Ruth & Chthon 5

Chapter One

Chthon and Ruths last child had moved out and they were just enjoying being with eachother for the time being. Ruth loved kids but for atleast a few years they both wanted it to just be them. They spent their nights making love and their days just enjoying eachother and the world around them. The amazing thing about being demons was even as old as they were they had all the energy of a toddler to do as they pleased. They came in laughing from the rain, both covered in mud that they tracked through the house as they walked to their bedroom.

Maids were already working on it before they even shut their door. They ripped eachothers clothes off then Chthon adjusted the shower water for them. He stepped in first then Ruth followed behind. It felt good to be in the heat after being so cold outside. Chthon pulled his wife into him for a hug and kissed her head “I love you so dearly Ruth. Every day i wake feeling lucky”

“Me too Chthon, me too. I’m glad we’re just taking time to be together again without children”

“Dont think I wont give you more the second you ask it” Ruth smiled “and you know I’ll ask it eventually” His smile was brighter “I know”

They fell asleep with smiles on their faces, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms. They were woke early the next morning by someone banging on their door. It sounded almost panicky so Chthon climbed quickly out of bed and pulled on a pair of pants. When he opened the door, he saw Fotia standing there with eyes swimming with tears. “Fotia, did something happen?”

“There’s a man here with his wife and children, their village has been destroyed. They said it was a demon, the father is wounded.”

“Go back down and keep them calm, I’ll be down in just a moment.”

“Okay.” He shut the door and pulled the rest of his clothes on as Ruth was getting out of bed. He waited for her to dress then picked her up to make going downstairs faster. When they got downstairs, the family of five had been taken into the living room. The mother and two youngest children were crying while the oldest boy and the father held them. Blood stained the front of the father’s shirt and ran down his arm from a wound in his shoulder. Fotia sat next to them, doing her best to soothe them.

“Fotia, please ask the maids to make sure two rooms are set up for them and then bring a healing potion.”

“Yes father.” She got to her feet and ran from the living room while Chthon lowered Ruth to her feet and she took Fotia’s place on the couch.

“Tell me what happened? I know you are all scared and in pain but the more I know before going in the better”

“We were all sleeping and woke to screams. My wife and I walked out of our house to see most the homes destroyed and an evil demon attacking people. He’s tall, has white hair and these horns. We went in to get our children and run. He dove after us and I just, I protected them and he soon lost his interest because a magic caster from our village tried to protect me…she died so my family and I could live” his bottom lip quivered “so many are dead. He’s so powerful but from what we’ve heard there isn’t a demon you’ve fought that could beat you and your family. Please stop him.”

“I will” Chthon said resolutely. Two maids came in “we always make sure atleast a few rooms are ready. if any of you aren’t wounded and want a bed for the night please come with us” The husband looked at his oldest son “go with your siblings and get them resting please”

“Yes sir”

“I’ll come in later when your father is better so you know alright” the mother said to her son. “Thanks mom” they hugged their parents and the children allowed one of the maids to leave with them. “I’ll just wait here for you two okay?’ the remaining maid said “thank you” Chthon answered her. Fotia soon came back with a change of clothes for each of them and the children along with a potion to heal the father. When they were sure the man was going to be alright Fotia gave them their clothing and the maid who was to lead them took the childrens for Fotia.

Before Fotia had come back the man had explained where his village was. Chthon had passed through there before so didn’t need to put the family in harms way again to find it. “Can Cipher and I help father?”

“No offense to Cipher but he will slow me down. I want to take care of this quickly. Stay here, the family has already interacted with you so they will be most comfortable if you’re around.”

“Ava, Yama & Saraiyu don’t live far. Lets get them. They are all fast enough to keep pace with us.”

“Lets just get Yama & Saraiyu. Assaku would slow us down and I hate telling any of my descendants their mates just aren’t fast enough to keep up with me. I feel like an ass”

“You’re just stating a fact Chthon. In situations like this you can’t always spare feelings but I understand. We’ll just get the boys.”

Ruth and Chthon left the castle, Chthon lifting his wife off the ground and running quickly for their children’s home. Yama was outside when they arrived, laying in the grass and using his wind powers to push the clouds into different shapes. Right at that moment he was forming a giant dragon breathing fire at some men. He sat up, sensing his mother and father’s presence. The smile on his face faded when he saw how serious they looked and he quickly got to his feet. “Saraiyu, mom and dad are here.”

Saraiyu came out of the house. “Mother, father how are you?”

