Sharon & Alke

Chapter One

Sharon needed rest from dancing with her friends so she grabbed a cup of punch then leaned against the decorated wall of their gym. She smiled and slightly shook her head at the goofy way a few of her friends were dancing. Despite Sharon being the most popular girl in school her close friends were a bunch of nerds. She preferred them to the preppy, snotty girls most people thought she ought to hangout with. She had few male friends but that was largely in part that she couldn’t respect them. Sharon was a female wolf among all humans and she missed her pack. When she was fourteen her father challenged the alpha of their pack and lost so they couldn’t remain members any longer. She had to leave her boyfriend which hurt deeply for the first year but she had long since gotten over him. Sharon still thought of Jespin from time to time but the pain that once came with memories of him were gone. As her mother often told her when they first had to leave she had only been dating Jespin a few months anyhow. Sharon wished there was anyway to rejoin their old pack but was never angry at her father. Christopher challenging their leader was precisely what she adored and missed about wolf males. She loved how tough and headstrong they were. Most of all she loved how they always went for what they wanted no matter how hard it was to achieve. She found their traits sexy while these human men she was now surrounded by fell short.

It seemed they couldn’t be tough without being assholes. Of course some male wolves were assholes but you could find even alphas that had the traits she loved without being demanding, dictators. Plenty of werewolves lived among humans but it didn’t seem to be the case in this state. They moved from Florida to Oregon when they were kicked from the pack and there seemed to be no packs to join and not even a singular male wolf in sight. Sharons popularity among the humans wasn’t somthing she tried for but as a werewolf she had natural charm to other creatures that couldn’t be turned off no matter how she wanted it.

Her natural charm was why she could have whatever friends she wanted while still maintaining the status of most popular girl in school. Sharons best friend tapping her shoulder jerked Sharon back into her senior prom “yeah?’

“You were all spacey again, you ok?”

“Yeah, you know me. Always day dreaming”

“I just wanted to say bye. I’ve got a bad headache and can’t take this loud music any longer”

“let me go home with you. I’ll just text my parents and tell them I wont be home tonight”

“No, have fun with everybody else.”

“seriously Michelle it’s fine. There’s nobody I’d rather dance with anyway” Michelle laughed “you saying things like that to me is what spreads the gossip we are lesbian lovers” Sharon kissed Michelles cheek “lets go to your house baby” she winked making her friend laugh harder than before.
They exited the gym, Michelle taking a deep breath of fresh air to help clear her head. “So much better already.” Michelle said.

“A good nights rest will get rid of your headache.”

“Hey excuse me.” The voice had them both spinning around. Sharon froze at the sight of the strange looking you man, his hair and eyes a striking shade of grey. “Sorry to bother you, but one of you forgot your purse.”

“Thank you, that would be mine.” Michelle held out her hand and he gave it to her.

Sharon just stood there staring at him and taking in his scent. He smelled of wolf, but it was a little off somehow. “I didn’t want anything to get stolen.”

“Well that was very nice of you. I’m Michelle and this is my friend Sharon.” She elbowed Sharon who shook her head.

“Sorry, I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’m Alke, I graduated last year. A friend of mine asked me to come. I’m really surprised we never ran into each other, but I guess you can’t notice everyone.”

“Alke come on.” He looked over his shoulder, smiled and waved.

“I guess I should go, it was nice meeting you two.”

“You too.” Michelle said.

“Yeah.” Sharon added and he turned and walked away.

“You’re staring Sharon, find something you like?”
“maybe, he smells of wolf though he isn’t one”


“yeah, shame I probably wont run into him again since he is no longer going to school here.”

“Lets chase him down”

“No, it’s fine. Lets get you home. He’s a human male afterall so I shouldnt fall for how sexy he is. If he has the traits I like he is most likely an asshole.”

“He obviously hangsout with wolves since he smells of one. Maybe because of that he is able to be tough and go after what he wants without being a dick.”

“Someone sounds doubtful. He’s friends with one of the girls here, so chances are he’ll be back around.”

Alke found a spot to sit down, not feeling like dancing anymore. He sipped on his punch, and stared off as he thought about Sharon. She was definitely beautiful and he could tell she was a wolf even without being one. His brother had told him about the body language most wolves used. She had scented the air, doing it subtly so he wouldn’t notice and the way she held herself in almost a dominant way. He wanted to see her again and planned on coming to school under the pretense of visiting his old teachers. His brother Makis had told him that once you found the one who you wanted as your mate you should go after them. From the moment his and Sharon’s eyes had met, he had known they were meant for each other. There had been a tugging in his heart and soul that told him she was the one.

