Sevan & Katar

Chapter One

Sevan thrashed around in his sleep, his teeth clenched as he watched the horrifying scenes before him. There were so many screams for mercy, so much blood and death. He screamed as he sat bolt upright in bed, his eyes flying open, his breaths coming out in ragged gasps. Sweat ran down his face and he quickly swept his bangs away from his face. How long would he suffer from these horrible nightmares. He threw back his covers and got out of bed, walking unsteadily into the adjoining bathroom and switching on the shower. He stepped under the warm spray, trying to clear the fog from his mind.

Katar raced through the dark woods, her heart beating fearfully in her chest. She could hear them behind her, hear the Hellhounds they had summoned to track her. She was so exhausted, her legs ready to give out. She didn’t want to be caught, didn’t want to go back to that place and be poked and prodded like some wild animal. She splashed through knee high water, not realizing she had come to a river until her boots were being filled with cold liquid. She told herself to keep going, begged her muscles not to rebel against her, but she would up tripping and falling, landing hard and scraping up her hands and cheek. She heard growling and flipped onto her back, her eyes widening at the large Hellhounds. She was frozen, terrified and screamed as the hounds drew closer.

One of the hounds pounced and she squeezed her eyes closed. Her ears were filled with the sound of a loud yelp and when nothing landed on her, she opened her eyes, surprised to find someone standing between her and the large dogs. He was tall, pale skinned, his torso without a shirt and his dark hair damp. She wondered if he had been bathing before coming to her aid. “Please be careful.” She said and he didn’t even glance at her.

“Just stay there.” He ordered, his eyes unblinking as he stared down the hounds.

She stayed still, far too appreciative to disobey at all. If not for him they’d have her and she’d be struggling as they forced her back to the place she had been running from. The water was so cold but her body was hot from running, adrenaline and fear. Sevan drove the hounds away without killing a one which surprised her but she hadnt really wished death on them, just that they would leave her alone and let her be free. Sevan helped Katar up, feeling that familiar fear and stomach knot he got when he’d touch a woman. “thank you” she said meekly and he asked “where do you live. I’ll take you home”

“Honestly I don’t know. I was kidnapped when I was six, I’m now eighteen. I’ve only just escaped. Thats why those hounds were after me” he stared at her, wanting to offer her a place to sleep but he feared hurting her even though he had never hurt a woman in his life. He decided it would be wrong to leave her on her own where somthing else could hurt you based on foundationless fears. “would you like to rest at my home and then we’ll try to figure out where you belong?”

“Yes, thank you so much.” She took a couple of steps and felt faint, her knees giving out. He grabbed her shoulders, keeping her upright. “Sorry, I’m just so exhausted.”

“The adrenaline wore off it seems.” His stomach was churning, but he lifted her into his arms anyway.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

She fell silent, but relaxed in the safety of his arms. Her head rested on his shoulder and his muscles tensed. “Are you alright?”


“If I’m bothering you you can put me down, I’ll be fine walking on my own.”

“I’m fine.” He said in a harsher tone than he had meant too. He frowned, not wanting to lose his temper with someone so innocent. “It’s okay, just relax until I get you to my house.”


The rest of the walk was silent with him trying not to notice how pretty she was or how amazing she smelled. He had been alone for awhile now, had given up human interaction out of fear. He glanced at her face, hating himself all the more. He felt like he was putting her in harms way, like he was tainting her just by holding her. When they made it to his house, he didn’t even set her down, just pushed the door open and carried her inside and upstairs. “You need to get warm.” He said.

“I don’t have any clothes.”

“I’ll lend you one of my shirts. You’re short so it should cover you nicely.” He glanced at her again. “Why do you cover your eye?”

“Oh, I’m hiding it. I thought it would make me harder to find.” He took her into his bathroom since he had a large tub she could soak in and sat her on the counter.

“Are you wounded?” He asked as he looked her over, checking her face and hands for cuts.


“Let’s take off the eye patch.” She pulled back when he raised his hands and he froze. “I won’t hurt you.” He didn’t believe himself, but she was obviously frightened. “You can’t bathe with it on. Your face has mud all over it.” He moved slowly, pulling it off. Her right eye was the most stunning shade of silver and he could feel a strange power flowing from it.

“it’s weird huh?”

