Rowne 33

Chapter One

Kyra and Drea were invited along with their children to a large play date. Living so close Drea and Kyra walked together. As always Sophie and Charles refused to be held because they wanted to hold eachothers hands. They were late to the play date since they had to walk at a two and three year olds pace. Neither woman minded though. Drea hated these get togethers because she had to act girly. She especially disliked how attached Charles was to Sophie. She hoped he wasn’t going to fall in love. As the daughter of the man who left her with no explanation she knew Sophie would rip Charles heart out. She was also still trying to get over Rowne naming his daughter Sophie. She knew Rowne wasn’t cruel so he wasn’t taunting her. She guessed maybe he really had loved that name so wanted to use it. It hurt regardless of his reasons. It should have been their daughter to bare that name.

Drea decided that if Charles did stay just as enamoured with Sophie she would do all she could to help her son keep her. Somtimes she would have to bring Charles over to Rownes house just to get him to quit throwing a tantrum. Charles would see Sophie and instantly calm down then run for a hug. It was cute but still saddened her. Rowne seemed to love it and joked of them getting married one day.

Once everyone ate lunch the women sat in the grass to watch the children play. Per the norm Charles, Sophie and Philip seemed to find their own spot away from the other young children. The three giggled and played until Sophie started walking towards a patch of purple flowers. As always both Charles and Philip were right behind her. Philip and Sophies mothered giggled. Though Drea didn’t laugh she couldn’t help but smile.

Sophie was the sweetest little girl she had ever seen. It was the only thing that softened her atall to the idea of Charles and Sophie being together in the future. She also knew she was over worrying. They were only toddlers so just because Charles seemed to love her now, didn’t mean it would always be that way. The three seemed happy playing in the flowers until Sophie began to cry loudly. Kaji, Nanis older brother was there to help his mother with his baby sister and ran over. “what’s wrong Sophie?” Sophie held up her hand. Kaji quickly pulled out the stinger where a bee had gotten her. Kaji then went to give Sophie a hug but Charles beat him to it. “It’s ok” Charles said softly.

Kaji just ran off to help again with Nani. Kyra gave Kaji a pat on the head and some spending money. I’m sure an seven year old has good use for spending money”

“Thank you” Kaji said with a smile. Kyra walked over to her daughter and Charles “You ok Sophie?” Sophie nodded and pushed out of Charlies arms to hug her mother. “The flower bit me” Kyra chuckled “a bee stung you sweetie, it wasn’t the flower. Want to go home and have some cookies?” Sophie nodded and wiped her face on her mothers dress. Charles tugged on Kyra “Can I come?”

“If it’s ok with your mommy” They walked over to Drea “I’m going to make Sophie cookies, can you and Charles join us?”

“sure” Drea said since she knew a no would break her sons heart. She lifted Charles up and they walked back to Rowne and Kyras house. Once they were inside Drea and Kyra set their children down in the living room. Charles instantly went and fished Sophies ball out of her toy box. He came back and tapped on Sophies shoulder. When she looked up and saw what he was holding she smiled and nodded. He happily sat in front of her and they pushed the ball back and forth.

Sophies hand was sensitive but she played with Charles anyway. They kept pushing the ball to eachother until their mothers called them for cookies. They both stood and quickly ran in for some. Drea set them each at the table while Kyra divided cookies on plates. Sophie ate one then stood up in her chair to place a cookie on Charles head. She covered her mouth and giggled before grabbing his hand and placing it on the table. She set another cookie on it which they both found funny. “Ok, stop being silly Sophie. Young ladies don’t put cookies on their friends”

“sorry mama” Sophie grabbed her cookies and sat down to finish them. Once they were done the two children got out of their chairs and went to play in the living room. They took out a large boat along with some animals and started playing and doing their best to imitate the animal sounds. Kyra and Drea watched them play this way until the both kept rubbing their eyes and yawning. “I better take him home.” Drea said and Kyra responded “no, let them nap together here. Our husbands wont be home for who knows how long and I get frightened all by myself. Wont the two of you stay for the remainder of the day and through the night?” Charles stood then walked over to his mother “please mommy”

“Yes please mommy” Kyra added. Drea couldn’t help but think of what a child Kyra was herself. A grown woman ought to be fine home alone but since her son wanted to stay Drea agreed. Kyra and Drea carried their children to Sophies room where they laid them both down in Sophies toddler bed. They left the room, happy to have no complaints from their little ones. “I don’t want to sleep” Sophie said in a whisper then rubbed her eyes again. “Me niether but we can’t play again until we sleep.Want me to hum my mommys lullaby to you?”

