Ruth & Chthon 6

Chapter One

Chthon didn’t know where he was, but as he stared at his captors from the other side of his cage, he felt an incredible amount of rage move through him. Locked around his neck was a collar infused with magic that suppressed his demonic abilities. He was no stronger than a human and every time he tried to tamper with the collar, a stabbing pain filled his body. “So you are awake, good.” The feminine voice filled the room and he found himself staring in to the eyes of a blonde haired woman.

“Who the fuck are you?” He asked angrily, his fingers gripping the bars.

“You really are angry, you’ve never felt this weak. I did not think my magic would work on you.”

“Answer me.”

She grinned. “You have been a thorn in my side for awhile now Chthon Aponte. My business has take quite a hit since you have been killing my slavers. No one wants to work with someone who would go against you.”

“Let me out now or I’ll rip your heart out.”

She laughed. “How funny, but don’t worry, I’ll definitely let you out after I’ve given you a heavy dose of dismornfia powder.”

“You won’t touch me bitch.”

“You’re too weak to fight back and after, I’ll drop you off at home. I’m sure your little family is missing you right about now, it has been a few days.”

Chthon let out an enraged growl “dont you dare!” He was honestly afraid of what he might do to his family. He knew they wouldn’t just run and he couldn’t live with himself if he hurt them. Ruth would be the most stubborn of them all and that in itself was terrifying. How could he touch her ever again if he had her blood on his hands, even if he had no control over himself. Drowning was such a torturous way to die and he could cause it so easily. He feared he might drown them all before they even had a chance to react to him. He tried not to let the terror show but her cackling told Chthon she knew he was afraid for his family.

Ruth paced back and forth in her room, so worried about Chthon she couldn’t stay still. He had never been gone this long, he always kept his promise to come right home. She was nearly in tears when someone knocked on her bedroom door and then pushed it open. It was Aurel and Diana. They had come straight from their homeland when they heard Chthon was missing. “Anything?” She asked hopefully.

“We found where he went to stop the slavers, but there was nothing but burned buildings and a few corpses. We weren’t able to follow his scent very far. Someone used magic to obliterate it.” Aurel replied and Ruth started crying. “Forgive me Ruth, I just thought…”

“No, it’s fine, honesty is best.” She flopped down on her bed and buried her face in her hands. Diana sat next to her and wrapped her in a hug.

“We’ll find him.”

“If someone took him they were either really powerful or really smart, either way, we’ll keep looking and we won’t stop until he is home again.”

Chthon struggled as the men pulled him from his cage, headbutting one of them in the face and breaking the man’s nose. “You mother fucker.” The man screamed as he clutched his face. The other man kicked him in the back of the knee and punched him before dragging him over to the wooden table and throwing him on there. The man with the broken nose had recovered enough to help pin him down and they used the leather restraints on the table to hold him down.

“You would do well to just accept it.” The woman said, her face coming into view, a bag in her hand. “This is a much higher concentrated dose.”

“Fuck you, you bitch. I’ll kill you, I will find you and I will tear your heart from your chest.”

“you’ll be ripping out hearts Chthon but it will be of your families, not ours. I’m most thrilled for you to kill that mate of yours. Everyone knows how precious she is to you, how miserable and depressed you were the years without her. I can only imagine what a husk you’ll be if you’re the one to kill her”

‘I’d never hurt her. I wont” he growled. She gave a self satisfied smile “you will” They dosed him with all they had then got ready to deliver him home and remove his collar. “How many did you manage to make?” she asked one of the men “only two”

“tqo? We waited this long so you could make as many as possible”

“Its hard as shit to make. Jesus bitch”

“don’t talk to me that way faggot” The book Chthons family used that had the directions on how to make the liquid you pour over the bones to bring the dead to life and the potion to permanently take life away so nobody would ever be able to resurrect them again wasn’t the only copy and these people had managed to obtain one of the very few others. She was pissed he could only permanently kill off two of his family members but if they were lucky, one would be his Ruth. When they arrived at his home they dashed him with somthing that would knock out a demon like him for just enough time for them to get away then slid the vials in his pockets so he’d have them and hopefully use them.

