Siobahn & Jason 3

Chapter One

August in Norway was gorgeous. Siobhan sat on the edge of the dock behind their house, her toes dangling in the water. She lay back, the hard wood pressing into her back as she absorbed the warm sun. She rested a hand on her large, rounded stomach. She was a week from her due date and exhausted. She closed her eyes, breathing in the fresh air and delighting in their daughter’s kicks. She had been on her best behavior since being kidnapped. She tried her best not to worry Jason who seemed to be always hovering close by. She heard footsteps on the dock and sat up, turning to see him walking toward her as if thinking about him had somehow conjured him out of thin air. She held put her hands and he pulled her to her feet.

“Hey beautiful.” He said and kissed her softly.

“Hey yourself.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Jason sometimes couldn’t breathe because she was so beautiful. He found himself holding his breath for a moment, his heart stuttering in his chest. Emotion flooded in, making him feel love and lust all at once. She was the best thing in his life with her hot temper and her love for life. He worried about her every day, wanting to keep her close. He had turned down many jobs because he was afraid to be away from her for too long. He knew he must be suffocating her and he sometimes hated his overprotective nature. “How are my two girls?” He asked as they walked hand in hand back to the house.

“Doing well. I’m tired and she’s jabbing me in the ribs.” She smiled.

Across the lake, lurking in the shadows was a man and his dog. He watched them with binoculars. He had revenge on his mind. They were the reason his closest friend Alfons was in prison for life. While everyone they knew had agreed Alfons had deserved what he got, Varrick had felt outraged on his behalf. He had found the woman named Siobhan and plotted to take her from her ever present husband.

When they got inside Siobahn smelled that he had made lunch. “You’re so wonderful Jason.” Jason smiled “After lunch you should take a nap ok?”

“I will” When they were done she headed to their room like she said she would and layed down for a nap. Jason sat with her until she was asleep then got up to clean. Jason was taking care of everything around the house at this point. He cleaned while she slept because if she was awake it was hard to force her not to help. ¬†Especially because it was painful for him to make her angry but he didn’t want her going into labor from doing too much.

Jason was really excited about the baby coming. He couldn’t wait to be a dad. Their little girls room was filled with toys and books. He’d often daydream about life when she was able to play outside with him and Siobahn. He felt like he was living a fairytale. When he was done cleaning he went to check on his wife who was still sleeping. He kissed her head and then went to sit in their little girls room.

This was where he would read her stories until she fell asleep. He was looking forward to that. He hoped his daughter had Siobhan’s courage and her ability to light up even the darkest of places. He knew their child would be beautiful and that scared him. The idea of boys following her home was unnerving. Siobhan had smiled and told him he would be good and not cause any young man to go into cardiac arrest. Although he had promised to be nice he knew that at some point he would break that promise. He rocked back and forth in the rocking chair he had had made for Siobhan for feeding and rocking their daughter to sleep in. Her eyes had lit up with such joy when she had seen it.

Siobhan was suddenly snapped awake and she didn’t know why. She sat up, feeling a bit confused. She looked around her room, the familiar space giving her no comfort. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood, rubbing her arms as a chill rushed through her. She had no psychic ability nor did she believe in them, but she suddenly had a sense of foreboding like her mother’s intuition had kicked in and was telling her something was going to happen soon and if she wasn’t careful she would lose someone close to her. She rested a hand on her belly and her daughter kicked. She went downstairs, searching for Jason as her anxiety increased. She finally found him sitting in their child’s room. He smiled as she entered the room, but it soon vanished when he saw her look of distress.

“Are you alright?” He asked and stood, pulling her into his arms.

“I feel scared, like something bad is going to happen.” She said and clung tightly to him.

“It’s okay. You’re just feeling a bit of anxiety over the baby. It’s normal, you know that.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I understand.”

“Can we go on a walk around the lake please? I need to clear my head.”

“Of course we can.” He held her hand and they walked outside. It felt perfect outside but Siobahn didn’t notice. She couldn’t shake her feeling. Jason kissed her “please calm down sweetheart.”