“Prease” Charles smiled and scooted closer to her before starting to hum. Charles gently rubber her cheek and hummed the lullaby his mother sang for him at night. Sophies eyes began to drift close and jerk back open. Charles kept humming softly up until she finally couldn’t fight it any longer. “night night Sophie” Charles said then closed his own eyes. Rowne and Warrick stealthily followed the demon Vexter. All the other men were either badly wounded or too lily livered to keep on the chase. The only thing that would stop Rowne from hunting him was death and he was glad Warrick felt the same. Rowne felt that the men with young girls should be ashamed of themselves for being cowards. They were after this demon because he ate little girls and they should be man enough to defend their daughters.

Paul he didn’t think less of atall. The demon had clawed into his arm really badly and Rowne worried if he would be ok. Paul had still wanted to keep on hunting but Rowne and Warrick refused to let him. They made him stay so Luis could bandage and medicate his wound. The only thing that made Paul listen was when Rowne brought up his family. Paul groaned but sat down, not wanting to die and not see them again. Paul laid against a tree and pictured Drea. Since he was of no use he wanted to start trudging home but the other men didn’t want him alone with his sword arm wounded. Paul saw the logic in it so made himself stay. He also didn’t want to admit how much he was missing his wife.

When Sophie woke her movement woke Charles and they began to call for their mothers.No answer came because the two women had stepped outside to talk to the milk man. Sophie sat down and sighed. Charles held up his hands to ask her to play patty cake. Sophie smiled and began to play. Charles said the words while Sophie said only a few of them. When the two women came back in they heard their children playing so went upstairs to get them. “want snack?” Kyra asked and they both said please. Once they were all downstairs Kyra gave them each a bowl of grapes to eat.

Rowne, Warrick and Stallin were fighting with the incredibly strong demon again. Rowne managed to stab through it’s chest, straight into the demons heart. It fell dead and Warrick fell to his knees. Rowne quickly picked the man up even though he was tired. “we need to get him to one of the men that does healing magic. I’m going to run ahead.” Stallin nodded and Rowne ran past him and the other men to get back to the small camp site they made a little ways back. All head turned to Rowne as he entered the camp site. “It’s dead but Warrick needs help.” Two men came running and began trying to save him. Rowne was worried they wouldn’t be able to stop the bleeding but the work of healers surprised Rowne yet again.

Warrick fell asleep the instant the pain medicine set in. It wasn’t long after Rowne got his friend into a tent that the other men that had kept chase after the demon came back into camp, acting as if they did anything to help fight. The only men fighting were him, Stallin and Warrick but Rowne didn’t care enough to speak up and shame these false heros.A few of the men that had stayed in camp went off to hunt food so the ones that had hunt and killed the demon could rest. Rowne leaned against a tree and just relaxed. Drea came into his mind and he huffed, frustrated at himself. He thought of Kyra instead, how much fun they had the day before he joined the hunt for the demon.

Rowne smiled thinking of his daughters laughter. Rowne was glad he had a girl. A lot of men had told him sorry when he announced he was having a daughter but Rowne loved it. She was so sweet and adorable. He also was glad to have an opportunity to express his love for Drea one more time. Rowne hoped she realized why he had named his daughter Sophie. If she didn’t, it was for the best anyway. That would mean she had truly moved on with Paul and was happy. He didn’t want her missing him as much as he missed her. She still consumed his heart, he thought if he could fall in love with Kyra the love would go away but it hadn’t. His love for Drea burned just as strong as ever. Drea would always be his soul mate even though he had committed his life to another.

