Ruth & Chthon 4

Chapter One

Delphine had been staying in Ruth and Chthon castle since the day they saved her from a male demon who had been collecting both male and female demons as sex toys. All the captives had somwhere to go to aside from her and a few others who were also staying in Chthons castle. Delphine had been slowly falling head over heels for Chthon which made her envious of Ruth. She was rarely anywhere but at his side and Chthon looked at her as if she hung the stars. Chthon could tell she was attracted to him but a lot of females were so he ignored it and would continue to do so unless she made a move on him. Ruth saw it as harmless since she knew even if Delphine tried anything that Chthon would shoot her down. If Ruth was anything she was secure in her relationship with her husband.

Delphine knew of magic that was considered wrong to use even among demons but knew Chthon would reject anybody but Ruth in his bed. Tonight she was leaving the castle to collect the final ingredient she’d need to finish her potion. When it was done and ready to use it would enable her to switch bodies with Ruth and make her own body fall into a coma like sleep so Ruth wouldn’t be able to tell anybody her spirit wasn’t in her own body. If done correctly they would stay switched until Delphine spoke the ancient words needed to put the souls back in the proper bodies. The best part of this dark concoction was that it would give Delphine access to all of Ruths memories so it would be nearly impossible for anybody around to figure out that Delphine was inhabiting Ruths body.
“Chthon, you insatiable man, enough.” Ruth said as he nibbled his way over her collar bone, making her giggle.

“There’s no such thing as enough when it’s you.”

She grabbed his face in her hands and gave him a long kiss. He became still against her, his whole being melting into hers. “You are the sweetest man I know.” She whispered and he brushed his knuckles over her cheek.

“You know I am completely helpless against you, your soft kisses, your gentle touch, and the way you love completely. I am like a tamed lion.”

She kissed his nose. “You are anything but tame, our children are proof of that.”

He smiled and lay down next to her then pulled her into his arms. “After a long day all I want is you.”

“Me too love, I just want to curl up next to you and fall asleep in the safety of your arms.”

“I’m so excited to see Aurel and Diana again and they’re even bringing the boys.”

“They’re excited to be crossing the sea. I think the last time we saw them they were ten.” Chthon kissed the top of her head. “Let’s rest, tomorrow is an exciting day for everyone.” He waited until she had fallen asleep and admired her for a few more minutes before closing his eyes and allowing himself to drift off, his head full of his beautiful wife and the happiness his family brought him on a daily basis.
Delphine ran across the wet grass, splashing in puddles and muddying herself. It had rained most of the previous day so the world still lay soaked from the skys downpour. Delphine didn’t mind atall. Taking Ruths place was worth getting a little muddy and feeling the chill of the cold water and air. She was tired from staying up so many nights but forced her body to keep running. This was a complicated thing to make but once again, she was willing to do anything to take Ruths place.

By the time she arrived at what she needed it was two am. Since she knew that meant she wouldn’t be back at the castle until eight am anyway she decided to just climb into a tree and sleep. Despite her exhaustion it was hard to fall asleep due to how badly her muscles ached so she laid there for a short time, imagining all she could do with Chthon in Ruths body. She had to invision what she was working for.

Eventually her coveting, lustful thoughts made her able to ignore her body pains and she fell asleep. In the morning Chthons castle was buzzing with excitment. A few younger members of the family had never met Aurel, Diana, Konstantin or Mikhail before but had heard about them. It was especially exciting to the ones that knew them that Mikhai had chosen a mate and lived on his own with her. They could only imagine what she was like. Nero and Lisanna were alight with happiness for their grandson.
When Aurel and Diana arrived with Mikhail, Konstantin, and Ethel they were all instantly mobbed with hugs. Mikhail introduced his mate who was happy to be accepted with open arms. “We have a few guests staying with us this time around.” Chthon said.

“Always the kind hearted hero.” Aurel replied and Chthon shrugged. “You could never be anything else, especially with Ruth around.”

“So, how was your trip?”

“Same as always, the boys are always fascinated with the ocean, Ethel very nearly threw up the poor girl. I didn’t know she had never been on a boat until we were heading out from port.”

Chthon chuckled. “She’ll get her sea legs before you know it, at least she better since I’m sure she’ll be coming with you guys every time you visit.”

