Romulus & Isobel

Chapter One

He was the first of his kind, the King of wolves, the father of them all. Romulus had always been an interesting subject for Isobel, the myths mixed with truth to create such an amazingly mysterious person. She looked over the outer ruins, at the symbols carved on the outside of the door. She traced them with her fingers, touching them gently. It had taken her years to get here, but she had finally found his tomb.

She gently pushed the door open, not wanting to break anything. Air rushed out at her, bringing the smell of earth. It was strangely fresh and earthy. She stepped tentatively inside, gasping at the large room. It was amazing and there in the middle of the room was his coffin.

“I found you.” She said softly as she drifted closer, cautiously picking her footsteps. When her fingers touch the cool marble, her heart danced. She couldn’t believe she was here.

“Well, well what do we have here?” The voice startled her and she spun around. “A little girl come snooping around.”

“Raiders.” She said with a bite in her voice. “You don’t belong here.”

The leader chuckled. “We belong where we wish. Grab her.” The goons rushed her, cornered her and one of them slapped her when she fought back. Her cheek was pressed against the floor, her arms pulled behind her back.

“Bastards.” She screamed.

Their leader squatted down. “Perhaps after raiding this place, we will have a little fun.” He traced a finger over her cheek and she bit him. “Little bitch, I should…” It was the scraping of stone that caught his attention and he turned as the lid slid back.

Romulus was rising from his tomb and he looked intensely pissed off. His blue eyes burned and a deep growl filled the tomb. He had already been angry at being woken up but seeing what was going on infuriated him worse. He was fast, killing every man in the room before they had much time to react. Isobel was grateful though admittedly a bit scared. He still looked angry as he approached her but she took the fact that she was still alive to be a good sign. He offered a bloody hand to her and she took it. He pulled her up “what’re you doing in my tomb human?”

“I’m sorry, I’m Isobel. I work for a museum. I um…well, I learned about you when I was a little girl and I..well I always wanted to find your tomb. I didn’t know you were still living. I’m so sorry for disturbing you”

“Those men disturbed me, not you. Are you okay?”

“Ye yeah, thank you”

“One such as you should never come here alone.” He looked her over, for the first time seeing her clothes. “Where did you come from?”

“New York in America.”

He cocked his head to the side, his eyes questioning and curious. “I do not know what those are.” He looked around, taking in the old architecture and his resting place. “How long has it been?” He looked back down at her and she felt her heart skip a beat. He was here and real. She could feel the warmth of his skin beneath her fingers. “Did you hear me human?”

“S…sorry…it’s been hundreds of years. I can’t believe you’re alive. How is that even possible?”

“Come, I wish to get clean of this filth’s blood then we can talk.”

“The world is a bit different.”

He leaned in close to her, sniffing and making her blush. “It can’t be that bad, you do not smell of anything foul.”

She wasn’t sure how to answer. Her mind was basically mush as she looked into the warm blue eyes of Romulus, the Romulus. Why was he awake? After all these years, why had he woken up when those men attacked her. What was it about now that took him out of hibernation. “It’s drying Isobel, please come” his gently urging words made her able to function and she followed him out of his tomb. He walked directly to a nearby pond of water she guessed must have been there when he went into his death like sleep. Once he was clean he asked “so, I want to see how the world has changed but I don’t want to deal with annoyances. Where can I get more updated clothes like yours so we aren’t bothered with me standing out so much”

“You can stay in my hotel room while I go buy some.”


“a temporary place I’m staying”

“I’d rather follow you” He had an urge to stay near her and he tended not to fight his urges. “Okay, follow me then”

Isobel kept glancing at him as she walked, taking him in bit by bit. He was so otherworldly. “I hope you won’t mind my jeep.” She managed to say.

“I have never heard of such a thing.”

He looked down at her, his intense blue eyes sending heat crawling up her neck. “Oh, well it’s not like walking or horses, it’s faster.”

“I am sure I will be fine.”

“Okay, um may I ask you something?”

“If you wish.”

“How do you know English?”

“Is that the name for your native tongue? The woman who raised my brother and I spoke it and taught us.”

“You mean the she wolf?”

“She was a woman of the wilds, not a creature like me. She found us and saved us. She knew things before their time.”

