Ryan & Leilani

Chapter One

Leilani finally made it to the town just outside the kingdom. She was exhausted from such a long journey but being this close and rehearsing what she would say all this way she had to go straight to the man she was here to see. A little over two months ago a very attractive knight had come into the bar she worked at and at the end of her shift they had ended up talking. She had been so taken with him, he truly had the perfect smile and kind blue eyes. His blonde hair so touchable and soft. It hadn’t even been just how handsome he was, he had been kind to her. Normally as a bar maid she dealt with rude and disgusting men but Ryan had treated her as his equal and they had had one of the most fun nights of her life. At the end they hooked up and the next morning after breakfast together he left. She hadn’t seen him since but he hadn’t left her mind

When she found out she was pregnant she was a whirlwind of emotions. She was scared and happy but mostly scared. It was easy to be wonderful and a gentleman for a night but she had no idea if that was really who Ryan Koopmann was. She had grown up without a father and she might have just put the same thing on her own child. How many times was she angry with her mother for having a one night stand without protection and now she had done the same thing. She really liked the man she had spent an evening with and imagined many times him coming back to her and them having something real but she wasn’t a little girl and she knew this wasn’t a fairytail so she hadn’t come expecting him to be with her. All she truly hoped to gain from coming here was a father for her child.

Even if he would only be a small part of their life that would be more than she had and she felt she owed it to them to try. She couldn’t afford the little over a week she had already been away from work but she knew to this child, if their father was decent it would mean much more than her wages to have him in their life. She would figure something out, she always had. She swallowed as she approached his door. It hadn’t been hard to figure out where he lived once she started trying being he wasn’t lieing about being a knight.

She took a deep, calming breath and held a hand to her stomach before speaking to her growing baby “I’m so sorry if I’ve done to you what my mother did to me…I was so foolish not to use protection little one.” She gathered her courage and knocked. It didn’t take long for Ryan to answer his door. His eyes widened and then so did his smile “Leilani! Wow! Come on in” he said cheerfully. She felt a little relief. He was excited to see her and she took it as a good sign for her baby.

Leilani walked in and he sat on the couch with her “It’s so good to see you” she smiled “It’s good to see you too. I’m glad you remember me” Ryan chuckled “well I don’t hook up all the time. You weren’t meaningless to me” He could tell she was nervous and it was suprising. She had been such a confident beauty. While she was still stunning that confidence was a bit shaken. “I had this whole ramble ready to remind you of who I was”

“You are the intelligent, beautiful bar maid who talked to me as I drank then gave me the pleasure of a nice evening in her home town.” She blushed, he was just as charming as she remembered. “I came here to let you know I’m pregnant. I’m not asking you for money or for marriage or anything like that but I am asking you to be in their life. It doesn’t even have to be a big part, I just want you in it. I didn’t have a father at all growing up and I want different for my baby.” Ryan was taken back and it took him a second to comprehend what she had just said. He scented and she definitly was and he could tell without a doubt it was his. He rubbed the back of his head “wow”

“Is that a good wow?”

“Of course I’ll be in their life. I’m just, wow. I’m going to be a dad” She looked as if she might cry “hey, are you okay?” A few tears spilled out “I was so worried you’d say no and he or she would grow up like I did” He hugged her and she felt so secure in his arms “I know you only knew me for a day but there’s no way I wont be there for this baby. Even if I tried not to be my dad would have my ass so don’t you worry” It didn’t take her long to dry her eyes and he let her go “I know you said you weren’t asking for a relationship with me but I meant it when I said I don’t just go around hooking up. I really felt a connection with you. I was going through a really busy time when we met or I would have come back to you. By the time I had free time it had been a month and I thought it would be weird. If you’re willing I’d like you to stay here with me for awhile and see if we can hit it off. We could go on some dates, you could meet my family”

“To be honest I’ve thought about you a lot since we met. You really want to try?”

“I’m hoping you’ll stay and give us a shot. I really am. I understand if you don’t want to though, I swear I’ll be in their life either way”

“I can’t afford to stay” He chuckled “That’s no reason to go home. I have plenty of money and would rather find you a different job anyway if you’d be willing to quit being a bar maid. Brawls happen and late at night you never know who is going to be there. I know I can find you something better so seriously, stay, please” She looked like she was struggling to figure out what to say “you really are a good guy huh?” He smiled again and kissed her cheek “I’m no saint but I’m no dead beat either, plus, like I said, it isn’t all noble. I was and am taken by you. You’re beautiful and fun and smart. I want to learn more about you and I want to see if we can work as a couple.”

