Rylan & Declan 2

Chapter One

Rylan soared through the sky, the sun playing over her skin. Declan swooped beneath her, wrapping his armsaround  her waist as they flew through the air. Her blood had helped him develope an immunity to sunlight. She had brought him back into the light, allowing him to enjoy the warmth of the sun. They heard someone yell their names and they looked down at the house. It was Zander, now eighteen, waving at them. They fell back to earth, landing gracefully on their feet before him. Rylan ran to him, her arms going around his neck and he lifted her and spun in a circle. He had been gone to private school.

“When did you get back in town?” She asked excitedly.

“Last night, I wanted to surprise you guys.” He said and kissed her on the forehead. He had gone from gangly teen to a thickly built man with a goatee. Rylan couldn’t believe how grown he was.

“We are very happy to have you back.” Declan embraced his brother in law. “We have a surprise for you too.”

They smiled and Zander looked back and forth between the two. “What is it?”¬†Rylan grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach. His eyes widened and then a big grin crossed his face. “Really? I’m going to be an uncle?” He wrapped them both in a big hug.

“Twice the uncle.” Rylan said. “We’re having twins.”

“Holy hell.” They laughed together and went inside where Zander expressed dramatically how hungry he was. Declan laughed. He had truly missed the boy. They talked while Rylan made a tuna sandwich. Zander was so excited about the babies and told them he had seen the perfect gift while he was gone. Rylan handed him the sandwich and he quickly ate it. There was a knock at the front door and Declan said he’d get it.

He pulled the door open and standing there dressed in long sleeve clothes and sunscreen was the Matron of his family. “Declan I have news.” She said. He stepped aside and let her in out of the sun. He quickly drew the curtains and called for Rylan and Zander.

“Matron, how nice to see you.” Rylan hugged her. She had grown close to the older woman.

“It is good to see you all. Zander you have grown very handsome.” Her brother blushed. Even though the Matron was well over a thousand years old she still looked to be in her early twenties. “I don’t have much time I’m afraid. I have come to deliver a warning. There are vampires who have shown an interest in Rylan’s blood, bad murderous creatures. They want to walk in sun light. You cannot let them get to you.”

Zander jumped up “When do you think they’ll be coming to try to get her?!”

“I worry it may be as soon as tonight. Just be on your guard. I came myself because I wanted to be sure you got the message Rylan. I’ve grown so fond of you and I don’t wish to see you die. I expect to meet your beautiful babies too. She smiled trying to comfort Declan because he looked really worried. She continued “Don’t look like that Declan. Your wife has shown great strength. You yourself are also very skilled. I have no doubt between the two of you, you can make it through this.”

The matron left and Zander said “Well good thing I’m staying here. I’m sure I can help somhow! Of course I come back around and there’s trouble. I’ve never been anything but trouble with you Rylan.”

“Don’t say that this isn’t your fault!” He laughed and hugged his sister.

“We have to move you.” Declan said, trying not to sound worried. He could not bear to lose her or their children. He would turn into a raging beast, destroying all who opposed him if anything happened to Rylan. He found himself reaching for her, his fingers stroking her short hair.

“I’m not running again. I won’t be forced out of my home a second time.” Rylan said, leaning back to look into his eyes.

“You can’t expect me to keep you here. I will carry you out kicking and screaming if I have too.”

She could see he was truly afraid. It wasn’t just him being overprotective anymore. She had to let go of her stubborn nature for once. “Alright, where do you want to go?”

“There is a family safe house in the Redwood National Park.”

“I didn’t think people were allowed to build things there?” Zander said, eyebrow arched.

“The Matron is a master of manipulation. It is not hard to get what she wants.”

Zander actually laughed and they both looked at him confused. “You mean she flashes some cleavage and everyone votes yes on Project Vampire Safe House.” Rylan had to cover her mouth to keep from joining in. It was hard to imagine the Matron flashing anything. Declan was glaring at Zander and Rylan coughed then said, “Zander this is serious.” She could feel her lips twitching.

“Sorry, what should we do?” He pursed his lips to keep the smile of his face.

“We’ll pack what we need and go. I’ll carry you Zander and if I hear one giggle I’ll drop you.”

Zander saluted him. “Yes sir.”

