Simon & Russell

Chapter One

The drive home was tense between Simon and Russel. Simon was never good at expressing what he wanted to say or even figuring out what he wanted to say until it was too late. After their performance as normal the band greeted their fans to sign autographs and pose for pictures. A young woman who looked to be about twenty three had pulled Simon into a kiss and Russell was furious over it. Simon couldn’t blame him, his wandering eye had been wandering a lot more lately. He tried to explain to Russell that him looking at other men and women didn’t mean anything other than him thinking they were physically attractive and that he only loved him but that kiss had slammed the last nail in his coffin and for the first time in their relationship he was scared Russell was going to leave him.

When they got to their apartment Simon said “Baby, please. I didn’t want to kiss her. She attacked my face”

“You sure took a long time to push her away”

“I know, I’m sorry”

“You’re not. I think you’re getting bored after all these years together. I’ve put up with your wandering eye because I know you do love me but lately all you do is check out people, especially girls. Is it that you’re tired of dick and want chicks again? If thats the case dont force yourself to stay with me” Russell actually choked up and Simon went to embrace him “don’t touch me right now. I’m tired and I just want to go to bed. I’m sleeping on the couch tonight” Russell said as he went to get a pillow from their bedroom.

“Russell, let me sleep on the couch if anybody is going to”

“No, I’m fine. We’ll talk about this in the morning when I’m not so tired and irritable. Maybe in the morning you can tell me if you still love me or not”

“I can tell you now I do Russell”

“For the first time in our relationship I really don’t know Simon. I hate it and I’m angry you’ve actually made me doubt you but I honestly don’t know right now” Russell shut their bedroom door behind him as he went to lay on the couch. Simon stripped his clothes with a deep frown then crawled into bed. He hadn’t pulled back right away because he was so shocked by her just kissing him out of the blue when it was well known he dated Russell. It took his brain a second to get past the shock of it. He realized he should have said that to Russell when they first fought at the stadium and if he said that tomorrow Russell would probably just think of it as an excuse.

Simon wondered if Ty had been right and his eyes were wandering more because he had bought a ring for Russell. Maybe it was proposal jitters jerking his eyes around but he still felt terrible. The only person he wanted to spend forever with didn’t know anymore that he loved him and it was starting to bring tears to Simons eyes as those words played in his head.
Russell lay on the couch just staring off into space, feeling sad and alone. He swallowed as tears filled his eyes at the thought of Simon no longer wanting him. He kept wondering if Simon was bored with him, if their relationship had become stale, if Simon would prefer a beautiful woman over a man. It plagued him even when he finally managed too cry himself to sleep, his dreams were full of troubling thoughts. He was woke the next morning by Simon gently shaking him. “What time is it?” He asked as he sat up.

“Nine, your eyes are red.”

“I’m fine, just a few tears.”

Simon sat down next to him and frowned. “You should have woke me.” When Russell didn’t say anything he ran his fingers through his hair, feeling scared. “We need too talk.”

“I know so lets talk.”

“I wish you would sound like I’m some lying bastard, like I’ve done something terrible. Do you trust me so little after all this time? You said you didn’t know about us anymore and that really hurt, I mean more than anything. It felt like you drove a knife into my heart and then twisted it just to make sure I was dead.” He felt himself choking up and swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Why did you let that woman kiss you?”

“I was shocked Russell, really and truly shocked. Every single one of our fans knows I’m with you and when she did that I just froze. If she had been a man I would have broke her nose and when my brain finally caught up I pushed her off. Do you really think I want some slut who’d do something like that?”

“You are bi so…”

“So nothing.” His tone sounded both hurt and angry. “What do I have to do to get you too trust me? Do you want me to track her down and tell her she doesn’t have a chance, do you want me to quit the band because I will?”

“No, I don’t want that.”

