Seren & Perses

Chapter One

Seren wanted to break something, but she refrained as she walked angrily upstairs to her room and slammed the door. She dropped onto her bed, buried her face in her pillow and screamed in frustration. She was tired of her parents trying to get her to marry that pompous ass Thoas. He was a selfish, conceited rich boy and every time she saw his smug face she wanted to break his nose. She took a deep breath then turned over, staring up at the dancing angels painted on her ceiling. Her parents said it’s what was best for her, but it just felt like they were selling her. She needed to go out for awhile, needed to breathe some fresh air and get Thoas out of her head. She got up, crossing her room to the balcony doors and shoving them open. The forest was gorgeous in the afternoon light, even from a distance. She climbed over the side of the railing and hung by her fingers then dropped down, landing on her feet. Her mother always feared she would break something, but she had done it enough that she knew how to land.

Once she was away from her home, she allowed herself to relax and take in the beauty of the world around her. Tall trees with leaves just starting to turn yellow and red towered over her, birds chirped and small mice scurried through the underbrush. She loved it out here, feeling as free as the angels on her ceiling. “This is my home.” She said to herself, raising her hands in the air and stretching.

Perses stood on his balcony, hands planted on the railing as he stared out over the forest. He lived at the center of this world called Thoon with his siblings where they ruled as Gods and Goddesses. His brother Agrius was the oldest and held the most authority so he handled most things, but every now and then he would ask one of his siblings too go out and do something. He sighed, feeling a bit lonely. He studied the forest and that’s when he spotted her. He had seen her many times, knew that she lived in a nearby village, but had never spoken to her. He knew her by her green hair. She never came too close to the keep and always traveled alone. He wanted to see this woman up close and ask her what she was doing in the forest. He spun around, hurrying out of his room and ignoring anyone he passed. He was sure he caught a glimpse of Gelos coming out of his room with a bag of chips in his hands and headphones on, but he couldn’t be sure in his focused state. He had to get to her before she left.

He rushed outside and ran, gradually going slower as he knew he was getting closer so she wouldn’t think he was trying to attack her. She noticed him coming just as he was slowing to more of a walk than run. “Hey there” she said when he was close enough she knew he would hear clearly “hi, I’ve seen you here many times and wanted to know why you come over here” This close he could really see how beautiful the green haired woman was. Those gorgeous violet eyes went so well with her soft looking green hair. “I come to get away from my parents”

“What’s wrong with them?” He asked and she laughed “they are trying to make me marry someone I don’t want to, they say its what is best for me but I can’t stand him. How am I supposed to be married to someone I can’t stand?”

“You look to be a grown woman, can they really force you?”

“Where are you from?” She asked. He turned and pointed at his home and her eyebrows shot up a bit. “You’re a god.”

“I am.”

“I’m surprised you don’t know about the surrounding villages.”

“My siblings and I aid your people when we are needed, we don’t always ask questions unless something seems off.” He gave her a small bow. “I am Perses.”

Seren felt her lips pulling themselves into a smile. There was something strange about this man. She felt drawn to him. “It’s nice to meet you and to answer your question, yes I am grown, but parents will be parents, especially when they are clan leaders. I came out here for a break before I kill my suitor.”

“Sounds like an idiotic idea. Arranged marriages don’t always end happily.”

“I’ve seen many in my village end up happy but he and I could never work. There is absolutely nothing I like about him. They think I’m just being stubborn and I’ll give them I do tend to dig my heels in a lot but it’s not me being stubborn. I hate him”

“Regardless, with somthing like committing your life to sombody I’d think they’d want you to be happy”

“I don’t think they are thinking right now. They love me and they care but his parents are offering a lot of money for our marriage.”

Perses huffed. “Are your parents poor?”

“Not really, they own quite a bit of land and are strong leaders, but they say it’s what’s best for me and the clan.” She crossed her arms and let out a very unladylike like snort that made Perses smile. “Oh yes, marry an idiot, that’s good for the clan. He doesn’t know the tip of the sword from the hilt, but he’s what’s best.”

“You sound like my sister Penia.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“I could say something to them.”

She held up her hand. “No, getting a god involved in our squabbles…it’s just not worth it. Besides, I don’t even know you, for all I know you’re really crazy or some kind of creep.”