A mans voice broke Rownes thoughts. He jerked back into reality looking at Stallin “It’s getting late Rowne, you need to be resting in a tent or up in a tree”

“Thanks, daydreaming again”

“About your wife or Drea?” Rowne frowned and Stallin put a hand on his shoulder “don’t sweat it. Atleast you control your urges. You may desire Drea but you stay faithful to your wife. Very few men ignore when they lust after another woman.”

“I’m not lusting for Drea”

“I guess that was a bad way to put it. Look, we all know you didn’t leave Drea because you wanted to and you are still holding your torch. I just meant I’m proud of you that you got married and had a child and stay faithful. Most men would maybe try to have a fling on the side with drea but not you. You stay faithful, maybe your thoughts run wild but in body you never cheat on Kyra and you never would.”

“I understand what your saying man. I’m going to climb up this tree and sleep now”

“Night Rowne” Rowne climbed up and moved into different positions until he found a¬†comfortable one. he thought of his wife and daughter as he drifted but as always, Drea was who he dreamed about. In his dream he was back in Tresnia playing in the river with Drea, Sophie and Charles. They laughed and splashed until the smell of breakfast hit his nose. He sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop himself from dreaming of being with Drea. He jumped down and asked Gilbert if he could help but the man shook his head “I’m fine Rowne, just help break down camp” Rowne started taking down tents. With all the men working together they were ready to head home shortly after breakfast.

Abraxas watched worriedly in a tree. He had come at his fathers request to check on Tresnia and his family when he heard the men talking about this demon that ate little girls. Typically demons like that live in packs so Abraxas knew the one they killed wasn’t the only one. He planned on staying nearby the village, now that they had managed to take down one of them it would most likely enrage the rest of the hoard and make them strike out against the village. They weren’t strong enough to merit getting Chthon to come but Abraxas didn’t want anyone hurt. He decided to send a bird to his father to let him know he needed to stay by incase his help was needed to protect Tresnia.

Once they got into Tresnia Rowne and Paul were walking together in silence. Since their houses were so near eachother they had to walk together even though Paul still hated Rownes guts. It was simple jealousy when they were children but now it was just because he wasn’t stupid. Paul knew he was Dreas second choice. He didn’t really blame her either. Paul knew what an ass he could be, it’s why he didn’t have many friends. The only person he knew in his life that liked being around him all the time was his mother. Drea was far more than he deserved and he was fully aware of that. He would forbid her to be friends with Rowne if he didn’t know his wife wasn’t the cheating type.

Drea was too good of a woman to break her wedding vows so he had no problems with them maintaining a friendship. Especially since their children seemed so fond of one another. He actually found it cute when Charles would throw tantrums to see Sophie. Drea didn’t seem to enjoy the attraction quite so much but Paul was happy for those two to be together if they grew up still feeling the same. He also knew there was no easier boy to keep in line than a boy in love. Paul was glad he had a girl so soon to control his son with. Even now, if Charles was being difficult Paul would just tell him he couldn’t play with Sophie and he would start behaving.

When they got to Pauls they quickly noticed Drea and Charles weren’t there so Paul followed Rowne home. Their wives were together a lot when they both went away. To their surprise their wives nor their children were at Rownes house either. They looked at eachother then Rowne said “we can try by the river.”

“Whatever” Paul said as he walked ahead. Rowne just silently followed, accustomed to Pauls irritated tone. Rowne smiled when he saw Drea, Kyra, & Polly by the river with their children. Charles, Sophie and Adette were blowing bubbles. Sophie wasn’t as successful as the older children but she was definitely the most adorable.Rowne was a little surprised to see Polly and Adette since Kyra hated Polly. Rowne didn’t say anything though, he guessed Polly was there with her daughter since Drea and Polly got along really well. Adete tugged on her mothers dress “Can we go to the mountain and run”

“Is it ok with all of you?” Polly asked. Paul was the first to answer “Rowne and I are tired but you women can go”

“I think that would be fun” Drea said with a smile and Kyra did a slight eye roll “sure” Drea kissed Paul while Kyra kissed Rowne before the women took the children a little bit out of Tresnia to the mountain Polly frequently took Adette to. “Looks like Paul got wounded”

“Yeah, he doesn’t like em to make a fuss about it though. He says real men don’t whine or let their wifes fuss when they are hurt” Kyra giggled “My Rowne is too skilled to get hurt”

“Doesn’t he have scars?” Polly asked and Kyra snottily said “well he got those when he was a kid.”

