Strauss & Troian 2

Chapter One

Strauss stood on the balcony of his new home, his eyes gazing out over the city of Teles. It was a beautiful sight. Street and house lights had been installed to accommodate the traders and travelers that often came through from other worlds. Teles had items that couldn’t be found anywhere else and people often flocked there to acquire them. He loved this place. “You should get inside before you freeze.” The familiar voice startled him and he spun around, his fingers gripping the balcony railing. He swallowed at the sight of Troian who was leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed over his bare chest.

“It’s not that cold.” He replied, his voice shaking a little.

“It’s cold enough your nose is red.” He crossed over to him and Strauss reflexively gripped the railing a little tighter. Troian’s tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him in. He wrapped his arms around him and Strauss couldn’t help but sink into the warmth of his body. He rested his head against his chest and closed his eyes. “Your feel like ice Strauss.” He pulled him inside and shut the balcony door.

“I’m okay.”

“Okay isn’t good enough, lets take a bath and get you warm.”

Strauss blushed. “Okay.”

Troian lifted him and took him into the bathroom where he sat him gently on his feet then turned and switched on the water. He made sure it was warm enough then plugged the drain. He turned back to Strauss and cocked his head to the side at his nervousness. “I just want to warm you, nothing more.”

“I’m sorry, it’s stupid I still feel like this. You’ve been so good to me and I…” Troian leaned in and kissed him, making his face grow even hotter.

“Stop that okay, I’m not bothered by it. Now, lets get you undressed.” He pulled off Strauss’ clothes and tossed them aside, his eyes briefly drifting over him before settling back on his face. Strauss swallowed at the look of lust in his eyes. “Sorry, I can’t help it.” He smiled sweetly and pulled off his pants before climbing into the tub. “Come on.” Strauss climbed in and sat between Troian’s legs. Troian wrapped his arms around Strauss’ waist and rested his forehead on his shoulder. “How about we go camping and you get to know this world better. There are a lot of amazing things you haven’t seen yet. We can go tomorrow.”

“Sounds fun, your world is so gorgeous” Troian made a contented sound as he held his mate close. Strauss blushed again, loving how caring Troian was. He still wasn’t amazing at actually saying it but Strauss paid attention to how Troian expressed it with his actions. “I love you” Strauss said, wanting to hear it from Troian “Love you too” he answered then kissed Strauss’s shoulder. Troian began pulling water up and running it over Strauss. It was a comforting feeling, causing him to fully relax.

Troian smiled, enjoying this time until Strauss was ready to get out. They dried then both went into the room to pull on pajama pants. Strauss still couldn’t even sleep naked with Troian but it didn’t matter, it wouldn’t even matter to Troian if they didn’t have eternity together. All that mattered was having Strauss atall.

Strauss jerked awake some time later, his heart stuttering with brief panic. This happened from time to time and for a few moments he worried he was back home under the reign of his oppressive father. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked down at Troian who was still fast asleep. He gently brushed the hair off of his forehead then leaned in and kissed him. Troian’s hands framed his face for a second as he kissed back then they fell limply by his head again, making Strauss smile. Even in his sleep Troian responded to his kisses. “Sill demon.” Strauss said softly then climbed out of bed to make breakfast. It had not taken long for his internal clock to kick in once he had become a demon and entered this world so he woke easily even without a sun.

Troian woke to the smell of food and smiled as he sat up and stretched. He got up and walked silently into the kitchen where Strauss was engrossed in making fried eggs. He wrapped his arms around him from behind, startling him. “You are getting way to good at sneaking out of bed.”

“I wanted to make you breakfast.”

Troian kissed his cheek. “Smells delicious.”

“Me or the food?”


Strauss blushed and Troian chuckled. “You asked.”

“Go wait at the table and be patient.”

“Yes sir.”

Troian sauntered happily to their table and sat down. Once Strauss had their breakfast on plates he carried them out and sat with his mate. “when are we leaving?” Strauss asked after he had swallowed his second bite. “We can get ready after breakfast” They ate then packed a small bag, not really needing to carry too much. On their way out of their home Troian picked Strauss up causing him to laugh “let me down you silly man”

“but I want to hold you”

“I guess” Strauss answered with a happy smile that Troian returned. Once again Troians eyes screamed how much he loved him. Strauss sighed with the comfort that brought and relaxed in Troians arms. A while later Strauss asked to be put down again and Troian complied but kept Strauss’s hand as they walked.

