Rian & Kou

Chapter One

Kou struggled to pick what to wear yet again today. It was one of three days a week he took a cooking class taught by world renowned chef Rian Foetida. He was incredibly handsome at 6’1 with those beautiful green eyes and seemingly flawless body. Rian obviously didn’t remember but they had met before when Kou was a child. Rians first cooking show had been one where he cooked something with a kid on every episode. It would be a complicated dish, something most adults wouldn’t dream of letting their kids help with but that was part of the allure of the show. Kou had been on with him a few times and had developed a little crush on him.

Kou hadn’t pined for him all these years or anything but when he learned he had quit cooking shows and was teaching at a college near him he had to take lessons. The attraction had sparked again near instantly and with even more heat now that he was an adult. He was crazy about Rian but was too shy to say anything. He didn’t even know how to without sounding like a weird stalker. A guy like Rian probably had a million stalkers so Kou just took his class and tried not to say anything to him.

He sighed as he finally settled on a blue shirt and a pair of nice jeans. Nothing ever seemed good enough, not that Rian noticed, but he always wanted to look nice. He took a quick shower, dried, then got dressed and braided his hair. He looked at himself in the mirror for a couple minutes. He left, knowing he was going to be late if he didn’t stop worrying about his appearance. Rian was standing at his cooking station when Kou walked through the classroom door. He was focused on preparing his ingredients and humming to himself, but he still looked up when Kou walked in, giving him a warm smile.

“First again, you must really like my classes.”

“Cooking is fun and getting to learn from you is an honor.”

Rian chuckled. “I’m not all that.”

“I disagree, you have such an amazing way with food.” He blushed and looked away. “So what are we making today?”

“I thought we’d try out something southern. Fried catfish with homemade macaroni and cheese and cornbread. I also made sun tea to drink with it.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Would you like to help me with the last of the preparations? I’m almost done so if that doesn’t appeal to you you can just go to your station”

“I’d love to” Kou knew he sounded way too eager but he couldn’t help it. He walked over and asked “what should I do?” He pointed at a few more things he needed cut up and Kou got started. The two talked about food until the rest of the class arrived then Kou went to his station. “Good afternoon everyone” Rian said cheerfully and they all greeted him back. “Today I felt like doing something southern so we’re cooking Fried catfish with homemade macaroni and cheese. Our side is going to be cornbread”

“Cornbread?” one of the other males said, seeming displeased “yes cornbread. It helps a chef to make the basic stuff too” The student didn’t seem to have anything else to say about it so Rian continued. He walked them through step by step, having them follow his every move at their own stations. Kou had no trouble at all with this dish and was proud of how it turned out when Rian started walking around to grade their dishes.

Kou waited as Rian took a bite of his food, trying not to look too hopeful. “Delicious as always, Kou, you’re such a natural.” Rian said and Kou gave him a big smile.

“Thank you.”

Rian moved on and Kou saw the same student from earlier roll his eyes. He knew what he must think, that he was Rian’s favorite, but that wasn’t true. Rian didn’t play favorites with his students. “Please feel free to take your food home and enjoy it. Friday I will be having one of you teach class. I feel like this will be a valuable leadership experience.I’ll be going through each dish you have made so far and deciding based on how well you have improved thus far.”

“Are we allowed to teach any dish or will you be picking it for us?” One of the women in class asked.

“I will be choosing one of the dishes I used to make when I was on TV.”

That made everyone in class excited and Kou sort of hoped he’d choose the one they had made together when he was a kid. He knew a famous, successful man like Rian probably still wouldn’t remember an insignificant guy like him but Kou couldn’t help but hope to be remembered. That was also stipulating he was the one chosen though and Kou didn’t know if he was ready to have all eyes on him. Rians was enough without the whole class making him nervous. When they were dismissed Kou went to the market nearest to his home and bought ingredients for his dinner tonight.

He liked his meals to be as fresh as possible so he didn’t store a lot in his home. Besides, he had nobody to come home to so going to the store near every day didn’t inconvenience anybody. The stalker in the produce section waved at him “hey Kou”

“Hey Robbie”

“what’re you making tonight?”

