Somsri & Askari

Chapter One

A male demon opened Askaris living area and threw in a badly beaten girl. They had obviously cleaned her up and changed her out of whatever was definitely drenched in blood but the bruises and swelling made it obvious someone had beaten the sense out of her. It shocked Askari and the others who habitated this living area since they normally weren’t violent with them, in fact this was the first time they had seen a human beaten so badly.

Just as she landed the demon said “I’ll be back in three hours for bath time and dinner” he locked their gate and walked away. Askari and the rest of the group rushed over to her, Fabienne picking her up and carrying her over to a bed “gezz, why would they do this? I’ve been here longer than any of you and I’ve never seen this”

“we’ll just have to ask when she wakes up” Askari said, concern in her eyes as she looked at Somsri. RĂ¼diger walked down to the end of the bed and took off her shoes “Brendis, give her your blanket, I think she deserves the most comfortable one” He nodded and went to fetch his blanket. Askari took it from him and tucked her in before brushing hair out of her face “I hope you wake before dinner, if not I’ll ask for a snack to bring back.”

They all decided to give her air so went back to what they were doing before their newest cohabitant arrived. Askari saw every person she shared this home with her family, as they also did, she hoped this girl would be the same. They had gotten a few roomates who didn’t fit so well with them but if that was the case that was the case. Only time would tell if she would be a part of their family.

Pain, it jolted through her as she slipped into consciousness. Her entire body felt like one giant bruise and she couldn’t move, was too weak to even open her eyes. She could hear movement around her, but couldn’t even call out. She slipped away again, back into that sweet darkness where there was no pain. She didn’t know how long she stayed there, but she felt herself moving back toward wakefulness. She groaned and heard footsteps moving toward her. Fingers brushed her forehead and her body reacted on its own, her hand flying up and grasping the wrist of whoever touched her. Her eyes opened and she found a gorgeous green pair staring back at her.

“It’s okay, I’m here to help.” The woman said, her voice beautiful, calming.

“Where?” Was all she could say as her body grew weak again and her arm dropped to the bed. Her fear had given her strength.

“Your new home.”

“No, not my home.” Images flashed through her mind and she groaned as she tried to remember. “Never my home.”

“You’ll get used to it, what’s your name?”

“Can’t remember…tell you when I do.”

“Are you hungry or thirsty, do you know why they did this too you?”

She gave a small nod. “Just a little…remember fighting, hurt someone.”

“they must not have surprised you well enough and got you knocked out quickly. They are normally good at that”


“I’ll explain when your head feels better. Might be no point right now”


“let me get you a drink” Askari hurried off and gave the others looks to tell them to give her some air before overwhelming her with introductions. When Askari came back she had a cold glass of water and a small plate of fruit. “eat if you can. We have other stuff if fruit isn’t your thing”


“I hate they hurt you so bad. Freedom is obviously better but they treat us pretty well considering we’re animals to them. It isn’t all that bad once you’re used to life here

“I don’t plan on getting used to it. Anyone who would beat me like that, does not deserve a second of my time.” She took a sip of water an popped a grape in her mouth.

“Don’t be so foolish, it could get you killed.”

“Being a slave is worse than death. Am I right to assume you and your friends are slaves?” She thrust her chin toward the other people.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Not me, they can do whatever they want, but I’m not going to be their plaything.” She got a bewildered look on her face as she wondered where this burst of courage had come from. She found herself feeling enraged at the loss of her memories, rage she would direct solely at her captors. Like her fear, her anger gave her strength, gave her the will to want to fight. “Tell me about them.”

“They capture humans and keep them as pets. They use us for entertainment, feed us, bathe us.”

“I dare on of them to try bathing me.” The idea made her shudder. She didn’t want their hands on her.

“It’s not all that bad.”

“It’s more than that bad.” She groaned and lifted a hand to her head.

“You need more rest.”

“I’m fine, it’s just I keep getting these little snippets of memory and when I try to latch onto them, my head hurts.”

“Just give yourself some time.”

She grabbed Askari’s hand, giving it a squeeze. “Thank you for your kindness uh…”


“What a beautiful name. Thank you Askari, for fussing over me.”

You’re one of this little family now. Everybody will care about you”

“This? Not our? Are there more..um..I guess really large rooms like this?”

“Oh yes, We play against different people all the time and walking to bath we pass a lot more rooms”


“Yeah, nobody cares because its the way of this world. We’re seen as animals, like a dog or a cat to a human”

“Oh this is so crazy. This world?”

“Let this wait until you’re feeling better”

“I should” she groaned. She began to drink and eat as she could before falling back asleep. Askari sighed and Fabienne said ‘poor thing thinks theres anything we can do. If we escape we’re in a whole other world. We’ll still be animals and escape isn’t possible. Shes another who is just going to get herself put down or killed off by other players early if she refuses to play.”

“I know, it’ll be such a shame if she does that”

“Hey you, wake up.” She groaned. “Somsri.” The voice snapped, making her open her eyes. Somsri, it sounded familiar as it bounced around her head. She blinked up at the male demon standing over her bed.

“How do you know my name?” She asked as she slowly pushed herself into a sitting position. He dropped a bracelet in her lap and she lifted it, seeing a name inscribed on the nameplate.

“Get up.” He said gruffly.

“Why?” She shot back.

“It’s bath time.”