“Oh, so why were you sleeping?”

“There came a time when I was no longer needed. I had that place built and ordered them to never disturb me. Until you woke me, I had been dreaming.”


“I am just as intrigued by the fact as you. I imagine much happened, war, famine, but nothing woke me.”

“well…I’m really happy I get to meet you like this. I have about a million questions. If it gets annoying please tell me” He gave her a charming smile “I don’t think you could annoy me. I am drawn to follow you so that would be a bit contradictory” She smiled back, willing her warm face to cool as they got into her blue jeep. He seemed a little taken off guard when she started the car and it moved but she had expected as much, honestly she expected slightly more of a reaction. He seemed so collected and it made him that much more interesting to Isobel. When they got into town and came to the first red light he asked without taking his eyes from the road “why have you stopped here? Is this where yo get clothes?”

“No, the light is red. It means stop. Green is go and yellow means slow down. Theres a lot of rules to driving”

“was it hard to learn?”

“Not really, I passed the second time I took the test. I was pretty eager to drive. You get a lot of freedom once you can”

“I imagine, these things are very fast. It was a good invention.”

“Yeah” The light turned green and he said “I have many questions for you as well so don’t feel self conscious if you are curious about somthing”

“well, if you really wont be bothered. Um, How does it feel to wake up now? Does it feel weird?”

“The stimuli is strange, there are so many smells, I am not used to them, but as far as my energy level I feel fine.”

“How come you didn’t lose any weight or suffocate?”

“There are many perks to being the first of my kind, a lot of magic.”

“What does that mean, the first of your kind?”


“Wolves? Like living in the wild, running on four legs, wolves?”

“On occasion, if I choose to take that form.”

“Wait, do you mean werewolves?”

“If that is what you wish to call it. I only know my brother and I are wolves, we created others through rituals and mating, though none of them had the same gifts as us.”

“Werewolves, real werewolves. You mean they’re still around then?”

He nodded. “There are even some here in this place, I can sense them.” He looked out the window. “So much has changed.”

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“yes, very different but I like this.” They pulled up in front of a mens clothing store and she walked with him inside. The two employees on staff simply took Romulus for an eccentric since they saw a lot of those types around here and helped them without batting an eye. “taming your boyfriend down a bit?” One of the girls asked and Isobel was glad Romulus was in a dressing room and couldn’t see her turn blood red “He’s not my boyfriend. Just a friend whom I’m helping out”

“Oh, sorry Miss. I just got a vibe, my bad”

“It’s okay” Being mistaken for the girlfriend of a man as attractive as Romulus was a compliment and since he didn’t see her blush she wasn’t upset at all.

“Does this look okay?” Romulus asked when he exited the dressing room. “These clothes are so strange.”

Isobel just stared at him for a moment, amazed at how he still managed to look so hot even in normal clothing. His eyes met hers, his head tilting in question and she looked at her feet. “You look great.”

He approached her, his fingers gently grabbing her chin and tilting her head up. “Have I done something wrong?”

“Not at all.”

“Then would you please look at me when we talk, I like seeing your eyes, Isobel.”

Her heart stuttered and the women waiting for them giggled. “Okay, so do you like them?”

“They feel different, but they will do.” She took the other outfits out of his hands and paid for them, asking that he be allowed to wear what he had on out. “So these are normal clothes then?”


“I have never worn layers before.”

“You mean underwear? Well people in this day and age tend to wear them. Women also wear bras for the most part.”


“Um, well to hold our breasts.”

“Strange. Do you wear them?”

“Well, I mean…there are times like sleeping, but mostly yes. It’s like a modesty thing.”

“I have never had to experience such a thing. Wolves are incredibly open, we are animals after all, it is not in our nature to be shy.”

“well I for one could do without bras. They hurt sometimes”

“you don’t need to wear one in my presence. You don’t have to wear anything honestly. Like I said, as a wolf it is somthing I am comfortable with” She laughed nervously and she hated how stupid and obviously uncomfortable it sounded. “so um…they have a museum near here. I can catch you up on some history”

“alright, I’m sorry”

“don’t be sorry”

“I made you uncomfortable. That wasn’t my intention”

Chapter Two

“It’s just that people don’t tend to be so forward. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to get used to.”