“It’s amazing” she blushed at the handsome, obviously very kind stranger. Sevan ran the bubble bath then turned back to her and said “I’ll give you some privacy and leave a shirt on the bed. Just come out into the living room when you’re done so I know”


“are you hungry?”

“not really”

“I’ll just be waiting then” Sevan walked out and left Katar alone. She stripped, wishing she had new underwear to put on as well but she was grateful for the bath and clean shirt to slip on. Katar nearly moaned as her body submerged in the water. It felt so incredibly nice. This was the first bath in years that she got to bathe alone and so comfortably. Katar took her time, only getting out when the water was too cool to enjoy any longer. She drained the tub, dried, dressed then dried the floors. She found Sevan right where he said he’d be “do you have a hair brush?’

“Oh, of course, sorry. It was on my dresser” he walked with her to find it “wow, I was oblivious”

“You dont know this place. It’s easy to miss things” He stood there awkwardly as she brushed out her long, soft looking hair. He found himself wanting to touch it but he kept himself at bay, still nervous that he might harm her like the monster in his dreams.

“Thank you so much for all of this.” She said as she cleaned out his brush and put it back then went into the bathroom and tossed the loose hair in the garbage.

“It was nothing, I couldn’t just let them hurt you.”

“You could have, some people may have ignored my screams, so thank you very much.” She stepped closer and kissed his cheek, making him nearly jump away from her, but he held still. “So, where can I sleep?”

“There’s a room next to mine.”

“Would you show me?”

“Oh, sure.” He guided her from his room and to the right, pushing open another door and letting her step in first. “If you need anything just get me.”

“You’re really sweet and I’ll be out of your hair as soon as possible.” She could tell he was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be a bother.

“No, please don’t rush off.” He said then frowned and rubbed the back of his neck. He should be wanting her gone so she would be safe. “Just, don’t feel obligated to leave so quickly.”

“I’ll have to repay you for your kindness somehow. I don’t have any money, but I can work.”

“It’s fine, really. Just rest and regain your strength.”

“I have to do somthing. Please let me” she seemed adamant, like no matter how he protested she would be unwavering in her resolve to pay him back. “Um, dust my home and it’s even? I hate dusting so I never do it until things are getting reprehensible in here”

“dusting in exchange for saving a life?”

“I really don’t need anything and I do hate it” she smiled “okay then”

“alright, make sure you call for me if you need anything or a noise scares you. I will check it out no matter how many times you call”

“I wont bother you”

“Not at all”

“okay, sweet dreams”

“sweet dreams” Katar closed the door and crawled into bed. It was much more comfortable than what she had been used to. Her muscles were absolutely spoiled after such a nice bath and now a comfortable bed to rest in where she didn’t have to sleep with one eye open for danger. Her handsome, yet sad hero was just in the next room. She wondered what could be bothering him so much. There was pain just behind those beautiful red eyes. She guessed it had somthing to do with women since her presence seemed so bothersome.

Sevan paced in his room, his heart beating a little too fast for his liking and making him feel scared. He kept touching his cheek where she had kissed him, still feeling the warmth of her lips. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, why he was both terrified and excited about her touch. He groaned and flopped down on his bed, his face dropping into his hands as he told himself it was because of his isolation. He was lonely, but he had to remember she was under his protection for now and that meant from himself as well. He laid down, staring at the ceiling, unable to lose her scent of her sweet blood flowing just below her pale skin.

The next morning Katar woke feeling refreshed. She stretched her arms above her head and got out of bed. She remembered she was only wearing one of Sevan’s shirts and decided to ask him about clothes since hers were still dirty. She left her room, walking next door and knocked on his bedroom door. When he didn’t answer she turned the knob and pushed the door open, peeking in. He was laying on his bed mumbling to himself. He sounded distressed and as she stepped in she could see he was covered in sweat. She crossed over to him, reaching out her hand to shake him and the minute her fingers touched his chest, his eyes snapped open and he grabbed her wrist. He tugged her forward, rolling her beneath him and pinning her down.

Without thinking, she activated her power and her right eye glowed. He suddenly looked very surprised that she was beneath him, but before he could apologize he was ripped off of her and thrown against the far wall. The demon stood between her and Sevan, growling angrily at him and she jumped up. “Stop Klien, it’s okay.” She said as she stood between the demon and her savior. The fox demon eyed her, his ears twitching as she spoke.

“You’re sure?”