Rylan told her brother “Just relax until we are ready. I’m sure it wont take us long” He sat down on their couch “Ok take your time.” Rylan quickly took off downstairs to their room and Declan followed. When they got downstairs Declan wrapped his arms around her tightly then kissed her. When he stopped she said “Don’t be so worried. I’ll be fine. The matron has faith in us. If she’s not worried why should we be?”

“She is worried or she wouldn’t have come herself she would’ve sent sombody.” His face even more worried than before. She sighed “Worrying won’t make things better though.”

“How could you possibly expect me not to worry when nobody or anything makes me happier than you? Before you I was always miserable. I need you Rylan.” She smiled, he always made her feel so special. “I love you Declan.” He kissed her again “I love you too. now lets hurry.”

They quickly threw things in a suitcase. Rylan grabbed Declan’s sketchbook and pencils. She knew it might help to take his mind off things if he could draw. She zipped the bag and started to lift it, but he took it from her. She rolled her eyes, but held her tongue. He had been like this since they found out she was pregnant. As endearing as it was, it was sometimes annoying. She wasn’t even allowed to wrestle with Sacha. She missed rolling around with the panther.

“We can’t leave Sacha.” She said.

“I’ll come back for her.” Declan started upstairs and she followed.

“Two trips will take to long and you know it.”

“I don’t want you carrying her.” He looked so serious.

“Declan, I hope you haven’t forgotten the enhanced strength that came with becoming a vampire. I’m also only three months along and the babies are completely protected.” He started to protest again and she placed her fingers over his lips. “I promise to say something if I get tired or anything feels off. I want to help so let me.”

He sighed and kissed her fingers. He grabbed her hand and slid it along his jaw. “You are so damn stubborn. Fine, just be easy.”

“I will, I promise.”

Zander jumped up when they got upstairs. “You two ready?”

“Almost, I have to get Sacha.” She opened the door and called for her. A few minuets passed then they could see her bounding twords them. She went to jump on Rylan but like always Declan stopped her. The panther looked so sad. Rylan¬†stroked her back and scracthed behind her ear. “It’s ok before you know it you’ll be able to play with me again.” Sacha purred and licked her.

Declan put the bag on his back and lifted Zander up holding him like a baby. “This feels ridiculous” he said smirking. “I remember the first time you flew us up. God I had the time of my life. I thought you were the coolest person I’d ever met.” Declan smiled then Rylan lifted Sacha and they both fly off.

Chapter Two

Because Declan insisted on going slow for Rylan’s sake it took longer than it should to get to the safe house. The sun had already fallen and since it was a new moon the only lights were street lamps. They landed gracefully and Declan put Zander down. Even though the look on his face said he was irritated by being carried, the beating of his heart said he still got a thrill from flying. “You’re still a child at heart.” He said and Zander crossed his arms, trying for serious. Sacha’s big black body slammed into him, knocking him to the ground. Her sandpapery tongue slid over his cheek and he started laughing.

“I missed you too sweetness.” Zander said and rolled with the big cat.

“Come on you two we need to get everything set up.” Rylan loved seeing Zander so happy. Living with Declan had given her baby brother so many opportunities. He was going to college after graduation to become a wildlife biologist. Declan had secured him an internship at the San Diego Zoo and had paid for his tuition in full. Zander even had money in a trust she and Declan had set up for him. It was still a shock going from nothing to everything.

“Yes ma’am.” Zander pushed Sacha back and pushed himself out of the dirt. They went inside and he ran around flicking on all the lights. He chose a room at the back of the house and pitched his suitcase onto the bed.

Declan picked his wife up and carried her to what would be their room. She loved being in his arms but was annoyed because she knew he was doing it because of the flight there. She was getting tired already of how much he babied her all the time because she was pregnant. He gently layed her down on the bed. She really was tired, just didn’t want to admit it. “I’m sure Zander is going to be dying from hunger. I’ll cook dinner and you rest until I come get you. Please?”

She agreed and got under the covers and quickly went to sleep. Next thing she knew Declan was kissing her forehead and rubbing her cheek. When she opened her eyes he smiled at her “Dinner is ready. Would you be too angry at me if I carried you to dinner aswell?” She laughed “I guess you can.” Zander of course was eating like he hadn’t in a week.

