Siobahn & Jason

Chapter One

Siobhan walked quickly through the ancient artifacts section of the Smithsonian. She would have liked nothing more than to stop and admire the beautiful weapons, but she had a more pressing matter to attend to. She rounded the corner, almost upping into a police officer. He looked confused, but she just kept going. She pulled out her I.D. and showed it to another cop. He lifted up the yellow police tape and let her through. The man who had called her stood in the center of the chaos, directing crime scene techs and yelling at any idiot who tried treading on potential evidence. He noticed her and pulled her into a hug. He was the D.C. police chief and her former boss.

“It’s so good to see you, I’m glad you came.” He said with a smile.

“So what happened here?” She asked as she stepped back.

“Someone stole an Aztec dagger, some ceremonial thing. You always had a nose for these things so I thought I’d call you.”

“I’m not a cop anymore.” She crossed her arms and stared up at him, her blue eyes full of irritation.

“I know, your partner died and you took a gut shot, but you are so much better at hunting people down than anyone else.” He looked down at her, his eyes pleading.

“Alright fine, where do you want me to start.”

“Well, before that we have to wait. Someone else got wind of the break in, some organization that works with the government. They’re sending a Specialist, Jason something. For some reason they think it’s a life or death situation.” She arched an eyebrow at him. “Don’t ask, they didn’t tell me much. Just ordered me around.”

She stood their irritated. She wasn’t even sure why she had accepted his call to come. Maybe it was her love for the artifacts. “I sure hope this Jason doesn’t take his sweet time.”

“I’m sure it wont be long” To pass time she decided to have friendly conversation. “How’s police life been?”

“Busy, how’s your life been?”

“Busy.” He laughed, ‘well we’re just full of conversation huh. Thanks for coming.” It wasn’t too much longer and Jason came. He held out his hand to shake hers with a smile. He was tall with green eyes and hair that went to his shoulders. She hoped he wouldn’t be pompous. Most specialist in anything were and it was highly annoying.

“You must be Siobhan. Irish right, but you look Scandinavian.” He said kindly.

“My father is from Norway, my mother is Irish.” She flipped her long blonde braid over her shoulder.

“They certainly made a gorgeous child.” She was at a loss for words. He moved past her and shook the chief’s hand.

Jason could tell he’d shocked the beautiful young woman. He decided to get away from her for now before he let something else slip out. He was known for his honesty and had been chastised many times for not thinking before he spoke. He could tell the police chief wasn’t happy, but the man greeted him politely anyway. Cops never liked it when you stepped on their toes and he did plenty of it. “So, I’m sure you don’t know much about the dagger.” He said to them both.

“Ancient Aztec, probably from the Temple of the Jaguar. Ceremonial so used for cutting out hearts?” Siobhan said and Jason grinned at her.

“You are very intelligent, I like that.”

“I read when I’m bored.”

“Wonderful. The dagger is indeed from the jaguar temple and is a very powerful item. You may not believe in ancient prophecies, but there is one that says the sacrifice of a virgin must be made during the next eclipse and the world will be undone. Whoever makes the sacrifice will have control of the entire universe.” They both just stared at him.

“So you’re saying that some asshole broke into this place to steal a dagger to murder a virgin because they think it will give them infinite power over the cosmos?” The chief asked.

“Precisely that, yes.”

Siobhan did a slow blink, unsure of what to think of this Specialist. He sounded like a real loon. She didn’t believe in magic or whatever he was talking about. The only important thing was stopping a mad man or woman from murdering an innocent man or woman. “So where do you think they’ll be going for this sacrifice?” She asked.

“Don’t know, but we should figure it out. It’s three days till the next eclipse.”

The police cheif said “well for now evidence can be gathered so we can figure out who stole it. We should probably get out of the CSIs way. I’ll call you Siobhan & Jason when they tell me anything.” Jason nodded and said “good, any questions?” Siobhan asked “How are you going to figure out where?”

“I’ll read up on it. Hopefully they can be caught before we’d need to know a where.” As if trying to make up to the police chief for flirting with Siobhan he said “I trust the police department. They are very good at what they do.” Richard still didn’t look happy but he wasn’t going to appoligize for complimenting a beautiful women. It’s not like the police chief owned her.

“Well here take this.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a business card. “That has my number on it.”