Simon sighed. “How about we go on a trip, just us. I’ll call Eric and tell him, besides Peyton needs a break anyway with being pregnant and all that. I’ll take you anywhere.”
“I don’t know…it’s more than just that kiss Simon. Like i was telling you last night. You look at other people all the time now. We can’t go out atall without you staring at someone else. When you did it every now and then it didn’t bug me but now all you seem to want to do is look at other people. I don’t think I want to deal with the hurt of going somwhere with you. It’s why i try to keep us home as much as possible. I stabbed you in the heart last night but lately you’ve been driving a knife into my heart every time we leave the house. I’ve never lived in the delusion I’m the only one you find attractive but you staring at everybody else while we’re out is like a slap in the face”

Simon pulled Russell into a hug “I’ll stop completely. I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a bastard. Just give me a chance to make it up to you. Tell me where you want to go and we’ll go there. My eyes wont travel once. I promise. It’s not worth loseing you.”

“I dont know where i want to go”

“Look online and think while I call Eric. I’m making us breakfast too so theres no rush. Just sit here and decide what you want to do. We dont have to just go one place. We’ll go to any amount of places you feel like going.” Russell gave a small, sad smile. “Ok, I still love you Simon. I’ll always love you”

“and I’ll always love you Russell. You are the only one for me, man or woman. I don’t ever want to be with anybody but you….I just want you to believe me” both men were fighting back tears again as Simon got up to get his cellphone.
Russell went into their room and grabbed his laptop then brought it back out and sat it on the coffee table. He wiped at the tears that were threatening too spill over and turned it on. He hated that he and Simon had been going through this, that their relationship was at stake. He wanted to always be with Simon, but if things continued the way they were he knew they might break up. Simon was relieved when Eric answered almost instantly and he paced back and forth, hoping he would be given some time off.

“Hey, everything okay with you two?” Eric asked worriedly.

“No, not really. I was wondering if maybe we could have some time off?”

“Sure, take a couple of weeks. I think Peyton can really feel the strain between you two.”

“I figured, can you tell her I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be behaving like an ass around her.”

“Sure and I’ll let everyone know we’re taking a two week break.”

“Thanks Eric, I appreciate it.”

“No problem, just try and work things out with Russell and this has nothing to do with the band. It would suck to see you two broken up.” They hung up and Simon went into the living room and sat down next too Russell.

“So have you found anywhere you’d like to go?”

“Depending on how long we have off, yeah.” Russell replied, still sounding sad.

“We have two weeks, but if we need more I’m sure I could call Eric back and ask him for more.”

“No, two is perfect.”
Simon swallowed “so where would you like us to go?” Russell clicked the window he wanted Simon to see then gave him the computer “I want to go to Bear Creek Lodge Mountain Village. It just seems like so much fun. One of my friends went there with her family and she loved it. I can show you the pictures of her trip” Simon smiled “you dont have to sell me. I want to go where you do. I need to make my behavior up to you and show you how much you mean to me. Just from this it seems like the perfect place to do just that”

“Let me call the lodge and get a room and you can book us the soonest airplane tickets” Simon felt a little more secure already that Russell wasn’t going to leave him. All he had to do was keep his eyes from locking onto any attractive men or women that pass them by. He knew he could do that with his relationship on the line. It was somthing he had always done and had cost him a few relationships before Russell. Russell was the first one worth giving up his ogling for. They soon had everything in order and packed a suitcase. Simon bravely tried kissing his boyfriend, hoping he wouldn’t be pushed away.

Simons heart tingled with joy when Russell kissed him back like he meant it. “I love you” Simon said when their lips parted. “I love you too. We should probably eat somthing” Simon zipped up the suitcase and set it on the floor before pushing Russell on the bed “You have my breakfast” Simon tugged Russells pants and boxers down then quickly took him into his mouth. Simons mouth became tight around Russells shaft as he began to suck and lick. Russell deeply moaned while bunching his hands in Simons long, black hair. Simon kept going until Russells seed flowed into his mouth and down his throat.