He huffed. “You wouldn’t be the first to think so, but I don’t plan of gutting anyone. I can give orders without hurting anyone.”

“Please don’t argue, I’ve had enough arguing for one day, just drop it.” She could see he was more than a bit stubborn and wasn’t even sure if her asking nicely would stop him. She could see it in his eyes that the matter wouldn’t be truly dropped until he was ready to drop it. “I know, lets go to your house, you could show me around, assuming you don’t plan on locking me in some tower. I can calm down that way before I go home.”

“I guess that’s a good compromise for now but my dealings with this isn’t over”

“I know” He seemed a little annoyed but he seemed to be showing her where he lived. The walk wasn’t long and they were soon standing before his impressively large home “wow, you can’t live here by yourself”

“My siblings live here too.”

“Am I going to meet them all?”

“You don’t need that right now. I’ll show you around and they can fuck off” She did her best to contain her laughter at his seriousness. He obviously wanted her time to himself. It felt good to have a reason to laugh so she was already happy with her choice to see his home.

Seren thought his home was beautiful and found herself asking questions, mostly about what he did all day and what kind of family he had. He explained that each of them had been born with different gifts as well as very defining personalities. “So you got all the hard headed, easily annoyed stuff?” She teased.

“I am not easily annoyed.”

“But you are stubborn.”

He huffed. “Like you can talk.”

She elbowed him. “I prefer passionate.”

He huffed again and she laughed, the sound like music to his ears. She seemed to light up from within when she expressed happiness. “Perses, there you are.” That voice, slightly reprimanding and incredibly bossy, brought an instant shift to his mood. He turned, trying not to sigh at his oldest brother.


“Gelos told me you were in a hurry when you left, I was hoping everything was alright.” His eyes moved to Seren. “You live in the nearby village.”

“Yes, I do, how did you know?”

“It’s my job to know what’s going on around my home. Seren, right?”

She smiled and Perses clenched his hands into fists. He was about to open his mouth to tell his brother off, but Seren grabbed his arm, distracting him. “Your brother was just showing me around, it’s nice to meet you.”

Agrius met his brother’s gaze, unfazed by his jealousy. “Stay out of trouble Perses and don’t worry me, I would not be happy if you were harmed.”

“I’m fine Agrius” Agrius nodded, inwardly shaking his head as he walked away. “So what are his abilities?”

“He’s alright with swords” his voice was so flat, barely forcing any notion he had desire to talk about his brother. She just smiled, finding Perses amusing. He showed her around the entire house, ending at his room “this is where I stay” he guided her to the balcony first. “I can see you everytime you come to these woods when I’m here. I’ve seen you many times”

“what made you choose to talk to me today?”

“I’ve been wanting to. This time I just had the resolve to chase after you”

“Oh so you’ve been kind of stalking me.”

“No, I would never.”

“Spying then?”

“It’s hard to spy on someone who is walking close to your home.”

Seren giggled. “So spying? I bet you waited for me every day at the exact same time. I mean my parents and I argue over that…that what I guess would pass as a man, at about the same time.”

“I wasn’t spying, I just saw you every time I came out here. You were like clockwork, I just really wanted to talk to you today and see you up close.”


“Surprised, you’re more beautiful than I thought.”

“Well you’re not bad yourself Perses” He smiled and it actually showed in his eyes. He then told her about a few of the other things in his room. Just the tour, with how big his home was had taken hours and she knew she should be getting back. “Thank you for showing me around but I have to go. Could I return tomorrow?”

“Yes, who knows, you might see me in the morning. I don’t care if you don’t want me to deal with your problem Seren” She sighed “well hopefully I don’t see you until tomorrow afternoon.” She hugged him, taking him by surprise. Then began to walk out. He watched her go only a moment before deciding to walk her out himself.

“She was cute.” Alastor said when Perses closed the front door. He turned, glaring at his brother and Alastor laughed. “Already jealous and she isn’t even yours, how cute.”

“Don’t mess around.”

“Calm down brother, I would dream of interfering with you, but maybe lose the temper, you’re bound to chase her off.”

Perses crossed his arms. “I’m going to help her.”

“In your incredibly pushy nature I’m sure.” Alastor sighed and shrugged. “So when do we meet her or is my brother far too jealous to share his woman with his family?”

“She’s not my woman.”

“Your attitude says otherwise.” He chuckled and decided to stop teasing his brother before he wound up boxing him.

