Stella & Jasper

Chapter One

Jaspers entire family had come to town for their wedding that would be held this coming Sunday. Jasper inwardly groaned though he gave his fiance a smile when she said Luther Jr asked if they could stay with them and she had said yes. That meant having to deal with Minnie in his house. He couldn’t stand her from the day she walked through the door engaged to Luther Jr because she was pregnant. The two hadn’t even been dating, she told Luther she was pregnant after he brought her home one night from a strip club and he proposed like an idiot.

Jasper doubted the baby was even Luther Jrs until he was about four and looked nearly identical to his father. At that point Jasper couldn’t deny any longer that his brother had indeed fathered the child. Now he was going to have to play nice for four days. He never told Stella how he felt about Minnie because she loved everybody and he felt too ashamed to express his deep seeded dislike for the woman. It wasn’t even so much that she had been a stripper but she wore clothes that you would expect a young teenager to wear, not a grown woman in her 30s.

The biggest thing that killed him was how flirty she was. He woudl do this though, telling Stella he didn’t want her there would mean expressing his feelings about Minnie. He couldn’t have her give him that horrible, gut wrenching look of disappointment. He cuddled with his soon to be wife on the couch. These would be the last moments of comfort since Luther Jr and Minnie, along with their children would be there within the hour.

“You look troubled.” Stella said softly and he smiled at her.

“Not at all, just a bit tired.”

“Do you want me to rub you down?”

“Yes please.”

He moved so he was on his stomach and she straddled his hips. She rubbed his back and shoulders then his neck. He sighed happily and she leaned forward, kissing his cheek. “I love you, now be happy.” She sat back on the couch and he sat next to her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her softly on the lips.

“You are such a treasure.”

“What I am is the luckiest woman in the world, getting to marry the sweetest man in the world.”

“I don’t know about sweet, but I definitely love you more than life.”

“You are more amazing than you think” Jasper kissed Stella again “I try to be for you. Can I lean against the arm of the couch and hold you?”

“I’d love that” Jasper got lost in Stella until he was jerked out of his comfort by knocking on the door. He held back his groan as Stella got up. He followed her to the door where they were greeted by excited hugs from Paul & Stetson. They even hugged Stella which surprised Minnie when she saw since they normally were shy with people they didn’t know well. Minnie came up and wrapped Stella in her arms “Hey! I’m so glad to have a new sister! Look at you, you’re adorable! An absolute cupcake” Stella smiled “It’s nice to meet you” Minnie then moved on to Jasper since she knew Luther Jr would want to hug Stella too. She felt Jaspers normal tension but was surprised to get a real hug back. In five years of being with Luther Jr the best she had ever gotten was a pat on the back but this was an actual hug.

Luther Jr wasn’t shocked. He had heard plenty from their mother to know he’d play nice with Stella around. Luther Jr gave Jasper a knowing smile and hugged his brother. Jasper already wanted to shake his head at Minnie. Per the norm she had a pink tshirt on that looked hard to breath in. She was also wearing a mini skirt that would show off her underwear if she bent over. The final adornment to this onsomble were pink high heels that were the tallest he had ever seen her wear. Jasper didn’t say a word and showed them to their room so they could set their things down.

“We’re going out for dinner tonight, dress appropriately you know casual.” He smiled politely, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. Luther Jr. knew what he meant and sighed, but nodded. Jasper went back to Stella who was entertaining the children.

“How about tomorrow night we make cookies.” She said as she held little Paul in her arms.

“Really? Can we have peanut butter cookies?” Stetson asked.

“We can have anything you want.”

Jasper couldn’t help but think she looked perfect as a mother. She was so loving and giving, the children got along with her just fine. He would love to give her children, as many as she wanted. He wondered how she felt about children, especially after what happened to her. He was still furious about her father mistreating her and wished he could beat the man into unconsciousness and give him the same treatment he had given Stella. She looked up and smiled brightly at him.

“Why don’t you guys go see what your mommy and daddy are doing. Stetson hold your bubba’s hand.”

“Yes ma’am.” Stetson said as Stella put Paul on his feet. Stetson took his brother’s hand and pulled him out of the living room.

“Jasper you have that look on your face again. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I love you and I’m fine.”

“I just hate when you look tense” Jasper hugged Stella and kissed her cheek “so I guess we’ll be stopping at the store and buying cookies for the kids after dinner?’ Luther Jr and Minnie were coming back down so Minnie heard what they said “Why don’t you and I go right now Stella. We could have some good old fashioned sister bonding time. I’d love to go shopping with my adorable new sister. Boys bring shopping down with their hurry to leave.”

“sure, lets go. Want to take my car or yours?”

“Lets take yours since you know your way around better. You don’t mind me stealing Stella do you Jasper?”

“Of course not” Jasper said with a forced smile. “awesome, you two can keep the small fries entertained. They’ve been excited to see their uncle and we’ll get done faster with them here” Stella gave Jasper a small, sweet kiss on the lips before grabbing her purse and walking out with Minnie. Jasper gave a real smile as he watched her go. No matter his mood Stellas kisses always eased him. Luther jr told his children to go play outside and they instantly ran for the back door. It was fenced in so they didn’t have to worry about the boys going in the street. ¬†“Mom was right, you do realize I owe her 50$ now.”

“what do you mean?”

‘She said you worry about what Stella thinks of you so much you’d be friendly with Minnie for her. I didn’t think anything could make you pretend to like my wife but boy did she call it. You were seriously trying just now. I think you’re fooling Minnie and Stella but you could never fool me. I do wish you could be genuine though. She is a wonderful woman and if I dont care how she dresses why do you Jasper?”

“It’s just not approprate. What about all those guys she flirts with? That doesnt bother you?”

“No because she never sleeps with anybody but me. At the end of the night I know who she’s coming home to so if she wants to flirt she can. It’s who she is. She’s always dressed that way and she’s always been a flirt. She even flirts with women. The way she compliments men is the same thing she was doing with Stella. I can promise you she has no interest in having sex with any women. That in itself is proof her flirting means nothing”

“It’s disrespectful Luther. No one wants to see her panties when she bends over to pick up Paul’s sippy cup. People look at her like she’s easy and the flirting makes her seem like it. I get that once upon a time flirting and dressing like a whore was her job, but she’s not a stripper anymore. She’s a mother and a wife.”


“Enough, I don’t feel like arguing especially with the kids here and it doesn’t matter if they’re outside. I won’t argue with them nearby.” Luther sighed, but dropped it.

“Can I have a beer at least?”

“Yeah, I bought your favorite. It’s in the fridge.”

Stella really liked Minnie. She was a ball full of never ending energy and as sweet as an angel. “So how did you meet Luther?” Stella asked as they pulled into the parking lot of the store.

“I was a stripper and we slept together, I got pregnant and he married me. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“He seems to really adore you.” They got out and headed inside. Minnie looped her arm through Stella’s making her smile.

“Yeah and his family seems to love me, well for the most part.”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Minnie didn’t want Stella to think less of Jasper. He was a good man, he just didn’t like her. “It’s nothing really, lets get those cookies.”

“what kind does your husband like? We can get multiple batches.”

