Strauss & Troian 3

Chapter One

The last thing Strauss had expected that day was to be kidnapped. As he walked along the bridge outside of town, reflecting on the argument he had had with Troian, a bag was suddenly pulled over his head and he was slammed on the ground. His heart slammed against his chest as he fought to escape, but his attacker or attackers were much stronger and his arms were quickly bound behind his back.

“Let me go.” He yelled as he was lifted over someone’s shoulder. The person felt tall and male.

“Do you think the demon will come?” The man who held him asked in a deep voice.

“Of course and once we have him, we can get rid of this little runt.” Another voice said.

“We should at least play with him before. Maybe the boss will let me have him after he gets his hands on the demon.”

“You could ask, it’s not like this guy is the boss’s type.”

The demon that wanted Strauss sounded far too aroused in this moment. He wanted to scream for Troian but knew his demon was nowhere near him. He hated himself for tearing up but after fighting with the man he loved and now fearing he was going to be raped it was too much to contain. He was glad he could at least cry silently. He knew how scared he was probably messed with his sense of time but it felt like it took them hours to get where they were going. He was also only assuming they were there since they weren’t talking to him or about him anymore. They just put him down and chained his leg to something.

The bag was pulled off of his bed and he quickly scooted back from the individual who was right in his face. “Oh look, he’s scared.” The man laughed, amusement dancing in his dark green eyes.

“Like a little bunny rabbit.” The taller of the two, and Strauss had at least been right in that assumption, said with a smirk on his face.

“They’re always best when they’re scared.”

“Wh…what do you want from me?” Strauss managed to ask.

“You? No, you’re not so special. The boss wants the blue one, the male who stays in your company. You…you’re just bait unless the boss says otherwise and then maybe you’ll be a plaything.”

Strauss swallowed. “What does your boss want?”

“What I want, little demon, is for him to be mine.” A new voice said from the doorway of Strauss’s prison and his two captors moved aside so he had a better view of their master. There was no doubting he was beautiful, but Strauss could see the viper behind those eyes. He was dangerous. “He’s an interesting specimen, perfect health, strong, intelligent, beautiful. You see, I’m a bit of a collector and I have found myself a bit obsessed with your lover. I simply want him to be the newest addition to my, how do you say, harem and I knew that you would be the only way to get him here.”

“Just l…let me go and find someone el…else.”

He grinned as he crossed the room, his hand suddenly going around Strauss’s throat. “It’s infuriating knowing one such as you could so easily tame such a magnificent creature, someone weak and pathetic that I’m sure can’t keep up with him. I wonder what it is that has drawn him to you.” He pressed Strauss harder against the wall. “Be good and I won’t have you punished.” He let him go.

“Where am I?”

“My temporary home. These two will be keeping an eye on you.”

Troian knew he needed to apologize for being an ass. Jealousy was still something he struggled with and when he noticed a male from another world getting close to Strauss he had childishly pulled him away, angering him. His inability to verbally express himself at times had only compounded the issue and Strauss had actually looked ready to take a swing at him, but instead he had left, angry and shaking. Troian had to apologize and make things right.

He went to the normal places he knew his lover went to cool off when they would argue though it made him feel worse. He knew these spots too well and wished he could be a better mate. All he could see right now was Strauss’s angry grey eyes, his hands bunched into fists at his side. Troian urgently needed to apologize and soften those beautiful eyes and body. As he went his heartbreak changed to worry. His lover couldn’t have gotten this far? He had realized he was the jerk way too fast for him to be this far away. That was when he saw it, a button he recognized. That idiot who was so hell bent on sleeping with him had everyone that worked for him where the same clothes with the same buttons and he connected the dots immediately.

He let out a growl as he sniffed the air. The scent was much fainter than it should be and he was sure they had used some sort of magic to get rid of it. He could believe that bastard had stooped to taking Strauss. He was far to gentle and had been through enough in his life.

“I wonder if he’ll actually come for you.” Green eyes said to Strauss. “I mean you didn’t even put up a real fight, are you really a demon?”

“Leave me alone.”

“Most demon males prefer someone who can satisfy their sexual desires.”

“Just stop.”

Green eyes grinned. “Are you afraid he’ll see something in the boss he doesn’t see in you?”

Strauss glared at him and picked up the cup of water he had been given, throwing it at the demon and hating he missed. “Go die somewhere. Troian isn’t like that.”

