Solon & Judas

Chapter One

Judas was exhausted and walking out of his cousins house to head home when he saw one of his old friends, bruised, covered in glitter, obviously passed out and bleeding a little from her mouth. He rushed over and checked to see if she was breathing “thank god” he said to himself then checked her purse for a wallet. They had been friends but he didn’t know where she lived. “damn” there was no wallet to be found. He hoped nobody had stolen it. “Hey!” a guy called out from behind him. Judas said “I am going to call an ambulance for her”

“No you’re not. She bought some shit from me. You call an ambulance and my ass is at the police station. That bitch will squeal on me. I know it”

“whatever, I’m taking her home in a cab then”


“Because I’m not a horses ass” Judas snapped and picked his friend up. He struggled, he had never really been that strong though he knew most animal shifters were. Judas hadn’t thought much further than the cab when one came and he got in. “where to” where to? He repeated in his head. He didn’t know if her twin brother would be happy but he knew where he lived since he had been there twice before back when he hungout with Gasha. He gave her twin brother Solon’s address. When they arrived he struggled to get her to his door but he managed it and knocked.

Solon was mid horror move so paused to make sure he heard right. The knocking came again and he got off teh couch to check the door. His whole demeanor dropped when he saw one of his sisters friends holding Gasha in such a horrible condition “I didn’t do this to her” Judas blurted out. He felt stupid for it but her brother was on the larger side and quite intimidating. “I know, please bring her in.” he sounded so disappointed and he guessed it was normal to see her like this. “is she okay? It looks like we should take her to the hospital”

“That might not be smart. I’m pretty sure she bought some drugs off one of the men at the party”

“You party with her?”

“No, one of my cousins called me upset so I went there to help her. Most of why I don’t see her anymore is because I don’t party and thats all she wants to do lately”

“damn it! Fuck…” Solon said to nobody in particular. Drinking was one thing but drugs now? He walked out and came back with a bucket of ice and water and splashed it on his sister who woke up with a gasp. “Solon” she snapped, knowing it was her brother before she even opened her eyes “what the fuck?! Drugs now? Are you kidding”

“don’t fucking judge me Solon” She got up and walked off, Judas wasn’t sure where but she was heading to her brothers guest room. He followed and Judas sat down. He felt awkward but he had been so tired, even before his cousin called him. He grabbed her by her arm in the bedroom “Solon”

“what did you take Gasha?”

“None of your business” he let her go and tried to breath. “Gasha, drugs is where I draw the line. You have blood on your face.”

“some jerk off punched me” she yelled, interrupting him before he blamed some drug. “well when you hangout with low lifes”

“excuse me mr perfect”

“Gasha, it’s time to stop this. I mean it. Drinking was bad enough but you are not doing drugs. I love you too much to let you do this to yourself.”

“My head hurts, leave me alone”

“No Gasha, this ends tonight. You’re getting sober, from everything. I’m helping you get clean and I’m going to find you someoen to talk to”

“I don’t” now he interrupted her “you do, you have been destroying yourself ever since dad died. You had so much potential, such a bright future ahead of you and now you hate yourself so much, all you do is destroy your life now.”

“But I”

“But nothing, people argue in cars all the time. Arguing was who you adn dad were. Damn it all if you didnt inherit his hot head. You two were just unlucky and he looked away from the road. It’s not your fault Gasha and if it kills me this is the last night you’ll spend punishing yourself.”

“You’re such a prick. Just leave me alone and let me go back to sleep”

“I don’t care if you think I’m a prick. I love you enough to be an asshole. You’re getting clean, no more drugs and no more alcohol”

“what’re you going to do? Lock me in this room?!”

“Fucking maybe” He wanted to be calm, he wanted to be more understanding but seeing his sister come home like that, knowing she was now delving into drugs. He was over the edge with emotion and fear he was going to lose his sister forever. If she had been like this before she and their dad were in an accident it would be one thing but this wasn’t his sister and he was going to save her weather she wanted it or not.

“Why don’t you just leave me alone and…and go back out there to that little snitch who brought me here.”

“Don’t blame Judas for protecting you. Someone could have fucking raped you.” He took a deep breath. “Sleep it off, tomorrow you’re going to start getting clean, even if I have to lock you up.”

“Whatever and tell Judah’s to go to hell.”

