Sirabi & Ahanu

Chapter One

Sirabi was making another house call today. In cases like this child she’d see them in their home if she could, understanding how hard it was for the parents to get their child ready and to the hospital she worked at. This child, Charles, had a serve case of autism and only to make this childs life harder it was topped off with muscular dystrophy. Today she was going to help with his therapy and evaluate him. His parents were insistent he was in pain still and needed more medication and of course, before it could be granted she needed to sit in with him.

Sirabi thought the parents knew best. They weren’t over worries and she knew none of them had a drug addiction or used any of his pills for any other reason so she wished Charles hadn’t had to wait for her to come sit in but it was the way of things. If she had just written them the prescription they wanted on her judgement alone she could have gotten in a lot of trouble. When she arrived at the door her heart sunk. The mother looked like she hadn’t slept in days and Sirabi could already hear their son moaning loudly from their living room, most likely from pain.

The physical therapist was already there and greeted Sirabi with a handshake “you’re not late, I was really early”

“Have you already been working with him?”

“yes but it was to relieve him. He was moaning even worse than right now when I got here” Sirabi sighed “how long has he had a break?”

“About five minuets”

“Okay, I’ll talk to his parents a bit before we start” Sirabi went in the kitchen, leaving Charles and his therapist in the living room. She pulled out a bottle “you two and I both know I’m going to give you the higher prescription but I didn’t want Charles to have to wait for it to be filled so this is enough to start him. The dark blue ones are only for night time, I know he struggles to sleep, that will help him. Make sure he’s ready for bed before you give him that. The white ones are fine anytime but I wouldn’t recommend him having them more than three times a day. As always I trust your judgement but don’t give him more than you know he actually needs. He’s been on pain medication a large portion of his life and even when you aren’t abusing them, if used too much it can still hurt your liver and many other organs and I know you two don’t want him dealing with anything else. I’m only okaying the upage of dose because I know you, I know you wouldn’t have asked if he wasn;t miserable”

The mother hugged her “thank you Sirabi”

“anything I can do to help. Are you ready to get this all done with so I can legally write the prescriptions” Sirabi was once again glad she wasn’t a physical therapist, she often had to see children in tremendous pain but she didn’t know if she could force them to work muscles like she was watching the lady do now. Sirabi was relieved when it was all over and the therapist agreed he needed them. She officially had enough okays to do it and wrote the prescriptions right there. “I’m also waving the home visit fee again. Good luck to you both” she walked over and hugged Charles aswell before she left because she could sense he liked it when she hugged him. If she could provide his miserable life with comfort by just a hug she was more than happy to.

This was one of those days Sirabi needed some wine and ice cream so the next thing she did was stop at a store that carried her favorite wine. She picked it up along with her favorite ice cream and a few things she needed around her home. She was making her way to check out when that pest ran into her buggy on supposed accident “David”


“why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Jesus, hostile much?”

“with you yes, I tried nice and you wont leave me alone. Did you follow me here?”

“Sirabi, seriously?”

“Did you follow me here David?”

“I did why?”

“how long were you following me?”

“just sense you drove into town, god. I’ve done a lot for you, a little gratitude would be nice”

“Gratitude for what? I don’t want your gifts and I don’t want you. I keep telling you to stop sending me things.”

“I’ve stopped coming to your house haven’t I?”

“only because my parents paid to build a wall around our property and you have to know the code to get in”

“Sirabi, you’re single. Why the fuck” he took a deep breath, obviously trying to control himself “I’m not normally this nice to women. You should pay me some attention and stop being such a bitch”

“You’re not being nice to me. You’re not taking no for an answer and you need to quit stalking me”

“or what?”

“David, I’m serious”

“Or what Sirabi, what are you going to do about it? Until you’re reasonable this is all I can do”

“No, you can grow up and leave me alone” he was about to say something else when an off duty officer came over and flashed his badge “Is everything okay?” David groaned and walked away angrily. He repeated the question and Sirabi sighed “I guess it is now.”

