Strauss & Troian

Chapter One

“Troian, I have to go back now or my father might find out.” Strauss protested as the demon pressed kisses onto his neck.

“Stay with me tonight.”

He sighed and tangled his fingers in Troian’s hair, pulling until he lifted his head. Those intense silver eyes made him freeze and he almost couldn’t speak. “I can’t, you know that. Please understand, please.”

Troian frowned and sighed. “Fine, let me take you back.” They both got to their feet, leaving the soft grass beneath them.

Strauss hated doing this to him, knew it was selfish to stay in a relationship with Troian, but he couldn’t let him go. He had been drawn to him from the first moment he had seen him. “Troian, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He squatted down. “Get on my back.”

Strauss hopped on his back and Troian took off running. Strauss felt his heart wrench in his chest and hated himself all the more. He clung to him, staying silent the whole way home. Troian took him to the back of the house and climbed up to his balcony where he deposited him safely on his feet. “Troian I…”

Troian kissed him, silencing him. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He said when he parted their lips. “Get some rest.”

He jumped off the balcony and was gone before Strauss could issue a protest. He swallowed the lump forming in his throat and went quietly inside, flopping down on his bed and staring up at the ceiling. He wanted to be with Troian always, wanted to wake up to him every morning, to let the beautiful demon make love to him. He blushed at the thought. They had not gone that far yet and Troian had not pushed the issue, but Strauss feared sooner or later he would simply get tired of waiting and leave. He turned over and buried his face in his pillow, his eyes filling with tears at the thought of losing his love.

Troian went back to the spot he always took Strauss and laid down in the grass. He knew he had been short with him and had not meant to be. It was hard to say what was on his mind, how he felt, and how much Strauss meant to him. He tried to physically express what he could not say, but he wasn’t sure it was getting through to Strauss. He had never been good with relationships and the few he had had before had ended in disaster. Everyone thought he was cold and distant when really he was just not much for words. He closed his eyes and allowed what lingered of Strauss’ scent to wash over him and lull him to sleep.
In the morning Strauss was woken as always to have breakfast with his father. He dressed then hurried down though his dad was the last person on the planet he liked spending any time with. What made matters worse was that yet again there was a young woman sitting at the table. If he didn’t know this woman had no idea he was gay and his dad was being an ass he would have sighed frustratedly and stormed out. He wouldn’t hurt this girl like that though, not when she had no idea what his father had drug her into.

“Morning” he said delibritly sitting so there was a seat between him and the young woman. “Morning, I’m Emily” she said with a smile. “I’m Strauss. What has brought you here?”

“Your father says you are looking for a wife and I’ve always found you amazing”

“Always?” he said in his head. These girls were the only always. They acted as if they knew him atall. Strauss could fele his fathers anger already that he wasn’t showing interest in her. Strauss wouldn’t be rude but his heart belonged to Troian. Even if Troian didn’t exist he was gay and always would be no matter how much his father tried to pray the gay away.
“Well everyone says you’re a good man and that you’ll make a fine baron. I also used to come to the parties your father would throw so I saw you around.”

“Milia’s parents come from an outstanding line.”

“I’m sure they do father.”

His father frowned and he tried not to notice as he ate. “I was wondering if maybe you would like to go on a walk with me after breakfast?”

He could feel his father staring at him. “Sure, that would be great.” Milia’s eyes lit up and they chatted lightly while they finished breakfast. When they were done he got up and pulled Milia’s seat back they left his father’s house and walked down the path that lead to town. He hated having to be fake for the women his father brought around and at first it had hurt when his father had so readily condemned him for being attracted to men.

“So what kind of woman do you want?” Milia asked nervously.

“What kind of woman do you want to be?”

“Does that even matter?”

“Listen Milia, you’re sweet, but you should always think for yourself and love who you want to love. No one should tell you who you are. You’re beautiful and you seem smart enough so don’t waste your time doing what your parents think is right for you.”

She frowned. “You aren’t looking for a wife are you?”

He sighed. “No, my father is looking for one for me because he’s an ass.” She laughed and he smiled. “You’re incredibly likable so find someone who is perfect for you.” He felt like he was being watched and he froze, looking around him. He didn’t see anyone, but he knew that feeling. Troian was close. His heart stuttered in his chest and he almost called out to him.

“Are you okay Strauss?”

“Yes, lets go get some candy or something. I feel like something sweet.”

“I won’t tell your father you rejected me.”