She slammed the bedroom door and Solon sighed. All he wanted was his sister back, to save her from her self destructive behavior. Judas was still sitting on the couch when he went back into the living room, but he stood as soon as Solon entered the room. “I guess I should go.”

“Thank you for bringing her and I hope you know she didn’t mean that, she’s just pissed.”

“drugs change you, alcohol changes you too when you over do it and she’s doing both. I know not to take it personally. Like you told her though, someone could have raped her or kidnapped her and done that and more. I’m just glad I knew somewhere to bring her. We may not be close now but I would have done that for any woman I saw passed out on the ground.” Judas was struggling even worse to stay awake as he spoke and Solon noticed “do you want to sleep on my couch. You don’t look so good”

“damn, thanks man”

“seriously, you helped my sister. Sleep on my couch. I’ll finish my movie in my room” Judas was far too exhausted to keep fighting “okay, thank you”

Solon went and grabbed a blanket and pillow and smiled when he came back at Judas already asleep on the couch. He could only imagine the kind of night he had had to make him that tired. He hadn’t even taken his shoes off. Solon slowly took them off for him then managed to slip the pillow under his head and cover him without waking him. Judas let out a little groan, grabbing the blanket and pulling it up to his face before settling back down again. Solon didn’t know how his sister had managed to land a friend that loyal, but he was thankful all the same. He still couldn’t get all of the possible worst case scenarios out of his head. What if his sister had overdosed on drugs? Would she have died there on the side of the road with no one to help her? It was almost like fate had played her right to where Judas was, knowing she would need help. He let out a long sigh as he switched off the TV and lights then went to his room and put his movie on. He wasn’t really in the mood to watch it anymore, but he liked the noise as he thought of a plan to save his sister from herself.

In the morning Judas woke with a groan as he sat up on the couch. He slipped his hand into his pocket to check his phone, more to see the time than anything else. He slipped it back into his pocket and noticed he was covered and was no longer wearing his shoes. He had never thought her brother to be mean but it surprised Judas that Solon had taken the time to not only tuck him in and slip a pillow under his head but had taken off his shoes and set them side by side on the floor. Judas listened, it sounded as if Gasha was still resting. If the tv wasn’t confusing his senses it sounded as if Solon was in the shower. Judas considered putting on his shoes and leaving but he felt that might be rude and he wanted to thank Solon for letting him stay the night.

He went ahead and folded his blanket and sat the pillow on top. He didn’t know where to put them so he hoped Solon wouldn’t mind doing it. He went ahead and grabbed his shoes and dropped back down on the couch to put them on. He needed to remember to call his cousin when he got home and make sure everything was alright. “Sneaking off?” Solon’s voice startled him and his eyes traveled up him in a quick sweep.


“Looks like it.”

“Uh…” Solon was still drying his hair. “I was just getting my shoes, I was going to wait.”

“I’m just messing with you.” He draped the towel over his shoulders as he crossed the room and sat down next to Judas. “Sleep okay?”

“Yes um thanks for tucking me in last night, you didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s the least I could do after you took care of Gasha. She got lucky so thank you.”

“That’s what friends are for.”

Solon gave him a smile. “Let me make you breakfast.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t ask you to do that. You already let me camp out here.”

“You didn’t ask, I offered and besides, I want to so let me. Just relax, you still look tired.”

Breakfast did sound really nice and if he got to share it with a man as handsome as Solon, that was all the better. “Okay, I’ll stay awhile then”

“good, is there any particular way you like your eggs?”

“I’ll just have them however you like them” Solon didn’t want things just to be silent as he cooked so he asked “So you said you were there for your cousin. What was wrong with her?”

“My cousin was hosting the party your sister was at and these guys she didn’t even invite were hassling her, not to mention a few things had gotten broken by some other people there. I made sure they left then helped her pick up and fix a few things”

“I will never understand partying like that”

“Me neither but I’ll need to call her after breakfast to be sure she’s okay and those guys didn’t come back”

“I’m glad it didn’t turn violent.”

“Me too, I’m a bit of a weakling.”

“Don’t talk about yourself like that, you did a wonderful thing for your cousin and you protected my sister. Weak or not, you stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves.”

Judas ducked his head, not wanting him to see he was embarrassed. “They definitely wouldn’t have messed with you, you’re way more intimidating.”


“Oh come on, I can’t be the only person in the world who has said you look like you could snap a guy in half.”