“You’re a private investigator?” He slid the card into his pocket.

“I used to work for this guy, but things went down hill and I quit. Now I do my own thing.”

“Interesting. I have a room at the Hotel Manaco. If you need anything don’t hesitate to come over.” They left together, Jason holding the front door open for her. She wanted to laugh. She’d never had a guy hold a door for her or let her go first. Working with cops was liking working with a bunch of older brothers. You were one of them and they didn’t treat you any different. She was the dude with long hair to them. She waved down a taxi and he opened the door for her again. “I hope to see you soon.” He said and closed the door. She had a feeling that polite demeanor was only one face he wore. It had to be, he was way to nice.

Jason watched the cab drive away, his heart actually racing. He had not been lying when e said he wanted to see her. He shook his head and hailed his own cab. It’s not like he had never been around a beautiful woman, he worked with a few, but Siobhan was different. She had an inner beauty, a glowing light about her like she was untainted by the world around her. He told the cabby where to go and sighed. Three days and all hell could break loose. His dealings with the occult were dangerous and now he’d dragged an innocent person into it. He doubted he could tell her to back off, it’s not like she worked for his people. He had a feeling she’d tell him to shove it.

When he got to his hotel he looked at her card wanting badly to call her just to talk. He thought that would be weird though since he only just met the girl. He didn’t want to freak her out and he really needed to start looking into the case so an innocent person wouldn’t get hurt and he wouldn’t have to drag Siobahn too far into all this mess.

When Siobahn got home she started cooking her dinner. Thinking about what kind of loon would believe in such crazy things and steal a damn dagger. She just didn’t understand people who believed in all that and thought they should get their head examined. Hopfully they’d lock this one away fast.

She sat on the couch and switched on the TV, there was some show about tigers on National Geographic so she watched it while she ate. If everyone new this is what she did all day they’d probably tell her she was wasting her time and wasting her real talents. She had been an expert marksmen and never failed to catch a suspect. Just because she could shoot a gun and run fast people often failed to see her intelligence. Of course it could also be because she was a woman and boobs were very distracting. She watched the tiger pounce on its prey. She wished she could be a wild animal. No one ever questioned why they did what they did. She found her mind drifting to her new aquatintence. He had appreciated her intellect or at least it seemed so. He was smart, good looking and polite. Someone who could obviously keep up with her and honest. She shook her head. “No way girl,” she said to herself, “it’s not worth getting burned.”

Jason used his government issued password to search the F.B.I database for know cult members. The list was longer than he had anticipated. He filtered through them, reading names, sometimes jotting down one or two. Most of these men were just junkies who had watched far too much TV. When he finally looked at his watch it was almost two o’clock. He always lost track of time, becoming so engrossed in his work that sometimes days would go by before someone pointed out he looked like death over easy. He logged out and switched off his computer. He had only a hand full of names to go on and tomorrow he would find out where each one was. Maybe he’d call Siobhan and get her to help him. He hoped she was an early riser.

He woke up the next morning and got ready for the busy day. He called Siobhan to see if she wanted to help him find the men on the list. When she answered she sounded like he woke her up. “I’m sorry, I hoped you would be awake.”

“It’s no problem what is it?”

“I have some suspects if you’d like to help me figure out where they all are.”

“Ok, meet me at the coffee shop near the crime scene. It shouldn’t take me more than 15 or 20mins.” He was excited she was going to come with him. He got his things together and grabbed the list he made then went out to go to the coffee shop. He knew he’d be waiting awhile but he was excited. When he got there he felt ridiculous. She’s just another girl he thought to himself trying to calm down.

Siobhan groaned, but got up anyway. Of course he was a morning person. Someone so perfect had to have at least one flaw. She pulled off her night shirt as she walked into the bathroom, squinting her eyes when she switched on the bright lights. She pulled her hair up on top of her head and switched the shower on. The water was ice cold. She needed to talk to her landlord about that. At least it woke her up. She washed quickly and jumped out, her teeth chattering as she dried. She pulled out a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra and threw them on. She went through her closet and took out a sweater that hung just below her bottom. She preferred comfort over looking professional. She tugged on her socks and tennis shoes and was out the door. She decided she’d take her motorcycle. It was sunny enough.