“How?” Polly asked and Drea slightly blushed. “I don’t know” Kyra answered. Drea was glad Kyra didn’t know Rowne got those scars protecting her from a lion. That would have been an awkward conversation to have now. Drea could slap Polly for asking since she was fully aware of how Rowne got those scars. Paul was getting a drink when he about jumped across the kitchen. Abraxas had been waiting for him on his kitchen table “What the hell do you want?”

“Do not speak to me that way. I came to warn you there may be more of those child eating demons. Typically where there is one they is a bunch more. They stick together”

“We’ve only seen one”

“at a time”

“What do you mean?”

“You may have some demon blood in you but you’re still as blind as a human. Just because you think you’ve only ever seen one doesn’t meen that’s true. We full blood demons can play tricks on the eyes”

“So what do we do?”

“I’ve informed my father of the problem. I’m waiting for him to respond to me or to show up so I know what he wishes for me to do. Where’s Charles?”

“Playing with Sophie and Adette”


“On some mountain, I don’t really know”

“That’s probably not wise. Three children outside the protection of the village. I better go watch”

“aren’t you waiting for Chthon?”

“He’ll find me, he knows my scent”

“You guys are so weird” Abraxas smiled “You’re just jealous” was all he said before walking out to find Charles and his friends. He knew his father would be devastated if he lost his grandson which is why he was taking the precaution of watching the children play. He decided to walk there since he knew the other demons wouldn’t find out right away that one of the demons in their horde had been slain.

Abraxas actually enjoyed watching the three play. He found them all to be adorable and loved how Adette would snort when she laughed. He wondered how her parents ever managed to discipline such an adorable little girl. All Adette would have to do is smile and he could forgive her for anything. Suddenly Chthon was sitting on the tree branch with him. “What should we do father?”

“It’s a hard decision. For starters we don’t know how big their group is and how strong of demons are in them. They could have a multitude of powerful demons in their ranks. It might be overwhelming for us even if I bring Nigel to help. I’m afraid of tracking and challenging the group because I’m unaware of their power. Then you have to consider how important that one demon was. The other demons may not have liked him that much so they wont care of his passing. If they don’t care about him they’ll move on to a new village. They tend to find one that will submit and start to give them sacrifices. That way they don’t have to work for children any longer. I don’t want to stir somthing that may not need to be stirred but on the other hand it wouldn’t sit right with me letting them move on to eat another villages children. I just worry over Charles safety”

“why don’t we get another demon to infiltrate the group? There are plenty who live in our castle. Get one of them to pretend to like to eat children and ahve them join their hoard so we can acess¬†them” Chthon smiled “such an intelligent boy…I fear my depression makes it hard to think…I should ahve considered that”

“You’re fine dad, you’re just old” Abraxas said teasingly. Chthon cracked a smile which Abraxas was grateful to see. “I want your head to choose who goes. I can barely be trusted with decisions”

“could you stay here then? Make sure Charles, Sophie and Adette get home safely. I’ll be back”

“Of course, is that little red head Adette?”


“I havent seen her before”

“She rarely plays with Charles and Sophie, not sure why”

“well go my son, we have more pressing issues than Adette”

“Yes sir” Abraxas said as he hurried back to the castle. When he arrived he beckoned everyone. Currently there were only fifteen other demons living in the castle. “Listen up! Chthons descendant Charles is in danger and so is every other child in Tresnia. A group of child eating demons has settled here. Father and I want one of you to infiltrate them. We need to know how much power they have before we attack so we can better plan our assault. Who is up to this task?” Five of the demons raised their hands “very good, the rest of you leave me.” The other demons went back to what they were doing and the five approached Abraxas. Four were men and one was a girl. “What’s your name?” Abraxas asked the female demon “Lamashtu”