Ruth paced and glanced out her bedroom window, sick with worry. On her third pass she looked out and saw someone laying on the ground. Her whole body froze and she just stared at that still form. It was him, she knew it had to be, and that realization had her running from her room. She yelled for Aurel and the others as she hurried downstairs and out the front door. Just before she got to him, her arm was grabbed and she was pulled to a stop by Aurel. “Wait.” He ordered as he pulled her back behind him and squatted down to examine Chthon.

“Please, just let me make sure he’s okay.” She said worriedly.

“Just wait, he’s alive so just hold on.” Aurel looked him over, took in the scents around him. Whoever he had been with had dropped him off. “What’s this?” He reached into Chthon’s pocket and pulled out a vial of strange liquid.

Chthon’s eyes snapped open, a growl rumbling in his throat as he grabbed Aurel by his throat and threw him into a tree. Everyone standing there was shocked and didn’t even move at first when he jumped to his feet. It was Zeus who snapped out of it first. He recognized that predatory look in Chthon’s eyes, the rage, the lust, he knew it all too well. He reached for Ruth, yanking her back as Chthon lunged forward. “Run.” He ordered, managing to block the first blow that came from the powerful demon, but taking the second to his jaw so he was sent reeling.

“Chthon.” Ruth tried to get to him, but was scooped up by Lispin. “Let me go.”

“He’s not himself, he’s been poisoned.” Chthon was suddenly in front of them and Lispin skidded to a halt. “Chthon stop you don’t want to do this, you don’t…” He suddenly couldn’t breathe and he coughed, water coming out of his mouth. He dropped Ruth to the ground as he gripping his throat, panic setting in when he couldn’t get any air. He hit the ground and Rika screamed as she dropped down next to him.

“Stop it, you’re killing him.”

The other men attacked him, hoping to break his focus before Lispin suffocated. He growled batting them away like flies and all the while Ruth stood there horror struck, her entire body shaking. They had taken her beautiful, wonderful husband and turned him into a monster. She snapped out of her shock and ran to him. “Stop, don’t hurt them please.” His hand darted out, his fingers wrapping around her throat and lifting her off the ground. “You have to calm down.”

Chthon knew this woman’s smell and it wrapped around him, evoking memories of passion and lust. He threw her over his shoulder and when some of the males tried to stop him, he called on the lightning, making it slam into the ground and knock them back as he sprouted wings and took to the sky. Aurel groaned and Diana helped him into a sitting position. “Aurel he took Ruth, he took her.” She said in a panicked voice.

“We have to go after him.” Zeus said as he stumbled to his feet.

“Stop.” Aurel said as he pushed himself to his feet. “He’ll kill all of you before you can even blink.”

“Are you serious, he could kill her.” Lucy said angrily.

“No, he won’t. No matter what, he won’t kill her. I doubt you’d find him anyway, he’s had a lot of time to perfect his skills and could easily lose you.”

“Then what do you want us to do, sit around and worry?” Rika snapped.

“We pick up the wounded, we get them in bed and get them healed, then Zeus is going to help me figure out what this is.” He held up the single vial of liquid. “He had this in one of his pockets and he might have more. I need to know what it is. Ruth will get through to Chthon, we have to believe that.”

“how are we to figure it out? The people who did this to him could have made anything for him to use as a weapon”

“I know but we have to try.” Hearing the commotion Assaku and Ava were now outside “what’s going on?” Assaku asked and he was filled in. Assaku approached Aurel “hand it to me. As you’re well aware I was the slave trader that brought Ruth to life. I’ve got a fairly good idea what they might have given him after feeding Chthon that powder just based on the color of it. Doing this and dropping him here was obviously spiteful and with purpose.” Aurel handed it over and Assaku carefully opened it and allowed its odor to fill his nose “what is it baby?” Ava asked. He didnt answer at first but after a pause filled with tension you could cut with a knife he said “Zeus, come here” he closed the distance between them “it could be one of two things. To be sure I’m going to perform a test on you. It might hurt depending on what this is”

“what do you think it is?”

“remember that night I warned Chthon that on the next page of the book was ingredients to make somthing that would suck out what gave you life and make it so you couldn’t be resurrected again? This might be it, theres another copy of that book if this is it because I know that very night Chthon destroyed the page”

“how the hell are you going to test it then?”