“Can I walk you to your car?”

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea if you wouldn’t mind”

“It’s fine, I’m only here for one thing and I have it” she saw the box of diapers, size one. “aw, a newborn?”

“yeah, she flys through diapers” They talked about his baby until she was checked out and safely in her car. “Thank you for intervening”

“You just be careful around him. I don’t want to scare you but he’s one of our suspects in some murders. I don’t normally step into quarrels but I wanted to let you know. We don’t have anything that can stick but from the sounds of it he’s been harassing you.”

“I knew he was a dick, thank you” She thought it was sweet the cop stood there until she was out of the parking lot. Once on the road Sirabi spoke to her car “Call mom” she answered quickly and Sirabi shared her new information about David.

The fence around their property and the gate could be charged with electricity in the even of an emergency. Her father had asked for the extra security after he realized David had more than a simple crush on his daughter. She didn’t blame his over-protectiveness, not after everything that had happened to her mother. She punched in the code when she came to the front fate then drove up to the house where both of her parents were waiting on the front porch. They both looked relieved and walked down to hug her. “He didn’t touch you did he?” Shade asked as he pulled back to look at her.

“No, but that officer interrupted before it got out of hand. I really didn’t want to have to hurt him.”

“You tell me if he ever tries anything.”

“I will daddy, I promise.”

“I’ll call dad and see if he can get us information on these killings.” Catalina said as she gave her daughter another hug. “You’re staying for dinner right?”

“After I put all the stuff I bought away. How do you feel about wine and ice cream?”

“Sounds good and if you see Ahanu invite him over.”

“I’ll look for him, I’d love to hangout with him after the stress of today. Work was hard, I never thought about just how much pain I’d have to see children go through when I decided to be a Pediatric Neauroligist but I’d never quit, i have to see them in pain but I get to help them.”

“You’re amazing Sirabi” Sirabi brought the wine and ice cream inside then drove over to her own home. She loved living on her mothers property. She was far enough away when she was home she didn’t see them but if she wanted to be with her parents she could be there in minuets. She knew it would be amazing for her kids too when she had them. With them being so close and the gate that had been built around their property she could with absolute peace of mind let them run to their grandparents as they pleased. She didn’t have a mate to have babies with but she couldn’t get kids of her own off her mind lately. They would happen someday, she was young and was going to live forever anyway.

She smiled when she saw the coyote sleeping on her front porch, his head resting on his paws looking for all the world like an adorable watch dog. His ears twitched at her footsteps and he opened his eyes, yawning as he stood and stretched. “Hello mister coyote, what brings you here today?” She asked and and he huffed, making her laugh. “Mom wants to know if you’ll come for dinner.”

Ahanu shifted as she stepped inside and pulled on his pants before following her. “Is it just them?”

“And me of course. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“It’s fine, I do enjoy your family.” He sniffed, catching the hint of something familiar. “Has someone touched you?”

Sirabi laughed. “Touched me?”

“I can smell someone, a male.”

“Oh, that would be David and no he didn’t touch me, he was just standing really close so my clothes must have absorbed his scent.”

“David, he’s the stalker. Should I deal with him for you?”

“I don’t want you fighting with him if you don’t have to”

“He should have already left you alone by now” she could hear him suppressing a growl. He had always been so protective. She surprised him with a hug “I’m okay, I’m safe here and he’s only a human. If he were supernatural I’d be worried but one of us would have picked up on it by now”

“Humans can still harm and kill Sirabi” Ahanu said softly, a softness only her touch could inspire in him. They stayed like that a long time before Sirabi said “My parents are waiting. Come on” They put her stuff away then went back over to them. Her parents filled him in on the new information Sirabi had gotten today and it took amazing control not to let his heart go wild with anger and fear for her. They probably weren’t listening to his heart rate but if it got too loud they’d hear it regardless and he did his best not to show just how worked up David made him.