Russell laid breathless as Simon grabbed lubricant from their nightstand. No matter how much they made love Russell never got any looser and would always end up hurting if Simon didn’t lubricate himself. Simon moved Russell on the bed so his head was comfortably on a pillow before lifting Russells hips and thrusting inside. Russell let out a loud moan as Simon entered and retreated Russells depths repeatedly.
Russell felt tears fill his eyes at how loved Simon always made him feel. It was like they were they only two in the world when they were making love. Simon rained kisses on his cheeks. “I love you so much.” Simon whispered as he pushed into him a little harder, spilling his seed deep inside him. He kissed him softly and ran his fingers through Russell’s hair. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I guess I just really needed you.” Simon kissed him again then moved too lay next to him. Russell sat up and ran his fingers through his hair. “Want to take a shower?” He asked softly.

“Of course then I’ll make us a late breakfast.”

They got up and went into the bathroom, Russell bending over too switch on the water and immediately catching Simon’s attention. He grabbed Simon’s hips and thrust against him. “Simon.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop.” He leaned over him and nibbled the back of his neck, making him moan. He chuckled and straightened so Russell could step into the tub. He stepped in behind him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. “I promise our trip is going to be a lot of fun. We’ll do whatever you want.”

“I’m worried.”

“Please don’t be, I promise I’ll be good.”

“But what if someone catches your eye?”

“I’ll only look at you unless someone is trying too talk to me and at the first sign of flirting I’ll walk away. I don’t need anymore surprise kisses from strange women. I only want your lips against mine.”

Chapter Two

Russel grabbed Simons arms and held them as Simon kept his hold. “do you know that I love you?” Simon asked and Russell answered “yes, maybe that was harsh but you’ve really been hurting me lately.” with relief Simon kissed Russells cheek then let go so they could wash. Simon washed first then got out to go ahead and cook breakfast while Russell finished washing. He also needed to grab the ring from it’s hiding place and put it in his bag. This would probably be his only opportunity without Russell seeing.

Once the ring was safely tucked away he started on sausage, egg and cheese biscuits. When Russell came out he dressed then walked into the kitchen , giving Simon a hug from behind. “hey handsome, still waiting on the biscuits to come out and I have to finish cooking this egg” Russell kissed Simons spine then let go to sit down. “I wish our flight were sooner”

“Me too, four pm is all they had. Atleast it’s today”

“Yeah” As always, Simon timed finishing that last egg perfectly. The oven dinged and he began to assemble their breakfast. As Simon gave Russell his plate he said ‘so tell me what all we can do at Bear Creek Lodge.”

“It’s summer so Hiking, Rafting, Kayaking, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Golf, Mountain Biking, Soaring/Gliding, Hot Air Balloon Rides, ATV and Motorcycle Rental, Frisbee Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball and Sand Volleyball.”

“What do you want to do the most?”

“all of it” Russell answered with a smile and Simon laughed. “You know I suck at basketball”

“We can suck together, we do it all the time” Russell winked playfully and Simon just paused. It had been awhile since Russell had joked with him. “what?” Russell asked. Almost looking sad again Simon said “you just havent made a joke with me in awhile. I’ve missed you being playful.” Russell set his hand on Simons leg “In the shower I decided that after all these years of being together and you being completely faithful to me before that kiss you deserve for me to try and not be so angry with you. You were shocked and hopefully you can tone down staring at other people…I’d like to think we are worth more than ogling girls and cute guys”

Simon looked at his plate “I want you to know we are worth it but I can understand why you’re having trouble right now…I’m going to prove to you that I love you and only want you. These two weeks are going to be all about you. I wont waste any opportunity to show you what you mean to me”
Russell swallowed the lump forming in his throat, not wanting too ruin breakfast with his tears. They finished eating and cleaned up together. They still had all day before they had to leave for the airport so they decided to go too the park until lunch time. Simon grabbed the car keys and made sure the door was locked before they headed out. Simon watched Russell out of the corner of his eye as he drove, wondering what was on his mind. Russell reached over and grabbed Simon’s hand, noticing the worried expression on his face. A small smile crossed Simon’s face and they continued the drive in silence.