“And if we can’t?”

“Then I’ll be there for you no matter what, I promise.” She felt herself choke up and managed to nod. She was afraid if she spoke in that moment, her voice might shake. “Thank you. May I kiss you?”

“I’d like that.”

He smiled as he took her face in his hands and leaned down, pressing their lips together. His heart stuttered and he slipped his fingers in her hair, deepening the kiss, wanting more of her. He forced himself to pull back and her eyes fluttered open and his heart nearly stopped. “Sorry.” He said breathlessly.

“It’s okay.”

“It’s not, we’re supposed to be getting to know each other. I shouldn’t be so forward, it’s just, you’re so perfect and beautiful.”

She smiled, her eyes filling with the happy emotion she felt. Leilani couldn’t resist hugging him. Ryan held her gently in his arms “You have to be so sore. Do you want a shower? I don’t see a bag, do you have clothes?”

“I dont have much and didn’t want to lose some of what I had if anything happened along the way. Plus the extra weight of a bag would have made the travel much harder.”

“I’ll help you with my shower then borrow some clothes from Ediva. You two are about the same size.”


“One of my sisters. I have three sisters and four brothers. My parents are immortal and have lived a very long time.”

“eight children total, wow. So I guess hearing you are a dragon was true”

“Absolutely, our little one will be too. Half dragon half human” He stood and helped her up off the couch before guiding her to the bathroom. He got the water running then kissed her cheek “I’ll hurry back, towels are in the closet you see here” he pointed to the closet in his bathroom. “Thank you so much”

“It’s the least I can do. I hate you walked all this way”

“I’m not helpless.”

“I know, but you’re carrying my child. If anything had happened to you the two of you…just please take it easy for me.”

“Alright, I will.”

He looked relieved as he left her and hurried to his sister’s. He was a bit nervous knocking on her door and she gave him a quesitoning look when he stepped inside. “Are you alright?”

“I need to borrow some of your clothes.”

“My clothes? Why? What happened?”

“Please Ediva, they’re for someone important. I promise to bring her by and explain everything. I want her with me though, it’s only right.”

“Okay, how many outfits do you want?”

“Something comfortable to sleep in and something for her to wear tomorrow.”

“are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“I’m sure sister, When I leave talk to mom and dad and tell them I’ll see them at lunch tomorrow. We can all meet at their house since they have a table big enough for us all to sit at and a house that wont be cramped with us all inside”

“Okay” Ediva gathered clothes and put them in a bag for her brother who thanked her and ran off. Ediva told her husband she was going then went to her mothers house” Belle seemed worried when she answered the door “why so late sweetie?” she asked and Ediva said “well Ryan came to my house asking for clothes and he apparently has somebody for us all to meet tomorrow. Can you and dad host lunch?” Zane came into view “Of course we can. Have you told Ambrose and ZJ?”

“Not yet, I’ll take care of it. Did Ryan say anything about her?”

“Not really, I guess if you are going to tell my brothers I will return to Chapin”

“Ediva!” Lakshmi exclaimed. Ediva smiled and hugged her sister “Hey sweetness”

“what’re you doing here?”

“Making lunch plans with mom and dad. We are all coming over tomorrow and Ryan is going to introduce us to someone”


Leilani was still in the shower when Ryan returned and he startled her by knocking on the bathroom door. He wasn’t sure if he should go in or not. Even though he had seen her naked before, he wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. “I brought clothes.”

“Just a second.” She switched off the water, her heart threatening to beat out of her chest as she wrapped herself in a towel. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. Ryan looked her over and she blushed.

“Sorry, I could have left them by the door, you didn’t have to rush out.”

“It’s fine, thank you so much.” She took the bag from him and he stepped back as she closed the door.

“So we’re going to see my family tomorrow, is that alright?”


“Are you sure, I could go back and change plans, it’s no big deal.”

“No, please, I want to meet them.”

When she came out she asked “so what’re your parents like?”

“My mom is really nice, probably the sweetest woman I know. I had a really good childhood. My dad can be intimidating but he is a good guy who loves my mother immensely. Their relationship is truly enviable. He had to leave a lot while I was growing up because he’s an assassin but he made the time he had at home really count. He’d take us on trips or just play with us for hours.”

“and he’s the Zane Koopmann right?”


