to find Reyna fighting off a pack of demons. Instead he found her tossing and turning, her fingers gripping the blankets and sweat covering her skin. Tears slid down her cheeks as she begged for the life of someone. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her, his heart going into overdrive. “Reyna wake up please.” He felt his heart breaking for her and pulled her into his arms. He stroked her hair, whispering to her to calm down. He didn’t want to slap her awake, especially not after her abuse. “Hush now, it’s okay, everything’s okay.” He crawled in next to her and held her tightly to him, rubbing her back. She finally calmed down and lay completely still on top of him, tears on her face.

He knew he should leave, but she was on top of him and he was afraid if he moved she would wake up. He was also afraid of being accused of trying to rape her and he hoped she would see that this was completely innocent. He wouldn’t dream of harming her. “Please don’t be scared tomorrow. I just want you to sleep soundly.” He whispered.

Neme laid awake, terrified of how she may react when she woke in the morning. He barely knew this woman but it would kill him if she feared him and ran away. He didn’t want her out there alone where somthing could hurt her. He had this overwhelming desire to be with her and keep her from harm. His fears only deepend when he noticed it was becoming morning. After awhile of the sun being up Reyna stirred and pushed against his chest and backed up against the wall. Just as it happened his heart began to slam “Please Reyna this is innocent. Don’t be scared. You were screaming, you didn’t want someone to kill someone else. I was just trying to calm you down and you ended up on top of me. I didn’t want to leave and wake you. Please don’t be scared. I was only trying to comfort you.” The words pouring out of his mouth faster than anything before. Reyna looked at him only a few seconds then gave him a hug “thank you again…I knwo you’re a good man so I believe you. It was nice of you to comfort me. I hope you got enough sleep”

“You’re ok?” Reyna nodded “are you hungry?”


“Then let me go cook.” Neme got out of the bed and Reyna saw he was naked. He looked so good, perfect even. If sex wasn’t so petrifying for her she would desire him but Jeremiah had been her first. All she knew of sex was torture. Sex had always just been about his pleasure. They did whatever he wanted for as long as he wanted and if she spoke against it they would just do it longer. Her thoughts went to the dream. Jeremiah was killing their first daughter. Reyna had named her Jesse when she got to hold her in her arms. She was so adorable and Reyna for the first time since becoming Jeremiahs bride was happy. That happiness was shattered when Jeremiah stormed in angrily and ripped Jeese away “How dare you give me a daughter! You’ve failed you stupid bitch!” Jeremiah then killed her right there. Her Jesse was gone in less than an hour after she met her.

Reyna made Nemes bed and put on her now dry clothing. She walked out nervously. “I have bad dreams a lot. I’m sorry I woke you. I wont sleep here anymore. I’ll just keep you up”

“Nonsense, I want you to stay Reyna. Would you like to talk about your dream?”

She sat down, tearing up. “Jeremiah was killing our first daughter, my first child. Jesse, her name was Jesse and she was so beautiful.” Her tears slipped down her cheeks and he hugged her. “He murdered her right in front of me and made the maid get rid of her like she was garbage.” She sobbed into his chest and he stroked her hair. “We had so many little girls. He killed them all and then would rape me again and again until I was pregnant.”

Neme wished he could kill Jeremiah again. He wanted to rip him apart for what he had done. “I’m so sorry.”

“He tied me down a lot, sometimes for days. I was always in pain.”

“As long as you are with me you will never be in pain again. I promise.” He tightened the hug then pulled back and brushed her tears away. “Let me get dressed and make you something.” He opened the door and grabbed the clothes he had set out then pulled them on. He made her a bowl of fruit salad and handed it to her.

“Thank you.” He made himself a bowl then sat down next to her. They ate in silence, her face sad.

“Please don’t be sad. Smile for me, I bet you have a beautiful smile.”

She looked up at him, her eyes meeting his. She wanted to smile, but didn’t think she could muster one. She felt bad, wanting to give him at least one thing. “I’m sorry.” She said sadly.