“Walnut and Rosemary Oven-Fried Chicken.”

“You getting anything for your breakfast in the morning?”

“No, I have leftovers from class I’ll heat up. I’m saving them for the morning so I can sleep in tomorrow”

“So are you free tomorrow then? We could hang out.”


“Come on, just as friends. We could go hang out at the park or the zoo or something.” It sounded vaguely date like, but it wasn’t like he really had anything to do tomorrow. His next class wasn’t until Wednesday so really it would just be him. “Come on Kou, it’ll be fun.”

He sighed. “Alright, but just as friends.”

“Awesome, meet me tomorrow at the park on Jefferson, noon so you can sleep in.”

“Alright.” Kou picked up the rest of his ingredients then paid and left, not knowing what he was thinking. It wasn’t that Robbie wasn’t nice, it was just he was too interested. He hoped he could maybe make it clear that they were just friends that way Robbie wouldn’t read to much into anything.

He felt a little guilty as he made dinner. He hated thinking about how excited Robbie probably was. It was all too familiar to him since Rian meant so much. He compared it to how he’d feel if he was going to the zoo with Rian tomorrow. Even if he had said just friends he knew he would be all butterflies and daydreams about it. He didn’t wan to hurt Robbie, he didn’t deserve that but he knew it also hurt Robbie that he wouldn’t hangout with him. If Robbie and him could truly be friends and he could truly understand he wasn’t romantically interested he’d love to be his friend. He would just feel like the worlds biggest dick if he lead someone with such a big heart on.

He thought about how to say it as he laid in bed that night. He’d need to have his words planned out when those sweet green eyes were looking up at him in adoration. He knew he was going to get nervous and not know what to tell him still otherwise. In the morning he put on one of his favorite pairs of jeans and a comfortable shirt before heating up his food from class. It was about eleven thirty at this point so he brushed his teeth and headed out the door.

Robbie was waiting with a huge smile despite the fact he had gotten there early. He wondered just how early he had gotten there but once again he knew he might even be an hour early if roles were switched and he had landed a day with Rian. “Hey” Kou said with a smile and Robbie cheerfully said “Hey! was this too early?”

“no, not at all”


“So, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, they set up the dog agility course on the other side of the park if you’d like to watch that. You like dogs right?”

“Yeah, they’re pretty cute.”

They walked side by side, Kou glancing at Robbie and wondering if he should talk to him now. He looked so happy and it was making it hard to say anything. They made it to the other end of the park and took a seat in the grass, their eyes watching the dogs. “So, are you going to say what’s on your mind?” Robbie suddenly asked.


“You look ready to explode.”

He sighed. “It’s just…”

“You aren’t attracted to me and never will be.”

“Well I mean…”

“I know.”


Robbie turned to face him. “You come in the store same time every day like clockwork and I have to admit that I got fond of seeing you and then I started to really like you, but I know you don’t like me like that.”

“Then why ask me out?”

He smiled. “Well I told myself that if you said no last night then I would never ask you again or bother you, but if you said yes then I would be your friend. I like you Kou, but I’m not an idiot and I’m not some crazy who can’t handle rejection. I’m really glad you said yes.”

“I’m sorry.”

Robbie lightly punched his shoulder. “Don’t start with that, I mean I might be a little down, but I’m not mad.”

“good, I feel a lot better. You’re a good person and I didn’t want to be a dick and hurt you”

‘We’re immortal right? We’ll find someone eventually. My parents didn’t meet until they were a couple hundred years old”

“So they are still happily together?”

“Yep, you know they met in our true form. We aren’t in it much because it scares the hell out of people so I find that a cute tid bit to their story”

“You guys look cool to me”

“We’ll have to go to the beach sometime then and I’ll change for you. Early morning though, I really don’t want to scare any children”

“They see all kinds of stuff. Our world has been extremely open for quite a while now”

“Yeah its nice, not having to live in secret like our ancestors did. We all can just be us and out in the open” Kou was pleasantly surprised at how much fun he was having as the day went on. Robbie was easy to talk to and a really fun guy. After the park they got some ice cream then went to the stores by the beach to window shop together. They wound up in a beach arcade, both laughing and playing around like the kids around them.