“It’s hard to imagine him playing with children” she blushed “that was so rude. I’m sorry”

“No no, like I said. My dads intimidating and with his reputation as an assassin most people who haven’t seen him around my mom are scared of him. My mother really smoothes him out. I mean, he loves me and he loves my siblings but nobody makes him happy like my mother. At home he’s a big marshmellow though he’d knock any man in the head who said that out loud near him” Leilani smiled “It will be somthing to see Zane Koopmann smile. He can really do that?” she asked playfully and Ryan laughed “Yep”

“So does your mother work?”

“Nah, she stays home with us, well my sisters and Seth now. She truly enjoys being a mom. I doubt there will ever be a time she doesn’t have kids at home with her. Who knows how many siblings I’ll end up with”

“So these siblings, what about them?” He took her to the couch again and said “well Gabriel is an assassin like my dad and he’s amazing at it. He is a big mommas boy. He and Ambrose didn’t get along when Ambrose was still at home because he was such a jerk to mom. I missed all that because I hadn’t come along yet. I idolized him quite a bit growing up. He is a knight now and a good person. He still can be an ass at times but he’s not who he was as a teen. Ediva owns a school. She thinks everybody should be able to read and she accepts any students. If you want to learn you could be a convicted of pretty much anything and she would still teach you”

“Pretty much?”

“There was this one child rapist and she just couldn’t handle him being in her school. Especially because some of the parents here have started sending their children”

“Thats understandable”

“She’s married to a demon named Chapin. They met because he was her student”

“any kids?”

“Nope, not yet. Zane Jr teaches defense classes and Lakshmi will train to be an assassin like dad”


“Yeah, my other little sister wants to own a shop one day and Seth is an assassin like dad”

“Is Ediva the only one married then?”

“No, Gabriel is married too. Her name is Tawny”

Chapter Two

“So much to remember.”

“You’ll get it in no time.”

“Do you think they’ll be okay with me, with us? I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

He smiled lovingly at her and brushed his fingers over her cheek. “They’ll love you, I promise. The only way they would ever be mad was if I outright abandoned you, which I would never do in a million years. You’re stuck with me for as long as you’ll have me.”

She felt herself tearing up again and he hugged her gently. “Please don’t cry, your tears will be the end of me.”

She gave a soft laugh and wiped at her face. “How dramatic.”

“I can do better.”

“Oh stop.”

He pulled back. “There we go, I love that radiant smile.” He kissed her forehead. “Are you hungry or thirsty? Any cravings? I’ll get you anything you want, all you have to do is tell me. Want me to rub your feet or anything?”

“I actually am pretty hungry. Afterwards I think I’ll just get some rest.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back. You just relax here please” Her heart warmed again as he hurried into his kitchen. She still couldn’t believe he was really just as sweet as he was the night she met him. She held her stomach, happy her little girl or boy would have him even if he didn’t end up liking being with her. He came back with two plates so he could eat with her. “I already ate dinner but today was a particularly hard day of training. Once a week we get run particularly hard”

She swallowed her first bite “so you still liking being a knight?”

“Yeah, I’m glad Ambrose inspired me to be one.” They talked about his job until she was finished and he showed her to his bedroom “I’ll sleep on the couch”

“You had a hard day. You can’t sleep there. Share the bed with me, we’ve been way more intimate anyway”

“You sure? I’ll really be fine out there. I want you to be comfortable here with me” She took his hand “share the bed with me Ryan. I’ll be comfortable. I know you’re a good man and wont try anything I wouldn’t be okay with”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Alright, just let me bathe.”

She smiled and he nearly melted on the spot. He really wanted this to work with her, she was just so amazing. He lifted her into his arms, chuckling at her accelerated heart rate as he took her to bed and got her comfortable under the covers. He kissed her forehead then grabbed a pair of sweats and took a quick shower. She turned red the minute she saw his bare torso, her fingers bunching in the blankets as he crossed over to her and got under the covers. “Would you hold me?” She asked softly.

“Of course.” He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest. He was so warm and she felt so safe in his arms. “Good?”

“Perfect.” She whispered.

“Sweet dreams, Leilani.”

“Sweet dreams.”

It took her no time at all to fall asleep wrapped in his arms. In the morning her stirring woke him “You okay?” he asked sleepily. “I feel a bit nauseous but I’ll be fine”

“I bet my mom has a million ways to help with that. I’ll ask her when we have lunch with them” She suppressed a giggle “what?”