When they got to the park they got out and Simon went around to Russell’s side, lacing his fingers through his and pulling him close. Being outside helped make both of them feel better and it wasn’t long before they were laughing and talking almost like normal. They found a place to set down, Simon with his back propped against a tree and Russell taking his place between his legs and laying back against him. “I love being outside.” Russell said.

“Me too, it’s always so peaceful.”

Russell laughed. “What world are you living in. It’s only peaceful unless we get noticed.”

Simon kissed the back of his neck then nibbled gently, making him shiver. “You don’t like the fans? You always seemed like you enjoyed talking to them.”

“Of course I love them, but I also love just being with you away from all the screaming girls and awestruck teens.”

Simon chuckled. “Maybe when we get to the lodge we can sign autographs for anyone who wants them and get that out of the way the first day.”
“Theres no way to get all the people there out of the way. Theres more than one lodge around there and they all do the activities. We’ll just handle them as they come. I mean, we could get everyone in our own lodge done. We can have them do an announcement and meet anybody who wants pictures and autographs in the lobby”

“sounds good. We have our hats and shades too if it gets to be too much.”

“yeah” Simon was nervous about posing with whatever fans would be there. He didn’t want another person trying to kiss him or do somthing that would make Russell angry with him again. Even the autographs made him tense since he didn’t want some womans breasts to catch his attention. He frowned again, feeling like an asshole. He couldn’t avoid signing autographs forever and he really needed to get control of himself for Russell.
They went home around noon where Russell made them tuna sandwiches since they didn’t want to have to clean up a lot. When they were finished Simon rinsed their plates then dried them and put them in the cupboard. “What do you want to do now?” Simon asked.


“Sure.” He lifted Russell over his shoulder, making him laugh, and carried him to their room. He dropped him on the bed and got over him on hands and knees. “That’s what I like too hear. I love your laughter.”

“I guess you’ll just have to make me laugh more then.”

“I plan on it. I mean it is my second favorite sound.” He winked and Russell pushed him over.


“I’m your pervert.” Simon pulled out his phone and set an alarm then pulled Russell into his arms. “You are the single greatest treasure in this world and I promise things will be better from now on.”

“Are all violinists this poetic?”

“Probably, but lets pretend that I’m the most poetic one of them all.” Russell laughed softly and Simon kissed the top of his head. They fell asleep after a few minutes, Simon holding tightly too Russell.
When the alarm went off they quickly got up, rechecked their suitcases then readied to leave. Russell could barely sit still with his excitement. He’d been wanting to go to this lodge for so long and they were finally going. They had no trouble checking their luggage and boarding the plane. The two of them were both grateful they had managed to nab two seats in first class. On such short notice they were worried. The two of them always rode first class if they were traveling without the rest of the band. Once they were in the air Simon said “come sit in my lap” Russell got up and went over to his boyfriend. Russell got himself comfortable in Simons lap then laid his head on his shoulder.

Simon lovingly rubbed his fingers up and down Russells arm. The flight attendants kept smiling at them and one eventually deduced who they were. She came over and asked “could i take a picture of you two?” They told her she could and she took a quick photo. She didn’t realize she was pouring salt on a wound when she asked “so, that kiss. I can’t believe her” That was far from what Simon wanted to be talking about now. He just said “If she had been a man she would have gotten a bloody nose for that. Everybody knows I date Russell and love only him.”

“I know, I am an admin on a fan page for you two. The girls are going to go crazy when I can upload this. I’ll leave you two alone now. Thanks so much for the picture” She walked away and Simon looked down worriedly at Russell. “I’m fine Simon” Russell said, easily knowing what was wrong. “I’m so sorry”

“I know, lets get back to being happy. I don’t want to think about that kiss” When they landed Russell and Simon were stuck at the airport for a short time since the airline took a long time to unload the luggage. Every second was stressful for Simon as he worried about them losing Russells ring. To his relief their bags eventually came out and they could leave. Russell hailed a cab and told the man driving where to go. When they arrived at the lodge check in was fast and smooth since they were arriving in the evening time. Russell went ahead and asked them to make an announcement that they would be willing to take pictures and sign autographs at eleven am tomorrow. The clerks told them they would have the maids slide notes under all the vacationers doors.

