Stella & Jasper 2

Chapter One

Stella is now seven months pregnant with hers and Jaspers first child. Last month she met a drifter at the mall after he handed Stella somthing she dropped. They began talking about the town and her pregnancy over lunch and spent the rest of the day together. She had never met anybody who loved talking about their baby and her pregnancy as much as Jasper until she met Paimon. When Jasper texted her he was on his way home Stella told Paimon she had to go and he said “You’ve convinced me of two things today. One, I’d love to take up permanent residence here. Two, I’d very much like to be your friend. Does your husband mind male friends?”

“no, if you don’t flirt with me he’s fine”

“Good” Paimon gave Stella his number “Text me yours please”

“I will” Here she stood a month later baking him cookies. He moved into a house in their neighborhood which shocked Stella. She didn’t know how a drifted had enough money to buy a house in their neighborhood within a month of wanting to take up residence. She figured he was related to someone rich and they just sent him money when he wanted it. That or he got a large inheritance. She put the cookies on a plate then walked over to her new neighbors house. When she arrived Paimon answered the door with a smile “A woman as pregnant as you shouldn’t be doing so much walking. You want that baby to be nice and healthy don’t you?”

“walking wont hurt the baby”

“Just be careful”

“I made you cookies to welcome you to our neighborhood.” Paimon gave another smile “come in and sit with me” Stella walked in and sat down on Paimons couch. He noticed her shocked expression and asked “do you not like my home?” Stella got an uncomfortable look “I hope this isn’t rude but it’s just surprising a drifter could afford within a month to move in here and already have their place furnished as though they’ve lived here for years” Paimon smiled “I come from a long line of money. I drift but I’m loaded aswell. I will never have to work a day in my life. Don’t feel awkward saying what’s on your mind. You couldn’t possibly offend me. Could I feel that small life inside you again?”

“Of course” Paimon sat by Stella and placed a hand on her stomach. He had to once again resist licking his lips. Paimon was a demon who lived for eating newborn babies and he could feel how healthy this one was and could almost taste the little boy. In the mall that day he was looking for a delicious smelling pregnant woman when he caught Stellas scent. Her baby was by far one of the more delicious smelling his senses had ever encountered. The mixture of hers and Jaspers blood was an intoxicating blend. He couldn’t wait to savor the newborns blood when it arrived. He moved close so he could keep on eye on his next gourmet meal. By being Stellas friend he would gain her trust and it would be easier to snatch the baby once it was born.

Stella’s phone vibrated in her pocket and she pulled it out, smiling when she saw it was Jasper. She answered, “Yes my love.”

“I’m on my way home for lunch. Would you like to go out and get something?”

“Of course, I’m at our new neighbor’s house so I’ll get home as fast as I can.”

“Be careful.”

She smiled. “I will I promise.” She hung up and turned back to Paimon. “I’ve got to go.”

“So soon?” He was disappointed.

“My husband comes first. I’ll see you later okay?” He helped her to her feet and watched as she left, wishing she would hurry and have the baby so he wouldn’t have to keep up this act.

Jasper knew of the man she had met in the mall and he didn’t like him even a little. The fact that he had moved into their neighborhood after meeting Stella didn’t set right with him. He was afraid to express his worries to Stella for fear that she would think he was being jealous or paranoid. He planned on asking Brigid to check him out. He wanted to know everything about the man who had taken such an interest in his wife. When he got home he was happy to see Stella sitting on the couch watching TV. He pulled her to her feet and gave her a kiss then bent over and kissed her stomach.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked.


“Hey now, you are not fat and I love your pregnant belly. It’s very cute.”

“I know, I was just kidding. I feel great.”

“that’s good. Where would you like to go eat?”

“Olive Garden?’ Jasper chuckled “you and Olive Gardne since getting pregnant. Lets go”

‘we don’t have to if you’re tired of it”

“I’m not baby. Just another cute thing about you being pregnant.” They walked outside where he helped her into the car. She could get in and out by herself but she let Jasper help her anyway. “what were you two doing over at Paimons house?”

“I made him cookies as a welcome to the neighborhood. Then we were just talking”

“About what?”

“Our baby, he’s one of the few people who never get bored of my ramblings”

“You can text me about the baby and I’ll answer when I can” Stella smiled “are you getting jealous of my new friend?”

