Rylan & Declan 5

Chapter One

Sebastian is Rylans and Declans only kid still living at home. Declan bought Gregory and Dania their own homes when they became adults. Sebastian has now learned to block out what his mother is feeling so he doesn’t always have to go through what she’s going through. He can turn it off and on now as he pleases. Which he likes since his mother seems to always be doing somthing crazy. A rogue vampire who didn’t belong to any family so didn’t follow rules had his eye on Ryaln lately. If she’d go out at night he’d stalk her and he had made a small home for himself in a cave near hers and Declans home.

He desperately wanted to be able to walk in the sun like she did. It would be helpful so he could kill more humans. He found her a few months back when he had to relocate here because the town he’d been plaguing stormed his home and chased him off. He was ready to plague this town but first he had to capture Rylan and gain her power to walk in the sun. Vesher was six hundred years old and still held to old values about women. He thought she was very beautiful and decided he’d keep her alive once he caught her. He was going to break her into submission.

Declan was gone and Rylan was bored. He wasn’t supposed to be back for a few more days so she was pretty sad. She decided a good walk would clear her head. She got out of bed and started walking through the night just enjoying the coolness of the air. She sensed someone coming near her and turned just as he was inches from her. “who are you?”

“Vesher, what might your name be?”


“I would like to ask you something my dear.”


“I would very much like to drink some of that blood of yours so I can walk in the sun like you do.” Rylan didn’t like how this mans aura felt. “I”m sorry but I dont just give that away. I’ve given it to few people even in my family”

“You’ll give it to me or I’ll take it.” Rylan punched him knowing he would attack her. Vesher growled and they started to fight. They were far enough away from Rylans home her son Sebastian didn’t stir. The two ran around fighting for hours. Just when Rylan was worried he wouldn’t stop he said “fuck you you little bitch. I tried to do this the nice way. I’ll be coming for you and believe me I will take you.”

“I’ll have to be dead for you to take me” she screamed as the vampire ran off. She decided not to give chase. She walked home very tired. She was ready to collapse once she entered her home. She made sure every door and window was locked so she’d hear if Vesher entered and then went to sleep. She had bruised pretty badly from his blows and she hoped they’d heal fast so her son wouldn’t see in the morning and worry. Rylan knew she could keep the man at bay. Even kill him if it came down to it. She hoped to have this wrapped up before Declan came home.

The next morning Rylan felt like she had been put through the ringer. She sat up with a groan and then stood. She lifted her shirt, examining her skin. There were no bruises, but her muscles still hurt. She went onto the bathroom and switched on the shower, needed to get the dirt and grass off of her. She stripped down and stepped under the warm water. She found herself wishing that Zander lived close by and could help her with her problem without getting Declan involved. She couldn’t bring herself to call him, not with Caroline pregnant again. This one was giving her sister in law hell. She turned ff the water and stepped out, drying quickly and then dressing. She had to check around the house while it was daylight.

When Sebastian saw his mother he knew something bad had happened. He opened himself up to her and could feel the throbbing pain in her muscles. He delved into her memories, catching glimpses of a man he did not recognize. He had fought with his mother over her blood. He closed himself off again, afraid of why he was so interested in obtaining his mother’s blood. He would talk to his father when he returned. Mother missed him and hated when he had to go away. Uncle Zander was to far away and he wasn’t sure if he should get his sibling s involved or not. The only other person he could ask was the Wendigo, but he didn’t know where the man’s house was.

“Mom is everything alright? I saw images of a man.” He said as he walked with her downstairs.

“You shouldn’t worry yourself sweety, everything will be fine. Would you like to come with me and check around the house for any signs of him?” She took his hand as they reached the living room.

“Sure, lets get it done now then I can help you with breakfast.”

She smiled at her youngest son. He was such an angel, had always clung to her like she was his lifeline. They were so connected that they could feel each others auras washing over each other. It was a warm feeling, full of love and trust. She didn’t want to have him out there with her, but she would need him to call his siblings or Auron. The Wendigo would come in an instant if needed. He felt like he owed her everything. “Remember if I tell you to run, you run and don’t look back no matter what.” She said.

“Yes ma’am I understand.”

They started walking around the woods that surrounded their home. Rylan kept taking in as much air as she could looking for the mans scent. She began to walk the way she was when she ran into him but the smell was still faint telling her he hadn’t been there since they fought. She didn’t want to look for trouble so since he wasn’t near their home she decided she’d go back with her son and eat breakfast. She could tell how hungry he was.

“Lets eat baby, he hasn’t come back.”

“alright” They ran home and Sebastian said “let me cook for you mom. You should sit after the night you had.” She hugged her son “you are such a sweet boy, I’m going to miss you when you move out like your siblings.”

“Maybe I’ll stay here with you until I find a wife. If you and dad wouldn’t mind” Rylan smiled “we wouldn’t mind if that’s what you wanted. Your brother and sister wanted their own places which is why your father bought them homes.”

“dad wouldn’t think I wasn’t being a man?”

“Your father loves you and would love you here.” Sebastian smiled and started cooking. He made her sausage and scrambled eggs. They sat and ate together “delicious as always, I taught you well”

“do you think we should get uncle Zander mom? That guy seemed really big and full of malice”

“No son, I can handle myself. I fought him off last night didn’t I? I’m sure he’ll be out of our hair before your father even gets home.”