Seren knew her parent would be waiting for her when she walked through the front door, they always were. She didn’t want to argue, so she didn’t say anything as she walked past the living room where they both stood up and followed her. “Seren, talk to us.” Her mother insisted.

“There’s nothing to talk about, I said no.”

“Seren.” The way her father said her name always brought her up short, it was like he was both reprimanding her and begging her. “Thoas is a good man.”

“Thoas is a moron who would try to put me in my place. I’m not some wilting flower, I can manage a clan on my own.”

“He’s going to be here for the week daughter, please try to find some common ground. You know we love you and you’ll be so much stronger with a good man next to you.”

Chapter Two

“I’ve told you so many times that he isn’t. I can find somebody on my own. Shouldn’t I be with someone who makes me happy? Do you really want me married to someone I hate? There is absolutely nothing at all I like about him. He’s a smug ass who would make me miserable”

“Seren” Her mother said, sounding a little hurt. “we want you to be happy. You know that”

“Jut let me go to my room. What’s the use talking about it. We have time and time again and here we are”

“Seren.” She ignored them and headed up to her room. She wasn’t surprised to find Thoas waiting next her door.

“She returns.”

“If you don’t shut up, I will toss you out my bedroom window and since I doubt you know how to land, you will most definitely break something. Good night and go to hell.” She said as she went in her room and slammed the door then locked it. She didn’t need the little worm trying to sneak in. He’d probably wind up dead. She pulled her clothes off and climbed under the covers, trying to think of something other than the obnoxious man sleeping next door.

Perses paced impatiently the next day. He wanted to see her. “If you keep pacing like that you’ll wear a hole in the floor.” It was the ever patient Soteria.

“Time is too slow.”

“Time is just right, you are too impatient.” He shot her a look that was met by her always warm smile. “Perses, why don’t we pick you out an outfit, something nice for her.”

He sighed. Soteria was one you could not argue with. She was so gentle and understanding. Alright, but then I might get her myself.”

She walked over to his closet and started looking through what he had. She seemed so deep in thought, picturing him in every item of clothing. Eurytus came in just as she was bringing a few items out of the closet. “what’re you two doing?”

“He is already wound up enough Eurytus. Please leave us. I’m helping him pick somthing nice to wear for the woman he had here yesterday”

“aw, come on guys”

“Go Eurytus” Perses said in irritation. Eurytus groaned and left them. Soteria laid each article of clothing on the bed “These all compliment you in some fashion when you wear them. Almost any combination of these will be really nice on you”

“Thank you sister.”

Soteria grinned. “She must be something this woman, I can’t wait to meet her. You will learn to share won’t you, it’d be nice to spend time with her and get to know her without you always following.”

Only Soteria could make him feel like a little boy. He had never been able to pinpoint what it was about her voice that made him want to do as he was told, but it was a bit disconcerting at times. Perhaps it was the calmness with which she spoke, perhaps it was some magic he didn’t know about, but it worked. “I’ll try.”

“That’s all I can ask for Perses is that you try. I know it’s hard when you were born with these traits, you are you and I love you regardless of your temperament. I can only hope this woman has a will of iron.” She gently patted his head and he glared at her which had her smiling again. “I’ll leave you be for now, let us know when she’s here.”

“Very well.”

Seren was glad to have something to be excited about as she walked to Perses and the other gods home. Every day had been one she dreaded since that pompous ass had come to stay, especially since her parents made it worse by how much they were trying to push them together. She finally had somewhere to go and someone to be around that made her enjoy being alive to see a new day. She blushed at her own thoughts. She just laughed at herself and managed to walk up to the door with untinted cheeks. Perses had been waiting so he was the one who answered.

“Thank you for not storming into my village this morning”

“It was worth the restraint since you are here”

She smiled. “Someone told you not to didn’t they?”

He rolled his eyes. “I’m not often told what to do and it’s very hard to get me to change my mind once it’s set on something. I will still go down there and deal with this issue, just not today. I feel that my family would like to meet you drama free.”

His last words held a bit of a bite. “I would love to meet them as well, but don’t you think we should go out on at least one date before you start introducing me to your loved ones?” She teased and he looked a bit taken back.

“I…well I guess, but then again I am a god and I don’t always tend to do things in order.” He cleared his throat. “We should let them know you’re here.” He offered his arm and she smiled.