“Don’t be, it’s okay. I understand, really.”

“I want to, I really do.”

He reached out and brushed his fingers along her cheek. His touch gave her goosebumps and made her heart nearly leap into her throat. She actually found herself leaning into it. She blushed and pulled away. “Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t be so forward.” He said.

“It’s okay, you’re very sweet. I’ve never had a man be this good to me, this gentle. It’s all new to me so I’m scared. Thank you for being patient.”

“Please don’t leave, I like having you here.”

“I’ll stay for awhile, but there is someone I wish to find. My son Zeus. He is dead and it has been many years, but a friend took him and my daughter in law away to be buried. I would like to find a way into Chthon’s world to see their graves.”

“I know of this demon. He is an honorable man and. I have been to his homeland. I will take you as soon as you have regained your strength.”

“Really? Thank you so much. I wish their was something I could do for you.”

“Just try to be happy.” He took another bite of fruit. “Oh, if you want a bath feel free to use the hot spring. I’ll stay inside.”

“thank you” She finished eating then went outside. Neme sighed sadly. He knew Jeremiah was a monster but he couldn’t believe he had murdered all his daughters when they were born, worse, he did it right in front of Reyna. It sickened him and he would love the chance to torture this man, to make him feel even an ounce of the pain he put such a wonderful seeming woman through. He was glad he knew Chthon so that he knew where to take Reyna to see her son. He was happy there was somthing he could actually do for her. Reyna slipped off her clothes and looked around for any demons lurking. She noticed none and slowly slipped into the water. It felt good on her cramped muscles. The only muscle in her body that hurt was her heart. She remembered the faces of every baby girl she lost. She knew no matter how long she lived she could never forget those sweet faces.

She hoped Chthon had given Zeus a nice grave despite him killing Lucy. He had to know Zeus didn’t do it of his own free will. One thing Reyna was happy to see was how unlike his father Zeus was. Zeus treated Lucy with love. She didn’t like how he treated his daughters but she was happy to see he had a heart atall. She wondered again about how those two turned out. They left just before Zeus snapped. They were alive adn well in Chthons world somewhere. She wondered if they would like to meet her. She had been so dead inside when they lived in the castle she knew they didn’t have any fun memories with her. As Jeremiahs wife she had lost the spirit or want to do anything.

When she felt clean she got our, realizing she had nothing to dry with she just stood there. She didn’t want to go in naked. She didn’t want Neme to see the few scars she had from being beaten. Normally when Jeremiah whipped her he was careful not to leave permanent damage but a few times he lost control and she had long scars from the whip digging deep into her skin. She was getting goosebumps from the cold and really wanted to be dry. Reyna looked back to the water. It was clear so even if she got back in he could see her body. She took a deep breath, knowing she could trust Neme. She actually found herself hoping he wouldn’t find her ugly because of the scars.

Neme was reading when she walked in. He looked up from the book, his smiling face replaced by a shocked one. He actually looked her up and down before finally tearing his eyes away. His heart slammed hard in his chest and he felt guilty for staring. “Sorry, I…” He wasn’t sure what to be sorry for. He had wanted to look at her. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

“I forgot a towel, I’m sorry.” She moved across the living room and he grabbed her wrist. She froze, her heart racing.

Chapter Two

“Reyna, doing that is very dangerous. It fills my head with things that shouldn’t be there. You are very, very beautiful and I don’t want you to regret being here.” He still wasn’t looking at her, but she could tell he wasn’t angry. When he finally allowed his eyes to meet hers she gasped at the lust burning there. She actually felt afraid. She knew he could tell because his eyes filled with sadness. “Never think I would take you against your will. I am not that monster.” He let her go and stood, going outside and pulling off his clothes. He jumped into the water and sank to the bottom, his heart aching.

Reyna ran and grabbed a towel, quickly drying then pulling on one of his shirts and getting in bed. She pulled the covers over her head and cried. She had hurt his feelings after he had been so kind to her. She hated that for a brief moment she had compared him to her ex husband. She cried harder, her head hurting as she sobbed violently into his pillow. She wanted to go to him, to apologize but couldn’t find the strength. She cried herself into exhaustion and finally fell asleep.