“I’m trying” she said forcing a smile. Varrick noticed them come back out and began watching again. It really frustrated him that Jason never left her alone. He was beginning to think he’d have to take her directly from him. It would be hard and risky but Jason wasn’t giving him a choice. Varrick wasn’t a patient man and he needed to make Siobahn pay.

Jason stopped and then held Siobhan again. “You feeling any better?”

“slightly. I really am trying to calm down.”

“I know, what else can I do to help?”

“Nothing, just love me.”

“I do that more and more”¬†Siobahn actually smiled that time. Jasons cellphone started ringing inside the house. “You should get it Jason.”

“It’s fine, they’ll leave a voicemail if it’s important.”

“Jason, I’ll just sit here. See who it is then come back out.”

“Why don’t you come with me?” Varrick was sitting there praying she wouldn’t so he’d have a chance to get Siobahn without fighting her husband. Siobahn pulled Jason into a kiss. Varrick almost had to look away he was so disgusted. He hated Siobahn so much that he hated seeing Jason make her happy. He couldn’t wait to rip that smile off her face.

“Just go.” She smiled up at him.

“Damn you woman.” He smiled back and kissed her once more before hurrying back into the house. She continued her walk along the lake. There was a nice trail that looped it. She loved it here and walked barefoot through the grass. She planned on having many picnics out here in the summer under the shade of the trees. She was so captivated by the never ending beauty of her home that she didn’t notice she had drifted out of sight of the house.

She stopped and leaned against a tree for a moment to catch her breath and a man approached her. She didn’t recognize him and the look in his bright green eyes was disturbing. “Can I help you?” She asked and started to back pedal the way she had come. He didn’t say anything he just kept getting closer. A large furry dog followed him that she guessed was a husky. “Do I know you?”

“No, but I know you.” He said in a deep voice that made her think that this is what Zeus must sound like. The look in his eyes became clear. It was psychotic murderous intent. She turned to run and he grabbed her around the waist. She screamed and started kicking and biting. She tore at his clothes, pulling a piece loose and letting it fall to the ground. She felt him press a cloth to her nose and mouth and she became dizzy. She worried about the baby and what effects the chemical might have on her. Her vision clouded then darkened, her body went limp.

Jason finished his phone call then went outside. He didn’t see Siobahn. He figured she must have gotten carried away and wandered off. He was still worried so jogged looking for her. He got increasingly worried until he was in full panic. “Siobahn!” He noticed a ripped piece of clothing on the ground and his heart sank. He called the police and they wouldn’t let him report her missing for twenty four hours.

Jason was pissed off. Not only at them but at himself. She felt like something was going to happen and he discounted it. He didn’t pay attention and now his Siobahn was gone. A strange smell still hung in the hair. He stood there until he realized what the smell was. He knew without a doubt now sombody had taken her but he knew that the police still wouldn’t file the report until twenty four hours had passed.

Jason started looking for shoes prints in the ground. Siobahn may have been taking a break but since she planned to return to work she still had lots of investigative supplies. He knew for a fact she had stuff to lift a shoe print if he found one that wasn’t his or Siobahns. He looked trying to keep calm. He knew if he let himself freak out he may miss something. He finally noticed an odd shoe print in the dirt and darted towards the house to find Siobahns work stuff.

Siobhan woke up in the bed of a truck. Her wrists were bound behind her and her ankles tied together. A large grey tarp covered the back of the truck so she couldn’t set up and let it be known she was back there. Her head swam and she felt like throwing up. The baby kicked, making her stomach feel even worse, but at least she knew her child was okay. She wondered who the man was and why he wanted her. She would make it a point to ask him when they stopped. She felt the truck turn onto what she guessed was a gravel road. He hit a bump and she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She threw up. She was sure they started to go up in elevation when her ears felt suddenly stuffed up and then popped. The truck pulled to a stop and switched off. She heard the driver side door open then close and the tarp was pulled back. The man glared down at her and she did her best to glare back.

