Siobahn & Jason 2

Chapter One

“No Siobhan you can’t come with me, you’re two months pregnant.” Jason said as he began packing.

“You either let me go or I’ll catch the next flight and follow you. You know I will.” Siobhan wasn’t taking no for an answer.

They had been married for a little over a year and Jason found it to be at times, a little frustrating. He loved Siobhan with all his heart, but she was incredibly stubborn. He looked down into those beautiful blue eyes and just melted. He sighed. “Fine, get packing and I’ll get you a ticket.” He kissed her softly.

Siobhan pulled her duffle bag out of the closet and started throwing things in. She knew why Jason didn’t want her on this case in Norway. The group they were after had been kidnapping pregnant women. For whatever purpose neither of them knew since no dead bodies had shown up. She guessed the victims were still alive somewhere. It was winter and it would be freezing in Norway. She hoped they were somewhere warm. She zipped up her bag and smiled at her husband. He looked so nervous. His green eyes jumped or her face and he managed a half smile.

“I promise not to wander off if I can help it.” She said.

“Please don’t” He hugged her then they made their way to the airport. Jason just kept looking more and more nervous. “Calm down. I’ll be good.”

“I’m not sure you even know the definition of being good Siobahn.” She laughed. “I do and I will be. Don’t stress.” They pulled up to the airport and boarded their plane. He held her hand as they flew. He sat there hoping she wouldn’t be so reckless once the baby was here. Once they landed they had to find their hotel. Luckily they found it with no problem and checked in for the evening.

Siobhan was so excited to be in the place where half of her ancestors had come from. Jason had reserved a room at the Union Hotel in Gelranger. Though it was snowy outside, the view was still breathtaking. She felt a pang of sadness that they were here for business. Another beautiful place and she was forced to work. Plus she had promised she would be good and not go exploring. She sighed and sat down on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked and sat down next to her.

“Everytime you take me somewhere beautiful I have to be good and work. It’s not fair.” She knew it was just hormones, but she was close to tears.

“I wish you had stayed home, I hate that look. It breaks my heart.” He pulled Siobhan into his arms and kissed her blonde hair. He shouldn’t have told her where he was going. He knew how much heritage meant to her. She was very proud of where her family had come from. “We can stay here for a week after we catch whoever is kidnapping pregnant women. I want you to be able to see everything.” She kissed him excitedly, unable to contain her joy. She hoped they found the kidnappers and the victims soon.

He smiled as she kissed him. He was happiest when she was happy. “I need to do some more research on the kidnappings tonight ok?”

“Alright” She got up and stood at the window looking out as he grabbed his computer. As he researched online he kept glancing over at her. The way she was looking out the window made him sad. He wished he could take her out now but he honestly wanted her going around as little as possible with those psychos around. He stopped before he was really done because he couldn’t take it any longer. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t stepped away from it once. Jason came up behind her and wrapped her in his arms. “Get away from that window and lets get some rest ok? I have a few good ideas for people to question tomorrow.”

“Alright.” She said and gave the river one more longing look before turning away. They undressed and showered. They crawled into bed and Jason pulled her into his arms. Part of him was happy she was with him. He missed the feel of her in his arms, the small sighs and whispered words. He kissed the top of her head, listening to her soft breathing. That was his lullaby. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted off. The next morning he woke to the sound of her throwing up. He jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom, pulling her hair away from her face and rubbing her back.

“Why don’t you stay here and rest while I question some suspects?” He helped her to her feet.

“I’m fine really. Besides I could always use the I have morning sickness can I use your bathroom trick to have a look around while you talk to people.” She smiled then rinsed her mouth out in the sink. She brushed her teeth then rinsed again.

“Are you sure?”

“If I can’t make it downstairs without puking I’ll stay.”

She made it downstairs and out the door. She was glad because she really wanted to go with him. They went to a car rental so they wouldn’t have to walk everywhere in the cold. “There’s one man who was last seen with 3 of the kidnapped girls before they went missing. Yeah there’s way more than three but that’s still suspicious. So we’re going to talk to him first.” She nodded staring out the window as he drove. That same longing look he saw in the hotel.

“What would you like to do when this is over?” He said wishing she’d quit looking out the window like that and making him feel bad.

“Everything” she smiled looking over at him. “Everything?”