Neme finally pulled himself out of the water and went inside. He dried and dressed then went into his room where Reyna was sleeping. He could tell she had been crying and gently shook her. Her eyes fluttered open and she started to speak. He pressed a finger to her lips, stopping her. “Don’t apologize to me. I should be apologizing for ogling you and scaring you. Forgive me.”

Reyna sat up quickly and hugged him “I know you wont hurt me..It’s just hard not to be scared” Her voice was a bit hoarse from how hard she cried. “Could I kiss your cheek?” Neme felt a strong urge to but didn’t dare without her permission. “I’d like that” Reyna answered so he gave her a brief kiss. The way his lips touched her cheek was enough to make her cry again. That kiss was filled with such love and care. It wasn’t one that was hungry for her, it was concerned and comforting. She actually wanted to kiss him. She had kissed men before Jeremiah so knew that could be enjoyable. She suddenly pressed her lips into his. Needing his security and love. Neme was shocked at first but then began to kiss her back. He pictured her naked body again but quickly pushed it out of his head. She was obviously nowhere near ready for him so he couldn’t let himself get excited at the thought of her.

Reyna pulled back and looked into Nemes eyes. This time they were burning with love and happiness. “The way you look at me….I love it”

“I’m glad, thank you for kissing me. I didn’t deserve it after upsetting you so much. You were brave enough to be naked in front of me and I go and make it into somthing….you are just so beautiful and I’m trying to be careful…your naked body is breath taking Reyna”

“I’m glad you think I’m beautiful. I was..I was hoping you would. My scars make me feel ugly”

“They make you look strong to me” Neme said, wanting to kiss her again. Reyna could tell “please, kiss me when you want. I like how it feels when you kiss me.” Neme smiled, touched that she felt so comfortable. “normally only boyfriends or husbands can kiss a woman when they want. Does that make you my girlfriend Reyna?”

“You want me to be?” Reyna asked surprised. “Of course, let me love you. Let me do everything I can to give you a happier future Reyna. I’ll do anything to make you happy” Reyna looked away “but..I’m not sure if I’ll be able to have sex with you without getting afraid” Neme grabbed her chin to get her to look at him “that can wait as long as it needs to. I cant stop myself from desiring it but I wont try anything unless you want me to.” Reyna began kissing him again. When she pulled back she said “I want to be your girlfriend”

“then may I hold you? I’ll hold you lightly so you don’t feel like I’m trapping you” Reyna nodded and Neme laid down with her. He pulled Reyna close and held her gently as he said he would. Reyna was surprised by how secure and warm she felt in his arms. “this is actually nice” Reyna said trying not to sound as surprised as she was. Neme heard the surprise in her voice but didn’t take offense this time. “I’m glad” They spent the next few days just getting to know eachother. They mainly talked about Nemes life since Reyna had very few happy memories. She had all the ones before Jeremiah but there still wasn’t many.

Reyna was starting to look healthier already. On the fourth day Reyna asked ‘can we find my son now?”

“Of course, I think you are healthy enough to travel between worlds”

Reyna was both sad and excited. Even after all these years, she still mourned the passing of her son and Lucy. Even though she had never been allowed to say it, she had loved them both very much. “How are we going to get back?”

“I generally take the water, but I don’t want you getting cold so we’ll take the longer route.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure Reyna, let me take care of you.”

She gave him a small smile and he lifted her into his arms and carried her from the cave. He was very warm after days of sleeping and swimming in the hotspring. It was amazing to her that his body would hold the temperature of the water he had become part of. He could still cool down or warm up like a normal human or demon, but it was still so neat. Thunder sounded above them, the sound rolling across the sky and vibrating through them.

“Don’t worry about the rain, I can keep it off of us.”

“You are so much more amazing than me. I’m not very powerful at all. I used to be, but not anymore.”

“Don’t say such things. You are very amazing and very powerful. You hold all the power in this relationship Reyna.”