“That wasn’t nice, you got my shirt wet. Should I call Rygar in here to help me punish you? He likes causing pain more than I do. Maybe a beating?” He moved closer and Strauss swallowed. “Or you could apologize.”

“I hope Troian beats you and that lumbering idiot to a pulp.” He was scared, but he wasn’t going to just give in. His father had been the same way, intimidating him and had even whipped him when he refused to comply. “You’re not the first to hurt me, so…so just back off.” He was slapped with such force he fell off the bed he was chained to and hit his head on the stone floor. He felt dizzy and couldn’t find the strength to get up. He felt himself being pulled up and was suddenly nose to nose with green eyes. “I’d watch my mouth runt because you’re only safe until the boss gets that demon.”

“If you want to beat me beat me” he answered defiantly, even in his dizzy state. Green eyes held him like that, angry he couldn’t be intimidated but now seeing a little bit of why Troian was attracted to him. If nothing else he had a strong will and it seemed like Troian was the type to like that in a mate. Being back talked wasn’t something this demon liked though so as soon as he got the chance, he would give Strauss what he was asking for. He’d make sure this annoying little shit regretted not being obedient.

Troian followed the spotty scent as well as he could. He wasn’t particularly gifted magically, but he did have keen senses and his nose lead him along the river. He wasn’t even sure if he was really going the right way, knowing they could have set up a decoy trail just to stall him. He tried not to think of what might be happening to Staruss. He had seen the men who traveled with the asshole who lusted after him and both smelled of aggression and dominance.

Just like me. He thought to himself. He blamed himself for Strauss being captured. If he had just kept his mouth shut, they would still be spending the day together. The scent suddenly vanished and he nearly panicked until he realized they had probably crossed the river. He didn’t understand these people, their master’s game. It was as if he were a petulant child who had been told no.

In any case this petulant child was going to be put in his place. If Strauss had been violated or harmed he wasn’t sure he’d have the self control to let a single one of them live. Strauss was everything and Troian decided after he got him back that he was going to do some serious growing up. He shouldn’t be acting like this, letting Strauss make excuses for him. He needed to take responsibility and learn not to go int jealous fits. He knew he couldn’t change over night but having this happened made Troian really ready to get serious about changing his temperament. “I love you so much Strauss…please be okay” he said to himself as he crossed the river.

“What happened to his head?” Astagard asked when he came in to check on his captive. “He’s got a little bit of blood in his hair.”

“Sorry boss, he smarted off, all I did was slap him, but the little weakling couldn’t handle it.” He shrugged. “Why do you care, it’s not like you’ll be keeping him for yourself, I was simply putting him in his place.”

“Your goon is an asshole and I hope Troian breaks his nose.” Strauss said, glaring at both of them.

“This little one is feisty.” The bigger man said from the doorway. “He fights, it’s amusing.”

“You should have stopped this idiot from manhandling him. I can’t use battered bait can I?”

“No sir.”

“Then get him cleaned up.”

“I don’t want them touching me.”

Astagard moved across the room and grabbed a handful of Strauss’s hair, sending pain pulsing through his skull. “I don’t care what you want, you are to do as you are told.” He let him go. “Once you’re done treating his wounds, one of you go out and meet Troian and make sure he understands I will punish this one if he tries anything stupid. I’d prefer you go Shona, since you can’t seem to keep your temper in check.”

Shona snorted in anger, the skin around his nose wrinkling as he did it. Shone agreed without arguing since he knew he’d still get his shot later at making Strauss sorry he back talked. Astagard drug Strauss painfully by his hair to a shower “I don’t want any fucking blood on him when Troian gets here. I need to actually be able to talk to him and he’ll be too angry at the sight of this pathetic beings blood.” He spat bitterly, still seeing nothing that made Strauss more desirable than he was. His skull still hurt when Astagard released his hair. Even without that lingering pain they weren’t done hurting him. One of Astagards underlings wrenched Strauss’s arm impatiently, upset with Strauss because their boss was upset.

Troian knew he was close, he just knew. The scent was still spotty, but those spots were stronger. “Hello demon.” Troian was surprised he had not noticed the man, but he was so focused on Strauss he could have missed a volcano erupting.

He growled, recognizing the clothes and the scent of this one. “You.” He clenched his fists.

“I wouldn’t try to kill me unless you want that little boy toy of yours harmed. My boss will not easily forgive you and might ask my friend to punish him. He’s already caused us some trouble, he’s got spirit.”