“I want you to be honest with me, you will not hurt my feelings.” He gestured toward her car. “Please take me to this museum.”

She was so embarrassed and her heart was beating so fast she thought it might explode. She glanced at him as they pulled away. He was so calm. If she was in his position she was sure she would be freaking out about how different everything was. “So why did you go to sleep anyway?”

“The gods and goddesses came around and I was no longer needed to watch over or guide the people. My brother had long since left so there was no real reason for me to continue walking among them.”

“No wife or children?”

“I am sure I had children, but before they were a growing civilization. I never met them, but I am sure some of those that I came face to face with were their descendants.”

“Seems sad.”

“Back then, it was about survival, you bred to continue your blood line and in so doing, my brother and I created a new race. I also had not found someone I loved so I had no reason to take such relationships seriously. They looked at my brother and I like we were gods. Most of the time women simply wanted us to get pregnant. The child of a god, so they thought.” He smiled at her. “You are young are you not? Have you never experienced sex?”

She nearly imploded right on the spot. “W…well, I work a lot so…once, but it wasn’t exactly…why am I even telling you.”

He chuckled. “I apologize, though there is something adorable about your reaction. You seem so easily embarrassed, it’s…endearing and makes you easy to read.”

She tried to ask him only questions that would lead to topics that were nothing but seriousness so she could get a hold of herself. When they pulled up to the museum they were talking about the different animals of his time since she was curious about what might have gone extinct people of her time didn’t know about. “we are at this museum now. Want to resume that when we leave? I want you free to explain things to me”

“it’s only fair’ She bought them each a ticket and went in. “This building is beautiful. Do they make many buildings this nice?”

“Yeah, I can show you so many beautiful buildings if you stick with me”

“I’ll rely on you to guide me then.”

They went inside and Romulus noticed that everything was in a vaguely familiar language. “Italian.” Isobel said.

“I see.”

“They have stuff in English too, if you know how to read it.”

“I do, thank you.”

They walked slowly through each room, Isobel explaining the different statues and paintings. Romulus recognized some of the artifacts, taking his turn to tell her stories about the pieces. “This is so cool, I mean I get first hand accounts of how life was back then, it’s amazing.”

“What about your life, do you have siblings, parents?”

“My life is probably incredibly boring compared to yours.”

“Let me be the judge of that. I want to learn about you, not just the world you live in. You are so fascinating and just knowing that you would search for me is humbling. Most people who came to me had an angle, but you don’t.”

“Well why would I? I was fascinated by who you were as a person, I didn’t need anything else and now you’re alive and I’m so happy. It’s like meeting your hero for the first time.”

He smiled and she could see Romulus really meant it when he said it humbled him she would hunt him down. Somthing in the way he looked at her, soft and admiring. It made her want to sigh and laugh at herself. She was falling all over herself with him but this was more than she had ever dreamed as a little girl. She was spending time with Romulus, the very first werewolf and somehow he was humbled by her, a simple little human woman. She started telling him about her parents first then moved on to tell him about growing up as an only child. “You really didn’t want siblings?”

“Siblings would have been fine but there weren’t really moments I felt like I was missing something. I’m just one of those people that are happy with what I have. Besides, I had an amazing childhood and was well loved by wonderful parents, a kid couldn’t ask for more.”

“It really shows in how wonderful you are.”

She gave a nervous giggle. “Really?” He nodded and she cleared her throat. “S…so how about you?”

“I am sure you know my story already.”

“Found by the she wolf or wild woman I guess.”

“I have no idea who my parents are, not that it matters. Perhaps they abandoned my brother and I because they realized there was something strange about us. We were born in superstitious times so they probably feared what would happen if they kept us.”

“How cruel. How can parents just throw their children away.”

He chuckled as he reached out and gently stroked her cheek. “Calm down, you shouldn’t get so angry at people who have probably been dead for centuries. I am not broken up about the fact that I was unwanted by people I never knew. Our adoptive mother was all we needed in a parent.”

“It’s just not right, it’s so unfair.”