“You okay Alke?” His friend Beth asked as she sat down next to him.

“What can you tell me about a girl named Sharon, she hangs out with someone named Michelle.”

Beth shrugged. “She’s nice, doesn’t adhere to stereotypes, doesn’t really like bossy people. She goes to school though so she has to deal with bossy people every day, but you can tell she doesn’t like it. Most of her friends are female.”

Alke could tell what she was hinting at and chuckled. “I don’t think she’s a lesbian, but so what if she was, I’d still want to know her.” He draped an arm over her shoulders and hugged her. “Thanks for inviting me tonight.”
“I couldn’t find a nice date so may aswell come here with a good friend. Thanks for accepting my pathetic invitation”

“It wasn’t pathetic. The men of this High School just dont appreciate you. You’ll find someone in college or maybe after that” Sharon and Michelle pulled up to Michelles home and quickly went inside. “back already?’ Her dad asked. “yeah, you know my headaches. Can Sharon stay the night?”

“Of course, can i get you girls anything?”

“No, we’re good dad. Where’s mom?”

“Went to grab somthing from the store. She found this recipe she just has to make. You know how that is” Michelle laughed “can’t wait for tomorrow then”

“Its a dessert so you girls will probably get some tonight”

“god i love your mother” Sharon threw in.
“Who doesn’t love my mom.”

Sharon laughed as she followed Michelle upstairs. Michelle pulled her chest of drawers open and grabbed pajamas for both of them and they quickly changed out of their dresses. They then washed the makeup off of their faces and Michelle switched on the TV. “You feeling better?” Sharon asked as she sat down on the floor.

“Much better, now we just need dessert and this night will be complete.”

Alke left the dance early, apologizing to Beth who assured him it was okay. He had walked there so he started down the sidewalk, not worried in the least about being bothered since most people were often put off by his strange appearance. Neither he nor Makis knew why he looked the way he did and Alke himself had done some research into the day of his birth. The only thing he had found of interest was the fact he had been born on the night of a blood moon. He didn’t know if that had any bearing on how he looked since he wasn’t wolf kind like his brother. Alke had enjoyed growing up different and after people had gotten over the initial shock of his silvery hair and grey eyes they had been quite interested in him. He smiled, wondering what Sharon thought of him.

“What are you doing home so early?” Makis asked when he walked through the door. His brother had told him he could stay at home for as long as he wanted to. Alke decided he would live there until he graduated and Makis had refused to let him pay rent even though he had a part time job.

“I got bored, dances are dances.”

“Yeah, different theme, same people. I made spaghetti if you’re hungry.”

“Thanks, but I think I’m going to go to bed.”

“Alright, see you in the morning then.”
Alke showered, changed then set his alarm so he wouldn’t be late in the morning. Sharon was a constant in his mind even as he drifted to sleep. He woke up with a jerk the next morning, quickly getting his feet on the floor to change into what he wanted Sharon to see him in. She was also getting ready but at an easy going pace. She was never in much of a hurry to arrive at school and truly the only thing putting a pep in her step was Michelle since they were riding to school together.

“You two have a good day” Michelles mother called as they rushed out of the door. “Love you too mom” Michelle yelled back. “You ready for the whispers?” Michelle asked since they always made the school buzz when they’d arrive in the morning together. “Yep, its a shame our classmates have nothing better to do. So what if we were lesbians. Get over it”
“Whoa man you look good today, you get a girlfriend?” Makis asked when Alke came down for breakfast.

“No, but I did meet someone interesting.” He sat down at the table and Makis handed him his plate. “A wolf.”

“Really? I didn’t think there were any in this town other than me. Well it’s nice more have moved over. What was her temperament?”

“Kind of dominant, she holds herself like you do, very alpha.”

“Chances are she doesn’t run her own pack, unless she’s posing as a high school student. You going to see her again?”

“Yeah, I’m going to head over to the high school and see my old teachers.”

“Right, old teachers. Just don’t get in trouble.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

This answered seemed to satisfy Makis and they both ate their breakfast. Once they were finished Makis told him bye and headed off to the mill and Alke washed their dishes. He made sure to lock up as he left and walked happily down the sidewalk to the highschool. “Alke, what are you doing here?” Beth said when she saw him.