Solon chuckled. “Okay, maybe not, but I’m not that bad.”

Chapter Two

How’re you going to get your sister clean?”

“I don’t know, I’m still working that out in my head but I meant what I told her last night. I love her too much to let her destroy herself with drugs if I can help it”

“if I can help let me know, she’s a good person. I’d like to see her how she was again”

“Maybe you could stick around if you’re not too busy. I’m just her asshole big brother, you and Gasha were pretty good friends right?”


‘Can you get some stuff for yourself and help me out here with her?”

“Um, yeah” Solons incredibly sexy grin gave Judas goosebumps which embarrassed him again, despite the fact Solon didn’t appear to notice.

After breakfast, Judas called his cousin and was happy to hear everything was okay. He had been ready to head back over there and do his best to scare anyone who might come to threaten her. He was about to call a cab when Solon dangled his keys in front of his face. “Take my car, it won’t cost you anything and it’ll be much faster.”

“Are you sure?”


“Will you be alright if Gasha gets up?”

“Yeah, just go ahead and get what you need. No rush, you’re already doing so much for me, so take your time.”

“I’ll go as fast as I can, I don’t want to be gone to long with your car, just in case.” Solon smiled and Judas turned away before he caught him blushing.

Judas quickly walked out and Solon couldn’t help but stand there thinking Solon was adorable. He still wore a smile until he turned and saw his sister “He’s not here to be your new toy”

“My new toy?”

“I’m your sister, you have the hots for him”

“I’ve never had toys sister and in any case you are our concern”


“You are, I can’t help being attracted to him.” she shrugged “I guess”

“You still pissed at him for bringing you to me?”

“No..You were right…someone could have raped me or god knows what else. My head is more clear today”

“it’s going to stay clear too”

“Solon, you are not the boss of me”

“Nobody says I am but you need to let me help you”

“I’m fine”

“what if he isn’t the one to stumble upon you next time and what if you over dose”

“Solon” he could hear that all too familiar pain climb up in her voice so he said “you didn’t kill dad Gasha”

“I know that”

“No you don’t, you blame yourself”

“I didnt kill him but my mouth caused the wreck”

“It didn’t, you got that mouth from him. You both were fighting”

“You don’t fucking know anything.”

“I know he was driving and he should have been paying attention. I also know he would be more than pissed if he could see what you’re doing, in fact he’d make you get clean, even if you hated him.” He crossed his arms. “I don’t care if you hate me, you can run away all you want, but I won’t stop fighting for you, it’s what he’d want.”

“Why do you have to make everything so difficult?”

“Because that’s what brothers do, they look out for their sisters even if they hate it.”


“Come eat, I made extra.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You’re still going to eat.”

She groaned, deciding just to eat. “You really are a pain”

“you can count on that for the rest of your life” when Solon arrived home he grabbed his phone charger, clothes and a few other necessities before heading back out again. He was surprised Solon wanted him there to help. He was friends with her but not as much now as they were before. He guessed maybe it had to do with moral support for himself as well. He was going to help his sister get off drugs and that would mean her getting sick and angry and probably saying things that would hurt his feelings, not to mention the pain of watching her suffer.

He double checked to make sure he had everything before leaving. He wanted to get Solon’s car back to him and he was sure Gasha was up and waiting to tell him off. He hoped they weren’t fighting or that he had already locked her up. He was pleasantly surprised when he returned to her sitting at the kitchen table pushing some food around and Solon sitting on the couch drinking coffee. Gasha didn’t look like she was in a good mood, but she wasn’t screaming and cursing. Solon gave him another smile when he stepped into the living room and Judas felt his heart trip over itself. Why was he so good looking and why did he have to smile like that?

“That was quick.” Solon said. “Coffee?”

“I told you I wouldn’t take long.” He held out the car keys. “And no thanks, I’m good.” He sat his belongings next to the couch then sat down, feeling a bit awkward with everything that was going on. “So, Gasha, it’s good to see you’re awake.”

“Sure, thanks by the way.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome.”

“Why were you there anyway?”

“You were kind of passed out in front of my cousin’s house, that’s where the party was. She needed my help so I guess I just lucked upon you.”


“It’s also luck you brought me here back when we hungout because your ID isn’t in your wallet, I checked it to figure out where to take you” Gasha’s eyes widened in alarm as she checked her wallet “fuck! Oh my god! Someone did stumble upon me before you! They took my ID and credit cards!”