“We need you two to come with us, we have business to take care of.”

“Has something happened?” Yama asked, concerned.

“A demon has attacked and destroyed a village.”

“Should we go get Assaku and Ava?” Saraiyu asked.

“Where are they?”

“They went out swimming, but who knows when they’ll get back. If I had to compare them to anyone, it would be you two.”

“Yama.” Ruth said and he son smiled brightly.

“Give us a couple of moments and we’ll come.”

The boys were quickly ready and followed their father as he carried their mother off. “How’re you besides this mom?”


“Still loving the alone time?”

“yeah but you know you boys are always welcome” They both smiled “we know mom” they answered at once. “we’re just waiting to hear about another baby with how you two are” Saraiyu said. Ruth giggled “I love you boys”

“what’s this demon like?” Yama asked. “apparently pretty tall, white hair, horns, wings. He sounded really powerful aswell”

“Not compared to dad I bet but damn wings suck. I like it when we’re the only ones who can fly” Chthon smiled pridefully “Just never get too cocky boys. I may have never met a demon that could truly match me but that doesnt mean there isn’t one. Cockyness will get you killed no matter how good you are. Always keep in mind that you can be beaten.”

“Yes sir” the twins answered. They traveled non stop until they arrived at the annihilated village. All life was gone, only corpses and debris was anywhere in site. “what a bastard” Yama said and Saraiyu agreed. Chthon put Ruth down and began looking for the demons scent. He covered his mouth, memories flying through his mind “Ruth”

“what baby?”

“It’s Galfin” she looked shocked, instantly remembering the boy “Galfin? How could it be?” a small hint of shame crossed his face “well….. I started to neglect checking on him and after you died I wasn’t there for him at all and you know what his parents were like.”

“But he was so sweet.”

“I guess they changed that but damnit we are’t killing him if we can avoid it. I know the Galfin we knew has to be in there. I have to tell him I’m sorry. We have to fix this Ruth…I can’t believe this is Galfin.” Ruth hugged him “you’ve done so much good Chthon. Don’t fall apart over this. We can help him. He was too kind hearted to be completely gone”

“Who’s Galfin?” Yama asked.

“He was a very sweet, extremely innocent young man whose father was neglectful and abusive. He spent a great deal of time at the castle when he was a child. After your mother died, I ignored everyone, I neglected him when he needed me most. I have no idea what he went through in my absence, but I am sure it was not pleasant.”

“What if we cannot save him father?” Saraiyu asked.

“Then I will be the one to destroy him.” Chthon answered sadly. “But until he gives me no other choice, I will try to remind if the sweet boy he was before.”

“We should take time to bury the dead.” Ruth added and they all nodded. Chthon opened the ground using his power then they all moved the dead bodies into the holes. Chthon pushed the dirt back into place then said a few words before once again inhaling Galfin’s scent.

“He went north, we should hurry before he harms anyone else.”

The boys had no idea who this man was but the disconsolate look on their mothers face told this this man once meant a great deal to them so they both hoped Galfin could be saved. Their parents had saved so many people from themselves that it would be a travesty if this was the life they couldn’t turn around. Once again they were reminded how lucky they were in life to have the parents they did. With how loving their family was it was somtimes easy to forget that a majority of demon families weren’t this way.

Saraiyu could barely take the look on his mothers face “Mom, we’ll turn him around.” she nodded “we have to.” Ruth honestly felt like it was her fault. If she hadn’t made such a foolish choice when she was human Chthon would have never gone into that deep depression. Yet another bad thing to add to the pile of devastation she caused by allowing herself to die instead of become a demon. She almost wanted to cry thinking of that sweet boy at the mercy of his parents but held it in. She would only further upset her boys and husband. She would give anything to take back doing that to her family and friends.

For conversations sake Yama asked “we going to help those people rebuild their village?”

“If they want it rebuilt of course we will. I’ll gather more of our family so it wont be so hard on them as humans”

“I’ll gladly help”

“Me too” Saraiyu added. “thanks boys” Ruth answered. “Its how you two raised us to be” Saraiyu answered in attempt to make his mother smile. She did but he still saw the pain and worry behind it. Galfin laid in a field feeling as empty and rage filled as ever. There wasn’t a single day when he felt anywhere near happy since he lost the only family he had ever had and got stuck with his parents. It hurt Chthon suddenly didn’t care anymore once Ruth was gone and it hurt Ruth didn’t love everybody enough to stay. All these hundreds of years later and everything still pissed him off. It made him realize his parents way was the right way. Being nice and caring for people got you nothing as a demon. Happiness only came from causing others misery but then why was he still unhappy?