“I’ve come to see Sharon, but if anyone asks I’m here to see my old teachers. Do you by chance know what she has first period?”

“Yeah, she and I have biology together.”
“Then please be my guide”

‘I really think she’s a lesbian. You aren’t going to get anywhere.”

‘I told you if thats the case I still want to get to know her”

“But she wont spend time with most guys. Even if she does they tend to quit being friends after about a week.”

“Hopefully it’ll be different for me. You know how persistent I can be when I want somthing and I at the very least want her friendship” She smiled “You’ll have your hands full with this, don’t say i didn’t warn you” Sharon had gotten into class early, especially for her and almost didn’t notice Alke walk in. The only thing that brought her into reality enough for her to notice him was that scent. It was such a good, almost sexy smell. It was one she wouldn’t mind around more but was surprised since he didn’t attend school.

He smiled at Sharon, his gaze getting softer as her heart beat slightly out of rhythm to be seeing her again. He took his attention away to give his old teacher a freindly smile ‘remember me?”

‘Of course I do, how’ve you been?”

“amazing. I wont disrupt class but I just really wanted to see all my old teachers again”

“You know you’re welcome. Have a seat if you want to stay in here a little bit” Sharon could tell he wasn’t being truthful. It was somthing that wasn’t hard to spot with her heightened senses and her knowledge in using them. Her father had been rigerous from teh time she was a pup on making sure she knew all her abilities, strengths and weaknesses. He thought it a sad thing for wolves not to know their potential or to be unaware of weaknesses they may have. She smiled, thinking of her parents and childhood always did, even when it came to training.

He wasn’t easy on her but it was always fun to work with him. She knew he would have made a great pack leader if he had been able to beat their alpha. She was glad that at the very least it hadn’t broken the spirit she so admired in her father and looked for in a mate.

Chapter Two

Alke sat down on the stool at the head of the class and leaned his back against the wall, watching Sharon the whole time. He could hear a couple of girls whispering about him in the corner and did his best to ignore it. They were talking about how cute he was. He turned his eyes to them and they blushed and stopped talking then he slid his gaze back over to Sharon. She had her mouth covered and he could tell she was smiling by how her eyes lit up. He saw her scribble on a piece of paper then glance at the teacher before holding it up. It said: Stop staring. He grinned and shook his head and she narrowed her eyes at him which he found adorable though he was sure she was going for scary.

After class he hugged his teacher again and followed Sharon out into the hall. “So you came to see me?”

“No way, I came to see my old teachers.” He winked and she smiled.

“Well you might as well walk me to my locker then.”

“Yes ma’am.” He could feel the eyes on him and Sharon could hear every whispered word. She didn’t like girls thought he was cute and it surprised her. Once she got to her locker she put the combination in and popped it open. “You know, it’s really nice to see more wolves here.” He said just loud enough for her to hear and she froze. She closed her locker and turned around.

“How did…”

“My brother, he taught me. He’s half wolf and raised me.”

“That explains the smell.”

“You mean the wolf scent? I live with my brother so it kind of rubs off on me.”

They moved away from her locker. “But you’re human, completely human?”

He nodded. “My brother and I had different fathers.”

“Sharon.” Michelle came running up and draped her arm over her shoulders. “Alke, nice seeing you again.”

“You too Michelle, I was just talking to your friend here about wolves.”

Her eyes widened. “He knows?”

“His brother taught him how to spot werewolves.”
“Cool, I’ll help her kick your ass if you tell.”

“I wouldn’t think of it. I would be considered crazy anyway”

‘well, lets get to class” Sharon interjected. Michelle was walking between them and the hall was busy for him to get on the other side of Sharon so Alke just accepted he had to walk beside Michelle. They entered their next class where Alke began being friendly with his teacher again. He didn’t want to be kicked out so he wanted to be sure the teachers thought he was really there to see them. The rest of the class seemed to be glad Alke was distracting Mrs Bonnette. It meant less class time doing actual work.

When she ended the conversation Alke sat in a good point for viewing Sharon as she worked. He wished he had noticed her while he was still in school here. It couldn’t be helped though. They had an incredibly large school so it was easy to attend and not know everybody. They werent the same age so it made it especially easy for them to never meet.
“So what’s next?” Alke asked after class.

“P.E. and then lunch.”

“Would you have lunch with me today?”