They were currently talking trash to one another as they competed on one of the basketball games. Robbie had Kous sides hurting with his hilariously witty come backs. Kou wiped his eyes when the game was over “We really should have done this sooner Robbie”

“heck yeah, we should do like a guys night once a week”

“I’d like that, this has been the best”

“Lets go over to the ticket counter and see how many we have. I’ve been saving tickets for one of those big prizes. If I don’t have enough yet do you want to stay and play some more?”

“Okay” They walked over to the row of machines and began feeding their tickets in.

Chapter Two

“Hey Kou, isn’t that that guy from TV?” Robbie asked as they turned to go back to playing. They were just a few tickets short.

“Guy from TV?” Robbie pointed and Kou’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest when he saw Rian standing next to one of the racing games where a young man was playing. “That’s Rian.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“He’s my teacher.”

“Oh.” Robbie looked at him then back at Rian. “I see, so he’s the one then.”

“The one?”

“You know, that you love. Now I understand. I wonder who that guy is with him?”

Kou let his eyes drift to the young man behind the wheel of the racing game. He had the same blonde hair and green eyes. He gave a sigh of relief. “Must be his brother or nephew.”

“Let’s go hang out then.”

Kou shook his head. “No way, I mean what if he thinks I followed him or something?”

“Wuss, I’m going over, either come with me or hide behind the counter.”

He followed, knowing it would be weirder if he didn’t. Kou caught Rians eyes the second they were close “Kou, hey, who is this?”

“My new friend. He works at a grocery store I go to a lot” Rian smiled, and to Kou, it almost looked like he was happy that Robbie wasn’t his boyfriend. Maybe that was all wishful thinking though. “My names Robbie. Nice to meet you. He’s talked about you a few times in the store. We’ve been sort of friends awhile but today is the first time we’re hanging out”

“He’s a good student” The man got out of the chair and introduced himself “I’m Betrys, we’re cousins. I’ve heard about you Kou. You’re one of his top students”

“I can’t be” Kou answered then Rian spoke “Modest as always, you really are an amazing cook. You have a gift. Have you ever considered trying to get a career in the field? I know you work as a personal chef sometimes but you could truly persue anything you wanted when it came to cooking”

“I’m not really sure I’d be good full time, I mean I’m learning from the best, but I’m not that good.”

“So I’ll give you more training outside of class.”


“I have the time, the space, the money. You can come to my house and I can give you more extensive training than you would be getting during class.”

“How come you never offer to teach me?” Betrys asked.

“I tried, you got bored.”

“That’s because all of your dishes are weird.”

“It’s not my fault you prefer pizza and cheeseburgers as your default meals.”

“Hey you could teach me how to make fancy pizzas”

“Pizzas and burgers just aren’t what I do Betrys” Betrys turned his attention back to Kou and Robbie “so, you guys leaving?”

“No, I need a few more tickets for the prize I want” Robbie answered. Betrys reached in his pocket and pulled out his tickets “here, is this enough?”


“yeah, theres nothing I want currently”

“Thanks” Robbie said as he took the tickets. They followed Robbie back to the ticket counter so he could get a receipt with his total. He took his collection of receipts and exchanged them for one of their biggest prizes “jesus you already had that many tickets?” Betrys exclaimed and Robbie answered “I’ve been saving for awhile”

“wow, well now that you have it want to hangout with my cousin and I?”

“yeah, just let me put this in my car”

“why don’t you and I go while these two wait here”

“Um okay” Rian chuckled and gave him a look that Kou as sure meant behave.

“Is Robbie safe?” Kou asked when they were out of earshot.

“If safe you mean his life, yes.”

“And what does unsafe mean?”

“Betrys is a bit of a flirt.”

“Oh, I see.” He gave a soft laugh. “Robbie probably wouldn’t mind.”

“He seems nice.”

“He’s a good guy, really sweet.”