“You should go, they will more easily accept a female. It also helps that you are beautiful, youll make the men lustful and dumb. You are least liekly to be found out and killed”

“Lead me to where i can start hunting the group” Abraxas waved the men off and crouched down “I’m faster than you so get on” She climbed on and Abraxas ran again. Lamashtu was thin with dark brown hair and black eyes. There wasn’t even any white to them, It was all blackness. She enjoyed Abraxas calling her beautiful and wondered if this meant he would sleep with her. She knew he had slept with another girl that stayed in the castle. She had left making a big spectacle when Abraxas wouldn’t be serious with her. Fucking was all Lamashtu wanted so him not being serious was perfect. She would ask him after her task was completed.

When Abraxas arrived back at Tresnia Chthon was waiting at the front of town “they went home. Who is this you chose?”

“Wat’s your name again?” Abraxas asked as he sat her down. “Lamashtu”

“Lamashtu, she is the only female that volunteered. She is attractive and will make the men lustful. It will be less likely they’ll realize she’s just sizing them up for us”

“good idea again son. Can you handle finding these monsters on your own. Incase any of them knows me I dont want them smelling me on you. The fact you rode with Abraxas is ok because not many know his scent yet. They wont be startled that you’ve been in contact with him. Most do know what he looks like though so it would be best if you made first contact alone”

“I can do this by myself. I’m very skilled.”

“alright then go” Lamashtu ran off. “Lets go home son, I’ll punch Paul if I spend the night in this village”

“I don’t think I could keep from punching him either if we stayed”

Adette, Charles and Sophie were called for dinner. When they were done eating Adette asked Drea “could Sophie and I spend the night if it’s ok with our mommies?”

“Of course, how do you feel about it Kyra and Polly?”

“She can sleep here but I expect boys seperate from girls. Kyra and Sophie need to sleep in your living room. I don’t see why you ever put Sophie in Charles bed when they nap.” Polly said looking at Kyra. “They are toddlers, it’s only your perverted mind that would make it bad” Kyra snapped back. “It’s not that they think anything now but that’s not a good thing to start. Think of your daughters integrity”

“stop it” Drea said as she hit the table for their attention. “do not bicker like that in front of the children. Yes Polly, the girls will sleep in the living room. You two go ahead and go home if you can’t be women. I’ve got the babies”

“don’t have to ask me twice. I love you Adette” Polly said as she walked out. Kyra hugged Sophie “be good for Drea”

“she’s always an angel, just go” Drea said not wanting to look at Kyra or Polly any longer. Dealing with three small children was better than dealing with their bickering. Drea hoped Sophie wouldn’t turn out like her mother. She couldn’t imagine two Kyras running around. As much as she liked Polly it really upset Drea that she would intensionally make Kyras temper falre. They both hated eachother and enjoyed making eachother mad. Its why Drea had Polly and Adette over so rarely. Kyra and Sophie were around frequently and Drea couldn’t stand the cat fights between those two. She gave each of the children a bath then settled the girls in the living room before carrying Charles upstairs. “But Sophie always sleeps with me”

“I know but Adettes mommy said no”

“I don’t want Adette to play then if it means Sophie cant be in my room” Drea giggled “you are supposed to be sleeping anyway sweetheart”

“But I like Sophies breathing. It’s relaxing”

“You sleep all the time without her. Stop complaining and go to sleep. You’ll get to play with Adette and Sophie in the morning. I’ll make you three chocolate chip pancakes and then I’ll take you out to the lake right after breakfast.”


“Yes, but only if you go to sleep and stop complaining” Charles hugged his mother and kissed her cheek “Love you mommy”

“Love you too son.” She tucked Charles in then went into her room where Paul was sleeping soundly. She kissed her husbands cheek which woke him. “sorry Paul”

“It’s fine, just get in bed” He said a bit frustratedly from being woken up. She got in bed silently, knowing apologizing again might lead to an argument. Paul wrapped an arm around her and they both fell asleep. Adette was woken up by a kitten meowing. Onna, a female demon that could make animals do her bidding was using a kitten to lure the little girls out. Very few little girls could resist an adorable little kitten. Adette opened the door and the kitten meowed again. Adette picked the kitten up and walked over to Sophie. “wake up Sophie” She said shaking the two year old. Sophie rubbed her eyes that soon lit up when she noticed what Adette was holding. “can I pet him?”