With that done and room keys in hand they went up to their room. Their room was large and gorgeous. It was a simple setting but it was still relaxing and beautiful. The two men set their bags down, Russell dropping his with a groan. “what is it?” Simon asked. “My back and shoulders really hurt”

“Let me massage you. Lay down on the bed”

Chapter Three

Russell pulled his shirt off and flopped down on the bed, grabbing the pillow and resting his head on it. Simon sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his hands over Russell’s back, loosening cramped muscles so Russell gave a sigh of relief. Simon leaned in and kissed his shoulder. “Feel better?” He whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, much better.” Simon kissed from one shoulder and over to the other then down Russell’s spine, giving him goosebumps. “Mmm Simon.”

“Too tired?”

“No, feels good.”

Simon smiled and pulled the rest of Russell’s clothes off, letting his hands and lips wander over his skin. He pulled Russell up onto his knees, tangling his fingers in his hair and pulling his head back to kiss him while he let his other hand slide down Russell’s chest to grip his already hard shaft. Russell’s loud moans excited Simon as he stroked him, his pace slow and teasing. “Simon, I’m…”

“Not yet.”

Russell groaned and turned around, pulling at his clothes and making Simon chuckle at his impatiences. He pushed Simon down on the bed who grinned up at him. “You shouldn’t look so smug.” He kissed down Simon’s chest and over his abdomen.

“Then wipe this look off my face.” Russell took Simon’s erection into his mouth, making the air whoosh out of his lungs. His hips gave an involuntary thrust and he moaned loudly, his fingers gripping Russell’s hair so he could pull him up. He rolled him beneath him then crawled to the edge of the bed and dug in Russel’s bag for the lube he had brought. He rubbed the lube on himself then pulled Russell into his lap and pushed slowly into him, making him whimper out his pleasure
The two men came together, Russells spurt getting all over them. Simon lifted Russell off of his shaft then grabbed a hand towel to wipe up what little was on the bed. When that was done they both hopped in the shower to clean off before they rested. They took a quick shower since the flight and love making had made them both exhausted. The two men intertwined in the bed and soundly fell asleep. The next morning they readied themselves then ordered room service for breakfast. When their plates were clean Simon pulled underwear and jeans on before setting their plates outside the door.

When Simon came back in he noticed Russell looked upset again and his heart sank “Russel? You ok”

“I’m just worried….” Simon frowned “You dont have to be. All I want is you” Russell jsut stared at Simon for a brief time, his eyes showing his worry and sadness at the thought of Simon checking out their fans. It wounded Simon deeply but he knew he deserved Russells worry. They readied themselves for their fans then just cuddled in the room until the time came that they had promised to them.

Simon and Russell were honestly a little surprised at how many people were waiting on them. A huge group accumulated so they knew this was going to take awhile. Russell kept glancing over at Simon while they signed autographs, finding relief when he wasn’t looking down shirts or staring at rear ends as the men and women walked away.
There was one woman who had purposely put on a low cut top so when she handed Simon her autograph book she bent over to make sure he saw. Russell felt angry and opened his mouth to say something when Simon said, “Don’t do that, it’s not attractive in any way.” He handed the woman her autograph book, his face absolutely serious.

“Excuse me?” She said.

“You heard me, acting like a slut to get my attention is only pissing me off. Maybe you should pick your dignity up off the floor and put it back on.” He reached over and grabbed Russell’s hand. “This is the only person I want so stop trying to get my attention.” She got an embarrassed look on her face and walked away. Simon turned back to the rest of their fans. “Anyone else?” They all shook their heads and got their autographs. Simon even answered a few questions and took photos with those who wanted one. There was one teenage girl who was interested in learning the violin so he gave her as much information as he could. When everyone had what they wanted Simon and Russell told them bye and asked them to please respect their privacy.
“we should eat somthing before we go have fun” Simon said as he took Russells hand. Russell pulled him down for a kiss and smiled as they pulled apart “I love you.” Simon gently caressed Russells cheek “i told you I can be better. No more admiring anybody but my amazing, handsome boyfriend” Russell couldn’t resist hugging Simon before saying “I heard La Marmotte is amazing. You normally have to make a reservation but I’m sure we can get by that”