“I’m sorry you’re still super adorable when you’re just waking up” he rubbed his face with his hands and sat up. The covers fell and exposed that amazingly sculpted torso again. She went from suppressing laughter to blushing just that fast. He was glad to see the affect he had on her. His knowing smile made her look away and he got up to put clothes on. “I’ll make us some breakfast okay” When he left the room she put on the clothes Ediva had given her for the day. They fit her well and made her feel pretty. “His sister definitely has taste” she said to herself as she looked in Ryans mirror. She just hoped Ryan thought she was as beautiful as she felt in these clothes.

She was a little nervous when she left the room and headed into the kitchen. He was standing with his back to her, humming happily to himself as he cooked eggs and fried some potatoes. She took a moment to admire him. Her cheeks burned when she found herself wanting to touch him and the floor creaked under her feet as she took a step forward. He looked over his shoulder, his eyes widening slightly. “Wow.” He said as he fully turned.

“Do I really look okay?”

“You look gorgeous.” He smiled and held out his hand. “Could you come here for a second?”

She nodded as she crossed over to him and slid her hand in his, letting him pull her closer. “I…I thought dragons had good senses.” She said nervously as he stared down at her.

“It’s all this food.” He leaned down and closed his eyes, inhaling her scent. “Your smell is much better though.” Her heart stuttered and his smile widened. “Could I have a kiss before I burn this food?”

“Yes.” She pressed her lips briefly against his and just that simple contact seemed to make him happy. He gestured toward the table and she sat down, continuing to watch him.

They ate and continued to talk about their lives and families. Neither of them could believe how much time had passed when they realized they needed to head over to his parents house. Ryan could see she was nervous and pulled her into a hug. “They’ll like you Leilani. Just the fact that I’m crazy about you is enough for them. Well, and the fact you’re carrying my mothers first grandchild. We’ll probably have to get a forcefield around the house for when you need a moment.” Ryan joked and Leilani laughed. “They sound really wonderful Ryan. You are so blessed with such a big family” He rested his head on hers, still keeping the embrace “Once they know you’re carrying my child you’ll be a part of this family regardless. They are yours too now”

Leilani started crying again “these damn hormones. I swear I dont cry this much normally” He chuckled and let go of his hold on her to wipe her face “I’ve seen my mother pregnant three times, I know”

“The only family I’ve ever had is my mom. My father was a one night stand too but nothing like you and she alienated the family she had so it was just her and I..well…when she wasn’t out drinking and carrying on”

“I’m sorry” he said softly and she answered “It’s okay, I love my mom..I really do…it’s just a bit overwhelming emotionally to have this baby with you and to maybe have such a big family” He smiled at her “You have me and my family forever no matter what happens okay?” She wiped her own face and asked “can I have a minute? I don’t want to meet them with puffy eyes”

“Of course” she went into the bathroom and came out only about a minute late”

“so you were serious about one minute?” She laughed “Yeah, come on, I’m ready” He took her hand in his and they walked out the door.

The walk to his parents house felt much quicker than she anticipated and she actually found herself pausing to take a breath. Ryan waited patiently, his thumb brushing her hand. “You okay?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

He smiled. “It’s alright baby.”

She blushed at his endearment. “Ready.”

He knocked on his parents door and it was Belle who opened it. They could hear the chatter inside, some of it about who Ryan might be bringing. Belle hugged her son then Leilani who was so surprised it took her a moment to reciprocate. “Leilani, this is my mother.”

“Nice to meet you ma’am.”

“It’s nice to meet you too and please call me Belle, come in everyone’s equal parts excited and confused.” She said with a smile. It put Leilani at ease that Belle was already so friendly.

Belle guided them to the living room where it looked like everyone Ryan had talked about was sitting. She swallowed, hating how nervous she was. She couldn’t remember a time in her life before this she wasn’t all confidence. Having a baby, trying to build something with the father and meeting his family was just a whole new ball field for her. Family wasn’t something she was used to in the least. Belle sat down next to a man she recognized as Zane. At this point few people in their world didn’t know what Zane looked like. His fame for his perfect record only grew as he got older and that perfect record stayed strong. He had a little girl in his lap who she guessed must be Luella since she was the youngest child.