“How non committal you sound.” She took his arm.

“I am a bit of a selfish god, prone to jealousy and bouts of irritation. It’s not very often a woman as intriguing as you catches my attention. There is something about you.” He gave her a gentle smile and she could see the heart of him in it. Heat rose to her cheeks and he lead her away from the front door.

The room he lead her to was full, every one of them eager to say hi to her. “everyone, this is Seren.” Agrius stepped forward first since he was the head “You’ve already met me but it’s good to see you again” He smiled at her and she gave him a gracious smile back. Eurytus and Gracion stepped up next. “we are the twins of Gemini. Eurytus and Gracion” they each said their own name individually so she’d know them apart. As twins not everyone could but they had a feeling this woman would be able to. “Nice to meet you” she responded before Mimas was ready for his turn “I’m Mimas, I hope you can get Perses to go on adventures with me more. He’s one of the harder ones to convince. I live to experience anything new I can find”

“You sound incredibly fun. Hopefully we can”

“You wont let that lug stop you right?” she sighed “I might have to marry a different lug but that’s a long story” he frowned and Perses already annoyed face seemed to get darker. Mimas quickly stepped back but Moirai still approached. “I’m Moirai, it sounds like you don’t want to marry him. We’ll help you if you’re in trouble” She waved her wands in front of her “no no, I’m already trying to keep Perses at bay with the issue”

“Nobody should marry someone they don’t want to. Marriage is too big of a commitment.” For once Perses saw Moirais bleeding heart as something useful. He would enlist his aid if it was needed in the matter. Moirai proded for a few more details before Asterius nudged him away “You’re going to make her uncomfortable” he turned his attention to the woman on his brothers arm “I’m Asterius, I hope we see you often and these two don’t scare you off” Seren huffed out a breath of laughter “I’m enjoying myself”

“Good” Alastor came over. Just the way he walked was dramatic. The sound of his voice was so sappy Perses wanted to punch him “a beautiful woman should be swept off her feet not drug down the isle. We will all fight for love beautiful”

“Oh Zeus Alastor, you sound like an idiot.” Gelos said shaking his head. “I’m Gelos”

“Nice to meet you” Next was Nomos “You are very pretty Seren and you look fun. If my brother doesn’t hog you I’d love for us to do something sometime. I’m Nomos”

“I won’t let him”

“good, he’ll try”

“I can tell” Penia came forward with a determined look on her face “Never let anybody take away your freedom.; It’s too important” she tried to take Seren’s hands but Perses batted her away “don’t touch her” Penia threw her hands up in a I give up motion. Soteria walked over shaking her head “These are some introductions huh? It’s lovely to meet the woman he is so taken with Seren..I am Soteria”

“It’s so good to meet you”

“It’s amazing to meet you, truly. He doesn’t often share”

“No he doesn’t” Maia threw in, taking the chance to introduce herself.

She took Seren’s hands in hers and this time Perses didn’t slap his sibling away. Seren guessed it was because she was so shy compared to the others. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“You too.” She let Seren go, her cheeks tinted pink.

“You should have told me you had so many handsome brothers and beautiful sisters, good looks run in your family.”

Alastor started laughing at the look on Perses’s face. “Oh he just might explode.”

“Now, now Alastor, be nice. You have no right to luck when you yourself are so unlucky.” Agrius said.

“At least they keep coming around for a bit.”

“He does have a point, one outburst from Perses tends to send them running.” Nomos added. Perses glared at his two brothers.

“It would take a lot to scare me.” Seren replied. “I’m much more stubborn than most and his jealousy is rather endearing at times.” Perses crossed his arms and looked away, embarrassed. “He actually has a really sweet heart.”

“So we have told him, though I don’t know if he believes us.” Soteria replied with a warm smile. “Please feel free to ask us whatever you wish, we’re an open book. If you like we can all sit in the living room, Penia and I will make lemonade, since we do still have some time before dinner.”

“That would be wonderful” with that they went into the living room and Seren admired it once again. They truly did have a gorgeous home. When they were sitting her first question was “who made this?”

“we all did” Mimas answered. “It really is amazing.”