“It’s nice seeing you outside of class. As peers instead of being teacher and student”

“Thank you so much for offering the extra lessons”

“I think it’ll be fun and you have too much potential for me to let it go to waste Kou” They talked about the schedule for his extra lessons until the two other men came back. They seemed to be hitting it off extremely well and Kou felt silly for all his worry this morning. “Betrys and I feel like getting some dinner. You two up for it?”

“can we go somewhere nice?” Rian asked and his cousin said “Only if you pay.”

“It’s fine with me”

Kou couldn’t believe he was actually going out to eat with Rian. He had always believed him to be too busy to just go out. “Anything in particular you two like?” Rian asked as he drove. He had insisted they all ride together to make it easier.

“Anything is fine.” Kou replied.

“Same for me, I’m not too picky.” Robbie said from the back seat where he was being entertained by Betrys.

Rian took them to his favorite place and Betrys sighed ” They dont have burgers or pizza at all”

“You’ll live and your body will thank me for it” Rian said as he parked the car. It took them awhile to get seated but Kou barely noticed. This restaurant was stunning and he knew before even seeing a menu he’d never be able to afford to go somewhere like this on his own. When they arrived at their table Kous heart fluttered when Rian not only sat by him but seemed to move his chair just a little bit closer. This was without a doubt the best day of his life so far. Rian talked about what he liked to order to give Kou suggestions since he hadn’t been here before and Kou was grateful for it. There were so many amazing sounding things, it was nice to have the choices narrowed down.

“So can you really make all of that food?” Robbie asked about the menu. “I mean it just seems so complicated.”

“It takes a lot of time and dedication, but yes I can.” Rian replied. “Kou could do the same, he’s got a way with food.”

“Stop, everyone’s going to think I’m teacher’s pet.” Kou said, his cheeks reddening.

“Let’s show them. When your food gets here, we’ll both take a bite and then I want you to tell me what they used in it.”

“I’m not that good.”

“I disagree, I’ve tasted your food so I know how amazing you are.”

Kous heart was now thudding against his rib cage at the praise. Laster when their food came they both took a bite and Rian waited patiently, having absolute faith in Kous abilities. He had so much potential and he felt this need to help him reach it. Nervously Kou said what all he thought was in it and Rian smiled approvingly “amazing work, you’re absolutely correct. I swear it, you can ask the chef if you don’t trust me” Kou was shocked he was right “wow..wow” he said and Rian chuckled “stop being so modest, especially to yourself. Embrace how good you are. I see amazing potential in you and it would be a waste not to use your talents. Promise me, you’ll hone your skills a bit more in one on one classes with me then chase a good career in cooking Kou”

“I…okay, thank you” Rian gave Kou a heartfelt smile then they all started eating their food. When they were done Rian drove Kou and Robbie back to their cars and sat there until they were both in and had them started. Rian was just staring when Betrys teased “you look like you might cry. You’ve got a crush on your student. How Lewd cousin”

“shut up, it’s nothing like that. I just see potential in him”

“a potential orgasm” Rian punched his cousin in the side which only made Betrys cackle with laughter. Betrys continued to make jokes until they arrived at his house. It took him a few moments to stop laughing and compose himself but he did and managed to say “in seriousness you’re a college teacher so both adults. Nothing wrong if you want a piece of him” Rian shut the car door without and answer and Betrys started laughing again as he walked to his front door.

Once his cousin was inside Rian went home. Betrys has gotten under his skin but it didn’t change Rian wanting to make sure he was safely in his home before pulling away. He thought about what his cousin had said as he drove home and actually began to question if he did think of Kou as something other than his student. Kou was obviously attractive, nice and extremely talented but being his teacher he was always just concerned about teaching. He guessed he would just have to see where the private classes went. If Kou showed interest or not would weigh in greatly. Rian knew if he came on to him and Kou wasn’t interested Kou wouldn’t come to him for help and it really would be a great disservice to the cooking world if Kou didn’t embrace his gifts.

Kou was excited and nervous when he got home. He couldn’t believe he was getting a chance to work one on one with Rian. They hadn’t even discussed which days they would be meeting up. He fished his phone out of his pocket and sat down on his bed as he found Rian’s number. He had insisted all of his students have it in case they had questions. He called and nervously held the phone to his ear.