Chapter Two

He yearned for something and wished he could fill the gaping hole in his heart, but it seemed the harder he tried, the bigger it got. “Damn it!” He growled and a couple of trees close by were suddenly ripped out of the ground. He sat up, hugged his knees to his chest and pulled his wings tightly around him. He wanted desperately to know what he was missing.

Ruth rode on Chthon’s back as he soared through the air, his wings beating strongly so he was propelled forward at an amazing rate of speed. She thought of Galfin, of the sweet innocent boy who would always visit the castles, of the young man who had played with her children, who had mourned the death of Lucy and Noah with them. She could only imagine what atrocities had been committed against him. The guilt ate at her, his obvious rage and hate broke her heart. She hoped he would listen to reason and would come home with them.

Galfin got to his feet and took to the sky, closing his eyes as he soared up through the clouds. He didn’t understand why the weightlessness of flight seemed to bring him a measure of peace. He let himself drift away, let his wings carry him where they wished. A vibration ran through the air and his eyes snapped open. Something very powerful was coming his way, he could feel it and even the mere echo the air brought him spoke of an incredibly strong being. He smirked, realizing he was being tracked, but he refused to be captured. Whoever it was would have to work to get to him and the first chance he got, he would kill whoever it was.

The length of this flight was precisely why Chthon had been so picky about who came. When chasing a flyer you didn’t know how long you’d have to give chase since there were no obstacles in their way. His sons did this with ease while other demons may have begun to need a break at this point. He was especially proud of them because they hadn’t even asked to stop and eat to make up for the energy they were using. Ruth was riding so she wasn’t expending the energy their twins were.

He did however tell them to stop when he spotted an apple tree. They ate quickly so they wouldn’t cause too much distance between them and Galfin. It was in the afternoon the next day they finally spotted Galfins long, pure white hair and gorgeous wings flying before them. It was almost as soon as their eyes found him he turned with a cocky smile. That smile soon faltered when he saw who had been chasing him.


“Give up now Galfin, I do not wish to hurt you.”

“It’s too late for that.” He studied the two young men on either side of Chthon. “They are yours.”

“And mine.” That voice, he knew that voice. Ruth looked over Chthon’s shoulder and Galfin felt his heart rate spike.

“It can’t be, you’re dead.”


“No, it’s a trick, a lie.” Lightening flashed around them, a bright, blinding light

“You need to calm down.” Chthon said, his voice stern.

Lightening flashed again, the loud boom of thunder vibrated their bodies and then it was pouring rain. Galfin clenched his fists, so angry he was shaking. “You bastard, you let them break me.”

Ruth wanted to go to him, to explain things, but before she could get a single word out of her mouth they were nearly struck by a bolt of white hot lightening. She could feel the electricity radiating off of it and she went temporarily blind from the flash. “Yama, Saraiyu take your mother to ground.”

“But dad we..” Yama started.

“No buts, do as you are told and get her out of the sky.”

Both boys frowned, but did as they were told. “Be careful my love.” Ruth said, kissing his cheek. “He’s in pain so please just try to disarm him.”

“I’ll try, he’s so angry though.”

“If anyone can save him, you can.” He wanted to tell her that without her love and compassion he wouldn’t be able too, but his attention was diverted when another bolt of lightening flew at them and he had to throw up a barrier to keep it back.

“Stop this now Galfin, there’s no reason to fight.”

“I hate you! There’s every reason to fight! You abandon me! She abandon us!” Galfin yelled back in obvious rage and turmoil. “Ruth didn’t die to leave us Galfin! She was just confused. She made a bad choice but we have her again.”

“and yet you still never thought about me. She died and you just brushed me off!” Galfin began trying to strike Chthon with hot white lightening as he flew towords him but Chthon was much too skilled despite how powerful of a demon Galfin had grown to be. Chthon spoke as he could through their battling, just staying on the defensive in hopes it didn’t come down to having to hurt Galfin. “I’m sorry Galfin. I was drowning in depression. I wasn’t there for my own children. I handled loseing her poorly and while shes my soulmate there will never be an excuse for how heavily I drank or my disregard for my friends and family. Please Galfin just come home with us.