“I didn’t call out to him before touching him, it was my fault so please calm down.” The demon gave a little grumble and vanished. Katar turned to Sevan who was picking himself up off the floor and quickly began to look him over. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m so sorry.”

He was surprised at her. “You? I could have killed you and you’re sorry?”

“you weren’t going to do any such thing”

“you don’t know, you don’t know me”

“I apparently knwo you better than you do. You saved my life and if you were a horrible person you could have hurt me at any point last night but here I am, alive and well. I even offered to do anything for you in return, some people may have taken advantage but you just want me to dust”

“In my dreams I’m a monster…I do terrible…unforgivable things”

“its not really you if its in dreams:

“But it is…I know its me…I’m so scared of hurting you…” she approached him “please don’t” he said just as she hugged him “there’s no monster in this house”

“I’ve never been so scared of hurting a woman in my life..please stop touching me”

“I wont because you wont hurt me, not ever” his heart was thumping hard but he couldn’t tell if it was more from loving being close to her or fearing it. Her scent was intoxicating and his fangs threatened to come out in full but he concentrated on not biting her. He’d feel like killing himself if he hurt her, he knew it. “why do you trust a vampire so much when you’re a human?”

“because I can feel you have a good heart, no matter what you dream of”

Chapter Two

“There’s something evil in me Katar, something dark and evil and I fear it more than anything.” She hugged him tighter and he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her as well. He knew he should shove her away, that he should take her somewhere else and make sure she could never find him again, but he wanted this contact with her.

“Do you want to about your dreams?”

“You would leave me if you knew.”

“I swear on my life I’ll stay, besides, it’ll make you feel better.”

He sighed. “There are women, crying and begging me not to hurt them as I do unspeakable things. In my dreams I get off on their terror on their screams.” He felt his stomach twist. “There is blood and bodies, so many bodies.” She stayed quiet, just letting him get everything out. “Then there is this man, he keeps asking me to stop, that he still cares for me. He’s so angry and…and sad, but I refuse to listen or to care. It makes feel so sick seeing and hearing these things.”

She gently rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s okay Sevan, everything’s okay.”

“No it’s not, all of those things are so horrible. You should leave, you should get as far from me as you can. I’ll send you somewhere safe.”

“I’m not leaving, I refuse to leave you like this. You saved my life, you’re kind and brave. Let me stay here.”

It was too hard to push such a blessing away and he gave into what he felt like were selfish desires and quit trying to make her go. He held her close, honestly never wanting to let her go. Her stomach soon grumbled and he stood with her, setting Katar on her feet “I’ll make pancakes if you like them”

“Okay” she followed him into the kitchen and she watched as Sevan made breakfast. He served them both a plate then sat across from her. “that dream person isn’t who you are. You have to know that”

“why do I dream of doing such things?’

“I dont know, maybe bcause they consume you so much. The more you dwell on somthing the more likely you are to dream about it”

“I just think there’s somthing behind them”

“maybe but you shouldn’t hold yourself accountable for them because you’d obviously never do them” he sighed “I’ve never met such a persistent person before”

“How long have you been alone out here?”

“About three years.”

“So you’re just not used to persistence. You put yourself out here and no one followed you or tried to stop you or even told you it was a bad idea.”

“Hmm, that’s true.”

She reached across the table, grabbing his hand and making his whole body jerk. “You’re a wonderful person Sevan and we’ll figure out your dreams together.”

“What if I suddenly turn into a wild animal?”

“I can deal with wild animals, besides, most of them are just misunderstood creatures.”

She released his hand so they could eat and then let him clean up while she got to dusting. Sevan sighed as he dried the dishes and then his hands, feeling like such a weak fool. He was just so tired and he wanted answers as to why he was suffering. He could hear Katar humming as she cleaned and went into the living room to watch her. She was incredibly beautiful as she walked around his house in just his t-shirt. His heart suddenly skipped a beat and he cleared his throat, making her turn and smile at him.

“You need clothes.” He said and she looked down, blushing at her bare legs sticking out from his shirt.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I was coming to talk to you about.”

“I guess I can go for you since you have nothing but my shirt.”

“What about the Necromancers who took me? What if they come looking?”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess I could let you wrap yourself in my cloak.”

