Suri & Hern 3

Chapter One

Hern was now the ruler of the kingdom with his fathers passing. With Suri by his side he had been a wise and strong ruler. All the creatures loved them and almost none disliked queen Suri any more. Suri had givin birth to two boys who they named Ryker & Nico. She also had taken up studies under Fallon. Fallon needed an apprentince incase somthing happend to her and Suri needed somthing to do besides help her husband and take care of her boys. Especially because they had become so independant wanting to be tough like their father.

Fallon was impressed with Suri. She learned very quickly. Fallon was glad she took her on as an apprentice. It also comforted Hern because he knew she’d be able to help if anything happend. One day while the boys were playing outside while their mother had lessons an elderly looking woman came up to them and offered them somthing to eat. “We don’t take food from strangers.”

“Not even from a harmless old lady?”

“Nope, mom says never take anything from strangers.”

She laughed “How old are you young boys? You look too small to be playing by yourself.”

“We’re five” they said at once. “We’re big enough to play by ourself this close to the castle. Daddy says we can! Mom is only a scream away” She walked away. Little did they know it was smart not to take the food offered.It would’ve made them pass out .The lady wasn’t a lady atall. She was a Frint. They can change their appearance to whatever they wish. Their clan was sick of the human world and wanted to destroy it. Obviosuly the king and queen would never authorize it of their own will so they wanted to steal their children as leverage for Hern to take down the barrier to the cave so they could extinct man kind.

Ryker and Nico bounded joyfully to Fallon’s house, the old woman forgotten. It was nearly dinner time and they wanted to escort their mother home. Suri saw them coming and opened Fallon’s door embracing her two boys. They were fraternal twins. Ryker had his father’s hair and eyes while Nico had hers. She ran her fingers through their long hair, feeling the little nubs that were the start of their antlers.

“What are my two handsome boys doing here?” She asked, lifting them so she had one on each hip.

“We are your escorts mom.” Ryker said with a smile.

“Daddy said we were in charge and to walk you home before sundown.” Nico said, his smile a mirror image of his brother’s.

“What big boys you are.” She kissed them both on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow Fallon.”

“One second dear,” Fallon said, “I have something for the boys.” She came out with two necklaces. She put one around Ryker’s neck, a deep blue sapphire stone hung at the end. The other went around Nico’s,it had a dark obsidian stone. “You’ll never lose them as long as they wear these. Never take them off boys.”

“Thank you.” They said in unison. Suri sat them on their feet and took each of their hands.

They walked home and the boys ran inside. They were starving from playing all day. Suri loved all the energy her boys had. If only she could keep some for herself. She went up to get her husband for dinner who no doubt had lost track of time again. She walked into the room he always conducted business. His wife and children were always welcome in there. They didn’t have to knock.

He was sitting there reading somthing. He was compleatly engrossed and didn’t notice Suri enter the room. She cleared her throat and he looked up. “You ready for dinner? I think our boys are about to starve. They already ran in to eat.” He got up “I’m sorry I’m still in here. How was your day?”

“Really good. Fallon says I’m doing great.” He hugged his wife. “Tomorrow why don’t we spend the day together. I’ve been really busy the past couple weeks and I’ve been feeling like a terrible husband because I only come to you if I want advice.”

“You are a wonderful husband. You have a lot on your shoulders being king. I know you love us.” She smiled and it filled him with butterflies. Nothing made him feel better than when he heard that beautiful laugh or she shot him that amazing smile. “I think the boys would enjoy some time with you.” He kissed her then they walked hand in hand to dinner. The boys were almost done when they got there.

Ryker said “slow pokes! sheesh we could’ve starved if we waited on you!” Nico laughed and got up to hug his dad. Hern sat down with Nico on his lap “How was your day today?’

“we practiced fighting mostly.” Ryker added “Yeah we’re really tough I think you’d be proud.” Hern almost laughed but held it in because they were being serious. It was hard to take them seriously with how cute they were. They ate and Suri went up to read to them then sing them a lullaby. She did this every night for her boys. Tonight Hern decided to join them.