“What do you think Michelle, should I have lunch with Alke?”

“Well he is pretty cute so I say yes.”

“See the girl with the sweet cat tail says yes, so please?”

She smiled. “Oh alright, if it’ll get you to stop making those puppy dog eyes. Did you learn that from your brother?”

“No ma’am that is all me.” He held out his arm. “Shall I escort you and miss Michelle to gym class?”

Sharon rested her hand in the bend of his arm and Michelle did the same on the other side. “Look at him being all charming.” Michelle said.

“Not charming, just polite. Makis taught me well.”
“Obviously” Sharon answered, allowing her attraction to grow. This was obviously a very different, very attractive human male. It still stood to test if he could handle himself in a fight. He obviously went for what he wanted and had a good heart but she hoped he could actually handle himself in a fight. She didn’t expect him to win against everybody, that would be ridiculous but she would hope for her mate to atleast put up a good, respectable fight on their end before loseing to an opponent.

When they arrived at gym their teacher decided to be the first kill joy and tell Alke he couldn’t sit in. Alke sighed frustratedly when he couldn’t convince Mr Shult but left when it was obvious the no was firm. Sharon was honestly disappointed he wasn’t going to be there. Alke went to the lunch room. All the cafeteria ladies loved him so he knew he was welcome there. “Alke!” A black woman in her thirties yelled excitedly “Mava, How’re you?”

“Good sweetheart, you?’

“Pissed at Mr Shult for not letting me sit in on his gym class. I came here to see a girl and she’s in there”

“Nobody likes him, always has his boxers in a twist. Hopefully the next teacher will allow you in their class”

“well she has lunch after gym so I’ll see her soon”

“good, what’s her name?”


“Sharon?’ There were of course multiple in that school so he described her in almost an awed voice. Mava smiled “I’m surprised she hasn’t chased you off. Men aren’t her thing mostly.”

“So I’ve heard, I’m hoping to change that. You do know shes not a lesbian right?”

“Of course I do”

“Thought you would”

“Just because a girl doesnt want men hanging all around her doesnt make her a lesbian. Foolish children.”
“I love you Mava.” He kissed her cheek.

“Still as sweet as the first day I met you.” She went to the ovens and pulled out one of the cookies she had left to stay warm and handed it to him. “A sweet snack for a sweet young man.”

“Thanks Mava.”

Sharon was happy when Mr. Shult called for them to stop and shower. She was actually excited about seeing Alke so washed and dressed quickly. The bell rang as she was walking out of the locker room and she told Michelle she would see her after lunch before running across the gym. She followed his scent to the cafeteria and her heart stuttered in her chest when he saw her and smiled. “I hope the wait wasn’t too bad.” She said.

“Not at all. How does A & W sound?”

“Sounds good.”
They got their drinks and food then found a place outside to eat. “How was gym?”

“Normal, I like releasing some of my energy. Living with a wolf you know how much we have and how we absolutely need to burn it”

“yeah, my brother goes running in the morning and before he goes to bed”

“Can I meet him somtime? I miss being around wolves.”

“If I can meet your family”

“sure, sounds fair”

“Do you have siblings?”

“Nope, just me.”

“Have you always lived here?”

“No, my dad challenged our pack leader when I was fourteen. He lost so we were kicked out. It was heartbreaking for me but I couldn’t have been prouder of my dad. I respect men who go for what they want. Even if they failed they actually tried and gave it their best. There isn’t anybody I respect more than my father. My mother is pretty amazing herself. I wished she cooked like Michelles mom but in my opinion my mom tops hers in all other areas. She can kick just about anybodies ass and you better think twice before crossing her. I know most teenagers hate their parents but they’re my role models.”

“I can tell by how you talk about them. I think Makis wants to meet them too.”

“He’s welcome”

“Your dad wont mind since he’s alpha? I know not all alphas will tolerate other males”

“Oh no, my dads far from an asshole. Another thing I admire. He’s an alpha with a good heart.”

“Good, then we can all meet at the same time I guess. We’ll just pick a day and you guys can come over. My brothers a great cook so he can make us a lunch or dinner”

“I’ll see when my parents are free then”

“Do you have a cellphone?”

“I don’t know anybody who doesn’t have one thats over fifteen”

“May I put my number in it so we can discuss things tonight?”