“He loves peanut butter just like the boys. They are like clones of him” Stella giggled “I love sugar cookies”

“well aren’t you truly my sister. Me too! We’ll make the boys peanut butter then make us sugar cookies”

“Sounds great” Stella said cheerfully then an idea hit her “Oh my gosh. We should play battle of the sexes! Do you like that game?”

‘Yeah, lets see if they have it here” They walked over to the baord game section and were delighted when it was there. They also got Apples to Apples for them to play. Once they had those they grabbed their cookies and checked out. The fought over who was paying for a brief time but Stella pulled the “I’m the bride” card and paid. “you truly are a sweetheart Stella. It’s so nice to meet you”

“It really is nice to meet you too. You two should come more often or maybe we should go there.”

“I’ll come anytime I’m invited”

“families always invited, why wouldn’t you be?”

“I guess Jaspers never had an open door policy”

“well he does now.” Minnie laughed then Stella spoke again “This is a serious question that I’ve never had the nerve to aska woman in heels. Can I ask you?”

“yeah” Minnie said a little confused. “How do you walk in them? I’ve tried and I fall flat on my face. I can wear a low heal but nothing like what you’re wearing”

“Maybe we can practice a bit. We can pretend we’re younger girls. Older sister dress up their baby sisters. I could put you in some of my clothes and I could let you practice walking in my shoes. Oh you’d go from an adorable beauty to a sexy goddess. That modest look you have hides just how stunning you are”

“That sounds fun. Maybe we can do that after your boys go to bed tonight. I dont want to show the our husbands ¬†though… I’m not as confident as you…I ahte my legs so can it just be a girl thing in my room?”

“Sounds like a plan cutie. I just want to have fun. You are far too gorgeous to be shy about your body but if you are I wont make you uncomfortable.”

Stella was happy to see Jasper in a more relaxed mood when she walked through the door. He was sitting on the couch talking to Luther and drinking a beer while the kids watched cartoons. “We’re home.” Stella said and Jasper smiled, coming to his feet and taking the bags out of her hands. He put the cookie dough in the fridge and the games on the dining room table.

“Have you boys been having fun?” Minnie asked as she sat down next to Luther and Paul crawled into her lap.

“The best time.” Luther answered and kissed her softly.

“You look tense again.” Stella said as Jasper pulled her into his arms.

“I just want to go to dinner then come home and get you in bed.”

“Oh really? Well we have to make cookies with the boys and play board games after dinner then I told Minnie I’d spend some time with her. After that you can have me as much as you want.”

He didn’t know how he felt about Stella spending time with Minnie. “Sounds like fun.”

Jasper was happy that Luther managed to get Minnie to change into a pair of jeans before they left. They made sure Paul’s cup was filled before hopping in their cars and driving to Applebee’s. Minnie got the same looks she always got, making Jasper refexively roll his eyes. They were taken to their table where Minnie flirted with the waiter before they ordered.

“So what are you and Minnie going to be doing?” Jasper asked.

“She’s going to show me how to walk in heels. I want to be able to for the wedding.”

“You can always get a lower heel.”

“I know, but I love the ones I picked out.”

Their food arrived and he focused on eating. If he didn’t distract himself he would get angry. He loved Stella to much to lose his temper over Minnie’s shameless flirting. They talked about the wedding and where they planned on honeymooning. Jasper had kept that a surprise and would not budge no matter how much Minnie asked.

When they arrived home Stella and Minnie took the boys in the kitchen to bake some of the cookies. They figured since they already went to the store they might aswell bake cookies two nights in a row with Stetson and Paul. Stella loved baking with them and seeing their small faces light up. She was so afraid of having children since she had no idea how to be a mother but she did want them. After the boys finished their cookies Jasper and Luther jr wrestled around the living room with them to wear them out. They even pretended the boys were actually winning a few times. Stella and Minnie just watched in bliss. “you two need some babies” Minnie said and Stella smiled, not sure of what to say. She didn’t know if they knew about her past. If they didn’t she would have to explain why she had no idea what parents really did with their children. Even when her Aunt and Uncle got her an apartment they just paid for it. They weren’t real parental figures.

She loved them and would forever be grateful for their kindness in saving her but they hadn’t taught her what it was to have someone guiding you. They left all her choices up to her. Minnie noticed Stellas slight discomfort and said no more about the subject. Stetson and Paul were worn out by the time Luther Jr and Minnie took them up. Jasper walked over and hugged Stella “you looked cute playing with our nephews” Jasper kissed her cheek “yeah?”


“we going to play board games or are you going to play with Minnie first?”

“You men probably need a breather so you can relax and drink beer while Minnie and I go into our room”

“If she wants you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable you dont have to” Stella gave Jasper a weird look “I doubt she’d try to get me to do somthing I didn’t want”

“I know, I’m just saying”

“always so worried about me” Stella kissed him then continued ‘so sweet” Minnie and Luther jr came down “Hey Minnie, want to practice with me now and let the men rest?”

‘sure! If thats what you want sweetie.” Minnie held out her hand and Stella took it. They had to go to Minnie and Luthers room first because Minnie wanted to do Stellas makeup too. They got some clothes and makeup then went in Stellas room. “Nice, you’ve got a full length mirror”

“Yeah, Jasper had it put in for me. It was funny because all I was doing was telling him how much I liked Jaynas. Next thing I knew I had one”

“well thats because Jasper is just as crazy about you as Luther is about me. I was wondering, could I doll you up? Its the end of the day so if you dont like it nobody will see you but us four. If you hate it I’ll help you wash it off right away”

“anything, I’m an only child so never had a sister to do these things with”

“Well you have me now.” Minnie went ahead and had Stella change into some of her clothes. Stella wasn’t sure how she felt about the short skirt and low cut top. She didn’t usually dress in something so revealing. Next Minnie did her hair and makeup then helped her into a pair of heels. She helped her stand and kept a hold of her hand so she wouldn’t fall.

“Here, have a look.” She helped her walk over to the mirror and Stella’s eyes widened. She looked completely different.

“I look not like me.”

“You look gorgeous.”

They practiced walking and turning, Minnie never letting her go. The more she did it, the more confident she became until she believed she could do it on her own. Minnie let her got and clapped happily when she walked across the room and back on her own. “We should show the guys.”

“Okay I guess.” Minnie took her hand and pulled her out of the bedroom and down the hall to the living room.

When Jasper saw her he felt a wave of anger wash over him. Stella was beautiful, but the clothes she was wearing were all Minnie. “Seriously Minnie?” He stood and Luther Jr. followed his example. “It’s one thing for you to dress that way, but a whole other thing for you to dress her that way. You know how I feel about it.” He walked out of the living room before he yelled at her and into his study.

“Looks like I messed up again.” Minnie said sadly. “I guess that’s what a trollop like me gets.”

“Minnie, honey it’s okay.” Luther said.

“No, I should have known better.” She ran off to their room with Luther close behind. Stella had never seen Jasper that angry, it shocked her. She decided they needed to have a talk about his reaction. She went into his study and closed the door.

“What was that?” She asked, arms crossed.

“Let me guess you’ve come in here to lecture me about losing my temper. Great, just what I need.”