“Yep” Adette said cheerfully. Sophie ran her hand across the kittens back a few times then it suddenly pushed out of five year old Adettes arms. Just as Onna knew the girls would they went outside. Sophie grabbed the kitten “please play with us” They pet it until Sophie got scared. “Inside” she said to Adette who told the kitty bye and grabbed Sophies hand. They went back into Charles house, annoying Onna. She had been on the roof awhile though so she heard Dreas plans of taking the children out in the morning. She would get Drax to put Drea to sleep and they would take all three children. Little boy didn’t taste as good as little girls but there would be more child to go around if they grabbed Charles too. They could just strip all the meat off of them and shred it before blenidng it together so the little boy meat could be filler and more demons would get there turn at eating.

Chapter Two

Sophie and Adette got back under the covers and quickly fell back asleep. They woke to a very excited Charles shaking them “Pancakes!” He said happily then pulled Sophie up. The three went into the kitchen where Drea already had their plates out and poured them each milk. Drea smiled as she saw the children devouring their pancakes. Paul soon came down, his face was sour at first but he also couldn’t resist a smile as he watched them. Adette got some syrup in her hair and he cleared his throat “Adette has syrup in her hair Drea” Drea wet a rag and wiped the little bit out. “Thank you” Adette said with a smile then went back to eating with Charles and Sophie.

After breakfast Drea washed the kids faces and hands. “Would you like to come with us Paul?”

“I don’t want to waste my free day watching them play. I got enough enjoyment out of them watching them eat breakfast. I’ll see you later Drea”

“Ok” Drea went to walk out with the children and Paul stood. He turned her and gave her a long kiss “I hate when you try to leave without kissing me” He said in a softer voice than normal. “sorry” Drea hugged him then they left. Drea couldn’t help but notice Charles was a little sad his father wouldn’t come even though he was home. She hated it too because if Paul realized it or not the sad little boy who wanted his father, would probably resent his father when he became a man if Paul didn’t start actually playing with Charles like a father should. She knew Paul was going to regret how little he interacted with Charles and how little he acted like he cared but he wouldn’t sway. Every time she tried to convince Paul he blew it off. He only saw time with his child as wasted time.

They got to the lake and the children ran to play in the water. They splashed and laughed for awhile until they got tired of swimming and decided to run around in the grass. Sophie still being so small got tired before Charles and Adette were tired but they stopped for her anyway and sat down. No matter who Charles and Sophie were playing with, everyone seemed to follow Sophies lead. It reminded Drea of Rowne. Growing up it was like that with him and even now, everybody liked Rowne. The kitten from last night appeared again and ran over to the children. They all laughed and talked to him. After awhile the kitten got out of their laps and ran away. Sophie frowned and they all got up to chase it. Drea stood to tell them no but suddenly her head felt hazzy. She moved forward but just wobbled and soon fell hard to the ground. The three children didn’t notice because they were so distracted by the cat.

Rowne was just wandering around and enjoying the day. He liked to take long walks, especially when Kyra was in the living room gossiping with her friends. He hoped to run into Drea and the children so he could play with them but Kyra had no idea where Drea was taking the kids today. He was disappointed when Kyra came home without their daughter last night and wished she had consulted him first because he had really wanted to take Sophie on a walk around today. He enjoyed the look on her face when he showed her a new plant or animal. There was always tomorrow though so he would just get his daughter tonight at dinner time since he knew Drea wouldn’t stay out with them past then.

The group didn’t want the unconsious Drea to alert the village the children were missing so Onna picked her up and brought her back to their den too. Lamashtu had just finished being lectured on all the rules of their group and that breaking one or going against the group was punishable by death. She was also informed that Tulfin was the leader and his every command must be obeyed. He could control you with his mind if you looked at him for even a second. All he had to do was make your eyes meet his one second and he could bend you to his will.