“just by pouring a small amount on my finger and touching one of your fingers. That small amount wont take out much and you’ll be fine, ressurectable and all. Believe me, I’m not doing this without thinking. It can hurt anybody. It just can be tested on somebody like you because it sucks that pink concoction out. I’m sure you’d rather it be you than Lucy who is tested”


“is this really smart Assaku”Aurel asked and Assaku sighed “I’m not as old or wise as you and Chthon but this side of dark magic is my area. Selling the previously dead as toys and somtimes taking out people forever is in my blood, I was born having it crammed in my head. Trust me. I saw my father revoke life permanently many times when a new toy wouldn’t break for the buyers”

Chapter Two

“It’s fine, just do it.” Assaku put a little on his finger and Zeus held up his hand. The minute the liquid touched him, a sharp pain traveled all the way up his arm and he jerked back.

“It’s as I thought. Did he have more of this stuff?”

“I don’t know, I only found the one vial before he attacked us.”

“We have to find these slavers Aurel, they’ll just make more of this stuff and use it on innocent people and we have to destroy that book.”

“Very well, you, me and Zeus will go. I have the scent of these slavers. I want everyone else to stay here.”

“What about my mom and dad?” Lucy asked worriedly. “If he has more of that stuff, he could give it to her.”

He thought about it. “Two of you try to locate Chthon and Ruth, but do not interfere. In his state he is incredibly dangerous so stay back and do not allow him to sense you.”

Ruth had no idea how long they were in the air, but was grateful when Chthon finally landed next to a lake and dropped her to the ground. She just stared up at him and he looked back down at her. “Chthon?” He was suddenly on top of her, his hands pinning her wrists above her head as he looked into her eyes, a growl slipping past his lips. He pressed his lips into hers and she struggled to get her wrists free, but he gripped her tighter. “It’s okay.” She tried getting through to him, ignoring the pain his fingers were causing. “Chthon.” He tangled his fingers in her hair, yanking her head back to kiss and lick at her neck. His other hand moved to her dress, his fingers gripping the material as if to tear it off then froze. “Chthon, baby?”

Chthon started shaking, his body unable to move as he listened to that voice. A moment of clarity hit him and he pushed himself away, gripping his head in agony. He screamed, falling back into the grass. He felt fingers brush his forehead, that sweet smell hitting his nose and his eyes snapped open. Ruth, his Ruth, looked down at him, her face etched with concern. He shoved her away and tried to get up, to get away, but the pain in his head brought him up short, the red haze slipping back into his mind.

“Chthon stop.” Her arms were around him and he grabbed her by her throat, his lips against hers again. She held herself close to him, her fingers brushing through his hair, trying her best to pacify the beast her husband had become. He gripped her dress, this time ripping it off.

“No.” He whispered and shoved her away again. “No, I can’t. Run away, it’s too much, they gave me too much.”

“It’s okay.”

“I” Just that one letter came out so strained as he struggled with himself. “It’s okay Chthon, I’m your wife and I love you so much. Make love to me and use me to calm down.” Ruth knew he would be rough with her and it would hurt since he wouldn’t be mindful to be careful with how much strength that was packed into his body but if it would keep him from killing innocent people she’d willingly let him take her right now because she knew without even the smallest doubt that nothing in the world could make her husband kill her or hurt her severely. Chthon had too much will power and too much love for her to do that. His body was shaking and he growled. It was a proclamation of frustration and lust as he stared at Ruths nearly fully nude body.

He was suddenly on top of her again “I love you Chthon, you can beat this. I know you can” he started kissing her again, even that being painful with how rough he was. He grabbed at her bra and panties, destroying them both and scratching her without meaning to in his haste and thoughtlessness. Everything he did in touching his Ruth took control due to how powerful he was and now that he had none it was incredibly evident.

He was out of his clothes in an instant, his knee shoving her legs apart. He slammed into her, making her scream and his eyes filled with tears. She clung to him, accepting his roughness, that dark monster that had been awakened. He gripped her hips, his fingers biting into her flesh as he buried himself as deep as he could in her depths. Her cries were a mix of pain and pleasure and her body reacted to his touch like it always did. Her back arched off the ground and her insides quivered around him, squeezed him so he flowed into her with a loud whimpering moan. He sat back, taking her with him so she sat in his lap. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He said it over and over again.

“It’s okay.” She hugged him back, her lips pressing into his shoulder. “I love you.”

“I need you again, I’m sorry.”

“Shh, make love to me as many times as you need, I want you calm.”