“Do not talk to me like that and apologize to Minnie for snapping at her.”

“She parades around like that, disrespects my brother, and you expect me to apologize? No.”

“Then have fun sleeping on the couch.”

“You’re kicking me out of our room?”

“Until you can be a man and apologize to Minnie, you’re damn right I am.” She turned and pulled the door open then looked back at him. “Thank you for telling me how pretty I look, it did loads for my self confidence. Good night.”

Chapter Two

Stella angrily took off her shoes and slammed their door. She felt like crying with how hurt she was. He had never been angry with her and on top of that she was brave enough to come out in somthing revealing and he had nothing nice to say. Silent tears fell down her face and she undressed, getting into her pajamas. She walked into the bathroom to clean her face of the heavy make up. She wasn’t pretty enough for any of it. The wave of anger suddenyl disperssed and he realized what he had just done. His heart sank knwing he had just massively hurt her feelings and showed her at the same time how much he disliked Minnie. He stood and went into their room. Stella heard him come in and didn’t want to speak to him so she quickly locked the bathroom door. Jasper moved the doorhandle and could tell she locked it “Stella please, I’m sorry. I just got so mad I didn’t think”

“I didn’t ask you to apologize to me. Appologize to Minnie. Now I see what she was talking about. Everyone likes her but you because you’re a jerk. I can’t believe you’re this judgy, She’s so nice and fun and all you can do is hurt her feelings and mine. I’m sorry I dressed like that you ass. Excuse me for ever thinking I was pretty enough. Just get out! I’m not sure if I even want to sleep with you tonight after you appologize IF you do. If you wont leave I guess I’m sleeping in here. I’d rather sleep on the cold bathroom floor then sleep with you right now”

Minnie just sobbed into her husbands chest. She felt the worse for putting sweet Stella through that. They had so much fun during the day and now her night was miserable. Minnie hadn’t thought Jasper woudl actually storm off like that. She thought he would enjoy it and praise her since she had sucha ¬†low self esteem. “I’m sorry Luther” she forced out through her tears. “You don’t need to be sorry. We’ll get a hotel and if you want to spend more time with Minnie we’ll pick her up. I’m tired of Jasper being such an asshole to you. I’m really pissed off right now.”

“Don’t be mad at your brother. He’s right, I dress like a whore.”

“No you don’t baby, to me you are beautiful.”

Jasper forced himself away from the bathroom door and down the hall to Luther and Minnie’s room. He tapped on the door and waited. He heard movement and Luther opened the door and glared at him. “May I speak with Minnie please?”

“Just go away Jasper.” His brother replied angrily.

“Please, I need to speak to her.”

“It’s okay Luther, he and I need to talk.” Luther sighed and moved out of the way.

“In my study.” Minnie followed Jasper to his study where he closed the door. “I have severely angered, hurt, and disappointed Stella because of my childish behavior. I want to say I’m sorry for snapping at you. It wasn’t right. You are family and families stick together no matter what. The way you dress and act honestly angers me, but that doesn’t give me the right to judge you. Please forgive me.”

“I should apologize too. It’s just I’ve always been this way. I flirt with people and dressing like this makes me feel pretty. I just wanted to share some of my confidence with Stella.”

“She looked beautiful, she honestly did and I should have said as much instead of being an idiot. How you are shouldn’t matter as long as Luther and my nephews are happy. So can we just start over?”

“Yes, I think we can. I forgive you.”

“Good, now I need to go get my pillow and a blanket. I have been kicked out of my room for the night.”

“Maybe I can get you back in. Just wait” Jasper walked over and gave Minnie a real, heart felt hug “it would mean the world to me if you did. I don’t think I can sleep without her. Especially knowing she’s mad at me. She apparently would rather sleep in the bathroom than be with me right now”

“with how fragile her self esteem is I’m sure it’s mainly just her hurting. I’ll do my best to convince her to sleep with you” Minnie walked out and Jasper sat down holding his head in his hands. His heart was heavy with worry about his relationship with Stella. He worried how she saw him now and if she would still want to marry him. He quickly quit allowing himself to ponder that. He would become a wreck and probably beg like a dog, only making things worse if he alowed himself to worry if she’d marry him. Stella was sitting on the bathroom floor when Minnie entered the room. She gently knocked on the door “Stella?” She called softly.

Stella instantly answered and wrapped her new sister in a tight hug “I’m so sorry about Jasper. Hopefully he’ll apologize”

“He did Stella, he meant it and for the first time since I’ve known him he gave me a real hug. He really wants to sleep in the bed with you. You don’t have to cuddle with him but maybe you could just let him sleep in here. I promise you he was really sorry. He also told me how beautiful he thought you looked in my clothes. You should feel beautiful because you are beautiful Stella. When people get angry they do stuff without their brains working properly. He just temporarily lost his mind, he’ll do that a lot while you’re married. I know Luther Jr and I say and do things we dont mean all the time when we’re angry. Like I said, you dont have to cuddle with him but you should let him in here with you”

Stella wiped her eyes “Ok, Can I hop in bed and you tell him to come in? I’m still really upset with him so I dont know if i can do the inviting”

“Of course I can sweetie. I’m really glad you’re going to be my new sister in law”

“I’m glad to be aswell. I mean it when I say we should get together more”

“we will, especially now that Jaspers agreed to get over himself” Stella and Minnie both cracked a smile then hugged one more time before Stella got in bed. Minnie walked back to Jaspers study “I’m not too sure she wants to get all cuddly or anything but since you apologized she’s willing to share a bed with you.” Jasper lifted his face from his hands. His brown eyes damp with want to cry “Oh Jasper” Minnie said. he took a a deep inhale and exhale “I just hate upsetting her…”

“You two are getting married, it’s going to happen Jasper. Nobodies perfect”

“That’s not true, Stella is perfect.” Minnie smiled and the both went back to their rooms. Jasper walked in quietly, afraid to say something that might further upset her. He undressed and crawled under the covers, laying on his back and staring up at the ceiling. “I love you Stella, I really, really love you and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Never forget that.” He turned his back to her so she wouldn’t have to see how sad he was. The last thing he wanted was to guilt her into cuddling with him.

Fresh tears ran down Stella’s face and soaked her pillow. She did her best to stay quiet, but a small whimper escaped. She heard Jasper shift behind her and his arm was suddenly around her waist. He kissed the back of her neck and she relaxed into him. “Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes, absolutely. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I love you and think you are the most gorgeous woman in the world. You looked breathtaking, sexy even. I’m sorry.” She turned over and he wiped away her tears. “Please don’t cry my love.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You should never apologize to me. I just want to see you smile.” He kissed her softly on the lips and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Please don’t make me sleep without you. I need to be next to you.”

“Please never lose your temper again unless your in court and it’s a deal.”

“Anything for you.”

Jaspers heart still hung heavy in his chest as Stella moved closer and held him. He kissed her head “I love you so much. Thank you for letting me back in here and for getting close to me. I still can’t believe I was such a jerk” His voice betraying how sad he was despite his efforts. “It’s ok baby, you said you were sorry to Minnie and me. All you can do is be nicer to Minnie and never do that again. Just hold me and lets sleep. I think we both need a good refresh.”