“Yep everything we can possibly do in the week we’ll have!”

They pulled up in front of a clinic. “The first suspect is a doctor?” Siobhan asked as they got out.

“An ob/gyn to be precise. Three of the girls came here. Could just be a coincidence, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.” He took her hand and smiled. They walked to the front desk together where a receptionist was talking on the phone. She help up a hand, asking them to wait.

She hung up and asked, “How may I help you?”

“We need to talk to Doctor Alfons Baldvin. It’s about the missing women.” Jason said politely.

“You must be Jason. We were told you were coming. Please have a seat and I’ll tell him.”

They sat down in the waiting area. Siobhan suddenly felt very exhausted. There were pictures of babies and thank you cards pinned to a cork board on the wall. It made her long to hold her own child. She rested her hand on her stomach. She couldn’t wait until she felt those first kicks .

“Are you okay?” Jason asked.

“Just impatient.” She smiled and rubbed her belly.

“I am too. It needs to just be nine months already.”

She giggled and kissed his cheek as a man with short brown hair and deep blue eyes came into the waiting room. They stood and smiled. He shook Jason’s hand first then hers. He paused for a moment and gave her a bright smile. “How far along?” He asked.

“Two months sir.” She answered, shocked.


“Thank you” Jason wasn’t comfortable with him talking to Siobahn since he was a suspect. Alfons asked them to come to his office so they could speak in private. He sat down “I see I’m a suspect then?”

“Yes and we need to ask you soem questions.”

“Why would it be odd a man in my profession would’ve been the last to see three victims since they were all pregnant? Why aren’t other OBGYNs a suspect?” Jason was slightly annoyed with his tone. It was calm but there was somthing about it that really got under his skin. “Well the other girls were last seen in their homes and other places. Why shouldn’t we suspect you when three women came to you and were never seen again?”

“I hear irratation, I’m going to answer everything regardless if I think this is ridiculous.” He looked at Siobahn. “You’re a beautiful woman. I bet your baby will be very attractice.” James slammed his hand on the mans desk “Hey, you and I are talking! Don’t speak to my wife unless she speaks to you first.” Siobahn could feel his tension and grabbed his arm rubbing up and down it to calm him.

“Hopefully it will not have this man’s temper. Yelling in front of such a beautiful woman with such a lovely disposition is uncalled for.” Siobhan really didn’t like this man and the way he purposely made Jason lose his temper, knowing he couldn’t touch the man. She tugged gently on Jason’s arm until he sat back down.

“Please Doctor Baldvin, can you tell us where you were the night the three girls went missing?” She asked.

“You are so polite. You may call me Alfons. I was here as usual, except for the third night. I had to deliver a baby. It took six hours. You can get my schedule from my receptionist and call the hospital.” He stood and they followed suit. “Now, if you don’t mind I have work to do.” He showed them out of his office and Siobhan gripped tightly to Jason’s hand in case he decided to go back and teach the good doctor a lesson. They stopped at the receptionist’s station and retrieved both the doctor’s schedule and the number for the hospital. When they exited the building she could tell Jason was still on edge.

“Lets go have some coffee, well coffee for you and tea for me.” She said with a lighthearted smile.

“I love you, you know that.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “You always make a bad situation better.”

They got in the car and found a coffee shop that looked nice. They ordered what they wanted and sat down. She was glad to see Jason a little more relaxed “I really don’t like that man. If he isn’t doing it himself he has somthing to do with it. I’m sorry I lost my temper Siobahn.”

“It’s ok, he did that on purpose.”

“I thought so too. I wonder why.”

“Who knows why people decide to be jerks.”

“I’ll call the hospital to confirm his story while we wait. It seems busy so it might take awhile. He walked outside and called the number on his cellphone. Siobahn sat there also thinking Alfons had somthing to do it. Somthing about him just seemed off. She hoped that he was lieing and the hospital would say he wasn’t there. Their drinks came out just as he was getting off the phone and walking back inside. She smiled at James “Perfect timing.”

“The hospital said they had an issue with cameras the night our victim disappeared. He signed in and out, but they don’t know if he took a break or not. I’m sure he had something to do with it, it’s a gut feeling.” He sat down and took a sip of his coffee.

“Who else was on the list of suspects?” She asked.

“Husbands and family members, but I don’t think they had anything to do with it.”