“No, of course not”


“I just worry about you my love. I’m not jealous. I promise. I know you love me and only me”

“you better” She kissed his hand so she wouldn’t scare him by leaning to kiss his cheek. They arrived at Olive Garden and were quickly seated since the couple in line ahead of them insisted they go first. Jasper was grateful as they walked to their table and sat down. Stella didn’t even look at the menu, she knew what she wanted since she was getting one of three dishes every time. It didn’t take Jasper long to choose since he knew the menu by heart at this point. Most times he knew before he got there what he would order. The waitress came “you two again. How are you feeling mommy?”

“wonderful and spoiled” She gave a light laugh “what woudl you two like to drink? Sweet Tea Stella?”

“Water this time”

“alright, you Jasper?”

“Dr Pepper please”

“do you have your orders ready?” She asked and Stella answered ” Lasagna Primavera with grilled chicken”

“alright, what would you like Jasper?”

“Caprese flatbread”

“Alright, you two make my job so much easier. I’ll be right back with your drinks.” She smiled happily as she walked away.

Jasper laced his fingers through hers and kissed her cheek, making her smile. “What was that for?” She asked.

“For being so amazing. You know I can’t help but wory about you, especially since we’re getting so close to your due date. I’m so afraid you’ll go into labor and I won’t get there in time to get you to the hospital.”

“If you don’t then we’ll just have the baby at home then you can take us to the hospital.” Their waitress brought them their drinks and they thanked her.

“Don’t say things like that, what if something bad happened that I couldn’t handle.”

“Jasper, I believe in your ability to deal with any challenge that comes your way. You are incredibly strong and very level headed. I trust you to keep me and our child safe.”

He pressed his forehead against hers and smiled. “God I love you Stella, I love you more than anything.”

“I love you too.” Their food came and their waitress smiled at how adorable they looked together. They ate, their conversation drifting as it always did to the baby. Sometimes Stella wondered how Jasper never tired of talking about their child. He always seemed happen to listen to her tell him about being kicked in the ribs or feeling the baby roll. He even read and talked to the baby, delighting in the excited kicks his voice seemed to elicit.

When they finished Jasper drove Stella home and walked her to the door. He didn’t want to leave but knew he had to return to work. Jasper gave his wife a long hug then an even longer kiss on the lips. “I love you. How about tonight we just relax on the couch and watch movies together?”

“Sounds good baby”

“I know I’ve had to work a lot recently and I’m sorry. I promise tonight I will not allow myself to get home late”

“You’ve got a pretty big case going right now. I know you really are working and aren’t off having fun or anything so I’m not upset”

“I love you”

“and I love you. Get back to your job handsome” Jasper left and Stella decided to do some cleaning while Jasper wasn’t home to stop her and do it himself. Stella was wiping down the counter tops when she heard a noise coming from their babies room. She grew tense and hoped it was her imagination. She grabbed her cellphone and predialed 911 so all she’d have to do is press send if they became needed. She walked up the stairs and then almost violently shoved turned the nob and shoved the door open. Nobody was in there but the ultrasound picture frame was off the wall and on the floor.

Stella wondered if maybe she heard it fall and was being over sensitive because she was carrying a baby. She picked it up then hung it back in it’s place. Paimon sat in his house sulking. He frequented their babies room and it annoyed him when he had to leave because Stella would hear him. He would just admire his prized meal tonight as they rested. He could easily come into their house since he was a demon who could dematerialize his body. In fact he often haunted families between wooing mothers for their newborns.

Stella made sure everything was locked then went downstairs and back to cleaning. She stayed alert, listening for anymore odd sounds. She knew she should stop worrying, but she couldn’t help herself. She felt in her heart that something wasn’t right. When she was finished with the kitchen she moved on to the living room. When she was done there she got herself a glass of water and took a break. She was getting short of breath from their little man pushing up into her lungs. She switched on the TV and turned it to the discovery channel, still staying alert even though she had not heard anything else.

Chapter Two

Jasper glared angrily at the clock in his office. After this case he was going to take time off. He wanted to spend as much time with Stella and their son as he could. He refused to be one of those absent fathers whose children never saw him. He worked as hard as he could, gathering as much research as he could for his client and going over the evidence once again to make sure he had not missed anything. The faster he could win this case the better. When it was finally time for him to go home he packed the files into his briefcase and headed out. He wanted to get home as quickly as possible.