Delphine had sneaked back into the castle the back way and up to her room where she had supplies she had stolen from the kitchen to make the potion. She set to work, keeping as quiet as possible so everyone thought she was still asleep. She heard footsteps coming and froze. There seemed to be a lot of them. Someone stopped in front of her door and her heart leaped in her chest. “Aurel, is everything okay?” Chthon asked his friend who had stopped dead in front of Delphine’s door.

“No, everything’s fine, sorry. I just got lost in thought.” He answered, but had sworn he had caught a whiff of something not quite right. He shook his head and followed the rest of the group so he could drop his and Diana’s bag off in their room.
Fear striking her she decided it was too risky to continue this right now. She opened her floor board and set everything under. casting another spell that concealed the scent the potion gave off. She had to redo it every day because the smell was so thick. She then made the clothes she had been wearing vanish and went to take a shower. She hated getting rid of every article of clothing she worked in but it was worth what she would end up with. She’d have Ruths mate, Ruths friends and Ruths family. Everything that spoiled little human girl had would be hers and she couldn’t wait.

Once she was clean she went out to meet who would be her new grandaughter and great grandkids. She couldn’t find them so she stopped Savitri when she passed him “hey, where’s Aurel and Diana?”

“They are all being shown to rooms. Should be settled soon”


“No problem” Savitri answered even though he hated when she talked to him. He didn’t like her atall. The second Ethel and Mikahil had their things sat down Mikhail asked Ilios “where is Pagos?”

“he lives with his mate now. He is mates with Duryn, Bishins sister”

“aw, do you miss him?”

“I do but I’m happy for him. I’ll find a mate one of these days too and perhaps move in with her”

‘castle get too full for you?”

“Depends on the people. Nice to meet you though Ethel. Mikhail certainly found himself a pretty mate if that’s ok to say” Ethel smiled ‘thank you”

“want to see my tree house? We can get Yama and Saraiyu and we can all go out”

“sounds fun” Ethel answered so of course Mikhail was up to it.
Chthon and Ruth waited for Aurel and Diana then all four of them headed for the stairs. Mikhail and Konstantin were preoccupied with their grandparents so it was just them for now. They ran into Delphine on the way down the hall and Chthon introduced her. “It’s nice to meet you two.” She shook Diana’s hand and then grabbed Aurel’s. He actually snatched his hand away and just stared at her.

“Everything alright love?” Diana asked.

“Yes, Chthon could we please go out to the garden. I think I need so fresh air.”

“Of course old friend, if you’ll excuse us Delphine.” Delphine’s heart was beating far to fast and she wondered if the very beautiful Aurel knew what she was doing. She shook her head, telling herself there was no way he could know. Even Chthon didn’t know and he was the most powerful of all demons.

“You look a little pale.” Chthon said as they walked downstairs and out the back door of the castle.

“I’m fine, I guess the trip took more out of me than I care to admit.” He was suspicious of Delphine, but didn’t want to alarm his friends and family if it wasn’t anything serious. There had been something off about her smell and touching her skin had given him a sense of foreboding.

Chapter Two

As Mikhail, Konstantin, Ethel, Ilios, Lissana, Nero Yama and Saraiyu hung out in the treehouse Ethel pointed out “twins run rampant in your family” Mikhail smiled “yeah, hopefully we’ll have twins too. Chances are less since it’s mostly the woman who determines if twins happen or not but it would be fun to have them.” Ethel got a concerned look on her face and he kissed her “you know I’ll be happy no matter what” She gave him a smile and they all got back to talking. They stayed out until lunch came then went inside to eat with everyone.

Everyone seemed to have questions for Ethel and things to talk about with her. It was amazing to her how friendly and open this family was. It was far from the family she grew up in and it was a welcome change. Chthon as always had his chair right up against Ruths. It didn’t matter how many years passed he still acted as he did when Ruth made her very first trip to the castle, if anything he was worse since he had to live so many years without her.

Delphine just looked away and ate her meal. She was willing this day to hurry so she could work again without risk. After lunch the men and some of the women decided to play football. Their ball was enchanted to be able to take their demon strength so they could play without worrying.
They all had fun, getting covered in mud, but uncaring. Even with no power Chthon still managed to out run everyone but Aurel who stayed on top of him almost the whole game. Afterwards they all went to their separate rooms and bathed. Ruth stood under the warm water, relaxing in Chthon’s arms. “That was so much fun.” She said softly and he kissed the top of her head.

“I was happy to see you out there playing with us.”