Jason mixed the casting powder and poured it into the boot print. He searched the area as he waited for it do dry. He found more prints, but they weren’t as distinct. There were also dog prints, a larger breed and long grayish fur. He collected the fur and made a cast of the dog print too. He dug out the boot print while the paw print was drying and looked it over. It was a size thirteen, obviously male. He collected the paw print next. He didn’t know the breed, but he knew a vet who could look over it and the fur. He slipped into work mode, unwilling to panic. He had to stay calm and collected. He had to distance himself emotionally or he would never find her. He knew it sounded cold, but if he didn’t do it she and their daughter who he had wanted to name Olina could die. He promised himself he would talk to her about the name after he found her. ¬†Olina Rosemary Carter, he knew she’d love it.

It wasn’t that late yet so he could possibly find a vet that was open. He went inside and got on the computer. He found a veterinary clinic that was 24/7. He wrote down the address and took the mold and hair he had put in a small bag to the car. He gently placed them both in the passenger seat then jumped in the drivers side. He was very tempted to run some red lights but he kept reminding himself that a cool head would bring his family home faster.

When he arrived at the clinic there were two other people sitting in the waiting room. He went up to the lady at a desk and said “I just need to consult with a Veterinarian please.”

“Ok sir just wait and she’ll see you after we see those two sitting there.”

“Thank you” he said as he went to sit down. He hated sitting there. He had to keep working to keep him calm. He was grateful when they called the man that was sitting in front of him back. After him they’d only have to see the old lady with her cat. “are you ok sir?”

“Yes mam.”

“Your face just looks so upset.”

“Thank you for your concern but I’m ok” he was glad somebody was talking to him. It helped a little. About twenty minuets later they called the old lady. He thanked god in his head. Hopefully her cat wasn’t too ill and wouldn’t take much time. His leg began to bounce with impatience. Jason about lept out of his chair when they called him about forty five minuets later.

The man lowered the tailgate of his truck and hauled her out. He dragged her across a leaf covered yard and into a house. He took her down into a basement and untied her. There was a table sitting in the middle of the floor with leather cuffs at the top and bottom. He forced her to lay down on it and he strapped her wrists above her head then strapped down her ankles. “What do you want with me?” She asked angrily.

“Alfons says hello Siobhan.” He answered with a twisted grin on his face.

“How do you know that psycho? Who are you?”

He slapped her hard and she yelped. “Watch what you say about him. You see I’m going to send him pictures of everything I do to you. I know he’ll love them.”

“What are you, butt buddies?” He slapped her again and she spit in his face. “Screw you, you piece of shit.”

“I’m going to have fun with you.”

Jason went into the vets office and she smiled at him. “So you need a consult?” She smiled at him sweetly, her brown eyes lighting up.

“Yes ma’am.” He sat down and handed her the cast and fur. She brushed her finger over the back of his hand and he pulled quickly away. “I found these outside my house and I wanted to know if you could identify them.”

“The paw is really hard because there are a lot of large breeds out there, but the fur looks like husky fur. You were probably thinking wolf, but this is definitely husky.”

“Thank you, yes I was thinking wolf. What a relief. My wife and I are expecting our first child soon and I didn’t want them around a lone wolf.” She looked disappointed at the thought of him being married. He was glad.

“No worries. If you see the dog just be sure to call animal control.”¬†He thanked her again, gathered the fur and print and left. He knew the kidnapper probably wouldn’t go far and of he loved close and owned a husky someone probably knew him.

He decided it was too late to be banging on peoples doors. People were more likely to cooperate if you visited their home at a decent time. He was glad he was already doing so well. When they’d let him open a case he would have stuff for them so they wouldn’t be searching blind. Around ten am tomorrow he would be going out to ask every neighbor about a man with a husky. He’d do that until he got a lead or he was able to make a report to the police.

Jason tried to think of what else he could do tonight but there really wasn’t anything. He decided he could look around the lake and where he found the piece of clothing one more time to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Jason knew the police would search tomorrow but they were just people who were capable of mistakes so he had to look himself. Jason walked slowly scanning every inch of ground with his flashlight. After he was sure he wouldn’t find anything else he walked inside of his house making a sandwich to eat before bed.