“I hurt you.” He was shaking, his arms locked around her so she moved, riding him. She took his face in her hands, kissing him lovingly as she moved up and down. His hands moved over her, still rough as he squeezed her breasts and moved back down, gripping her hips as he made her go faster. “Oh Ruth, I love you, I’m so sorry.”

“Just make love to me.” She whispered as she wiped the tears from his face. “Just lose yourself in me, it’s just us, nothing else matters.”

Eventually, when he was able to calm down all he could do was sob. They wracked his entire body as he randomly kissed her and told her how deeply sorry he was “Chthon, it’s okay, it’s really is”

“Your bruised and have healing scratches because of me”

“and its not your fault. You must always be careful with me even when I think you’re just letting loose” he nodded into her hair “I have to be. I’m too strong. It’s not hard though”

“I love you, please don’t be so sad”

“It’s impossible not to be.” tears fell from his eyes onto her face and he wiped them away then she moved to do the same for him. “I’m glad I didn’t kill anybody. I feel for Lispin too”

“they all understand Chthon”

“I know, it only truly hurts that I hurt you so much.”

“It shouldn’t. I’m okay and it kept you from killing innocent bystanders”

“I have to go after those bastards again”

“take me with you this time”

“after what I’ve done to you today I am not going to say no. Just please listen to me if I give you an order”

“I will” she kissed him and felt his lips tremble against hers. She hoped today wouldn’t torture him for too long, a lot worse could have happened. With that vial in his pocket a lot worse than either of them even knew could have happened.

He let her borrow his shirt since her clothes had been ripped apart then lifted her into his arms once they were dressed. He cradled her gently, looking depressed and worried as he took to the sky. He sensed the presence of others and recognized the scents of Galfin and Aurel’s son Konstantin. “Come out boys.” He ordered and the two young demons came out of the trees below them, both of them ready to fight.

“He’s fine boys.” Ruth assured them and they both breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank god, we were so afraid for you two.” Galfin replied.

“We should have just believed my father, he said you wouldn’t kill her.” Konstantin added.

“Aurel has far too much faith.” Chthon said, looking ashamed.

“He had the perfect amount of faith.” Ruth said and smiled lovingly at him. “Even I knew you wouldn’t kill me, you’re too strong for that.”

“I still…” she placed a finger over his lips then kissed his cheek.

“Still nothing, all that matters is we’re alive.”

“How’s Lispin?”

“He was sleeping when we left.” Galfin answered.

“Good, lets get home then.” They took off across the sky and Chthon had to ask. “How about everyone else?”

“They’re fine. We’re a bit bruised here and there, but we’re all fine. My father took Zeus and Assaku to look for the people who did this to you.” Konstantin answered.

“I wish to speak to their leader, the woman.”

“I’m sure they’ll let you if they havent killed her yet” They arrived back at the castle and Chthon took Ruth to their room so she could properly dress to accompany him “are you sure you must go baby….you should be resting”

“you didn’t beat me or anything”

“Honey…have you looked at how much I bruised you…I may as”

“stop” she interrupted and hugged him “I’ll heal just fine. It’s okay”

“I just wish I hadnt been stupid enough to get caught”

“you’re an amazing man Chthon but there will be times you cant be ready and fight off everything. Its amazing in itself you didn’t kill anybody today so just concentrate on that.”

“I’ll try, hurting you is just going to be hard for me for awhile. At least until you’re healed” She pulled on cothes and said “you cant see a thing with me dressed” he gave her a weak smile then pulled on a shirt before picking her up “I truly cant convince you to stay?” she shook her head “you know I’m strong” He kissed her head then walked out of his castle so he could take to the sky.

When they finally found Aurel, Zeus and Assaku they were standing around the woman who had drugged him and she was tied up and laying on the ground. The three demons had blood on them, but no wounds. “We figured you’d be coming along.” Aurel said, his arms crossed in irritation as he eyed the woman at his feet.

“What happened?” Ruth asked.

“She used that powder on some of her on bodyguards trying to stop us then tried throwing some in our faces when we cornered her.”

Chthon growled as he sat Ruth on her feet and grabbed the slaver by her hair, hauling her to her feet. “You bitch, how dare you attack my family.”

She started laughing. “You’re just pissed because I managed to catch you oh mighty Chthon. I beat you.”