“Do I?”

“Of course you do. I will do nothing without consulting you first dearest love.”

It began to rain as Neme walked but it fell around them instead of on them which Reyna found amazing. It was interesting to see, nearly as amazing as when he protected her in the air bubble under the water. Neme enjoyed her wonderment at what he was doing. Running and snarls caught Nemes ears. The king had sent more men to collect Reyna. He must have discovered the other men had been slain. They had not been able to find them in Nemes cave but now that Reyna was out in the open again they caught her scent. All the comfort and security Reyna had been feeling with Neme rushed out of her body. Neme quickly put Reyna down and concentrated the rain on the demons. It hit them with the force of a waterfall so it slammed them to the ground. The bones in their bodies breaking as it continued to pour down on them and press them into the earth.

Neme didn’t stop until they drowned. They weren’t even able to breath between the dirt and water. Neme found it insulting he didn’t send stronger demons but then again the new king probably didn’t know who had slain the previous men he sent. He picked Reyna up again “are you ok? You looked so scared. I promise I wont let anyone have you. I will keep you safe from anything Reyna” Reyna kissed his cheek “sorry I didn’t have absolute faith in you…going back to the castle is my worst fear..”

“I understand Reyna.” They continued at a faster pace. neme didn’t want another interruption like that to happen. Once they were in Chthons world he would feel a lot better. Reyna got comfortable again and just laid her head on Nemes shoulder. She felt lucky that she had run into him. She wanted to be strong on her own again though. She would get back to trying to unlock her abilities after seeing her sons and Lucys graves. She wished their was any demon alive who would undo what Jeremiah did but only demons with the power to lock away powers could undo it. She knew no demons with that power that would be willing.

When they finally made it where they could go between worlds Neme breathed easier. I want you to hold tight to me. If anything challenges our passage you are to just hold onto me. If we get separated I don’t know how long it will take me to find you.”

“Ok” Neme hated speaking commandingly but Reyna could end up anywhere if they were separated here. Neme got a firmer grip on Reyna and they crossed through. Reyna closed her eyes and didn’t open them until she felt the air of another world. She coudlnt’ tell how it was different but the air was different here. “that was easy” Neme smiled “it normally is, things dont tend to bother the passage of powerful beings” Reyna gave him another kiss “do you know where to find Chthon here?”

“Oh yes, I’ve been to his castle a few times.”

“How long will it take us to get there?”

“A day at most.”

“Thank you for bringing me here.” He smiled and kissed her forehead before walking again. Reyna’s stomach growled around noon and Neme stopped and sat her down to go get food. He found some fruit trees and brought some back. He sat down across from her and found himself watching her eat. Some juice ran down her chin and he leaned over and licked it off, making her blush.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“No, it’s okay. You’ve been very good to me, it must be frustrating.”

“Frustrating? Haven’t I made it clear that sex isn’t important? I’m not going to leave you or get mad at you. I really love you.”

“Why? I’m scared all the time and obviously not good for your health.”

“You are very good for my health, you make me happy.” They finished eating and Neme lifted her off the ground. She didn’t know how she was going to pay him back for all of this. Without him she would probably be dead or chained up in a dungeon. Night started to fall and Neme knew they were getting closer. He decided not to stop until they got there. He wanted Reyna safe inside Chthon’s castle. Reyna fell asleep in his arms and he allowed himself to get lost in her soft breathing. What he wouldn’t give to make love to her and show her it could be a sweet and beautiful thing. He kissed the top of her head, willing to give her as much time as she needed. When they made it to the castle he was tired from not having any water. He gently shook her and she jerked awake, looking up at the huge building in front of them.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Yes, as ready as I’ll ever be.” He banged on the front door and took her hand, giving her his full support.