Everyone had their attention on her and Ryan. He cleared his throat, readying to tell them the whole story. Everyone this is Leilani. Before I start I’m going to let her know who everyone is. He pointed at each person and gave Leilani a name. It showed her everyone he had talked about truly was here. “So two months ago you guys know I was still traveling. I ended up in her town one night and did my usual of relaxing at a pub with a drink. She was one of the bar maids working that evening and we ended up talking. Her shift ended and we just kept talking, I really liked her and was glad she sat down with me. She ended up showing me around her town and giving me probably one of the most fun evenings of my life.” She could see his cheeks tint a bit, he was blushing and it made her relax more. He was too cute for such a sight not to relax her.

“well it ended with me in her home and, well, we had a one night stand. I didn’t intend for it to be but so much was going on so by the time things were settled a month later I figured it would be weird for me to just pop back up. She showed up last night because I got her pregnant and she wanted me to know and be in the babys life. We talked and I asked her to stay here with me so we can get to know eachother. The woman I got to know that evening was so much fun and wonderful and I could probably go on and on about all the other reasons I enjoy being around her but I want to see if we would be good together and thankfully she has agreed to stay and give us a chance.”

Chapter Three

Belle’s face lit. “A grandchild? Really?” She said and Zane started laughing. “Oh hush, we’re getting a grandchild.”

“You’re far too cute my love.” Zane replied then turned his gaze back to his son and Leilani. “She obviously makes you happy and you’re already showing you’re going to be a good father.”

“Are you two going to get married? Is she going to become a dragon?” Ediva asked excitedly.

“How far along are you?” Gabriel asked.

“Whoa, easy guys, she’s not used to all the affection.” Ryan said as he pulled her protectively into his arms.

“Sorry, these knuckleheads aren’t very good with patience.” Ambrose quipped and Gabriel pulled him into a headlock.

“Oh we’re the knuckleheads? I seem to remember you being quite stupid.”

“Let go you jerk or I’ll do something nasty.”

“Boys, enough of that, you’re in the house.” Zane said and Gabriel let Ambrose go just as he jerked again so he fell off his chair.

“Ass.” He rubbed his head.

The whole family laughed and Belle got up. She just couldn’t sit down she was so excited. “Can I just hug you one more time. Then I’ll go into the kitchen and make us some lunch” She gently pushed out of Ryans protective hold and hugged Belle. “Thank you for coming to let him know.” Leilani felt so much warmth in this hug, far more warmth than she had ever felt from her own mother. “I’m glad I did” she said in response then Belle let go. Tawny and Ediva got up to help Belle, each stopping to hug Leilani before they left the room. Leilani looked over at Gabriel who had asked how far along she was “I’m two months”

“Lots of nausea?”

“Yeah, part of what clued me in”

“I can help with that!” Belle yelled from the kitchen and Zane began laughing again. He stood, looking impossibly cheerful for a man that was talked about like he was death itself. He said in a hushed tone when he was near Leilani “My wife knows many tricks and remedies to get through pregnancy. You should come to her with help for any problem you’re experiencing. You’ll make her really happy if you do. All she’s going to want to do is help you and be around that little one when he or she comes” He walked away and into the kitchen to help his wife and daughters.

Lakshmi got up “Do you want to know your baby’s gender? My Uncle Theo and Aunt Laura should be home and she can feel the gender of the baby from time of conception.” She looked at Ryan “do you want to know?’

“Yes but dont find out just because of me”

“I want to” she looked back at Ryans sister “Go get her if you want” Lakshmi ran out of her home excitedly.

“See, I told you.” Ryan said as he drew her back to him. He lifted her chin and she blushed at his gentleness.

“Sorry I was so scared.”

He stroked her cheek and Ambrose gave a loud sigh. “Take it somewhere else.”

Ryan’s eyes jumped to him. “You’re just jealous women can’t stand you.”

“I’m not that bad, not like before. I just have things to do.”

“So does everyone, maybe try being serious for once.”

He rolled his eyes and Zane Jr. hooked a foot under his chair and tipped it back. “Don’t be so obnoxious Ambrose, he has a point.”

“Hey cut it out before I tie you up and leave you in the woods.”

Ryan chuckled and shook his head then turned his attention back to Leilani. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine, I’ll tell you if I’m not.”

“You better, don’t make me worry.”

Her eyes shimmered and he kissed her forehead “sit down and I’ll start setting the table for mom”

“It’s fine Ryan, Zane Jr and I can. You sit down with her’ Seth said and got up. ZJ followed, leaving Gabriel,Ambrose,Ryan, Leilani, Chapin and Luella in the living room. Leilani sat down next to Luella “so Ryan tells me you want to have your own shop”

“Yep, dad says he’ll have a store built for me as a present for my eighteenth birthday if thats still what I want then”

“thats really awesome”

“Yeah, I’m so excited. My store is going to be special because everything in it is going to be things I made myself”

“what can you make?”

“Clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, stuff like that. Is being a bar maid hard? I’ve never been in a bar”

“It can be, you never know who is going to come”

“Have you seen a pirate? I’ve read about pirates and they love drinking” Leilani smiled, holding back a giggle “I actually haven’t. Where I’m from isn’t near the sea. I mean, I may have seen one and not been aware.”

“Yeah I doubt they just announce everywhere they go hey I’m a pirate” She said hey I’m a pirate in a deep voice and Leilani couldn’t help but giggle.

“What are you planning to do now that you’ve stopped working at a bar?” Ambrose asked.

“I don’t know, Ryan said he’d find me work if I wanted it.”

“The knights are looking for someone new to work with the dogs. They’re already trained so all you’d be doing is feeding and washing them. It’d be easy work, especially once you get bigger.”

Leilani looked up at Ryan. “What do you think?”

“It’s up to you love, maybe give it a try and see how it goes.” He tucked her hair behind her ear, letting his fingers brush her cheek.

“Alright, I’ll try it out.”

Lakshmi burst through the door and was soon followed by Laura and Theo who walked in normally. Belle had heard why Lakshmi had went to fetch them so came out of the kitchen. She would have been able to hear the announcement from where she was but she wanted to be close. Laura asked “did she ask you first before coming to get me?”

“Yes, Ryan and I want to know” Laura rested her hands on Leilanis stomach and smiled “You’re carrying twins beautiful. You’re going to have a boy and a girl it seems” Laura straightened herself with the biggest grin. Before Laura could speak Belle squealed “Twins! Thats amazing!” Laura asked “do twins run in your family? The only one related to us who has had them is Ryans Aunt Ariel”

“I wouldn’t know, my mom alienated her family before I was born and I never met my dad” Lauras smile fell just a little “well you are going to have your hands full. Twins sure kept Ariel running around when they were little. They’ve grown up to be amazing men though”

“She doesn’t have to worry. I’ll be here to help her” Belle said and you could hear the faint laughter of Zane again. “I’m sure Ryan will be plenty of help too. If he’s not one of us will kick his ass” Laura winked. Leilani rested her hand on her stomach, unable to feel happier. Two didn’t scare her, she could do this. Especially with a family like this.

During dinner she chatted happily with Ryan’s family, feeling like she was already part of it. Ryan was teased mercilessly by his brothers any time he would stop to stare at her and she wound up laughing at his irritated, red face. She was told they would be getting all kinds of clothes and furniture for the babies and that Ryan didn’t have to worry about buying anything. “I really like your family.” She said as Ryan carried her home that night. He had insisted, worried her feet would get sore.

“They absolutely adore you Leilani. My mom’s wanted grandkids.”

“I never thought an accident like this would make me this happy. I was so worried about nothing.”

He smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead, making her heart stutter. “I promise to love you forever Leilani, you and our little ones.”

She just stared up at his handsome face. Was there really anything to figure out? What was she going to go back to anyway? HIs family was amazing and she loved Ryan. Sure they hadn’t known eachother all that long but she loved him and he obviously loved her and planned on being there. When he set her on the couch she voiced her thoughts. “Ryan”

“Yeah” he answered as he began taking off her shoes to rub her feet. “I’m going to stay. Your family is amazing and even though we haven’t known eachother that long it just feels right to be with you. I love you so much and you love me. I want to take that job taking care of the dogs and be with you forever with our little ones” She left him speechless a moment then he was suddenly kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back passionately. “Thank you Leilani, I meant what I said. I will always love you and our kids. Maybe you getting pregnant was fates way of making sure we found eachother again. I think you’re every bit as much of my soulmate as my mom is for my dad” She started crying and he chuckled happily before sitting down to rub her feet.

His smile was so large as he sat there. He eventually moved to her back and kissed her shoulder. “we should talk about names now that we’ve gotten over the silliness of if we should be together or not”

“Have any in mind?” She felt his smile getting bigger again. She couldn’t see it but she could feel his happiness. “No, I’ve never thought about it”

“I have a few for a girl I like” They talked back and forth, offering different names until they were ready for bed. Ryan and Leilani went to sleep blissfully, excited about their life together and the two lives growing inside her.

~ The End

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