“It’ll be alright though and you know if he tries anything you’ll all be the first to know.” Sirabi said.

“Still, I feel like one of us should be with you.” Ahanu replied, managing to keep the irritation out of his voice. “What if he sneaks up on you or catches you at work?”

“Ahanu, it’s alright.”

“I just don’t want you getting hurt.” His gentle tone made her heart skip a beat. “Please, if you ever feel like he’s going to get violent tell me and I’ll start riding with you.”

“I will, I promise.”

They both noticed Shade staring and Ahanu took a step back from her. “Should I help cook?”

“You just set and visit with daddy.” Sirabi said, giving him a warm smile.

Chapter Two

Ahanu sat on the couch and Shade sat down in the chair just beside it. Ahanu looked at the floor a little too hard but he couldn’t help it, he was a bit embarrassed. “My mate is calling her father tonight to look into David. I’m glad the officer said something to our daughter” Shade started with. Ahanu nodded to acknowledge he heard him.

In town David had just broken into Sirabi’s office. He didn’t have a plan but he rarely did anymore when it came to her. How dare she spurn his advances. He had been nice to her when he normally just took whatever he wanted. He had been planning to let her live, to take a woman and keep her as a wife but he was beyond furious with her, especially after letting that cop escort her to her car. He wanted to punish Sirabi and he guessed he could find a good way how through her patients.

He was still trying to get into her computer when another doctor peeked in “Sirabi?” she saw there was a man and gasped “what’re you doing in there! David?” He got up from the desk to try and jerk her in the room but she ran “shit!” he said and ran after her. Secuirty got him long before he got to her and he cursed all the way to the police station.

Sirabi’s co worker called her right away, knowing she needed to know as soon as possible about this. Sirabi went to take her phone from her pocket when her mother said “we’re making dinner baby”

“I know, just let me check okay?”

“Okay” she saw it was Kristin “mom, its one of my colleges”

“alright, just hurry”

“Hey, Kristin, I’m making dinner so…”

“That freak just broke into your office, Sirabi.”

“Freak? David?”

“Yes, he…he came after me and he was in there messing around.”

Sirabi stood there in shock for a moment. She couldn’t believe he had gone so far as to break into her office. “Alright, I’m on my way. Do you know if he took anything?”

“I don’t know, but he’s been arrested.”

“Just give me a few minutes.” She hung up. “I have to go mom.”

“What happened honey?”

“David broke into my office.”


Shade and Ahanu heard what she said and both jumped up as she started out of the kitchen. “Where is he?” Shade asked angrily.

“At the police station, I have to go and make sure he didn’t take anything.”

“I’m going with you.” Ahanu said.

“You don’t have too…”

“Yes I do, just in case.”

“I’m sorry, we’ll be back”

“Shade I’m going to call my father right now” she went for her phone as her daughter slipped her shoes back on and left with Ahanu. “Please buckle up Ahanu” she reminded him as she started the car. He listened “sorry Sirabi”

“I just don’t want you getting hurt, you know that”

“I’m just not in these things often, I’m rarely off your parents property”

“I know, I don’t mind reminding you. Hopefully it’s not too annoying”

“The only thing annoying is this David”

“I’m just glad he didn’t hurt anybody. I hope he didn’t get into my computer. He shouldn’t have been able to but I’m really stressed about him knowing anything personal about my patients” Sirabi felt nauseous from all the stress. She had so badly just wanted to unwind with her family tonight and David was doing everything he could to sabotage any hope of that. They were unbuckled and out of the car moments after she parked it.

An officer followed her as she came in “Sirabi, mam?”

“Yes?” She kept walking, figuring he’d follow to talk “One of our off duty guys said he talked to you about David”

“He did”

“we’re so sorry mam, I’m going to stay with you in hopes he stole something or anything else we can use to keep him at the station”

“Feel free to stay, I want to check my computer first” some of the nausea went away when she saw he obviously hadn’t been able to log in, the children she cared for were safe.