“The air is always so cool here.” Strauss said after a while.

“Are you getting cold?”

“No, it’s actually quite refreshing.”

“If you get cold please tell me.”

He chuckled and let go of Troian’s hand to wrap an arm around his waist and Troian draped an arm over his shoulders. “I’m fine, stop worrying so much. You’ll turn grey with worry.”


“Nothing’s impossible so stop worrying. Where are we going anyway?”

“There’s a river I used to go to all the time when I was young. The stones beneath the surface glow and light up the area, it’s beautiful.”

“You look so happy when you talk about your childhood.”

“It was actually pretty good. I would bring Teles out here a lot when she was little. She loved the water and all the little fish, she was adorable. It’s a very special place to me and I just know you’ll love it.”

“You should know by now that anything that is important to you is important to me. So if you love something then chances are I will too.”

Strauss smiled and Troian sighed. “You need to stop looking at me like that, it makes it very hard to be good. I just want to gobble you up.” Strauss blushed and looked at his feet, his heart sounding like thunder booming in his chest. “Sorry, I’m just being honest.”

“No, don’t apologize, I never want you to hide anything from me.” His face was so hot not even the night air could cool his cheeks.

When they arrived at the river Strauss was only just coming down from being embarrassed. Troian knew and thought it was sweet. “come on handsome” Troian said as he tugged his mate into the river. Strauss was in aw at how beautiful it was here as they stood in the river. He wouldn’t have even been able to imagine this place if he hadn’t seen it himself. Troian smiled even more now that Strauss had gone from embarrassed to an awe state.

“I’m glad you like it” Troian said in a gentle tone then kissed Strauss “I like everything about this world, absolutely everything. Espeically you Troian”

“and there is so much more I have to show you”

They played in the water for a while, splashing each other and laughing. Strauss tripped in all of the excitement and fell back into the water with a loud splash and a gasp as the coolness of it completely enveloped him. “Are you alright?” Troian asked as he grabbed him under his armpits and lifted him to his feet. He looked him over and Strauss laughed.

“I’m fine, I didn’t fall that hard.”

“It doesn’t matter how hard you fell, I don’t like seeing you hurt.” He replied, his tone serious. He turned him around and lifted up his shirt. “Well you didn’t scrape or cut anything and I doubt there will be bruises.”


He turned Strauss back around and hugged him. “It’s just…well I’m only like this because of what happened to you.”

Strauss wrapped his arms around Troian. “It’s okay.” He understood completely. Troian had seen him beaten and bloodied and it was an image that had been seared into his memory. “I understand, be as protective as you want.”


“Yes really.” He kissed Strauss’ neck, making him shiver and causing goosebumps to crawl over his skin.

“You must be freezing, maybe we should get you out of these clothes.”

Strauss’ skin grew so hot he couldn’t even feel the cool night air on his wet skin anymore. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Don’t be so shy Strauss, I just want you warm.” He lifted him and carried him out of the water then lowered his feet to the ground. “Let me warm you.” He whispered, his fingers already working the buttons on Strauss’ shirt.


Troian pulled Strauss’ wet clothes from his body and tossed them aside, his skin was warm to the touch even though he was soaked to the bone and he could hear his heart beating frantically in his chest. He pulled off his own clothes, grinning when he saw Strauss blush. He turned away from him to spread their clothes out then grabbed him and dropped down in the soft grass with Strauss sitting between his legs. He grabbed the blanket they had brought and wrapped it around both of them. “There, isn’t that better than being wet and cold?”

“Much better.” He relaxed into Troian who pressed a kiss against his neck and then down to his shoulder where he gently bit him.


“I’m not food.”

“You’re sweet like candy.”

Strauss blushed again and Troian chuckled “all a part of my plan to get you warm” he held Strauss a little tighter and said “I’m so glad you weren’t hurt”

“If I had been I would have been fine. You were right there” Troian bit Strauss a little harder, needing another taste. “I’m warm” Strauss said and Troian laughed happily then set his forehead on the top of his mates head. “you are my greatest treasure Strauss”

“I love you too Troian” Troian smiled and kissed where his forehead had been.

Strauss started to feel drowsy as he sat there in the warmth of his lover’s arms and gave a contented sigh. Troian’s lips skimmed his shoulder, sending goosebumps crawling over his skin. “We should get dressed.” Strauss said softly. He found himself laying in the grass and staring up at Troian’s face, eyes wide with surprise. Troian was above him, hands on either side of his head caging him in. The blanket had settled at his waist so the cool air touched their bare skin. “Did I…” was all he could say before Troian’s lips descended on his, cutting him off.