Jason sat in the coffee house down the street from the Smithsonian. He bounced his leg impatiently and kept checking his watch. She was late by ten minutes. A motorcycle pulled up in front of the coffee shop, a black and red street bike. He was shocked when the rider took the helmet off and it was Siobhan. She tossed her hair around so it fell past her shoulders. He almost choked on his coffee. She walked inside and smiled when she saw him. “You’re late.” Was all he could say.

“And you woke me up at six thirty. There we both said something obvious.” She grinned. She waved to the waitress and the woman nodded. “I come here a lot so they know what I like. Anyway, suspect list. What do you got?”

“Just a few men who were in cults, you know how crazy people are. You ride a motorcycle?”

“Noticed that did you? Yes, I may appear to be nothing but a delicate little scandanavian flower, but I assure you I am not.”

Chapter Two

He laughed “so I have all their adresses. We are going to check them out and make sure they live there and see what they’ve been up to. Hopefully not all will have an alibi for when the dagger was stolem.”

“You needed me for that?” He blushed “Well I figured you would be helpful with interogations.” They brought Siobahn her coffee and she took a sip. She looked beautiful to him even doing that. They sat there enjoying their coffee and talking until she asked “so are we riding together? I can take you on my motorcycle.”

“Ah, sure why not.” She smiled “Ok then lets go!” She read the first adress and then they walked outside. She got on and handed him a helmet then put hers on. He got on the back wrapping his arms around her. “You scared?”

“no” she laughed and off they went. His attraction to her was growing and they hadn’t even known eachother 24 hours. She sped down the roads until they finally arrived at the first adress. She stopped and he slid his hands off her. He loved the feel of her stomach. “You’re a fast driver.”

“I don’t believe in wasting my time”

“I’ll have to remember that.” He smiled as they walked up to the porch and she banged on the door. “No subtlety with you I see.”

“If I’m subtle they have to much time to think up a lie.” She winked and the door open. A big bald headed guy with one hoop earring answered. “Mr. Sanchez?” She asked.

“That’s me.” He replied.

“Perfect. Where were you night before last at about nine?”

“Why you a cop?”

She smiled and latched onto his earring, pulling down so he screamed in pain and had no choice but to lean forward. “You either answer me or I rip it out.” She said sweetly.

“Ah damn, okay. I was at work, on the bay. There was a shipment of wine. Call my boss.” He screamed.

“Get me the number.” She let him go and he disappeared inside. He was back in an instant.

“Here you crazy bitch.” He handed her a piece of paper.

She smiled as he slammed the door. “I’ll call this guy then we can go. You get the next one.”

He didn’t look shocked at how she’d treated the felon. That was good. She pulled out her cell and dialed the number. Some guy answered. He sounded rude and impatient. A big part of her wanted to take up more of his time just to irritate him, but she had things to do. “Thank you sir, have a good day.” She hung up. “Alibi confirmed.”

“Where to next?” He was surprised how quick that went. He showed her and they got back on her bike. He was happy to put his arms around her again. He may not end up with her but atleast he could enjoy her company for awhile. She sped off. It didn’t take them long to get to the next adress. “Should I handle it again?” She winked. “Well you seem really good at this.”

“Yeah that’s why Richard wanted my help. I’m surprised he hasn’t called us yet with any results. The lab must be taking their sweet time.” They walked up to the door and she banged again. When the guy answered and saw her he said “Hey there sexy. Want to come inside?”

“No I want to know what you were doing the night before last?”

“Ah fuck, of course a sexy little thing comes to my door and she’s a fucking cop. You guys need to quit harrassing me everytime anything happens.”

‘Well if you’d hang around less questionable people you wouldn’t end up talking to police all the time and I’m not a cop any more anyway.” Jason guessed she ran into this guy a lot when she was on the police force.

“Screw you then.” He started to close the door and Jason slammed his hand against the door, forcing it back open.

“I believe she already declined your offer. Now answer her.” He said calmly.

“Get your hand off my door bitch before I break it.” He tried to close his door, but Jason was immovable. He flung it back open and swung at him. Siobhan was ready to step in, but Jason grabbed the other man’s wrist with lightning speed and twisted it. He fell to his knees. “Alright, Christ. My mom’s in the hospital. I was with her. Room 206 at the WHC.”

“Good dog.” Siobhan pat his head. “Next time we’ll tell mommy about your potty mouth.”