“Could I have a real kiss goodnight?” Stella gave him a slow, loving kiss that he savoured every second of. It didn’t take Stella long to drift to sleep but Jasper laid awake with his guilt over the events of the evening. He hoped she really knew how beautiful she was. He couldn’t think of a woman more stunning than his Stella. The best thing about her was that her personality was beautiful too. She was absolute perfection and more than he felt he deserved, especially right now. He kept his breaths steady until he composed himself then just enjoyed the feel of his soon to be wife in his arms. He stayed awake all night without even realizing it since he pulled all nighters atleast once a week before Stella came along.

Her eyes opened slowly when she heard Stetson and Paul in the kitchen with their parents. She sleepily looked up at Jasper “hey baby, feel any better” He smiled, loving how she looked in the mornings “yeah, just holding you is enough to fix anything my love. How’re you feeling?”

“Perfect, I’m not mad or sad so don’t worry. I just want to enjoy the new day with my in laws, nephews and fiance.” Jasper kissed her, slipping his tongue in Stellas mouth to taste her. She let out a soft moan before pushing him away “tonight”

“sorry” he said with a light chuckle. They got up and hopped in the shower. They made it quick since they had company. Stella put on one of her summer dresses while Jasper threw on jeans and a tshirt. The second they opened their door Stetson and Paul ran over to hug them. Stella laughed “good morning handsome guys. Sleep well?”

“Yeah, will you wrestle with us again after breakfast Uncle Jasper?”

“Of course I will. You going to join us L.J?”


Stella and Minnie cooked a big breakfast of bacon and eggs with toast and orange juice. Everyone ate with smiles on their faces. Stella reached over and grabbed Jasper’s hand, making sure he knew she still loved him and was very happy. After breakfast Stella helped Minnie wash dishes while Jasper and Luther played with the boys. “So why are you so nervous about having children?” Minnie asked.

“I was severely abused by my father. He would dump hot coffee on me when I made him angry.”

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry.” Minnie looked sad.

“It’s okay. I have Jasper and he’s been nothing but sweet. He even quit drinking coffee because he didn’t want to upset me.”

“I shouldn’t have asked, but for the record you would be a great mom.”

Stella smiled as she put the last plate away. “I’m sure Jasper and I will talk about it after the wedding.”

Jasper tossed Paul in the air, making the little boy laugh. He plopped the boy on his shoulders and ran around the yard. He finally took the boy down and sat in the grass to catch his breath. Luther came and sat down next to them and they watched the kids run around. “Thank you for apologizing to Minnie. I know it must have been hard.”

“Apologizing was easy, admitting I was wrong was hard. Stella can tear me down like no other. I probably would have cried myself to sleep last night if she hadn’t let me stay in the room.”

“The great Jasper Bookchild can cry?”

He punched his brother in the shoulder. “Asshole, you’re lucky I love you.”

Luther Jr laughed “I just have never seen you cry little brother.”

“I never have before. Since being with Stella I’ve discovered I can. She makes me feel all kinds of things I didn’t know I could feel.”

“well good, I really like her and so does everyone else in our family. She’s a sweetheart. I’m glad you found such a nice woman to marry” Jasper smiled “Thanks, I really should have been supportive of your marriage too. You are obviously happy since you’ve been with her five years.”

“I am, she’s a good person and is a lot of fun.”

“Stella certainly enjoys her”

“why don’t we call mom and dad to see what they are doing today? Aren’t Draven, Corina , Braxton, Courtney and their children there?”

“I thought Lupin was here too?”

“He’s not coming until the morning of your wedding which I’m glad for honestly. It’s honestly a shame he isn’t anywhere near growing up. You do know he called mom drunk and cursed her out right? Mom was in tears and dad told him if he couldn’t respect his mother then he couldn’t stay there which is why he isn’t coming until the morning of” Jasper sighed “I wish anybody knew what was wrong with him”

“Me too, let me call mom and we can all go over there.”

“alright” It was a brief call ended with I love you “lets get the kids cleaned up a bit then we’ll go over. I’m sure the girls will want to get ready too.” They went inside and told them that they wanted to spend some time with the rest of the family. The girls quickly got prepared while the men prepared the boys to go. Jasper grabbed a couple of their big board games incase the rest of the family wanted to play any since playing them made Stella so happy. “I deeply love you Jasper” Stella said as Jasper got in the drivers seat of their Benz. He smiled, grabbing her hand and kissing it “I love you too. I can’t wait to be your husband. I feel so lucky a woman like you would marry someone like me”

“Hey, you need to stop that. You’re amazing and make me really happy. Last night is the only time we’ve fought since I’ve been with you”

“I know, I just never wanted to snap at you or act like that”

“Last night was last night. We can only enjoy today and our future.” Jasper kissed Stellas cheek and they began the drive to his parents house. They were barely pulled to a stop when Shante and Corina came running out to greet them. Stella was knocked back a bit by how hard Corina came in for her hug. Once hugs were over they went inside to relax with everybody while the kids played. The day flew by with chatter and loud laughs between everybody. Stella noticed Draven was the same way with Corina that Jasper was with her. The whole day he had his arm around her or was holding her hand just as Jasper did with her. It was sweet and she was glad almost all of Jaspers siblings had someone. She wished Lupin was happier but he seemed bent on staying drunk and sleeping around.

Suddenly Corina stood “I’ll be back” she said looking a bit green in the face. Draven followed her up the stairs, unable to help himself “Is she alright?” Stella asked when they were gone. Shante smiled “yeah, she’s pegnant and I guess waiting to tell everyone. I think maybe she’s afraid of stealing yours and Jaspers thunder”

“but that’s silly”

“I knew you’d feel that way which is why i told you the truth when you asked if she was ok” Shante winked. Nobody said anything even though they knew when Corina and Draven came back. As it was nearing dinner time Shante asked “did you bring any games Stella? I know you will probably go home after dinner and I love playing games with everyone.”

“Want to play battle of the sexes?”

“Sure, we can destroy the men.”

“That’s what you think” Luther interjected making Shante, Corina and Courtney laugh. Jasper got up and went outside to grab the game. Once it was set up the girls got to one side of the table while the boys gathered on the other. If they thought everyone was laughing before, it was nothing compared to now. It was funny to see the big tough FBI agent Luther acting out stuff for the other guys to guess. As predicted the girls won but the guys came in a close second. They cleaned up then decided to go to Chipotle for dinner. The kids were gathered and they all hopped in their cars. “yay motion sickness” Corina said as she sat in the passenger side. Draven smiled “I’m sorry baby”

‘Your smile doesnt say you’re sorry”

“Just knowing you’re pregnant makes me so happy Drea. I know you understand since you felt the same way in our past life but it was so hard to see you have a family with Paul. I’m just glad I get to be with the woman I have always loved more than anything and I get to have children with you. We’re also immortal now so we never have to part again….I truly have you and our children forever….I do hate you dont feel good but its hard to peel this smile off my face”

Chapter Three

“I guess I can forgive you since you’re such a good husband.”