Troian started shaking, his tail swinging out and wrapping around the man’s throat and pulling him in close. “You will tell me where he is or I will rip your tongue out. I can smell him on you, you’ve touched him. What have you done to him?”

Shona chuckled. “Easy, there’s no need for violence.”

Chapter Two

Troian’s tail constricted tighter around Shonas throat and his voice became menacing “you’ve touched my mate. There’s a demand for violence. I will break your neck if you don’t take me to him” Troian let go enough for him to talk and Shona gasped for air “you fucking prick” he seethed and Troian tightened again for a moment before letting him go. Troian looked furious, his eyes burning with intense vexation. Shona was slightly horse as he said “fine, follow me. I’ll be glad when the little shit is out of my hair” Troian wanted to strike the man for talking about Strauss that way but he was his guide, he would get him closer to saving his mate and making this all up to him.

Strauss felt humiliated as he pulled his clothes back on. He had been forced to take a shower to get the blood out of his hair and now he was being stared at as he dressed. “Hurry up, I need to make sure you don’t need stitches before I take you to the boss.”

“I’m fine, I’m a demon so just leave me alone.”

“Don’t start with me boy because I’ll make sure there are no bruises.” Strauss pulled his shirt on and stood stock still as the man examined his scalp. “You’re fine, now let’s go, he wants you waiting with him.” He grabbed Strauss’s arm and pulled him out of the bathroom, through the room and past the large man into the hall. Strauss heard the bigger man following them and hazarded a look over his shoulder, not liking the look in the man’s eyes.

“Where are you taking me?”

“The dining room and if you can’t sit there quietly with the boss then Rygar has permission to hurt you and he’s much rougher than Shona.”


“The one behind us. Shona likes causing pain, beating, slapping, whipping, but Rygar has a different idea of how one should inflict pain so do as you’re told.”

Strauss took a seat beside Astagard while the other two demons also took seats at the table. “good, he looks much better” Astagard said as he looked over at Strauss. He smiled conceitedly, happy to see Strauss so humiliated and low. He deserved it for dating above his league. The room fell silent and Strauss didn’t mind. He hoped Troian was on the way and that when he got here he’d manage to get out unharmed. It would kill him if Troian got hurt or worse…killed and it was because he was so weak.

“Here we are.” Shona said as they came up to the house. It was beautifully crafted and looked old like it had been there for awhile.

“How many are inside?”

“A few.”

Troian grabbed him by the back of his neck, squeezing hard as he forced him into the front porch and up to the door. If there was a trap waiting then he could use the demon as a shield. “Take me to him now or I’ll snap your neck.” Shona pushed front door open and Troian pushed him inside, his eyes taking in the two demons waiting at the entrance. “Where is he?”

“The boss asked us to take you to the dining room so if you would release Shona.”

“He stays with me until I have Strauss. Take me now or I kill all three of you.”

They knew their boss wouldn’t want a fight and didn’t care about Shona all that much so they did things Troians way. Strauss’s eyes met Troians the second he was in the room and it touched Strauss, especially after such a big fight how relieved Troian looked to find him. Astagard motioned to the chair in front of him “let my servant go and sit”

“No, you’ll give me Strauss then I’ll let this pathetic bastard go”

“Why do you insist on being impossible? Just sit down” Still keeping hold of Shona Troian moved into the room, now standing behind the chair “are you kidding?” Astagard asked.

Troian forced Shona to sit and wrapped his tail around the man’s throat. “Give me Strauss.”

“You are very bold to demand anything from me.” Astagard reached over and stroked Strauss’s cheek who flinched away. “He’s rather plain don’t you think?”

“Don’t touch him.”

“It’s fascinating that you would choose such a weakling for a lover, he didn’t even hear my men or fight them off. If I had wanted him dead it would have been easy.” He sighed. “My request is simple, be mine and your little pet will not be harmed, refuse and I give him to Shona and Rygard.”

Troian let his eyes move to Strauss. “He is weaker than me, he’s incredibly shy and easily embarrassed, but I love that about him. He’s kind and understanding, he’s good at speaking his mind, he’s perfect and he’s mine and he would never forgive me if I just gave in to you.” I refuse to be yours no matter how much you threaten me. I don’t wish to shed blood, especially in front of Strauss, but if I have to I will.”

Astagard sighed. “I had hoped I wouldn’t have to force you.” He snapped his fingers and Rygar and the other goons stood or came into the room. “Rygar take his pet away, the rest of you restrain him.”