“do you know how to get them canceled?”

“I’m sure I can figure that out online. Why didn’t you say that sooner Judas?!” she snapped at him and before Judas could respond her brother snapped back “do not yell at him because you were being stupid last night. He helped you and you’re just going to be grateful” she groaned again as she walked over to her brothers desktop computer “It’s really okay Solon, I guess that was important to tell her sooner”

“Yeah, being a smidge over protective of someone you barely know huh Solon” Gasha added, her brother might intimidate others but she always spoke her mind with him, knowing him for the good hearted man he was.

Solon glared at his sister and Judas gently grabbed his arm. “Please don’t fight, I’m not mad so you shouldn’t be mad.”

Solon sighed as he turned his attention to Judas. “You are way too nice, you know that right?”

“I can be pretty mean when I need to.”

Solon chuckled. “Mmhm, I’m sure.”

“I scared those guys away, they didn’t even go back over there.”

“Alright, alright, don’t kill me, I’m only teasing.” Gasha snorted and Solon grabbed one of the throw pillows she had bought him and threw it at her.

“Asshole.” She said as she threw it back.

“You started it.” She rolled her eyes.

“Whatever, anyway, I’m done.”

She was soon on the phone canceling her cards, leaving Solon and Judas alone in the living room. “so, do you have a boyfriend?” Solon asked and Judas nervously answered “No”



“well, it means I can flirt” Solon chuckled at how fast Judas’s heart was beating. “sorry, I’m very direct. I hope that’s alright”

“I…it’s fine”

“what do you do for work?”

“I’m a marketing manager. I’d tell you about my job but I’m yet to find a single person who would find it interesting”

“try me” Solon prompted. “well, I basically work with companies to establish their brand and find customers”

“why wouldn’t that be interesting. I bet that’s hard work?”

“It can be, but its a good job and I dont have to sit in an office anywhere all the time. Thats all I really wanted when I was deciding what to become, a job where I wasn’t tied down to a certain schedule every single week. Anyway, what do you do Solon?”

“I work in a special effects department. Right now I mostly run errands, help with packing and transport, but I’m learning the trade. I want to work on horror movies.”


“Maybe I’ll take you into the studio some time and show you all the masks and monster suits.”

“That sounds a bit spooky.”

“Especially at night.” Solon grinned, winking at him.

Judas felt heat creeping into his face and he quickly looked away. “So you uh want to start your own business?”

“I would love to.”

“Well maybe when you do, you could give me a call and I could help out.”

“I’d really like that and we’d get to spend more time together.”

“I could type up a list and give you a print out of things you should be thinking about so that once you’re ready to have your own business you can take off running. I’m sure you know it’s costly to start, the more prepared you are the less money will be lost in the initial start.” Judas began to wonder if he remembered what Solon and his sister were correctly. Solon looked so predatory as he sat there looking at him but to his memory they were fairies. He was more accustomed to wolves, large cats and things of that nature looking at him like they wanted to eat him. They continued to talk about Solons future goals until Gasha returned to the room “whoever took my shit didn’t spend any money yet surprisingly. They are sending me new cards” she announced to the room, taking a seat beside Judas.

“That’s good, probably just one of those guys that were at the party, they seemed like the type.” Judas said.

“At least that’s all they took.” Solon added.

“Oh god this is getting unbearable to watch.” Gasha said, rolling her eyes. “Why don’t you just go bang him already.”

Judas blushed and Solon laughed. “And let you sneak off, I don’t think so.”

“Like you could stop me anyway.”

“You know I could so don’t test me. You’re going to be staying here for awhile because next time someone finds you in a ditch or on the side of the road you’ll probably have been raped or murdered and I’m not letting that happen. I love you too much for that. I also don’t think you really want to live like this.”

She sighed. “So what then? Just cold turkey?”

“Yes, you can have tylenol for the pain and water if you’re thirsty.”

“This is so stupid, I hate you.”

“I know but once you’re clean I’m going to find you a psychiatrist to help you deal with the car accident too and after that I’m sure you’re going to be happy I helped you”

“I’m not crazy Solon”

“Needing help from a psychiatrist does not mean you’re crazy Gasha” The house phone rang so Solon walked over to it “What’re you doing today son? Can I come over?”