Jason waited patiently for her to talk to the man’s mother. She sounded so polite, a smile on her face as she chatted with the older woman. “Another bust. I didn’t realize you could handle yourself so well.” She smiled. “Keeping secrets?”

“Not trying too. I don’t usually hurt people unless I must.” He rubbed his neck.

“Do it more often, brutality is so sexy.” She winked. “Well come on.”

They went down the list, marking off name after name. Siobhan was become irritated by the time they got to the last name. They pulled up to an apartment complex, finding number three and banging on the door. No one answered so she banged harder. The neighbor answered, his face angry until he saw her smiling face. Jason watched as a complete stranger turned to putty at her face. He felt a bit jealous which he knew was ridiculous.

“Is Mr. Machiavelli not home?” She asked.

“No ma’am. He packed up for a vacation. He said he was going to Mexico.”

“Thank you so much, have a good night.”

“That may be our guy. It’s an odd time to be suddenly going to Mexico.”

“Yeah, lets go to my hotel room and I’ll try to figure out where he got his ticket from and we may be able to find him.”

“Alright, sounds good. Would you like me to go back to the coffee shop first so you can get your car?”

“Ok” They drove back to the coffee shop and he got into his car. She was just going to follow him. On the way there she really didn’t know how she could be of any help currently but she figured he wouldn’t have invited her if she wasn’t going to be useful. She already told him she hated wasting time. They got there and he opend his door for her again.

“You really don’t have to do that.”

“I like to, a lady as beautiful as you deserves to have the door opened for her.”

“Flattery usually means something. A hundred bucks and some chili cheese fries and I’m all yours.” She laughed at his shocked expression. “What? I really love fries.” She walked past him and into the hotel lobby. She went to the elevator and punched the button.

“I don’t know how all those men survived around you.” He said when the elevator doors opened.

“Pure instinct I guess. Mess with the kitty you get the claws. Besides I never had time for guys.”

They stepped inside the small confines of the elevator and he pressed three. He had never met such an intense individual. “No boyfriend?”

“You applying for the position?”

He finally had enough of her smart little mouth. He pushed the stop button and crowded her against the elevator wall, a hand on either side of her head. “There are a lot of positions I’d like to apply for and if you keep talking like that I guarantee you’ll get to see first hand how experienced I am.” He whispered in her ear.

“Is that a threat?” She asked, frozen.

“It’s a promise.” He straightened up, smiled and pressed the button to get the elevator going.

She was red and shocked. She couldn’t believe he did that. They got to the room and he pulled out his laptop adn sat on the bed. She sat next to him just watching what he was doing. After about 15mins she was getting annoyed wondering why she was there. “It doesn’t seem you need me. I could just go home and you could call when you do.” He laughed. “You haven’t been here that long. Anxious to get away from me?”

“Maybe I am after what you did in the elevator.”

He laughed again “I’m sorry.” He went back to doing things on his computer. Then said “It must not have been too bad since I didn’t get the claws as you said before.” She got frustrated and grabbed his face, turning it to kiss him. His eyes widened with surprise. “There is the tension over for you now? I’m just going home now because you’re getting on my nerves.” She got up and he suddenly felt bad. Maybe he had gone a bit too far. He grabbed her hand “I really am sorry please don’t go.”

She looked down at him. She wanted to be irritated, but she couldn’t. He was so sincere and in all honesty she had been throwing her sarcasm at him a little hard. “Oh fine, just stop looking at me like that.” She sat back down with a huff.

“Like what?” He went back to his computer with a smile.

“Like I’m the sun and moon in your little world.”

“For all you know you could be.” She snapped her head around to look at him. He was absolutely serious. “Damn it.” He snapped and glared at the screen. “He left yesterday while we were screwing around at the museum.”

“So what now?”

“I have to follow him. He might have a victim already.” He typed something, his gaze intense. “Do you want to come with me?” When she didn’t answer he turned to look at her. She looked confused and shocked. “Well?”

“I have to pack some clothes, but sure I guess.”

He dug in his pocket and handed her his car keys. “Get back as soon as possible, our flight is early.”

She quickly left and sped to her apartment. After all her things were gathered she went back. He was just getting out of the shower. He had nothing but a towel wrapped around him that he had clumsily grabbed to cover himself up with. She turned around so he could put some underwear on real quick. “You would walk around naked knowing I’m coming back?”