Stella was starving by the time they made it to Chipotle. Her stomach growled as they walked inside and the delicious smells found their way into her nose. She laced her fingers through Jasper’s as they took their place in line and ordered what they wanted. Stella preferred the chicken while Jasper was all about the steak. He always told her he could live off steak. Once everyone had what they wanted, they went and sat down.

“So do you have any family coming to the wedding?” Luther asked.

“Uh well my uncle and my aunt are coming and some close friends. I didn’t send one to my dad, but chances are he’ll show up anyway.” Stella answered.

“We can always throw him out.” Jasper said as he took her hand.

“Please don’t cause a commotion if he shows up Japser. I’ll take care of it.”

“You make it hard to be the protective husband, but if it’s what you want then I promise to be good.”

They talked more about the wedding. Stella happy to steer the conversation away from her father. She didn’t like talking about him. Everyone was excited about the wedding and how beautiful it was going to be. Jasper had made sure she got everything she wanted. Even when she said something cost to much he refused to let her go without it. He wanted her to have her dream wedding.

After they all finished their food they kept talking until the kids got restless and were ready to leave. They said their goodbyes since Stella, Jasper, LJ, Minnie, Stetson and Paul wern’t going back to Shante and Luthers house. Stella wanted to say congratulations on the baby but wanted to wait until Corina and Draven announced she was pregnant. “so we’re meeting at Sanam Day Spa tomorrow as your bachelorette party still right Stella?” Shante asked. “Yeah, at one.”

“Ok, just double checking” Minnie was dissapointed Stella wasn’t having what she considered a real bachelorette party but she wouldn’t complain. She knew Stella was too modest of a person to enjoy strippers. The men were just going to drink beer and watch TV which wouldn’t be too thrilling since they couldn’t drink very much as they would have the children. When they got home everybody went straight to their rooms for the night. The boys gave Stella a tight hug before Minnie and LJ took them up. Jasper quickly shut and locked the door once they were in and began tugging Stellas clothes off. She laughed “Don’t get too crazy with me. I don’t want your brother, his children or wife to hear”

He smiled then began to suck at her breasts as he rubbed her. Stella bit down on their blanket to help muffle the moans she couldn’t keep contained. He wanted longer but knew she’d be embaressed if they heard so he flipped her over so she could bury her face in their pillow then began to slam into her. Every inch of his shaft diving deep within her with every thrust. Stella pushed her head into the pillow and gripped it tightly until Jasper ejaculated. he kissed her back a few times before pulling out and whispering how much he loved her.

Stella turned into his arms a pillowed her head on his chest. She loved the sound of his heart beating in her ear. “I love you Jasper.” She said softly. “You make me so happy. Thank you.”

“You never have to thank me for such a thing. I will always love you.”

“Will you sing me to sleep. I like your voice.”

He kissed the top of her head. He didn’t think he was very good, but if it made her happy he would do anything. “I just want to see you, when you’re all alone. I just want to catch you if I can. I just want to be there, when the morning light explodes. On your face it radiates, I can’t escape. I love you ’till the end.” She was fast asleep before the last word left his lips. He smiled and kissed her head again. She melted his heart. “Sweet dreams my love.”

He closed his eyes and fell asleep, taking her love and warmth with him. They woke the next morning to knocking on their door. Jasper opened his eyes as the door was cracked open. “It’s me Minnie. Don’t worry I’m not coming in.”

“What is it?” Jasper asked, trying not to sound irritated. He was enjoying sleeping with Stella.

“Breakfast is ready, just thought you two would want to eat.”

“Thank you Minnie, we’ll be out in a bit.” Stella said and the door closed. Jasper groaned and buried his face in her hair. “What’s wrong baby?” She asked.

“I don’t want to get up or let you go. Lets just cuddle forever.”

“I love you so much.” He lifted his head and she kissed him. “Come on lets go have breakfast.”

He sighed and took one more kiss before getting up with her. They dressed and brushed their hair then joined their family in the kitchen. After breakfast they played with the children and talked until it was time to meet the other girls at the spa. Stella hugged Jasper “Have fun with the guys. They should be here soon”

“I’ll try beautiful” She smiled and kissed his chest. “Bye” Minnie and Stella walked out. They decided to take Stellas car again since she knew the town better than Minnie. They listened to music and sang loudly the whole way there. Occasionally they got odd looks from people at stop lights or those just driving by their car. When they arrived only Jayna, Jenna, and Teisha were there. They waited patiently for Jaspers family to get arrive. Once everyone was together they walked in to enjoy getting pampered for a few hours. Minnie soon was no longer disappointed by the fact Stella didn’t want strippers. This was so relaxing and felt absolutely amazing. She was definitely going to start having spa days when she got home.

Some of the smells weren’t sitting right with Corina and soon she just couldnt’ take it any longer. “I’m sorry Stella but I feel really sick. I need to go home and rest. I’m sure I’ll be fit to be at your wedding tomorrow. Please don’t be mad” Stella smiled then hugged her sister in law. “You’re ok. If you don’t feel good go home. This is about fun and relaxing. If you need to go lay down you should”

“I love you and I’m so happy for you and my brother.”

“I love you too, go rest” Corina hurried out before she hurled in front of them. When she was out the door Shante said ‘I coudln’t come to these places either while I was pregnant. The scents are nauseating”

“aw, I wish she hadn’t made herself stay so long”

“Corina loves you very much as we all do. She was probably honestly worried about hurting your feelings since she hasn’t told she’s pregnant” Corina drove quickly home and went straight to her old bedroom. She laid down, wanting to text Draven but didn’t want to ruin their bachelor party. It soon didn’t matter since she fell asleep. As the women got foot masages Shante asked “so when are you and Jasper going to give me grandbabies?” Stella blushed “I’m not sure…I don’t know if I’ll make a good mom”

“Stella, of course you will. I’ve seen you with children. You are a natural despite your up bringing. You will be an amazing mother. I have no doubts you would never treat your children the way you parents treated you”

“Thanks mom” Shante smiled “you’re welcome my sweet new daughter. I do hope to get granchildren from you soon but don’t feel rushed. Just know I have all the confidence in the world for you” Stella was glad everybody apprently didn’t doubt how good of a mother she could be. She thought that maybe she should stop doubting herself. Children made her so happy and she knew she shouldn’t not have them because of her dad.”

“What no strippers?” Lupin asked when he flopped down on Jasper’s couch.

“No and if you don’t like it you can go elsewhere.” Jasper replied.

“Whoa calm down.”

Dad, what’s a stripper?” Stetson asked.

“It’s a kind of dancer.” Luther Jr. answered. “Come on buddy, lets got get your cars.”

They came back with a container full of hot wheels and Luther Jr. dumped them out on the floor so both boys could play with them. Jasper knew that even though Minnie was okay with her past, that Stetson and Paul shouldn’t know that sort of thing until they were older. He wanted to slap Lupin the back of the head for even bringing it up. “I brought my poker set.” Luther said.

“Are we playing for real money?” Lupin asked.

“We never play for real money, Jasper would take us all to the cleaners.” Luther Jr. replied with a laugh.

“Come on I’m not that good.”

“Says the guy who plays with the mayor.”