“it took a long time and a lot of expensive materials. It was well worth it” Moirai added. She talked to them all about their ages and their abilities as they enjoyed lemonade. When lunch came she was curious to see what they liked to eat. It didn’t really surprise her it was like something she’d have for lunch with her parents. She hoped that dick her parents wanted her to marry was pissed she wasn’t eating with him. It would probably make her parents scold her but she didn’t care.

Chapter Three

“So what is this man like that your parents want you to marry so bad?” Nomos asked. “Does he do anything interesting?”

“Only if you count showing off his wealth and his need for validation. He’s just an idiot who thinks he can use a sword, but he really can’t.”

“You get so riled up when you talk about him.” Perses said as he reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear. “I prefer you smiling, though I wish only for me.”

Seren blushed. “Well unlike you I can’t just go around scowling at everyone, that wouldn’t be fair.”

“I did say wish, not reality. I’ll have to be content with the fact that you would never smile for that moron. I really must get down there and speak to your parents.”

“He means stake his claim, he’s going to get all territorial.” Eurytus said.

“Perses, you can’t just go around dragging people into relationships, it’s not polite.” Penia added.

“Or romantic,” Alastor added, “try flowers or something, instead of tossing her over your shoulder like a caveman.”

“That’s enough.” Agrius said in a serious tone. “For all you know she doesn’t even like flowers.”

“And she might find being tossed over someone’s shoulder amusing rather than offensive.” Soteria chimed in.

“Besides, they’re not even dating, Perses is just trying to help.” Maia said a little shyly.

“It’s a ridiculous situation. Her parents are being selfish to push her to someone she dislikes so much” Seren wanted to defend them but really couldn’t. They didn’t need his money and they had to know he was a complete prick. Her parents were not at all that blind. She couldn’t think of a single defense for them making her share a house with a jerk in hopes she’d submit and marry him. She often told herself it was because she was so often stubborn they didn’t understand that this was completely different but what qualities did they like in him for her.

The subject was changed because Perses didn’t like how it shifted her happy mood. She had obviously been unhappy for awhile because of her parents choice in partner for her and he wanted to change that, he wanted her to smile. He shared stories of him and Mimas going out and doing crazy things, hoping it would entertain her. To his relief it did, she was smiling and happy again.

She stayed with them as long as she could but once it got late enough she knew her parents would worry she hugged Perses “I have to go”

“You don’t have to do anything. You really don’t. You’re a grown woman” She sighed “it’s not that simple, my parents are head of the village. What they say goes.”

“I’m a god and it’s not only me, my siblings think it’s ridiculous too. I think gods trump that. Let me go down there adn straighten this” She sighed again “Honestly, I’m kind of hoping my parents will change their minds. That they’ll care enough about my happiness to stop trying to push him on me…it’s hurt my feelings more than anything how little they seem to care I hate him. No matter what I say or what he does he gets to live in my home and bother me as much as he pleases. It’s even encouraged by them because they want me to give up and be with someone who’s going to make the rest of my life unhappy….I just….give them more time because I don’t want to have that hurt in me the rest of my life that they’d see me with someone who makes me miserable and be happy I’m with that person”

Perses huffed. “I’ll be down tomorrow morning, please tell them to have an excuse.”

“Perses, it’s fine.”

“I disagree, you deserve someone who will benefit your people.” He smiled then pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Go and rest, I’ll see you in the morning and we’ll settle this whole thing.”

It was his final word on the matter as he walked her out and watched from the porch until she disappeared, his heart going with her. “Not your woman huh?” Alastor said from behind him.

“Don’t you have something better to do than spy on me?”

“We’re all interested to see where this goes, it’s you after all. You have this way about you where you have to see how far you can push something and this is the first time someone hasn’t slapped you for it. It’s fascinating to watch.” Alastor stepped up beside him and they both stared out into the distance. “So what are you going to do?”

“Make myself the better candidate. Come to my room tomorrow morning mister romantic, I may need some help.”

Alastor laughed. “You sound so reluctant, but you’re my brother and I’d do anything for you.”

Seren was surprised to find only her father this time and became a little worried. She wondered if maybe she had finally pushed her mother to hate her. She shook her head, there wasn’t any way that was true, but she might be extremely upset. “Daddy, is everything alright?”

“It’s been awhile since we’ve walked, would you come with me?”


“I won’t keep you out too late.”