“Hello?” Rian answered.

“Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering what days we’ll be having our private lessons.”

There was silence for a moment. “We’ll start Thursday. You can teach class Wednesday and then come here Thursday.”

“T…teach? Me?”

“You’re my top student.”

“I wont let you down”

“Thats the spirit. I know you wont”

“thank you so much for everything, especially for dinner”

“It was nothing, I have more than enough money.”

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It still shows you have a big heart” Rian smiled, Kou was such an edearing, wonderful man. “I’ll see you in class Kou. Bye”

“Bye Rian” When Wednesday came the dish Rian wound up choseing is one they learned the second week of class. Kou had liked it so much he had made it for himself numerous times after that so he made it with ease as he taught the class. He ended up feeling proud of himself. He had been sure the pressure of all eyes on him would have made him screw up in some major way.

“Amazing as always.” Rian said as he helped Kou clean up.

“Thank you, it was actually a lot of fun even if I was nervous.”

“Do you know what I used to tell the children I worked with?”

Kou did, but he still hadn’t told Rian he had been one of those children. He was worried he might call him a creep. “What?”

“It’s okay to be nervous, it’s even okay if you drop a bowl or burn the food, the fact is that you tried. I’ll be standing right there with you through all of it.”

“It’s actually really comforting.”

Chapter Three

Rian had enjoyed doing all his shows but his favorite had been when he worked with children. Seeing their little faces light up was the best and they were often much more pleasant to work with than other adults. Talking with Kou about the kids he had worked with made him want to watch a bit of that show so that’s what he decided to do when he got home. He knew Hulu carried it. He had gotten paid extremely well for his show to be on Hulu. He didn’t really watch his own shows normally unless his mother wanted to sit down with him and watch it which didn’t happen too often so his Hulu account only had the first four episodes already viewed. He hit play and let it go while he made preparations for cooking with Kou tomorrow. On the episodes they always anounced the kids and a few paragraphs about them as an introduction before they started cooking and he about cut himself when he heard “Kou Silvercloud”

He stopped what he was doing and rushed over to see the TV. His mouth dropped open in surprise and he covered it with his hand. It was little Kou Silvercloud, the Kou Silvercloud he taught now. The very same one he’d be seeing tomorrow. Why hadn’t he said anything? Rian thought to himself and sat down. He rewound the show a little and watched it from start to finish. Little Kou was adorable and even at such a young had dopne extremely well on the complicated dish. Rian remembered that day perfectly now that he was seeing the episode. Kou had been one of his absolute favorites and he couldn’t believe he hadn’t recognized him. He wondered if thats why Kou hadn’t said anything, maybe he had been embarrassed by the lack of recognition when he joined the class. Rian felt a pain in his chest at the thought of hurting Kous feelings.

Kou was excited to see Rian when he got up the next day. They had decided he would come over around that evening since he had work that day helping cater an engagement party. He was all smiles as he helped cook and load up the food and hummed to himself as he helped set everything up at the venue. He wondered what Rian had in store for him. He was practically bouncing with anticipation.

“Your face is going to get stuck.” His colleague said.

Kou blushed. “I can’t help it, I’m getting time alone with someone special to me.”

“Oh, I see. Well stay safe, you know if you…you know.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Your face says otherwise.”

“Look the punch is running low, you should refill it.”

“You’re not getting out of this talk that easy”

“There’s really nothing to talk about. It’s Rian, he’s a famous chef. He’s a good guy and wants to see me go places as a chef but I’m pretty sure I’m just as forgettable now as I was when he met me as a kid. I’m so happy about tonight, I really am and I think these private lessons are going to be a lot of fun but I’m trying really hard to stay grounded in reality.”

“don’t sell yourself short. He meets a ton of people and you are one of those kids that really change as an adult. I’ve seen you on that show. If he’s giving you private lessons and free am I right?”