She actually laughed. “I don’t think so.” She inhaled. “I think you’re the one who needs a bath, you smell kind of ripe.”

He slapped her, making her ears ring. “I said get up.”

She glared up at him, refusing to budge. He grabbed her by her hair and hauled her to her feet then shoved her forward so she fell. He pulled her up again and she kicked out at him, her foot catching him in the top of his knee cap. He growled in pain as his leg buckled and he let her go. Another demon grabbed her as she tried to run, punching her in the stomach so she gasped for air. “If you do something stupid like that again, the beating will be worse.” A voice said next to her ear.

“Terrifying.” She gasped out. “Gonna give me amnesia again?”

“that wasn’t on purpose. We’re sure your memories will come back. You surprised us. You dont look like a woman who could put up such a fight”

“I wont stop fighting” The demon sighed “don’t make us put you down. We hate that.”

“I’m not an animal”

“Yes you are silly human. You will take your bath and you will adjust to this life if you dont want us to put you down. Things can be nice here when you aren’t playing for us but you have to let it be” she scoffed, making bath time as hard as possible for the demons and even continued to struggle and cause problems up until they shoved her back into the small home sized cage.

“You need to do what they say, there’s no point in dying.” Askari said as Somsri flopped down on the floor and crossed her arms.

“Being a slave is not living. My name is Somsri by the way, at least that’s what this bracelet says.” She held up the bracelet to show Askari.

“A pretty gift for a pretty girl.”

“It looks expensive, I’m sure someone who loved me bought it for me.” She frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Askari asked as she sat down next to her.

“It’s kind of scary not having my memory. This was a gift from someone and I can’t even remember who. It makes me sad and angry. Those monsters will pay for what they did to me.”

“Somsri.” Askari grabbed her hand, making Somsri look at her. “You have to stop picking fights with them. At some point they’ll get tired of it.”

“I’m not afraid of them, not even a little, not even after they beat me. They are nothing but cowards, all you have to do is find their weaknesses.”

“You dont have to fight them on everything while you look. Just play along a little bit so they dont put you down because I promise you they will. They dont hesitate because they know they can easily find more humans”

“this is so frustrating”

“I know but in this world we’re nothing more than animals to them. Some of the games we play for them are fun.”

“I dont like the idea of being a toy”

“I dont either but I’ve been here for many years and I guess I’ve gotten used to it”

“You should never get used to living in a cage, you should fight with every ounce of strength you have.”

“It’s not worth dying over.”

“I disagree.”

Askari sighed. “You’re being unreasonable.”

Somsri let out a very unladylike like snort. “Don’t you have a family, someone who is probably missing you right now?”

“I’m sure they’ve given up searching for me.”

“People who love you never give up, no matter how many years may pass. I refuse to let year after year pass knowing that there is someone out there trying to find me, someone who thinks I might be dead or worse. I won’t let them break me and I won’t kill for their pleasure or dance for them. I’m not a dog that they can kick into obedience.” She looked Askari in the eye. “Where did your will go?”

“I have will.”

“You have quiet acceptance, stand up and declare you are free.”

“I don’t want to die Somsri, you should think about that before making any rash decisions. Your life is precious and you should live.” She gripped Askari’s hand when she tried to get up and leave.

“I want to live, just not like a dog. I want to make choices and mistakes and fall in love and eat what I want and adopt fifty puppies if I want. I want to live outside in the sun, my head held high. Help me get out of here, run away from this place with me.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible.”

“Please stop.” She was beginning to think of her family, images of their faces filled with worry flitted through her mind. “Just stop and rest. You need it or you won’t fully recover.”

“fine but I’m not giving in” Somsri laid down and Askari couldnt help but frown. She knew she was going to have to watch yet another person be euthanized since they didn’t tolerate disobedience. She just wished the woman would at least behave while she looked for a way out instead of plotting her own death. It would be depressing to see Somsri go.

Chapter Two

Somsri groaned in her sleep as she dreamed. She could hear voices, the sound of laughter, snippets of faces she knew and was trying to piece together. Her mumbling woke Askari who slid out from under her covers and made her way on silent feet to Somsri’s bed. She was laying there, eyes closed, whispering and groaning, her head moving side to side and a look of confusion mixed with sadness on her face. “Somsri.” She whispered, but she did not wake. She reached down, grabbing her shoulder. “Som…” She was grabbed, Somsri’s eyes flying open as she swept the legs of the person touching her with her own. She rolled, pinning the person beneath her. “It’s me.” Askari said and Somsri felt surprised at herself.

“I’m so sorry, I just reacted.”

“I should have been more careful, after all you are in a strange place.” Somsri smile down at her and Askari blushed. Somsri was incredibly beautiful, even with the bruises that still marred her skin. He heart stuttered when she realized just how hard she was studying her. “Um, could you maybe…”

“Sorry.” Somsri climbed off of her and Askari quickly sat up and righted her nightgown.

“You were talking in your sleep, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just memories trying to make their way to the surface. I just saw snippets, but they’re there all the same.” Somsri found herself playing with her hair. “Look, about earlier. I’m sorry if I came off as a little crazy, but I can’t stay here. I know you keep saying if I be good then things will be alright, and while I am grateful for your concern, I can’t be their slave. Knowing they took me from my home and not knowing what that home was pisses me off and at least I know I did some damage. My knuckles are scraped up like I got into an all out brawl with them.” She took Askari’s hands in her own. “I want to get us all out of here and I’m going to do it, I promise.”