“I thought you’d be slow like this morning. You can turn around now.” She was surprised how good he looked under his clothes but she made sure not to stare at him. He got under the covers of the bed “We’re flying out at 6am so I’ll be waking you around 4 because the airport is half hour away.” She sighed, she absolutely hated mornings. She pulled off her pants. She normally slept naked but decided it would be more appropriate to wear underwear and a tshirt.

She got in beside him. There was a gap between the two of them that he wished wasn’t there but he didn’t move. He really didn’t want to scare her off like he almost did before. He layed there thinking about her kissing him. That kiss had only intensified his feelings for her. He was really going to miss her after all this. He had met so many beautiful women. He didn’t understand why she had him in such knots. He rolled over to ask her if she was comfortable and she was already passed out.

He couldn’t believe how fast that was. He hoped it wouldn’t be too hard to get her up in the morning. He was nervous looking over at her. He knew he should sleep but he just couldn’t settle down when suddenly she rolled over and ended up against him. She was still asleep. He was glad she did that. He layed down and put his arm around her. If she got angry in the morning atleast he could honestly say she came to him.

Chapter Three

“Hey sleepy head wake up.” She heard someone whisper. “Siobhan, you have to get off of me.” She opened her eyes, still sleepy. She was laying on his chest and he was smiling down at her. She almost jumped out of bed. “I’m sorry, I’m used to sleeping alone.” She swallowed nervously.

“I don’t mind, but if we don’t get up now we’re going to be late for our flight.”

“Oh fine.” She grumbled and slid out of bed. She pulled her clothes off as she walked into the bathroom like always. She heard his sharp intake of breath and blushed. How could she forget. He was right there. She switched on the shower and hopped in, burying her face in her hands in embarrassement. When she came back out, towel wrapped tightly around her he was dressed and she was red from head to toe. She pulled out a pair of panties, jeans and tank top. He was just staring and she quickly walked back into the bathroom.

Jason wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to keep is hands off her. He wanted to follow her into the bathroom, but knew they had no time and it might mean stepping over a line she didn’t want him too. She came back out, her cheeks still rosey. She was looking at the floor, refusing to make eye contact. He stopped her, grabbing her chin and tipping her head back. “Stop that right now. You are far too pretty to be embarrassed.” He said and brushed his thumb over her lips.

“Sorry, you just turn me inside out with those eyes. I don’t know how you do it, but you make me go all gooey.” She said.

“I like that I make you fall apart. It’s better than your sarcasm.” She glared at him and he grinned. He let her go so she could pull her shoes on.

They walked out and got in the car. She realized she was going to have nothing to do but just sit with him all the way there and for the whole flight. She couldn’t believe she had slept on his chest all night. She wondered why he didn’t wake her up. She decided he was probably after sex like all men she encountered and his flattery was only to get him there. She just looked out the window as they drove. He admired her every chance he got making sure to not make it obvious he was looking at her.

“how’d you sleep?”

“Good, thanks for tolerating me sleeping on you.”

“I didn’t have to tolerate it. I enjoyed it. I’m glad you slept well. I felt bad for waking you up. You looked comfortable.” She smiled. He was glad. Now he was really worried about going to far with her. He wanted to be around her as long as possible. He was even considering asking her to be his girlfriend but she just didn’t seem to be interested in that. The nearest she got to actually showing any care for him is when she said he made her gooey earlier. He was also doing his best to keep the kiss from last night out of his head so he wouldn’t try to get another from her.

When they got to the airport they checked their bags in and went straight to their plane. First class was better than she imagined. It was really comfortable and open. Two things she’d never done, been in first class and gone to Mexico. There was a depressing overtone since they were going after a psychopath. She huffed as she buckled herself in.

“Something wrong?” He asked with an arched eyebrow.

“All this nice stuff and I can’t even enjoy it.” She said, irritated.

“Of course you can.” He grabbed her chin and ran his finger down her forehead to the tip of her nose. “You get these cute little wrinkles when you frown. I love them.” She blushed and he smiled. “There we go, not so upset anymore.” He rubbed his nose against hers.

Jason loved that wide eyed look. It suited her far more than her angry face. He would have kissed her then if there had not been so many people around. He brushed his knuckles against her cheek then laced his fingers with hers as the plane rolled and then took off.