We love and miss you. I have thought of you but I figured you went about your own life. I was foolish and didn’t think what must have happened to you. I thought your parents were smart enough to heed my warnings! Galfin! This isn’t you at all. You have a good heart!”

“Not any more. Never again. You just, loving gets you nothing! Ruth died though she could have lived. She left you even though all you did was worship the ground she walked on!” Ruths lip trembled and she couldn’t stop the silent tears streaming her face.

Chthon grabbed Galfin’s arm as he swung at him and Galfin growled, charging his body with electricity. “That won’t work.” He shoved Galfin away. “Stop this right now.”

Galfin growled and went at him like a rabid dog. “Stop.” Ruth yelled, but they couldn’t hear her over the sound of the thunder and pouring rain. She took to the sky, her sons screaming at her to come back. Lightening struck close by. She could feel the heat coming off of it and closed her eyes for a moment so she wouldn’t be blinded. Even so, it was bright enough that she could see the other side of her eyelids. “Stop, please stop.”

Chthon turned at her voice and Galfin pulled a dagger from his boot and stabbed him. His aim was bad so it pierced his side rather than his stomach. He pulled the knife out to stab him again when Ruth was suddenly between them. He stopped the blade a hairs breadth from her and pulled back. “Get out of the way Ruth.” He yelled.

“If you want me out of the way then kill me. Put that dagger in my heart right now, because this is all my fault.” His grip tightened on the dagger, everyone was frozen as they waited. “Do it Galfin, kill me. If you have no heart, if you truly hate me, hate Chthon, then kill me. Show me how evil you are.” The rain hid her tears, but it did nothing to hide the pain in her voice. “I’m sorry Galfin, I’m sorry I left you all. I have regretted my choice since the moment I drew my first breath upon resurrection. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

He cried too for a few moments in silence as he stared at her before saying “I missed you two. I’ve been filled with so much hate and anger because you two were the only parents I had. You broke my heart” Ruth opened her arms and Galfin dropped his blade and hugged her “I’m sorry” she said softly. “come home with us Galfin” Chthon said from behind them. “am I really welcome? I’ve done so many terrible things”

“that’s in the past now’ Ruth said and Galfin tightened his grip “I’ve always loved you so much Ruth”

“and I loved you, I honestly loved everyone Galfin. I’m never leaving you all again” Ruth kept holding him until the storm he had started faded away. “You ready to find somwhere dry to rest?’ Ruth asked. Galfin kissed her cheek “yes” They flew until they were above grass that was dry then landed for a much needed break. The twins hunted, killed and prepared dinner then everyone laid down. The twins were tense at first but by morning they found peace in the fact their parents trusted this man. Their mother trusted him so much she had thrown herself between him and their father, no doubt knowing he wouldn’t stab her.

After all their mother had made a promise never to leave them again so there wasn’t any way she would have done somthing like that and betrayed all their trust in allowing herself to die. After breakfast Galfin hugged Ruth again, needing her warmth and love. When he let go he asked ‘what’re you two boys names?”


“Saraiyu” Galfin nodded “I know it isn’t nice to meet me but it’s nice to meet you”

“If mom and dad say you’re okay, then you’re okay. Our family trusts their judgement more than anything, to us their word is law, but the people you hurt may not be so easy to forgive.” Yama explained.

“But if anyone tries to harm you, they will have to deal with our father and most people don’t tend to mess with those he has taken under his wing.” Saraiyu added.

“Nigel was like you once, he killed many people. His mate’s best friend was the sister of one of his victims, an angel.” Chthon said, his eyes meeting Galfin’s.

“Did he earn forgiveness?”

“It took awhile, but after awhile she forgave him.”

“I never knew Nigel had done something like that.”

“Because it in the past, there’s no reason to talk about it because there is nothing that can be done about it other than moving forward. Maybe you’ll be forgiven, maybe you won’t, all you can do is keep going.”

Galfin pulled his knees up to his chest and hugged them. “Galfin, everything’s going to be okay.” Ruth said softly and placed her hand on his arm. She was so warm, he didn’t think he had ever felt anything so warm. It spread from the spot she touched and moved through his body, helping to ease the tension in his body.

“We should get home and get you settled.” Chthon said as he got to his feet. “We have a lot of people living there, all of them kind.”

“Are you sure they’ll be okay with me staying there?”

“Trust me, there are a few people in our family who have dark pasts and all of them are well loved. You’ll fit in just fine.”