He smiled. “Thank you for that, but he’ll know anyway.”
Troian watched jealously as Strauss walked into town with that female human. He wanted badly to be with him always but had to settle with just a few hours nightly. Even when he promised Strauss to get him in before the maids woke him if he would just spend the night letting him hold him but Strauss would never agree to it. He was too afraid they would get caught. It wasn’t fair women could be by his side but not him. It had crossed his mind many times to just run away with Strauss but he wasn’t sure the man he loved would be willing.

He followed until they were too close to town for him to be safe from the peoples wrath. He went back into the woods to wait until nightfall when he’d finally get time with his world again. Strauss bought them both taffy from a local candy shop then headed outside to sit and enjoy them with her. “How am i to find a husband if I’m just me?”

“Who says you need a husband” The young woman honestly looked like that had never crossed her mind for even a second which Strauss hated. The women around here were all raised to believe they had to get married. If you didn’t there was somthing wrong with you and it wasn’t right.
“So what should I do, what should I aspire to be?”

“Well what are you good at?” He asked as they got up and continued their walk.

“Not much I guess.”

“Well try new things until you find something you’re good at. Why don’t you try art and see how you feel about that.”

She smiled. “You’re so easy to talk to and it’s nice to not have someone look down on me because of my sex.”

They spent the rest of the day getting to know each other and after dinner he walked her home. He sighed as he made his way back up the path that lead home, wondering if Troian was okay. He still felt bad for leaving him the night before. When he walked through the front door, his father was standing there waiting for him. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“She good enough, beautiful, obedient, the perfect woman to bear children.”

“I don’t know why you even bother asking anymore, I told her I didn’t want to marry her.”

Before he could say another word his father backhanded him then grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. “You will find a woman and you will get married or so help me I will beat you until you can’t move. Do you understand me?” Strauss just glared at him. “You sicken me, get out of my sight.” He shoved him toward the stairs and Strauss hurried up, his face red and bruising. He slammed and and locked his door then went out to the balcony to wait for Troian.

Troian could tell Strauss was angry when he stepped out of the shadows and climbed up the back of the house to his balcony. “Are you okay?” He asked as he hopped over the railing.

“I’m pissed.”

“At me?”

“No never at you.” He wrapped his arms around Troian’s waist. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Troian grabbed his chin and tipped his head up and that’s when he saw the bruise forming on his cheek. “Did he fucking hit you?” He asked angrily.

“Please don’t dwell on it, lets just get away from the house for awhile.” Troian sighed and let Strauss hop on his back he jumped off the balcony. He ran until he came to their place and lowered him to the ground. He turned and pulled Strauss into his arms, kissing him hungrily. He pushed him down into the grass, making Strauss’ heart race. “Troian.”

“I know you’re not ready to have sex yet, I just want to touch and kiss you.”

“What if someone hears, we could get in trouble.”
“Please, I want so badly to touch and kiss you” Strauss wanted it badly aswell and it was hard to resist the look Troian was giving him. “ok” Troian smiled then ran his hand through Strauss’s hair. If he was good with words he would have expressed adoration but he just had to hope Strauss could see it in his eyes and feel it as he touched and kissed him. Troians hungry kiss resumed causing Strauss’s body to cover in goosebumps. Troian nearly smiled against his lovers lips as his hands began to travel across his excited skin.

When Troian broke the kiss his lips traveled down Strauss’s cheek , down his neck, over his shoulder, down his arm until he was pressing kisses into the palm of his hand. Strauss’s heart remained in a flutter as Troian showed his affection. Most would see this and find it sexual but there was somthing about the was Troian kissed and touched him that made him feel overwhelmingly loved.Strauss could tell sexual desire was there but the love in his touch outweighed the hunger for passion which was saying a lot since demons were such sexual creatures.

When Troian felt his love and adoration was made clear, or atleast he hoped and felt confident Troian took Strauss into his arms to hold him. With a blush Strauss said “you rarely let me do the kissing and touching”

“Because our time is so limited. I get more from doing it myself. Thats not to say I dont love your kisses too. Theres also the problem of when you do it I get hard and I fear doing somthing stupid. Just let me hold you” Strauss kissed Troians cheek and he inturn kissed the bruise that he wanted to give right back to the baron. He wanted to beat that man to a pulp but refrained for his mate. Troian was in no way ready for the words “I need to go home” when they came out of Strauss’s mouth awhile later. “No Strauss, stay with me tonight. Sleep right here and I’ll have you home before daybreak. They wont know. You never stay. Can’t you do this just once for me. I..I dont get you that long”

Chapter Two

Strauss hugged Troian a little tighter. “Please don’t look so heartbroken, I hate when you make that face.”