He was overjoyed when she actually held his hand. When she let her hand be limp at first it made him sad. Maybe there was hope she’d be with him. Then he realized what he really should be thinking about was what they were going to do when they landed. It also hit him all the danger he was potentially putting her in and he got worried. He gripped her hand a little tighter. She decided to tease him “You don’t have to hold my hand so tightly. I’m not going to try adn get away.”

She smiled at him and he got a dreamy look to his face and she laughed looking back at him. He loosened his grip “I’m sorry I was just in deep thought.”

“It’s ok.” She layed her head on his shoulder. “I’m still tired. You’ll make a fine pillow.” He couldn’t help but smile as he leaned his head against hers. He was just savouring the moment. At this point he was determined they weren’t parting ways without him asking her to be with him. He was a bit more confident she’d say yes. Once again she fell asleep quickly. He had never seen anyone in his life go to sleep as quickly as she did.

“We’re here.” She didn’t want to move, she was comfortable. They’d had to switch planes once and then she was back asleep. Now he was waking her again.

“Maybe from now on you should wake me in some other way. That deceptively sweet tone gets my hopes up.” She yawned and stood with the rest of the passengers.

“How would ou like me to wake you?”

She shrugged. “I’ll make a list of acceptable ways to wake me up and you can pick your favorite.” She grabbed his hand and followed the other passengers off. The eclipse was tomorrow night and they still had to locate the bastard who started all this.

They hailed a cab and rode in silence to their hotel. Their room was huge with two levels. Upstairs was the bed and bathroom, downstairs was the living room and kitchen. She loved it, the stucco walls held in the warmth even as the sun began to fall. They’d probably have to use the fan above the bed. She flopped onto the big queen, stretching her limbs. They were cramped from sitting all day. “We have to go out tonight and flash this guy’s picture around town. I doubt he went very far without hiring a few less than reputable individuals.” Jason said and leaned against the door frame.

“I know, it’s absolutely dreadful.” She stretched again, her shirt raising up so he saw the round scar.

“What happened there?” She immediately pulled her shirt down.

“Don’t look at that.”

He crossed to the bed and pried her fingers loose so he could lift up her shirt. He ran his fingers over the scar and she shivered. It was old and from a bullet wound. She had been hit right above her belly button. It must have been painful. “What happened to you?” He was really and truly worried.

“I took a bullet trying to rescue my partner. He died, I didn’t.” She whispered. “I don’t like when people see it. They just stare at it like I have a parasitic twin.”

“It’s a battle scar, something to be proud of. You earned it out of courage.” He leaned down and brushed his lips over it. “It’s beautiful, just like you.”

His kiss gave her small goosebumps. Still he hoped that wasn’t too much and he looked at her waiting for a reaction. She just smiled and layed there. He looked back at her stomach. She was so sexy. He had gotten the full view at the other hotel and really wanted her. He went down just above her pants and started slowly kissing up her stomach. She didn’t stop him so he slowly slid her shirt completely off.

He ran his fingers across her stomach and boobs so lightly she was covered head to toe in goosebumps. He undid her bra as he bit and licked her neck. She was going crazy. Nothing had ever felt so good. He ripped off her pants and nibbled her ear. He threw all his clothes off then lifted her into his lap thrusting himself into her. He wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her sweetly. It felt like he was making love to her more than just fucking her.

She almost wanted to cry with the honest emotion that was coming from him. He didn’t stop kissing her until they had finished and he layed her back down. He layed beside her and pulled her into his arms. “Lets try not to fall asleep. We are here for work.” He whispered. She hugged his arm and he smiled. He was beyond happy. He couldn’t even find a proper word to describe what he felt.

The man behind the bar was screaming at them in Spanish. Jason was very fluent in in the language so he said something back. Siobhan just stood there, catching only snippets. She didn’t have to understand everything to know that the man wanted them out. She rolled her eyes and reached across the bar, grabbing the man by his hair. “Now, if you can understand me and I’m sure you can since there are about six tourists here, please stop yelling and direct us to someone who isn’t a complete pussy.” She said calmly. The bartender just stared at her for a minute.

“Sorry señorita, I don’t want any trouble.” He said.

“If you don’t want me to tell everyone here that your food is rotten then I would tell me a name.”