He moaned, parting his lips so Troian could explore the inside of his mouth. Troian tangled the fingers of one hand in Strauss’ hair while the other moved lovingly over his body. Strauss’ body gave a shiver of pleasure when Troian gripped and stroked his shaft, his body spinning excitedly out of control so he moaned loudly. “Such a wonderful sound.” Troian whispered in his ear. He leaned back, pulling Strauss up and onto his lap so he straddled him. “Touch me too.”

They stayed like this, their bodies close as they panted and moaned, their lips feasting hungrily at each other’s mouths. Strauss threw his head back, his hoarse cry filling the night as he released. Troian was still hard so he pushed him onto his back, quickly wiping him off with his shirt before sliding down the length of his body. He felt a blush touch his cheeks as he took Troian into his mouth. Troian’s hand held the back his head as he sucked and licked, driving the beautiful demon beneath him over the edge so he burst in his mouth with a cry of pure ecstasy. He swallowed and let Troian pull him back up and kiss him.

“I love you.” Troian said, his voice husky and making Strauss’ heart stutter.

“I love you too.” He rested his head on Troian’s chest and the demon pulled the blanket over them. “Is everything okay?”

Troian didn’t know how to explain his need for him so he just said, “I just wanted to feel you. You’re already embarrassed again. Do you want your pants?”

Strauss felt a little panicked and grabbed Troian’s hand when he reached for their bag. His blush deepened at his reaction and he quickly buried his face in Troian’schest. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, so shy. This wasn’t the first time they had done something like this, but every time, after they were finished, he always clammed up and became worried. He hated it.

Chapter Two

“No, I should be able to sleep naked with my mate Troian. Lets just rest” Troian ran his hand through Strauss’s hair. “I don’t mind that you’re shy baby”

“but I do. Lets just rest. I’ll get to sleep” Troian liked the idea of having full skin to skin contact through the night so he wrapped his arms around Strauss and smiled happily “Ok, just let me know if you change your mind. I wont be upset”

“I know, you never are”

“You are incredibly handsome and an amazing lover Strauss. You have nothing to be embarrassed over” Strauss kissed Troians chest “thank you for being so good to me. Especially for being so patient with my shyness”

“Its adorable”

“Not really, but thank you.” He snuggled in closer, his face still hot. “You really are the sweetest man alive Troian.”

“Not really, but thank you.” Strauss smiled as Troian threw his words back at him and pressed a kiss onto his chest. They both fell asleep, the sound of their heartbeats and the river carrying them away. Strauss was awoken by the grumbling of his belly and slowly opened his eyes. He sat up, making Troian’s arm drop down into his lap. There were times he was such a heavy sleeper. He thought it would be okay if he got up and went looking for food. He wouldn’t go far. He slipped out from under the blanket and Troian shifted in his sleep and mumbled something under his breath. Strauss froze for a moment then got up when Troian didn’t wake.

He grabbed his night pants out of the bag and pulled them on the walked quietly away. He was so hungry and Troian had explained to him, when he first brought him here, which plants were edible and which were toxic. He glanced back, making sure he could still see Troian as he stepped into the woods. He kept telling himself he wouldn’t go to far, but the beautiful woods and his need for food distracted him and he kept walking. He smiled when he found some berries and plucked a few off. His stomach thanked him by stopping the growling and he leaned against a tree as he ate. When he was finished he started back in the direction he thought he had come from and found he was lost. His heart slammed against his rib cage as he turned in circles, feeling the panic rising in his mind.

Troian jerked awake, feeling like something was amiss. He sat up and looked around, his heart leaping in his chest when he realized Strauss was gone. He jumped up, turning in circles. He was gone. He inhaled the night air, catching Strauss’ scent blowing on the slight breeze. He had wandered off in an unfamiliar place. He took off running, his ears open for any sound. “Troian!” He heard his name being screamed with a hint of distress behind it. “Troian!” He picked up the pace, bursting through the forest and skidding to a halt when he finally came upon Strauss. He was angry at him for wandering off, but he couldn’t bear to say anything when he saw the tears in Strauss’ eyes. He bit his tongue and pulled him into his arms.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked, forcing down the anger in his voice.

“I’m sorry, I was hungry and I thought I’d let you sleep.” His voice shook. “Please I’m sorry, don’t be mad.”