Just as the words left Astagards lips Trioan broke Shonas neck with his tail. One down and his next move was to try and grab his mate but Rygar was too fast. He already had Strauss and seemed far too excited about it “Troian” Strauss called as his mate was overwhelmed with demons to keep Troian from stopping Rygar. Strauss started trying to fight but it was a pathetic attempt that only had Rygar laughing at him “You’re no more a threat than a child. It’s pathetic but hilarious for a grown man”

“fuck you, take me back” Rygar threw him in a room and locked the door. Strauss’s eyes widened in horror as he looked at the obvious torture devices around the room. “the thing is, I wont even need them for most of what I’m going to do to you” his already unfriendly voice was absolutely menacing now. His eyes burned with twisted thoughts and his face contorted into one he was sure he’d see in nightmares after this.

“Stay away from me.” Strauss scrambled away as Rygar got closer and he pulled a wooden pole off of the wall. It felt solid and had grooves near the top. He shuddered as he thoughts of what it was used for filled his head.

“Yes, please fight, it’s always better when you fight.”

Strauss felt like throwing up and he gripped the pole tighter to stop his shaking. He got that there were people into this sort of thing, it’s not like he was a close minded person, but these people were sick. All they wanted was to hurt others, he could smell the faint scent of leftover blood. Rygar made a grab for him and he swung the pole, catching him in the temple and splitting his head open. Rygar’s eyes turned back to him, his manic grin further disturbing Strauss and making him falter for just a moment. He was grabbed by his throat and slammed against the wall. The pole was pulled from his hands and he was thrown down and then hit in the back with the pole. He screamed and Rygar hit him again.

“Pathetic little thing.” Rygar tossed the pole aside and pulled him by his hair.

“Stop, please just stop.” Rygar laughed as he pinned him down by his throat and started pulling his clothes off. Strauss screamed for Troian, and he kicked and bucked to make it harder for Rygar. The door exploded inward as an unconscious Astagard was thrown through it, followed by a very bloody, very enraged Troian.

Growling out incoherent words Troian jerked Rygar off his mate and slammed him head first into the floor, breaking it and making his head injury worse in the process. Troian beat Rygar unconscious then went over to Strauss. HIs whole being softened as he pulled Strauss’s pants back up then fixed his shirt before pulling him into a hug and crying softly “I’m sorry Strauss”

“I stormed off”

“But you had every reason to. I act like such a child sometimes. I’m so sorry. I’ll be better”

“Thank you for coming for me” Troian stood with him and walked out of that horrible house. They went to a nearby river to clean themselves off, Troian insisting on washing Strauss.

Troian helped him dress once he was sure they were clean then picked him up and started home. He looked depressed and Strauss wished he could say something to soothe him. “Troian?”


“Um, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They fell into silence again, Troian holding to him a little tighter. When they got home Troian took him upstairs and laid with him in bed. He held him close, his nose buried in Strauss’s hair. Strauss felt him begin to shake and it took him a moment to realize Troian was crying. “Troian, it’s okay, I’m okay. I was scared, but you stopped them.”

“I could have lost you. I thought I was too late when I saw that man on top of you, I should have killed him.” Strauss tipped his head back, meeting their lips and Troian tangled his fingers in his hair, holding him there. He moved so Strauss was on his back, letting his hands slide under his shirt, his touch gentle. “It’s unforgivable he was allowed to touch you, that he hurt you. I hate it.”

Strauss’s lip quivered and tears filled his eyes and he finally broke down. “I…I was so scared, I thought I was going to die, I almost wanted to. I knew what he was going to do and I barely managed to hang on. I’m so glad you were there, I never want to be that terrified again.”

“Shh, it’s okay, I won’t let anyone hurt you again, I promise.” He gently kissed him again. “I love you so much Strauss.”

Troian caressed and kissed Strauss, grateful his mate was okay and under him. Troian grabbed Strauss’s belt buckle “may I have you?”

“Yes” Strauss said huskily, already heated and half hard from Troians affection. Troian took off his mates clothes then took his whole length in his mouth, sucking and caressing his hardening erection with his tongue, much like he had done with his lovers body earlier. When Strauss was at the edge of coming Troian lifted Strauss’s hips and thrust himself in. They both moaned in unison and soon came together aswell. Troian cleaned them both off and they began to cuddle again. Troian truly was going to try hard to not be such a child any longer. He always tried for Strauss but today had terrified him and he wasn’t willing to let Strauss be harmed again. This once human man meant far too much to him.

~ The End

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