“I hope so” Sebastian said looking worried. “stop that please, do you think your mom is helpless?”

“No, I just dont want you to get hurt.”

“I know son, eat your breakfast.” They finished their food and then Rylan decided a good way to get her sons mind off the man was to have him practice his violin. “would you play for me son?”

“what would you like to hear?”

“anything you wish to play, your music is so beautiful I’d hate for you to fall out of practice.”

“I’ll run grab it!” Sebastian ran up the stairs and Rylan sat on the couch. He came back and stood in front of his mother. Getting Sebastian that violin was the best thing she could’ve done. He had such amazing music in him. She thought it might help him win over a girl aswell. She could see and feel how much Sebastian loved playing. He’d even sway with the music as it went higher and lower. This song happened to be her favorite. KNowing him he chose it to help her relax too.

“You play so wonderfully.” Rylan said and stood to hug her son.

“Thanks mom.” He sat his violin on the couch. “Who was that man?”

“He wants my blood because it can help him walk in the sun.

“Maybe we should call dad.”

“Even if we did chances are he wouldn’t get here in time. I have a feeling our little friend will be back again. We’ll set the alarm tonight.”

Sebastian frowned, wishing his father had never left. He had already been gone three days tracking down a group of young vampires that were barely managing to survive. He had wanted to get them somewhere safe and have someone watch over them. “Why does dad do things when you don’t order him to? You’re the Matron can’t you make him stay home?” He asked sadly.

“Oh honey that would go against his nature. He has a big heart and he has to help people.” She hated that look on her son’s face. He really missed Declan.

Declan flew over the city trying to find the groups hiding place. It had been hard tracking them, but he felt he was getting closer. He knew it would be hard to convince a bunch of orphans to trust him, but he had to try. He couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have no one. It immediately made him wishe he had brought Rylan and Sebastian along. Rylan would have been able to easily make the orphan vampires come to her. She had such power in her voice. It wasn’t forceful, but warm and soft like her. She had stopped him and a Wendigo from tearing each other apart with just her voice. He wanted so desperately to get back home and wrap himself in her love and light. He wanted to sit and listen to his son play the violin. Most of all there was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. It had him constantly distracted with worry for his loved ones.

Vesher sat in his cave brooding about the night before. As soon as the sun left the sky he was going to that bitches house and waiting for her to fall asleep. If he took her by surprise it may be easier to capture her. Rylan was much stronger than he thought she was. He had to have her even more now. Had to break her and bend her to his will. Vesher was grateful he had been forced out of his last home. It made him stumble open a beautiful woman who could make him able to walk in the sun.

Vesher decided to settle down for a nap to make sure he had plenty of energy when he broke into her house tonight. Sebastian played a few more songs for his mother after lunch and then the two decided to go on a walk to clear their head. Rylan wasn’t afraid but she could see her son was. “Please relax Sebastian.”

“I’m just not as strong as dad. Neither are Gregory and Dania. What if that man kills you mom?”

“If anything happens tonight just get your siblings as fast as you can. Your mother is tougher than you give her credit for. Between the three of you and myself I will be fine.” The walk helped Sebastian a little but he doubted he could sleep tonight. He wanted to be ready incase the man came. His mother was everything to him. He couldn’t allow the man he saw to take her and kill her. Rylan and Sebastian didn’t return to their home until the sun was starting to fall to the earth.

“what would you like for dinner?”

“Anything” Rylan stood there and thought. She wasn’t sure what she wanted either. “How does meatball casserole sound?”

“perfect, can I help you make it?”

“I expect you to lazy now come on” Rylan teased trying to lighten her son still. Sebastian rolled the meatballs while his mother prepared everything else. She kept teasing him and joking aroudn until she finally had him laughing. Once it was put together they slid it in the oven then washed their hands. “lets make sure everything is locked up while that cooks. You do the right half of the house and I’ll do the left.”

“Ok” They went their seperate ways making sure not a single window or door wasn’t locked and closed tight. Rylan set the alarm then checked the timer. They still had twenty four minuets until the food was ready. “why don’t we dance son?” She asked wanting to keep Sebastians light spirit up. Sebastian went into his room to grab his ipod and hooked it up the speakers in the living room. He played Dreamfighter.

Rylan laughed when her son tried to dip her and they nearly fell over. She hugged him and then kissed his cheek. He was so much like Declan it was shocking. He wrapped his arms around her and they sat down on the couch, breathless. They listened to music until the timer went off and she jumped up to pull the casserole out of the oven. Sebastian grabbed two bowls and his mother scooped some food into each one. They grabbed a fork and sat down at the table to eat.

“This is so good mom.” He said with a full mouth.

“Thank you sweety, chew your food please.” She replied and he shut his mouth.¬†They finished their meal and Rylan took the bowls and washed them. “Time for bed little love.”

“I’m not so little anymore.”