“What are they feeding you at that school?” She asked as Declan lowered her to her feet and pulled out her chair.

“Some crap that’s supposed to be good for your brain. It’s disgusting.” He took another bite of mashed potatoes. “Maybe you could talk to them Declan, the words floating around in their heads say you’re their biggest contributor. I understand wanting us growing boys and girls to eat healthy, but their version of healthy is absolute shit.”

Rylan couldn’t believe the mouth on this boy. She supposed it was her fault. She had never been one to spare words when something was on her mind. She picked at her food. She wasn’t really all that hungry, she actually felt sick. She took a bit of green beans. The minute she swallowed she was running for the bathroom, her stomach emptying itself.

“Still getting sick?” She looked up at Declan. He had a glass of water in his hand.

“I thought the green bean thing would pass, but apparently not.” She flushed the toilet and closed the lid so she could sit down. He handed her the glass and she drank the whole thing. “Maybe just some crackers and water for now. I’ll try and eat something else later. You and Zander can go into town and get me some fruit tomorrow.”

As if speaking his name was somehow magic he appeared in the doorway, his face worried. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“The babies hate green beans. I thought they’d changed their minds.” She smiled up at him.

“Babies in this family will never change their minds. Stubborn dad, stubborn mom, and a stubborn uncle. It’s in their genes. Since you’re not dying of some unknown disease, I’m going to finish eating then clean up. Maybe you should get her in bed Declan, she looks a little green.”

He took her to their room again and layed her down. Touching his forehead to hers for a minute “I’ll be back with some crackers and more water.” She layed there staring at the ceiling. Not really interested in going back to sleep. She knew she had to though. It would mean fighting with Declan if she got back up. Besides she knew he’d probably lay with her when he came back since Zander offered to clean the kitchen after he ate.

Declan was back so she sat up and ate a few crackers and drank a little more. Declan was just staring at her. “What is it?”

“You’re just so beautiful. I can’t wait to meet our children. I’m sorry they are making you so miserable right now.”

“Nothing for you to be sorry for. Are you going to get in bed with me? I’d like to lean against you. I don’t really want to actually sleep yet.” She moved up on the bed and Declan got behind her and sat with his legs open so she could sit between them and lay back against him. He wrapped his arms around her, resting his head beside hers.

“So what are you hoping for?” She asked and his hands slid down to her belly.

“Boys, both of them. I don’t think I could survive twin daughters as infuriatingly stubborn as you.” He rubbed her belly.

“Come on, I’m not all that bad. At least they’d be beautiful.”

“Another thing I’d rather live without. I don’t need a bunch of little boys on our front porch.”¬†She laughed and turned to kiss him. She was sure one of them was a girl. She just had a feeling, but she would save that for the ultrasound tech to tell him. No matter what they had she knew he’d be one busy dad.

Zander raked and rinsed the dishes and stacked them on the counter. A scratching sound caught his attention and he switched off the water. He cocked his head to the side and after a few seconds it stopped. He switched the water back on and the scratching started again. He turned it off and expanded his consciousness to outside. He found Sacha and she seemed agitated. He touched upon another mind, but could not find his way in. There was someone or something outside. He backed away from the sink slowly, calmly. He projected his thoughts into Rylan’s and Declan’s heads just as a man burst through the kitchen window. The front door exploded inward with the force of another man’s kick. He was followed in by four others.

Declan jumped up and yelled at his wife to stay. When the men tried to run up the stairs Zander used his powers to pull them down. He got all but one who looked especially sadistic and scary. The men he had knocked down were pissed off and they went after Zander. Sacha ran in to help Zander while Declan handled the much more powerful one. They had come in so fast Zander missed one who was climbing the outside of the little house to where he could smell Rylan. He broke the window with his fist and jumped in.

Rylan jumped up ready to fight him. There was so much chaos downstairs they didn’t hear the window upstairs break and Rylan wanted to take him herself. The vampire was very fast. He seemed to almost match Declans speed and he slammed her on the floor. Zander could feel his sisters heart race and saw in her head the man on top of her. “Declan! Sacha! There’s a vampire on top of Rylan!”

Declan turned to race back up the stairs, but one of the nasty creatures jumped on his back, pulling him down the stairs and onto the floor it sank sharp fangs into his shoulder as he wrestled to get him off. Sacha was up the stairs, diving over the vampire that reached for her. Another vampire jumped on him and Zander threw it off as he grappled with a creatures that was much stronger than he was.