He bent down, pressing his forehead into hers, making her heart skip a beat. “I am here now because of the kindness of one woman, I am breathing only because she saved my, saved my brother. I am glad for such unfairness, for being abandoned. It means they did not deserve me and my brother, it means they were unworthy parents. Be happy for unfairness because without it you may never have heard of me.” His smile was gentle, kind, even with how serious he was. He closed his eyes, inhaling her scent. “You have such a wonderful smell, Isobel.”

“What?” She was frozen with him so close.

“Like earth and parchment.” He took her hands and brought them to his nose. “Especially your fingers, they’ve touched hundreds of artifacts, held them with such reverence as you cleaned them, as you traced they words and pictures. I can smell the history of worlds on you, soaked into your pores.” He pulled back, giving a soft laugh. “Sorry, but once I hone in on something I tend to get a bit carried away.”

“It’s okay.” She could feel a slight tremor running through her and she pulled her hands away and behind her back. “Um so are you maybe hungry? You said you were okay after sleeping for so long, but you must be hungry.”

“I guess I do need to eat. Take me somewhere you like. I’d like to have some new food” They left the museum and went to her favorite place around here. Inside he seemed to intensely study the menu. She let this go on in silence until he said “food has really changed. It’s become complicated”

“What did you like before? I can help you pick something” He shut the menu “eh, I’ll just try whatever you want to order. I just like meat”

“Okay, I’ll order you somthing else if you end up not liking it” When the waitress came back she submitted their order and Isobel asked “so were there any restaurant type places where you could order food in your time?”

“Not that I was aware of. Families fed eachother”

“I eat out a lot because I work a lot”

“My brother and I hunted together.”

“I bet that was exciting.”

“We were clumsy when we first learned, I got my ribs broken by a deer.”


“Only for a moment, I heal very fast. Would you like to see?”

“N…now, here?”

“Why not?”

She looked at the table and he reached over tilting her head back. “Well, the other customers might complain.” She fidgeted a little in her seat. “And I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Trust me.” He withdrew his hand then brought his arm up to his mouth, letting sharp canines sink into his flesh. He held his arm out for her to see and she watched as two small dots of blood rose to the surface and that was it. He wiped it away, revealing perfect skin. “See?”

“Wow, that was, just wow.” She let her fingers move lightly over where the wounds had been and he shivered. “Amazing, maybe this is why you could sleep for so long.” She met his gaze, smiling brightly so his heart did a little dance. “So you don’t have any scars?”

“Perhaps I will let you examine me after we eat.”

“Oh, uh, I mean you don’t have to. I believe you.” She was such a nervous mess with him. He didn’t seem bothered by anything that came out of his mouth and he studied her so intently. Her hear was out of control and her stomach danced with butterflies.

Chapter Three

He chuckled happily, she was such a beautiful, amazing woman and he was glad he had an effect on her as she had on him. “I honestly don’t know. I wont go full naked if you don’t want. I’ll leave these things you call underwear on” Her curious, archaeologist sides interest was peaked. It was going to make her nervous but she had to admit to herself she’d love to study him “Okay, Please keep your underwear on though”

“That will be no problem. I will never make you uncomfortable on purpose Isobel”

“It must be weird to have a woman want you clothed. I’m sorry” He shrugged “You are very different but I enjoy you. I enjoy your company far more than any other woman I’ve encountered. My desire to stay by you only increases as I get to know you” He was going to cause her heart to over work and stop if he didn’t stop talking like that. The food came and it somehow helped her calm. She watched him take a bite. His face looked confused and he tried a bit more of his food “Hm, this is good, another vastly different thing but good”

“Good, I’m glad.”

She asked him more questions about his life as they ate, wanting as much information as she could get. When they were finally done and she had paid they headed back to her hotel room. She was nervous as she drove and even more nervous when they were in the elevator heading up to her floor. She looked at him and saw he was curiously staring at the buttons on the elevator wall. “So each one is a floor?”

“Yeah and each floor has a bunch of rooms.”

“Hmm, interesting.”

“Yeah, especially if you get a weird neighbor.” The doors opened and they stepped out, him following her as she made her way to her room. She pulled out the key and let them both in. “Welcome to my temporary home.”

“Is it comfortable?” He dropped down onto the bed and laid back. “I like this, will I be sharing it with you? I can sleep on the floor if the idea bothers you.”