“Okay, big love then.” She kissed his cheek and he ran upstairs to shower. She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. She wanted to call her husband and tell him what had happened, but she knew he was working hard. Their last conversation had been short and swift. It had hurt her feelings a little, but she kept telling herself that what he was doing was important. She sighed and stared at the TV, not really seeing what was on. It was more for the noise than anything. The sound of something breaking caught her attention and for a moment she thought Sebastian had dropped a cup. She froze when she heard the shower going. He had come back and she was alone. She felt a presence behind her and gripped the controller in her hand. She jumped up, spinning around and throwing it right in Vesher’s face. He didn’t even have time to duck.¬†She ran upstairs, screaming for her son to lock the bathroom door.

Sebastian turned the water off hearing his mom screaming but not hearing what she said. He threw on some underwear and ran out to see his mother and Vesher fighting. There was broken glass and knocked over things everywhere. “Run Sebastian! Get your brother and sister!” Vesher slammed his fist into Rylans mouth angering Sebastian but he did as he was told. He shivered in the night air since he was wet and in his underwear. He flew as fast as he could to his sisters. When he arrived at his sisters he pounded on the door. Dania answered quickly “what is it? Why are you nearly naked”

“A mans attacking our mother. No time to explain just come, tell Gregory with your mind connection to come!” She nodded and told Greg who told her he’d head straight for there and for the two of them to run ahead. They took off to try and get back to help their mother. When they arrived at the house nearly everything was knocked over or broken. Dania was repulsed by Veshers scent. “He even smells fucking evil” she spat. “mom!” Sebastian screamed in panic. Gregory was suddenly behidn them “where’s our mother?”

“I don’t know” dania said listening “they aren’t here, greg call dad and Sebastian and I will follow the mans and mothers scent until we find them.” Greg nodded even though he didn’t know what he was going to tell his father. He didn’t know much. Sebastian and Dania took a long inhale of the air to get the mans scent ingrained in their nose then took off. Gregory left his phone so he searched for Sebastians. He called Declan but his father didn’t answer. He decided to leave a voicemail then follow “dad, Sebastian didn’t tell Dania and I much but the house is a wreck, moms gone and all Sebastian can say is some man was attacking her. Dania and Sebastian are already trying to find where he and our mother are while I’m leaving this. I’m about to go too.” Greg hung up then took in the air aswell to hunt for his mother.

For the second time in her life Rylan woke dangling upside down and staring at someone’s back. Her entire body hurt, especially her mouth. She hoped the son of a bitch carrying her had not broken any of her teeth. She ran her tongue along them, not feeling any missing. Her wrists were bound behind her back and there was another piece of rope tied just above her elbows. She blinked, noticing she was in the air. She would have bit him or started fighting if she thought she could break her bonds and not potentially die in the fall.

“Let me go.” She ordered weakly.

“I plan on keeping you for a long time. I like the feisty ones. They always seem to think they can put up a good fight.” He said. She hated that whatever power she had in her voice wasn’t working.

“Fuck you, you pig. My children and my husband will tear you limb from limb.”

“I’m so frightened of those human loving cowards. They’re first on my list.”

“Over my dead body. I’ll gut you, no I’ll make you kill yourself.” He laughed again.

Declan checked his phone, but couldn’t answer. He had managed to find one of the orphans and was about to follow her back to their hide out. The phone went to voicemail. He watched as the young fifteen year old girl stepped out of the alley and started cautiously down the street. He took to the air, staying high enough that her nose would not detect him. He had to round them up quickly before they attacked and killed someone for blood. They were already barely scraping by as far as regular food went. If they couldn’t get blood soon they would turn into ravenous murderous creatures. It wasn’t a permanent state of being, but he would be forced to put them down. He didn’t want the blood of children on his hands. He wouldn’t be ale to look at his own if he killed them. He wouldn’t be able to look at Rylan.

He sighed and pulled the phone out of his pocket. He checked his voicemail, listening even as he watched the young vampire. It was Gregory’s voice, panicked and angry. He nearly fell out of the sky when he heard his son say Rylan was gone, that a man had taken her. He looked between the girl and the phone. He couldn’t let anything happen to his wife. He would come back later.

Declan flew through the sky as quickly as possible. Even at his top speeds it would take him hours to get home. Then he still didn’t know where Rylan was. He felt guilty for not answering his phone when it first rang. Not that he felt any better about the other times he didn’t answer a call from his family. He had just been so worried about these children. The wind stung him he was going so fast but anything could be happening to his wife and children. He had no way of knowing how strong a vampire attacked his wife.

As hard as he tried he couldn’t remain calm. If something happened to Rylan their very last conversation would be him rushing her off the phone so he could get back to work. That absolutely couldn’t be the last time they spoke. Sebastian and Dania were running fast but then suddenly lost Vashers scent “what the fuck!” Sebastian exclaimed angrily. “Maybe he flew up really high at this point. lets see if we can find it in the air.”

“No dania fucking look. He must have broken the trail in that river over there and then took to the sky. There’s no fucking way to find her.”

“Cussing wont get mom back”

“This is not a time to lecture me about my cursing habits.”

“Sebastian you just need to calm down. A panicked mind can’t think like a calm one. Calm down for mom and help me think of what to do.” Gregory flew to catch up to his siblings very angry. He was pissed off his father didn’t answer the phone. Mom could be dead by the time he bothered to check in with his family. Gregory didn’t know if he could forgive his father if he lost his mother.