“On occasion.” They all laughed and Luther went ahead and grabbed the metal case and sat it on the table. Jasper decided to take it easy on them the first couple of games and lost. Only his dad knew what he was doing and he shot his son a wink across the table. Stetson and Paul became interested in what was going on and came to watch. Jasper lifted Paul into his lap and showed him which cards to take out and trade in for new ones.

Chapter Four

Jasper enjoyed teaching his nephew how to play and couldn’t wait to teach his future children. There was much more he would love to do with them when he had kids. Luther could tell in the way Jasper was looking at Paul that he was imagining his kids with Stella. It was sweet and he coudlnt’ wait to tell Shante about it later. He knew it would make her smile since lately all she talked about was getting more grandchildren from Stella,Jasper, Corina and Draven. Luther was using the thought to help ease him so he wouldn’t fight with Lupin. He was still angry over how he talked to his mother but he promised Shante to keep peace and not push the subject.

Paul didn’t leave Jaspers lap until the girls came back. He then jumped up so he could hug his mother. “where’s Corina?” DRaven instantly asked “she felt bad and went back to the house. She didn’t want to ruin your fun I guess so she didn’t tell you or come here.” Draven sighed “could someone take me home please?” he didn’t have the car since he rode over with someone so that Corina could take the car. Luther stood “we should let the love birds be alone anyways. Lets all go”

“Luther Jr, Minnie and their kids will still be here” Lupin said in a snotty tone. Luther sighed “It doesn’t matter. Lets go” Lupin knew he was treading on thin ice with his father so decided not to push it right now. Growing up there was nothing he got more angry about than one of them disrepecting their mother.

“See you all tomorrow.” Stella said with a smile.

“I’ll be here to pick Jasper up in the morning. We’re getting dressed at the church while the girls help you here.” Luther replied and kissed her cheek. “Make sure you get some sleep.”

“Yes sir, I’ll make sure he’s up bright and early.”

Jasper pulled Stella onto his lap and kissed her softly. “I missed you today.” He said, making her smile.

“But I’m here every day.”

“I know and a single moment without you makes me feel lonely. Even in a room full of people I love.”

“Just keep in mind that I will be waiting for you when you get home at the end of the day.”

“Why don’t you two just cuddle on the couch while Minnie and I cook us something delicious.” Luther Jr. said as he wrapped his arms around Minnie’s waist from behind.

“You don’t have to do that.” Stella replied.

“Sure we do especially since you have such a big day tomorrow and then you’re leaving for the honeymoon right after the reception. We can at least make dinner.” Minnie chimed in.

“Alright, if you insist.” Minnie and Luther Jr. went into the kitchen and the kids followed, wanting to make more cookies which Minnie said she would make with them.

“So where are we going on our honeymoon?” Stella asked as they moved to the couch.

“It’s a surprise.”

“Come on, give me a hint.”

“All I can tell you is we’re not flying there, we’re sailing. I bought a boat so it’ll just be us out on the ocean all alone until we reach our destination so you can be as loud as you want and no one will hear you.”

Stella blushed, knowing his meaning. Jaspers smile widened then he kissed her again. Only pulling back a little he whispered ‘Running into you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m so glad you agreed to that first date” Jasper held Stella tighter then continued “you make me so happy” When they were called for dinner Jasper didn’t want to let Stella go so he just stood with her in his arms and walked into the kitchen. He placed Stella in an empty chair then sat beside her as Minnie set out plates. Since tomorrow would be an early day they decided to all get to bed early. The kids didn’t think a lot of that idea but gave little protest. The excitement really sank in for Jasper once he and Stella were naked in bed with her head on his chest. They would finally be married tomorrow. What he had been dieing for since they got together would be happening in the morning. Then he’d get to sail away with her on the sweet honeymoon he planned. He atleast hoped he had been romantic enough. It was hard for Jasper to know what to do since he had never loved anyone or put much effort into anyone before.

All Jasper wanted was for Stella to be happy and never leave his side. His happy, excited thoughts went with him into sleep. Due to all the exhilaration Stella felt she woke a little over an hour before Luther was supposed to pick up Jasper. She thought about getting up and making muffins for everybody but the sound of Jaspers heart proved too melodic to let her get up. She enjoyed every second of the time it took for Jaspers alarm to go off. He woke instantly making Stella giggle since he always took so long to rouse by the alarm. “excited about our big day?” Stella said as she sat up. “Of course. Lets shower so I look handsome and smell good for our big day” Stella kissed him “you always look and smell wonderful”

“Your nose just seems to ignore things. I dont see how you kiss me before my teeth are brushed but I’m glad you do” Stella smiled then kissed him again before getting out of bed. Jasper watched her walk into the bathroom before getting up himself. Stella started the water while he just kept taking in the view. Stella loved when he stared at her with his adoring eyes. They washed then brushed their teeth before Stella threw on a clean pair of pajamas and Jasper threw on the first jeans and tshirt he could find. They wouldn’t be in those clothes long. Jasper pulled their bags out of the closet and double checked to see if he packed them all they needed. When he was sure everything was there he put the bags by the door since he would be taking them when Luther picked him up.

They started eating cereal with their family when Luther knocked on the door. Jasper set his bowl down then got the final kiss he would be getting from Stella as her fiance. Jasper left while Corina, Shante, and Courtney came in. They visited as they waited for teh rest of the girls to show up. Within ten minuets Jayna, Jenna, and Teisha showed up. They decided to do this in the living room so there would be plenty of space so Luther jr got the boys ready and took them to the church. When they were gone Stella stripped down to her underwear nervously then allowed Shante and Teisha to help her get in it.

This was the first time Jayna saw Stella in her dress and she was floored. “wow Stella, we havent even done your hair and look at you”

“I know, when she comes out I’ll be ready to snap pictures of my son. I can’t wait to see the look on his face” Shante said in response. Teisha got to work on Stellas hair, Shante did Stellas makeup while Jenna did Stellas nails. When they all stepped back Shante went ahead and took some pictures while the bridesmaids all went to get in their own dresses. Stella worried about Corina being a bridesmaid now that she knew she was pregnant. She didn’t want her to have to stand up there if she felt ill. She also hated that orina got up early to come over when she should be resting while making a baby. She knew nothing of it but knew it was supposed to make you tired easy.

After pictures Stella whispered “Is Corina going to get too tired being my bridesmaid today? I’m worried and feel bad she’ll have to stand so long” Shante laughed lightly “she’ll be fine, she isn’t that far along. It’s sweet you care though”

“That’s good.I just don’t want her to be uncomfortable”

“She’d let you know.”

Jasper nervously did his tie and took a deep breath. His hands had never shamed so much in his life. He was used to facing the toughest lawyers in court and he was never scared. The gravity of what he and Stella were about to do hit him all at once. This was going to be one of the biggest steps of his life and he wanted to make it perfect. The only thing that would make him more terrified  was the day he became a father.

“Are you okay son?” Lutheran asked.

“I’m so nervous I can’t get my tie straight.”

Luther chuckled and grabbed his tie. “It remember when I used to do his for you all the time. It’s so strange and funny to be doing it this day.” He undid his tie and re-tied it. “There you go.”