Jason wasn’t hungry but needed to make sure he had lots of energy tomorrow. He didn’t know how well he’d be able to force sleep but he was going to do it. A sleepy mind is slower than a well rested one and he wanted his wits about him to make sure he didn’t miss a thing. He finished his sandwhich then walked upstairs. Jason turned on a documentary to bore him to sleep. He grabbed his wifes pillow and held it close. Jason slowly enhaled the scent of his wife that was still lingering on the pillow. The combination of them both helped him slowly fall asleep.

Siobhan was thirsty, hungry and tired. She made herself stay awake. The deranged man had gone upstairs. She started shaking because she was cold. She heard him walking around upstairs, heard the click of his dog’s nails. The basement door opened and he came downstairs. He walked down the steps and leaned against the wall. She looked at him. His eyes looked glazed over. He walked over to her and she could smell the booze. She tried not to gag. “You’re far too beautiful you know that?” He said angrily.

“Just let me go.” She said and he slapped her. He grabbed her face, his fingers biting into her cheeks. He leaned in close and breathed in her scent.

“Damn you smell good.” He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He groped her and she bit him as hard as she could. He pulled back with a scream and punched her in the side. He hit her again and again until she was crying. She asked her daughter to forgive her. He tore at her clothes ripping them off and leaving her naked. “You can freeze tonight.” He said and threw her clothes on the floor. He went back upstairs and slammed the door. She cried harder than she had in her life. She cried until she was exhausted and fell asleep.

Jason woke as the sun filtered in though the bedroom window. He had hoped Siobhan being kidnapped would be a nightmare. He felt tears stinging his eyes and soon they had spilled over. This was his fault. He should have stayed with her. He cried into her pillow, his heart breaking. He took a deep breath, calming himself. He went into the bathroom and washed his face. He would question store owners about any customers with a husky.

Chapter Two

Jason hurried out the door forgetting to make himself eat breakfast. He still felt no hunger atall because he was so worried. Today was worse than yesterday. Jason wasn’t sure for how long he could keep a calm, level head. The first store he stopped at didn’t know anything and it was extremely disappointing to him. Jason went on to the next store and this person actually knew something.

“I’ve actually only ever seen one man around with a husky. Beautiful dog if you ask me.”

“What does the man look like?” Jason asked trying to hide his irritation. He didn’t care how beautiful the damn dog was he just wanted to know about the owner. “About average height, bright green eyes, I remember his voice being very deep, he has a decent amount of muscle. I hope that tells you enough sir because I can’t remember any thing else.”

“Thank you so much.” Jason went home to get on his computer. He’d search the felons database and only search for men who had huskys. With the description he could narrow the men down. Jason actually felt hopful. He’d probably get his wife back before he was even allowed to file a report. He was glad they were both in the line of work they were in because he wouldn’t have been able to do all this without the combination of their skills.

Siobhan’s eyes snapped open when she heard the basement door open. She watched the man descend with his dog close behind. He had a food and water bowl. He sat it on the floor then walked over to her. “I have too go to work so Radcliffe is going to watch you.” His face was inches from hers. “Be good.” He stared maliciously at her for moment then left. She could hear the dog eating and in turn made her hungry. She started crying again and Radcliffe’s nose was suddenly by her ear. She turned her head to look at him and he licked her face.

“What a good boy.” She said. She had always liked dogs. She suddenly had an idea. “Hey boy lets play.” The dog’s ears pricked up. She shook one of her restraints. “Get it.” She commanded and he gripped on to the thick leather strap screwed to the table. She shook her arm and he growled playfully as he jerked on it.

Jason found six men with huskies. One had brown eyes and another blue so he disregarded them. One was back in prison and another was dead. So that left two men and Arin Richards and Varrick Cross. He printed out the pages and grabbed his keys. Arin was closer so he’d pay him a visit first. He punched the address into his GPS and followed them. Arin Richards lived three hours outside of town on a small ranch with a bunch of sheep. He immediately thought how a place out in the middle of nowhere would be perfect for hiding a pregnant woman. He pulled to a stop and got out. The place was beautifully crafted and lovingly maintained. A garden grew on the left side of the house. He knocked on the door and waited patiently. A very beautiful young woman with strawberry blonde hair and dark brown eyes answered the door.

“Sorry to intrude, but is Arin around?” He asked shocked.