“Okay.” She was nervous as they exited their home together. “Are you finally putting your foot down?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, I just want to explain. The reason I overlook Thoas is because of his father. If not for him darling, you wouldn’t even be here.”

“What do you mean?”

“As you know, you were born early, early enough you should have died. Thoas was just a little boy then. Your mother and I had been caught out in a storm, we were stranded and she had gone into labor. Thoas and his father had been out looking for some lost sheep because no one else would brave the storm, but instead he found us. He got us to a safe place, but when you were born, you were not breathing.” Her father frowned, swallowed. “I was in too much of a panic to do anything, your mother was crying, but our savior grabbed you and suddenly you were breathing and screaming. We told him when would give him anything and he asked that his son be allowed to marry you when you came of age. I didn’t see a reason to disagree, Thoas was a sweet boy, but I should have known better.” He looked at her. “Thoas grew into an idiot, a spoiled idiot who would sooner stab his own foot, but I made a promise not just to the man who had saved us, but to the gods as well and you know me and promises.” He sighed. “Let the week pass sweetheart, let’s see what happens.”

“what if the gods forgave the promise dad? I mean, even Thoas’s father would have to understand right?” He chuckled “Even when I’m upset you can make me laugh. I guess if they did it would be a way out of this but I don’t know how we’d go about asking them”

“I’m friends with them”

“what?” her father was honestly confused. They had always been such an open and honest family, how was there something about her he didn’t know. “Apparently one has been watching me when I run out to get away from Thoas and..well…you and mom. He approached me the other day and we’ve become close. I’ve met with them and they are wonderful and all think me having to marry a jerk is ridiculous. They’d forgive the promise. We were just talking about it tonight. Honestly Perses has been hard to keep at bay” she blushed as she continued “I think he wants to be with me honestly”

“The gods are so strange.”

“You have no idea.” He father patted her head like he used to do when she was little and they laughed as they walked home.

Perses was impatient as Argus moved around his room, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. The pacing was irritating and Perses had to cross his arms to keep from grabbing his brother and shaking him. “I got it, wild flowers.”


“I was trying to guess what kind of girl Seren was and she definitely likes wild flowers.”

“That’s what you’ve been doing? I should toss off my balcony.”

Argus chuckled. “Such impatience, you can’t be that way with love Perses, you have to let it develop. You’re so pushy. You need to word things right to her parents so you don’t sound like the overbearing weirdo that you are.”

“I am not…”

“Oh shut up and listen. You need to ask, not demand, she isn’t a piece of property, she’s a beautiful and intelligent woman. Everything about her is perfection personified.” Perses glared. “I was only saying what you were thinking. You soften at the mere mention of her, use that to be gentle and pull your hair back so they can see your face.”

“so wild flowers, hair out of my face, ask not demand”


“help me find wild flowers then” They gathered a gorgeous bunch then tied it together inside their home. Perses then set aside another outfit from the group his sister had set out for him. He really wanted to look his best tomorrow for her and her parents. He picked a hair tie that would match it then forced himself asleep to see her tomorrow. It was early when Perses set out to see her. He wouldn’t be surprised to see Seren having breakfast when he arrived but he couldn’t wait. He had skipped his own breakfast with need to convince her parents to let her be with him.

It was her mother who opened the door. She looked forlorn and he didn’t know what to make of it. Could be having such a prick in her home or the fact her daughter wouldn’t marry the man she wanted her to regardless he took a calming breath, thinking about Serens beauty, how he felt in her presence to keep his attitude in check.

“Uh hello um ma’am, is Seren here?”

She looked him over and he waited patiently. “Who are you?”

“I’m Perses, may I speak with her and with you and your husband as well?”

“Could you come in and wait in the entryway, I need to make sure you’re who you say you are.”

“Yes, of course.” He felt a bit of irritation at this woman, but he managed to keep his cool. He couldn’t be impatient, he couldn’t chase Seren away.

Seren sat there with her mouth hanging open when her mother came into the dining room and said Perses was waiting for her. Thoas looked confused, which wasn’t entirely new for him and her father gave her a questioning look. “You mean, tall, dark haired, good looking in that cocky sort of way right?”

“Yes sweetheart.”

Seren was out of her chair and heading for the entrance, her parents and Thoas following her. She was so irritated by the fact he had actually showed up that it took her a moment to register he was dressed up and had flowers. She didn’t even see his hair was pulled back at first. “Perses.”