“it’ll be huge on me but it works”

“well I’ll carry you so you don’t trip”

“okay” He grabbed his cloak then put it on her, holding back the laughter that tried to pour out at her adorableness. He lifted her and she smiled at his genuine smile. She knew he was laughing at her but it was nice to see him happy. She was surprised at how little fear she felt outside since she was with him. While running no matter how many times she lost her pursuers she was constantly scared but with him she had full confidence they couldn’t get her. She could actually enjoy nature, it’s beautiful and peaceful sounds for the first time since she was a small girl.

She wanted to stay with Sevan. She didn’t really know whatever family she was supposed to come from anyway and would they want her now. They had undoubtedly moved on with their lives. She probably looked nothing like she did back then so how were they even to know she was telling the truth of who she was.

People looked at them as they entered the town, a few of them waving at him that he simply nodded at in response. He took her straight to a clothing store and sat her on her feet once they were inside, mumbling a barely audible hello to the owner when they were greeted. “Pick out whatever you want.” He said, looking uncomfortable being around so many people.

She grabbed his chin and he looked into her eyes. “Please don’t worry so much Sevan, you’re not going to hurt anyone.” She said softly and let her hand slide up to cup his cheek. “You’re a wonderful man.”

He slid his hand over hers, closing his eyes and leaning into her touch. Both of their hearts fluttered and they just stood there for a moment. “You have such faith in me and you don’t know me at all.” His eyes opened and she swallowed at the heat she saw there. “Everything about you does something to me.”

“Is that bad?”

“I don’t know, it confuses me and scares me.” He pressed a kiss onto her fingertips and she blushed from head to toe. “Pick something out now.”

“O…okay.” She kept his cloak clutched to her as she went through the clothes, getting his opinion each outfit she chose. He agreed with all of them and she couldn’t help but giggle at how out of his element he seemed. He helped her pick out some shoes and boots, knowing if she planned on staying for awhile she would needs the boots for walking through the woods. They took everything to the front and paid then she grabbed one of the outfits and went into the changing room. When she came out his heart nearly stopped at how beautiful she was and he found himself want to kiss and touch her. “Well?” She asked.

“You are more beautiful than anything I have ever seen.” He replied and she smiled happily at him.

“Thank you.” They left the store and he froze as they stepped outside. He felt eyes on him, the familiar gaze of the shadow that had been following him around for years. “You alright?” Katar asked worriedly.

“Yeah, fine.” He took her hand, making goosebumps crawl up her arm. They took on a leisurely pace as they walked around and he let her look in all the shops. He knew he was being followed, but this was something that had been happening since he could remember, there was always someone watching him. Katar suddenly stopped walking, snapping him to attention. He looked down at her and he could see her staring off into the distance. “What’s wrong?” She lifted her hand and pointed.

“It’s them, the Necromancers.” Her voice quaked with fear and he followed her finger to a group of men who had just dismounted their horses. “They’ve come for me.”

“Lets go home.”

He lifted her up and took off in as fast of a run as he could. He had only just met her but he refused to let anybody take Katar away from him. He especially wouldn’t give her up to people that would hurt her. He felt his shadow man following him home but he would deal with that if he tried anything. This person had never actually bothered him before so he doubted he would suddenly start now. “they’ll find us” she said in a fear drenched voice “but they wont have you. I’d give up my life before they took you again” Katar hugged him “I don’t want you to have to die or get hurt for me”

“I do not fear death Katar, I have thought of dying many times.”


He gave her a small smile. “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on killing myself. I may have thought about it, but I would never go through with it.”

She felt a stabbing pain in her chest as her heart twisted. She couldn’t imagine living with nightmares so bad you would want to kill yourself. She rested her head on his shoulder, her face in a sad frown the whole way to his house. He pushed through the front door and gently sat her on her feet before stepping back onto the porch and looking around. He could no longer feel the eyes of his shadow, he or she had backed far enough off that they were undetectable. “Is there something wrong, were we followed?”

“I need to tell you something.” He said as he shut and locked the door and turned to face her. “For as long as I can remember, I have been followed by someone unseen. I don’t know if this person is male or female, what their race is or where they come from, all I know is they follow me any time I go anywhere.”

“Are they dangerous?”

“They have done nothing to me so I doubt it, they just watch.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

He took her face in his hands. “Please don’t look so scared, I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise. You have become important to me, so please don’t worry and I believe that my silent watcher is an ally, not an enemy.”