“yeah, they’re free”

“You’re not just some kid now. You’re a handsome adult man and I for one like hanging out with you. I’m sure he does. I’ll kick you in the balls if you don’t up the confidence a bit. Rian would be lucky to date you, he’d be lucky to get a one night stand with you”

“Thanks Aristide”

At the end of the party, he was told to leave and not to worry about clean up. He thanked his friends as he pulled off his apron and left the building. He was more nervous now that he was heading to Rian’s. They were actually going to be alone with no one else as a buffer. When he made it to Rian’s house, he was shaking a little as he knocked.

Rian pulled the door open, smiling as he let him in. “How was work?”

“Fun, engagement party. How was your day?”

“Good, same as always. I went ahead and started dinner, you can help me finish up or make yourself at home. I decided we’re making dessert together.”

“Oh? What changed your mind to a dessert item?”

“something I saw on TV”

“well, I’m always up for anything” Kou knew his giddiness was practically oozing from his pores but there was only so much control one man had. He was in Rians house, about to share a meal with him then make dessert at his side. He couldn’t be happier and he didn’t much mind not being able to control it. Kou decided to help Rian finish up so they could get to dinner faster. When it was all ready and on the table they sat down and Kou finally took a moment to admire his dining room “did you hire someone to make it this nice?”

“My sister decorated my home. When I first moved in and had things set up she was apparently “Not feeling it” and I gave her my credit card and let her make it nice. I’m glad I did.”

“she has an eye for decorating”

“Oh I know, when she finished here she decided this was her career. She’s making good money now herself”

“Your parents have to be really proud”

He smiled. “They are. What about yours?”

“They know I’m following my dreams.”

“Good, are they supportive?”

“They always have been.”

His smile widened and he too a bite of food. Rian knew Kou probably still wasn’t going to admit to being on his show so he would have to work it into their lesson. Kou felt like there was something different about Rian, it was in the way he was studying him.

When they were done eating Kou helped Rian clear his table then they began the dessert. “what’re we making?” Kou asked and Rian smiled “come on, you know” he said and Kou looked at him in confusion. “you want me to guess based on ingredients?” There was something almost mischievous about Rians smile but Kou didn’t question it and looked at what laid before him. He looked at Rian again and said in a confused tone “Croquembouche”

“Yeah, why does that confuse you?” They looked at eachother a moment and Kou guessed at what was different with Rian. He guessed it mostly because they were making what they had made on the show “You remembered me finally?”

“why didn’t you tell me? I just realized it today. I had something else planned but when I saw that I knew I had to switch to this”

“I thought I’d come off as creepy”


“I don’t know, I’m sure you’ve dealt with weird stalkers”

“Not really, I’m a famous chef, not singer or actor. I don’t get recognized as much as you would think Kou. Besides, there would be nothing weird at all about you coming to my college course” Kou rubbed the back of his head “I guess I was being an idiot then”

“well, at least you were smart enough to join my class and accept these private lessons. Lets get to work”

Rian worked on the filling while Kou made the pastries. He kept glancing at Rian who was humming as he worked. He knew this was a habit of Rian’s when he wasn’t teaching. “Do you need my help, Kou?” He suddenly asked.

“No, I think I got it.” Kou replied nervously.

“Looks good.”

He finished the dough and put it into a pastry bag to pipe it out onto parchment paper. Rian moved to stand closer to him and Kou raised his head. “Yes?”

“You have to be my taste tester.”

“Oh, okay.”

Rian took a bit of the filling on a spoon and held it up to his lips, making Kou blush. He ate it then looked shyly away. “Good?” Rian asked.

“Yes, very.”

Rian smiled “it truly was impressive how good you were at this as a child”

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking”

“did you move here to take my class or anything like that?”

“No, you just so happened to start teaching at the college near me”

“That’s funny, fate it sounds like” Kou blushed at Rians words and kept working. When it was done they sat down together and enjoyed. They talked for hours more, surprised when they realized it was four am “Oh my god” Kou said and Rian chuckled “I guess we both have class tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I should get home. This was a lot of fun Rian. Thank you”

“Want to do it again Saturday?”

“what time?”

“I could do a breakfast lesson, 7am?”

“that’s fine with me, I’ll see you then” When Kou walked out Rian felt his heart sing a little. Tonight had been amazing and honestly felt more like a date than a lesson. He was undeniably attracted to Kou and he needed to figure out how to approach the subject with him.