“I could tell, you used every excuse you could to come after me.”

“I can’t help myself, I feel like I’m being greedy, but having you close makes me happy. I just want to kiss and touch you all the time. When I have to go away to deal with other demons I feel truly lonely. Only you can make me feel that way. No other woman has had this effect on me and they never will, only you will do.”

“And everyone seems to think you’re so scary, but in truth you’re just a cuddly teddy bear.”
“Only for you, you know that”

“and our children”

“well, they are part of both you and me. I can see you in all of them, even our grandkids”

“I dont know, all the boys share more of your traits.”

“do you like Ethel?’

“Of course, shes sweet. Just what i would want for Mikhail” Chthon kiss her ear through her hair. “yes”

“You better just be being sweet. I want to spend time with Aurel, their children and Mikhails mate” Chthon chuckled “of course my beautiful goddess” he scattered a few more kissed on Ruth before they both finished washing. Upon finding everybody again Ethel asked “I hear you are really godo at telling stories. can i hear the one of how you and Chthon met? Mikhail told me it would be worth waiting to hear it directly from you.” Ruth smiled “of course, I’ll tell it in the grass outside so theres plenty of room for any who want to hear, though most everybody else knows it”

Ethel gave a bright smile “thank you” The newest children in the family and the demons they saved hadn’t heard the story so all came out, aside from Delphine who didn’t care and would know anyway once she was in Ruths body. A lot of the family who even knew the story went out so Delphine decided it would be safe to finish up her potion. She slithered her snakish self to her bedroom, enchanted it since it was needed with Aurel around and got to work.
Chthon carried Ruth over his shoulder, making her laugh all the way downstairs. “Someone help me, I’ve been captured by a caveman.” She yelled as they walked into the dining room where everyone was enjoying a snack. Everyone laughed at their playfulness and Chthon deposited her in a chair then sat down next to her. They enjoyed the strawberries and cream the cook had put together and talked happily about the football game. Aurel insisted they had tied, but Chthon said his team had clearly won. Their argument was all in good fun, their smiles never leaving their faces.

Delphine finished the potion and making sure it was perfect. She now had to find a way to sneak it into Ruth’s food or drink. She had heard of a woman sneaking into the kitchen once to drug Lispin so the cook and her assistants paid closer attention to who touched what. She smiled, deciding to use a cloaking spell to hide herself since those who ran the kitchen were human and not nearly as perceptive as the demons they served. Since it was still daytime Ruth asked everyone if they wanted to go swimming. They all jumped at the chance and went up to change into their swimwear.
Everybody met just outside the castle doors. A few noticed Delphine wasn’t coming but to all that wasn’t somthing they were upset about. Everyone chatted happily as they walked until the lake came into view. The younger demons took off running which inspired laughter from the older. “It’s always so fun to be here. It’s not a wonder why so many choose to live with you two”

“Having your family around is always fun. It makes me happy” Ruth answered. Delphine was near pouting as she sat mostly alone in the castle. She wanted to see Chthon down to his swim trunks. She loved when they all went swimming. Delphine just kept reminding herself that soon she would see him fully naked and he would be dominating her in bed. She sat there pondering how Ruth and Chthon had sex. Once in Ruths head she would look into it so Chthon wouldn’t see anything different in the bedroom. Once Ruth consumed this all Delphine had to wait for was Ruth to fall asleep for the switch to happen.

Out at the lake Abraxas, Fotia, and Kika were putting on a show for the other demons. Abraxas and fotia would get the water in amazing positions then Kika would freeze it there. The last time Kikas parents had visited the castle she decided to stay for a longer visit. She was an adult so they just left her, knowing she would feel nothing but love at her great grandparents house.
They played in the water until they were tired then just laid or sat on the bank, enjoying what was left of the sun. Chthon sat with Ruth between his legs, pressing gentle kisses on her cheek and shoulder. “You look so gorgeous.” He whispered.

“Be good until after dinner.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Delphine went into the kitchen where dinner was being prepared. The cook glanced up at her then went back to what she was doing. “Would you like some help, I’m not busy or anything?” Delphine asked.

“Sure, pour everyone’s drinks. You’ve been here long enough to know what they like.”

Delphine smiled her sweetest smile and grabbed glasses out of one of the cabinets. She started pouring everyone’s drinks and glanced over to see if the cook was still preoccupied. She pulled the vial of potion out of her dress pocket and quickly dumped it in Ruth’s grape juice, spilling a little on the counter in her haste. “Alright all done.”