“There’s no way you’re going to be able to talk to Alfons again. He doesn’t like you. I could…”

“No,” he interrupted, “absolutely not. I don’t like him even breathing the same air as you.”

“Jason, honey. You shouldn’t worry so much. I’ll invite him to lunch tomorrow. You can follow us to make sure everything goes well.” She grabbed his hand and smiled.

He sighed and lifted her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles. “Fine, okay. We should still go and question the husbands just in case.”

Chapter Two

They finished their drinks and got back in the car. They talked to one husband after another. Most had good alibis and even the ones who didn’t just seemed like grieving husbands. They didn’t suspect a single one of them. They only had two husbands left to speak with. One wasn’t home so they went on deciding they’d come back tomorrow if they needed to. The last one asked them to come in and sit down. “One thing I never thought was important before so i didn’t tell the police is that my wife started getting really creeped out by her OBGYN. She was thinking about finding a new one.”

“Did she say why?”

“Not that i remember. She may have but I regretfully had the bad habbit of tuning her out. If only I could take it back. Maybe I would’ve known somthing if I would’ve listened to her. I stopped appreciating her and now she’s gone. Are you two married?”

“Yes” Jason said

“Don’t you stop appreciating what you have. You don’t know how good you have it until the rug is pulled out from under you. I want her back so badly. I want to appoligize and be a better husband. be one now while you’ve got the chance.” Siobahn felt like crying. The man had tears in his eyes and looked really sad. She hoped the girls were alive so he’d get his second chance. They left after a few more questions. As soon as they got to the car Siobahn started crying. “What is it hunny?”

“I feel so bad for him. I hope his wifes ok.”

“I hope so too.” he stroked her hand to comfort her.

“Lets go back to the hotel and I’ll ask Alfons to lunch.” He deeply sighed. “I wish you didn’t have to go.”

“You’ll be there so everything will be ok. Have some confidence in yourself.”

“I know I’m good Siobahn but you aren’t worth gambling with. I’d rather you just be out of harms way all together which is why I didn’t want you to come. I will admit though a small part of me is glad you’re here. I hate being away from you.”

He drove back to their hotel and ran around to her side of the car, opening her door and holding out a hand to help her out. She smiled and took it. Once they were upstairs she called Alfons at his clinic. Jason paced nervously back and forth. He hated this, didn’t trust the doctor one bit. She smiled and he just about took the phone from her and threw it. She hung up and looked at him concerned.

“Do you plan on breaking something?” She asked.

“I feel like it. I hate that man.” He said and crossed his arms.

“Calm down, lets go take a walk along the river. It’s still light out.”

“Alright love.”

They dressed in warm clothes, Jason making sure she had her jacket and that it was buttoned. She giggled at him and he arched an eyebrow. They walked downstairs hand in hand and out into the snow. They crossed the street and walked along the river. It was the bluest water she had ever seen. The snow capped mountains were gorgeous. She wished she could scale one, stand at the top and feel the cool air blow through her hair. She wrapped her arms around one of his and rested her head on his shoulder. She loved it here.

“What are you thinking about?” Jason asked.

“How much I love this place.” She smiled up at him.

“We could move here if you want?”

She laughed. “You’re just saying that.”

“No, I mean it. If you want to stay here forever we will. I see how you light up when you look at this place. Our children would love it here.” He stopped and faced her.

“Children? Do you really want more?”

“As many as you want.” She threw her arms round his neck excitedly. He was so wonderful. She was so lucky to have him.

They stayed out until they both became hungry. “What do you feel like eating Siobahn?”

“I’m really in the mood for anything so you choose.”

“Well lets drive around and when we come up on something that catches your eye we will stop.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” She smiled and he smiled back. They drove until she saw this little restaurant on the corner of a street not far from their hotel. They both really enjoyed their meal and Siobahn decided this was where she’d take Alfons the next day to give her an excuse to come back. She was really tired when they got back to the hotel. She undressed and went straight for the bed. James sat down beside her running his hand through her hair.

She was almost asleep when he got up and got undressed himself. He pulled the covers over them both and held her in his arms. He couldn’t stop thinking about lunch tomorrow. He regretted not being more friendly to Alfons. Maybe he would’ve liked him if he had been nicer. He then decided that was crazy. From what he could tell Alfons didn’t like him from the moment he walked in the door. It wasn’t his fault and now all he could do was make sure his wife was safe tomorrow.