Vesher went slowly to ground and continued on foot. He carried her into a cave and tossed her on the ground at the very back. He lit some candles and then came over to her. She was stuck face down on the cold cave floor. He untied her, keeping a tight grip on her wrists. He lifted her off the ground and forced her to put her arms above her head. He tied them together, making a loop at the end. He lifted her and slipped the loop onto a hook that had been screwed into the ceiling.

“You really are beautiful.” He said as he brushed her hair out of her face. “It’s a shame I’m going to have to hurt you.”

“I’ve taken a beating before, I’ve been shot, so do your worst you stupid son of a bitch.” She snapped then spit in his face.

He slapped her and she kicked at him. He gripped her hair and wrenched her head back. He sank his fangs into her throat, gulping down her blood. She became dizzy, her vision becoming fuzzy. He pulled back and licked his lips then put his mouth close to her ear. “I plan on doing more than beating you. I plan on violating you, committing horror after horror upon you until you are begging for mercy. You’ll be as docile as a rabbit by the time I’m done with you. Not even that husband of yours will be able to bring you back from that darkness.” He whispered and she felt a chill move through her. Her heart hammered fearfully in her chest. She would die first. She would fight tooth and nail so he was forced to drain her dry. Her family would know she had not gone down a victim, but as a warrior.

“You will not break me.” She said calmly.

“We’ll see.” He pulled back and punched her in the stomach. He treated her like a punching back until the sun began to rise and he had to catch his breath.

“The wonderful thing about vampire woman is being able to do that. Any other kind of woman would’ve died from it but your body heals fast enough I can play as much as I want.” He said then continued to breath heavy. He stretched his aching arms from beating her so long “it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a vampire woman I wanted so my arms just aren’t used to that. Especially that struggle you put up at your home. Very impressive. I can’t wait until you’re my obedient little bitch.”

Rylan spit at him again “wow, still not near broken are we? Just wait until I catch my breath and am ready to start violating you. Even dripping blood and covered in bruises you are a tantalizing little thing. I bet your husband screws you nightly.”

“You will never have me in that way.” Vesher laughed “You by far are the most strong willed woman I’ve ever met.”

“I can’t wait for my husband to kill you.” Rylan said barely able to speak. She didn’t want him to see how weak she was becoming. She still needed to fight. No matter what happened she’d keep talking back and fighting with all she could. Rylan never felt this much pain before. She hoped she wouldn’t have any permanent marks once she was away from Vesher. At the very least if she died she hoped it would only be Declan who found her and not her children.

Vesher laid down and began to hum happily. Like this was some sort of amazing time like hanging out with friends or dancing. That monster of a vampire enjoyed every second of hitting her. He liked it would take a bit longer to break her. It would only make his victory more triumphant. He began to grow hard at the thought of her helpless face while he raped her repeatedly.

Chapter Two

Declan landed on the front porch and opened the door. The sight that greeted him threatened to make him sick. He could smell the stranger everywhere along with Rylan’s blood. Fear reverberated off the walls. He inhaled deeply, taking in that scent. All three of his children had been here. Sebastian had probably watched as his mother had been taken. Guilt ripped through him, bringing tears to his eyes. He should have been home or taken her with him. This was his fault. His children would never forgive him if she died. He needed help, needed someone who could move swiftly over the land while he took to the sky. He called Auron, asking him to hurry over. He and his wife lived close since Rylan had wanted to keep an eye on him. Thirty minutes later the Wendigo showed up on his porch.

“I need you to follow Rylan’s scent on the ground while I fly above.” Declan said.

“Anything for Rylan.” Auron replied and started through the woods. Declan flew quickly overhead, rocketing through the air at break neck speed. The Wendigo kept pace with him and they never lost sight of one another.

Sebastian, Gregory, and Dania had caught their mother’s scent again and were following it as quickly as possible. They were so afraid of the wind shifting. Sebastian opened his mind, trying to find that telepathic link with his mother. Instead he caught the echo of two others. He came to a stop, turning in the air and waiting.

“Sebastian we can’t top.” Gregory said and he held up his hand to silence his brother.

“What is it?” Dania asked.

Sebastian pointed and said, “Dad is coming. He’s close, we have to wait.”

Gregory didn’t want to wait, but he did for his siblings. Their father was the strongest, could kill anyone. As Sebastian said their father caught up to them. He directed them down and they dropped slowly from the sky, landing on their feet as Auron burst through the trees and skidded to a halt.

“Climb on me” They children did since the Windigo was much faster than them. They took off again. Declan didn’t want his children there but knew none of them would go home. They all inherited their mothers stubbornness. The smell of Rylans blood grew stronger and he wished he could fly any faster than he was. Rylan could feel her son Sebastian, could almost smell her family and Auron. She wondered if it was hopefulness¬†or if it was real.

Vesher stood, he approached Rylan and tried to kiss her. She bit his lip until it busted. He filled with rage and began treating her like a punching bag again “You stupid fucking bitch! You’ll learn! You’re worthless and meant only as a mans play thing! You will stop fighting and bend to my fucking will. You stupid stupid bitch” Vesher was hitting even harder than he had been all night long. Rylan didn’t scream or cry. The only words that left her mouth were “fuck you”

She spit blood all over his face “why won’t you stop fucking fighting!” Declan was close enough to hear and managed a new speed. The Windigo managed to keep up but just barely. Rylan and Declans children clung tightly to Auron. The wind rushing by threatened to knock the children off. Finally they were all at the cave. Vesher smelled them and soon was on the ground looking up at Declan. Vesher had never seen such a anger twisted face in his life.