Lamashtu felt she had learned enough for Abraxas and Chthon so she told the group she would be out for a bit. They bid her farewell and she left their den. She walked nonchalantly for awhile so nobody would expect her of anything. Once she was satisified with her distance from the place she turned up her senses as high as they would go to make sure none had followed her. She couldn’t sense any of them so took off in a run to find Chthon and Abraxas.

Drea woke to hear the children crying. She lifted her head and noticed she was in cage and the children were in one by her “mommy!” Charles cried. Drea burned the wooden bars and ran but was grabbed by one of the demons “you stupid little bitch!” He pushed her face into the ground, nearly smothering her because she was pushed so hard into the dirt. Another demon came over and bound her arms and legs with nonflammable rope. Drea figured they weren’t stupid enough to use regular rope but she attempted anyway eliciting laughs from the demons as they got a pot ready to boil Drea, Adette, Sophie and Charles. Drea looked like a fish out of water she tried so hard to break out and help the children.

Her wrists were getting rope burn from the struggle but it wasn’t a concern to her at this moment. She had no idea how long it would take that black cauldron to boil and she was terrified of them putting one of the children in there. She especially worried for her own. Charles was the only happiness she had. The only other time in her life she had been happy was when she had Rowne. She had waited all these years for somthing to brighten her spirits and she wouldn’t lose him, not her little boy.Sophie and Adette were almost violently shaking as they cried. Adette decided to use her anger to help escape. With all the strength she had she began to jerk back and forth on the bars. It was another thing that got the demon laughing until they heard a snap.

The bars were far enough apart it was all they need “Charles! Sophie!” They all tried to run and demos went after them apprehending them again “we’ve never had such a struggle from a meal. It would be in your best interest not to give us any more trouble you brats or we’ll make your death slow!” The demons said as they were thrown into three seperate steal cages. Sophie was even more terrified now that she didn’t have Charles to hold her and give her comfort. She cried herself into exhaustion as Charles just thrashed around his cage throwing a tantrum. “what’s it doing?” one of the demons asked giving Charles a peculiar look and scratching his bald scalp. A female demon with barely anything covering her body walked over “Maybe it’s trying to escape. Humans are odd creatures. She opened the door and lifted him. Charles but her as hard as he could and she laughed, not even feeling pain from it. She put him back in “Oh children, fun to watch and delicious to eat”

Lamashtu found Chthon and Abraxas and gave them all the information they needed about all the demons. Lamashtu looked over at Abraxas. Hopeing for an approving smile or some hint that she sexually frustrated him. He just looked determined but she could understand it with what was going on. The humans in that village meant everything to them so the fact a few of the children had been eaten weighed heavily on their hearts. Abraxas and Chthon took off with Lamashtu close behind. Now that they knew what they were up against Chthon and Abraxas were confident they could just kill all of them off and not have to worry about any surviving and causing havoc.

The wind was chilly against Abraxas, Lamashtu and Chthon as they ran even though it was only afternoon. When they got close Dreas and Charles scent practicly slammed into Chthons and Abraxas’s nose causing them to go into rage. That pack of nasty, vile demons had their family and now they definitly wouldn’t lose. They took off faster leaving Lamashtu behind. It frustrated her that she couldn’t catch up. She badly wanted to impress Abraxas. Adette leaned against the bars “please let me go…I want my mommy” more of her tears pattered against the bottom of her cold steal cage. “You wont be seeing your mommy ever again so quit whining! Soon you will be dead and filling our stomachs. Then you wont have to feel any longer so just look forward to that.”