“Wrong, you thought to beat me and you failed. Ruth is not dead.”

“What of the vial?”


Aurel cleared his throat. “She left you with a a very dangerous concoction that she hoped you would give to Ruth. It would have stripped her of the stuff Assaku used to resurrect her and made it to where we wouldn’t be able to bring her back.”

Chthon’s eyes darkened with rage. “What?”

“I suspect there is more on your person.”

He dug in his pockets, extracting a vial of liquid and holding it up. “You bitch, I should kill you. How dare you do such a thing to me, how dare you turn me on my own and try to get me to kill the woman I love most. Do you have any idea the pain I could inflict.” She looked terrified, knowing he meant what he said. He wanted to rip her throat out, but couldn’t bring himself to do it in front of Ruth, not after what she had been through today. He shoved her towards Assaku. “Take her to the human authorities and have her locked up. Tell them if they dare to release her I will be coming to them personally to find out just how stupid they are.”

“She has the same book we do, it has to be in that place somewhere.” Assaku gestured toward the slave leaders house.

“Burn it down, make sure the basement is destroyed along with any caves that they have been using. After you’re done, I want to be left alone with Ruth for awhile.”

“We understand.”

Chthon nodded and turned back to Ruth, lifting her. “I’m sorry I hurt all of you, thank you for trying to protect Ruth.”

“We could do nothing else.” Aurel said. “And we’re fine, give us some credit.”

Chapter Three

He left again, glad this was short so he could start making up for hurting Ruth so much. It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t angry, he was angry at himself. At home he took her straight to their room and sat her on the bed “I’m going to run us a bath and then make you something special to eat” she smiled sweetly at him “sounds really nice”

“Honestly, are you in any pain? You know we have stuff for it”

“I’m sensitive but not in any serious pain. Don’t worry.”

“You’ll tell me if that changes?”

“yes” Even in the way Chthon walked told Ruth how much it tortured him that he was so rough with her. She wished she could get him to stop kicking himself but she knew her husband so she knew nothing she could say would make him feel better. When the tub had enough water in it Chthon grabbed the candles they kept under the sink and lit some so the scents would make a more relaxing atmosphere for her. When he came out for her she smiled, seeing the bathroom “Chthon” as he lifted her he said “you deserve it” When Ruth stripped in the bathroom she saw him fight off a deep frown now that he could see what he had done to her again. “Just get in Chthon. I’m okay” He hugged her and she felt new tears soak her hair. He wanted to stand there longer but he could hold her in the tub and he didn’t want her water getting cold.

He sat with her between his legs, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. He was quiet, too quiet and she could feel the sadness coming off of him in waves. “Chthon, stop being so upset.”

He sighed. “I can’t, I’m so mad at myself for being captured and at that woman for drugging me. I hurt you and I could have killed you.”

She turned around and kissed him then pressed her forehead against his. “Enough baby. Do you remember when you told me not to blame myself for what Galfin did? You said it wasn’t my fault, well this is not your fault, you didn’t want to be captured or take that powder or hurt anyone. I’m perfectly fine, I’m just happy we’re here together and everyone is alive.”

“Oh Ruth, I love you so much.” He crushed her to him, his lips finding hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself as close as she could. He couldn’t help but run his hands over her, needing to feel the softness of her skin. He slipped his hands between them, kneading her breasts so she moaned.

“Make love to me Chthon.” She whispered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please.”

He stood with her in his arms, kissing her as he stepped out of the tub and carried her into their room. He pressed her into the mattress, his hands gently exploring her. He kissed his way down her body, lapped at the sweetness between her legs so she cried out loudly in her sensitive state. He took his time building her up, only stopping when she tried tugging him up by his hair. “You’re sure?”

“Yes, hurry.” He pulled her legs around his waist then laced their fingers together as he pushed slowly into her. She gasped, her eyes widening in surprise.

“You okay?” She nodded and he withdrew, pushing into her again, so her insides pulsed and quivered around him. He stayed slow and gentle the whole time, whispering how amazing and beautiful she was so she was tearing up at his sweet words. He moaned loudly when he reached his climax and pressed his forehead against hers. “I love you baby, more than you will ever know.”

“I love you too and I always will, never forget that.”