“I’m sorry.” He hugged him tighter.

“Just come back to the river and next time wake me if you need something.” He lifted Strauss and headed back to the river.

Strauss clung to Troian, knowing he was mad even though he wasn’t yelling. It had been terrifying to not be able to find his way back. No matter what he wouldn’t wander this world without him again. Troina sat back down where they had been laying and held Strauss close. His hands rubbing him and assuring Strauss it was alright. “I didn’t think I was going very far. Then I was lost” Strauss spoke again “shh, you can’t change it Strauss. At least I found you before someone or somthing else did”

“I’m sorry”

“I know” Troian gave Strauss a long kiss then got dressed. It broke his heart how upset Strauss still looked. “I’m always happy to get up for you baby”

“which makes what i did even more dumb”

“It isn’t somthing I want you to ever do again. It scared the life out of me Strauss but I really want to move past it. It happened and you wont do it again so it’s ok. I just want you to smile”

“Okay, thank you for coming to find me. Everything out there looks the same.”

Troian chuckled as he dropped down next to him and kissed his cheek. “It’s the forest so trees tend to do that.”

Strauss rested his head on Troian’s shoulder, smiling and giving a happy sigh. “This place is so beautiful, I just can’t get enough of it.”

“Well, if you’re well rested we can do some exploring.”

“I’d like that, just let me get dressed.” Troian waited patiently as Strauss pulled his night pants off and tugged on his pants, shoes, and a loosely fitting shirt. He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to get it under control so Troian stood and grabbed his hand.

“You look fine, I like your hair when it’s messy. It makes you look cute.”

Strauss blushed. “Stop calling me cute, it’s not fair.”

“How is it not fair?” He grabbed his chin and brushed his thumb over Strauss’ lips, making him shiver.

“Just the way you say things, like you’re always trying to seduce me or something.”

Troian smiled. “Maybe I am.” He let go of his chin and grabbed his hand. “Come on, we can come back here later.”


Strauss let Troian lead him down the river and across some stepping stones to the other side. They walked to the edge of the forest, coming to a small deer trail that Troian pulled him onto. The trees in this world were beautiful, their leaves pale and their bark a greyish color. They were unique to this world and quite a sight to behold. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see my love, just be patient.”

“I don’t think I know the meaning, not when I was held back for so long. I want to see everything.”

“And you will. Wherever you want to go, whatever world you wish to explore, I will take you there and show you all of the wonderful and splendid things that await us.”

Strauss’ heart quickened at his words. “I really love you Troian.”

“And I you.”

They continued down the deer path until they broke through the tree line and into a field that was covered in bright white, pink, and blue flowers. “Wow, these flowers are amazing.”

“Flowers? I don’t see flowers.”

“What do you mean?” Troian winked then pulled him quickly through the flowers. They flew into the air, revealing themselves to be butterflies. They swirled around them, making Strauss gasp in wonder. He had never seen a sight so spectacular in his life and he held out his arms, amazed when the butterflies began to land on him. “This is wonderful.”

“I knew you’d think so” Troian said with a grin. Strauss looked ridiculously cute covered in butterflies. If Troian had a way to save this moment and frame it he would. They enjoyed this gorgeous place and sweet creatures until they both felt hungry. Troian easily caught them fish that they both cooked over a fire. Strauss even liked the animals here better. Maybe it was freedom but somthing about the meat tasted better than what he had in his own world.

“You want to return to the butterflys or do you want to see somthing else?”

“somthing else” Troian smiled “For a kiss” Strauss lightly blushed before pressing his lips into Troians soft black ones. Troians hands slipped into Strauss’s hair to hold him in it until they were both breathless “Now we can go” Troian said softly as he stood cradling Strauss.

“You don’t have to carry me everywhere, I have feet.”

“I enjoy the closeness.”

“You’re just afraid I’ll wander off again.”

“That’s not even close to the truth, I trust you won’t, I just want you pressed against me.”

“Stop before i blush myself into a fever.”

Troian brushed his nose against Strauss’ cheek and up to his ear then whispered, “I wouldn’t mind taking care of you if you get sick, I think I could make the experience one you’d never forget.”

Strauss placed a hand over his mouth, but could feel him smiling and see the amusement in his eyes. No matter how embarrassed he got he still loved when Troian showed this side of himself. Troian ran his tongue over Strauss’ palm and between his fingers, making him jerk his hand away as his heart gave an excited leap. “Stop being so bad.” He said softly.