The vampire had her by the throat, his fingers digging into her skin. She heard Sascha scream as she raced through the doorway and at the vampire. The vampire caught the cat in mid air and threw her against the bedroom wall. The cat hit the floor with a thud. Rylan felt tears burning in her eyes and she hoped the cat was still alive. She tried to scream, but the vampire clamped down tighter. Her vision began to blur, the blood cut off from her brain. Her struggles became weaker. The last thing she heard was a sharp whistle.

The vampires suddenly ceased fighting and began to retreat. Zander trapped one in a ball of psychic energy. It hissed and growled, slamming against the invisible wall. There was something wrong. Rylan seemed to be getting further away. “Upstairs now, I’ll hold this one.”

Declan was on his feet in an instant and jumped to the top step. His heart skipped a beat before slamming painfully against his chest. Rylan was gone. Sacha lay on the floor in a heap. He could hear her breathing and heartbeat. He ran to the broken window, his eyes searching the pitch blackness. There was nothing, not even the cricket made a sound. He lifted Sacha and ran back downstairs, laying the cat on the couch before delivering the bad news to Zander. “They took her and almost killed Sacha.”

“Maybe we can get this one to talk.”

The vampire Zander caught just laughed “I can’t believe you guys fell for that distraction. You both did just as we hoped you would. You wont be getting her back now I promise. Atleast not alive anyway.” Declan wanted to rip him to pieces. His rage was starting to overwhelm him but he had to keep it under control so he could think clearly. If he let himself get lost in rage he may never get her back. Zander tried to get in his head but couldn’t.

The vampire spoke again “Stop that you stupid boy. We know about you and before this attack we made sure you wouldn’t be able to read our thoughts. Otherwise things wouldn’t have gone as planned. By all means though. Do waste your time.” He gave him a look that absolutely disgusted Zander. Zander Squeezed him with his psychic ability and he screeched in pain “Tell us where my damn sister is! Declan will do far worse than just that if you don’t speak up and quit being a high and mighty asshole!”

“I’m not afraid of him. A vampire gone soft, a human’s play thing.” He cackled.

Zander was putting so much pressure on the vampire’s mind and body that the creatures nose and ears started to bleed. “Zander that’s enough.” Declan said and laid a calming hand on the boy’s shoulder. “There is only one person who can make him talk and that’s the Matron.”

“That old hag is just as bad as you.”

Zander squeezed the monster again and he made a strangling sound. “Then go get her.”

“You have to promise not to kill this thing. I know you are angry, so am I, but if he dies we may never find Rylan.”

“I understand.”

Declan was worried about leaving Zander alone with the vampire. He struggled with his decision, but in the end he knew it had to be done. He stepped out into the night and took to the sky. He flew as fast as he could, his mind racing with terrible thoughts, nightmarish and dark. He knew exactly how Rylan would react upon finding herself in a den of vampires and it wouldn’t be pretty. He landed on the Matron’s front porch and banged on the door. He heard footsteps racing across a wooden floor and the door swung open. It was the Matron herself.

“You have to come with me now, they have her.” He said, hating the panic in his voice. “They found the safe house, but Zander managed to catch one of them. Please, we need your help.”

“Anything for Rylan.”

The two of them took off twords the safe house again. The matron was worried and felt bad for Declan. She had known him for as long as he had been alive. Never once did she see true happiness on his face until Rylan. She feared what would happen if he lost her. They arrived back at the safe house. Zander had him pinned on the floor “Just kill me now boy. I wont say a word I promise so we may aswell not drag this out.”

The matron looked down at him “You will tell me where they have taken Rylan” He laughed again “I already told these two I don’t care what you softies have to say. I have no respect for you.” The matron was angry. She had never had somebody be so insolent¬†to her face. “I’m not the matron simply because I’m old. Suddenly he started yelling in pain writhing on the floor. The matrons eyes were glowing. His yelling was hurting Zanders ears and he didn’t understand what she was doing. Did she have similar abilities as him?