He laid with her for awhile then got up to cook for her. He kissed Ruth tenderly on the head “I’ll be right back, just relax for me”

“I love you” she told him again just to make sure he knew. “I love you too” he answered before pulling on some clothes and leaving the room. Ruth got up and blew out the candles they had left lit then drained the tub. Once the floor was dry she brushed out her hair and hopped back in bed to wait on Chthon. When Chthon came into the kitchen the staff looked at him “I’m not here requesting. I’m cooking for Ruth” They all went back to what they were doing and he started preparing Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa. Chthon combined 1 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and cayenne then rubbed it all over the chicken. When they were nicely covered he rinsed his hand and put the pan on that he would cook them in.

Once the chicken was cooking he grabbed another bowl and chopped up some red onion then mixed it with lime juice. He waited patiently for the chicken to be just right then plated it, covering it with the chopped up avocado, onion and lime juice. He thought he did well for not having cooked himself in awhile and he hoped Ruth would be pleased. “could someone drop off wine at my room?” Chthon asked and a woman nodded. “thank you”

He took the plates and silverwear up to Ruth who sat up quickly “Oh that smells so good” he smiled “hopefully it is”

“every time you’ve made this it has been amazing so we don’t have to hope.”

“wine is coming”

“do you mind if I take a bite first? My mouth is watering” his smile grew larger “please do” she ate two bites then the wine arrived. Chthon took it and poured some into the two glasses they also received. “I adore it when you cook for me. Such talent for a big strong demon” he kissed her cheek “I’m going to make you a dessert too”

“You’re far too sweet. You sure you don’t want me to help with that?”

“No, this is making me feel better so please let me do it”

“Okay baby” When their plates were clean Chthon took them back to the kitchen and thought about what he’d like to make her for dessert. He finally decided on Black Forest Dream Bars. They would take a long time but she was worth the effort. He heated the oven then began the prep, getting them in as quickly as possible then setting a timer. When Chthon was finally done preparing them he returned to Ruth, happy to see yet another excited reaction from her.

He snuggled up to her, let his hands massage her, his touch gentle at all times as he was still afraid of hurting her. “You feeling okay?” He asked.

“Mmhmm, perfect.” He kissed her cheek and swept her hair away from her face, making her smile. “How long are you going to fuss over me?”

“Until I get rid of this feeling of doubt. I know you keep telling me not to worry, but I’m going to regardless. I just need to keep you close to me for awhile, to make up for my aggression. You’re my everything, my heart and soul so just let me be clingy for awhile, it won’t last forever.”

“Sill man, I don’t mind you being clingy, I just don’t want you to think our relationship will change because of what happened. I’m supposed to be there for you, to help you, to protect you and reassure you. You being rough and aggressive didn’t scare me nor did it make me think you’re some kind of monster. I know there is a darkness in you and I accept that, I love the beast that lives inside you because it’s still you.”

He stroked her cheek then leaned in and kissed her. “I’m so lucky to have met you Ruth, so lucky I got a second chance, and so lucky to have you here with me now.” He kissed her again, unable to stay away from the temptation of her sweet lips. He held her close until a maid came up and told him the timer in the kitchen had gone off then he hurried downstairs, thanking the maid for alerting him and the cook for taking the bars out of the oven. He cut them up and went back to Ruth, feeding her her dessert and smiling happily when she showed how much she loved them.

“god it’s amazing when you cook”

“I’ll have to spoil you for awhile then and cook your every meal”

“I still find it hard to believe you didn’t cook much before me”

“I didn’t you inspired me to. I wanted to make you happy. I’ve loved you beyond reason since that day I found you crying. That stupid shmuck was my lucky day” Ruth giggled “God I can’t believe how many years ago that was”

“I can, I felt all those years I didn’t have you”

“and I’ll never stop regretting not taking eternal life my first go around”

“well, at least Assaku came into our lives”

“Yeah, and he makes our grandaughter so happy”


“we’ve been through so much its crazy”

“maybe we should collaborate and write a book somtime.”

“we should let Carrie publish it under her name since she’s been writing about this place.”

“Oh we should”

“I’m serious about this, are you?’

“Of course”

“can we start tomorrow?”

“if it will make you happy”

“then tomorrow” she said with a smile. Chthon kissed her “we’ll start from the very begging. We might have to make it a series with all this family has gone through” Ruth laughed “don’t I know it”

~ The End

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