Stella was just switching off the burner under the taco meat when Jasper walked through the door. She met him in the living room and pulled him down into a kiss. He smiled against her lips and held her face gently in his hands as his tongue danced with hers. She pulled back, her cheeks flushed. “Welcome home.” She said softly.

“I’m happy to be here. Something smells delicious.”

“I made dinner, I figured you’d be absolutely starving by the time you got home.”

“I’m always starving when I get home and not always for food.” She blushed and he chuckled then kissed her again. “Why don’t you go pick out a movie while I change then I’ll make our plates when I get back down.”

“I can make them.”

He shook his head. “I can tell you’ve been cleaning again and now you’ve cooked, so let me do it.”


Jasper ran quickly into their bedroom. He took his clothes off then pulled on somthing comfortable to lounge around the house in. Stella browsed through Netflix, not sure what they should watch together. She considered The Haunting Of Helena but decided she needed to watch somthing fun and relaxing since she had been so tense with worry over who could have been in her house. She hadn’t seen Brother Bear in a long time so picked it, knowing Jasper would be happy with whatever made her happy. Jasper came back out then made their plates. He joined Stella on the couch and smiled “for the baby?”

“of course’ She pushed play and they began watching it. Falines phone vibrated and she ignored it since sh ewas eating dinner with her family. Whoever it was wouldn’t quit calling so she apologized to them and took the call “yes?”

“I’ve got another job for you”

“What’s going on?”

“Paimons butting his ugly head again. What’s worse is my source says he has a target and she’s seven months pregnant” Falines heart beat fearfully for the girl. She was far enough along that Paimon could get impatient and kill her for the baby. He liked to wait until full term and steal them out of cribs but he was known for occasionally getting impatient. “where do I need to go?” Falines dad gave her all the information Faline needed and she told him she would be dropping the kids off when they had their flight booked and were able to head to the airport.

“what’s going on mom?” Rowan asked. “we have another job to do so we need to book a flight and you two are going to stay with grandpa again”

“Yya!” she said cheerfully. Faline was glad that the monster she once knew had turned into such a nice man and a wonderful grandfather to their children. Victor was curious but didn’t want the children exposed to whatever the demon may be up to so held his questions for when they were in bed together.

Faline put in a call to Kelta and told him they had an important job. He told her to book him a seat and text him the details when she had a moment. Jasper took their plates and rinsed them off so Stella could keep watching the movie. He went back to her and pulled her into his arms, his lips moving feather light against her neck so she giggled. “Jasper, the movie’s almost over. Be patient.” She said as she pushed against his chest. She wasn’t putting much effort into her protest so he knew she didn’t mean it.

“I don’t know the meaning of the word.”

“Now that’s a lie.”

“I don’t know the meaning of the word right now, I’ll remember it later.” He gently bit her shoulder, making her moan his name. “I love that sound and I want to hear more.” He whispered, causing a shiver to move up her spine.

“Seducing me like this is completely unfair.”

“I know, but I want you as many times and I can get you.”

She turned her head and kissed him, giving in completely. He switched off the TV and lifted her off the couch. His lips moved hungrily against hers as he took her upstairs to their room and laid her gently down on the bed. He pulled his shorts off then her clothes, his eyes and hands moving lovingly over her. Even now when she didn’t feel that beautiful he managed to make her feel like she was the most gorgeous woman in the world. He kissed and licked his way slowly down her, pushed her legs apart and covered her with his mouth. He found her most sensitive spot which had become more so since her pregnancy and concentrated his efforts there.

“Jasper, please.” She gasped as she writhed beneath him. She screamed as she orgasmed, her whole body jerking with her pleasure. She panted and whimpered as he kissed his way back up her. He pushed into her still quivering folds, moaning loudly as he slid in and out of her at a slow, steady pace.

When Jasper released he pulled out of Stella then wrapped her in his arms. She spoke in a soft voice ‘you make me feel so beautiful even though I don’t normally think I am right now”

“You’ll always be beautiful to me Stella.” They enjoyed eachothers comforts as they laid there in bed. Stella of course fell asleep long before Jasper since she was tired from cleaning. House work seemed to exhaust her now which is why Jasper tried to do it. He wanted to hire a maid for the rest of her pregnancy and until their child slept through the night but Stella wouldn’t have it and he wouldn’t force it on her unless at some point it seemed needed. Once Faline and Victor had their kids down Faline went to the desktop computer to book a flight. “what’s going on?” Victor asked. She filled him in and his heart too stammered. Faline had given him details on the repeat offenders that she loathed and Paimon was one of them.