“You can’t promise something like that.” Askari looked at their hands, feeling an ache in her chest at the prospect of losing Somsri.

Somsri grabbed her chin and tipped her head back. “Sure I can and I plan on keeping it.” She then hugged Askari. “Thank you for looking out for my well being, I won’t die okay so don’t worry so much.”

“I’ve just seen them easily put down so many. They just inject you and you’re never seen again. They tolerate so little resistance because they can collect us so easy”

“well when I get out of here this all ends. I’ll search everywhere until i find someone with enough power to set this messed up world straight” Somsri sounded so sure. It was almost enough to convince Askari. “I hope your memories return soon” Askari said softly, relishing this hug. “me too. I just need to heal up I suppose”

“you should rest more before its our turn to play again”

“I guess, where can I get a drink?”

“I’ll get it”

“No no, I’m fine. I want to learn where i am”

“Then let me show you.”


Somsri followed Askari through what she saw as her temporary home and into the kitchen area. “The glasses are here.” Askari said as she opened one of the cabinets and pulled one out. Somsri couldn’t help but study her, how beautiful she was and how lovely her green eyes looked in her pale face. Askari blushed under her scrutiny and Somsri took the glass with a mumbled apology. She filled her glass then walked with Askari back to the living area. They sat down on the floor together and Somsri sipped on her water as the wheels in her mind turned.

“So tell me about these demons. What are they like?”

“They’re okay I guess. They keep us fed and clothed and clean.”

Somsri wrinkled her nose. “Their hands on me was definitely disgusting.”

“It’s not so bad.”

She snorted. “Being molested by a bunch of kidnappers is definitely bad. What are the men like?”

Askari shrugged. “Some make passes at the women. I hear every group is different. I heard one demon reprimanding another about letting his lust get the best of him. From what was being said, he nearly got on the wrong side of another male.”


“You can’t possibly be thinking of using sex to get out.”

“I wouldn’t let anyone have sex with me. I just want to get close enough to get the key. The only other way I could think of getting one is to make them mad enough to beat me up again then slip it off of them.” Askari’s eyes filled with terror at the prospect. “Don’t worry, I won’t, you don’t like me fighting.”

Askari blushed again. “I just don’t like seeing you hurt.”

Somsri reached up and stroked her cheek. “I told you I was going to get us out of here, if I’m dead I can’t do that.” Askari grabbed her hand, her heart fluttering uncontrollably in her chest. She feared getting attached, but Somsri made her feel so warm. “Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t just go and touch you without asking, I just don’t know how else to reassure you.”

“No..I like it” Askari said in a softer voice. Somsri smiled and gave Askari a hug “we’ll be free. They decided to take the wrong girl.”

“Obviously” Askari said with a smile and Somsri held her tighter. Somsri finished her drink “I guess I should rest again. Don’t want to wake anybody up”

“Okay, sweet dreams. Sure you don’t need anything else?’

“Its too quite here and I know its a childish request but would you mind humming me to sleep?”

“Not at all.” She went with Somsri back to her bed and sat down, pulling the covers over her legs while Somsri laid down and got comfortable. She let her fingers drift gently along Somsri’s temple as she started to hum. A small smiled lifted the corners of her lips and Askari couldn’t help but think she looked adorable.

“You’re really beautiful and sweet, Askari.” Somsri said sleepily, her eye lids growing heavy. She moved closer and draped her arm over Askari’s legs.

“So are you.”

Somsri gave a small laugh as her eyes closed and Askari kept humming and stroking her temple until her breath softened and her body completely relaxed. She sat and admired her for a few minutes, wanting to commit her face to memory in case something happened to her. Somsri’s beautiful face made her heart flutter and made butterflies dance in her stomach. She had never met anyone as headstrong or as determined as the woman at her side. She smiled and gently lifted Somsri’s arm off of her lap. “Good night.” She kissed her temple then walked quietly back to her own bed and curled up under the covers.

Surprisingly sleep came easily to her and the following days were uneventful aside from Somsris attempted seduction when their meals came. It was cute most the time while other times she found herself in a lustful mood afterwards. Askari knew a game would be soon if Somsris tactics didnt get them out. They just needed a weak guard because she was definitely attractive enough. She was only growing increasingly gorgeous by the day as she healed and her memory returned to her. She’d remember small tricks here and there to get sexual attention.

Somsri sat down with a little huff when once again her deception didn’t seem to work. She could see in their eyes that they found her attractive, but they felt far too obligated to keep their pets that they refused to give in. Askari sat down next to her and handed her a glass of juice. “You’re going to exhaust yourself.”

Somsri smiled. “Nah, I’ll be fine. Besides by the looks of my body and the memories I’ve recovered, I did some fighting. My body seems to be used to being pushed.”

Askari blushed, not wanting to think about Somsri’s body. “Still, make sure you get enough rest at night.”

“I kind of love when you fuss over me, it’s cute.”

Askari’s whole body warmed. “Well I have no choice but to fuss, you’re so intent on getting out of here even though it’s dangerous.”

Somsri leaned in and kissed her cheek, making her heart stutter. “Thanks for the juice.”

“You’re welcome.” They sat in silence while Somsri finished her juice then Askari offered to take her glass for her. She needed a little bit of breathing room.