“I’ve missed the castle”

“Just be prepared, it’s changed a lot over the years. Mainly I don’t have a bunch of strangers living there any longer”

“so if he hasn’t seen you guys since mom was dead does he know how many children you two have?’ Yama asked and Ruth laughed then said ‘we have ten children now”

“wow, but i guess if anybody should have a lot of chldren it’s you two. Your kids will make this world a better place” Ruth smiled and kissed his cheek “you will too Galfin.” His heart trembled “I really did miss you so much Ruth. You were the mother I didn’t get to have..a real mom”

“and you were my baby Galfin. I’ll never be able to express how sorry i am for ever being so stupid. Thank goodness for Assaku”


“we’ll explain at home” Chthon interjected. Ruth nodded “are we rushing or can i fly myself Chthon?” Ruth asked. “if you want to fly you can. The danger is over.” Chthon looked at Galfin “We have some of the humans in our castle whose village you destroyed. I want you to apologize to them Galfin when we get home”

“I will” They all took off, flying non stop until they reached the castle. “Maybe i should wait out here. I don’t want to scare them before you talk to them” Galfin suggested and Ruth took his hand “They should be having dinner right now so Chthon and my boys can go in first and then call us in”

“sounds good” Chthon agreed then they all entered.

Galfin looked at his feet as he sat with Ruth in the library. They could hear the man yelling angrily as well as Chthon’s calm voice. The man’s voice quieted and they heard footsteps. Both Galfin and Ruth got to their feet and Chthon pulled the door open. He was followed inside by the man and his wife, their children were upstairs. Before Galfin could open his mouth to speak he was punched in the cheek. When he didn’t go down, the man hit him again and Ruth quickly grabbed his arm. “That’s enough.” She said.

“I can’t believe you would protect this…this thing.”

“He is my son.” She shot back, staring straight into his eyes.

“Your son?”

“We adopted him. You have no idea what he went through, what horrors he was subjected to. Do you have any idea how dark demons can be?”

He clenched his fists. “No I…I don’t, but…”

“The majority of young male demons are forced to watch people being raped, murdered, and beaten. Even they themselves are sometimes used as playthings or are forced to hurt others or die. The females are broken, made into toys, there are even fathers who use their own daughters. Galfin was made into a monster. So until you know what it’s like to be mentally, physically, and emotionally abused, do not judge him, show some mercy and forgiveness.”

“I’m sorry.” Galfin said softly. “I’m so sorry I hurt you and terrorized you and killed in front of you and your children. I deserve your hate, I understand if you will never forgive me. I am a monster.”

The man stood there shaking with his anger but it slowly faded “I know demons are bastards but you destroyed where i grew up, where my children were growing up. You’ve” he stopped and sighed “I cant say i forgive you but I guess I can refrain from hitting you”

“I understand, Chthon always helped rebuild villages so I’m sure he’s going to do that with yours too. I’ll help undo what I’ve done” the man nodded and walked out. Ruth hugged him and Galfin squeezed her “I’m your son?” he asked in a touched, near tears tone. “Of course you are Galfin. I love you” Galfin almost cried but he had been taught so strictly not to nothing came. Chthon sighed “Tomorrow I’ll gather what children are close enough to gather and we’ll go help those people rebuild their village. Try to rest Galfin”

“I could read you to sleep like I used to do” Ruth offered “thank you, It would help” Ruth looked over at Chthon “I’ll be in bed a little later baby” Chthon walked over and kissed his wife “ok, don’t rush.” Ruth let Galfin select a book then they went to his bedroom where she read until he was sleeping. Ruth getting off the bed to leave woke Galfin from his slumber but he didn’t call her back. Chthon was waiting and he had already been a big enough baby.

Ruth still felt the weight of her choice in her first life as she walked down the hall. She would have never believed before the loss of her would hurt so many people. All his victims were her fault, Chthon becoming a miserable man lost in a sea of despair was her fault, all those years of hurt among her children was all on her and being reminded of it killed her.

“Ruth?” Chthon said when they were alone.


“Don’t.” She came to a stop right in front of the bathroom door.

“Don’t what?”

His arms were around her waist, his lips brushed her cheek. “It’s not your fault, no one blames you.”

Her lip quivered and she swallowed as tears slipped down her cheeks. “Chthon, I…” He turned her around and she pressed her face into his shirt.

“Shh, it’s okay my love.” He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. “I let myself break down, I ignored our children, I ignored Abraxas, and I let Galfin be abused. It was my fault, not yours. I couldn’t pick myself up after you died and I let things get out of hand.”