“sure” she pulled it out and handed it to him. Alke quickly stored his number then took a picture of himself so it would show up when he called. He handed the phone back then texted her so she would have his number. Because he gave her a picture of him she sent one to his phone she took a few days ago. “Thanks” he said with a happiest expression she had seen from him yet.
“We should probably be heading back.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t want you to be late.” They threw away their trash, taking their drinks with them and starting back to the high school. They were just about on school grounds when a couple of senior boys, Rory and Claude, cut them off on their bikes.

“Well look here, the lesbian’s finally being set straight.” Rory said and Claude snickered. “How did you get her to put out?”

“Excuse me?” Alke said.

“You heard me.”

Alke took a sip of his shake. “No, I don’t think I did. Maybe if you pulled the dick out of your mouth your words might be more clear.” He took another sip of his shake and Sharon covered her mouth to muffle the laughter that had bubbled up in her throat. He had said it like he was having a normal conversation, his voice almost polite.

Rory got off his bicycle and let it drop to the ground. “What did you fucking say?”

Alke sighed. “You know, I was trying to have a nice lunch with Sharon and you boys have ruined it with your stupidity.” Rory swung at him and he stepped back. “Hold this please.” He handed Sharon his shake and Rory swung at him again. Alke caught his arm and hit him in the face with the back of his other hand. Then kicked his feet out from under him so he hit the ground. He pulled Rory’s arms behind him. “If you ever talk to Sharon or any woman like that again I will come back and break all of your limbs. Do you understand?” He wrenched on Rory’s arm so he screamed in pain. “Do you understand?”


“Apologize then.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Good boy.” He let him go and took his shake back. “Come on Sharon, lets get you inside so you won’t be late.”

Chapter Three

Sharon was blushing and could tell from the glint in his eyes Alke could see it clearly. She took his hand “thanks” he smiled “sorry they ruined our lunch”

“It wasn’t ruined atall”

“good, I know I wont be able to come every day so that was probably the only lunch I’ll get to have with you here at school.”

“That’s fine, this is my last year anyway” At the end of the school day Sharon asked “want me to drive you home?” He smiled, his heart rejoicing “sure” Michelle sat in back so Alke and Sharon could sit by eachother. Even she had a large smile across her face. She couldn’t believe her friend Sharon was so interested in a human male when she had had her heart completely set on a wolf.

She dropped Alke off at his front door then went to Michelles house to retrieve her car and head home. She could hear her parents in their bedroom and shook her head before heading to her own room to listen to music. They didn’t know she was here and would be too wrapped up in eachother to notice so they wouldn’t be quite. When they were done and had been in the kitchen a short time Sharon left her room. “Sharon! When did you get home?” Her mother asked and Sharon laughed “Thought I’d go to Michelles again huh? Not today, I have someone I want to talk about”

“someone?” her father asked. “Yes, I met this guy at the dance and I really like him. I was hoping you two would be willing to meet him and his brother. Alke, the guy I like is human but his half brother is wolf.”

“alright, when?”

“I don’t know yet”

“Make it soon, can’t have just any male sniffing around my girl”


“I’m serious”

“I’m sure you both are going to like him. He’s everything I admire in you dad” This comment made her father soften a bit then walk over to hug her “well I didn’t raise a stupid girl so I’m sure he is. I’ll make time when he and his brother have the time”

“I’ll take care of my homework then call him” She rushed upstairs and got to work. When her last bit of assignments was complete she called Alke who answered in four rings “so?” she asked. “Tomorrow? I mean it is Saturday tomorrow”

“Tomorrow sounds perfect. My parents said they would no matter what time. Lunch then?”

“Yeah, I’ll text you my address when we get off the phone”

“Don’t let my dad intimidate you”

“You’ve already told me he’s a great man.You’re his daughter so I’ll understand”
“Yeah, but I’m his baby girl.”

“Remember I was quite literally raised by a wolf so I’m not worried. My brother instilled in me an unwavering courage.”

She laughed. “You mean stubbornness.”

“That too.”

“You really look up to him don’t you?”

“Our parents were murdered by hunters when I was a baby, my brother took me and ran. He was only eighteen years old, he gave up going to college and got a job to give me a comfortable life. He’s putting me through college and won’t let me give him any money even though I have a part time job. He’s my hero and not just a brother to me, but a father as well.”

“I’m so sorry about your parents. Your father wasn’t even a wolf.”

“They had dogs and they sniffed out my brother.”

“That’s horrible.”