“Come inside please.” She smiled and stepped aside so he could enter. “May I ask what this is about?”

“I just wanted to ask him about his husky.”

“Duke? Has he been out again? I keep telling my husband to put up a fence. I’ll get Arin and have him bring the hound in so you can see him.”

“thank you” His wife seemed so nice. Their house was beautiful and she gave him no red flags atall. Now he was leaning more towards Varrick but he still needed to talk to Arin just to be sure. Jason started walking around the house. He glanced in each room as he passed until he heard somebody clear their throat behind him. “My wife says you have some concerns about our dog? He’s a good boy and doesn’t mean to cause trouble. I’m heading to Lowes today to get what I need to make a fence to keep him in.”

The dog was standing beside Arin wagging his tail. It hadn’t been much dog hair but Jason could tell this husky was a lighter shade than the dog who left the hair. “I’m sorry sir, I think I have the wrong dog anyway. Thank you for your time.”

“Why were you looking around my home?”

“I’m just nosy, I’m very sorry. Can’t help but explore new places when I’m in them.” Arin looked at him suspiciously but then moved so Jason could leave. He left knowing it had to be Varrick. He wished it would’ve been the closer man rather than Varrick. It would take him four more hours to reach her. Four more hours his wife would be at the mercy of some lunatic. He couldn’t bare the thought.

Siobhan heard tires in the gravel driveway and hissed at the dog to back off. Radcliffe gave her a sad look, but lowered itself to the floor. She heard the vehicle door close and the footsteps. They moved onto the porch and the front door swung open. She heard footsteps moving above her and the basement door opened. Her kidnapper came downstairs. “Let me go you sick fuck.” She screamed. He hit her in the face so her teeth cut open the inside of her cheek. She spit blood at him and he gripped her hair.

“You haven’t seen sick yet.” He said and ran his hand over her stomach. “You ever gut an elk after shooting it. Sometimes they’re pregnant. It’s such a thrill because you get to take two lives.”

“Screw you. Only a sick piece of shit thinks like that. No one likes killing a baby.”

“I plan on keeping you for a few days so you don’t have to worry about that yet. I called Alfons and he’s excited to see what I do to you.”

“Call your boyfriend back and tell him I said don’t drop the soap. Of course he might like that since he’s so close to you.” He hit her harder, obviously losing his temper. She threw every curse word she knew at him, some not even in English. A lesser man would have blushed. He taunted her for awhile, told her exactly what he was going to do to her and her baby. She felt like crying but she just glared at him. She didn’t know how much time passed, but the sound of tires pulling into the driveway caught their attention. Her kidnapper went and looked out the small window.

“Looks like your husband’s here.” He went upstairs and closed the door. She yanked on the loosened strap until it came loose then unstrapped her other limbs. She knew her kidnapper had guns. She had seen them. She looked out the window, watching as Jason got out of their car. She wanted to scream at him to watch out, to leave and come back later. She was overjoyed to see him, but she couldn’t risk him dying.

Jason walked up to the door angrily and pounded on it. His patience in finding his wife was very thin and he was sure this was the man who had her. Varrick slipped a gun into his pants covering it with his shirt. He opened the door with a smug look on his face. “What do you want?” Jason noticed the blood on Varrick from where Siobhan had spit on him. “Why do you have blood on you?”

“I asked you a question first.” he said in a voice that disturebed Jason. “I’m here for my wife. I know you have her you piece of shit.”

“That’s a mighty big accusation. Why don’t you come inside and I’ll show you I do not have her.” Varrick wanted Jason in the house so he could kill him in front of Siobahn. Varrick couldn’t wait to see the despair on her face. He smiled at the thought. He stepped to the side and Jason ran in. Varrick hadn’t expected Jason to take of like that. He drew his gun and shot but missed Jason.

Jason slipped into the kitchen and could hear Varrick coming after him. He cursed his stupidity. Bad guy 101, never rush into their house no matter what. They always have weapons. He grabbed a knife and moved quickly down a hallway to a closet. He pulled the door closed and waited. He heard footsteps moving slowly down the hall. He knew he would have to act fast when Varrick opened the door or he would be dead. The sound of something breaking made the footsteps stop.