“Thank you, they should be heading back so go ahead and put the drinks on the table.”

Chapter Three

Delphine lifted the tray and took it into the dining room where she placed the glasses at everyones normal seats and enchanted Ruths glass so it would give no smell other than grape. In the kitchen the staff cleaned Delphines spill and tossed the used rag in the hamper they kept just outside the hall. There was a small closet of hand towels and rags so the kitchen workers wouldn’t always have to go back and forth to the laundry room. Delphine then went back into the kitchen to see if anything else was needed but they told her they had everything so she just sat down in her seat. She hated this seat since the family got first dibs on seats nearest to Ruth and Chthon but soon, very soon, Ruths seat would be hers.

Delphine smiled when she heard everyone entering the castle and going to their rooms to change. It wasn’t much longer until everyone filtered into the dining room and sat in their seats. With everyone there the staff began serving. Delphine had to fight her triumphant smile when Ruth immediately drank from her glass. Savitri nearly glared at Delphine. He had caught that smile and knew it to be mischievous. He didn’t catch what she was smiling at but it still had him wondering.

Chthon needed Ruth so instead of staying to chat he scooped her up and went to their bedroom, knowing his company wouldn’t mind since there was so much other family for them to see. Ruth giggled when they were out of the dining hall “chthon” He kissed her “Can I help you are so breathtaking or the fact I love when our bodies are one with eachother?” She smiled happily “you are so sweet Chthon. I love you tremendously.”

“and I love you more than that.”

“Don’t you start that battle. You’re supposed to be a big tough demon, not one that fights with his wife over who loves who more” Chthon chuckled happily as he shut their door. “I’ll show you what a lustful demon I am” he tossed her on the bed, eliciting a jubilant smile and laugh from Ruth. If their room werent proofed for sound the whole castle may have heard their cries. Chthon forced himself to stop before they both were too worn out. He wanted to just cuddle with her and talk for a little bit before they slept. Chthon pulled his wife close and kissed between her eyes. “That was amazing as always”

“It was” she said breathlessly but with a smile of deep love and admiration of her husband. “will you try to stay awake as long as possible so i can have you to myself?” Chthon asked with a gentle brush of his fingers to the side of Ruths face. “of course, you’ve really buitl my stamina” Chthon chuckled “I know, its amazing” Ruth laughed “such a pervert”

“I’m just savoring the second chance I got to have you, to keep you. No matter how many years go by my heart will never forget what it was like not to have you. Ever since the day I have met you I’ve needed you Ruth. You took half of my heart so that I’m not whole when you aren’t close to me. You make my days so happy. Truly, deeply happy Ruth. I was so lucky to have found you in those woods. I know I’ve told you millions of times but its never less true. You will forever be my life, what motivates me. I want you to always know how special you are and how dear I hold you in my heart.”

Ruths lip quivered and Chthon kissed her, used to his sweet words moving her to tears. He was disappointed when it didnt because he knew he hadn’t truly expressed what she meant to him and that nothing in the world would take her from him again. They told eachother sweet nothing a short time longer before just talking about their days. They spoke non stop until Ruth finally fell asleep on him. He kissed her tenderly, but a mere brush of his lips “goodnight Ruth. May only the sweetest dreams find you” He took in her scent then allowed himself to sleep with Ruth held tightly against him.
Delphine lay in her bed, a tingle of excitement moving through her. She closed her eyes, dreaming of Chthon and having him all to herself. A slight pulling sensation hit her body, giving her the sense of falling as her consciousness was deposited into Ruth’s body and Ruth’s into hers. The switch exhausted her so she stayed asleep until the sound of birds woke her the next morning. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw Chthon sleeping soundly beside her. She reached over and brushed her fingers over his cheek, making him jerk awake. “Good morning beautiful.” He said and she felt goosebumps crawl over her skin.

“Good morning.” She replied softly, smiling sweetly at him. She moved so she was on top of him and he grinned.

“And you call me insatiable.” She leaned down, her lips pressing hungrily into his. He rolled her beneath him and she felt her heart beat excitedly in her chest. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, his teeth nibbling at her ear.

“Hurry up.” Slipped out of her mouth and he froze. He pulled back to look at her. He had never known Ruth to rush their lovemaking. “Well come on.” Delphine was to excited to realize she was already breaking character.