She stopped “Where is she.” He was laying there gasping for air. “Speak up now!” He was no longer bold and sarcastic. He was cowering pleading with her to give him a minuet so he could speak. A small smile went over Zanders face seeing him like that. He hoped they’d all suffer for attacking his sister. She had been through enough in her life and didn’t need this too.

Chapter Three

Declan had only seen the Matron do this once on a man who had betrayed them for booze and drugs. He had sold them out to a group of hunters. Not only had the Matron received the information she had wanted she had also killed the man. All he knew is this ability of hers was something all matrons had had. She could control the very blood in your veins.

“Please, they’re taking her North to Jonathan. He lives outside of Klamath Falls on a ranch. Please, please.” He begged and the Matron crouched down next to him.

“Shush now child.” She stroked his cheek, her fingers moved down to wrap around his throat she she stared into his eyes, her own glowing. All the blood in his body seeped out of him, blood vessels bursting and arteries opening. Squeezed his throat, muffling his screams. When his pulse had stopped beating she stood up and walked into the kitchen. She washed the blood from her hands.

Zander was in shock at what he’d just witnessed. This woman was as terrifying as she was beautiful. As much as he wanted to see the vampire squirm he had not expected it to be in that way. “You don’t have to be afraid of me Zander. I would never do that to you.” The Matron said as if reading his mind.

“That’s a relief, so we go North then.” Zander said.

“You two will go. I have to call in others to clean up this mess. The panther will stay with me until you return. You cannot let this Jonathan kill Rylan. She is the future of this family.”

“You mean, you’ve chosen her.” Declan was in awe.

“When I decide to step down she will be taking my place.”

“Does that mean you’ll be free for dinner?” Zander asked and they both arched an eyebrow at him. “Oh sorry, yes ma’am we’ll get her back safe.”

“Get on my back Zander.” Zander didn’t want the matron to see him riding on Declans back like a child. He thought she was beautiful and really liked her. He knew there was no time to be embarrassed. His sister needed him. She protected him for so long he was going to do anything to save her. He climbed on Declans back and he flew out the door. The Matron looked out saying “Good luck. I’m counting on you two not to fail.”

Declan was going so fast the wind was stinging Zanders face. He gripped him but didn’t complain. He wanted to hurry aswell. Declan felt a little comfort now that he knew where she was. He’d get her back and annihilate¬†anybody who stood in his way or had dared hurt her. For their sake she better be unharmed when he arrived.

Declan eventually noticed Zanders pain and slowed a bit so the wind wouldn’t hit him as hard. He wasn’t used to carrying a human. “I’m sorry Zander. I’m really worried. You should say somthing you know.”

“What’s important is getting to my sister. Don’t worry about me.”

Rylan woke cold and wet. She sat up and looked around the dark room. She was in a basement with muddy floors. Her skin was so cold and her clothes were soaked from the water pooling on the floor. She shivered and rubbed her hands up and down her arms. There was a little light filtering in from a small window, not moon light but a porch light. She walked over, standing on tip toes to try and get a look at her surroundings. She couldn’t see very much, mostly gravel and grass. Where was she? She found her way to a flight of stairs and walked quietly up. She tried the door, it was locked.

“Hello,” she screamed, “please just let me go.” The cold was sapping her energy, she knew she had to conserve as much as possible. She found a relatively dry corner in the dank little room and sat down, bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them. She was both angry and sorrowful. She refused to cry right now. She had to keep her wits about her and not panic. Declan and Zander would find her and she would hold on even if it too them forever.

It took a few hours but they began to see the falls in the distance. Declan wanted to speed up again. Zander was in his head and said “Go ahead. I can take it. Just get to her please.” He took off at full speed again. Zander pushed his face into Declans shoulder so it would hurt less. Rylan hummed to herself to try and relax. Stress wasn’t good for her babies. It also helped her not to think about how cold she was.

Suddenly Zander was finally close enough to hear Rylans thoughts. He heard the song in her head. He could hear her voice singing it. He rememberd how when he was little she’d sing to him when he was afraid. He knew she must be trying to comfort herself. He said “Just keep singing Rylan we are coming.” She smiled, surprised they were already almost there. He had a decent range to interact with her in her head but still. They had to be very close.

She couldn’t tell them her exact location. She looked out the window, dawn was beginning to break. The basement door slammed open behind her and she spun around, fists clenched at her sides. A man not much older than herself walked down the steps. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a tank top with cowboy boots. He had really dark brown eyes, so dark they looked black and soulless.