“Stay and I won’t make it anymore.”

Strauss nodded and Troian gave him a joyful kiss. “Thank you.” They settled into the grass, Strauss resting his head on Troian’s chest. The sound of his heart was very comforting. He suddenly remembered something and raised his head.

“Why were you following me and Milia today?”

“Because I’m an idiot.”

“What do you mean?”

He pulled Strauss back down. “I got jealous seeing you with her. You looked so happy and relaxed.”

“She’s a really nice girl, just been put in the same position as me. I told her to make her own choices. You shouldn’t be jealous of others, I don’t want anyone but you.”

“I told you I was being an idiot.”

Strauss kissed his cheek. “Well, at least you’re my idiot.” Troian laughed, the sound making Strauss smile. They both relaxed, Strauss letting his worries go at least for tonight so he could enjoy being with Troian. He knew they might not get another night like this.
Troian only felt happiness near this when Strauss had agreed to be with him. It was incredible having Strauss resting on his chest. He knew most couples took this kind of intimacy for granted but when you had to hide your relationship somthing like this was amazing. Troian hated time when he knew the night would be turning to day in but a few hours. He could keep Strauss a little longer but he didn’t want to push things since this was the first time he convinced his love to sleep outside with him. Troian would hate himself if he got them caught the first time because he didn’t want to give him up.

With absolute ease Troian got himself standing and cradling Strauss without disturbing his slumber in the slightest. Troians heart stuttered as he looked down at his mates peaceful face. He couldn’t resist giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead. He walked Strauss back to his castle and even got him all the way to his room without waking him.

He laid Strauss on his bed, afraid to take his shoes off so he just left them on and covered him. Troian frowned knowing he had to leave. This wasn’t fair and he hated Strauss’s father. He forced himself out though before his mate suffered more physical or verbal abuse because of him.
Strauss woke not long after he left when something felt off. He opened his eyes and felt his heart wrench in his chest when he realized he was in his room. He got out of bed and tugged his shoes off before stepping out onto his balcony. He wanted to protect Troian, but he wanted to stay with him at the same time. He sat down and rested his elbows on the railing, just staring off into space, no longer tired. When the sun began to push above the horizon he went and took a quick shower then pulled on clean clothes. A knock sounded on his bedroom door and he pulled it open. “Yes?”

“Your father is waiting for you.” The maid answered.

“With a woman?”

“Yes sir.”

He sighed. “I’ll be down shortly.” He closed his door and tugged his shoes on the went down to the dining room. He sat down in a chair across from the woman his father had brought this time. She was beautiful, but obviously thought she was getting somewhere with wearing the low cut dress. “Who is this?”

“Her name is Xandra, she’s the daughter of Lady Hilum.”

He sighed, he was tired of this. “Father, I refuse. Xandra I am sorry, but I do not wish to marry you. Please excuse me.” He got up from the table and his father followed.

“Do you remember what I said to you?”

“I’m not doing it anymore.” His father hit him so hard he fell.

“Trennan.” His father yelled and their butler came running. “Take this brat to the dungeon. I’ll be down at the end of the day after you have had some time to think on your words.” Trennan helped him to his feet then guided him downstairs where he put him in a cell. It was freezing cold and he regretted not eating before opening his mouth. The day seemed to crawl by at a sluggish pace and he sat in the same spot just staring at the cell door. When night came it was pitch black and dead quiet, the strange silence gave him the creeps. He heard footsteps and watched as the hall began to light up. It was his father and Trennan. Strauss got to his feet as his father opened the cell door. “Have you changed your mind?”

“No, I refuse to marry anyone you bring me.” His father grabbed him by his throat and dragged him out of his cell and down the hall. He started to fight back when he realized his father was taking him to the torture room. Trennan opened the door and his father forced him inside.