Declan was on the man in an instant. They rolled across the ground and out into the sun. When the vampire didn’t burst into flames it shocked him. It gave Vesher the opened he needed and he clamped down on Declan’s throat with his teeth. He fought to get the vampire off even as he was ring drained. He rolled and managed to get his legs up and into Vesher’s stomach. He pushed off as hard as he could, sending the vampire flying. He struggled to his feet and started after him.

“Daddy.” Dania called him back, her voice full of fear and worry. He was torn between his wife and killing the mad vampire that had hurt her. He chose Rylan and stumbled into the cave as Auron was lowering her to the ground. He took her in his arms and untied her wrists.

“Are you okay?” He asked and she just nodded. “Please talk, say something.”

“I’m sorry, I should have been stronger.” Rylan burst into tears and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I should have been here.” He was so weak he couldn’t stand. “Auron, you’ll have to carry her back. The kids can help me.”

“What about the man who took mom? What do we do about him?” Gregory said angrily. “He has her blood, he didn’t burn. What do we do?”

“Get us back to the house and get us some blood. I have to get my strength back or I won’t be ale to stop him.” He knew his son wanted to go after the vampire right that second, but he had to understand that running headlong at a creature that strong could get him killed. Without a plan, something bad could happen. “Trust me son.” He said weakly.

Auron took Rylan in his arms and Dania and Gregory lifted their father. Sebastian felt so useless. He had not been strong enough to keep his mother safe and when he had seen her tied up and beaten he had frozen and had not helped his father. They took to the sky as Auron hurried through the forest with a very pale Rylan in his arms. “What are you thinking Sebastian?” Declan asked, startling his son.

“I’m weak. I didn’t do anything in there.” He answered truthfully.

“Neither did we.” Dania said.

“We were all shocked, all of us but dad.” Gregory chimed in. “It doesn’t make you a coward. I believe anyone would be shocked if they saw their mother like that.”

“Your brother and sister are right. Besides you got them when your mother needed help. You did that all on your own.” Declan wished he could hug his son and reassure him further. They were close to home, he could smell it. Auron and the kids took them upstairs and away from the mess in the living room. Auron amd Sebastian stayed with them while Dania got rags and a bowl of water and Gregory grabbed as many bottles of blood as he could carry from the refrigerator. Sebastian held his mother’s hand, feeling like crying, but holding back so he wouldn’t look like a wuss.

Declan looked at Rylan feeling his heart crumbling in his chest. He failed at protecting her, he could’ve been there sooner if he would’ve just answered his familys call. Instead he put other people he didn’t even know ahead of his wife and children. Sebastian did his best to help his mom drink blood. Declan drank it as fast as possible wanting to hurry and get better movement. Once the¬†kids were tending to their parents Auron started to pick up their wrecked home. He wanted to clean it as much as he could.

He owed that much atleast to Rylan. He needed to get away anyway. He couldn’t bare to see her like that. He knew from the look of her she spent the whole night being beaten by that horrific man. If he could even be called a man. Declan could finally move, he kissed his wife. “I’m so sorry Rylan. I promise he’s not going to get away. I’m so so sorry” She looked at him but didn’t speak. Even though she healed fast bruises covered almost all of her body. Her skin just seemed like it was purple with white splotches.

All three of their children looked close to tears as they helped their mother. Rylan finally whispered “I love you babies, thank you Sebastian for listening so well. I’m proud of you.” That almost made the flood gates break for Sebastian. The only thing holding him back was his father sitting there. He absolutely couldn’t let his dad see him cry. He didn’t want to look weak in front of him. Dania was now sobbing uncontrollably. “mom” she whimpered out “I love you so much mom”

“It’s okay baby, everything is okay. Your father and I are going to catch Vesher and kill him.” She said softly, hating the sorrow in her children’s eyes.

“You are not going.” Declan said and all eyes jumped to his face.

“Kids please give me some time with your father. Go down and see of Auron needs anything.” They obeyed without question. Once Sebastian was no longer in front of them he started crying. Dania and Gregory wrapped their arms around him as they moved down the stairs.

“No Rylan, the answer is no.”

She turned to face him, resting a hand on his cheek. “I’m going Declan. I can stop him with my voice, I know ai can.”

“Rylan please don’t make me do this. I will do anything you want, but I can’t do this. I should have been here, I should have protected you. I ignored you and our children. What kind of husband does that? I could have lost you and the children. That man would have killed you all. I could smell the lust rolling off of him. He was going to rape you and if he had got ahold of Dania.” His voice broke and he started crying. He pulled her into his arms and cried into her hair. He had almost lost everything precious to him. His wife had almost been violated by a monster. He couldn’t have lived with himself if she had been raped. She would have looked at him like he had betrayed her, his children would have hated him.

Rylan held him tightly to her, her fingers stroking his neck. He was blaming himself for something he could not have predicted. She didn’t blame him. She had been terrified, but she could never blame him. She had missed him and had not wanted this to be the reason he came home. She kissed his cheeks and he pulled back to look at her. She wiped away the tears and smiled weakly up at him. “Please forgive me Rylan,” he said it so softly it was barely a whisper, “please tell me you don’t hate me.”