Charles was laying in his cage sleeping from his constant tantrum. He hadn’t stopped until he was too tired and fell out into a deep sleep. What was rope burns on Dreas wrists had turned to blood. She had rubbed and rubbed until she had begun to rub away the skin. The pots contents began to rumble and spit hot water. The demons chopped up vegetables and threw in spices. One of the women walked over to Adettes cage and grabbed the small girl by the hair “you’re the only one still getting on our nerves so you’ll be boiled first. Then you’ll really have somthing to scream about.” She jerked, kicked and screamed “No! No! Please!” The small girls pleas tugging at Dreas heart and making her angry at herself for being so useless. It may ahve been demon rope woven by demons but she felt she should be able to destroy it to protect these children.

She was too powerless and because of that three precious babies that had barely begun life were going to be boiled alive and eaten by these monsters. Adette felt the burn of water popping up as the demon held her over the pot “in you go” Just as she was let go Abraxas snatched her and kicked the demons face in. She fell to the floor dead with a horrific looking sunk in face. It was the worse sight Adette had ever seen. She was still afraid since she didn’t know who this was that was holding her. He may just want to hurt her too so she continued to cry. Abraxas hugged her then made her fall asleep. Chthon untied Drea then bent the bars of Charles and Sophies cages while Abraxas with only one free hand and his two legs were killing them all. Suddenly the leader appeared in front of Chthon and locked eyes. Chthon had already mentally prepared himself since he knew this mans power so he wan’t overcome. The leader yelled in a way that also sounded like an angry groan that Chthon wasn’t doing as he was commanded. Lamashtu appeared out of nowhere and picked up Drea who was holding Charles and Sophie then went over to Abraxas. He put them all to sleep then handed Adette to her “take them all back to Dreas. I need to erase their memories of this happening.”

Lamashtu nodded and ran as quickly as she could to Dreas while Abraxas and Chthon took out demon after demon. When they all laid dead Abraxas and Chthon just slowly walked away. “I saw you take the time to hug Adette before you knocked her out” Abraxas smiled “she’s such an adorable little girl” Chthon smiled back “I love how caring you are Abraxas. Never lose that”

“I don’t think it’s somthing I can lose” When they arrived Abraxas carefully erased Adettes memory then gave her a kiss on the head “I’m sorry but you can’t know me or my father” Abraxas cleared Sophies memory too then they both hugged Drea “thank you” She whimpered out. Abraxas kissed her cheek “no tears please. We will never let anything happen to you guys. Dad and I love you so much Drea”

“we’re lucky to have you in the family. I’ll make you some special treats. Why don’t you and Chthon stay?”

“Sophie and Adette are here” Drea wiped her face “well next time you come back please let me bake you somthing delicious”

“I can’t wait” Abraxas said with a loving smile. “are they gone?” Paul asked from behind Drea. Drea sniffed and turned “yeah”

“well come lay with me. I want a nap”

“Im coming” Drea said as she began to walk up the stairs and go into her bedroom. Paul just wanted to hold her, hearing what Lamashtu had to say had almost stopped his heart but he didn’t like to show more emotion than he had to which is why he pretended to be tired and want sleep. At dinner Rowne came by to collect Sophie. Drea made sure she didn’t look like she had been sobbing most the day then lifted Sophie out of the bed. She walked downstairs and handed her off to Rowne “aw, did you guys ahve fun today?”


“Thanks for showing my daughter a good time. You are such a great woman Drea. I hope you know just how wonderful you are.” Drea laughed “I only entertained children. Goodbye Rowne”

“Bye Drea” Drea shut the door and Rowne whispered ‘I love you” He stood there a moment then walked home. The next morning he asked Sophie what all they did yesterday and laughed when she couldn’t remember. He just passed it off since she was only two years old. That day they spent every second playing and enjoying the nature around them. Rowne played with his daughter until she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. He had Kyra make a pallet on the floor then Rowne laid down with her. “goodnight my beautiful princess” Rowne said as he pulled the covers over them. Kyra just smiled and went upstairs to sleep in her bed. She needed a lot of space when she slept which is why Rowne had her make a pallet. She couldn’t share a sleeping area with her husband and daughter. Rownes dreams once again filled with the life he wished he had, the life he could only experience in dreams. A perfect world for him would be one where Drea, Charles, Sophie and himself were a family. He hoped that the world may humor him in a future life and give him his hearts deepest wish.

~ The End ~

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