Kou was exhausted when it was time for class and he took a cold shower to wake himself before heading out. Seeing Rian helped chase the rest of it away and he was amazed at how energized he seemed. It didn’t look like he had been up till four in the morning.

“Amazing, still here first.” Rian said with a warm smile.


“Well it’s good to see you. I out some coffee on in the back if you want some. I figured you’d be tired.”

“You, are a life saver.”

That familiar, warm smile shone on Rians face again as he went to fetch Kou coffee. Rian handed it to him and took the opportunity of time alone to ask “Did you enjoy last night?”

“Very much so, it’s worth being tired’ Kou took a long drink of coffee then continued a bit shyly “It’s a little embarrassing you know I was on your show as a kid now. You probably only see that little kid when you look at me now” The nervous way he said that only made it cuter “Not at all, you’re still an incredibly attractive adult man to me” Rian completely missed the flirtation until Rian added the wink and walked back to his desk at the head of the class. Kou was frozen, processing what he had just said. Rian on the other hand was hopeing he hadn’t just done something incredibly stupid by flirting.

After class that day Kou stayed behind to talk to Rian “Not fair doing that right before you knew people were coming”

“sorry, I don’t know what to do really. I think of you as more than a student..well, I guess I want you to be more than a student to me Kou. I think I’ve been attracted to you for awhile but it took us getting one on one time for me to notice it”

“Really? You are actually attracted to me?”

“why wouldn’t I be?”

“You have your own TV shows. You could get hired anywhere in the world you wanted to cook your” Rian came around his desk and kissed Kou, cutting off his words. “I’m not better than you Kou. You have so much talent. You could have all the success I’ve had and maybe even more if you let me help you hone your skill” Kou had been left speechless from the kiss and it just made Rian want to kiss him again. Kou was just so impossibly adorable. Kou pushed at him gently “we’re in teh class room Rian. They already think I’m your favorite. Imagine if somebody saw this”

“I want to be with you. If you want that too they are going to find out. If it causes a problem with the board you don’t have to be in this class anymore. I’ll just teach you at my place”

“I guess this is an expensive class I could stop” Rian chuckled at Kous words and kissed him again, finding himself unable to resist.

Rian didn’t want to let him go, far too ecstatic that Kou wanted him too. “Would you come over tonight? I want to spend more time with you.”

“I…I guess.” His face warmed. “I won’t keep you up too late.”

“Time is irrelevant when I’m with you, so please don’t worry about it. If it gets too late, you can just stay.”

“Really?” His heart was thudding hard against his chest and he knew Rian could hear it. “Okay, then I guess I’ll bring stuff just in case. We’ll still do class in the morning?”

“Of course.”

“Okay then I’ll be over later, maybe we can watch a movie or something.”

“Sounds fantastic.”

Kou was red faced all the way out of the classroom and to his car and even all the way home. He had work before he went to Rian’s and he was sure he was going to get teased by his friends. He changed into his uniform before heading out again, trying to get control of his blush and imagination. “Someone looks like they had a good morning.” Were the first words out of Aristide’s mouth when he walked in.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“The tips of your ears are bright red.”

Kous blush intensified again and Aristide laughed “what happened? Did you two go all the way at your private lesson?”

“Nu..no, he kissed me this morning…thats all”

“oh, when you woke up beside him?”

“No!” he hadn’t meant to yell and now everyone was looking at him which now had him in a full bodied blush. Everyone went back to their business as Aristide started laughing again. One of their other friends, Braise, came over “Did you say yes so much last night that you feel this need to be yelling no now? Just to prove you still can? I mean thats fine but you shouldn’t do it at work”

“You two are jerks”

“come on now dish. I don’t want to hear second hand what’s going on from Aristide” Brais continued. Rian continued “He kissed me this morning in class. We’re going to watch a movie together tonight..”

“so more sex basically” Kou glared and they left him alone so he could work. After work Kou went home and got ready to go over to Rians, nervous about tonight. Tonight would be different. He was’t going to see the teacher he admired, they were more than that now. Rian had kissed him and who knew where tonight might lead. He took a deep breath in and out then drove over, even more nervous when he saw Rian handsome face and how obviously happy he was to see him.