“I’ve tried being patient boy, I’m done.” He shackled his son to the wall facing away then ripped his shirt open. “You are nothing but a little disgrace, a defective child your bitch of a mother left to me.” He grabbed the whip off of the table and allowed it to uncoil. He hit him with it and Strauss screamed. “I’ll beat you until you agree to stop this nonsense.” He hit him over and over again, his back feeling like it was on fire. He was dangling by his arms by the time his father stopped and crying harder than he had ever cried. His father unlocked the shackles and he fell to the ground. “Trennan take him up to his room, I think he’s learned his lesson.”
Strauss could barely stand he was in so much pain. Trennan was having to support Strauss all the way back to his bedroom. “you should shower before laying down. Do you need help?”

“Please just get the water running” Trennan quickly got the water going then left. Tears still streamed down Strauss’s cheeks as he walked hunched over into the bathroom. The water hurt but he didn’t want the blood to remain on his back. He was still taking shuddering breaths and letting the water rinse him when Trion showed up on his balcony. Trions heart nearly stopped when his nose filled with the strong scent of Strauss’s spilled blood. he walked towards it angrily, not bothering to knock before entering the bathroom. He pulled back Strauss’s curtain and instantly filled with intense fury. Strauss turned his head, barely even thinking about the fact Troin was seeing him fully naked for the first time. “baby”

“dont tell me to calm down!” he yelled in a growl. He didn’t mean to or want to yell at Strauss but he couldn’t be more furious in this moment.
“Don’t raise your voice, especially not to me.” He moved to switch off the water and let out a groan. Troian switched it off for him and helped him out of the tub. “I can do it myself.”

“Just let me help.” Strauss looked away from him, angry at being abused and angry that Troian would yell at him. He understood he was angry, but he hadn’t been the one to take a beating. Troian grabbed a towel and gently patted Strauss down. “Why did he do this to you?”

“Because I told him I wasn’t interested in marrying a woman. I don’t know how long he beat me.”

“He can’t just get away with this.”

“Of course he can, there’s no law against it.”

“Strauss, this is not okay.”

“I never said it was did I? Do you think I actually wanted this?” Troian went to help him walk into his room and Strauss slapped his hand away. “Just leave me alone if you can’t lower your voice.”

Troian sighed. “I’m sorry. Let me help you get dressed.”

“Fine.” Troian pulled clothes out of Strauss’ drawers and helped him into them. Strauss hissed in pain when his shirt touched his back.

“I should have been here, I should have come earlier and this wouldn’t have happened.”

“You couldn’t have known.” There was a knocking on his door and they both froze.

“Strauss who the hell are you talking to.” It was his father.

“You have to get out now Troian.”

“There is no way I’m leaving you with that bastard another minute.”

Strauss’ father pushed the door open and stopped in his tracks when he saw the demon standing there. He had his sword in his hand in an instant. “So this is why you’ve been the way you are.”

“Leave him alone dad.” Strauss pushed himself between Troian and his father.

“Shut up and get out of the way brat.”

“Strauss is coming with me.” Troian yelled.

“The hell he is.” Strauss’ father attacked them and Troian grabbed the bed with his tail and flung it at the baron before lifting Strauss and running out to the balcony. He jumped over the railing and Strauss looked over his shoulder to see his father pushing the bed off of him.
It hurt to have Troian holding him but Strauss couldn’t help but feel relief who he loved was out in the open and he was out of that house and away from his heartless father. Troian ran with a determined look on his face. The baron wasn’t touching him one more time. He would kill the man before he hurt his mate again. The baron woke the entire staff with his fury, demanding somone be sent after them right away. He decided to have his staff fetch a woman named Faigi since he had heard she was amazing and made quick work of bringing criminals to justice. He didn’t want the embarrassment of the world knowing his son was gay so he would tell her that demon was kidnapping him.

troian could tell how much he was hurting Strauss so stopped ‘want to ride on my back so I’m not touching yours baby?”


“I’m so sorry. I was angry, scared even. i didn’t want him hurting you so i was trying to get us away” Strauss hopped on “I know, just dont yell at me again”

“That I am the most sorry for. You didn’t need that after being beaten”
“So where are we going?”

“Back to my world, you’ll be safer there.”

“I finally get to meet your sister. How long will it take to get to the portal?”

“We have to pass through another world to get there so it might take a few days.” He jumped over a fallen tree and Strauss let out a whimper. “As soon as we’re far enough away I’ll make you something to close those wounds. I’m sorry I don’t have any healing powers.”

“It’s okay.” He ran until they came to a river then lowered him slowly to the ground.

“You stay here, I have to gather a few things.”

“Should I make a fire?”

“Just sit still, you’re in pain.”