“Good morning beautiful uh I got these for you, I was told you like them.” He held out the flowers, taking some of the steam out of the reprimand she had wanted to deliver as she took them.

“Uh…thank you, wait what did I tell you?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit hard of hearing.” His eyes moved over her then to her parents and finally settled on Thoas. He knew weakness when he spotted it and this brat was the epitome of it.

“Perses.” His eyes snapped back to Seren.

“I have a question for you if we could get out of the entryway, it’s a bit awkward when there’s a door at my back.”

“Why can’t you ask me now and why are you suddenly be so not hard headed, did you have an accident?”

“Gods don’t tend to injure easily.”

“God?” Her mother said and Seren sighed.

“Yes, sorry. Mom, dad this is Perses. Perses my parents and Thoas.”

“why have you come here to talk to my fiance” Thoas barely held back the venom. Even he knew he needed to at least attempt to be respectful to a god. His dad would have his ass. “From what I understand she wants nothing to do with you. I don’t want to say what I want until I’ve talked to her about it. Could we please go outside Seren” It took her a moment to answer. She could see how hard it was for Perses to stay calm. His eyes when he looked at Thoas were filled with anger and jealousy. It touched her how hard he was trying.

“I’ll be back in in just a moment” she said and walked with him out “why’d you let her go!” They could hear Thoas say indignantly as they shut the door. Perses took her hands, looking deep into those beautiful violet eyes. He hadn’t had a favorite color before but now he knew, it was the precise shade of Seren’s eyes. “I…I was hoping your parents would see me as a better fit..I’d like to marry you Seren. I wanted to ask you first, to make sure it’s what you wanted”

Chapter Five

Seren went between surprise and happiness and could seem to get her mouth to agree with her brain on anything. Perses just watched her, waiting more patiently than she had ever known someone to wait. She took a deep breath, smiled then said, “You should have just got down on one knee right there and shocked all of us.”

“Well there was the door. I can do that now if you like.” He took her hand in his and dropped down on one knee, making her heart dance as he looked up at her. “So, will you?”

Her smile widened and she actually felt herself tearing up. “You damn jerk, you’re not supposed to make me all emotional. It’s not fair.”

“Gods don’t always play fair Seren, we make our own rules.”

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

His jubilant smile took her by surprise as did the speed with which he stood and pulled her into his arms, his lips pressing against hers. She started giggling, her hand pressing against his chest because she couldn’t breathe. “You’re mine, but I will try to share.”

“Was that an I love you?”

“Yes.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Do you like the flowers? Argus helped.”

“Must have been a punch to your pride to ask him, but yes they’re beautiful and perfect. Are you really going to speak to my parents?”

“Absolutely, you’re mine. I was told I had to be nice though, not so demanding.”

She giggled again, his smile growing wider at the sound. He enjoyed her a few more moments before walking back in to talk to her parents. They both looked at him with wrapped attention “I want to marry your daughter. Surely you’d consider a god for her hand” Her father spoke up “I made a promise when she was a baby that she’d be married to Thoas when she grew up. I made it to his father and to the gods” he smirked “well since I am one i say you do not have to keep that promise.”

“This isn’t happening. I demand my father is brought into this right now!” Thoas was going into his tantrum mode, causing Seren to roll her eyes. He really was no more than a three year old in a grown mans body. “I’d love to see his father. The sooner we straighten this out the better”

Thoas looked like he was ready to throw a punch, a move that Seren knew would be bad, but instead he stomped out of the house and walked toward the stable. Perses huffed and wrapped his arms around her, his lips pressing against her cheek. “Calm down, let’s settle all this first.”

“I thought we established that…”

“Hush, a little more patience.”

He sighed. “How long will it take, I want to take you home.”

“About three hours, but since he’s so mad, probably less.” Seren’s father answered. “His father won’t be too unreasonable I hope. He was good to us when we were lost and he saved our baby girl, so I don’t see him being really mad, but who knows.”

“I don’t understand, if you knew Perses then why didn’t you say anything?” Her mother asked.

“Well we were arguing a lot, I didn’t think you would listen, but dad and I talked.”

Her mother sighed. “You are so hard to keep up with sometimes, but I do love you honey, I really do.”

“I love you too.”