“Thanks.” She handed her glass off to Askari, giving her her warmest smile. Askari hurried away, quickly rinsing out the glass and taking a deep breath. She had never been so attracted to someone in her life. She wanted to touch the softness of Somsri’s skin and the warmth of her lips. She wasn’t usually worried about making a fool of herself, but she didn’t even know what Somsri’s sexual orientation was and feared making things awkward if she just kissed her. She groaned, knowing she should tell her how she felt in case something went wrong in their escape.

She rehearsed what she’d do and say for a little over an hour then walked up to Somsri “could I talk to you alone please?”

“No problem”

“you two want us to go somewhere else?” Akaiha asked as Chamyle looked at her, awaiting the answer to the same question. “Um no, we’ll go over there” she said pointing away. Somsri followed Askari until she stopped and sighed “Okay, I need to talk to you about somthing that might make you uncomfortable. I’m really sorry if it does but I need my feelings to be known”

“I’m near impossible to make feel uncomfortable, shoot”

“I’m a lesbian”

“Okaaaay, I am too. So what?”

“you are?” Askari asked with joy faintly in her voice. Somsri smiled and quickly pulled Askari into an incredibly passionate and admittedly sexy kiss. When Somsri pulled back she had a self satisfied smiled “you tell me” she whispered “you…” Askari breathed out and Somsri kissed her again “well you’re mine now obviously. I havent remembered any girlfriend back at home and I figure I’d get a memory like that back already with all I do remember so I’ll happily be with you”

“Well…I…” Her heart was beating so fast she was afraid it might burst. “Yes, I’m yours.”

Somsri hugged her. “Want to hear something crazy?”


“I loved you from the start.”

Askari clung tightly to her. “Really?”

“Yeah, you were so beautiful and you genuinely cared about what happened to me and nursed me back to health. How could I not fall in love with you?”

“I love you too.”

Somsri pulled back and gave her another kiss, her tongue pushing past Askari’s lips to explore the inside of her mouth. Askari moaned, her body melting in Somsri’s arms. She had never experienced such intense love and lust for someone. When Somsri parted their lips they were both breathless and warm from head to toe. “You really are something special.”

“So are you.”

That night after they had their dinner Somri wordlessly guided Askari over to her bed. She smiled just as they got there “you’ll sleep with me right? I know its a little fast but you’ve hummed me to sleep many times so this isnt a huge leap”

“I’d really enjoy that” They tangled in bed together. Once Askari was comfortable she nervously whispered, a little afraid of the answer “what if you do end up remembering a girlfriend?”

“then I’ll leave her. I obviously didn’t love her. If you find yourself in love with someone else while in a relationship someone smart once said you never really loved that first person.”


“No Askari, stop that. Just cuddle me”

Chapter Three

Askari frowned, but allowed herself to snuggle closer and relax in Somsri’s embrace. Somsri could tell she was still worried so she brought their lips together, making both of them grow warm. Askari’s moan parted her lips, allowing Somsri’s tongue to explore the heat of her mouth. She parted their lips, giving Askari a moment to catch her breath and she asked, “What was that for?”

“I don’t want you to look so worried, be happy for me.”

“But what if you smell a certain perfume of hear someone’s laugh and it all comes back?”

Somsri smiled and stroked Askari’s cheek. “I’ll just have to fill my nose with your smell and my ears with your laughter so no matter how vivid the memory, it stays away.”

“I love you.” Askari was so moved by Somsri’s words that it was the only words she could think of to express herself.

“I love you too.”

Askari smiled then allowed herself to fully relax with Somsri. The next day when their food was delivered a younger demon they rarely saw was delivering their meal. along with more hair dye for Askari since they knew she’d need it soon with her hair growing longer. Somsri began her normal routine of flirtation and alure, happily surprised when he seemed drawn to her. She turned up the charm as he set their food down. For a moment Somsri thought in the end she still failed but instead of walking out he closed the distance between the two of them.

“Somsri isn’t it?” he asked. “yep, hey you sexy stud” he chuckled, eating up her words.

He smiled and let his hands rest on her hips. She felt uncomfortable with him touching her, but she kept smiling and batted her eye lashes. “I was wondering if maybe we could hang out. It’s so boring here, I’m dying for some real action.” She twirled her fingers in her hair, giving him a little pout. “I’d do anything for some fresh air.”

He pulled her tighter against him and she nearly hit him in the nose when she felt he was already half hard. “Anything?” He asked. She rested her hands against his chest and let them slide up so her arms were around his neck and they were nose to nose.

“Anything.” She whispered, her breath brushing his lips as she rubbed her nose against his.

Askari found herself growing jealous at Somsri being so close to that male. She had to admit that Somsri looked sexy as she flirted, the way she flipped her hair and tipped her head to the side as she smiled, but she hated that the man was touching her. “Maybe tonight after bath time I could come and take you out for a little while. There’s a really great place not far from here.”

“Really?” Somsri’s eyes brightened. “That would be so great, thank you so much.” She kissed his cheek then pulled herself out of his arms. “See you tonight.” She playfully tapped his nose then gave him a flirtatious smile as she walked away.

Somsri could see as she approached Askari that she was trying to contain jealous. She gave her a soft smile and a hug “I’m sorry, you know I’m just trying to get us out though right?’