“No, I’m helping Gasha get clean”

“and that means I can’t come over?”

“Of course it does, she doesn’t need your shit”

“My shit?”

“You know good and damn well what I’m talking about. You’re not welcome over until she’s better because I can’t trust you not to be a bitch to her. You’re partially to blame for her problem, I hope you know that mom”

“She deserves to feel bad. She fought your dad on everything”

“and you wonder why you can’t come over. I’m done talking about this. I love you and I’ll see you once she’s better” Solon hungup and returned to the living room. “sorry”

“You can see mom Solon”

“Yes, I can see her when you’re better. You wont get better with her around and you are what I’m concerned with right now.

Chapter Three

“So what then, what am I supposed to do, just sit here?”

“Or sleep or take warm baths, eat if you can. We’re going to take care of you, I promise and you can yell at me as much as you want and I won’t even get mad.”

Both Solon and Judas could see how much she was hurting under the mask she had created. It was in her eyes, how she was on the verge of breaking down. “I’ll even get your favorite snacks.” Judas said.

“I’ll probably just throw them up.”

“Then I’ll buy more.”

“I don’t even have any clothes.”

“I can go get some for you.”

“I’ll go, there’s not telling who might be waiting at her place.” Solon said.

“Fine.” Gasha finally relented, seeing that she had no more excuses.

“I won’t be gone long.”

“Be careful.” Judas said and Solon smiled sweetly at him, making his heart dance.

“Don’t worry about me and if she gets mouthy I have duct tape in the utility closet, feel free to slap a piece on her.”

“Fuck off.” Gasha said.

“I don’t think it’ll be a problem.” Judas replied.

Before leaving Solon gave Judas a quick kiss on the cheek, loving how pink he turned because of it. “Bye” he said with a wink and walked out. Gasha shook her head “He’s only going to get worse so you better tell him if you aren’t interested Judas. My brother has never been too shy to tell a guy he likes him”

“I ii it’s fine”

“well thats good, he drives me bat shit crazy but he’s a good guy. I’m glad you ended up bringing me here so he could see you again..anyway, I’m going to take a bath I guess. My nerves are shot after realizing I didn’t have my credit cards on me and I’m honestly already wanting to go buy more drugs”

“can I make you anything?”

“No, just relax until my brother gets back”

“Yell for me if you need somthing”

“I will”

Solon had been glad to see there wasn’t anyone around or in Gasha’s apartment and had quickly collected everything she would need. He went through the place while he was there, tossing out any drugs and alcohol he could find before leaving. He would do a more through search later before he let her come home. When he got back, he was happy to see Judas sitting on the couch watching a movie. “Hey, everything go okay?” He asked as he sat his sister’s stuff down.

“Yeah, she’s taking a bath.” He couldn’t help but feel a little nervous when Solon sat down next to him. His heart was beating way too fast and he kept his eyes on the TV, too embarrassed to look Solon in the eyes.

“That’s good, she didn’t yell at you or anything?”


Solon chuckled at his nervousness and couldn’t help wanting to tease him a little. He moved in closer, seeing Judas’s eyes widen when he let his lips brush his cheek. He was to cute. “How are you feeling?”


Solon gently grabbed his chin and turned his head and watched as he turned red at the closeness. “You’ll tell me if that changes?”

“Yes, I promise.”

“good, while I was there I got rid of what drugs and alcohol she had. Maybe you and I can do a more thorough search when she’s gotten over the addiction, before we send her home”


“so I’d like to know more about you, beyond what you do for work or the fact you’re my sisters friend. Do you have any hobbies?”

“Not really, I mean, I like to do a lot of things but theres nothing I do frequently enough to consider it a hobby of mine” Solon nodded then asked “so what are you? I know you’re not human but what escapes me”

“I’m a goblin shark shifter” Solon looked confused so Judas said “I can probably find a picture online”

“why can’t I see you shift?”

“I’d have to get naked”

“so, why can’t I see you shift?” Solon asked again with a smile which made Judas revert to being red again.

“Well, I mean, if you really want to. I…I could maybe do it later.” He fidgeted nervously, unable to look away. “Wh…what about you? Are you just fairy or something else too?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just you’re, well you kind of have a predatory quality.”

“Predatory? Really?”

Judas swallowed. “Yeah.”

“My god Solon, you’re going to give him a heart attack.” Gasha said as she came into the living room wrapped in a towel.