Strauss just nodded and Troian disappeared into the woods to collects herbs and wood. When he came back Strauss tried to get up, but his back hurt to much so he just fell back to the ground. “It’s scary out here when you’re not around.”

“I’m sorry, I’m back now so don’t worry.” He got a fire started then sat some of the herbs on a rock next to the flames to dry them. He plucked had plucked a large leaf off of one of the trees and smashed the berries he had in it. Once the herbs were dry he crumbled them up and mixed them in. “Eat this.”

Strauss took the leaf and ate the berry and herb mash. It tasted weird with everything mixed together like that, but the fact that the stinging in his back faded away helped him ignore it. “Thank you.” He tossed the leaf to the side and Troian pulled him closer.

“Let me check your back.” He pulled his shirt off and examined his skin. There were very faint scars left behind since he didn’t have the things he needed to make them disappear completely. He leaned in and kissed Strauss’ back, making him shiver. “I’m never going to let anyone hurt you again.”

Chapter Three

“I should have run away with you sooner. I should have known my father would never accept me.”

“I should have mentioned it. I’ve thought about taking you away so many times”

‘we’re gone now and I’ll never go back” Troin kissed his back again “you tell me if you need anymore of that. I’ll make you as much as you need”

“Thank you”

“I’d do anything right now for healing powers”

“You’re doing more than enough”

“Lets rest and we’ll continue on in the morning. Humans can’t catch up to us tonight with how far I’ve gone”

“Can I lay my head on your chest?”

“It would make me happy” Troin laid down and let Strauss get comfortable. “I want to put my arms around you. Please tell me to let go if I hurt you”

“I should be fine” Troian gently wrapped his arms arounf Strauss, relieved when he didn’t react in pain. His demon senses were sharp and would have detected it if he felt even the smallest amount of pain.
Strauss was so exhausted by the events of the day that he fell asleep almost instantly once the warmth of Troian’s body washed over him. Troian always made him feel so secure and he knew he could trust him to keep danger at bay. The next morning Troian woke and was relieved to find that taking Strauss away from his father had not been a dream. He pressed his lips into Strauss’ and moved so he was above him. “Troian?” Strauss said sleepily as he kissed his way down Strauss’ neck.

“Who else would it be?” He asked.

“What are you doing?”

“This is our first morning together and I just want to enjoy it for a moment.” He could tell Strauss was nervous and pulled back to look at him. “You have to learn to trust that I won’t do anything you don’t like. I know you’ve never had sex before and I won’t do anything that might scare you away.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t apologize, I want to take my time with you anyway and it’s really hard to do that when you’re running for your life.”

“I’d do anything for you Troian, anything at all, I’m just nervous and I don’t want to disappoint you.” Troian moved off of him and grabbed Strauss’ shirt off the ground and handed it to him. Strauss pulled it on, feeling a little upset for letting his insecurities get in the way again. He felt like he was letting Troian down. “I love you Troian, I really do.”

“I know and I hope you know I feel the same way about you. I know I don’t say it nearly as much as you do, but I really do.” Strauss felt a knot forming in his throat and Troian pulled him into his arms. “Don’t be upset.”

“You never say it.” He buried his face in Troian’s shirt.

“I’m sorry.” He tipped his head up. “I promise to say it more then, I love you.”
“why havent you said it much before?” Troian sighed “I’ve never been very good with words. I just, I dont know. They just dont come to m I guess. I try to show you physically to make up for the fact I’m not very good at expressing how I feel. Can’t you feel it in how I kiss and youch you?” Strauss nodded “yeah, I always have” Troian smiled “I’m glad”

“But I do need to hear it too”

“I know, you mean everything to me and I’m not going to mess things up with you. You just need to tell me. If I start getting really bad just say look here you asshole” Strauss gave a small smile “I really love you” Troian kissed his forehead “I really love you too. I’ll get us somthing to eat and then we’ll move on”

“we have time?’

“Hm, maybe we should go just incase they traveled all night. We can go on until I need food for energy. Right now I’m still good if you are”

“I’m good, you’re going to carry me anyway. I’m sorry I can’t run as fast as you”

“You’re human. It wouldn’t make sense for you to be able to run as fast as me”
Troian lifted Strauss and gave him the most loving, adoring smile. It made him blush and cover his face. He usually rode piggy back so being in a position where he would be able to constantly see Troian’s face was a bit embarrassing. “Have I ever told you you look cute when you blush?”