“they just did such horrible things to me”

“Horrible things that will never happen to you again as long as I breath. I need you to believe that”

“I trust you”

“good, lets relax somehow, what can I do?”

“I haven’t finished dusting and that will keep me busy”

“You seriously dont have to”

“it needs to be done and it’ll give me somthing to busy myself”

“then I’ll make us a smoothie. I think I have what I need”


“they are delicious”

“then I’d like to try one” Katar went back to what she had started before they left and Sevan went into his kitchen. He found everything needed then quickly prepared their smoothies. He found her and said “alright, cut that out and sit with me” she smiled and set her rag down to follow him. They sat down and he handed her a glass. She thought it looked weird but didn’t say as much. “hm, this tastes much better than I expected”

“I’m glad”

Chapter Three

She leaned over and kissed his cheek, making his heart stutter. “You’re so sweet.”

“I’m not, I just like making you happy I guess. I’ll make you more tasty things since I’m sure those people didn’t give you treats.”

She frowned. “No, they kept me on a strict diet, saying that I had to be in good shape. I just keep thinking, maybe they were making me into a weapon.”

“For what?”

“To fight Exorcists maybe. I was told by one of them, that the two don’t usually get along, that Exorcists like to try and undo every thing and won’t mind their own business.” She touched her eye. “Maybe they wanted to use me and Klien, I mean it hurt so bad for both of us when they locked us together, so they would have to be desperate to do such a thing.”

“That demon is really protective over you.”

She smiled. “Klien is a good person, he’s kind of rough around the edges, but he’s sweet enough. He told me, when I was nine, that he would always be there for me when I needed him, that he had always wanted a little sister and he would do anything to protect our bond.”

“Did he help you break out?”

“Yes, he ripped the door of my cell. I know I should have used him to kill those monsters, but I just couldn’t, I’m not that way and I can’t make him do something like that. He’s not a tool like they want him to be, he’s my friend, my family.”

Sevan sat his drink then took hers and did the same before wrapping his arms around her. “I am grateful that he helped you and even though I fear for your safety, I am happy to have you here. No matter what the cost, I will protect you beautiful, sweet Katar.”

Katar held tightly in return “I just hope you grow to trust yourself. You haven’t done anything wrong except in your dreams” He held her until his desire for more than just holding became almost too much to manage. Sevan grabbed their drinks and returned Katars to her. “I wonder what other tasty things I’m yet to try” She said somewhat to herself. “I will make sure you get to try everything, don’t you worry”

“There’s so much I want to do.”

“Like what?”

She thought about. “I’ve never kissed anyone.” He choked on his drink and started coughing so she looked at him with concern. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just got to drinking too fast.” He cleared his throat and took another sip of his drink. “Finish your smoothie.”

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No, not at all.” He smiled at her and her heart fluttered in her chest. She loved when he smiled, it made him look his age. He was constantly worrying, his face always in a frown, but when he looked at her his eyes softened. She would do anything to make him smile, to take his doubts and fears and get rid of them. He was such a wonderful person and it was a shame he couldn’t see that. They finished their smoothies and she went back to work while he washed out their glasses. He went outside, sitting on the front porch and staring off into the woods. He knew it would be a matter of time before the Necromancer’s found them. Someone would point out that Katar had been with him and would give them directions to his house. He sighed. “I know you’re out there watching me, I know you can hear what I say. You’ve been with me since I can remember, your eyes always studying me, for what purpose I do not know, but you have never once shown malicious intent. I want to know that you will be there to aid us and that you won’t cut down Katar’s friend should she call on him again.”

“It still shocks me one such as you could sense me so easily even as a child.” The voice had his head snapping to the left where a young man sat on the porch railing. Yellow eyes stared back at him.

“You’re my shadow?”

“I’m a friend of a friend of your brother’s. I was asked to keep an eye on you.”

“My brother? I don’t have siblings.”

“Oh that’s right, I guess you don’t really understand.”

“Understand what?”