“I thought you liked my bad side. Should I start being all lovey dovey and gooey, would you like me to start bringing you flowers and chocolate every night? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, I could always melt some chocolate and…”

“Shut it.” He covered Troian’s mouth again. “I’ll keep it there if you don’t shush.”

Troian pulled his head back. “Alright, I’ll be good for now.”

“somehow I don’t believe thats going to last very long” Troian chuckled “but you love me”

“More than anything Troian” Troian took another kiss before he began to walk. “should I even bother asking where we are going?’

“Nope” Strauss resigned to that fact and laid his head on his mates shoulder. “Troian, how do you never get lost with everything looking the same?”

“This is my home and I’m an old demon. When you’ve been here long enough you’ll be able to find your way around aswell. You’ll start to see the small differences. Looking at the ground helps a lot too. Some places have certain flowers, some just have grass, some just have dirt. It’s a combination of things really”

“I’ll try to pay attention just incase I do somthing stupid again”

“It wasn’t stupid, just careless and even so, it’s always a good idea to learn the layout of your home.”

“And I will, I promise.”


Strauss enjoyed the sound of Troian’s heart beating steadily beneath his ear. He had to admit, it was the most calming sound in the world. No matter how scared he was or how nervous he might be, the sound of his loves heart always brought him peace. He closed his eyes, a smile tugging his lips up. “You look happy.” Troian said.

“I am, no matter where you take me or what we do, I will always be happy.”

Troian gave a small laugh. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter what you do. I love you and need you and I’d do anything to stay with you.”

“Saying things like that are liable to get us both in trouble.”

Strauss’ eyes flew open. “Oh uh, well…well I mean it, trouble or not.”

Troian smiled and Strauss looked at his hands, his usual nervousness taking over. Troian stopped a few minutes later in front of a small stone structure. I reminded Strauss of the mausoleums back home. The old grey stone was beautiful and the door had a horse carved into it. “It’s pretty cool isn’t it?” Troian asked as he sat Strauss on his feet.

“Um is it a mausoleum?”

“No, it actually leads down to some old caverns where people used to mine. The mausoleum like building was put here to keep people from exploring, but the mining isn’t done here anymore so we can go in if you like.”

“So there are no dead bodies in there?”

“None that I know of.”

“Then sure, lets go.”

Chapter Three

As they walked in Troian asked ‘so why are you afraid of dead bodies? Scared of zombies?” Strauss laughed “zombies aren’t real so no. Dead bodies are just creepy and often smelly”

“I beg to differ. Zombies are real”

“I’ve never seen one”

“You hadn’t seen this world before you became my mate, it was real before you saw it” Strauss paused “you have a point”

“I’ll have to find some zombies”

“Oh no, I’m fine” Troian laughed “I wont let them eat you”

“Why would be want to go looking for creatures like that?” Troian shrugged “could be fun”

“If you want to” Troian took Strauss’s hand “You sure?”

“anywhere you want to go I’ll go”

“I dont want to force you into anyhing”

“You’re not. You asked and I said yes. It’s my choice” The building was simple on the inside but that wasn’t surprising since it was simply a decoy. They walked through it and soon Strauss became grateful for his ability to see in the dark. It was one of his favorite gifts since becoming a demon. He was surprised Troian was letting him walk in the pitch black but he knew Troian was probably trying to give him some freedom.

“Mind the steps.” Troian said and they headed down into the ground.

“How far down do they go?”

“All the way to the bottom of the mine. There are many places we can step off and explore though.”

Strauss smiled. “That’s so cool.”

He wasn’t sure how far down they had gone and had been trying to count the steps, but he became increasingly distracted the further they went. They went down, down, down, the further they went the quieter it got until the only thing Strauss could hear was a steady thrumming sound. “You okay?” Troian asked as he grabbed his hand.

“Yeah, what’s that noise?”

Troian smiled. “That is the sound of the earth, its lifeblood flowing just beneath the surface.” He pulled Strauss off the steps and into one of the many tunnels. “Here, feel.” He grabbed Strauss’ hand and pressed it against the stone wall. “Close your eyes and focus.” Strauss let his eyelids fall closed and focused on the dark silence around him. He could hear it more distinctly now and feel vibrations, steady like a heartbeat.

“Wow.” He said in wonder. Troian leaned in and kissed him, unable to help himself when Strauss was making such a happy face. Strauss gasped and Troian pressed him against the tunnel wall. He turned his head and laughed. “Troian, calm down or I’ll never see the bottom floor.”