“I’m a man, I’m not supposed to be cute.”

“But you are and sexy.” He said as he ran through the woods.

“Not as sexy as you, I mean you’re just so…so unfairly hot.”

“Not really.”

“Shut up Troian, I’m not joking. I’ve seen you shirtless and you’re way better looking than me.”

Troian chuckled and kissed Strauss’ cheek. “You make me weak in the knees Strauss. If I were a weaker man I’d have taken you already.”

He turned a deep crimson. “Should I be fearing for my life?”

“Maybe just your virtue.”

Strauss’ heart hammered against his chest, beating so fast he feared it might explode. “You’re so bad and a pervert.”

“Only for you.”
Faigi could tell the story wasn’t a whole truth but as far as she knew a human man had been kidnapped by a demon and that was never good. With a description and Strauss’s scent she began her hunt, hoping the human man wouldn’t have to suffer too much before she found him and got him home safely. Strauss’s father smiled triumphantly when the filthy demon woman ran off to take care of them. He hoped she’d beat the hell out of that even more revolting gay demon.

Many hours had passed when Strauss heard Troians stomach growl “hey! How long have you been hungry” Troian gave a sheepsih grin and stopped “I’m sorry, I just don’t even want to deal with someone catching up to us and trying to take you from me. I’ll stop now. Don’t be mad”

“I just don’t want you pushing yourself too hard. Eating doesnt take all that long if we dont talk while we eat.”
“But I like talking to you.”

“Come on go get us something then we can talk while you carry me.”

“You mean now that you’re not blushing and calling me a pervert?”

“Exactly, now go find food. The last thing I need is you starving.”

Troian kissed him quickly then ran off to find food. Fruit would have to do for now since he didn’t want to sit still long enough to cook something. He found some berries and collected enough for both of them. He hurried back and was glad to see Strauss waiting there. “Nothing bothered you did it?” He asked as he sat down and dumped the berries out of his shirt.

“A butterfly, but I doubt it meant any harm unless you thing flying lazily is dangerous.”

“There could be evil butterflies, who knows.”

Strauss laughed as he scarfed down half of the berries. He hadn’t realized how hungry he was until then and suddenly remembered his father had locked him up without anything to eat and after that all he had had was that paste Troian made which wasn’t much. He leaned over and pressed his lips into Troian’s. “Thank you for being so great.”

“I can do nothing else.”

“So you said we had to pass through some other world before we get to yours, what’s it like?”

Troian shrugged. “There’s a castle surrounded by cherry trees, that’s all I know about it. We’re not stopping there though, we’re going to stick to the woods and keep going.”

“How long until we reach the portal to that world?”

“We’ll get to that portal in the morning if I run all through the night and then after that it’s three days to my world and then we’ll be free.”

“It’s like a dream.”

“It’s not dream, I promise.”

“Can we find a place to bathe after you’re done eating, just for a quick rinse?”

Troian finished his food then lifted Strauss back into his arms. It took up most of an hour to find a slow moving river they could wash in but they were glad to have found somewhere. “are you going to take your clothes off?” Troian asked in a hopeful voice. “Troian” Strauss said as he looked away with a blush. Troian chuckled “I know, quick rinse” He set Strauss down and they both went into the surprisingly cold water. They hadn’t expected warm water but this river seemed much more cold than it ought to be.

They rinsed as Strauss had wanted then went on their way again. “you’re not going to tire out?’

“You are yet to experience the full extent of my stamina” Troian said in a seductive voice. “why are you so much more perverted than before?” Troian chuckled “I’m not as scared of you leaving me”

“as scared?”

“I’m not good at expressing myself and I fear thats going to chase you away”

“I know you love me, I’ll always know. I’m glad to finally hear it though”

“I do love you. I’m really going to try my best for you Strauss.” Troian honestly flabbergasted Strauss when night came and he ran all the way through without seeming to be worn down atall. They had only stopped one more time to eat so he had pretty much ran a whole day and night to get distance between them and their pursuers. “This is going to feel weird and if you throw up don’t feel embarrassed. It happens to many people their first couple times and some never get over it. When we get through I’m going to need a long sleep. I doubt who your father sends will know how to travel between worlds so me getting a long sleep shouldn’t be a problem”

“The creators know you’ve earned it. I’m sure they’ll help keep our enemies away at the least.” Troian smiled “I love you” he said, loving when Strauss smiled and answered in return “I love you too”

“You ready?”