“You weren’t born with a new soul. Yours has lived a life before this one. Your dreams, the ones that drove you out here. You did those things in a past life so I was sent to you when you were born in hopes you’d have a brighter future this time around and your brother could get to know you. You two got along as children and into adulthood until he married and quit overlooking your violent and cruel behavior. You weren’t born cruel, your father and mother weren’t good people. Your siblings didn’t end up being torturers and rapists but they have their own issues and some people just cant handle growing up with abuse and it turns them into the monsters they once feared as children. Don’t hate yourself. You’re a far better man this time around, you really are. Your brother has been wanting to meet you but I havent thought you ready for all this yet until now, now you have a mate, someone you want to live for”

“she sin’t my mate”

“but you both care for one another. Shes the first woman you’ve let near you:”

He looked away. “She wouldn’t leave, no matter how much I warned her, she refused to leave me.”

“You talk about her with such warmth.”

“Sevan, who are you talking to?” Katar asked as she stepped outside and let out a little yelp when she saw the man on the porch. She backed up, falling right into Sevan’s lap. “Wh…who?”

“Forgive me, I am Jahan, Sevan’s shadow as he likes to call me.” He cocked his head to the side. “Your eye is strange.”

She covered her eye with her hand and turned her face into Sevan’s chest. “The Necromancers tied her and a demon together, it turned her eye silver. She can summon him if she wishes.”

“How cruel.”

“It was painful.” Katar replied, feeling embarrassed by her reaction to Jahan’s scrutiny.

“I’m sorry, I was merely curious.”

“Look, thank you for coming to help and for watching over me, I’m glad you did, but could you please give me some time alone with Katar so I can talk to her about what you told me?”

“Of course, I’ll check the perimeter and make sure no one is sneaking up on us.”

He swiveled around and dropped off the railing, leaving them alone. “What is it Sevan?”

He sighed as he stood and carried her inside, taking a seat on the couch. “Jahan told me that I am a reincarnation of another man and that my nightmares are actually memories. I…I really did those terrible things, I was right to warn you.”

She cupped his cheek and he looked into her eyes. “You are a wonderful, gentle person and whatever happened before, has no bearing on who you are now.”

“Katar, I…” She pressed her lips against his and his eyes widened in surprise. The sweetness of her lips made warmth spread through him, exciting him to the point of madness. He tangled his fingers in her hair, pressing his lips into hers a little harder so she parted her own. He pulled back, his heart beating extra hard, his body aroused. Panic started to set in and he started to move her off his lap, but she held onto him, smiling warmly.

“Please don’t push me away, I really loved that.”


She pressed a finger to his lips. “Hush, I’m so happy right now so be happy with me.”

She was an impossible woman to refuse. His very core reacted to everything about her and as scared as he was for her he couldn’t push her away. He pulled Katar right back into a kiss. He felt himself loseing control, craving to just rip off her clothing and make love to her so he pressed his forehead against hers “Katar, how can you trust me if I ever really did those things”

“that was your past life. You are obviously an amazing man now and you cant kick yourself for somthing you cant change and would never do in this life time. I feel so strongly for you and refuse to let you push me away out of fear. Let me love you, let me chase all your misery and seclusion away. I need you, I just met you but I need you Sevan. Stop kicking yourself and not allowing yourself happiness, for me?”

Chapter Four

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me.” His replied, his voice a husky whisper. He gave her lips another kiss then let his own move down her neck as his fingers tangled in her soft hair. He licked her and gave her a gentle bite so she shivered. He lifted her, positioning her so she straddled him and he could let his hands slide beneath her dress and up her legs. “You’re so soft.”

Katar trembled as his hands gripped her bottom and pulled her tightly against him so she could feel every inch of his already hard length. “Sevan, I’m getting excited.”

“Good, I want you excited.” He ran his tongue up her neck to her ear where he gently nibbled, making her moan. “If I could make you feel even an ounce of my hunger, I would be happy.” One hand came back up, his fingers wrapping around the nape of her neck as his fangs sank into her soft flesh. The fingers of his other hand moved between her legs, rubbing against her and then in her so she cried out in ecstasy.

“Sevan…good, so good.” She gripped his shoulders, her back arching as an orgasm rippled through her. He forced himself away from her sweet blood, his lips finding hers as he rubbed her most sensitive spot. Another orgasm had her clamping down on his fingers and she fell against him, panting. “Oh Sevan.”

“Now you know what you do to me.” He smiled, loving how flushed her face was.

“You need me too right?” She could feel how hard he was and she knew it couldn’t be comfortable.

“Once we take care of the Necromancers, I plan on losing myself completely in you. I’m terrified of hurting you, but if you truly trust me then I want you.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Katar, I…I think I’m falling in love with you.”