“Good morning, hope your night was pleasant.” He said with a grin.

“Drop the act monster.” She spat. She wasn’t an idiot, she knew when someone was playing her. Years of running had refined her skills for spotting bull shit.

“You’re a little too smart for your own good and you’ve got quite a temper.”

“And you’re a pig headed creep who thinks it’s okay to kidnap women so I guess we oth have flaws.”

He slapped her hard enough that it turned her head, but she didn’t fall. She turned rage filled eyes back to him. She could feel herself shaking. He wrappe ships fingers threateningly around her throat and she stared up at him defiantly. “You have such an odd smell about you.” He said. “It must be your blood. I’m going to drain you and share it with my friends. Just imagine what it will be like when vampires rule both night and day. All that delicious livestock just walking around, never expecting to be drained dry.” He sank his fangs in her neck with lighting speed.

She tried to get him off but he was so strong. She was yelling for them in her head so Zander could lead Declan to her with her thoughts. He could pinpoint her location that way. They were there and Zander yelled Declan follow me she’s calling for us I can hear her!They burst their way in and when Declan saw what he was doing his rage finally made him go mad. He hit him so hard he flew into a wall breaking it.

Rylan was dizzy and could barely get her thoughts together. Zander ran to her side. More vampires were coming down. He made an invisble wall incase the stairs so they couldn’t come down. He’d hold them back as long as Declan needed him to. Zander was amazed at his strength and that the other vampire could keep up atall. The fight between them had left the basement and continued outside. The vampires decided they would just go out and come in that way to get Rylan.

He heard their thoughts and let the hold off the stairs and held his siter. Putting the field just around the two of them. He wanted to fight too but was afraid they might lose Rylan again to one of them. She looked so pale. He tried to listen to her thoughts but they were a mess. Zander was really worried about her and the babies.

Declan snapped the neck of one vampire and tore the heart from another’s chest. There were more than he had thought upon entering. They hid well. He couldn’t find the man who had attacked Rylan. He had clearly ran. He beat the vampires back, the sun was rising and he refused to let them flee. He moved fast than they did, cutting them off at every angle. The sun hit their skin and they began to scream. They fell to the ground, writhing in agony. They couldn’t get away now. He left them there to die begging for their lives. He rushed back to the basement and took Rylan from Zander. The bleeding had stopped, but she was so pale.

“Rylan you have to look at me.” He said as he stroked her cheek.

“I’m alright.” She opened her eyes, feeling dizzy. “He took my blood.”

“Oh shit.” Zander said.

“Language baby brother.”

“The Matron has to know. He’s more dangerous.” She rested her hands on her abdomen.

“The babies are okay, I can hear their hearts beating. You need blood and to eat something more than crackers.” He lifted her in his arms, wanting her out of this place. “We’ll get you home where you can rest.”

Once outside Zander hopped on Declan’s back. He knew the man was exhausted. He would volunteer to go to the Matron when they got home. He wanted nothing more than to catch the man who hurt his sister, but only the Matron could authorize a hunt.

Rylan kept wanting to fall asleep but Declan wouldn’t let her “You have to stay up sweetheart. I’m so sorry.” When they arrived home Zander quickly got off of him and made Rylan somthing to eat and grabbed a bottle of blood out of the fridge for her. It was hard for her to do anything but she managed to eat and drink. Now that she had done that Declan could let her sleep.

“Declan take her upstairs I’ll go to the matron for you. Just take care of Rylan.” Declan was grateful he offered. “It will take you a long time to walk there are you sure?”

“Yes now take her upstairs and lay her down.” Declan explained to him how to get to her. She wasn’t too far because she was staying in a little home that would take him about an hour to reach. Zander ran out the door and Declan took his wife to their room. Now that he wasn’t bothering her to stay awake she was asleep before he even layed her down. He covered her up and got into bed beside her. He kissed her and then just held her. He hated how cold she felt. He was angry at himself for letting them take her.

He was angry at the whole situation. He would make sure Johnathan payed greatly for this. If Declan got the chance to kill him it would be miserable and slow. His mind would’ve went into dark thoughts again but he just wound up staring at his wife. He was so relived to have her back with him. One thing was for sure nothing else was getting close to Rylan.