Siobhan woke feeling sick. She asked Jason if he could get her some crackers. He dressed quickly and was out the door. She loved how attentive he was. Sometimes she felt bad because he would drop work just to do something for her. She stayed curled up in bed, hoping she wouldn’t throw up. She hated throwing up. She sang the baby her favorite Gaelic lullaby.

When Jason came back he could hear her voice coming from the bedroom. She was singing in Gaelic. He leaned against the bedroom door frame and just listened. Her voice brought him peace, calmed his nerves. She noticed him standing there and smiled. He held up a box of crackers.

“You are a lifesaver.” She said as he handed her the box. “Could you get me some water please?”

“Of course.” He filled a glass and brought it back, sitting next to her while she nibbled on a cracker. “How re you feeling?”

“A lot better, thank you.” She took the water and sipped it. “This baby really likes waking me up with nausea. Hopefully it goes away soon.”

“I hope so too. I know how much you dislike throwing up. I hope you still want more babies after dealing with this.”

“Oh of course I will. It’ll be worth it. Especially because you make it so much easier. Thanks for being so good to me.” He smiled at her and it sent her heart racing. Her stomach settled finally and she started getting dressed. “What’re we going to do to pass the time until lunch.” she said as she crawled into Jasons lap. “I don’t know. It took me forever to get to sleep last night. Please be careful.”

“I doubt he’ll do anything in a resturaunt.”

“You’re right but still.” He kissed her. “You’re my world Siobahn. You have been since the day I met you and I can’t let anything happen to you.” They went over some questions she should ask and what their plan was and what she should do if he wanted to get her alone until it was only an hour until their lunch date. Siobahn finished getting ready and so did James. She stepped outside to wait on Alfons while James watched. As soon as he had Siobahn in the car he was going to get into his and follow them.

Siobhan smiled as Alfons pulled up in his car. He got out and opened the passenger door for her. For some reason that creeped her out. Jason did it all the time, but when Alfons did it she wanted to run. She forced herself to get in his car and took a deep calming breath as he went around to the driver side. “So where would you like to go?” He asked as he climbed in and buckled up.

“There’s a nice place down the street. They have delicious sandwiches.” She smiled. He looked slightly annoyed, but he drove to the diner anyway. He opened the door for her and she stepped out of the car. He opened the diner door and placed a hand on her lower back. She froze for a moment then walked quickly inside. She told herself she was going to take a hot shower when she got back to the hotel. She sat down and he sat across form her. “I’m so glad you accepted my offer to buy you lunch. I know taking care of pregnant women all day can be hard.” She said.

“How could I deny such a beautiful woman. I am surprised your husband did not accompany you.” The waitress came by and they ordered.

“He has to question spouses. Anyway, it must be scary losing three patients.”

“Of course, those poor women and their families.” He didn’t look like he meant it.

Jason sat outside. He was very aggitated because he saw Alfonso touch his wife. All he could think was “how dare he put his nasty hands on her.” Even though her and her husband talked about it last night she was having trouble thinking about how to ask him questions without him feeling like it was an interogation when Alfons said “You are too pretty to look so serious.” She did her best to give him a smile. “That is better. As soon as I saw you walking in with your husband I could tell you and that baby were too good for him. Why are you with him?”

“He’s a very amazing man. Even saved my life once. I feel it’s me who doesn’t deserve him.” She said trying to hold back her anger at his statement. “I didn’t mean to upset you sweetheart. Most women like when I flatter them. Can i take you somwhere I know you’ll love after this?”

“I’m not really sure if that’s a smart idea.” Jason told her not to go anywhere with him but she knew he was close. Maybe he’d lead them straight to the girls. “Oh please let me. I’ll do my best to quit flirting with you. It will prove trying but I will manage. It’ll be worth my eyes getting the treat of looking at you longer.”

He made her skin crawl. She took a sip of water and cleared her throat. “Uh sure I guess.” She said. They finished their lunch and got in his car. She didn’t like having him so close. She cracked her window for some fresh air. He drove them to a nature park. He got out and opened her door. She had such a strange feeling. “Why are we here?” She asked nervously.

“There is a cliff that overlooks the river. The view is the most beautiful thing in the world.” He said with a very shark like smile. He led her up a trail into the snowy wood.