“I know, it’s hard not to be jealous though. Still, what do you expect us to do in this world once we’re out. Not a one of us knows how to travel between worlds. In this world we are animals, nothing more. How they are treating us isn’t considered bad. People pay to watch us play and they do it legitimately. The rulers have their own seats at these games.”

“I’m sure I can get that man to tell me. All I have to do is play things right tonight and I know I’ll be able to get us out of here.”

Askari frowned. “I don’t want him touching you. What if he hurts you?”

Somsri smiled and stroked her cheek. “Just trust me baby.” Askari nodded and Somsri wrapped her in a hug, wishing she could do more to comfort her.

The rest of the day went by with Askari worrying and Somsri trying to reassure her. She was incredibly happy when she managed to get her to laugh, the worry leaving her face. Once bath time rolled around, Askari frowned the whole time. She kept eye contact with Somsri and silently prayed that she would come back unharmed. The demons dried them then allowed them to dress and settle into bed. Since they didn’t want to get caught together by the young male demon, they stayed apart and it wasn’t long before he came and shook Somsri.

“You actually came.” Somsri said, giving him her brightest smile.

“Of course, what kind of man would I be if I lied to you.” He pulled her to her feet. “Lets go.”

She let him pull her out of the holding area and waited patiently for him to lock the door. He took her up a flight of stairs, pausing briefly to listen for anyone who might still be awake, then through a room and outside. He took her away from the small house, passing a large arena. “What’s that?” She asked.

“That’s where you play.”

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know much about this world. I heard there are ways to travel between them.”

“That’s true.” He took her into the woods and made sure they were out of sight before turning to her and pulling her against him. Her heart gave a little leap when his face neared hers and she pushed him away, giggling.

“Slow down, at least let me enjoy the air.” He pulled her back to him, grinning.

“I was trying to.”

“Tell me about the other worlds.” He frowned and she wrapped her arms around his neck, letting her fingers play in his hair. “Come on, tell me and I’ll suck you off.”

His eyes filled with lust at the thought. “Well there’s a portal behind the arena that we use to go to different worlds and take people. It looks like an old redwood so no one really pays attention to it, but it’s the only one there. There are four roots that stick out in front of it and if you touch them in the right order, the portal opens, it’s actually pretty cool.”

“Wow, that’s amazing. How do you remember the code?”

“Litas made us get it tattooed on our wrists.”

She smiled triumphantly. She had never met a man so stupid. “Pretty smart.”

“I guess.” He cupped her cheek and let his thumb move over her lips. “So, show me how skilled you are with this mouth.”

She gave him another smiled and dropped slowly to her knees, using his momentary distraction to grab a rock off the ground. She gripped it tightly and came up off the ground, slamming it into the side of his head. He went down, gripping his head and she quickly kicked him in the temple so he went limp. “Moron.” She said as she tossed the rock away and dug for the key in his pockets. Once she found it, she memorized the code on his wrist then took off at a sprint back to Askari.

As she ran past the other cages Somsri wished she could save them all right this second but there was no way everybody in this place could escape tonight without the other demons noticing and rounding them up. She would come back for them, she promised them that in her head. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she just abandon everybody else to be treated as pets. She unlokced her holding pen hastily, worried the whole time “lets go” she nearly yelled. Askari had explained to the others what was happening tonight so they had already packed what little they wanted to take in small bags.

Askari cried as not a soul cried out to let the demons know they were escaping. She barely knew most of them. There was no reason they shouldnt all start screaming for the demons to come. Nobody had escaped before but who was to say they wouldnt be punished for watching them just run by their homes. They all made it out, glad the demons didn’t even worry much over the humans escaping. It was obvious in how little security there was.

Chamyle twisted her ankle “fuck!” Akaiha quickly picked her up “sh” he said even though they were already outside. Somsri found the tree and hoped she had remembered the code well. She tried what her head told her was right and could have fainted with relief when the portal opened “where are we to go? How do you make yourself travel the right place?” Fabienne asked. Somsri sighed “I don’t know but lets all hold hands and hope for the best. I want to be anywhere but here”

They all nodded, praying where they went was better than this place and they could find information on how to return to their true homes. All except Bannan, RĂ¼diger & Brendis. Unlike the rest of them this world was their home. They didn’t have a true haven, just an escape. It was nearly overwhelming but all they truly cared about was finding a world where they weren’t animals and treated like the humans they were. It had been such a relief the first time they heard from another human that in some worlds humans aren’t on an animal level.

The air on the other side of the portal was cool, the chill of Fall having set over the land. The sun was just falling so they could all see that the trees were covered in orange and yellow leaves. “Which way should we go?” Bannan asked.

“I’m sure more than just us uses this portal so we’ll just walk in a straight line until we find a road or a town.”

“What if the people here are hostile or there are no people at all?” Brendis asked nervously.

“Then we’ll survive.” Somsri squeezed Askari’s hand. “You trust me right?”

“Of course I do.” Askari answered.

“If Askari trusts her to lead us to safety, then we all should.” Chamyle said. “If it wasn’t for her, we would have never gathered the courage to escape.”

Everyone agreed and began walking in the seemingly empty world. Somsri was determined to find somebody. She had remembered in her world she cohabited with many different types of creatures and beings so she wasn’t afraid to talk to anything that might be here. She had even semi remembered a friend, werewolf. She didn’t remember much about him but she knew they were close friends and had been for some time. If she could be friends with somthing like him she could talk to anybody. Especially considering from what her memory did recall he had a habit of violent outbursts.