“How about we wait until later, I’m hungry and besides we have guests. It would be rude to keep them waiting.”

Ruth felt her mind wake, but when she went to move she couldn’t. She started to panic and tried opening her mouth to scream but she could not. Her entire body refused to obey her and worse she did not feel the welcome warmth of Chthon next to her. The smells around her were familiar, but not hers or his. She internally screamed and tears started to slip out of her eyes.

Delphine was disappointed as she dressed and realized she had already messed up by rushing him. She should have looked through Ruths memories first but had been too excited to finally be in bed with him. How was she to expect they made such slow love. She had never been with a man who wanted to talk during sex. Now that she was looking through Ruths mind it was rare for them to ever rush, in fact if they needed to rush they most the time didn’t even bother unless Chthon was really needy of a release.

She could kick herself for rushing him and making him back out of sex. Chthon felt a bit bad as he noticed Ruths troubled look. He kissed her cheek “don’t be sad, you know I don’t enjoy rushing. I like to make love to you, not fuck you. You just threw me off with the rushing since you’ve never rushed me before. I’m always the neediest”

“I’m sorry, last night was just so amazing”

‘arent all our nights amazing?” She smiled and even that seemed wrong. He knew all of Ruths smiles and that wasn’t one of them. He was honestly starting to get a little uneasy so he didn’t carry her to breakfast as he always did. Somthing was wrong and he wondered if he had done anything the previous night.
When Aurel’s eyes settled on Ruth he felt a sickness in his stomach. There was something off about her, something not right. He blinked, becoming worried. Chthon seemed a bit troubled as well, his emotions showing clearly in his eyes. He wanted to ask him what was wrong, but decided to wait until after breakfast. Savitri’s suspicion gnawed at him, especially since Delphine wasn’t at breakfast. He excused himself and headed upstairs, knocking on her door. When she didn’t answer he pushed the door open and saw her laying there. “Delphine.” He said and she didn’t respond. He crossed the room and shook her. “Delphine?” He became worried when she still didn’t wake and ran from the room to get Chthon.

Ruth was terrified when she heard someone enter the room, but felt relief when Savitri’s familiar voice filled her ears. She became confused when he called her Delphine, but then he said it again and her heart slammed against her chest. He shook her and then retreated. She screamed at him to come back in her head, starting to cry again. She tried to piece together what was going on. Savitri would never mistake her for someone else which meant she had either been enchanted to look like Delphine or everyone’s eyes had been enchanted to see her that way. She felt a sense of betrayal creeping in and with it an anger she had never felt before.

“Chthon.” Savitri said as he entered the dining room. “Chthon, it’s Delphine. She won’t wake up, something’s wrong.”

Chthon came to his feet. “Is she in her room?” Savitri nodded. “Aurel please come with me, everyone else please enjoy the rest of your breakfast.”

Delphine felt her heart slam fearfully against her chest and she stood to follow them. “Stay here mom, dad and Aurel can handle it.” Ilios said and she glared at the boy. Ilios drew back shocked and she quickly sat down.

As Chthon and Aurel entered Delphine’s room, a wave of unease hit them both. There was a strange smell that they could not quite place. They crossed over to Delphine and Chthon rolled her gently onto her back. “It doesn’t appear she has been bitten by anything. Search her room while I examine her.” Aurel walked around the room looking behind books and in her drawers and closet. He couldn’t find anything hidden anywhere, but that smell wouldn’t leave his nose. As he crossed the room again one of the boards lifted a little on one side. He squatted down and pried it loose, finding some herbs, water, and a mortar and pestle. He lifted them out and called to Chthon. “Did she make some kind of poison?”

“I don’t know, some of these plants I have never seen. I’ll need to consult your books on potions to see what they do that way I can maybe reverse whatever she has done to herself.”
“alright, go” Chthon was already suspicious that whatever was wrong with Delphine had somthing to do with what was off about his mate. Aurel began consulting Chthons books. He knew most of them by heart so it wasn’t long before a rage that would be even worse in Chthon swept through him at the potion those ingredients concocted together. He wanted to storm in there and jerk “ruth” out of her seat and proclaim her as a liar masquerading but he knew he should go to Chthon first.