“Thanks dad. Her uncle should be here in a couple of minutes. You should greet him and show him where Stella will be waiting. Did I tell you he cried when she asked him to walk her down the isle?”

“What man wouldn’t feel lucky and honored to walk Stella down the isle. He’s a lot better than that father of hers.”

Jasper sighed. “Remember if her father shows not to do anything. You know Stella would give us an ear full as well as mom. Stella wants to take care of it.”

“It’ll be hard to resist knocking his lights out, but maybe Stella’s right. Standing up to him will give her a chance to take all the power back that he stole in the first place, but if he tries to touch my new daughter…”

“He’ll have walked into a den of wolves dad. We’ll all give him a beating he’ll never forget.”

“that’s right, he doesn’t deserve to be breathing, let alone sharing air with his daughter in this church. Now that she’s a part of this family he will deeply regret it if he ever lays a hand on her again. I can beat the tar out of him and you could whip him with the law. I could only imagine what you, myself, Shante, Jayna and LJ could charge him with if we put our heads together. I’d dig up anything to make sure he went back to jail and stayed there. I can tell he has connections though. I’ve researched him at the office and he never goes away for the length of time he should have. Somehow he gets off easy every time.”

“Lets not worry about that today. it’s special and we should all be happy. I’m glad you’d help me if I ever decided to get the book smashed into his face” Luther chuckled “I’d crush his skull in with it” With that they hugged and Luther walked off to meet Rico. Jasper was excited and couldn’t wait for his bride to be here even though he was nervous. Jasper hoped this would all be a dream for Stella. He had done his best to make sure she got everything for the wedding she wanted. He would always be checking behind to make sure she didn’t pass on somthing because of money.

He had plenty of it, more than they probably could ever spend. Jasper had made a big name for himself so only worked with the well off or defending people who were hurt by big companies. Stella barely even made it to her Uncle when his eyes became damp again “you are so beautiful Stella” She smiled “thank you, lets just hope Jasper thinks so”

“I know he will.”

Jasper took his place at the end of the isle with the preacher. His heart was beating so fast he thought it might explode from his chest. The music and out came the bridesmaids and groomsmen. He swallowed nervously and the preacher gave his shoulder a squeeze. The moment he saw Stella he actually gasped in wonder. She was absolutely radiant, her smile made his heart stutter. He was so captivated by her in that moment and fell madly in love with her all over again. Her uncle handed her off and she gave her boquet to her maid of honor before taking his hands in hers. He could feel her quivering and he gave her hands a squeeze.

The preacher started talking, his words filling the silent church. Stella smiled up at Jasper, excited to be standing with him in front of their families and friends and getting married. The preacher asked Stella for her vows first. She took a deep breath and said, “To love is to choose. It means giving yourself to that one person, opening up and knowing that no matter what they will love you. It means finding the one that will share in your happiness and sadness, who will cry when you cry and smile when you smile. To love is to choose and I choose you.”

Everyone teared up at her words, even Jasper. He swallowed the lump in his throat and replied, “Bumping into you was the greatest accident I ever had. The day I met you my heart raced and for the first time in a long time I was nervous, scared even. I needed you and only you. I opened up my heart to you and you took it over. You are my everything, my life, my heart, the very air I breathe. I love you more than anything and I promise to cherish you and love you for the rest of our lives.”

A tear rolled down Stella’s cheek and Jasper wiped it away. They then exchanged rings, both of their hands shaking. They smiled at each other as the preacher closed the ceremony and gave them permission to kiss. Jasper pulled her into his arms and locked their lips. He pulled back with a big smile. “I love you my dearest Stella.”

“I love you too.”

They looked at eachother happily a few moments then walked down the aisle to go to their reception. Jasper and Stellas hands clasped tight as they walked. It was moving to Jaspers parents to see their son so happy and to notice how damp his eyes were. He had been such an unemotional kid but Stella managed to pull out another side of him. Shante was struggling not to sob as she watched her son and his wife leave. Now all her children had their loves aside from Lupin. She didn’t have much hope for him finding the one though. She loved Lupin with all her heart but his attitude, drinking and how he slept around probably chased off any decent girl he could have ever hoped to get. It was a sad reality to her but it was what it was. They had tried to save him so many times but until Lupin wanted to be helped there was no helping.

Upon the bride and groom walking out of the room everyone else stood to filter out the doors. Luther scanned the room quickly to check for Stellas father. If he was going to crash this wedding he atleast wasn’t doing it yet. Luther hoped he would be a good enough man not to show himself, to let Stella have her day. The chiefs Luther and Shante had wrangled for the reception were already cooking the first course when everyone sat down. It wasn’t long before it came out and everyone began to enjoy the succulent food. It was especially amazing to Jenna and Marcus who never had five star cooking in their life. Draven kissed Corinas cheek “how’re you feeling?”

“Good, the babys been kind to me today”

“I’m glad”

“Me too, I was worried about ruining their wedding by running out”

“That wouldn’t have ruined it. It probably would have just been a funny story for everybody.” Corina smiled “I love you so much”

“and I love you, always have, always will. I’m yours long after my dieing breath” They went back to eating before somebody picked up anything from their whispering. The wedding was almost over and they could let everyone know their exciting news when Stella and Jasper returned from the honeymoon. Stella glanced around for her father when her plate was empty. She was relieved when she saw nothing but the beautiful decorations she and Jasper picked out. After the second course Stella had to go to the bathroom so left the reception. Jaspers eyes stayed glued to her until he could no longer see his beautiful bride. He then noticed his mother running around taking pictures. He laughed wondering why they even payed for a wedding photographer with his mom around. He she was only taking pictures anyway because Shante didn’t trust wedding photographers to get all the shots she wanted.

When Stella came out of the bathroom she nearly jumped out of her wedding dress. Her father was standning right there, arms crossed and that angry look in his eye she saw so much as a child. He had bene leaning against the wall but pushed off when she came out “How is it you don’t invite your own damn father to your wedding you self centered bitch? You too good for me now that you’re with a big successful lawyer? My rich bitch not going to talk to me? Ever since that Aunt and Uncle took you away you’ve been acting like you’re better than you are. Now that you’ve married Jasper Bookchild I know it’s only going to get worse. Imagine my suprise when I heard you were marrying such a high up man. To think anybody like him could love you, to think you feel good enough for him. It’s laughable Stella, it truly is. I’ll pribably have a good laugh about this when he comes to his senses and divorces you.

Stella was having trouble finding her voice but she had to be brave. Stella promised herself that her dad woudln’t push her around any longer. He was proving himself a coward all over again by waiting for her to be alone. He didn’t have the balls to come at her in a room full of people. Her dad was nothing but a spinless bastard and she wouldn’t be talked down to a second longer by him. “I didn’t invite you because you didn’t deserve an invite. You were never a father to me. I was more of a punching bag than a daughter. My Aunt and Uncle were the only parents I ever had. They showed me the love you and mom should have showed me.” Stella spoke, surprised at how strong of a tone she was holding against her father. It seemed to even shock him her voice wasn’t small and afraid. “I kept you, that was better than your mother.”