Solon smiled at his sister. “I can’t help it, he’s so adorable.”

She rolled her eyes. “Did you get my stuff?” He pointed at the bag he had brought back. “Thank you and either take a cold shower or get it on, but stop tormenting him.”

“Am I tormenting you, Judas?” Solon asked.

“N…no, I’m really fine.”

“and believe me I would just get it on with you but I’m worried about my sister sneaking out” Gasha took collected her things and went into the room she was using. “warn me if I need to listen to my ipod!” she yelled and Solon chuckled. When he was done laughing he said “but seriously, am I being too much? I just really like you and I’m the furthest thing from shy about my feelings”

“I’m not used to a guy being like this, especially about me but it’s not making me uncomfortable”

“you’re really cute, I’m surprised”

“So…I guess I should put it out there I don’t like to go to bed with people that fast…is that okay? I’m interested in you too but, I’d need a little time, regardless of how hot you are”

“Slow can be good, I like to tease anyway. I guess we should just be thinking about a good date then” Judas felt relieved that him not wanting to have sex right away wasn’t a deal breaker with Solon. He was an incredibly sexy man and Judas was sure he had no problem getting men in bed. It was a long, emotional process but in the following weeks they managed to get his sister Gasha off drugs and in a few months she was seeing a psychiatrist twice a week. Judas had been blushing a lot less around Solon but now that they didn’t have his sister to worry about so much and the focus was solely on their relationship Judas found himself nervous again. Solon was an incredible person, an amazing catch to say the least and Judas just didn’t feel like he was in Solon’s league.

“Why do you look like you’re ready to run? I thought we made it past the nervous, shy stage.” Solon teased as he switched on his TV and clicked the Netflix icon.

“I’m not nervous.” Judas replied.

“Very convincing.” He tussled Judas’s hair, making him blush. “It’s fine, I like when you’re nervous and flustered and don’t know what to do about it.”

“You’re just so…so you.”

“Well I’d hope so. If I was suddenly someone else, I’d be worried.”

“Shut up, jerk.”

Solon chuckled. “Come on, tell me what’s wrong. I can’t fix what it is if you don’t tell me.”

“Well look at you and then look at me. I can’t compare to…” he gestured to Solon, “to all of that. Your confidence and your good looks and your smile.”

“I don’t want you to compare yourself to me, I love you just the way you are.”

“But…what did you say?”

Solon smiled. “I love you.” Judas just stared at him looking surprised, his face getting more red by the second. Solon started laughing and pulled him into a hug. “Did I break you?”

“Nu..no, I’m just surprised..I love you too”

“I just wanted my sister to be gone before I told you. Little more romantic without her here”

“How long have you been in love with me?”

“I don’t know, it started just with you bringing my sister here. You could have knocked then run off, you could have taken her to a hospital and let her get in a lot of trouble with the law and washed your hands of it. You could have done so many other things including just walk by her from the start and never get yourself involved. How you reacted to Gasha laying there told me a lot about what kind of man you are. Then you were so involved in helping her get clean. You are selfish, you’re adorable and you’re amazing and I’m madly in love with you”

“I mean are you sure? I’m not exactly impressive in any sense. I can’t fight, I’m not strong, I have zero gifts, I…I…” Solon’s hands framed Judas’s face and he leaned in, smiling at how adorable he was. He pressed their lips together and felt his own heart skip a beat. He pushed him down onto the couch and let his hands slide under his shirt. “W…wait, you said we would go slow.”

“Touching’s okay, right?”

“You won’t try…”

“No, I promise. You can touch me too.” He grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled it off, causing Judas to swallow.

“Why are you so sexy? It’s not fair.” He let out a little whine and let his hands slide over Solon’s chest. “It really drives me crazy.”

“Good, be crazy for me.” He pushed Judas’s shirt off then held him tightly to him, savoring the skin to skin contact as pressed hungry kisses to his lips.

They got lost in the passion of this moment, thinking about nothing else but how good it felt to be this close and to have their tongues mingling. Goosebumps began to cover their skin which their exploring hands enjoyed finding. Even the sound of eachothers heavy breathing drove eachother wild with need. Judas didn’t know where this was going but in this moment he didn’t give a damn. Solon loved him and he loved Solon back and right now, that was all the information he needed to be the happiest being alive.

~ The End

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