“Is there any way we can get him on breaking and entering?” She asked as she changed her password and then signed out.

“Unfortunately he said he came by to see you and you weren’t here.”

“What about him trying to get into my computer?”

“Since he didn’t actually take anything, we can’t really get him. He can say he was just being nosy while you were out.”

She sighed. “What about a restraining order? He’s been bothering me for awhile, your officer saw that, and my parents even built a new security fence around their property to keep him out. Could I do that in case he bothers me again?”

“Would that keep him away?” Ahanu asked.

“I’m hoping that maybe the threat of it will.”

that will at least keep him at our station for a bit.”

“Good, then I want a restraining order”

“Is it okay if we talk to you more about what you’ve been dealing with from him and the times along with places. We…well.. I’m sorry to scare you if I do but we want to see if maybe when he gets frustrated with you he’s taking it out on other women..”

“Any way I can help” her stoamch growled loudly enough that even a human could hear it clearly “sorry, we were about to have dinner”

“Once you’re talking to the officer wherever you’re going to talk I’ll run get you some fast food”

“You sure?”

“yes, tell him all he needs to know” They sat down in Kristins office and she started giving him all the dates and times she could remember “I’m sorry, If I would have known I should be keeping track I would have”

“No, this is really good. Come to the station tomorrow and we’ll sort everything out. I just didnt’ want to take you tonight with him there” Ahanu had long since come back with food and walked Sirabi back to her car.

“I think for the time being I’ll be staying with you.” Ahanu said once he was buckled in.

“You don’t have to do that, I’ll be fine.”

“If I must I’ll stay on the porch in coyote form.”


“You do realize who you are talking too right, I’m far more stubborn than you can dream to be.”

She smiled. “I know, but still.” He unwrapped her burrito for her and she ate as she drove, her mind going over every instance with David. He had a short temper, she knew that and he hated rejection. She now wished she had actually kept all of the gifts he sent her, but she had tossed them out without really looking.

She called her parents when she was back in the gate “I am so done with this day at this point. Would it hurt your feelings if I just went home. Ahanu is going to be staying with me just so you know”

“Of course it wont, we understand. I talked to my dad and he’s going to call me in the morning. Want to join us for breakfast so you can be filled in too when he calls?”

“Of course mom, thanks for understanding tonight. You and dad just enjoy my wine and ice cream”

“I’m going to have your father run it over for your nerves”

“Oh mom it’s okay. I’m going to sleep”

“when you get stressed you don’t sleep very well. You’ll wake up and want it”

“I’m surrounded by such pushy people but I love you all” her mother laughed “says queen of the hard heads. I raised you you know”

“You did and I love you for how you raised me. Try and rest mom, we have the fence, I still have the gun dad bought me on my twentieth birthday and Ahanu will be in the house with me. If you two aren’t going to bed just yet though talk to my brothers about everything, can you imagine those two without todays updates?”

“Dylan would chew us all out, well, maybe except your father” Sirabi laughed with her mother, it felt good to laugh in such a stressful time. She was trying to stay calm, had managed it well until now but he had broken into her office, tried to get into her computer. If he used her patients information to harm them in anyway she didn’t know what she’d do with herself. She loved the kids she helped, each and every one.

They pulled up to her house and Ahanu asked “where should I sleep Sirabi?”

“Inside, I know the weather is nice and you like to sleep outside but if you’re staying here to watch over me I can’t have you on the porch” Her father arrived with the wine and ice cream shortly after they walked in. He hugged his daughter tightly as soon as he put it all away “I love you dad”

“I’m going to turn the gates electricity on tonight and every night until I’m sure David wont hurt you so be careful. When I leave here I am going to warn the other animals not to go near it”

“when you leave? You said that like you’re staying a minute”

“I want to check your gun and make sure it’s working properly. I don’t think you’ve used it since you took those shooting classes”

“I guess I probably should have kept myself familiar with it instead of just putting it away”

“You do more important things, it’s okay.” She showed him where she kept her gun and he carefully made sure it was in working order before leaving her home.