“I could never hate you. I love you with all my heart.” She brushed her fingers through his hair.

“You deserve so much better baby. I promise after this to never choose someone else over you. I promise to call you every night when I’m gone and talk to you for as long as you want me to just so I can here your beautiful voice. I love you so much, please believe me. I didn’t mean to push you aside. Come with me after this and help me save those children. I need you with me. I need to have you in my arms and be tangled up in you. Sebastian can come too. He would love to help.” She pressed a finger against his lips and then kissed him. She poured her heart and soul into him, her love and strength.

“I love you Declan and always will. Nothing will ever change that. We’ll save those babies together and get them somewhere safe. Now, we have a vampire to catch.” She smiled and it brightened his world, chased away every shadow. He would never put his family second again.

The two got up now that Rylans body had gotten a majority of the healing done. She still throbbed but they needed to get him before countless innocent people lost their lives. They held hands as they walked down stairs “Mom you aren’t really going are you?” Sebastian asked as he obviously was trying to halt tears. I am, you three stay here and get the house in order with Auron. Your father and I will take care of this and then go help the teenagers your father was gone helping.

Their three children got up and hugged them. Sebastian lingered hugging his mother “I promise I’ll be alright baby”

“You said you’d be alright after the first time that man attacked you”

“I know but I’m with your dad now love”

“I love you so much mom” Rylan held Sebastians cheek and kissed his head “I love you too” Rylan and Declan took off to follow Veshers scent. Declan wished he could’ve made Rylan stay home. He couldn’t let that man hurt her again. The sight of her being beaten by him he already knew would haunt his dreams for a very long time. How she looked was somthing straight out of a nightmare.

The kids just cleaned the house with Auron. Between the four of them it was done very quickly. They sat down on the couch. “Sebastian, I know I tease you about that violin but could you please play it. I really need somthing soothing and you play beautifully.”

“You wanting to listen to it makes you a fairy too.”

“Yeah yeah just got get it and play” Sebastian pulled his violin out then played for his siblings and Auron. Sebastian was surprised Gregory asked him to play. Nearly every time he saw Greg he would tease about how girly it was to play the violin. Now Sebastian finds out his brother actually liked it.

“You should stop looking at me and watch where you’re going.” Rylan said over the wind.

Declan blinked and turned his attention away from her, barely missing the very top of a tree. “You could have just pushed me out of the way.” He replied and pulled her into his arms.

“What fun would that be.”

“We’re not supposed to be having fun Rylan. This is serious.”

Rylan gripped his shirt and felt like crying again. He sounded so angry. She knew it wasn’t directed at her, but the tone he took was still hurtful. “I’m sorry.” She said quietly.

Declan still heard her, catching the hint of sadness in her voice. He hated himself more than anything right now. He wondered if he was always going to make her cry. He gave her a light squeeze, hoping she knew that he still loved her. He would spend eternity making up for his stupidity if he had to. Vesher’s scent was getting stronger. He knew they were closing in. He spotted the vampire flying ahead and let Rylan go so she could fly on her own. Vesher smelled them and glanced behind. He had never known any vampire to move as fast as these two. Rylan was with her husband. He was going to kill Declan and then take Rylan again. This time no one would find her. He turned to face his adversary and Declan slammed into with the force of a Mack truck.

Rylan watched as Declan and Vesher fell from the sky, punching each other. She followed them, worried that her husband would be killed on impact. They broke apart just before they hit the ground, landing on their feet. She landed next to her husband and he moved so he stood slightly in front of her. “Rylan, you came back to me. They always do. Next time I’ll keep you on a leash.” Vesher said with a sick grin.

“Don’t you dare speak to my wife.” Declan snapped angrily.

“You mean the little bitch you couldn’t even protect. Some husband you are. You even let her get away with talking back to men. I have something to put in her mouth to shut her up.”

Declan saw red. He didn’t remember moving from where he stood. He just knew one minute he was standing between his wife and a blood sucking rapist and the next he had his hands around the man’s throat. They were rolling across the ground, biting and punching at each other. He was a wild animal, full of rage and hate. Vesher sent him flying through the air and into a tree. He growled and pushed off the tree, tackling Vesher. He felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked down, the knife buried to the hilt between his ribs a shock. He was suddenly gasping for air. Vesher withdrew the knife and stabbed him again. He heard Rylan scream as Vesher rolled his beneath him and straddled his hips. He raised the knife, the fading sunlight glinting off the blade.

“Stop, stop it right now.” Rylan screamed and Vesher froze, unable to move. He was confused, unable to disobey no matter how hard he tried.

“You sick, twisted son of a fucking bitch. Get the hell off my husband right this second.” Vesher found himself obeying and it pissed him off. Why was he listening to a worthless woman? Rylan was all for forgiveness but whatever this man was she knew he couldn’t be saved, couldn’t be a decent person no matter what. She couldn’t feel the slightest hint of a good man in that body. Just a twisted mind filled with disturbing and horrific thoughts. “Kill yourself quickly.” Next thing he knew he was stabbing and cutting at himself.