“Si, there’s a man named Eduardo. He helps fugitives who were falsely accused. He runs a clothing shop three blocks from here. Please just let go of my hair.”

She pushed him back and they quickly left the bar. “I love how fierce you are.” Jason said as he grabbed her hand.

“It’s in my blood. Never mix Irish and Scandanavian, it makes a monster.” She smiled.

“I like that about you.”

“You’re the only one who can keep up with me apparently, not even my partner could do that.”

“May I ask what happened to him?”

She had to swallow the lump in her throat. She had stopped thinking about it for so long, but she needed to talk about it. “His name was Corbin. He died the same day I got shot. It was a drug bust gone bad. He had three kids and a wife. They told me I wouldn’t stop trying to revive him until they forced me too.”

“Such courage and dedication. This is why I love you.” She was about to ask him if he really said what she thought he said when they arrived at the t-shirt shop. It was painted a very bright orange which gave her an instant headache.

“Who would pick this color?” That made jason laugh “I don’t know.” She then walked up to the only man in there. “Are you Eduardo?”

“Yes, why?”

“Have you been helping any falsely accused people lately?”

“I don’t see how that’s your business but if you’re in trouble I could hide you in my room as long as you wanted me to.” He winked at her and a look of disgust appeared on Siobahns face. It made Jason angry so he went behind him and slammed his head against the counter. “We know you’ve helped someone recently so tell us who and where they are.” He was normally much slower at hurting people. She guessed it was because of his comment.

Chapter Four

“Ease up, I didn’t know she was your woman.” He gripped his forehead. “Who are you looking for?”

Jason pulled a picture out of his back pocket and held it up for Eduardo to see. “This man, did he come to you?” He snapped.

“That’s Guillermo, he said he escaped police custody and fled here. Said he was accused of a murder he hadn’t committed.”

“His name is Antonio Machiavelli and he plans on murdering someone.” Siobhan felt like punching him. “Have you saved any virgins?”

“Hey I don’t ask that stuff.” He held up his hands.

“But? Your face says you know more.”

“One woman, about eighteen. I hit on her and she said she was saving herself for marriage. I haven’t seen her since this morning.”

“Where’s the closest Aztec temples?” Jason asked angrily.

Eduardo reached under his counter and pulled out a map. He circled four areas and mapped out the shortest routes to each one. He folded it up and Siobhan jerked it out of his hand. “Gracias señor.” They left the shop and opened the map. It would take them awhile to search each one so they couldn’t waste any time.


“Yes sir, I think I saw some dirt bikes on the way here.”

They went back to where she had seen the dirt bikes. They rented two and set off for the nearest one. She realized when they were already on their way she had forgotten to ask him if he really said that he loved her. She could believe it after the way he made love to her. A little part of her was hoping that’s what he said and that he meant it. She smiled to herself thinking about how upset he got when Eduardo flirted with her.

It really was sexy to her when he did things like that. There wasn’t much time for talking now. She just decided she’d talk to him about it tonight. There was possibly a girls life at stake. She was hoping they wouldn’t be too late. She didn’t need another life on her conscious. They arrived at the first one and got off their bikes to investigate.

“Wow what a masterpiece.” She said as they climbed up the side. “I wish I had my camera.”

“We can always come back after we have Mr. Machiavelli.” Jason said, staying behind her in case she slipped on the crumbling architecture. They reached the top where a ceremonial alter rested. It was half broken. They climbed back down and looked at the map. The roads Eduardo had marked were bumpy as hell and Jason had to hold tightly to the handlebars. She drove fast and they both came off their seats a couple of times. She skidded to halt at the next one and they quickly climbed. No on had been there in a long time so they went back down.

“Those Aztecs must have all been highly athletic individuals. I mean I was a cop and that climb burns more than running.” Siobhan said as they climbed on the dirt bike.

“I imagine they had to be to drag an unwilling victim up there.” He kissed the back of her neck and off they went. The third one was surrounded by night time tourists so they didn’t bother to stop. The fourth temple was deeper into the forest and they were skidding up hunting trails to ge there. The sun started to rise above the horizon and climb steadily up. The eclipse would be at noon so they had to get there quickly.