You don’t have to worry about anything, Sirabi, he’ll meet my fangs if he comes for you.” Ahanu said. “Why don’t you go relax and I’ll get you some of that wine and ice cream.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Sure I do, you look exhausted, especially after today so please relax, put on a movie.”

“Thank you, Ahanu.”

“You never have to thank me, you know I would do anything for you.” She blushed and he quickly turned away and went into the kitchen, hoping she hadn’t heard the true meaning in his words. He poured her a glass of wine and made her a big bowl of ice cream, hoping they would help calm her. He hated this David boy and wished to meet him face to face.

“Thank you Ahanu” she said as he set them in front of her on the coffee table. He sat close to her, his protective coyote demanding he stay near incase David somehow got into her mothers property. She took a sip of wine and asked Ahanu “so how was your day, before I came home and stressed everyone out that is”

“I didn’t do much”

“That’s always your answer, you must do something when I’m away”

“I enjoy nature, rest on your porch, sometimes bother your father”

“Why do you rest on my porch so much” He wanted to lie but he couldn’t, he loved her too much to lie to her “so I hear you right away when you come home. I don’t have many friends and I enjoy your company” Even if he had a lot of friends he’d still sleep on her porch but he added it to make it seem less like it was out of devotion to her. “well, I’m flattered but maybe you could try to make more friends. You must get bored”

“I don’t need anybody else” he could kick himself, what was wrong with him tonight. He was flirting far too much and he wasn’t trying, he was just answering her. She was staring and his heart rate picked up. He knew she could hear it and he may have left if he wasn’t worried about her safety. He couldn’t tell her that he loved her, it would be selfish. Ahanu felt she deserved more than him.

Chapter Three

“So, is there anything else I can do to take your mind off that moron?” He asked.

“Would it be rude to ask for a foot rub?”

“Not at all.” He grabbed her feet, helping her swivel around, then pulled her socks and shoes off and let his hand slide over her feet. He could feel how tense she was still. “You need to relax or you’ll start to hurt.”

“I know I’m trying, it’s just hard. I wish I knew what got him so obsessed with me. He could really hurt someone and it would be my fault.”

“Don’t say that. You don’t make the choice for him, he makes it himself. All the blame should lay solely on his shoulders. You’re an amazing person, Sirabi, never think less of yourself. That’s something I absolutely won’t stand for.”‘

“sometimes Ahanu, if I didn’t know better I’d say you care a lot more about me than you let on” He huffed nervously “I don’t know what you’re talking about Sirabi” She closed her eyes, letting herself get lost in how good Ahanu’s working hands felt on her aching feet. She was always on the go, walking or driving. They took some serious abuse. She faded to sleep but Ahanu kept rubbing, wanting to make sure her feet were completely loose in the morning.

When he was certain her feet would feel no more pain he carefully scooped her off the couch, surprised he managed not to wake her. She had to be incredibly exhausted. He took her to her bedroom and tucked her in. He wanted badly to crawl into bed with her, to pull her into him and hold her through the night but he resisted, she had allowed him to stay, not sleep with her. He wouldn’t take advantage of her like that nor would he even ask permission. He reminded himself again he’d probably make a poor mate. He couldn’t even remember the last woman he was with and how was he to live with himself if he made her hate him.

He sighed sadly, emotion swelling in his chest. Ahanu leaned down, pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek “I love you so much Sirabi. I love you so much I’m almost selfish enough to ask you to love me too sometimes, too many times” he caressed her cheek “rest well, David wont be coming anywhere near you” Ahanu shifted into his coyote and curled up in front of her bedroom door. If someone came in here they’d have to trip over him before getting to his beloved.

Sirabi was woke by her alarm going off in the living room and she quickly jumped up, hopping over Ahanu who was just standing from his place on the floor. She grabbed her phone and switched off the alarm as Ahanu was entering the room. “You’re not going to work today are you?” He asked.