Faline showed Victor newsclippings of mutilations, murders and kidnappings that were all Paimons doing. One time in desperation he took a five month old and killed it in front of his parents who were institutionalized for not giving up the claim a demon had killed their baby and not some man. Five months was old to Paimon but he would eat up to an eight month old if he really got hungry for a young human baby. It was sickening so he hoped there was a flight leaving soon. Faline found one leaving at seven am the following day. She booked three seats then printed her tickets before texting Kelta with when to meet them at their house.

They liked to meet at the house so they wouldn’t have to dela with finding eachother at the airport. “I wish we were going tonight. That bastard knows he’s forbidden to even be near pregnant human women. How dare he targte one again” Victor said as they showered, not wanting to need one in the morning. “I know, The flight is only a few hours though and we’ll be there early in the morning. Hopeful the woman and her baby will be fine. Her names Stella and her spouse is Jasper.”

The next morning Jasper woke to the sound of his alarm going off. He would have thrown the thing if it had not been for Stella kissing him the moment her eyes were open. “Stop making that face.” She said as he switched off his alarm.

“I want to stay home today.” He replied softly.

“I know, but you can’t. You have court today.”

“So stupid, maybe I should quit.”

She giggled. “Don’t you dare. Get up and shower while I make you breakfast.”

“Shower with me?” He pleaded and she shook her head.

“If I do that you’ll be late. Now get up and get ready my love.” He kissed her, allowing himself to linger there for a moment before getting up and going into the bathroom. Stella got up and threw on her robe then headed downstairs and pulled out bacon and eggs, cooking them along with some toast. When he came down he was humming to himself and she smiled as he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Sorry for being so crabby, but I really hate leaving you this far along in your pregnancy.”

“I know, but it won’t be much longer and you’ll get to stay home and help me with the baby for a little bit.” She made their plates and he took his then they sat down, enjoying each other’s company as they ate. He groaned when it was time for him to go and tried his best to stay, but she made him leave, laughing with each kiss he gave her. When he was gone she washed their dishes and decided to call Corina.

“Hello?” Draven answered.

“Oh is Corina there?” She asked.

“No, she got called in to work. Is everything okay with the baby?”

“Yeah, just wanted to talk to someone and wasn’t sure who to call. I had a scare yesterday and I didn’t tell Jasper.”

“What kind of scare?”

“It’s stupid, but I thought someone was in the house. I checked, but there wasn’t anyone there.” She gave a nervous laugh.

“Where at in the house?”

“The baby’s room, the ultrasound fell off the wall.” That didn’t set right with Draven, something falling off a wall for no reason.

“Do you feel up to some company?” Was Dravens next question. “sure, you know I love seeing you guys. You can meet our new neighbor.”

“You have a new neighbor?”

“Yeah, his name is Paimon. He’s really nice”

“Paimon, Draven repeated in his head. He didn’t like that name and didn’t know why. He got off the phone with  Stella then called Chthon, hoping he was still in the human world. To his relief Chthon answered his cellphone “what’s up?” Chthon asked. “I want us all to visit Stella and Jasper to make sure they are ok. Stella told me she had a scare yesterday. Apparently somthing fell off the wall in their babies room and they’ve got a new neighbor. Sh called him Paimon. I don’t know why but that name..is that a demon Chthon?”

‘you call her back right now. Tell her to stay away from him and to go somewhere, anywhere that isn’t home alone. Paimons dangerous. I’m going to get my wife and we are all going. You get Corina from work if you can. Stella doesnt know me that well and I’d rather go with you two so shes comfortable. We do have to get going now beforehe hurts her.” A knock sounded at Stellas door and she got up to answer, leaving her phone in the kitchen. “Oh, hi Paimon. Morning”

“Morning, how’re you feeling”

“Great, you?”

“Wonderful, may I come in?”

“Of course, I just did the floors so please take your shoes off”

“Yes mam”

Stella sat down on the couch while Paimon removed his shoes. “Sorry I had to leave so suddenly yesterday, but Jasper’s been so busy that I take as much time with him as I can get.”