Siobhan smashed out the basement window with Radcliffe’s metal dog bowl. She broke out every piece and then heard footsteps running in her direction. She hid behind the hot water heater and held her breath as the basement door swung open. She heard footsteps moving over the stairs and peeked around the water heater. She could barely see Varrick. He started cursing and went back upstairs. She moved out of her hiding place and started up after him, moving as quietly as possible. She pushed open the door and peeked around the edge. She didn’t see or hear anyone so she moved slowly out. He stepped out of the kitchen and pointed the gun right at her. “If you don’t want me to blow your pretty wife’s brains out I would stop hiding and face me like a man.” The kidnapper said. He grabbed her by her hair and held her in front of him with the barrel of the gun pressed to her skull.

The barrel of the gun was pressed so hard into her head she felt it would break the skin. Jason was frustrated and came out slowly so he wouldn’t upset Varrick. Jasons heart felt heavy when he saw the bruises on his wife. For the first time in her life she actually looked scared. He had seen her worried and upset but for the first time he saw fear on her face. “why are you doing this Varrick?”

“You two got my best friend Alfons thrown in jail. He wasn’t going to hurt this little bitch. He just wanted this baby. You two ruined his life. Siobahns going to suffer for it.”

“It’s my fault not hers. I’m the one who caught him. Let her go and make me pay.” Varrick laughed “You can replace a bitch, you can’t replace your life. Don’t be an idiot. She’s not worth it.” Varrick pulled her into him still pressing the gun hard into her skull. “I can see why she keeps you so worked up though. She’s a very sexy woman.” He said then licked her ear. It infuriated Jason but he knew he needed to remain calm.

“Just let her go and take me.” Jason said and Varrick pointed the gun at him.

“The only reason I need you is to instill fear.” Varrick said. He pulled the trigger and Jason’s eyes widened as the bullet tore through his chest. He looked at his wife apologetically, asking for forgiveness, before collapsing to the floor.

Siobhan felt tears streaming down her face. She screamed and tried to get to her husband, but Varrick held her tight. She fought against him and he pressed the gun into her head. “Do it, go ahead and do it you coward.” She screamed. He pulled her out of the house by her hair and forced her into the bed of his truck. He pulled the tarp over the top and climbed into the driver side. She cried as he switched on the ignition and started out of the driveway.

Jason felt something warm and wet on his face. He opened his eyes, his chest hurt. He went cross eyed at the big furry dog hovering over him. He pushed the dog away and manged to get to his feet as Varrick was pulling away. He stumbled out the door, almost falling in the gravel. Blood soaked the front of his shirt, warm and sticky. He opened his car door and the big dog jumped in and sat in the passenger seat. He didn’t have time to argue with the hound so he just got in. He followed Varrick’s truck, feeling weak but determined. He had to get his wife back. He hit a bump, gasping in pain. The bullet had missed his heart, but he was sure it nicked his lung or at least hit close.

Varrick saw Jason in the rear view mirror. He laughed and thought how good it would be for Siobahn to see her husband bleed to death. He felt Jason was doing him a favor by following. Varrick then noticed his dog in the car with Jason and got mad. Dogs were supposed to be loyal and there Radcliff was in the car with Jason.

All Siobahn could think about was her husbands face when he was shot. Her ears were ringing from being so close to the gun when it went off. She prayed he would live. She didn’t want to be the reason the love of her life died. She couldn’t believe that her choosing to make Jason get his phone by himself lead to this. She should’ve let him stay. Siobahn felt so stupid and so sad. She resigned to the fact she was going to die and possibly her husband because of one choice that she made.

Siobahns baby started moving again. She cried harder knowing her daughters life would end before it even had the chance to begin. She’d never see the room her and Jason got together for her. She’d never ride her first bike or enjoy her first kiss or fall in love. Siobahns eyes started to swell from all the crying.