“I want to, but I know I should wait until David’s been taken care of before I do. I don’t want him showing up and making a scene, especially in front of my patients.” She let out a sad little sigh that twisted his heart. “I really hate this.”

“Hey, it’s going to be okay.” He pulled her into a hug, letting his hand rub her back. “You could call their parents and explain the situation, I’m sure they’ll understand and if they really need you, then I’ll go with you and be your watchdog.”

She smiled. “Should I get you a collar?”

“I don’t think it’d look good on me.”

She called her appointments today and found them replacement doctors so she could stay home and keep David away from everyone else. She double checked once she was done to make sure she wouldn’t leave anybody hanging before turning to Ahanu “I think I’m going to take a long shower”

“I’ll take care of breakfast then”

“Thank you Ahanu” Sirabi hugged him again, they both lingered, she needed the comfort and he always loved holding her. Ahanu waited for the water to start running before looking around her kitchen for something to make. Sirabi sang in the shower, she knew he could hear her but he had been listening to her sing since she was a child and it didn’t embarrass her, besides, she knew he enjoyed her singing voice.

The smell of ham, eggs, and coffee filled her nose the moment she stepped out of the bathroom and her stomach growled. Ahanu was filling a cup with coffee when she came into the kitchen and he smiled warmly at her as he grabbed the sugar and creamer and stirred some in. “Here.” He handed it to her and she took a sip.

“Wow, it’s perfect. You must pay very close attention to me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Sometimes even close friends don’t know exactly how you like your coffee.”

“The stuff you like is important to me. I want you to be happy and comfortable so I absorb the details.”

“It’s actually really sweet.”

He glanced at her, his heart jumping in his chest. “I thought maybe it was strange.”

“Not at all, the fact you care about me so much makes me happy.”

“well, please sit, I hope everything else is perfect. This is only the second time in your life I’ve been able to cook for you” Able, it was cute how he said that, like it was some honor to make her breakfast. He really was a sweetheart and she wished he didn’t judge himself so harshly or call himself weird. Sirabi sat and quickly began eating. “everything’s perfect Ahanu, I’m really glad you’re here. You can almost make me forget anything bad is going on around us”

“Nothing bad is going on or will. He sets a toe into this property and he will be taken care of” It hit Sirabi she was supposed to be eating with her parents “oh god we forgot about them!” She ate a few more bites and called her mom “sorry!”

“are you eating with Ahanu?”

“Yeah, I’m so sorry”

:”It’s the stress baby, it’s fine, come over when you two are done eating”

Chapter Four

“I feel so bad.” She said when she sat back down.

“They understand.” He reached across the table and took her hand.

“I know, I know, I just wish I David wasn’t getting to me. I feel so childish.”

“Well don’t, it’s normal to be worried.”

“Thank you, Ahanu.” He always knew what to say to make her feel better whether she was angry or upset, he always seemed like a breath of fresh air.

When they were done eating, Sirabi made sure he doors and windows were locked just in case. She took Ahanu’s hand when they left and he felt a warm tingle move through his fingertips. He loved the feel of her skin. “What’s the occasion?” He asked, trying to make the question sound as innocent as possible.

“I used to hold your hand all the time when you and dad would hang out. Between the two of you, it always made me feel safe. You don’t mind right?”

“Of course not, do what makes you happy.”

She smiled at him and his heart did a flip in his chest. Once they were with her parents Catalina began telling them what her grandfather said “so he thinks he might have been involved aswell?”

“Yep and he’s paying a couple P.Is to help the police to hopefully get him locked up before he can do anything to you. He’s going to look into some other ways he can help too. If David did kill those girls he got himself caught bothering you”

“what if he killed them because of me?”