“How is the baby?”

“Healthy as can be. I think he’s finally asleep.” She rubbed her hand over her stomach, the movement catching his attention. Her phone rang and she got to her feet and moved as quickly as she could to answer it. She picked it up and slid the green over. “Hey Draven.”

“Stella you need to get away from your house, now.” Draven replied.

“I can’t just leave, Paimon is over.”

“Stella get away from him, he’s dangerous. Call Jasper or Brigid or the police and get away from him.” Paimon could hear the whole conversation and snuck up behind Stella.

“Draven I can’t just…” She spun around, backing into the counter. “Paimon, can I help you?” He grabbed her by her throat and ripped the phone from her hand.

“Who am I speaking to?” He asked.

“Someone who is going to kill you if you hurt her.”

“She’ll be gone by the time you get here.” He hung up and crushed her phone. “Oh Stella, I’m sorry, but I am far to hungry to wait anymore.”

“What do you want?” He pulled her closer so his lips were next to her ear.

“Your baby.”

Chapter Three

Draven was shaking, his heart thundering loudly in his chest. He hung up and dialed Lupin’s number. He knew Jasper wouldn’t answer for anyone but Stella so he had to get Lupin to get Brigid to go in and get Jasper. Faline, Victor, and Kelta landed and quickly got off the plane. They had to get to Stella and Jasper’s house before Paimon hurt her and the baby.

Lupin answered his brother in laws call quickly “yes?”

“I cant explain. A man named Paimon is attacking Stella. Get Brigid to go get Jasper and tell him to go home. She’s in serious trouble” Brigid was off work that day so sitting righrt there. Lupin quickly repeated what Draven had just told him and she ran out the door. “she’s going Draven.”

“Thank god.” Faline impatiently hailed a cab then climbed in with Victor and Kelta. She told the driver the neighborhood she wanted to be taken to and they took off. Stella couldn’t believe how strong Paimon was, unhumanly strong. His body started to change before her very eyes until she was looking at somthing she knew wasn’t human. She screamed as best she could with his tight grasp around his throat, praying a nighbor might hear and help her. He laughed and forced her to walk with him to the kife holder. He pulled each one out, studying them it seemed “please Peimon..please don’t”

“Shut up! You’re so fucking annoying. You god damn mothers! It’s about all I can do to make friends and wait until my delicious meal has cooked as long as it needs to. I was going to wait but looks like I have a reason to enjoy what’s inside of you now. I think your baby is going to be the best I’ve ever tasted” Stella began to struggle as hard as she could, her adrenaline was pumping harder than she could remember it ever pumping before.

She kicked and punched him, his laughter and snide remarks angering her. She didn’t care what he did to her, but he wasn’t taking her baby. She jabbed him in the eyes with her fingers and he screamed she then grabbed one of the knives and stabbed his arm so he released her. She ran, still clutching the knife. She raced up the stairs and he skidded into the wall as he tried to follow her. “Come back here you bitch.” He growled and followed her up. She ran into her room and slammed the door then pushed her chest of drawers in the way. She went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door. She slid down to the floor and started crying, knowing he could be through at any moment.

Jasper was surprised when Brigid walked in with another attorney to take his place and pulled him out of the court room. The worried look on her face had his heart beating in overdrive. “What happened?” He asked.

“Your new neighbor attacked Stella. He’s at the house right now.” They ran from the court house and into Brigid’s car. She peeled out of the parking lot and onto the street, honking angrily at other cars that were moving to slow.

“I shouldn’t have left her alone.”

“Shut up Jasper, don’t you dare start blaming yourself or I’ll sock you in the nose. The last thing Stella needs is for you to act like you can control everything. Just stay focused, put on that lawyer face.”

Faline, Victor, and Kelta asked the driver to pull over when she saw what her eyes told her were a group of demons getting out of a car. They all three exited the car, Victor hurriedly paying the driver before joining his wife and Kelta in cutting the demons off. “Stop right there.” Faline said and Chthon arched his eyebrow, his cool gaze sending a shiver even up Victor’s spine.

“I have no time to deal with you right now youngling, someone important to me is in danger so step aside or I will make you step aside.” Chthon replied.

“Did you not hear what Chthon said, move aside.” Draven snapped.

Faline was shocked “Chthon? Chthon Aponte?”