Aurel ran back to Delphines room and handed him the book, still opened to the page Aurel had read. Chthon had been angry many times in his life, at his father, at demons who attacked his family, at life events but not a time compared to some bitch masquerading as his wife and trapping the real Ruth in a coma. He had been kind to this woman and allowed her in his home, only for her to sneak into his bed and torture his wife. In the rage that boiled over him he shifted into his true demon form, unable to hold his pleasant disguise with how out of control his demonic rage was.

Nobody used his Ruth and no other woman entered his bed but her. “Chthon, youll burn the book” Aurel said and held his hand out for Chthon to give it. Chthon slammed the book into his friends hands and went straight for the dining hall. He didn’t even bother to turn and open doors, he simply and angrily went straight through the walls of his home. Aurel touched Ruths hand “don’t worry. I’ll get started on what needs to be done to put you back in your own body. If you can hear me which I’m sure you can don’t worry or be afraid.” Ruth had felt Chthons anger and wondered what he was about to do.

Everyone in the dining hall heard the walls crumbling and the castle shake. Delphine knew they had figured it out. Her plan was foiled when it had only just began. She tried to get up and run but was soon grabbed by the hair. She looked at Chthon with terrified eyes. His face was a scowl and she had never seen him like this before, didn’t even know he looked any other way than she had always seen him.

“dad! What’re you doing to mom!” Amara shouted fearfully as everybody stood confused. “this fucking bitch isn’t your mother. This is Delphine! She’s taken your mothers body and has been using it! Using the very woman that allowed you in this castle! You were in my bed last night, was that you or my wife?!”

“I uh…i” Delphine was so shaken and scared she coudln’t talk”

“answer me!” Chthon said in a loud growl that shook the castle. When she was still babbling like an infant he said “you are lucky right now you are in my Ruths body. Do not push me wench. How long have you been pretending to be my Ruth?’

“Just..just this morning…..i….i….I…gave her the…I poured”

“speak like you have some intelligence!” He said in a beast like tone. Even Chthons children were afraid of him right now and may have run if they too weren’t frozen with fear. “I slipped potion into Ruths drink last night. I’ve only been in her body since she fell asleep…i sw…i swear”
“Dad, you need to calm down.” Fotia bravely said as she came to her feet and moved slowly over to her dad. “I know you’re angry, but you need to breathe.”

He turned his eyes to his daughter, seeing that she was shaking, then over the rest of his family. He took a deep breath then another, his demonic form disappearing so he was himself once again. “I’m sorry I scared you all.” He turned his eyes back to Delphine and they filled with rage again, but this time he kept himself calm. “You’re coming with me.” He dragged her behind him as he started upstairs and she started crying. Her tears did nothing to soften his stone heart. He pulled her into her room and shoved her. “Can you fix my wife?”

“I…I…yes, but…”

“But what?” He growled.

“I love you.”

He clenched his fists. “You’re an obsessed whore. I feel sick just know I almost had sex with you. Only Ruth can make me happy and no matter what face you wear you are not her, now give her back.”

She swallowed, suddenly feeling brave. “Or what? You can’t hurt me or you hurt her.”

“I can put you through horrendous mental anguish Delphine, I can have Aurel seek out your worst fears and then I can use them against you. Don’t think you can play me you bitch because I always come out on top.” He grabbed her by her throat. “You are nothing to me, do you understand that, nothing.” He shoved her away. “Now give her back.” His eyes blazed with barely restrained rage and she felt a shiver move up her spine. She turned away from him and said the words to switch them back. Ruth felt herself being pulled away, a sensation she had only felt once before and then her soul became still again. Chthon held her unconscious body in his arms, hoping Delphine had done as she was told. “Bind her and put a spell of silence on her vocal cords. We can deal with her once Ruth is awake.” Aurel simply nodded and set to work as Chthon carried his wife out of Delphine’s room.
Aurel was glad it was as simple as words to switch back bodies. He had been trying to figure out a way but couldn’t find it when he had continued to look through the book. Chthon took Ruth into his bedroom and sealed the doors behind him. Nobody would be able to enter now unless he bade them entry. He settled with her in bed, hoping her head didn’t hurt from him holding her up by her hair or her body didn’t ache from being drug. Since she was as demon as he was there was a chance she wouldn’t feel a thing when she woke.

It was about a half hour later when Ruth stirred. He knew instantly it was his Ruth though he hated how upset she seemed. He hugged her tightly to him “Nothing happened baby, I swear I didn’t cheat on you. I..we almost had sex but you werent acting like you so it didnt happen and I thank my stars for it..I would never cheat on you Ruth”

‘I know, what happened?”