He followed Varrick onto a dirt road that led into the forest. It was overly bumpy and extremely painful. He was starting to shiver and feel cold from blood loss. He narrowed his eyes, focusing on the truck and it’s driver. He found his cell phone and called the police he told them where he was and what was going on. They knew him from stopping Alfons, knew his job was to stop psychopaths. They told him to stay on Varrick’s tail and they would be sending back up, chopper and ambulance included. He hung up and dropped his phone, gripping the steering wheel with both hands.

Siobhan felt a strong painful cramping in her back and stomach. She was having a contraction. Even as she prayed they were only Braxton-Hicks contractions she knew they were not. She started crying harder and became angry. She was not going to have her baby around a psychopath. She would die first. She looked around the bed of the truck as she had another contraction. There was a tool box. She slid over to it and flipped it open, grabbing a screwdriver. She would inflict as much damage on Varrick before he killed her. The truck suddenly came to a stop and she heard the driver door open. He pulled back the tarp and yanked her up by her hair. He pulled her over the edge and onto the ground as Jason came to a halt behind his truck. Jason got out and hid behind his car door. She gripped her stomach and whimpered in pain.

“Looks like your wife is about to have her baby.” He said in a taunting tone.

Chapter Three

Siobahn quickly started stabbing him with the screwdriver. It caught Varrick off guard. He tried to grab his gun but Siobahn had thought ahead of him. She pointed at him as he fell to his knees cluthing his stomach. She managed to get five really good punctures in.She stared at him angrily until another contraction pierced through her. She gritted her teeth and Jason came up behind her grabbing the gun.

“Jason quit moving so much!” she said in a strained voice. Varrick coughed up some blood then said “You stupid bitch. I still won you know. I’ve never seen a man lose that much blood and pull through it. I may end up in jail but Alfons has many friends. The next one will come for that baby. I wish I could be out to see your misery when you’ve lost both your husband and your child.”

Another contraction ripped through her and moaned in pain “Please be patient. I can’t have you here.” Jason was having trouble standing. He was having even more trouble not just blowing Varricks brains out. The only reason he didn’t was because he felt Siobahn had been through enough. Just as Jasons head was spinning the cops and ambulance came.

They tried to load them in separate amubulences, but Jason refused to leave her. He told them to give her the bed and he could sit next to her while they stopped the bleeding and gave him fluids. Not even Siobhan could convince him to just go. They put them in the same ambulance after much grumbling. They took off his shirt and pressed gauze against his shoulder. He was given an IV and told to sit still. Siobhan grabbed his hand and gritted her teeth. “This baby is coming now.” She said and he felt his heart beating quickly in his chest.

“Can you hold on?” The EMT asked.

“No, there is absolutely no way. I did that in the truck, I can’t do it in here.”

The EMT helped her set up and directed Jason to get behind her. “Mind your IV though. You don’t want to rip it out and try not to pass out.” He ordered. “Ok Mrs. Carter, are you ready?” She nodded even though she felt like screaming a big loud no. She gripped Jason’s hand as he told her to push. She felt tears burning behind her eyes and Jason whispered how good she was doing. By the look on the EMT’s face the baby was coming fast. He told her to push again and she did with everything she had. A piercing high pitched cry fill the ambulance, startling the driver. The EMT lifted her baby and lay her on Siobhan’s chest. She wrapped her arm around her daughter and kissed her little head.

Jason was so happy to see both his girls safe. He gently kissed his little girl then the EMT told him to please sit down. Jason was getting tired of the man but knew he was only doing his job. When they got to the hospital it was another fight. “sir we ahve to get the bullet out of you and close you up. Your wife and baby need to get checked out. Don’t you want to be sure they are ok?”

“Yes and I want to do that with them.”

“Sir your wife wont have a husband atall if you don’t just let us take care of you.” Jason finally let them seperate the two of them but only with the promise they’d bring them back together as soon as possible. They cleaned up the baby and checked Siobahn out. They gave her a room to relax in until Jason was out of surgery. Before the nurse left she said “I’m sorry my husband caused the hospital so much trouble. He just loves us so much and somtimes lets it cloud his judgment.”

“It’s ok mam, you all have just gone through a lot.” Siobahn started feeding her baby. The doctor had wanted her to give the little one a name but she couldn’t name her without Jason. He would be devastated if she left him out of that. The baby fell asleep right after eating so Siobahn layed her down in the crib the hospital gave her. Siobahn stood over the crib just staring at her beautiful little girl.