She smiled and hugged him. “Me too.”

Sevan just held her until he was calm enough so his lust for her didn’t show. “let me get him back so he’s here if anything happens”

“okay” Katar sat on the couch while Sevan called for Jahan again “so?”

“will you come inside?”

“I’d enjoy that much more” He came in and sat by Katar “hey”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you Katar”

“Likewise, how did it come to be you?”

“well I didn’t have a mate or really much of anything actually going on with my life so it made sense. We weren’t going to have anybody leaving their wives, husbands or children.”

“Oh, have you gone home often?”

“more and more as Sevan has grown older and shown he is a good man this time’

“so…when will I see my siblings?” Sevan asked. “right after we take care of things with her if you want. He misses the person you were when you were young children”

“why doesn’t he hate me?”

“He loves you and his wife and children are very forgiving. The old you hurt them badly and would have had them tortured and killed if you had your way but even in your past life they would have looked past that and let you around their children”

“even Edmund? A lot of men wouldn’t let a man anywhere near his family if they would hurt them”

“Your brother isn’t perfect, used to mistreat his wife pretty badly. He didn’t beat her or anything but he trained her to the point of throwing up, still expecting more and just wasn’t kind in general. He’s a good husband and father at this point in life and has been for awhile but he isn’t your typical male that would never let anyone around his family again that would hurt them. All you had to do was apologize and he would have forgiven all the pain you put his wife and daughters through”

“I just feel so bad even though it isn’t me now. How can I come around them?”

“They’ve forgiven you and you cant hold yourself accountable for your past life. They wont”

Sevan sighed and Katar kissed his cheek, making a small smile pull at his lips. “So, no Necomancers?” She asked fearfully.

“No right now, but that doesn’t mean anything. Most of their kind disgust me, binding two creatures together without even asking if it’s okay is a horrible thing to do.”

“Have you met any good ones?”

“Sure, but they are few and far between and usually prefer doing research rather than casting spells or summoning demons.” He crossed his arms. “So what kind of demon do you have?”

“He’s a fox demon named Klien.” She covered her eye again. “I try not to summon him. I know the thought of me doing so must linger in his mind often.”

“We may need him.”

“Okay, but he’s not one to trust easy.”

“It’s fine, I don’t expect him to like me.”

She called for him and Klien soon appeared, ready to defend her. He paused when he saw nothing was happening and looked to Katar for answers. “Sorry Klien, it’s just they have found us and Jahan thought you should be here in case we needed your help. I’m sorry.”

He gently patted her head. “It’s alright Katar, never apologize for needing my help.” He looked Jahan over, sizing him up then took a seat on the other side of Katar. “You keep strange company little sister.”

“Well, Sevan is the one I love and Jahan doesn’t seem all that bad.”

“They know I’ll eviscerate them if they try anything you find distasteful?”

“They do now. Please be nice, they’re good people.”

“For you then.”

“Thank you.”

They inquired more about Katar’s life, Sevan’s past and the family they would meet when this was all over. “Chthon sounds cool and I really want to meet Kandara and Vina”

“Vina and Nigel can be tough to meet but Kandara is mostly with her father or in Chthons castle so you’ll meet her very quickly”

“but Edmond and Freya live in a different world?”

“yep” they were discussing Freya and Edmonds world when all three men tensed. Without asking she knew the necromancers had come for her “you stay in here: Sevan ordered to her and Klien said “I’m staying by her side incase one gets passed you two”

“good” Sevan answered and walked out with Jahan.

“What’s your business here?” Sevan asked, his eyes boring into those of the Necromancer’s.

“We’ve come for the girl, we know she’s here vampire.” Their leader said.

“Katar is no concern of yours any longer, she belongs to me and me alone so I suggest you turn and leave before I drain you all for what you did to her.”

“We’re not afraid of some pathetic little vampire and his demon friend.”

Jahan chuckled. “At least these fools know how to identify something.”

“Give us the girl and we’ll leave you in peace.” Sevan was suddenly in front of their leader, his hand around the man’s throat.