When she slid to a halt they heard muffled screams and knew they had caught up to Machiavelli. Siobahn jumped off the bike and Jason quickly followed wishing she hadn’t run ahead of him. This man was crazy and he didn’t want to see her hurt. Machiavelli was making his way up the side and Siobahn followed. The man had noticed the two of them and was trying to drag the girl up faster.

“Don’t you two dare try to ruin this for me!” His eyes looked wild and the girl just looked terrified, bond and gagged.He enraged Siobahn just like all criminals did. Especially criminals who attacked women. She really didn’t care if the man was crazy or not. The man reached the top with the helpless girl and layed her there. He had his knife drawn and ready for Sinobahn to get up there. Jason wanted to get past her but didn’t want to risk knocking her down.

Siobhan swung at Machiavelli and he dodged to the side, his knife slashing her arm. She was too angry to feel it, the andrenaline pumping so fast she just kept going. He stabbed at her and she knocked his arm to the side with one arm while punching him in the jaw. It caused him to backpedal. She heard Jason scream her name and she screamed back for him to get the girl. She had to focus on Machiavelli.

Jason was torn between helping Siobhan and rescuing the young girl tied up on the alter. He ran to the girl, untying the rope that held her arms and ankles. She ripped her gag off and threw herself in his arms, crying and talking hysterically. He couldn’t get her to let go so he lifted her and carried her quickly back down the temple steps.

Machiavelli came at her like a mad man, his eyes glazed over with rage and whatever disorder that made him think sacrificing people was okay. She had to back up and slammed against the alter. The eclipse darkened the sky, distracting her for a moment. She felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and looked down. Machiavelli had buried his knife in her stomach. She looked up at him, at his manic face. He pulled the knife out and she fell onto the cold stone. “Now you die.” He flipped her onto her back and she couldn’t help but notice her blood on the alter. She actually laughed. “What’s so funny?” He screamed.

“You just spilled non virgin blood on your scarificial alter.” She coughed, blood touching her lips. “Whoops.” He screamed like a wild animal and raised his knife. Jason was suddenly behind him and slammed a very large piece of stone against his head so he collapsed next to her. “It’s about time.”

“Well if that girl would’ve let me go. I had to take her all the way down.” He called in for police and ambulance. There was no way Siobahn would be able to ride like that on a dirt bike. He carried her down as gently as possible and sat with her. The kidnapped girl just sat there crying. She looked over at the two of them “Thank you”

“No problem” She coughed and spit more blood out. “Stop talking Siobahn and just relax.”

“I’ll be fine no reason to worry.” The look on his face silenced her though. It was filled with genuine concern and she could see a little frustration in him where he felt bad he didn’t get back to her sooner. The ambulance and officers arrived and took the kidnapped girl and Siobahn. Jason left the bike there. He’d just pay for it at the rental place. He sat in the ambulance just rubbing her hair and holding one of her hands.

They got to the hospital and the other girl was fine and went home. The hospital cleaned Siobahns wound and bandaged her up. The doctor looked at her seriously “Nothing exciting until that’s healed. Just lay in bed when we release you.” They left to tell Jason he could come back now. He had been giving the nurses a lot of trouble and annoying them about her.

“How are you feeling?” He asked and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Like I got stabbed.” He frowned and she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “Don’t worry. The doctor told me the scar tissue from my last injury kept the damage to a minimum. I just can’t wait to get home, I need a beer.” His frowned deepened. “What’s wrong?”

“These last couple of days with you have been the happiest days of my life. It can get quite mundane when all you do every day is chase down men like Machiavelli. You made something out of my life, gave me something to look forward too.” He looked so sad and happy at the same time.

She felt a knot forming in her throat, tears burning in her eyes. “Did you mean it when you said you loved me?” She asked and he turned his intense green gaze on her and she couldn’t help but shiver a little.

“I did and it will always be true. Even if this is all the time I will ever have with you.”

She pulled him down to kiss him. She would die if he left. It was terrifying and amazing the intensity of her feelings for someone she barely knew. She didn’t want anyone else. “I’m not letting you go, I’ll handcuff us together if I have too, but you’re not leaving me.” She said softly.

“I would love nothing more than to be tied to you for the rest of my life.” He brushed the tears off her cheeks.

“Good, because I plan on making it the best life we ever had.” They kissed each other. This moment in time more perfect than they had ever dared to dream.


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