Suri told them a story about a great dragon and how a mighty knight charged into its cave to save a princess. She pulled Hern to his feet and acted out the battle and rescue. When it got to the part where the knight and princess kissed the boys gave a loud ewww and yuck. They both swore that the only girl they would ever kiss was mommy. She got them tucked in and sang them Scarlet Ribbons. It was her favorite lullaby and it soon had the boys asleep. She kissed them both and she and Hern left their room quietly.

Hern lifted his wife into his arms and carried her to their room down the hall. He tossed her playfully on the bed and jumped in after her. They wrestled, laughing as they rolled. He came out on top and pinned her arms above her head. He kissed her softly, loving her softness. It felt like head had not done it in forever. He felt a stab of guilt. Had he been neglecting his family? He pressed his forehead against hers. He had lost more time with her than he had wanted to.

“Is everything okay?” Suri asked, noticing his pained expression.

“I really have been pushing you all to the side.” He answered.

“I told you we understand.”

“I know and it amazes me how you accept it with such grace. You always seem so happy. You’ve never once complained.”

She pulled her arms free and took his face in her hands. Her thumbs brushed over his cheeks and she slid her fingers into his hair. “You are everything to us. The boys love you and I love you. There is nothing in this world that could make us happier than the time we get with you no matter how brief.”

He smiled and layed down beside her. She kissed his cheek then layed her head on his chest with one arm across him, holding him tightly. He wrapped both of his arms around her just enjoying the moment even though his heart was stil heavy with guilt and understanding. He now understood why his dad was always busy. He resented him for it and it really wasn’t his fault. He worried if he didn’t put more time in with his family they’d grow to resent him like he did his father.

He didn’t know if he could bare his sons not liking him or Suri not loving him anymore. Without his family nothing would be worth it. Tomorrow was going to be all about them no matter what. He stroked his wifes hair and gently rubbed her until she fell asleep. Hoping she’d always know how much he loved her. Once he knew she was sleeping he allowed himself to rest.

The next morning started with two very rambunctious boys jumping onto their bed. Hern scooped Nico up and tossed him high in the air, his son’s giggles turning his heart over. “What do you boys want to do today?” He asked.

“Lets go to the forest.” Ryker said.

“We can find rocks.” Nico chimed in.

“And pine cones.”

The jumped off the bed and ran out the bedroom door. “Come on.” They said together.

“They have your energy for sure.” Suri smiled and stretched then got up. She pulled on clean clothes and followed the boys, Hern close behind.

They ate breakfast together, the boys finishing their’s in record time. They ran around impatiently, hollering for their parents to hurry up. Suri nearly choked on her food while she laughed. Hern half heartedly scolded the boys, smiling while he told them to sit and wait. The fidgeted while Suri and Hern finished eating and were on their feet the minute they pushed their plates away and stood. They each lifted a child and headed out of the castle. The boys loved the white forest.

Ryker said excitedly “We can show dad our favorite spot we found two months ago!”

Nico looked confused at his brother “Hasn’t he been? We’ve been going there for two months after all.”

“Do you remember him going with us? It’s always just mommy.”

Nico looked deep in thought and said “Oh yeah, wow.” That made Hern sad. HIs family had been going somwhere for two months and he had never gone with them. He didn’t even know the boys had a favorite spot.” They walked together talking until they reached the opening of the forest. The boys jumped down from their parents and they looked at their father. “two trips ago a nohtyp almost bit mommy right here so we check it out first to make sure the coast is clear! Wait here!” Suri laughed and her boys went in really fast.

“Don’t worry Hern they don’t go far.”

“I’m so sorry I haven’t seen their favorite spot.”

“Stop that Hern, you’re really fine.” She grabbed his hand and he held it tightly. The boys came running back. “It’s all safe! Nothing going to hurt our mommy!”

“Aren’t I so lucky to have such brave boys” She hugged them and they said ” Come on, come on! Lets go!” The boys began running and suri took off after them. Hern followed closely. Enjoying the laughter of his children. They took a turn down a way in the forest Hern had never been. They must almost be at their favorite spot he thought. It was a huge opening with an iced over pond. Nico said “We love this spot because it reminds us of the story mom tells about Bambi and Thumper.”