She got back in the bed feeling tired. After a few hours had passed a doctor opened the door and they pushed a bed inside to place beside her. “He wont wake up for awhile but we put him in here so he wouldn’t cause a scene again.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I wish my husband loved me that much.”

Siobhan settled down, watching Jason as her eyelids became heavy. Never again would she complain about his overprotective nature. She would embrace it and allow him to shield her and their little girl when he needed too. She drifted off to sleep with his face hovering in her mind.

Jason woke slowly, feeling like he had been run down by an eighteen wheeler and then the driver had put the truck in reverse and ran him over again. He breathed and winced, his chest hurt. He turned his head and smiled when he saw Siobhan resting peacefully in the bed next to him. He noticed the little crib and pushed himself slowly into a sitting position. He pushed the call button for the nurse and an older woman came rushing in. He pressed a finger to his lips and then motioned for her to come closer. “Would you mind bringing my daughter over here?” He asked and she smiled. She wheeled the baby over and he felt like crying at the sight of his little girl swaddled and asleep. “I want to hold her.” He said excitedly and Siobhan woke up.

“Jason? Oh you’re awake.” She said and got out of bed. She walked over to him as the nurse raised the head of his bed and put pillows behind him. She lifted the baby and handed her to him. Siobhan sat next to him on the bed and he wrapped his free arm around her. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been shot, but I’m the happiest gun shot victim in the world.” He kissed her then went back to looking at his daughter. “Have you named her yet?” He asked.

“No I wanted to wait for you. Did you have some idea of what we should call her?”

“Olina Rosemary Carter.” He said softly and the baby opened her eyes as if to acknowledge that she had known that would be her name ahead of time. He smiled at her and kissed her nose.

“I love that. It’s beautiful and I think she agrees.” She kissed his cheek then rested her head against his shoulder. She could feel his bandage beneath his gown and tried to shift away but he wouldn’t let her. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, just stay here with me for awhile. I can’t let you go so just stay where you are.” She settled back down and watched Olina stare at Jason like he was her whole world. The nurse let them know that they would be discharged the following day as long as everything came back normal for all three of them. She then left to give them some time alone with their new baby.

“Thank you for saving us Jason.” He kissed her head “You two are my world. There’s no way I could’ve just sat around waiting for police to save you.” The following day everything was fine so they got discharged and took the long drive home. Siobahn hated that their new baby girl would have to go through such a long trip so early in life. She read in a book it wasn’t good for newborns to spend a lot of time in the car.

Jason held tightly to Siobahns hand on the way home. He wasn’t going to let her out of his sight for a long time. His nerves wouldn’t be able to take it. All the worry he hadn’t allowed himself to have was now attacking him. Jason hoped he wouldn’t get on Siobahns nerves too much. Siobahn lifted his hand and kissed it. “I love you”

“I love you more”

“Don’t start that. You know those wars can go on forever.”

“I enjoy them. I get to hear your sweet voice tell me how much you love me over and over. It’s far from a punishment so I love you more Siobahn and there’s nothing you can do to change that.” Olina cooed in the back. Siobahn was so happy she didn’t know if she could contain it all. When they arrived home it was late. Jason carried his daughter inside and to her room. He gave Olina to Siobahn so she could feed her. Jason sat by the rocking chair admiring his wife and daughter. Olina fell asleep eating and Siobahn lightly laughed “I guess everything was a lot for her too.” Siobahn gently stood up then layed their little girl in her crib.

Jason picked Siobahn up and carried her to their room. He set her down on the bed then glomped her down. He gave her multiple kisses on the cheek and head while he pressed her into the bed. “Jason the doctor said you can’t be lifting things until your shoulder heals. You shouldn’t pick me up again.”

“I can’t help it. The only time I’m sure nobody is going to take you from me is when you’re in my arms. Please get me up if Olina wakes up so i can go with you to feed her.”

“I promise I will”

“Thank you, I hope youll indulge me for awhile” Siobahn wrapped her arms around Jason. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

~The End~

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