“I hate to be the first bump in our plans but I have to piss so bad” RĂ¼diger said a few hours later and Chamyle sighed “my legs are killing me anyway guys”

“well take care of business and the rest of us will figure out food for tonight” RĂ¼diger ran off and Fabienne said “Akaiha and I will hunt, what do you say?” Fabienne glanced over at Akaiha. ” who nodded, seeming deep in thought. Askaris face faltered into a bit of a frown, knowing he was thinking of his wife and daughter again. She knew how much he had always worried they thought he abandon them, no doubt was afraid to go home, afraid they wouldn’t believe he had been a caged animal all this time.

Chapter Five

Are you okay love?” Somsri asked as she stroked her cheek.

“Yeah, it’s just Akaiha. He was taken from his family and they never found out what happened. He’s afraid they’ll think he just up and left.”

“We’re all his proof baby, we can all explain what happened.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“How about we go get firewood.”

“Okay.” She smiled tiredly and followed Somsri. They collected a good amount, making sure not to stray too far from where they had decided to set up camp. When they came back, Akaiha and Fabienne were skinning rabbits. They got a fire started and Somsri put the rabbits on makeshift skewers when the men were finished cleaning them. They all huddled together, talking softly as they waited for their food.

They ate and deciding to get some rest before traveling again. When they did move again it took them merely hours to stumble upon an elf. Somsri jogged up to them “hey, do you speak English?”

“Have you ever met an elf who didnt?” she said with a kind smile “Just making sure before I ramble. Um, we were all stolen from our worlds and have no idea how to get home. We were all hoping you could help” She made an uncomfortable face “well I do know how to travel between worlds but I dont know where you all are from.” Akaiha cleared his throat and stepped forward “mam, I dont know if hes known everywhere but do you know of a demon named Chthon and his wife Ruth? They are well known, worshiped even in some places. I’m from their world.”

“My, who could not know about them? I know I can atleast guide you home. Any of you others from there?” The triplets shook their head then said “but we will just stay in his world I guess. In the world we’re from we’re animals and we dont want to be animals any longer” She frowned “I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve never been to such a world. I will take you all to Ruth and Chthon then, they can guide you home no doubt”

“Thank you” Somsri said and she smiled brightly “Helping is our way. Come now, follow me” They all did hastily, making sure they didn’t slow her. They went deep into the woods until they stepped into a circle of mushrooms. “hold hands everyone” she commanded and they all obeyed. She began chanting in a tounge none understood. Soon they all felt weird again until finally their eyes opened and Akaiha’s heart leapt with joy “I know where I am! i’m days from home but I know! oh god my wife! My daughter!” Hi eyes dampened but he didnt allow tears to flow. Askari hugged him then looked at the woman “Can we take him home first, please”

“Okay, I seriously wasnt doing anything anyway. I rarely am up to anything as of late. Lead us to your family” He was almost at a jogging pace as they traveled up until they reached a town where the elven woman bought horses for them all.

He was so eager to reach home that he didn’t want to stop and if it wasn’t for Somsri and Askari forcing him to let his horse rest, the poor animal would have collapsed from exhaustion. At night they made him sleep, telling him over and over again that he needed to be fully energized for when he saw his family again. On the third day he told them they were close and it wasn’t long before his village came into view. He pulled back on the reigns hard when they came up to his home, making his horse skid in the dirt, and the quickly swung down from his saddle. His wife was in their front yard tending to her garden when he hopped the front gate and she turned, startled. Her eyes widened in surprise and then filled with disbelief and finally tears.

“Akaiha? Is it really you?”

“Yes.” He said softly and her knees gave out, her body racked with sobs. He dropped down in front of her his arms wrapping tightly around her.

“Akaiha, you’re real, you’re alive.”

Everyone became choked up as they watched the scene unfolding before them. Akaiha held tightly to his wife, his tears falling into her hair as she cried uncontrollably into his chest. “I’m sorry, so sorry.” He whispered.

“What happened, where did you go?”

“On the way to see my cousin i was ambushed by a group of demons my love. I tried to get away but they won and stole me away to their world where they treated me like I was an animal. I was a prisoner, I swear. Please believe that i’ve missed you and our daughter immensely. All I’ve wanted is to see you two again and make you believe what I’m telling you. I love you so much. Tell me I’m welcome in my home, that you don’t hate me for being gone over a year”

“Oh Akaiha, I would never for a second think you’d up and abandon us, especially not our daughter. I believe you. I’m so sorry you went through that. They hurt you?’

“the games they made me play would somtimes hurt but they treated us well honestly” They talked more of his life and the escape before a young girl who they knew was 13 by now came out ‘mommy I” she started then her eyes widened when she saw her father. Soon her lips trembled and tears lined her face as she ran to him. “oh god dad! You’re alive!”

“Hey baby girl.” Her lip trembled and she ran to him, leaping into his open arms. “I missed you so much.”

“Daddy.” She cried just as hard as her mother had and Akaiha did his best to soothe her. Once she was calmed down, he explained where he had been and everyone else backed up his story so there would be no doubt in her mind. “Don’t leave ever again.”

He smiled down at his little girl. “I have to take my friends to Chthon and Ruth first, then I promise to stay home for awhile.”