Though Reyna didn’t know it everyone was at the castle for Oliva and Bishins wedding. It was going to be set up outside the day after tomorrow. Everyone had been there the past few weeks getting things ready and visiting. It was Ava who answered the door and her jaw dropped as she instantly recognized her grandmother “grandma?” Ava asked in disbelief. She felt as if she might pass out. Reynas lip quivered “My Ava” They wrapped eachother in a hug. Reme smiled, happy she was greeted by someone she knew. “Ava, this is my boyfriend Neme. He’s how I was able to come here” Ava hugged him “thank you” Neme hugged back “It wasn’t any trouble”

“It was so” Reyna said then suddenly she heard the voice of Ruth. “Ava honey who’s there?” Ruths eyes suddenly grew wide as she ran and exclaimed “Reyna!” Chthon who wasn’t far behind saw Reyna too and went to fetch Zeus, Lucy, Olivia and Bishin. There were many people in the castle but the important people for her to see was them. “come in, please come sit with us” They walked into the dining room. Neme feeling happy but at the same time worse and worse with need of water. Zeus practically ran into the dining room doors to see his mother. He startled her by coming into the room so fast so she stood and then suddenly fell back from the shock of seeing Zeus alive and a very alive Lucy behind him. Neme panicked, forgetting his need for water as Zeus came over. “I’m such an idiot. I just got so excited to see her”Lucy grabbed his arm “well pick your mother up and take her to the room beside ours.”

“No I have her” Neme said and picked her up. His tone a little angry at Zeus for scaring her. “who are you?” Zeus asked and Ava answered “Moms boyfriend, dad. He has a tone because it was stupid to run in here. She thought you were dead.”

“I was thinking, sorry, what is your name?”

‘Neme, she’s had it really hard and I’ll get everyone up to speed after she is laying down.”

“don’t you need water?” Chthon asked, knowing it was a long trip here. “I do but I will take care of her first.” Chthon, Zeus and Lucy guided Neme to where he could lay Reyna down. He tucked her under the covers and wanted to stay but Chthon urged him. Knowing Neme could die or get very sick if he let himself go too long without being one with water. They went down to the hot spring “get well and re-hydrated then come explain to us. We’ll leave you alone for now” As soon as they were gone Neme became water. He let go of his frustration at Zeus, of course a son would be excited to reunite with his mother. He hadn’t known at first the man rushing in was her son but then he heard one of her grandaughters call him dad. Neme was glad her son and his wife were living. He just wondered how Chthon managed it.

Neme climbed out of the water, feeling refreshed. A towel had been left for him so he quickly dried before pulling his clothes back on. Chthon was waiting for him and took him up to the library where everyone was waiting. They grew silent when he entered, Zeus gripping Lucy’s hand. “How did you find her?” Zeus asked.

“She dove into my lake while running away from some of the new kings guards. From what I gathered, the new kings wants her as a trophy. I could not allow this to happen. I took her home where she could regain her strength. She was filthy and underfed after spending so much time alone in the wild.”

“How is she mentally?”

“Since I do not know how bad she was before I met her I cannot say, but she smiles often. She has nightmares and gets scared even of me at times, but she is strong.”

“Smiling is a good sign. She never smiled before or spoke for that matter.” Zeus choked up, squeezing his eyes shut in hopes of stopping the tears. Lucy rubbed his back and kissed his cheek.

“She was nothing but an empty shell when I met her.” Lucy said. “I can only imagine the atrocities Jeremiah commited against her.”

“He did horrible things to her.” Zeus finally managed to say. “He’s the reason I am an only child. What about her magic?”

“She can’t use very much, she can heal herself and start small fires, but other than that it is almost nonexistant.”

“I can fix that.” Chthon chimed in. “I’ll do it after she’s had time to reconnect with everyone.”

“Thank you daddy.” Lucy said.

Chthon smiled at his daughter then turned his attention back to Neme. “You should go up to her old friend. She’ll probably want to see you first when she wakes. I’m sure she’ll be in quite a state of shock.”

“Thank you, I will bring her down when she’s ready.”

“Thank you for taking care of her. I’m glad the two of you have found happiness with eachother.” Zeus chimed in “yes, I’m glad you’ve gottne her talking and smiling. Thank you so much for treating my mother how she deserves to be treated….my father was such a monster. I should have killed him long before I actually did.”