“It would have been better if you would have given me away sooner. You loved having me as a punching bag and dont you deny it. Anytime you were stressed I was right there to knock around until you felt better. I took many beatings I didn’t deserve because you had a bad day. Honestly, no matter what I did I never deserved to be beaten and tortured that way. I didn’t deserve it and I do deserve to be happy now. What you say can’t hurt me any longer. I now have a big family that loves me, that has made me see I’m worth somthing. I’m not afraid of you any longer dad. I want you to leave right now. I’m telling you to leave this church”

As shocked as Arnold was that his daughter was standing up to him he was extremely pissed to be talked to this way by her. He grabbed her arm “You listen to me you little shit. I’m your god damn father. Women need to be put in their place and thats all I was doing for you. You are a worthless little brat and you always will be. I’ll leave but it’s out of disappointment. I’ll be at divorce court laughing when you’re there with Jasper. You were a worthless pest as a child and thats all you are now.” He let her go and stormed out. He had a hard time fighting the urge to slam her into the floor and wail on her but he kept control knowing Luther was in the reception hall. He never wanted to get into a fist fight with any FBI agent. Especially one that had the reputation Luther had for brute force.

Stellas heart was pounding. It felt so good to stand up to him. To not just let him belittle her and then take a beating. She couldn’t believe she actually made him walk out. She started crying with how relieved and happy she was to finally have a voice when it came to the monster she used to live with. Shante worried about Stella taking so long and got up “Let me make sure she isn’t having trouble with her dress Luther” He nodded and she walked off. Shante ran when she heard Stella crying. “what’s wrong honey?”

“Nothing, my dad was just here and I stood up to him. I actually had it in me to talk back to my father and it’s all because of you, your son and the rest of your family.” Stella hugged Shante and continued “thank you for making me strong” Shante ran her hand down Stellas hair “I’m glad you stood up to him. I love you and you never deserved to be treated the way he treated you. Why don’t you come back in and sit with Jasper.” Stella broke the hug and wiped her face “ok”

Jasper could tell Stella had been crying. There were still tears clinging to her eyelashes. She sat down next to him and he pulled her into a tight hug. “Tell me what happened?” He asked softly.

“Promise me you won’t make a big deal out of it.”

“Okay, I promise.”

“My father showed up.”

Every muscle in Jasper’s body became tense and he quickly scanned the room, looking for that bastards face. “Did he hurt you?” He pulled back to look at her, checking for bruises. There were faint red marks on her arm. “Did he touch you?”

“It’s okay, please calm down. I’m okay and he’s gone. I stood up to him and he left. He seems to think you’ll divorce me someday though so lets make sure to really disappoint him.”

Stella was sure Shante would tell Luther who was an even bigger force to be reckoned with than Jasper. “It’s not okay.” She pressed a finger against his lips then kissed him. “That’s not fair Stella.” He said when she pulled back.

“It’s perfectly fair.” She replied with a big smile. “Please just be happy, don’t let that monster ruin our day. Soon we’ll ba on a boat and all our worries will be forgotten.”

“Alright, I love you, but next time come and get me or my father. We can make sure he goes away.”

“Ok, but it felt really good to stand up to him on my own. All those years he pushed me around. It really..I don’t know. It was just amazing to not let him intimidate me” Jasper was just relieved Arnold didn’t hurt her. He kissed her head and did his best to relax. Jasper scanned the room every now and then to check for Arnold, one time catching his father doing the same. Luther sat in his seat ready to force Arnold out if he came back in. He would gladly give Arnold a taste of his own medicine today if it wouldn’t mess up Jaspers and Stellas wedding. Much to Shante, Stella, Luther and Jaspers relief the rest of the reception passed without any hint of Arnold. Precisely on schedule the small limo Jasper had arranged arrived at the front of the church.

Stella and Jasper hugged their loved ones then made their way to the front doors of the chapel. The sun rays felt warmer today than they ever had before as it enveloped their bodies. Stella took in the sweet smelling air and enjoyed the beautiful day for the few moments she was outside. She couldn’t wait to be on the water and enjoying the beauty it had to offer her. As her thoughts filled of their boat Stella laid her head on Jaspers shoulder. He smiled before resting his head on her soft waves of dark brown hair. Her aroma almost making him sleepy. He tensed so much when he heard Arnold came near her that relaxing like this made him just want to run away with Stella into the embrace of slumber.

Jasper and Stella were very nearly sleeping when the car stopping made them open their eyes. The driver let them out and Jasper gave the man a large tip to put their luggage on the boat. The driver was more than happy to do so and got to it with a bright spirit. He put their belongings in the bedroom of the ship then congradulated then congratulated the newly weds.

Jasper lifted her onto the boat before untying the ropes and climbing on after her. “Go ahead and go below deck while I get us out where the wind can catch us.” He said. She headed downstairs, loving how beautiful the boat was. She had never been on one before. She had never been allowed to go anywhere or do anything fun. This was such a gift. She sat down as the engine rumbled to life and the boat began to move. Jasper came down as soon as he had the sails up and the wind was pushing them along.

“This is all so wonderful.” She couldn’t believe she was actually nervous. “Where are we going?”

“That’s still a secret.” He held out his hands and she took them, allowing him to pull her to her feet. “You are so beautiful.” He rained feather light kisses from her cheek down to her shoulder where he bit gently.

“Are you sure it’s safe to leave the boat running on it’s own?”

“It has a very nice autopilot feature.” He lifted her and carried her into the bedroom the lowered her to her feet. He turned her around and unzipped her dress slowly, brushing his fingers along her bare spine so she shivered. “You have the softest skin.” He pushed her dress down so it pooled at her ankles. He turned her around, gasping at how gorgeous she was. “How are you always so much more beautiful than yesterday?”

“It’s not like I do anything different. I always look and dress the same.” He pushed her back onto the bed and pulled his clothes off before crawling up her, kissing her from her ankle up to panty line. He slipped them off and kissed the inside of her thigh. “What about my heels?”

“What about them?” He slid his tongue over her and then in her, making her gasp as he teased her. He kissed his way up the center of her body, leaving little hickeys on her stomach and chest. “I love you so much Stella.”

“I love you too.”

He thrusted into her, making her cry out his name. The got lost in each other, forgetting about their troubles and just enjoying their time together. Her loud moans filled the cabin, exciting him further so he plunged into her harder and faster. They released together, gasping for air. He kissed her then moved so he was laying next to her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. The gentle rocking of the boat lulled Stella to sleep and he smiled. He kissed her again and slipped out from under her, getting up and throwing on a pair of jeans so he could go make sure they were staying on course.

Stella woke a few minutes later, standing and wrapping herself in the blanket and heading upstairs. Jasper was standing at the wheel and he smiled when she came up. “Want to learn how to drive a boat?” He pulled her in front of him and he placed her hands on the wheel. She felt nervous, but he put her at ease with his gentle direction.

“I can’t wait until we get to wherever you’re taking me.” She said and leaned into him.

“Of course you can and I plan on spending every moment on this boat making love to you.”

She blushed and he kissed her cheek. “You make me very happy Jasper.”

“And I will continue to do so forever, I promise.” They enjoyed the warm air and ocean breeze, watching as the sky turned beautiful shades of pink and orange. They both felt blessed and couldn’t wait to start their new lives.


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