“At least rest here tonight.” His wife turned to Somsri, Askari and the others. “Please, rest here. Some of you might have to take the living room, but please rest.”

Both Somsri and Askari could tell she was really saying she wanted to be with Akaiha and after be apart for so long, they couldn’t blame her. “Sounds good, we’re all pretty exhausted.” Askari said with a warm smile.

Her smile was filled with so much emotion as Akaiha’s wife smiled back. They stayed until they had full bellies from lunch the next day. As they were going for the door his daughter grabbed his hand “you’re coming right back right?”

“I swear sweetheart”

“we cant live without you dad” He fought off his frown “I’m sorry you had to for so long..I’m sorry I wasn’t stronger baby”

“I’m not blaming you dad. They were demons. Its just hard to see you walk out again”

“I know, I’ll be as fast as possible. These guys are like my family now too and I want to make sure they get to Chthon safely” she hugged her father and kissed his cheek “bye”

“Bye” They traveled as fast as it was humane to ride the horses until they made it to Chthons castle. All who hadnt seen it before gasped in amazement. The elf woman smiled “Beautiful isn’t it? Wait till you see inside” Melicent approached the door and knocked firmly. It was a maid who answered “yes?”

“These people need Chthon and Ruths help. Are they home?”

“Yes, they are in the library I believe. If you all go sit in the room he met you in last time he’ll be right there”

“thank you so much” The maid guided them just to be sure they found the right area then quickly went to fetch Ruth and Chthon. Each of them had wonder struck faces as they looked around. “Welcome” Chthons deep voice said warmly as he entered “whats the matter?” Ruth asked with genuine concern. “Might be best if one of you explain” Melicent said and Askari took up the task. She told them everything. The shame of being bathed and treated as pets, the games, everything. All she could think of. When she was done she could see and even feel how upset Chthon was. He sighed “I know you all just want to go home but sombody needs to help Ruth and I find this place. I wont stand for it. I’m going to gather some people and give the demons of that world a talking to and maybe a few ass kickings if they continue doing these things. Hopefully they know me and this wont be hard. I am glad Melicent brought you here.”

The triplets decided to speak up “let us stay for when you’re ready. Everybody else has homes to go to sir but we were born there. We’d be more than happy to help and even serve you if you let us live here” Ruth frowned “oh sweethearts, you wont be serving us but our home is yours as long as you need or want it. You dont have to serve anybody”

They looked at each other, unsure of what to say. Chthon knew it was going to take time for them to get used to being free so he just said, “How about you three lead us to the portal tomorrow. It’ll be good to have you along to help convince others that they are free to leave your old world.” They all three nodded then Chthon turned his attention to Somsri and Askari. “I would be glad to have someone escort you two home when you are ready.”

“Thank you very much.” Askari said.

“There’s no need to thank me, any of us, we enjoy helping people.”

“Still, you don’t have too, but you do anyway and you don’t even ask for anything in return.”

“The only thing we want is your friendship.”

“Well you have it.”

“where are you all from?” Somsri sighed at Ruths question “well, I’m having trouble with my memory due to how bad they beat me when i was first captured. I can remember some of where I’m from but not a whole lot.”

“Thats no matter. I can whip up somthing to give you all your memory. If you all would excuse me I can get right on that” Chthon kissed his wife then she walked out. “It will take her awhile so the girls will atleast have to stay the night. You two are mates right? It feels like you are” Chthon said to Somsri and Askari. “yes” Somsri quickly answered and took Askaris hand. “I am from here and now that I know they are all well I’m returning to my family. Its been too long”

“I’ll send someone with you” he called over a maid and asked her to get one of their guests to take Akaiha home. Chamyle knew where she was from so had a long tearful goodbye with Somsri, Askari, Akaiha, Bannan, RĂ¼diger & Brendis then allowed a male demon to guide her off. It was a tearful goodbye but everyone was glad they were going to see their loved ones again. That night Ruth came in late for dinner with a vial and handed it to Somsri. “It effects people differently. Your head may hurt or you could get dizzy so take it just before you lay down tonight. Unless you still dont feel well in the morning nothing you experience will be unusual”

“I cant help but say thank you again” She looked over at the triplets “has anybody let you pick rooms yet?”

“No mam”

“Chthon and I will guide the girls to a room then show you guys a few. Same room or one for each of you?’

“same” they all said at once. “sit please” Chthon said and she almost giggled before sitting beside him to eat. The triplets felt too awkward to talk while the girls just had a lot on their mind. Somsri was essentially holding her memories while Askari knew they were probably from different worlds. She missed her family but she wanted to be with Somsri so she didn’t know what to do.

Just as Ruth said she showed Somsri and Askari to a room then walked off with her husband to let the triplets pick a permanent bedroom. “want to shower before you drink that love?” Askari asked and Somsri nodded ‘yeah, I’m nervous”

“Me too”

Chapter Six

“Would you shower with me?”

Askari blushed. “Sure, I mean if you really want me too.”

Somsri’s cheeks reddened. “I do.”

They walked into the bathroom together and Somsri got the water started while Askari undressed. When Somsri turned around, she gasped. “Wow, you’re really beautiful.”

“Can I undress you?”


They were both in full body blushes as Askari slowly pulled Somsri’s clothes of and dropped them on the floor. She smiled adoringly and kissed her. “You’re even more beautiful.”


“Seriously, you’re gorgeous.”