“and that I want to thank you for. I would love to kill the bastard myself but I’m glad someone had the sense to to free that wonderful women. I love your mother very much, that I swear” Zeus smiled “just keep making her happy please. I really didn’t mean to scare her. I was just so excited when I heard shge was here. I’ve missed her. I can’t wait to see my mother smile and talk. It’ll be nice to see her just be her without fear of my father hitting her.”

“Let me go up to her now before she wakes alone. I’m happy to meet you all and that you are all here. Before I go I do have one more question though.”

“What is it?” Chthon asked. “Does everyone live here with you?”

“No, they are here for Olivia and Bishins wedding the day after tomorrow. They’ve been here a few weeks visiting and preparing. You brought her at the perfect time.”

“I am glad she’ll get to see one of her grandaughters get married. Maybe that’ll give her ideas about me” Neme said slightly embarrassed to be saying that to her children, grandchildren, Chthon and Ruth. It inspired smiles throughout the room as Neme left to be with Reyna. He quickly found the room he left her in and got in bed with her. Neme hoped she wouldn’t wake startled since he normally slept in the water. He just wanted to hold her and rest from the fatigue it causes to go so long without water.  Bishins sisters and mother had a million questions for Olivia when they could get her alone since they had heard the commotion of Reyna and Neme entering. She was so young when she left the castle that she couldn’t answer much. “Let me ask my sister Lucy if she thinks Zeus is up to questions about his mother. If not Lucy can answer more than I can”

They found Lucy who asked Zeus. He was actually excited and happy. It was rejuvinating to him to hear his mother was actually happy and with a man that loved her, that wanted to marry her even. He answered all their questions. Some dulling his shine as he recounted the horrible things Jeremiah would do to her. She was treated as if she had absolutely no worth besides pleasuring him. Assaku felt a great sadness too remember his fathers and grandfathers work, all the woman they sold to men who treated them just like Jeremiah treated Reyna. Ava noticed Assakus sadness and grabbed his hand to reassure him. He slightly smiled at her. No matter how sad he got Ava could always make him smile. He had been falling in love with her since she came to visit with Olivia, Bishin, Zeus, Lucy and Bishins family.

Reyna woke feeling confused and very warm. She opened her eyes and found herself staring up at a ceiling she didn’t recognize. She tried setting up and felt an arm tighten around her waist. She only panicked for a moment then she realized it was only Neme. She smiled then the memory of her son’s face flashed in her head. She shook him and he jerked awake. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“My son, I saw him right? It wasn’t an illusion?”

“He and his wife are alive and excited to speak to you.”

Chapter Three

She started crying without wanting to. Her emotions overwhelmed her and she buried her face in Neme’s shirt. He just held her and whispered how much he loved her. She couldn’t believe her son and Lucy were alive, it was impossible. His face had seemed so excited and full of love. She cried harder and Neme pulled back to wipe her tears away. She took a deep, shuddering breath and was finally able to calm herself.

“Would you like to see them?” He asked softly.

“Yes, please take me to my son and Lucy. I have to know I’m not crazy.”

He kissed her softly on the lips then pulled back to look into her eyes. “Even if you were crazy, I would still love you.” He got up and lifted her into his arms. He carried her downstairs, following the voices of her family to the library. Zeus came to his feet when he saw his mother and Neme put her on her feet, placing his hands on her shoulders in case she fainted again. Zeus crossed the room and wrapped his mother in a tight hug. Both of them started crying and fell to their knees on the floor.

“My boy, my beautiful boy. It really is you.” She said through her tears. “How is this possible?”

“Assaku helped resurrect us. He’s an ex slaver.” He pointed to the demon he spoke of.

“A slaver?”

“Please don’t be afraid mother, he wasn’t like the others. He didn’t like what he was doing. He’s a good man, he cares for Ava and this family.” Reyna touched his face and smiled. “I’m real mom.”