“No, you can have one side, it’s fine.”

He sat up, cocking his head to the side as he studied her. She was beginning to notice that the movement was very canine. “Should I undress now?”


“For you to examine me.”

“Oh, that, yeah, sorry.”

He pulled his shoes and socks off then stood and got rid of his shirt and pants. Her heart hammered in her chest as she let her eyes move over him. “Come and have a look.” He said and her eyes jumped to his face. He held out a hand to her and she took it, letting him pull her closer and place her palm against his chest. “I have no scars, no badly set bones.”

“I…i…it seems you were aware o..of that be before you took off your clothes” he chuckled as he rubbed his nose against hers “Maybe I was being bad. I’m very attracted to you Isobel.” His voice was different, deeper and she pulled away, feeling overwhelmed. He frowned and pulled his pants up “I’m sorry, I am an animal and sometimes that takes over.” She was too embarrassed to answer until his voice sounded sad “Isobel” She looked at him, his apologetic face. All the seduction that was once there completely vanished as if it had never been. “It’s fine”

“It isn’t, I want to draw you in, to make you mine, to follow you wherever it is you want to go but I scare you. The opposite of what I want”

“It’s just, I’m not used to this kind of attention. You’re very…dominating, for lack of a better word.”

“I understand, I will keep myself from touching you then.” He picked up his shirt and she grabbed his arm.

“Just hold on…hold on.” She took a breath and let it out before looking back into his eyes. “You really don’t have any scars?”

“Not one.”

“Just keep your shirt off, I…I’ll start with your torso, so don’t be upset.”

“Are you sure?.”

“Yes, just let me.” He dropped his shirt and she swallowed as she let her hands move over his chest and down to his ribs, her fingers searching for any abnormality. Her curiosity helped calm her as she searched his arms and hands and then moved around to his back. “You have a birthmark on your shoulder blade, did you know that? It looks like a little crescent.”

“My brother has one too, they mirror each other.” She let her fingers trace it. “I love your hands, Isobel.”

“You do?”

“They feel good on me.” He turned, taking her hands in his and kissing her knuckles. “I am sorry for bothering you. Am I forgiven for acting like an animal?”

“You can’t help it, it’s not your fault.”

“I should have more control no matter how much I want you.”

“We just met.”

“The wolf knows, it always knows. You woke me, only you.” He pulled her into a hug and her face heated when she heard how fast his heart was beating. “You have nothing to worry about. I will contain the beast in me until you trust me.”

“I’m not scared of you. I just get nervous. I..” He kissed her head, taking in her scent again. “You don’t need to explain. Just let me stay near you and I’ll be patient until I can have more” He whispered into her hair. A shiver ran up her spin and he smiled, pulling back so she’d stay near. She examined him awhile longer, asking him questions all the while. He was glad, it helped him behave. That night they crawled into bed together and he asked “Could I hold you? Please, I wont do anything bad. I wouldn’t risk it, not when I get to have you so close” The way he asked was so sweet she couldn’t refuse him. She let him pull her in, heating up the second she was against his bare chest.

“You really are such an adorable and interesting creature, Isobel. I love seeing you so embarrassed, but hate when I push you to discomfort.” His voice was soft, his warm breath sending goosebumps crawling over her skin.

“Why are you so attracted to me?”

“Probably for the same reason you searched for me. I’m drawn to you. It’s like we’re tied together and being tugged toward one another. I am a wolf who has found a scent that I like, you will never be able to hide from me.”

“What if you find another scent?”

“I have smelled many things since waking and nothing is like yours. I told you that the wolf knows, it’s what drives me, it how I survive. It has found something in you that I need.”

She relaxed into him a little more “You’re really sweet”

“I’m honest Isobel, you are the only thing that woke me in all that time and now I know the reason is that my mate had come to me” Isobel kissed him, it was a hesitant kiss but she did and he happily kissed her back, deepening it when he finally dared. When she pulled back they were both breathless, caught in the bliss of one another. “Maybe what you’re saying is true. It feels like I belong with you” He tucked some of her hair behind her ear “All I want is to love and protect you Isobel”

“I’m so glad I found you Romulus”

“and I’m blessed you found me Isobel”

~ The End

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