“But I left.” She wailed and he held her tighter. “I hurt everyone.”

“Enough.” He kissed her, causing more tears to slide down her face. “That’s enough my love, my mate, my heart.” He kissed her again, lifting her and carrying her over to the bed. He would do anything to stop her tears. He pulled their clothes off, let his hands slide over the smoothness of her skin. “I love you Ruth, so so much.” He sank into the warmth of her body, kissed away her tears. Her tears of sadness turned to tears of ecstasy as his all consuming love and lust took her away. Her back arched off the bed as a powerful orgasm rocked her body and he grabbed his shirt, pulling out at the last possible moment. “Better?” He asked as he brushed feather light kisses over her face.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I blame myself so much, but…”

“Hush, no more of that. Even though it hurt I understood it and I knew it couldn’t have been easy. No one blames you, no matter how upset they were. We’re just happy to have you now.”

“Oh Chthon, I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” He kissed her again and lifted her off the bed. “It’s been a long day, lets bathe and rest okay?”


Chapter Three

He ran water and added sweet smelling bubble bath to help relax his mate before settling into the water with her, Chthon genuinely hoped Galfin would be the final reminder for Ruth about what had happened. It ripped him apart when she was this sad. Tired from the long day Ruth nearly fell asleep in the tub. Chthon smiled and got out with her. He stood her up long enough to dry them both then snuggled into the comforts of their luxurious bed together.

Locked safely in Chthons arms Ruth fell asleep easily and woke the next day feeling a lot better. She woke Chthon with a heartfelt kiss that made his heart flutter into its awake rhythm. “Morning”

“Morning, thank you for last night” he smiled “it was my pleasure”

“lets go meet everyone for breakfast” she said then got up to dress herself in somthing she didn’t mind working in. “you sure you don’t want to stay here baby?”

“Of course i don’t” He got up without further protest and dressed with the same thing in mind she had when choosing clothes. Chthon didn’t stay at breakfast long so he could hurry up and gather people to help them get the job done. It seemed with him gone things were especially awkward with the human family but Ruth was glad they were at least leaving poor Galfin alone now.

After breakfast the family left without saying where in the castle they were going but Ruth left it be. She could easily find them if they were needed. With them gone Galfin got up and hugged Ruth again. “morning to you too”

“I missed hugs” she frowned and held him tighter “now you can have however many you want at anytime Galfin” He held her for a long space of time then asked “more story until Chthon gets back?”

“of course, you know I love reading”

“yeah” She went back to his room since that was where the book was and read to Galfin until she could feel her husbands presense return to the castle. “You go to Chthon. I’ll find the family” she said as she closed the book “alright mom” Galfin kissed her cheek then walked away.

“Galfin, how are you doing this morning?” Chthon asked.

“Fine, did you get enough people?”

“Of course, just came to get Ruth and the others. Everyone’s waiting for us at the village.”

“Oh, good.”

He followed Chthon upstairs where Ruth and Amara were just exiting Amara’s room. “There’s my beautiful wife and my princess. You ready for work?”

“Always daddy, I’m going to be helping mom plant flowers.” Amara smiled warmly at Galfin. “What about you, you ready for some extreme fatigue?”

“Sure, I don’t tire easily though.” Galfin replied, feeling a little awkward.

“You males and always letting us women know just how manly you are.”

Ruth laughed. “They can’t help it dear, their pride won’t let them keep it to themselves.”

Chthon grabbed Ruth’s hand and pulled her into him. “Now, now my love, that’s no way to talk about the man who chases away your every worry.” He winked and she blushed.

“If you two are going to do that please go to your room.” Amara teased then grabbed Galfin’s arm. “Come one, unless you want to see them making out.”

“We’re coming, your father is just being sweet, as always.”

Chthon carried the husband, Ruth carried the children and Amara carried the wife until they made it back to the village where their family got straight to work rebuilding the village and planting flowers to make things beautiful again. Some of the other inhabitants even started coming back as the days of work went on and found it in themselves not to hold a grudge against Galfin since Ruth explained everything. It made the first man feel foolish enough to apologies to Galfin and accept his apology in return but he was too proud.

When everything was done the village thanked them, even Galfin which touched him. Amara took his hand for support since he looked like he might cry. Finally Chthon waved down the thank yous and told them all they had to return home. With one final farewell they all flew back to the castle to begin their new life with Galfin back in the family.

~ The End ~

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