Assaku blushed at Zeus specifically mentioning his care for Ava but it wasn’t like he was hiding it. He fully intended to ask her to be with him before she left. They held hands a few times, spent most the visit witheachother and exchanged glances. He felt she wanted him to, he just needed to ask. When Reyna broke away from her son she hugged Lucy tightly “It’s so good to see you aswell. I loved you so much. Sorry I could never say it”

“It wasn’t your fault mom, we knew how you felt and that Jeremiah just wouldn’t let you tell us” Reyna hugged Olivia and Ava too. She nervously approached Bishin “You don’t have to hug me. You look afraid.” Reyna hugged him anyway “If Olivia would marry you and Chthon would let you in his home I know I can trust you.” She even more cautiously approached Assaku which made his heart hang heavy. He understood her hesitation now that she knew his family line and that he had briefly participated in the sex trade. She hugged him for a shorter time than the others but still hugged him. She quickly returned to Nemes side and held his hand. “so is Assaku your boyfriend Ava?” Ava smiled “if he wants to be. He looks at me all dreamy eyed and holds my hand but hasn’t asked me out. He’s a mouse in a demons body it would appear.” Chthon, Olivia, and Ruth laughed. Assaku smiled “Then yes, I am her boyfriend”

“Then congratulations to you both. I’m glad my beautiful grandaughters have love. You two were so young the last time I saw you. You’ve grown into such beautiful women.” Zeus loved hearing his mother talk and ask questions. He couldn’t resist getting up and hugging his mother again. He pulled Neme into the hug aswell “Thank you so much Neme for taking care of her.” They all sat down and talked in the library until dinner time. After dinner Chthon said “are you ready for me to unlock the power that Jeremiah sealed up in you”

“I’m more than ready, I don’t want to be helpless ever again. I want all my power back and I’ll never let another demon take it away”

“Come with me to your bedroom so you can rest with Neme after I’m done. In the morning we will test you out to make sure you can do everything. I don’t think I could fail but I’d feel better being assured” Reyna nodded and the three walked out. In the room Chthon asked Reyna to sit on the bed. He stood in front of her and put his hands on her shoulder. “Just relax Reyna. It will take only moments” She smiled at Chthon and he closed his eyes. Reyna felt a surge burst through her body and took a deep, startled breath. “did you feel it?”

‘I thin so” Chthon smiled “then I will see you in the morning. Right after breakfast I want you to try everything you remember doing.” Reyna got up and wrapped Chthon in a tight hug “thank you so much”

“rest with your boyfriend. also, you don’t have to make your decision tonight but you are welcome to make my castle your home. It’s very big and has plenty rooms if this one doesnt suit you. Your world will be dangerous for you to stay in. You will always be wanted due to your marriage to Jeremiah. Here nobody knows you. Just consider leaving that world and living here. I’m sure neme would live here, wouldn’t you old friend?”

“If it meant her safety of course. I would keep her safe there but I’d rather her not be under constant attack”

“then think on it. Give me your answer after the wedding Reyna” Reyna nodded and Chthon left the room. Late that night Assaku went to Avas room. She answered and smiled at him as he picked her up. “I am not a mouse” was all he said in his lustful tone and burning eyes. She wrapped her legs around him and they began kissing. Their lips moving against eachother in a way that was indicitive of just how badly they each had wanted to kiss the other. He sat on their bed and began to kiss, nibble and lick her neck. Ava moaned and dug her fingers into his back. “I want to make passionate love to you”

“than do it, or are you still my mouse?” Assaku smiled. He ripped off her clothes and his, throwing the ripped up pieces on the floor. It only intensified how excited Ava was to finally be with him in her room. He bit down all over her. Each time leaving marks and a wet spot where his tongue played even as his teeth sunk into her soft flesh. He only stopped when Ava moaned deeply “take me Assaku, I need you inside of me” He thrust hard inside of her. His pace reamined fast and rough as he began kissing her again. Her loud cries couldn’t even be muffled by his kiss which made him smile. Their moans mingled until he seeded deep inside of her. “You are no mouse” Ava said breathlessly.