“Why don’t you walk him around the house, I’ll make tea.”

thanks mom” She took Perses’s hand and started guiding him around happily. She felt so much relief to finally feel at peace in her own home. It was especially great to know her parents cared about her feelings and had real reason they were trying to push her into an unhappy life with Thoas. Her talk with her father last night was much needed and she wished they had just been honest sooner and told her why. Best of all she knew even if just Perses couldn’t convince Thoas’s father the other gods would come and he’d have to let her off the hook. The price he had asked all those years ago was pretty steep anyway. Basically yeah I’ll help you give her life but only if my son can own it.

After the tour the tea was ready and piping hot. Perses, still trying exceedingly hard with her parents minded all his manners and complimented her mother multiple times on the tea. They socialized through many pots of her mothers amazing brews before Thoas returned with his father “what’s going on?” he asked, looking at Seren’s dad. He stood and almost simultaneously Persus was up from the table.

A look of shock passed over Thoas’s father’s face when his eyes jumped to Perses. There was recognition in his eyes. “Sir.” Was all he managed at first then he seemed to realize he was staring like an idiot and he quickly straightened.

“So you’re this boys father? It’s nice to see you again, Wylie.”

“It’s still William, sir.”

“What do you mean sir, father? Who is this…this miscreant?”

William shot his son a glare. “You’ll have to forgive the boy.” He cleared his throat. “He told me a man had come in here and claimed Seren, I didn’t think it would be you.”

“Tell me what it is that makes your boy things he has a right to her, Wylie.”

“I saved them some time back, Seren was born early and not breathing. I saved her and they asked me what I wanted so I asked if I could have Seren marry my boy when they were of age, a way to make ties.”

“Would you object to Seren choosing me instead? I was told there was a promise made and it seems Seren’s father is not one to break them. I want you to let this go and find another wife for your boy. I believe someone more demure would suit him better. Seren is mine, her wildness is mine and I won’t have him take her from me.”

William swallowed and Seren and her parents waited. She could see William respected Perses and it was something that ran straight to his bones. “If it’s what she wants then I won’t argue.”

“Thank you Wylie for your understanding.” Seren could hear the irritation. He was still be good for her, but she could see he wanted to raise his voice and maybe even smack Thoas. He looked to her parents. “I wish to take Seren home for a couple of days then I will bring her back as well as my siblings so we can all plan a wedding.” Both her parents nodded and he picked her up. “It was really good to see you again Wylie.” He said as he left.

“Alright, spill it, what’s with the Wylie thing?” Seren asked when they were away from the house.

“We served together, I was bored so I enlisted as a soldier. I was his commanding officer. Very strange, the coincidence. I call him Wylie because he was very energetic.”

“I’m just glad that was so easy.” She laughed “Thoas’s face” Perses stopped walking and kissed her. He could have easily kept going but he wanted to just enjoy the lip contact with her. It warmed him to his core to press his lips against hers. He slowly pulled back when he could make himself, smiling at her again a few moments before continuing to walk. Once home he rushed to his room. He had had enough restraint, he didn’t want to practice any more dealing with his siblings.

Perses sat her on his bed then knelt down to take off her shoes. She blushed “I can do that”

“I want to, just let me” He finished then removed his own shoes so he could comfortably cuddle with her. “You’re so sweet Perses” She said as he pulled her close to him. “This isn’t sweet, this is me wanting you to myself. This is me needing to hold you close. This is me needing my wife. I want to just stay like this today”

“I’d really like that” Perses did almost no sharing over the next couple days but Seren found it so endearing. He was really a sweeter man than he knew himself to be. She had never been shown so much affection. When they returned to her village everyone was blown away by having so many gods come. They were all tripping over themselves with admiration. Perses didn’t much care what went into the wedding as long as Seren went through with being his forever so he let her do all the planning with his sisters.

Honestly as he waited for her at the end of the aisle he didn’t notice anything that wasn’t his breathtaking bride. That dress complimented her every curve and her hair and face somehow looked even more stunning than normal. He felt dampness on his face and got flustered, was he really crying? Asterius laughed and Alastor nudged him before Perses came over and kicked his ass.

Perses could barely wait for the vows to be over to kiss his bride. He swept her off her feet and carried her off which made the guests clap. They both had the spouse of their dreams and they were looking forward to the wild ride it would be to spend their eternities together.

~ The End

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