“Come in, dinner is already ready and in the living room so we can watch and eat” Once Kou was inside Rian asked “how was work?”


“that’s good”

“How was your day?”

“I think everyone was confused not to see you there. You had never missed a day before. I made sure to get you taken off my class roster before I left so you’ll get refunded for the rest of the year. I didn’t want you paying for more time there than you were there”

“Thank you” As they began to eat Rian started the movie he had picked. Things stayed perfectly innocent, the twoi simply just enjoying a movie together and they both took their dishes to his sink when they were done. “that was amazing, the movie and dinner”

“I’m glad, you’re not leaving yet right?”

“No” Rian actually looked relieved and Kous heart started pumping harder. Rian pulled Kou into a hug “calm down handsome”

“I’m just so nervous”

“You shouldn’t be. I’d never do anything you weren’t comfortable with”

“I know that, it’s just, you’re perfect and you want me somehow”

“Hey, didn’t I tell you to stop that” Rian kissed him again, this one far more passionate than the one they shared in his classroom. When they parted lips Rian picked him up and set him on his kitchen counter. “You are amazing, I wont hear anymore fo you being nervous over silly things about me”

“why’d you put me on the counter?”


“Honestly” Kou repeated nervously “well no reason I guess because it would only be going somewhere if I could have sex with you and I don’t know if that’s okay” Kou was full body blushing again and Rian said “what? You’re incredibly sexy but I am a man, I have self control. If i can’t have sex with you I’ll move back and let you down” Kou sat there silently and Rian went to move back, taking the silence as an answer. Kou grabbed him “No, I..um”

“it’s okay Kou, I’m happy to be spending time with you” Kou pulled Rian back and Rian smiled “so you’re just nervous?”


“well, how about I start doing what I am thinking about and you can just tell me to stop if you don;t want it anymore”

“I don’t want to be a tease”

“I don’t have to go all the way with you to enjoy myself.I wont be mad or upset or frustrated at all if you tell me to stop”


“No, so is it okay? It’s a real question. I don’t want you to do anything with me because you feel pressured or you think I might lose interest if you dont'”

:I don’t think that, I know you’re a better guy than that. I want you to because I want you to…I just…it’s….I’m not a virgin but I” Rian kissed his cheek and Kou stuck his hands in Rians shirt “I..I want this Rian. I mean it”

Rian grinned as he pressed their lips together, his hands pulling at Kou’s shirt until he had it off. His hands slid over his skin, caressing him so he was covered in goosebumps. “Amazing.” He whispered, his lips following his fingers, teeth biting down to leave marks and make Kou moan.

“Rian…I’m not food.”

Rian chuckled. “I disagree, you’re the best kind of dessert.” His grin widened as he rubbed their noses. “I could eat you up.”

Kou looked into Rians eyes and for the first time since he had started admiring Rian he saw the wolf there. Most people just saw the elf, even Kou who had paid such close attention but in this moment Rian was all wolf and ready to devour him. Kou and Rian had had sex in every room of his home by the time morning came. Kou hadn’t even remembered falling asleep in Rians arms last night but he woke on his bare chest. Kou getting up woke the seemingly extremely happy Rian “Good morning”

“Good morning”

“You were amazing last night, a dream Kou” Kou blushed as Rian caressed him. “are..are we going to cook breakfast together now?”

“mmm, I want more of you for breakfast” Rian whined and Kous heart skipped. He felt himself start to harden just at the mention of them going at it again. Rian chuckled and Kou knew he knew. “stop it” Kou said and got up. “sorry” Rian said with a blissful smile. He got up as well and they both dressed to make breakfast. “we sure made a mess” Kou noted as they walked from Rians room to the kitchen. Rian shrugged “doesn’t matter, it was intense and absolutely perfect”

In the next weeks the couple only got closer and closer. Kou didn’t know how he managed to get so lucky, especially when Rian invited him to live in his home but he had hit the jackpot and hoped he would be with Rian forever.

~ The End

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