“as ready as I can be I suppose” Troian said somthing in a language Strauss didn’t understand but he barely had time to process it before he felt weird and was suddenly in this place he knew nothing about. He would have been terrified if he hadn’t been holding tightly to Troians hand. When they landed on the other side Strauss felt a little nauseous but not so bad he had to throw up. “you good?’


“Great, lets find a place for me to get a long rest.”
They found a place away from the castle so they would not be spotted. Troia took him into a field of beautiful while flowers and they curled up next to each other in them so Troia was spooning Strauss. “If you need anything, please wake me.” He said then kissed the back of Strauss’ neck.

“Just rest my love, you need it.” Strauss replied.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Strauss wasn’t nearly as tired as Troian was and laid there awake for a time, staying alert for predators and people. He turned slowly over so he was facing Troian and studied his sleeping face. He had never met anyone quite like him. The first time he had seen him he had been terrified. He had heard many nasty rumors about demons, especially the males, and didn’t know what would happen to him, but Troian’s first concern had been if he had been injured in anyway. He didn’t hurt him or ask for payment of any kind. Instead he had started visiting him at night and slowly over time, Strauss had fallen madly in love with him. Troian had done so much for him and he wanted to give something back.

Faigi stayed on the scent, refusing to rest so she wouldn’t lose in time. If the boy was being harmed, she wanted to stop his torment as soon as possible. The young man’s scent lead her straight to a portal and she used the pendant around her neck to open it. “Strauss, wake up.” Troian said softly and Strauss opened his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He hadn’t remembered falling asleep.

“We should get going.”

“Are you well rested?

“Extremely.” He kissed his lips. “If you like you can sleep while I carry you.”

Chapter Four

“with all that wind?” Troian smiled “well, if you can sleep I don’t mind” They didn’t make it very much further atall before Faigi had them in her sights “Demon!” she called Troian halted “what?”

“I’ll be needing the boy returned to his father. This is the only time I’ll ask nicely” Strauss’s heart sank. Troian held Strauss tighter “No, I will not let you take him” Faigi had always been observant so she noticed straight away that Strauss wasn’t looking at her in hope but in fear he’d be taken back. She sighed, seeing her suspicions about this job were correct ‘calm down, explain why you’ve kidnapped him”

“I didn’t, Strauss’s father abuses him and beat him with a whip the night we ran off. He doesn’t like Strauss is gay and wants to be with a demon. He tries to beat, scold and pray the gay away. Strauss wanted to run away with me”

“I did, everything he says is true. Please don’t take me back. I’m finally free to be with him”

“He’s pissed and I know he’ll send others. Give me a second to think of what we can do” Faigi paused there only a few moments “Give me that ring on your finger Strauss. I will tell your father that is all that was left of you. The demon decided if he couldn’t have you that nobody would so he ate you”

“Perfect, thank you” Troian said as Strauss removed his ring. She walked over and accepted it “I’m sorry your dad is an ass.”

“I’m just glad he sent someone like you. Thank you for doing this” Strauss said gratefully. “I’m a lesbian, I know how it feels. Go be happy, I need some rest before I keel” Troian ran off before this kind demon changed her mind. Even though she was going to pretend Strauss was dead he was still eager to put more distance between them and the baron. Just before the portal to Troians world they rested again and had a nice meal together. “my world will be so different from yours I want us to be well rested and fed before you experience it” Troian said as he cooked their dinner.

“You said it’s always night there right?”

“yes, um….for you to see clearly and all….I might should make you a demon before we go..I know the ceremony, I’ve seen it done and I’ve honestly studied it since we started dating”

“You can turn me into a demon?”

“Yes, I want you to live forever and I’m not sure if your human eyes will be able to see in my world very well”

“Is it going to hurt?”

“Yes but I’ll be right here with you. I’ll hold you and do my best to make you feel better. I made your back feel better right?”

“There’s nothing I want more than forever with you Troian. I’m so glad you want that with me”

“well, I love you intensely Strauss”

“after dinner?”

“We should give your food time to digest first so you dont lose it”

“when then?” Troian smiled “late tonight. We’ll have dinner, I’ll make somthing for the pain then we’ll just wing it on how long we wait after dinner. I’m sure we can entertain ourselves awhile” Troian said with a wink that had Strauss blushing again. Troian chuckled ‘i love you so much”
Strauss finished his food, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would get forever with the one he loved. Troian noticed the expression on his face and leaned in to kiss him. The feel of his lips made Strauss’ heart go faster and his face and body grow hot. “It’s not fair how excited you make me by just kissing me.” Strauss said when Troian pulled back.