As evil as that being was Rylan couldn’t watch him die. She quickly ran to her husband to help him up “we need to get you home love, then we must go help those orphans.” Declan nodded, he was still very shocked at what just happened. He hated the anguish in Rylans eyes. Even after that evil vampire spent the night abusing her, talked about raping her she still felt deep sorrow in making him kill himself.

They flew home hastily. “Get your father some blood children!” They all ran and brought some bottles to the room. Declan laid down and drank two then said “You shouldn’t feel guilty Rylan. You know as well as I that man had become pure evil. There was no soul left to save to make him any kind of decent person. He would hurt, kill and toture until the day he died. Don’t you let him torture you even in his death. Your only option was to make him kill himself” Rylan laid her head on her husbands chest and cried.

“Just because someone is evil today, doesn’t meant they always were. He hurt me, but someone must have hurt him to turn him into such a monster.” She said through her tears.

“He chose to follow an evil path. He let the darkness consume him. There are many people in this world who were hurt, but not all of them choose to hurt others because they deceive some sick twisted pleasure from it. Look at Zander. He was hounded for his powers and never even thought to use them for dark purposes. He never tortured his pursuers even though he was scared of them. He uses his powers for good just like you do.”

“I know, I know. He would have killed you and then me and maybe even our children.”

“It’s okay mom.” Sebastian said and wrapped his arms around her neck. “We’re a lot stronger than you think.”

“You were all very brave.” She stood and hugged her children. She had never been so proud. “Why don’t you three go downstairs and eat something. You all look like you’re starving.”

“Okay mom, we love you.” Dania said with a smile and her mother kissed her cheek.

“I love you too, now go.” They left their parents alone and Declan got slowly to his feet. “You should rest a little longer.” Rylan said.

“I need a shower, come with me please.” He wanted Vesher’s scent off of him. It clung to him, filled his nose with evil. Rylan helped him into the bathroom and pulled his shirt off. Blood covered his skin from his chest to his abdomen. As far as she could see the stab wounds had already closed. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks, wincing a little at how bruised his side felt. The knife had scraped the bone. Rylan undid his pants and he couldn’t help but feel turned on. Her knuckles brushed his stomach and he inhaled sharply. He tangled his fingers in her hair, his mouth finding hers in a very demanding kiss.

“You’re hurt Declan.” She said against his lips.

“So are you. I can feel it, how sad you have been.”


“Hush now.” He ordered softly. He pulled at her clothes, running his hands over her bare skin. He tugged his pants off and lifted her in his arms so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He pressed her against the bathroom door, thrusting into her and capturing her cry of pleasure in his mouth. He made love to her quickly, wishing they had more time, but knowing they had children to save. They finished together, tears ran down his cheeks as he held tightly to her. “I love you so much Rylan.” He whispered.

“I love you too baby, so very much and I always will.”

They quickly cleaned themselves then got ready to leave again to help the orphans. They walked downstairs “you want to come Sebastian?” Rylan asked. “I’d love to!” He seemed a little less sad now. “good now lets hurry. Those kids really need help. Bye Dania and Gregory!”

“Bye guys!” Dania added “we need to go on a family vacation soon please.”

“we’ll see what your father can make time for” Rylan said smiling at¬†her daughter. “we’ll take one after this. You all are more important than work. I’m sorry I ever started putting my family second. Lets hurry and get this done.” with Declans words the three of them took to the sky to get back to the orphans. Declan was in a rush now. He felt so guilty, like such an ass, he was always so grateful for the happy, wonderful life he had since Rylan stumbled into it. He didn’t even know when he started to allow himself to take her and their children for granted.

HIs head was clouded with the depressing thoughts of not having his wife any longer. His life would become bleak and worthless again. He had to think of a really good way to thank her for being patient and loving him even when he didn’t deserve it. He’d think of somthing as soon as these orphans were taken care of.

Chapter Three

They all landed on the building Declan had been waiting on before. The cool night air felt good on his face. The same young girl he had spotted last time came walking out of the alley. They followed her quickly but quietly. She disappeared into an old warehouse and they landed. “How many are there?” Rylan asked as they crossed quietly to the door the girl had used.

“I’m not sure of the exact number. Six or seven, maybe eight. The oldest looks eighteen, the youngest maybe ten.” Declan answered.

Rylan pulled the door open and stepped inside. She didn’t see anyone, but she could hear frantic heart beats and smell fear. “Please come out so I can see your faces.” She ordered softly. They came out of the shadows, their faces confused and scared. The oldest was carrying the youngest on his hip. They were all so pale and looked like they had lost far to much weight. Her heart broke for these poor children.

“Who are you, what do you want?” The oldest boy asked, trying to sound brave.

“My name is Rylan, this is my husband Declan and my son Sebastian.” She answered, her voice sounding soothing and warm. “We are here to help you. We want to take you somewhere safe.” She moved slowly forward.

“We are safe, no one can get to us, not even the sun can get in here.”

“I can tell you are all hungry, that you need blood. We can get you what you need and put you in a home where you will be taken care of. Come with us.” The little ten year old girl made the boy put her down. Rylan dropped down on one knee and held her arms open. The little girl ran to her, wrapping her arms around Rylan’s neck. “It’s okay now sweetheart.”