The boys ran to the ice and Hern got nervous. “Don’t worry hunny it’s thick nothing will happen” They started sliding around laughing hysterically. They soon started quoting parts of the story. Suri watched them so happy her husband was there. She missed him more than she told him. After a few hours the boys whispered to eachother and they both ran up to them. Nico pulled on his mother “Ryker wants to have a man talk with daddy. No girls allowed!” She laughed “Ok then let me know when the man talk is over.”

Hern smiled “What is it?” He looked to make sure his mother wasn’t near.

“Mom made me promise not to tell you but I decided it’s better if I break this one promise. Please don’t tell her I did she’ll be angry.” Hern got a concerned face “Ok, I wont tell her.” Ryker sat down beside his dad “Last time we came here I noticed her crying while we were playing. I came over here to hug her and make sure we hadn’t hurt her feelings or somthing. She told me that it had nothing to do with us that we were perfect. I asked her, well what’s wrong then? She said she was just sad because you never have any time for her. She said it wasn’t your fault though because being a king is a lot of work but it doesn’t make her any less sad about it. Even before I saw her crying I can tell somtimes she gets sad. She made me promise not to say anything but I don’t like it when she’s sad. Please spend more time with us so she doesn’t cry again.”

It felt like Hern had been stabbed in the heart. He couldn’t believe it. She always acted so happy and like everything was fine. He should’ve noticed and been around more. How could he neglect his family so much. “I promise I will Ryker…I’m so sorry.” He ran off to play with his mom and brother. He loved watching them. He felt like crying but held it in.

A few more hours passed and they came back to Hern. Suri said “They’re tired we should head back.” One climbed on Herns back and the other climbed on Suris and they went home to have dinner. Since they had forgotten to eat lunch because of all the fun the boys were starving. They ate and said “Goodnight mommy we don’t need a story tonight. We’re much too tired”

“Ok babies” she kissed their heads and they ran off. Hern asked Suri “Are you ready for bed?”

“Oh yes I’m tired too.” He came over and picked her up. His sons words going through his head and crushing his heart. It wasn’t fair what he was doing to Suri. When he got to the room he held her tightly. A single tear making it out. “Hunny what’s wrong? Didn’t you have fun today?”

He couldn’t speak so he just kissed her. He carried her into their room and lowered her to her feet. She’d worn a dress that day so he slipped the straps off her shoulders and it fell to the floor, pooling around her ankles. Her panties followed. He took a moment to tug his boots and pants off before lifting her into his arms and pressing her against the wall. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and he gripped her hips, lowering her slowly over him. Her gasp thrilled him, filled him with love and lust and desperation. His lips moved against hers, catching ever soft cry as he mad love to her. He felt tears on his cheeks, every emotion spilling out of him at once. This is where he should be every night, buried in the safe warmth of her body. His carried her to the bed, pressing her into the down comforter, his hands exploring every inch of her. They found their release together, their cries of ecstasy and love filling the silence.

Suri lay there panting, clinging to Hern. His face was buried in her hair, but she could still feel his tears. She stroked his hair, kissed his shoulder. She had never seen him like this. He was always so stoic, so calm and brave. She whispered to him she loved him. He untangled their bodies and lay next to her, his head on her chest, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She sang softly, her fingers moving through his hair.

“I love you more than you know.” He said softly.

“I love you too. Talk to me.” She whispered.

“I realized today how much I’ve neglected you and the boys. This is how it started with my father. He loved me, but he never took the time until you came along. I don’t want that to be us. Someone shouldn’t have to walk through a giant hole in the wall to show us that we grew apart. Tell me the truth Suri,” he raised his head to look her in the eye, “how does it make you feel when I’m not out there with you and the boys?”

“Sad, it makes me feel sad.” It was her turn to cry, the tears just slipped out and her voice cracked. He brushed the tears away, his lips followed the trails they made. “I’m sorry I’m being such a baby.” She wiped at her face.