“yes, now move” Faline knew he was a good demon so stepped aside ‘we’re here to help her too”

“Then help, don’t stand in the way” Chthon snapped in his anger that a demon was attacking someone in his family. They burst in the house just as Paimon broke the bedroom door. He didn’t care nore did he stop. He went for the bathroom door but was soon jerked back and slammed through the bedroom floor. Chthon jumped down the hole he created and grabbed the demon by the throat “Paimon, you worthless piece of scum. You are not to be in this world or around humans of any world. You especially shouldn’t be attacking my family”

“She isn’t your family”

“she is you ignorant son of a bitch!” Corina called through the bathroom door “Stell honey, it’s me” Stella got up as fats as she could then opened the bathroom door. Tears were cascading down her face adn she ran into Corinas arms. “shhh, I know” Draven joined the hug from behind while Ruth, Faline, Victor and Kelta were just glad Stella and the baby were ok. Faline jumped down the hole “I’ll take him Chthon. Go be with your family. It’s my job to keep a handle on these demons. I’ll send him back to hell”

“he’ll just come back” Chthon said wanting to kill Paimon. Faline bravely put a hand on Chthons shoulder “do you want to traumatize Stella even further by her seeing a corpse?”

“I’ll help you take him to make sure the bastard goes”

“Ok” Chthon called up to Ruth “Stay here with them please. I’ll be back” Faline also called to her family “yeah, Victor, Kelta, stay here with them until we get back” With that Chthon and Faline raced off with an angry and writhing Paimon. “I’ll go get her some water” Ruth said then went down the stairs. Corina just held her sister in law tightly “I’m so sorry Stella”

“What was that? What in the hell was that thing?”

“A demon honey.”

“Demon? How can that be?”

Jasper came running in with Brigid before she could even begin to explain. Jasper was up the stairs, ignoring the hole in his ceiling and yelling Stella’s name as he ran through the bedroom door. Stella broke free of Corina and Draven and fell into Jasper’s arms, bawling her eyes out. “What happened here?” Jasper asked angrily.

“How about we go sit down and wait for Chthon to get back. He’s better at explaining these things than anyone else.” Ruth said, her gentle voice helping calm him down. He lifted Stella and carried her downstairs to the dining room where there was no mess. He sat with her cradled in his arms, trying his best to soothe her.

“Did he hurt the baby?” Jasper asked.

“No, but that’s what he wanted. He was going to cut him out of me.” Stella wailed. “I fought back, I wasn’t going to let him take our son.”

“That was very brave of you Stella, it takes a lot of courage to fight a monster like that.” Ruth said as she took a seat next to Jasper so she was in front of Stella. “I promise you everything is going to be alright. As soon as Chthon is back we’ll tell you everything. You just have to do your best to keep an open mind.”

“Okay.” She grabbed Ruth’s hand, holding tightly to both her and Jasper.

When Paimon was dropped off in the prison cell of hell Faline and Chthon got out of there as quickly as possible. Chthon hadn’t been in hell since he was living without Ruth. He hated it there which was why it wasn’t somewhere he normally went. “thank you for coming to Stellas aid. I know you too Faline and am glad for the work you do”

“Thank you. It was an honor to work with you. I’ve heard so many amazing stories.”

“Lets just get back to Stella and our families so we can help Stella understand what just happened” They went back as fast as possible. Jasper holding Stella more tightly when he heard others come in. “are you ok Stella?” Chthon asked when he was by her. She looked up at him with a face that told him how terrfied she had been for her baby. “everythings ok. He wont come back for you”

“He was a demon? How is that so? Demons aren’t real”

“They are real. I’m a demon, so is my wife, Draven, Corina, and these people here who also came to help.”

“Corinas a human like me” Jasper snapped. Corina then answered ‘no I’m not. Chthon turned me into a demon so that i could live forever with Draven”

‘people can be changed into demons?” Stella asked, looking at Chthon “yes they can. So I’ve got a question for you. I love you because you’re my family Stella. Would you and your husband like to be changed so that you two may live forever and be able to defend ourself if another demon tries anything?”

“This is insane.” Jasper replied.

“I second that.” Brigid chimed in.

“I’ll show you.” Chthon said and allowed his true form to appear. Jasper came up off the chair, taking Stella with him and backing into the dining room wall. Brigid reflexively pulled out her gun, eyes wide with disbelief.