“The first four died long before he started harassing you so even if he did kill any of them because he got mad at you he was a murderer long before that and probably used any excuse to kill. Regardless you had every right to reject him and it looks like it was smart to. Even if he tells you any of their deaths are your fault they aren’t” Sirabi nodded as she sighed. A little over a week later. with her grandfather helping the police in any ways his money could they managed to bring together more evidence than they needed to put David away. They all went to Davids trial when it was arranged six months later and afterwards celebrated his sentencing.

Before Sirabi left that night Shade took his daughter to the side and said “I’m glad we raised you to talk to us Sirabi. If you hadn’t kept your mother and I filled in since the very beginning of David who knows what may have happened. You letting us know you had a problem led to today. You stayed safe and now he will rot in jail for all the women he killed. “Thank grandpa again for me too. I am just too tired to stay up with you all any longer” She noticed Ahanu behind her father, he looked unsure what to do with himself. “Ahanu?” she said and he looked at her nervously “Um, am I walking you home? I..I know he’s locked up now but..I’ve gotten used to it”

“Sure Ahanu” he came off the porch and Sirabi hugged her father “goodnight dad”

“Goodnight sweetheart”

“I’m so glad it’s over.” She said as they walked at a leisurely pace, seeing no reason to rush.

“I’m just relieved you’re safe. I don’t know what I would have done if he had hurt you.” He huffed. “Well that’s not entirely true, I would have hunted him down and killed him.”

“You should see our face.” She teased. “You look like you’re going to run off now and give him a piece of your mind.”

“I might if he wasn’t safely caged.”

“Ahanu, it’s okay now, I’m safe.” She took his hand, her warm smile calming the beast within.

“I just…losing you would have killed me.”

“You know…I haven’t said anything but I’ve been getting the feeling that maybe you care about me..as in maybe you love me and won’t tell me for some reason. Please, be honest with me. I don’t care if I’m wrong and embarrass myself but I love you too Ahanu” Ahanu swallowed, feeling incredibly nervous “Sirabi..I’m…well I’m me”

“what sort of answer is that”

“You are wonderful and smart and kind and..you’re an amazing people person…I only ever hang around you”

“There’s nothing wrong with you”

“You deserve someone more, someone you can take out with your friends that won’t embarrass you”

“You could never embarass me and if anybody gae me a hard time about you I’d drop them, not you. I love you Ahanu’

“I don’t see why”

“You pay attention to those little details. You truly care about everything about me. I can sit and talk to you about anything in the world and you’re always happy to listen. What more could a woman want Ahanu?” He couldn’t hold himself back in that moment no matter how much he wanted to for her sake. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Kissing her was earth shattering, it had his heart pounding against his chest. This, this had to be what heaven felt like. “wow” she said a bit breathlessly when he pulled back “too much?” Ahanu asked “Not enough” Sirabi said as she pulled him back in for more. He lifted her into the kiss, moving his lips against hers all the way back to her home.

He kicked open her door and before he realized what he was doing he was removing her clothes. He jerked away from her “I’m so sorry”

“No, it’s fine, I want to”


She pulled her clothes off and tossed them to the side, blushing as his eyes swept over her. She could hear his heart rate pick up and could see the love and lust swirling in his eyes. “Make love to me, Ahanu, please.”

Any doubts he had were overshadowed by his own want of her and his lips crashed into hers and he crushed her nude form to him. He lifted her, her legs going around his waist as he carried her to her room. He pressed her into the mattress, his hands exploring the heat of her skin, his lips following the line of her neck to her breasts. “Are you ready my love?” He asked. “I need you.”


He slammed into her, going wild with his long pushed down desire of her. It was all flowing out, all his need, lust and his love. She could feel it all as he ravished her. He came twice before laying at her side and pulling her into him “I love you so much Sirabi” his voice still a husky whisper filled with desire. “I love you too”

“That was incredible”

“It was for me too. You should have just told me Ahanu and I don’t want to hear your silly excuses again”

“I’ve just loved you so much, I only want you happy, even if that would ever mean my unhappiness” She snuggled into him a little more, almost in tears. “You’re so sweet Ahanu”

“For you, always”

~ The End

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