“then lets go” They walked to the front desk and asked them to call a cab service for them. When the cab arrived they walked out and told the man where they wanted to go. Simon was surprised when they walked up to the establishment since on the outside it didn’t look fancy in the slightest. It was a classic case of not judging a book by its cover because once they were inside it was gorgeous. As Russell had guessed they were seated without a reservation and given menus. They glanced over the menu until the waitor asked them what they wanted.

They ordered beef tartar as their appetizer then Russell ordered Tender Braised Beef Short Ribs with a side of parmesan and mushroom mashed potatoes. Simon ordered Slow Baked Wild Striped Sea Bass with the same side as Russell. Menus in hand and order written down the waitor left them. Russell laid his hand, palm up on the table. Simon took it with a smile, glad his reprimand of the girl had made Russell so pleased with him.

Their orders took a long time to come out but the wait was worth it when they took their first bites. They ate slowly, savoring the flavors in their mouths. Simon thought of the ring in his pocket, wondering if this was the place to propose. He hadn’t popped the question by the time their check came so Simon decided against it.
“So what now?” Simon asked as he got the number for the cab service from their waiter.

“Horseback riding?”

“Since you’ve never been horseback riding, I think it would be safe if you rode with me.”

He smiled. “Okay.” Simon called for a cab and he and Russell waited patiently outside. When their cab arrived they climbed in and told the driver where they wanted to go. The driver immediately recognized them and got them to their destination as quickly as possible. When they tried to pay him he asked them for an autograph for his son instead which they willingly gave along with their fare. They wouldn’t let him give the money back and Russell smiled as they exited the car.

“He was nice.” Russell said.

“Very nice.”

“How come you never smile for anyone but me and Peyton?” Simon shrugged as they made their way to where they could rent a horse for a couple of hours. “That’s it, just shrug and move on?” He teased.

“I don’t know really, I mean it’s not like I don’t like the others or anything. I love you and that makes me want too smile and Peyton she just has this way with people. I can’t help but smile at her. She’s our adorable little sister and you can’t stay serious around the adorable little sister.”
Russell chuckled and squeezed his boyfriends hand. They rented a beautiful, pure black horse. Russell didn’t need help getting up but Simon helped anyway. When Russell was on Simon got up behind him and pulled Russell into him. The man told them about the paths and gave them a small map just incase they got lost somehow. He also explained that when they were hungry or thirsty chances were good the horse was too. He also explained the signs of the horse getting tired but assured them she should be fine since this was her first ride of the day. Their more colorful horses were rented much more often than the horse they called Tifa. Simon already knew everything the man had told him about horses but he listened anyway, knowing the man most likely had to tell them.

When the horse actually began walking Simon felt Russell tense. He smiled then kissed Russells head “Trust me” he whispered lovingly. “I do, this is amazing. I can’t help but be a little nervous though”

“I know” They were alone the whole ride aside from a group of eight people on six horses passed them by to return to the rental barn. At this point Russell was completely comfortable on Tifa and was leaning back into Simon. Proposing came into Simons mind again. Everything was so beautiful out here. He could wait until they passed another stunning area and propose out here. His heartbeat sped at the thought. Russell had seemed to forgive him and was truly content since he told that woman to back off so maybe he would say yes to a lifetime together.

Russell sat up straight when the path opened up into this wide open, gorgeous field with mountains in the distance. “wow” Russel said and Simon stopped the horse, not even really sure he could ask. “what’re we doing?”

“Lets give the horse a break for a second”

“what if she runs off?”