“No one touches Katar but me.” The man suddenly burst into flame as Sevan jumped back and the other Necromancers summoned their Hellhounds and shadow weapons. Jahan pulled water from the ground, forming it into spiraling spikes that flew at the hounds and knocked them off their feet while Sevan weaved an illusion of horror in the minds of their attackers. Katar sat inside, shaking like a leaf, her heart beating so fast she was sure it would explode. Klien wrapped his arms around her, doing his best to comfort her as he guarded her. She covered her ears, not wanting to hear the screams coming from outside.

Sevans seriousness melted away and his heart sank when he saw how afraid Katar was. He was over in the blink of an eye and took her from Klein ‘they are gone, we’ve gotten rid of them” she hugged him and Klein watched as Sevan sat on the couch with her. Klein looked over at Jahan “you’re sure they wont come back?”


“and the family you are taking her to are nice?”

“None would harm her”

“good, I meant what I said earlier”

“I know and so does Sevan” Klein vanished again and Jahan sat down. Sevan comforted Katar until she was relaxed then asked Jahan “when are we leaving?”

“the second you tell me you’re ready. I am looking forward to getting to stay around family again”

‘you ready to travel Katar?” he asked sweetly “yeah”

“you sure? You’ve been through so much”

“I can Sevan, don’t worry”

“let me feed you first”


“You hungry Jahan?” Sevan asked and he nodded “very”

“help me in the kitchen then. You just rest Katar” she smiled at him. He was saying these things like she had just ran those necromancers off, not them. They ate a simple meal then traveled with haste. Sevan didn’t want her going through anything else, not yet, not while the free world was so new to her. They were soon in Freya and Edmond’s world and approaching their home. Jahan gave a firm knock then stepped back. Sevan clutched Katars hand nervously. He was near sweating he was so nervous about this. Edmond answered, his eyes catching his brothers. Jahan said “I’ve explained almost everything to him. He’s ready to know you guys and be a part of your lives.”

Edmond hugged his brother then asked “who is this woman?”

“His mate” Katar answered and Edmond smiled “Nice to meet you then. I am Edmond and inside you’ll meet my wife Freya” they went in and Edmond thanked Jahan “it was my pleasure. I will be heading off now. You know how to get back to his world when he wants to go home” Edmond nodded and Jahan saw himself out.

“Go ahead and take a seat.” Freya said. “I’ll get us something to drink, and some cookies.”

“Okay.” Sevan took a spot on the couch then grabbed Katar and pulled her into his lap as Edmond came into the living room and sat across from them. They all waited in silence until Freya came back with drinks and cookies.

“So, how have you been?” Edmond asked.

“For the most part, not okay. I had nightmares about my past life every night, every depraved act haunted me.” Katar stroked his hair, helping him relax. “I have Katar now though, so things are better.”

“I can’t even begin to imagine the things you have seen.” He smiled. “You look so different.”

“He’s a little cutie.” Freya added and Sevan felt his face grow hot.

“I’m not.” He was embarrassed and it had both Freya and Edmond laughing.

“They’re right Sevan, you’re pretty cute.” Katar said and he felt his heart dance. “It’s alright if I call you cute right?”

“Of course, you can call me anything.” She smiled and kissed his forehead.

“Very different from the past you, it makes me happy.” Edmond looked a little sad. “I wish I could have helped you before.”

“Please don’t say that, if you had then I wouldn’t have met Katar. I know that sounds horrible, I hated I killed so many, but this is my life now and I’m glad to have it. There is still something dark in me, but I’ll never let it control me.”

“We’ve been told you secluded yourself, was that due to the memories?” Freya asked.

“Yeah, I was terrified I would hurt someone, but Katar showed me that that wasn’t true. She’s so wonderfully stubborn, I love her for pushing me to see I am not a monster.”

“I’m glad you found her too. Just like your brother you just needed a stubborn woman”

“thank you for letting me in your home even though past me hurt you and your girls”

“That was the past, this is now. We would have taken you in even then. You very nearly killed me one of the times you came after us and your brother and I still didn’t try to kill you in return, we wanted to help you so definitely know theres nothing you can do that will make Edmond turn his back on you. He loves you. You’ll have to meet your children sometime. Even the girls have been interested in meeting the new you.” They stayed up late into the evening getting to know eachother. Over the next few weeks Sevan and Katar met their children and friends. Soon they planned on meeting Chthons family too but Sevan definitely just wanted to stay here awhile and bask in the happiness he now had with Katar and his newfound extended family. His future felt so bright, brighter than it probably ever had in any life he may have lived.

~ The End

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