“Sorry.” Troian kissed his neck. “You were just too adorable, I couldn’t help myself.”

“You always have some reason you cant help yourself” Troian smiled “I do, it’s terrible” Strauss laughed “come on” They began walking again keeping a snug grip of eachothers hands. It felt amazing to Strauss to be wanted by such a gorgeous demon. Troian was sculpted with beautiful blue hair and entrancing silver eyes. His hair was just brown, his eyes a dull grey, not exciting in the least. He never let that get to him or make him feel not good enough for Troian but it felt amazing to be so coveted by such a prepossessing man. Troian could probably have anybody he wanted yet he chose to be with him.

“We’re getting close to the bottom.” Troian said.

“How can you tell?”

“It’s starting to get warm.”

“Hmm so it is.”

“It’s because of all the lava flows beneath the stone. I’ll have to show you some of the old, empty lava tubes.”

“That sounds scarier than zombies.”

He laughed and kissed his cheek. “It’s perfectly safe, I promise.”

It wasn’t long before they were far enough down that sweat began to dot their skin. When they finally stepped off the last step and into the large cavern Strauss gave another gasp. The walls had been carved and chipped back and there were tunnels going off in different directions. “Can we go in the tunnels and look for crystals?”

“We can do whatever you want.”

Bursting with wonder and thrill Strauss picked a random tunnel and began to walk through it with Troian close behind. Troian had a small amount of healthy caution down here but wasn’t stressed or worried about anything happening. Even if somthing did happen he would get his mate safely out. There wasnt any question when it came to that. Strauss looked around carefully, hoping he would find a crystal. There had to be atleast one.

When they came to the end of the tunnel they found it was covered with leftover rubble that had not been moved out. “Will you help me go through some of this?”


Troian helped him rifle through the piles, moving the bigger pieces since Strauss still didn’t have a handle on his demonic abilities. Strauss was just tossing aside rocks and getting disappointed when he wasn’t finding anything and Troian pick up a chunk he had tossed aside and grinned.

“Strauss, come on.” He grabbed Strauss’ hand and pulled him out of the cavern and down the tunnel.

“Wait, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

Strauss allowed Troian to pull him along, feeling confused and disappointed he had not found anything. Troian took him down another tunnel where there were old sluices set up for cleaning the rocks. He opened one of the hatches, letting water come in and took the stone that was in his hand and washed it off. Once all the dirt was gone, Strauss could see there was a large piece of rose quartz imbedded in some rock.

“You have to really look.” Troian said as he handed the crystal over to Strauss.

“Thank you so much.” Strauss smiled broadly then slid his palm over the side of Troian’s face and kissed him.

“You’re welcome. Want any more?”

“I’d rather explore with you”

“I’d rather explore you” Troian said suggestively and Strauss blushed as always “You bad demon. When we aren’t down here”

“is that a promise?”

“Yes” Strauss answered then swallowed. Troian licked his neck “Then I’ll be good until we’re at the surface again” Strauss’s heart thundered in his chest. Almost anything Troian did made his whole body react. It wasn’t fair at all. It especially wasn’t fair that Troian knew what he did to him.

They left the sluice pots and explored the other tunnels with Troian packing the the large piece of quartz. Strauss pointed at the old mining equipment that had been left behind and even tried on one of the hard hats. Troian smiled adoringly at him as the overly large hat threatened to cover his eyes. “The guy who owned this must have been a giant.” Strauss said as he took it off and looked it over. He was a little disappointed to find the headlamp didn’t work.

“There were half giants who worked down at one time so it could have been one of them.”

“That’s cool, do you think I could keep it?”

“I don’t see why not.”

Strauss smiled gleefully and placed the big hardhat back on his head, making Troian chuckle with amusement. They continued on to another tunnel, following the cart tracks that lay old and rusted on the ground. The tunnel wound down for a ways and then gently curved until it was flat again. It opened up at the end into another cavern, only this one was not quite as large and some rubble lay at one end. “Why did this place close down?”

“That part of the mine became unstable and rather than risk any lives they shut down the operation and moved it completely.”

“It’s still very impressive.”

“This is actually a small mine compared to most. I’ll take you to a big one someday and then you’ll be really amazed. The tunnels go one for miles, even down to the hot magma, it’s pretty interesting.”

“I would love that, you’re really the best Troian, I’m so lucky.”