They stepped into the tub and Somsri wrapped her arms around Askari, needing to be close. “Hey, what if we’re from different worlds?”

“I don’t know, all I know is I don’t want to be separated from you.”

“Then I’ll stay with you. Home is where you are Askari.”

“you no doubt have friends and family too”

“well once we know how to travel I’m sure we can do it when we want. We’ll ask Chthon how. Your family has been without you for five years. I think it’s only fair we live in your world, even if just at first”

“thank you Somsri. I’ve been really stressed thinking about it”

“we’re going to be together no matter what Askari” The way she said it and the words themselves almost made Askari want to cry. They lovingly bathed eachother, dried then changed into pajamas they found laying on the bed when they got out. “its crazy how nice these demons are” Askari noted “I’m glad Melicent knows them”

Somsri grabbed the vial then settled under the covers with Askari. Askari took Somsris hand “I’m right here baby” Somsri inhaled and exhaled deeply before opening the vial and downing all its contents. The second it was empty Askari pulled Somsri close to comfort her through whatever she may experience. Somsri felt a little dizzy but that was all up until she passed out. Askari laid down and kissed her lover “I do hope this works for you baby” In the morning Somsri felt almost overwhelmed by having all her memories back. She excitedly woke Askari “I remember! I remember it all!”

Askari sleepily smiled “wonderful, do you live where I’m from”

“No but I also apparently know how to travel between worlds! I’ve done it! We can go back and forth and I’m still willing to live where you live.” They excitedly talked until a knock interrupted “yes?”

“Mrs Ruth didn’t want you girls to miss breakfast”

“Tell her we’re sorry and we’re coming”

“I have fresh clothes for you ladies if you want them”

‘yes, please come in” The demoness came in and handed them clothes before quickly leaving. They changed then hurried back to the dining hall they had eaten in the night before. “wheres Chthon?” Somsri asked. “already gone to the place you two were captive in”


“He takes kidnapping seriously”

“he seems like a good man” Ruth smiled “You remember Somsri?’

“Yes, everything, thank you”

“where are we taking you two then?”

“Askaris home, Noriva. I know how to go between worlds so we can visit mine when we want”

“thats wonderful to hear. Eat up and we’ll get you girls home”


“A demon is sitting right beside me but she is currently choosing to be invisible. She gets nervous around people due to some past experiences”

“oh, hi whomever you are”

“Tinley” they heard a female voice say from seemingly nowhere. “Tinely, nice to meet you. We’d like to see you if you ever get comfortable enough” She slowly came into view “sorry” she said meekly. “they understand I’m sure” Ruth quickly said. They ate and soon went on their way. When they arrived where they needed to go Ruth hugged them both “homeward bound from here. Want me to pass through with you?’

“No, I can handle it” Somsri answered. Ruth smiled ‘you two are always welcome in our home. Come visit us and your friends somtime”

“we will. you can visit us too”

“will do, bye”

“Bye Ruth and Tinely” Tinely just gave a small wave then looked away. They went through without a hitch. Askari was instantly brought to tears when the familiar smells and sounds of her word engulfed her. Somsri pulled her close “welcome home” she said sweetly, causing Askari to cry even more. It took a bit but Askari pulled herself together then rushed to find a cab. She prayed anybody she used to know still lived where they lived before she was taken.

Once they managed to wave down a cab, they quickly climbed in and Askari gave the driver an address. The first people she wanted to see, were her parents. She knew they had to be going crazy and she wanted to show them she was alive and well before anyone else. She held Somsri’s hand, her heart beating a million miles an hour. Chthon had provided them with money and Somsri quickly paid the driver the moment he stopped in front of Askari’s parent’s home. Askari was out and running up to the front porch before Somsri even had one foot out the door. Askari banged on the front door, tears already in her eyes. The moment the door opened, Askari flung herself into her father.


Her father stood there in a state of disbelief, a thousand different emotions playing through his eyes. He grabbed Askari’s shoulders and pushed her back, looking at her face in shock. “Askari?”


“Askari.” He squeezed her to him, tears falling down his cheeks. “Aya!” He yelled as loudly as he could and they both heard footsteps heading quickly toward them. The woman who came from upstairs had a worried expression on her face, but the minute she saw Askari, it turned to one of shock. Her hand went to her chest and Askari’s dad let go of his daughter to grab his wife before she fainted.


“Oh my god.” Aya had Askari in her arms the moment she came to her senses. “Oh my god, it’s really her Adrien, it’s our baby.”

Somsri slowly came up behind. It took Akaris parents a long time to notice her but she understood. When they did Aya asked “who is this?”

“My girlfriend, I met her while I was being held”

“held? Where have you been for so long Askari?” Askari walked away enough to grab her girlfriends hand “I’ll tell you guys inside” Askari explained everything despite her only just discovering demons were real after being kidnapped. Her parents were open minded and took everything Askari said for truth while most might think she had a mental break while in captivity and just took her captors for demons. They went over what they were going to tell the rest of the family since they might not be as open to accept what Askari was saying then started making calls. That night everyone met at Aya and Adriens to finally see Askari and meet her new girlfriend.

There were multiple times in that evening Askari could see her parents fighting off tears but she knew how painful it must have been. She was barely an adult when she had been kidnapped and now five years later she was back. It was overwhelming for her too. She was starting over, a new life, new girlfriend and a broader knowledge of what was really out there.

~The End ~

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