“No fucking way.” Jasper said. “How is this even possible?”

“There are many things you do not know or see in this world Jasper, but they do exist. Demons, vampires, dragons, many things. Ever heard of the Zombie League?” Ruth said.

“Yeah, I just thought it was some weid group.”

“It’s a group for zombies to join that fights to help zombies in need. I know this is all a lot to take in and you can have as much time as you need to think about everything you have seen. There’s no rush to make a descision.”

“I want to do it.” Stella said and Jasper turned his gaze to her.

“We don’t even know what becoming like them would entail, it could be dangerous.”

“It’s painful, but it’s not dangerous. It won’t hurt the baby, I promise you that.” Chthon said as he changed back to his human form. “Brigid would you mind putting your gun away, I’m not going to kill anyone.” Brigid blinked and lowered her weapon, still not knowing what to think.

“How do you know it wont hurt our son” Jasper futher inquired. “he knows. Stella will be ok and so will your baby. I promise. I love all three of you and wouldn’t suggest you do somthing that would hurt you” Corina assured her brother. It was a little easier to accept coming from his sister. “If you want to be a demon then we can do that Stella.”

“I want to be able to protect myself” They looked at Chthon. “I will do Stella first so that you may comfort her. We’ll stay in a hotel so that you two will have privacy but when we change you Jasper I bet Draven and Corina will stick around so Stella isn’t lef tot tend to you herself”

“we will” Corina chimed in. “What’re you going to do to her?” Jasper asked as he still held his wife protectivly. “I will place her hand in mine then drive a dagger through so that our blood will mingle. It will heal, dont worry. She will feel a lot of pain but we have medicine for it.”

“When do you want to do this?’

“I’ll have to go home to get a few things but we can do it as soon as I get back” Chthon looked at Brigid “you are dating Lupin, yes?”


“Woudl you and Lupin like to be transformed aswell?’

“Lupin may think i’ve started drugs if I ask but I guess I’ll go home and talk to him about this madness”

“Do it then tell us what you wish. I’ll bring plenty to take care of you all” Brigid, Chthon, and Ruth left leaving Draven and Corina with Stella and Jasper. Jasper barely awknowledge their exsistance but neither took it badly. They knew how deeply he loved his wife and their unborn child and he was terrfied. Draven knew he might be reacting the same way so especialyl wasn’t offended.

Chthon and Ruth returned first and frowned when they saw Jasper in the same spot still holding onto Stella like she might be stolen away. “Jasper honey why don’t you sit back down.” Ruth said, her voice warm. He took a seat, his legs feeling instant relief. Brigid came back with Lupin in tow, him wanting to believe her but having an extremely hard time wrapping his head around the whole demon thing. Chthon showed him his true form and if Brigid had not had ahold of his hand he would have bolted.

“See I told you.”

“That’s…I…what the fuck?” Was all Lupin managed to say.

“Well do you want to live forever with me or not?” Brigid asked.

Lupin blinked at her. “That’s what I vowed wasn’t it so of course.”

“I’ll do Brigid first since Lupin is here to drive her home then Stella. While Stella is sleeping the rest of us can pick up the mess in the living room. Since I’m the one who broke your ceiling I’ll pay for repairs. So Brigid are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She replied.

“Stella you and Jasper may want to watch so you know what to expect. Lupin take a seat, Brigid you can sit on his lap if you wish so he can hold you, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” They both did as he asked and Chthon sat next to them. He grabbed the dagger out of his bag and placed his hand on top of Brigid’s. “Keep your palm flat.” She flattened out her hand and he started chanting. He drove the dagger through their hands and she gritted her teeth in pain. He withdrew it, allowing their blood to mix and she felt a heat move up her arm and into her chest. She screamed and Lupin actually had to cover her mouth as her body convulsed against him so no neighbors would call the police.