“If Chloe thinks you’re okay then so do we. She always knows. I’m Isaiah, the protector of this group I guess. Do you really have a place for us to go?”

“Yes we do. You’re going to come and stay with us for awhile. My husband is having a place made up for all of you, a nice big house where you will have everything you need. We’ll get you the best teachers, clothes, everything.” The boy looked close to tears. These children had never had anyone in their lives that cared.

Sebastian’s eyes were drawn to the teenage girl they had been following. She was very pretty with blue eyes and bright red hair. He crossed over to her and held out his hand. She took it willingly and smiled at him. “I’m Isa.” She said nervously.

Declan was so proud of his wife and son for winning these children over. Rylan’s voice had so much power. No one could resist her when she gave an order, not a mad man, not orphans, and not even him. They quickly gathered the children for the long flight home. He had brought a bottle of sunscreen to protect their skin for the long flight home. The sun would be up by the time they got back.

Once they touched down at the house Rylan, Declan and Sebastian showed children to rooms they could have. They all were so happy and grateful. Rylan went into the kitchen to make them somthing to eat. “Can i help again mom?” She heard Sebastian say and saw Isa following behind him. Rylan smiled knowing that those two would get together. “sure sweetie, do you want to help too Isa?” Isa nodded. “what should we make Sebastian?”

“what do you like Isa?”

“I dont know really, I’ve never been able to choose.” Sebastian frowned then thought. “what about Mushroom Asiago Chicken?”

“sounds perfect, that’s easy to make a lot of.” Sebastian smiled. Declan appeared giving Isa a bottle of blood. He gave some to all the children who happily and needily drank. When the food was ready the children sat all over the kitchen. “Thank you so much!” they all told Rylan. “isa and Sebastian helped cook” The rest of the children thanked them too. Declan also got a grin on his face seeing Isa stay right by Sebastian since he offered her his hand. Declan wished he could’ve found Rylan that young so was very happy for his son. He’d allow her to stay when the other kids left if the two were dating. Sebastian was nearing being old enough to move out anyway.

Soon Rylan told all the children to go in the living room so they could watch a movie together before bed. Rylan was so happy looking at them. Each and every one looked better already. She hugged Declan. “It’s so good of you to help these kids.” Declan gave her a half smile still feeling bad for everything. He didn’t think she knew how sorry he was or how much he hated himself.

“Alright everyone time for bed.” Rylan said when the movie ended. “Isaiah I know you’re an adult, but you look like you haven’t had a descent nights sleep in a long time.”

“Yes ma’am, you’re right of course. Thank you again.” He replied and lifted Chloe into his arms to take her to bed.

“Sebastian Isa’s room is right across from yours in case she needs anything. Don’t be afraid to wake him dear, he’s not an overly heavy sleeper and won’t get mad.”

“Yes ma’am thank you.”

She and Declan watched as they all disappeared upstairs. She heard the showers start and smiled. She didn’t blame them for wanting to get clean. They slept in an old dirty warehouse every night and from what little she had seen there were no beds of any kind. She was glad Declan had taken a special interest in them. A few more nights and they might have started attacking people. She looked up at her husband. He was frowning again.

“What’s wrong, aren’t you happy?” She asked. He looked down at her, his frown deepening.

“I feel so ashamed.” He answered and she sighed in exasperation.

“This again. We’re not mad at you so stop blaming yourself.”

“Gregory was. The look in his eyes when I showed up to help look for you. He was very angry.”

“He was just scared love.” She framed his face with her hands and brushed her thumbs across his cheeks. “Our children could never hate you. They were afraid of losing me. Stop worrying so much. I’m proud of you, you know that.”

“How can you be proud of someone who neglected you? I never thought I would be that person.”

“You helped save innocent children who needed love. I knew hoe important this job was for you. That’s why I didn’t ask you to stay.”

He pulled her tightly against him and buried his face in her hair. She smelled so good and her warmth wrapped around him, comforting him. “I don’t deserve you.” He said softly.

“Yes you do. You deserve everything you have. I love you Declan and I always will. Our children love you. You are a hero.” She pulled back and smiled at him.

“You are wrong about that last part. I’m not the hero here, you are. What I do pales in comparison to your compassion and devotion. You open your heart to the darkest of creatures even if they hurt you and threaten you. That’s why when you speak everyone listens and no one can deny you a single thing. You are my greatest hero, everything I have aspired to be. I wish I had your heart, that I could easily forgive everyone. I love you more than life itself, more than blood, more than air. You bring such light into my life.”

Well then quit being sad for me please. She kissed him and he carried her to their room. Declan laid her down and sweetly made love to Rylan. There wasn’t an inch of her he didn’t kiss or lovingly run his hands across. When he finally thrust himself into his wife he locked his eyes with hers enjoying the pleasure and happiness in them. When they both finished Declan pulled Rylan close wrapping his body tightly around hers. They both slowly drifted off enjoying the quiet of the house and eachothers soft breaths.

The days the children spent there were amazing. Rylan especially enjoyed the youngest girl. She didn’t realize how much she missed little ones running around her home. She didn’t feel this was the time to ask Declan though. They both just went through so much. She decided she’d wait until Sebastian was in his own house with Isa. Just like her and Declan thought they became a very happy couple. Rylan and Declan couldn’t have been happier for their son.

~ The End ~

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