Troian smiled. “I think I’m the lucky one.” He gave him a gentle kiss. “Come on, lets go up and get something to eat, all of this walking around has made me famished.”

“Liar, you just want me to yourself.”

“I’m not lying, I said I was hungry, just not what I was hungry for so it’s absolutely not lying.” Strauss turned a deep crimson and Troian leaned in and brushed his nose along his neck and up to his ear. “Is it a crime to want you so badly, to want to touch you and taste you and make love to you?”

“Well a sin maybe, but not a crime. I want real food first though and then you can do whatever pleases you.”

Troian gave a seductive smile “Remember saying that later” Troian took Strauss’s hand as they walked out and back up to the surface. Troian decided to catch some fish for them again since Strauss loved it so much. As before they cleaned, cooked and ate their fish together. The less food Strauss had the more Troians eyes filled with lustful need. It excited Strauss even though he knew he only looked nervous. Strauss finished his fish and Troian closed the distance between them.

“You never waste any time” Strauss said as his beautiful demon lover bit at his shoulders. Troian smiled against his skin “It would be unforgivable to waste time with you. I want to devour you” Strauss’s heartbeat picked up and his hands began exploring Troians skin

He shivered as Troian’s hands slid over him, pushing his shirt off so he could lick and kiss more of him. Strauss tangled his fingers in Troian’s hair as his lips traveled down, his fingers hooking in the waistband of his pants to pull them down. He moaned, his body quivered when Troian’s mouth enveloped him, a loud moan escaping his lips. Strauss made a frustrated little sound when Troian stopped just as he was about to finish and flipped him over onto his stomach. His heart stuttered in his chest and he felt that familiar nervousness creeping in.

“Calm down, I wouldn’t do anything that hurts you.” Troian’s soft, gentle voice helped ease the tension in his body and he relaxed. Troian rubbed his fingers over Strauss’ back, massaging all the way down to his tail bone. He pulled Strauss onto his hands and knees and he couldn’t help but clench his fingers in the grass and started shivering. Troian frowned and pulled Strauss into his lap. “Are you scared of me?” He asked softly.

“No, never in a million years. I want you to make love to me Troian, I just get so nervous that I feel like crying. I’m sorry I’m such a baby, something like this should be natural right, I mean we’re lovers.”

“That doesn’t mean we have to have sex Strauss, I’ll stop trying if it makes you this nervous.”

“Don’t stop, I think it’s just because you’d be my first, I mean you’ve been my first in everything so I’m just at my wits end wondering if you’ll be disappointed.”

Troian sighed. “How about we go home and try in a more familiar setting? We can always come back here anytime you wish it.”


“And I know what you’re thinking, it’s written all over your face and it’s not true, you did not ruin this trip. It doesn’t matter to me where we go or what we do, as long as you are there I will be happy.” Strauss got to his feet and pulled his clothes back on, doing his best to hide the tears in his eyes. Troian kissed his cheek and hugged him then picked up the hardhat and crystal and lead Strauss back to their bag.

Chapter Four

“Please stop being so disappointed in yourself Strauss” Troian said as they walked back home. “You’ve been so amazing. It’s stupid to get so nervous”

“It’s not stupid. I’ve already told you I’m fine. I don’t need to go all the way. I can wait for you”

“I just love you so much Troian”

“and I you, thats why I’m fine. I’ll never stop being fine with waiting until you’re ready” Troian held Strauss close all the way home, wishing his mate would understand this wasn’t as big of an issue as he felt it was.

When they made it home Strauss took the crystal and hardhat, putting the forming on the mantle and the latter he took into the kitchen so he could clean it before hanging it on the wall. He then grabbed Troian’s hand and pulled him up to their room. “Strauss, stop.” He pulled him back and into him. “Stop worrying about such an insignificant little thing.”

“It’s important to me Troian.”

“I meant what I said earlier.”

“So did I.” He wiggled free and pulled Troian over to the bed. “Please, I really want you too.”

Troian sighed and brushed his knuckles over Strauss’ face. “If you get uncomfortable at any time, tell me. Don’t hide it, don’t pretend everything’s okay, tell me. Promise me.”

“I promise.”

Troian gave him a kiss, hoping he could feel how loved he was. “And no matter what happens, just know I will not hurt you.”

“I know.”