“she switched your bodies so she could walk around as you. It’s only been a morning and not even a full one”

“where is that horrible bitch” Ruth cursing was unlike her but he still knew she was his one and only. “she is bound and silenced. I couldn’t deal with her until you were awake. What should I do about her?”

“I want to see her”

“then we’ll go but please, I need a kiss” Ruth pressed her lips into Chthons, calming his hard pumping heart. He unsealed his doors and carried Ruth to Delphines bedroom. She too was awake but stuck motionless “unbind her Aurel” he nodded and did as she told him. Delphine stood with a daring look of anger at Ruth for still being favored by Chthon. Ruth slapped Delphine hard enough to knock her off her feet “you are to get out of this castle right now and never come back or dare ask for our help again. I don’t care what takes you” Delphine not wanting to stick around for the beast in Chthon again took off running, falling down the first set of stairs in her haste.

Chthon pulled Ruth into a tight hug and spoke choked up words “again, you were snatched from me again…I cant..” now he did start to cry and Ruth tried to quell her own anger to properly comfort him. “Nobody did because you were smart enough to know it wasn’t me. I remember this morning now that I’m back in my own body.”

“for now on if a female shows the smallest amount of interest in me other than friend we kick her out. I dont care if it isnt fair because they all dont do that. Its how its going to be”

“ok baby” Chthon was rarely demanding and she would let him have this one. She felt she owed that to him. This situation wouldn’t be nearly as traumatic for Chthon if she had chosen to be a demon the first time she was alive and he hadn’t have had to endure all those years without her. Aurel explained what happened to everyone so Chthon and Ruth could be alone. Chthon took Ruth straight back to their room where he just held her. He went between tears and kissing her as he kept Ruth close. “I love you Chthon” Ruth said in a gentle voice. Chthon rested his head against hers “I love you too”

“Can i say or do anything baby?” He shook his head, not wanting to cry any more. “I’m really happy you could tell she wasn’t me” Chthon shakily breathed “Of course, I know your smiles, your touch, I know all the wonderful ways in which you react to me. I would have caught her sooner if I hadnt have just woken up. I…you’re my everything Ruth. I can never be without you again…never again”
“Hush now baby, I’m okay now.” She stroked her fingers through his hair and hummed softly to him, wanting him to relax. He suddenly smiled and she said, “What?”

“Just you cussing and getting so angry, now that I think back on it, you looked really adorable. I’ve never seen you that way before, you’re always so gentle and sweet.” He chuckled and rubbed his nose lovingly against hers. “I’m almost sad everyone else missed it.”

“There’s my Chthon.”

“I may have to lock you up for awhile until I feel it’s safe enough to let you out.”

“That wouldn’t be fair to everyone else, especially the great grandkids.”

He sighed. “Then I’ll just have to stay constantly attached to your hip. I’ll send one of the boys to fight of demons until I feel comfortable leaving you.”

“If that’s what you need then okay.” He gave a relieved smile and held her a little tighter, unwilling to let her go. Lunch was brought to them by Fotia and Chthon found himself apologizing again for scaring her and the others. Fotia just hugged him and then her mother and left them alone to eat and rest.
Chthon kept Ruth to himself until dinner when she insisted she was absolutely fine and wanted to see them. When they left the room they saw everyone in the castle had been working to fix the damage Chthon caused in his anger. Once everyone was at the table he apologized and they all assured him they understood and were glad it was caught so fast that Delphine had taken over Ruth. “I hope this doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth for our home Ethel. This is a horrible first visit”

“Oh no, things were wonderful before that woman did what she did. I really love this family as I love Mikhail and we will definitively come back.” The other guests in the castle seemed nervous but Ruth assured them they wouldn’t be forced to leave because of Delphines actions. In the following days they finished the repairs to Chthons castle then went back to just enjoying eachother. Slowly over the following days the demons Chthon and his family saved left the castle to find their own lives so only Chthons family remained.

As Chthon had warned he remained glued to Ruth no matter where she went. Not even the small space they had before remained but nobody blamed her or mentioned it in any way. Everyone that knew them knew Ruth was Chthons world and that the very foundation of who he was was shaken if there was even a threat of him not having her any longer. It was a shame there were still and probably would always be demons who were foolish enough to mess with his Ruth, the one thing Chthon needed in the world.

~ The End ~

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