Jason almost got out of the car and screamed at her not to go. He had explicitly told her not to go anywhere where he could get her alone. They disappeared into the woods and he slipped quietly out of his car. He knew he couldn’t get too close or Alfons might notice him.

Siobhan followed close behind Alfons, her heart beating quickly. He was talking about the plants and animals that were part of the environment. She smiled and nodded when he looked at her. She hated how interested in her he was. She had been flirted with plenty, but this was different. There was an obsessive look in his eyes. They came to the cliff and he asked if she would like to look over. There was a guardrail so she wasn’t too worried. It was a beautiful sight, one she was glad to see and it would have been better is Jason were there instead of this creep. She felt a sharp pain in her neck and she spun around to see Alfons standing there with a syringe and a devilish look on his face. She felt suddenly drowsy, her legs giving out so she fell into him. Her vision went black as he lifted her and carried her away.

Jason started running as he saw Alfons running with his wife. He pulled out his gun but couldn’t shoot at him. He couldn’t risk hitting Siobahn. Alfons quickly put her in his car and sped off. Jason wasn’t too far behind and raced after him. They drove fast through traffic ignoring many driving rules. Jason wasn’t going to lose him. When suddenly an eighteen wheel truck drives through an intersection. Alfons got through right before it passed. When Jason could see the road ahead again Alfons car was out of sight.

He called the police station and explained everything. They sent a cop to his clinic incase he foolishly returned there and sent the rest out to search for him. Jason went home to look into what property the man owned so they’d have a better idea of where to find Alfons and Siobahn. As Jason searched his mind was going crazy. The only time he had ever been this upset was when Siobahn was in the hospital. He just had to find her before she got seriously hurt.

Siobhan woke to being carried into a dingy, dimly lit room. She was laid on a mattress and left there. The sound of a door opening and closing hurt her head. She tried to get up, but someone pushed her back down. “You have to give it time to wear off.” A female voice said. She managed to focus on the woman’s face. Long blonde hair, dark eyes, high cheek bones. She was from around here. She was also pregnant. She looked around the room and saw four other women, all in different stages of pregnancy.

“Are you all the missing women we’ve been looking for?” She asked as she lay back down.

“You know of us? Aren’t you American?” Another woman asked as she moved closer to the mattress.

“Yes, pretty much. What are you doing in this place?”

“The doctor took us. He wants to use our babies as lab rats to make the perfect race. He’s like Hitler with a pretty face. He took my husband. He says he’ll kill him if I don’t cooperate. He told the others the same thing. That he would take their husbands too.” The first woman said.

“Jason’s going to kill him or at least beat him to a bloody pulp. Where is this place?”

“We don’t know, we were all sedated.”

Siobhan reached into her pocket. Her cell phone was still there. The idiot had forgot. She sent a text to Jason, describing where they were. She shoved it back in her pocket and hoped he could find them soon.

Chapter Three

Jason heard his phone go off and checked it thinking it was the police with something. He saw his wifes name and quickly looked at the text.  He was happy Alfons hadn’t taken it off her. He wanted to text her back an I love you but didn’t want him to hear and take it away. He told the police and they quickly got a warrant it only took them 30minuets after requesting it to get everything cleared. Jason didn’t want to wait on the warrant but wanted that prick in jail.

The FBI soon got her phone traced by the last tower it hit. Jason, the cops and the FBI all drove to the location. Jason was on edge. He hoped she wasn’t hurt. The place she was at was a little over an hour away. He didn’t know if his heart could take the drive. He couldn’t believe she did this. After he pounded into her head not to go anywhere with him. He already knew once he had her that he probably wouldn’t have it in him to fuss at her.

Siobhan stood up and walked over to look out the barred hole in the front of the door. She couldn’t see anyone. All the windows in the house were covered, giving her no view of the outside world. She heard what she thought were sirens, but she wasn’t sure. She called one of the other women over and had her listen. “Is it just my drugged up brain or are those sirens?” She asked.

“Those are most definitely sirens.” The woman said joyously. Alfons’s face was suddenly in front of hers. He pulled her out then slammed the door and locked it. He dragged her to the back door and she started screaming and fighting. There was no way this man was taking her without losing an eye.