He smiled. “I never got to know my parents, but if Makis says they were amazing then I believe it. Makis and I are alive, which is what they fought for.”

“Well Makis did an amazing job for someone so young. You turned out to be a pretty amazing guy.”
They talked through the night, both shocked when the sun was coming up and they hadn’t gotten a second of sleep “we better get ready for today” she said softly. “yeah, I can’t wait to see you”

“Charge your phone. I know atleast mine is near dead”

“I will, I…um. I’ll see you later”

“What was with that weird pause”

“It was nothing, just really tired. I’ll see you later” They hung up and plugged their phone into their charges. Sharon knocked on her parents door until they stirred “everything ok?” her dad asked sleepily. “yeah, lunch with Alke and Makis sound good?’

“Yeah, thats fine. I’m glad I can meet him so soon”

“Be easy please”

“You’re my girl”

“I know but please” He smiled “can’t make promises honey, you know that. You and your mother are all that matters to me and I need to know whatever man you’re with is good enough for the woman I’ve raised”

“We’re just dating”

“dating leads to more serious things” Sharon giggled then kissed her fathers cheek ‘Love you, I’ll start breakfast”

“Thanks” Sharon could hear her mother laughing and teasing Christopher about this new man in her life as she walked to the kitchen and pulled out the eggs. She really did hope to be as happy with someone one day as her parents were with eachother. She hoped maybe that was already found with Alke. “want help?” her mother asked when she finally came down. “No thanks mom. Just set the table”
“You look happy little brother.” Makis said as he tied his shoes.

“Are you up for cooking lunch for Sharon and her family today?”

“Sure, sounds like fun. Why don’t you come running with me.”

“Alright, give me a minute to eat and change.” Makis sat down in front of the TV while Alke scarfed down a bowl of cereal then changed his clothes. “Lets go.”

Makis switched off the TV and they both left, jogging down the street. “So, tell me about Sharon and her family.”

“Sharon’s amazing, really sweet and straightforward. Her father has an alpha mentality, but is very kind and her mother is sweet, but tough. They’re really good people, I mean they’d have to be to raise such a wonderful woman.”

“You do know the father may try to intimidate you, at least a little right?”

“I’m not worried, you raised me not to be scared, not to tuck your tail between your legs and run away. What I wouldn’t give to be a wolf like you.”

“You do just fine with being a human baby brother.”
He smiled sadly, wishing they were able to change him so he could live forever aswell and run with his older brother as a wolf. When lunch time came Alke was overly excited to see Sharon and hopefully win over her parents.

He greeted them with a warm smile though her father had a very serious look on his face. Sharon introduced her family and then Alke introduced his brother. They all talked and relaxed with one another though Christopher seemed to stay in a serious mood. Sharon wished he’d stop scrutinizing Alke but atleast Alke didn’t seem to be scared by it. Her father may aswell be relaxed and approving for all the reaction his serious, almost life threatening eyes were getting out of Alke.

It was four in the afternoon by the time Christopher started to loosen up a bit. Alke had been doing his best to win the man over and it seemed to be finally taking affect. Even though Chris was being the way he was Makis liked them all, even him. He knew Sharons dad would be like this, it was just an alphas way. Especially when his daughter was involved. He knew he didn’t have to worry because Alke would prove to be a good mate for their daughter.

Sharon was a little disappointed by the end of the day when her dad still didn’t seem to fully approve of her boyfriend. “sorry” she whispered in his ear. He smiled at her when they parted to tell her it was fine. On the phone that night she apologized again “I’m really sorry about ym dad”

“He’s just a loving father. He’ll come around. I dont think he all out hates me”

“Oh no, he said at dinner you were nice but you have a probationary period apparently” Alke laughed “see? I know just by being me I’ll win him over. I’m never going to hurt you, I swear. I know thats all he really wants from me so overtime he’ll see”

“I liked you weren’t letting him get to you”

“I’ll deal with anything to get to be with you Sharon. I’m falling in love with you. Its ok if you dont feel the same but I wanted you to know”

“I am too” His heart flipped while hers fluttered. They kept chatting and saying sweet nothings to eachother until Sharon was asleep on her end of the line. “You are absolutely amazing Sharon and I really will do whatever it takes to win over your father, I promise” With his vow to her Alke laid down with the phone resting on his face so he could let her soft breathing relax him. He truly meant those words and couldn’t wait to prove them to her.

~ The End ~

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