“How are you feeling?” Neme asked.

“I don’t know there is so much going on in my head that it’s spinning.”

He propped his head up and looked down at her. She was so beautiful and a lot happier than she was when he had first met her. She smiled up at him and he couldn’t help but kiss her. He felt himself getting excited, his skin warming and his heart rate spiking. He stopped and pressed his forehead against hers. “I need to leave.” He whispered.

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, but if I stay something might happen and I don’t want to scare you. I love you to much.”

“I want you to stay, please don’t leave me here alone. What if I have a nightmare?”

She looked near tears and it crushed his resolve. “Okay calm down, I’ll stay.” He stroked her cheek, loving the softness of her skin. “Can I just touch you, I won’t do anything else.”

Reyna swallowed nervously. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her or take advantage of her, but in the very back of her mind she was screaming. She took a deep breath, trying to block it out. He had been so patient and sweet, he never forced her or made her feel inadequate. “Yes, but I am very nervous and I don’t think I can take my clothes off.”

“Trust me okay?” She nodded and he pulled her clothes off slowly, giving her plenty of time to change her mind. Goosebumps covered her skin and a small tremor ran through her body. He ran his fingers over her cheek and down her neck to her chest. He ran his fingertips over and between her breasts, making her gasp. “Still okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” She said in a breathy tone.

“Just tell me to stop and I will.” He ran his finger down to her abdomen, tracing one of the scars. “These scars are beautiful. They make you look like a real warrior. Can I kiss them?”

“If you really want to.” He leaned on and traced the white line with his lips, being so gentle that she nearly cried. “I really love you Neme, with all my heart.” He kissed his way slowly up to her lips and kissed her softly. The loud, panicked screaming in her head had stopped.

“I love you Reyna and I’ll do anything to make you happy. You are my everything, every cell in my body yearns for you. I’m completely addicted to you. If you let me, I’ll try to replace your bad memories with good ones. I’ll sleep with you every night and make love to you until you no longer have nightmares. I know I can’t erase everything, but I can give you happiness and gentleness. Stay with me forever…marry me.”

Reynas tears spilled over and ran down her cheeks. Neme worried she was afraid “we’ll put your clothes back on. Please don’t cry” He whispered and reached for her clothes. She grabbed his arm “it’s not that, you’re just so sweet and wonderful. I want to marry you too and tonight…tonight I’d like you to make love to me..” Neme kissed her again “we dont have to make love to get married Reyna”

“I know, I want you to. You touch me and kiss me so sweetly. I want to feel what it’s like when you’re making love to me” Neme wanted to cry himself. He wiped away Reynas tears and kissed the trails where the water had been. He laid her down slowly as he studied her face. He worried about scaring her even though his whole being celebrated that she truly just said yes to marrying him and was letting him physicly express how much he loved her. He made slow, very tender love to Reyna. Enjoying her every movement and gasp of pleasure. She seemed to truly enjoy being with him this way. A few tears escaped his eyes as he moved in and out of her while he rained kisses on her face and chest.

He whispered that he loved her as he enjaculated. He rolled ot her side and held her close “did you enjoy it Reyna?”

“I didn’t know sex could be so sweet and make me feel so beautiful and cherished. I” her words stopped as she cried into his chest. He just held her close. Knowing all she needed right now was to be held. When she quit crying she said “I love you Neme”

“I love you too. It’s very late and we should sleep my love” They fell asleep intertwined and both in a state of disblief. She was in shock at just how worshiped Neme had made her feel when they made love while he couldn’t believe that this night had really happened. When morning came they announced to the family they were now engaged. Everyone was estatic about the news. They would start planning as soon as Bishin and Olivia were off on their honeymoon. Reyna and Neme also decided to take Chthons offer. Neme didn’t really have belongings aside from clothes which he didn’t need to fetch since Chthon offered to buy him more.The castle was filled with happiness and celebration as Chthons family got a little bit bigger and Zeus’s family finally felt complete.

~ The End ~

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