Zander banged on the Matron’s door. He knew it was sunny out, but he hoped she would answer. The door swung open and he stepped inside. The door slammed shut and someone grabbed his head, smashing it against the wall. He hit the ground hard. He heard laughing, masculine and evil. He managed to raise his head just enough to see Jonathan. He sent sent Rylan a message as the vampire kicked him in the head.

Rylan felt fear vibrate through her then a stabbing pain in her head. It was so intense she screamed and sat up, clutching her temple. “Rylan it’s okay, I’m here.” Declan said, his hands pulled hers away from her head. “What happened, are you hurt?”

“My head, something’s wrong.” She cried, feeling sick. She looked out the window, it was well past noon. “How long have I been asleep?”

“A few hours. The flight back took longer than anticipated.”

“Where’s Zander?” She was out off the bed before he could stop her. He followed her downstairs.

“He went to the Matron’s, is everything okay?” He had to grab her arm and turn her to face him. “Tell me.”

“Something’s happened, something terrible. We have to go to the Matron’s, please.”

“But you just went through” She interrupted him “No buts we need to go!” He sighed thinking it was a bit odd Zander wasn’t back yet. “Can I carry you atleast? Please, you went through a lot last night my love.” She rolled her eyes but was sure it was the only way to get him out the door. “Fine” He scooped her up and zoomed to her house. It only took him about 10mins. Rylan being a vampire herself now could handle it when he went as fast as he could.

She jumped out of his arms and ran as soon as she saw the matrons door. She ran in to see Zander on the floor bleeding badly and knocked out. “Zander!” She kneeled down and tried to shake him awake. She just kept saying his name and Declan went to find the matron. He hoped nothing bad happend to her.

Final Chapter

Declan ran upstairs, throwing open every door. The last room belonged to the Matron. There was blood on the floor, but no body. A hastily scribbled not lay on the bed he picked it up, his eyes moving over the messy print. He ran back downstairs, Rylan was helping Zander to his feet. He was unsteady on his feet, but managed to stay up. “He has the Matron at Lake Berryessa. He wants you Rylan.” Declan held out the note and Rylan took it from him.

“Where’s Sacha?” Zander asked and swayed a little.

“As far as I could tell she wasn’t part of the struggle. She may have followed Jonathan and the Matron.”

“We have to go there tonight. I know you want to protect me, but it’s also your job to protect her. Don’t look at me like that.” She said, narrowing her eyes.

“He wants you for his little game. I can’t just hand you over.” Declan snapped.

“Yes you can and then you take me back. I have faith in both of you.”

Declan wanted to tie her up and leave her in a closet. If he said no, she would follow him. She knew where the lake was, she wasn’t an idiot and if he said yes she would be putting herself in danger. Either way he couldn’t win. “Fine. Lets get Zander patched up before it gets dark.”

They took Zander back to the safe house and layed him down in his room. Rylan quickly got him cleaned up and bandaged. Declan really didn’t want to do this. He worried what may happen to her. She barely had her color back as it was. She needed to be resting not all this. It was his job to protect the matron and Rylan wouldn’t forgive him if they didn’t do as Johnathan asked.

He didn’t notice Rylan was done and had come behind him. She wrapped her arms around him. “Calm down” He pulled her around to hold her. “There’s no way I can be calm until this is over. Johnathan is going to regret all of this. I’m going to make sure of it.” She smiled at him “Well I trust you and Zander to get me back once he has me. You’re amazing.” She winked at him to make him smile which worked. It was really hard to stay serious around her no matter what was going on. Rylan was just too cute and made him too happy.

“You have no idea what you mean to me. There was nothing for me until you. The Matron was my only family. I avoided the rest of the clan and just did my job. You are the one bright light in my life, that flicker in the darkness that chases away the shadows. You cannot let anything happen to you tonight or our children. It would kill me.” She felt a flutter in her chest and a lump form in her throat. She didn’t know how he did it, made her feel so loved and important. She kissed him, her fingers tangling in his long hair. She loved him so much.

Zander cleared his throat and the pulled apart, a blush creeping up Rylan’s neck. “Sorry to interrupt, but I think we should get going.” He said.