This did nothing to relax Jasper. When it was Stellas turn Jasper shook his head. “it’s ok honey, this means we truly have forever” Stella kissed him and they sat on the floor. He seemed more concerned over what was about to happen than Stella was. Jasper couldn’t keep himself from crying when she started to jerk and cry. He wanted to be strong for her but it was heart shattering when he had promised to never let her be hurt again. When she stopped Draven came over “let me carry her to your bed.” Jasper shook his head “I’ll take her”

“You might drop her in your state”

“I’d never drop Stella” Jasper got up and took her to a guest room since there was a hole and busted door in their room. Chthon and Ruth helped Lupin take Brigid home while Draven and Corina stayed in Jasper and Stellas living room incase they needed anything. When Chthon and Ruth dropped them off Chthon said he would just do Lupins change at their home so there would be no need to drive. Lupin thanked him then went to lay with Brigid until she woke. Chthon and Ruth returned to Stella and Jaspers “are they ok?’ Chthon asked Draven “They haven’t left the room. No doubt the man cried himself to sleep”

“Maybe you two should go ahead and stay then just incase Jasper needs help.”

“yeah, he has another guest room we can use” Ruth and Chthon hugged Corina and Draven then they parted. Jasper slept a few hours but then attentivly watched Stella. He would check every now and then to make sure her pulse was ok. She finally woke around eight that night. Jasper kissed her cheek ‘you ok?”

“yeah” Draven heard them speaking and came up “chthon left pain medicine Stella, you need it?”

“Yes please” draven ran back down to fetch it. He returned quickly then handed her two. “these also wont hurt your baby”

“Thank you”

“theres more. You can have as much as you need”

“I’ll keep that in mind”

Draven left them alone and Jasper propped her up to help her drink. When she had downed the whole bottle he kissed her. “I was so worried, I thought for sure something would go wrong.” He said, new tears springing to his eyes.

“Oh Jasper, I love you so much. I was so scared when Paimon was attacking me.”

“I should have…” she pressed a finger against his lips.

“Don’t you dare. This is far from your fault so please don’t blame yourself.” He grabbed her hand and brushed a kiss over her fingertips.

“I thought I was going to lose you.”

“After you’re changed, we’ll be stronger and nothing will be able to tear us apart.”

“Yeah.” She gave a soft laugh and he looked at her questioningly.

“Sorry, I know right now we’re both in a very emotional state, but I keep thinking that pushing out a baby will be easy after this.” He could help but laugh too and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I love you Stella and can’t imagine life without your wonderful sense of humor. Please, never make friends with weird drifters again, especially ones who are overly interested in our child.”

“I promise, really and I’ll be sure to tell you of any suspicious activity.” They laid there until both of their stomachs grumbled with hunger and Jasper carried her out to the dining room. Corina jumped up and hugged her brother and sister in law.

“How are you two feeling?” She asked.

“Hungry.” They both said, making Draven and Corina laugh.

“Well why don’t you go ahead and relax in the living room while Corina and I cook. I picked up the mess so it’s clean.”

“Okay, thank you.”

As they preparred dinner Corina said “we should call Carrie and Harlan to let them know what’s going on. I already miss our little girl anyway” He smiled warmly, loving hearing Drea say our little girl. He was still just as happy as he was when they first got together. He had to suffer a lifetime with Drea being a wife to another man and it hadn’t lost its magic to finally have the woman of his dreams by his side and only his. After dinner Corina and Draven went outside to Tango Carrie and Harlan. Carrie answered “I know who you want to see but she’s sleeping. If you are quiet I’ll hold the phone over the crib” they promised to be quiet and she took the phone into the room. Drea sighed happily at the sight of their daughter. Carrie held the phone until her arm got tired then took them out of the room. She shut off tango then called them. They answered and told her everything that was going on. “well don’t rush. We love our niece and don’t mind keeping the little angel”

“Thank you” They hung up and went back inside. The next day Chthon returned. Stella held one of Jaspers hands since he couldn’t sit between her legs. It hurt to watch him change just as it hurt for him to watch her. When it was over Chthon carried him to a room. When Jasper was out of Chthons arms Stella hugged Chthon. “thank you”

“It’s no problem. I hope you two get more comfortable with me”

“we are”

“Not Jasper”

“he’ll come around. He’s just protective” Chthon smiled ‘that i understand. Lets get together when you two can for a fun vacation”

“sounds good” Chthon and Ruth left and went to Lupin and Brigids for their change. Draven and Corina stayed until Jasper was back to normal then left themselves, wanting to be with their daughter again. As Stella made herself a salad Jasper came behind her and kissed softly at her neck. She giggled and he turned her around “now you really are stuck with me for eternity” Stella kissed Jasper “I wouldn’t call it stuck” She said with shimmering eyes.

~ The End ~

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