Troian kissed him again, this time more hungry and more forceful than before. He slowly undressed him, allowing his fingers to slide adoringly over him, covering him in goosebumps. He pushed him back onto the bed, his lips tasting the sweetness of Strauss’ skin so he shivered and moaned. Troian flipped him onto his stomach, making Strauss’ heart give a leap. He once again pulled him up onto his hands and knees then kissed up his spine. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” Strauss whispered. Troian pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades then climbed off the bed. Strauss heard him open a drawer, but was far to nervous to look and see what he was doing. He felt the bed shift as Troian moved back up behind him and leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck.

“Since it’s your first time, we’ll be using this.” He held a bottle in front of his face with clear liquid in it.

“What is it?”

“Massage oil.” He flipped the lid open and held it up to his nose. It had a floral scent that was very calming. “It’s so you won’t be left too sore.”


“You’ll enjoy this Strauss, just relax. At any time you need me to stop I will. You just need to tell me. Please tell me.”

“I promised baby” Troian rained a few more kisses on his back before lubricating himself and rubbing some on and into Strauss. His thumb explored, finding his spot and loosening him some before removing his thumb and thrusting his hard length in. Strauss’s moan was nearly a scream that scared Troian. Once he realized it was good he took a steady, slow pace. It felt immensely good and he wanted badly to let his hips go wild but he didn’t want to mess up their first time.

When he was about to release his hips slammed just a little harder, pushing deep within as he spilled his seed. Troians own moan hoarse and Strauss quivering with pleasure. Troian pulled out then tugged Strauss into his lap to hold him “was that good?”

“Yeah.” Strauss’ voice was a shaky whisper and Troian smiled, relieved he had not hurt him. He tipped Strauss’ head back and kissed him, his tongue dipping into his mouth so he moaned.

“Careful or I’ll want you all over again.” He tangled his fingers in Strauss’ hair, unable to keep himself from kissing him again. “Would you like a bath?”

“Yes please.”

He lowered him onto the bed and kissed him once more before walking into the bathroom. A big smile covered his face as he started the water and tested it’s warmth then plugged the drain and went back to Strauss who was sitting there in a seeming daze. “Hey, you alright?” His eyes jumped to Troian’s face and his face reddened. “Oh I see,” he said as he crawled onto the bed and rubbed his nose against Strauss’ “you’re thinking about what we just did.”

“N…no I’m not.” Strauss said with embarrassment.

“Don’t lie, I can see it on your face. Do you want to do it again?”


“Come on.” He lifted Strauss off the bed and carried him into the bathroom where he lowered him into the warm water. He made a little ‘ah’ sound then relaxed into the water. Troian slipped in behind him and Strauss laid back against him. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I just feel a little sore, not really bad or anything.”

“That’s good.” He kissed the top of his head. “I need to tell you something my love.”


He placed his lips really close to Strauss’ ear. “Thank you for giving yourself to me.” Strauss shivered as Troian’s warm breath touched his skin. “It felt so good being inside you, feeling you tightening around me. Just thinking about it makes me want you again.”

Strauss swallowed and hugged his knees. “Well if you want too then we can do it again.”

Troian smiled and hugged him tightly. “I’ll let you rest for awhile and then tomorrow, we can have chocolate.”

“Hush, you pervert.”

“I’m your pervert.” He kissed Strauss’ shoulder, letting his lips brush the faint white scars on his back. “You were never allowed to be open when you were with your father, I want you to be open about your desires and your feelings. Tell me what you want me to do to you and what you want to do to me. If you hate something then be honest about it. I won’t be angry with you, I’m not your father.”

“I know, it’s just embarrassing sometimes. I get all flustered and the words won’t come out.”

“Well don’t be, I want to hear what makes you happy. Whether it be material things or emotional things, I want to know.”

Strauss smiled and turned his head up and kissed Troian. “I love you so much.”

“Me too.”

They finished bathing and got out then climbed into bed. Strauss felt happy he was finally confident enough to sleep next to Troian completely nude. He rested his head on Troian’s chest and sighed happily, feeling so incredibly blessed to have such an understanding and gentle mate. “Thank you for taking me away from that place Troian and thank you for loving someone like me.”

“You are very easy to love Strauss and I will love no one else for all eternity. You are my one and only mate, you are the only one I want in this bed, and I give my heart to you and you alone. I know I may not say it at times, but I really truly love you with everything that I am. No matter what happens, I want you to always remember that. I love you.”

Strauss’ lip quivered and he kissed Troian’s chest. “Sweet dreams Troian, I love you with all my heart.”

“Sweet dreams, I’ll love you for all eternity.”


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