“she wont, shes a good horse.” Tifa just took to eating the grass while Simon stared at Russell, trying to figure out what to say. Russell ended up giving Simon a peculiar look “what?” Simon took a deep, nervous breath in and out before fishing the ring box from his pocket. A look of confusion then shock rose in Russells face as Simon got down on one knee. He opened the box and said “I know I don’t deserve you with how much I somtimes gawk. I’m sorry for that, truly, deeply sorry and it will never happen again. I have been ridiculously, head over heels in love with you since the day you first smiled at me. You have the worlds most debonair smile Russell.”

Russell was beginning to cry so Simon reached up and wiped some tears away with his free hand before continuing “It’s not even just that smile. Falling in love isn’t just one moment but a million moments. Every day you do somthing that reminds my heart what you mean to it. Your kisses, hugs, the way you talk. I love you and I want to have every bit of you until the day I die. Will you marry me Russell?”
“I really want too beat you up right now for making me cry.” He wiped at his face. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

Simon’s hands shook as he slipped the ring on Russell’s finger and came to his feet, wrapping him in a tight hug. “Thank you.” He felt himself choke up and held him tighter.

“Simon you’re suffocating me.” Russell said and Simon let out a small laugh as he wiped at the tears falling down his own face.

“Sorry, I love you so much.”

“And I love you. How long have you been waiting too ask me that?”

“Too long and it’s been making me really nervous, scared even. I was so afraid of you saying no.”

Russell gave him a confused look. “Why would you ever think I’d say no?”

“Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you want to get married. It would have broken my heart if you had said no so I just kept putting it off and kept putting off and then I made you mad and that made me even more terrified.”

Russell pulled him down and kissed him, making him smile happily against his lips. “I promise too always be with you, I’ll never ever leave. I’m sorry I got so angry, but I really thought you were getting tired of me. I never would have thought your wandering eyes stemmed from nervousness or fear.”

“Don’t you dare apologize, I deserved it for being such an ass.”
They hugged again then sat down to let the horse finish feeding on the grass. When she seemed to have no more interest in eating they mounted her again and rode back to the rental barn. They paid for the amount of time they had her then hailed a cab to take them back to the lodge. The autograph signing and picture taking had taken a big portion out of their first day so it was already becoming dark out. “want to just order room service tonight instead of going out?” Simon asked hopefully. Russell smiled ‘sounds perfect.” Once in their room Simon lifted Russell up and sat him in his legs. Next Simon grabbed the room phone and called room service, ordering them both cheeseburgers.

Once the phone was back on the receiver, Simon wrapped his arms tightly around Russell. “when do you want to tell everybody? We should call our bandmates before somebody sees that ring and posts pictures to the internet”

“Lets call them tomorrow morning after breakfast. I just want to bask in the happiness of us being engaged right now” Simon held tighter, having to force back tears again. They didn’t stop holding eachother until they had to open up for room service. After eating they spent the rest of the evening cuddling. As planned they each got on their phones to call their friends before sombody with a cellphone or digital camera ended up telling them.

Everyone was excited but nobody beat Peytons enthusiasm for them. They did one activity that was available per day so they could just enjoy everything. Their manager had insisted they not rush back. it was nice for them not to always have to be running and performing. They did however really miss everybody by the time they returned home. Peyton, Ty, Kirk, Cassandra, & Chris were all waiting at the airport when their plane touched down. They had all put together a party to celebrate the couples engagement so more of their friends and family were waiting at Chris’s house for them.

At the celebration Simon loved how proud Russell was of his ring. He was making sure everybody saw it as he talked about their trip. Ty and Peyton were just glad Simon had finally asked. They were beginning to worry he would never summon up the courage it took. When the party ended the band had a sleep over at Chris’s which made it so nobody truly slept atall that night. There was too much to talk about and be excited over.

The next morning everyone went to waffle house for breakfast then went to their own homes. Chris told everybody they could have a few more days off so Simon and Russell could get out of vacation mode and then he would start booking them and working on recordings again. Simon and Russell cherished those few extra days just to be with eachother. Simon swore to himself he would never let his wandering eye come between them again. He loved Russell too much to lose him over somthing so stupid. He hadn’t even been struggling with it since the day Russell said yes to marriage. Everything was perfect and they both hoped it was going to stay this way.

~ The End ~

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