“Come on you stupid little bitch. You dumb little tease.” He slapped her across the face and she swung at him. No one hit her. She connected with his nose and he let her go. She started running, screaming for Jason. She was jerked back by her braid and she fell in the snow. He pulled her up and pressed and gun to her head. “I will kill you and your child, now do as you’re told.” He forced her into the woods behind the house. She drug her feet, leaving a trail for Jason in the snow.

They got their guns drawn. Jason ran inside even though the FBI told him not to. He just had to get to her. He found the other girls cowering in the place he was keeping them. He didn’t see his wife. He asked “where’s the girl he just brought here?”

“He got angry and he drug her out. All we heard was screaming and fighting. We don’t know where he has taken her.” The police started guiding the girls out and Jason ran outside. He noticed the drag marks and followed them. He was glad his wife was so smart. He ran as fast as he could. He was glad Alfons went into the woods. He could beat the shit out of him without the cops seeing and he could say it was necessary with no witnesses. To him it was needed. He would pay for taking Siobahn.

“I’m not walking another foot.” Siobhan screamed and sat down in the snow.

“Get up now.” Alfons commanded and pressed the gun to her forehead.

“Go ahead and do it. You won’t get away no matter what.” He hit her in the face with the barrel of the gun, splitting her lip. She spit blood onto the snow and glared up at him. “I’m not afraid of you doctor.”

Jason caught up with them and aimed his gun at Alfons. “Let her go.” He yelled angrily.

“Oh look your pig of a husband is here to rescue you. Don’t come any closer or I’ll paint the snow with her brains.” He said.

“I’ll kill you before you get the chance.”

Siobhan looked between the two of them. They were entirely focused on each other. She lifted her foot and kicked Alfons in the knee as hard as she could he cried out and went to hit her again. A shot rang out, the bullet clipping him in the shoulder so he fell. She jerked the gun out of his hand and stood. She kicked him in the ribs and spit on him. “You’re lucky I don’t blow your brains out with your own gun you monster.” Jason pulled her into his arms as the officers and FBI agents came running up to them. She handed them Alfons’s gun and Jason lifted her, carrying her through the snow. “Did the find that woman’s husband?” She asked.

“Yes, he’s alive. Lets get you to the ambulance and let them treat that cut.” He was happy to have her back and very angry. He didn’t know what else to say without snapping at her and he would hate himself if he lost his temper with her.

After she was taken care of and both of their statements were givin they drove back to the hotel. Jason was still calming down so he didn’t say anything. Siobahn could tell he was angry and guessed why. She wanted to say somthing but didn’t want him to yell. When they pulled up to the hotel he let her out and they went up to their room. “I’m going to shower ok? You don’t have to come I can see you’re angry at me.” She said in a sad tone. He hugged her “I just don’t know why you left with him. We talked about everything before the lunch. I was so scared. You promised you’d be good if I brought you along.”

“I’m sorry” she said tearing up. “Don’t cry.” The stress of everything and him being upset was too much and she started crying hard. He held her giving her random kisses on the cheek and head. He started undressing her and then himself. He walked into the bathroom and got the water comfortable. He then carried her into the water and set her down trying to smile even though he now felt bad because she was crying. He held her under the warm water and it soothed her.

“I’m sorry I scared you, but I’m not sorry I went. I did the right thing.” She said,  her head resting on his chest.

“I know you did. It’s still hard to get over your courageous nature. First you were stabbed and then that bastard Alfons hit you. I saw that gun in your face and I nearly had a heart attack. I know I looked calm, but I was shaking.” She tipped her head back and kissed her. “I hate admit it, but without you we might not have found those women or the victim’s husband. He had been severely beaten.”

“Will he be okay?”

“Yes, he’ll recover with a few scars to remind him of his bravery.”

LShe rested her head back on his chest. She loved being close to him and didn’t want to get out of the shower. She must have started to drift off because Jason gave her a slight shake. “Sorry, being a hostage is exhausting.” She smiled up at him. They got out and he dried them both then carried her to bed, laying her down gently. He lay next to her and pulled her close, relieved she was alive and well. That their baby was okay. “Can we really move here?” She asked sleepily.

“If you want too. I just want your happiness.” He said softly.

“You always make me happy. We definitely have to move here. It’s so beautiful.” He brushed a kiss on the top of her head. “I love you so much Jason.”

“I love you too Siobhan, forever and ever.”


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