“It’s my secret weapon so anytime you think of getting mad at me I’ll kiss you until you can’t think straight.” Strauss blushed and Troian chuckled as he pulled him into his arms. “I’m sorry, I’ll stop before you blush yourself into a fever.”

“So what other powers will I have besides night vision?”

“You’ll be stronger and faster, but other than that I really don’t know. As you know I don’t really have many powers. They kind of skipped me and went straight to my sister. That doesn’t mean you won’t get any though.”

“I guess we’ll see then.”

“Will I look like you when I’m changed?”

“No, you’ll still be you, just with added perks.” They sat together for a time, Troian holding Strauss to him as they talked softly. “Are you ready for the change?” Troian asked.

“Yeah, I’m a little scared though.”

“It’s okay, I’ll be here for you.” He moved Strauss so he was straddling him and pressed their palms together, lacing his fingers through his so Strauss couldn’t jerk his hand away. He pulled his dagger out of his boot and gave Strauss a gentle kiss. “I’m sorry for the pain you’ll feel.”

“It’s okay, if it’s for you I can deal with anything.”
Strauss closed mouth screamed as the dagger pierced through their hands. It stung Troians heart but he continued on, trying his best not to let his mates pain get to him. He said the words carefully and slower than he could say them because he didn’t want his mate to go through this pain only for him to say a word wrong and have to try again another time. When Strauss had wailed and jerked himself into a limp unconscious form in Troians arms he softly cried ‘I’m so sorry Strauss” He couldn’t help but feel horrible even though he had just given his mate eternal life.

He had promised not to let him get hurt again and here he was hurting him. When Strauss opened his eyes the next morning he saw how distraught Troian looked so he smiled to assure him everything was alright “I’m fine” Troian held Strauss tighter “I never wanted to hurt you”

“It was worth it. i get to be with you forever”

“Are you hungry?”

“Not after all that”

“Will you try to eat if I find some eggs?”

“Of course”

“Good, I’ll carry you with me. I don’t want anything coming and hurting you while you are so weak”
“Okay.” Strauss rested his head on Troian’s shoulder, his whole body exhausted and feeling like one massive bruise. “After breakfast will you rub me down?” He asked softly.

“Of course, I’ll do anything you want.”

It didn’t take long for Troian to find some grouse eggs and had had Strauss hold them as he headed back to camp. He sat his love gently in the grass and kissed his forehead before taking the eggs and cooking them. Strauss really wasn’t hungry and the smell of food was making him feel sick, but the look on Troian’s face made him want to try. He looked more upset than he had ever seen him. Troian scooted closer to Strauss when the eggs were done and fed him.

“Thank you.” Strauss said and Troian smiled lovingly at him. Once they were finished eating Troian took his time rubbing Strauss down, loosening his cramped muscles and easing the pain in his body.


“Yes thank you.” He was hot from Troian’s touch.

“We’re close to home Strauss.” He lifted him off the ground and started walking. It began to rain and Strauss thanked heavens for it as it cooled his hot skin and helped calm him.

“You know I always loved the rain.” Troian said, a smile on his face as he turned it toward the sky. “It’s so cleansing and full of life. On rainy nights when we couldn’t be together I would sit at our spot and let it wash away my sadness.”

“I’m sorry, I should have let you stay with me those nights. I was just so afraid of getting caught and losing you. I was such a coward.”

“I understood, especially after your father beat you.”

“We’ll never be apart again Troian, I promise.”
They had an easy, stress free journey the rest of the way to Troians world. Thanks to that kind demoness nobody would come after them and they could just be happy together for the rest of their days. If they ever met her again they both agreed they would have to find a way to thank her for lieing to the baron and granting them freedom without fear of people coming for them. Once in Troians world he showed Strauss everything and took him to all his favorite places. Most importantly Troian was happy to finally get to proudly introduce Strauss to his sister. She welcomed him warmly to their world, ecstatic for her brother and hopeful this wouldn’t end badly like his previous relationships. Troin noticed her look of worry and assured her that this time he was doing things right. Nobody had ever meant anything near what Strauss meant to him and he was worth putting in the effort to try and verbally express his love more.

~ The End ~

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