“Yes, of course. We wouldn’t want to be late.” Rylan replied and laced her fingers through Declan’s. “We’ll drop you off before the lake Zander. You can sneak around behind and save the Matron.”

They held hands until they were outside and Declan had to carry Zander again. It didn’t take too long to reach where they needed to be. Declan set Zander down “Rylan remember I can hear your thoughts. I’ll be in your head so just think whatever you need me to know.” She nodded then her and Declan took off to meet Johnathan. The matron lay on the ground still knocked out. Johnathan stood their looking¬†pompous.

“Glad to see you two made it. I was worried you may be stupid and not come. Your blood tasted so sweet Rylan I can’t wait to finish you off.” He smirked and Declan felt himself filling with anger again. “Give her to me and you can take your matron. Zander was coming around slowly. He sent a message to Rylan. “Just keep him talking. I’m close enough to move her but I need him distracted a little longer.

The only thing she could think to talk to Johnathan about was her. It was the only thing they had in common. “Why do you still need me if you can walk in the sunlight?”

He laughed “I’ve already said it you taste amazing. Better than any blood I’ve had. I also enjoyed your terror as I drained the blood from you. I could feel your fear. It was intoxicating.” Declan was getting sicker by the second. He wanted to destroy Johnathan for touching Rylan. He was almost shaking with anger trying to hold himself back.

Rylan put a calming hand on Declan’s chest. “You must know I’m pregnant then.” She moved toward him, directing Zander to wait.

“I could hear their panicked little hearts.” He stepped towards her, his eyes burned with blood lust.

“You love the adrenaline, the delicious little rush.” She told Zander to grab the Matron. He lifted her silently off the ground and backed into the woods. “How can something that good not be craved.”

Declan saw Zander disappear into the woods and launched his attack. He rushed Jonathan, tackling him and rolling away from Rylan. Jonathan threw him off and rushed Rylan. He slammed hard into an invisible wall, bouncing back and skidding to a stop just before the water. Declan was back on him, getting him in a choke hold. Jonathan launched himself backwards and into the lake. They both went under and he managed to slip out of Declan’s grasp. He could see the enraged vampire making his way back toward the surface and grabbed his ankle. He was not going to let him have Rylan even if it meant drowning. He grasped Jonathan’s ankle and pulled him back down. He wrapped arms and legs around him, pinning his arms against his body. He sank his fangs into the vampire’s neck, draining him. Jonathan’s struggles weakened and when he finally went limp Declan grabbed his shirt and swam up.

Rylan rushed to Declan as he crawled out of the water. She helped him pull Jonathan out of the water and then embraced him. Zander came running out of the woods, the Matron was with him. “Thank you for throwing that barrier between them.” Declan said as he caught his breath.

“I didn’t do that.” Zander was confused.

“It was the babies.” The Matron said. “I could feel the power coming from within you Rylan. They are going to be very powerful. Is that monster dead?”

“No ma’am.” Declan answered.

“Zander and I will take him to the council where he will be sentenced. You two go home and rest.”

Rylan had let him get away with carrying her so much today he didn’t ask again even though he wanted to. Her talking with Johnathan had disturbed him.The thought of him hurting his wife and babies about killed him. He was amazed it was their children that protected Rylan. He assumed it was Zander. To be able to do that at only a few months along is remarkable. Not even born yet and they were filling their father with pride.

When they got home Zander hugged his sister. “We can make it through anything huh?” Declan and Rylan smiled. They had dinner and talked late in the night until Declan insisted Rylan needed to go to sleep because she kept yawning every other sentence. She couldn’t argue that point and went up to bed after telling the two of them goodnight.

Zander looked at Declan. “Thank for taking such good care of my sister. I never feel I have to worry about her with you by her side. She’s the greatest woman you’ll ever find and you better never brake her heart.” He said with a grin. Declan laughed “You don’t have to worry about that. I’m going to go to sleep too. We’ll see you in the morning ok?”

“Ok goodnight!”

He went upstairs, Rylan was already sleeping. She had been falling asleep really fast since she was 1 month into her pregnancy. He got in beside her, kissing her head and then gently moving her into his arms so he wouldn’t wake her. He hoped that things would be peaceful atleast until the babies were here. Thankfully everything with Johnathan was over and he could rest easy knowing his world was safe.

~The End~

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