“No Suri, I’m sorry. I won’t let it happen again. You deserve better and I will give you better. I promise to make more time.” He kissed her nose and she smiled. This is what he wanted, her happiness.

Nico heard a strange lilting singing. He sat up and rubbed his eyes then shoot Ryker awake. They went to the bedroom window that overlooked the river. There was someone down there, a woman singing by the river. Little lights swirled around her. It had to be a fairy. They grew excited. They had never seen a fairy up close before.

They got dressed and snuck outside. Their mother would never let them go out at night so they couldn’t let her know they were leaving. They ran twords the fairy. When they finally reached her they were amazed at her beauty. Ryker said “Hi!” The fairy smiled and came closer to them “Hello, you two are handsome boys. Would you like to see where I live?” Ryker got even more excited “Yeah!” Nico said “But Ryker we aren’t allowed to go with strangers.”

“Oh come on Nico when will we ever get to see a fairy again? Mom will never know!”

The fairy added “I promise I wont tell.” Nico really wanted to go aswell so he agreed. She grabbed their hands and stated leading them away from their home. She sang to them as they went. The boys were excitedly anticipating where the fairy lived. They’d show their mom tomorrow. They knew she’d love it. Mom was almost as curious as they were.

It was later than usual when Suri woke. Bright sunlight shone through the window, the warm rays tickling her skin. Hern was still wrapped around her, his head pillowed on her chest. He looked so sad even in his sleep. She didn’t want to wake him, but she needed to check on the boys. They usually came in and woke them. She slid slowly out from under him and off the bed. He murmured something in his sleep and she froze until she was sure he wasn’t waking. She grabbed her robe off the wall and slipped into it. She bounded down the hall, feeling happy. She opened the boss’s bedroom door and was a little shocked not to find them there. She got an odd feeling and ran to the dining hall. They weren’t there either. She searched everywhere, her heart racing, the little voice in her head screaming that they were gone. She ran back to her room and shook Hern.

“What’s wrong?” He sat up when he saw the look on her face.

“The boys are gone.” She was shaking and had to grab his shoulders not to fall down.

“What do you mean?”

“They’re not in the castle. They’re gone, they’re gone Hern.”

He was on his feet and pulling his pants and boots on. He felt like he was being suffocated, like someone had punched him in the gut. “Listen, you go to Fallon’s and I will get some of the men and search the forest.” He made himself sound calm, he had too. Suri was in panic mode. He grabbed her chine when she didn’t respond and made her look at him. “Get dressed and go to Fallon’s.” He kissed her and raced from the room.

Chapter Two

She quickly threw on shorts and a tank top and ran to Fallons as fast as she could. Such a happy night turned into a nightmare of a morning. They had never left the castle without telling her. They knew better. She was hoping they were just out playing and not in danger. For the first time since becoming a mom she was hoping her boys were just being rebellious When she reached Fallons she banged on the door like somthing was out there trying to kill her. It scared Fallon and she flung open the door.

“What is it Suri!?”

“My boys are gone! I can’t find them! Please explain to me what you ment when you gave them necklaces yesterday!” Her eyes were pouring tears. She was frantic and terrfied. Fallon hugged her “Calm down sweetheart. We’ll find them I promise. I’m so glad I gave those to the boys yesterday. I had a bad feeling which is why I did it. Thank heavens I headed it.”

Fallon placed another necklace on Suri. “Can you feel that urge to move?”

“Yes what is it?”

“That necklace is linked to the others. It knows where the other necklaces are and will go into your mind to tell you the way. It will lead you straight to them. Hopefully the boys stay together though. It only works when they are side by side. Knowing your sons they will. I’ve never seen them apart.”

“I have to get to Hern. Please stay here in case they come back.” She ran as fast as she could, the adrenaline pushing her into a full sprint.

Hern ordered his soldiers to gather at the edge of the forest. They came willingly, ready to do whatever it took to find their two young princes. “I do not know how long we will be in there, but we will not stop until we find them.” He said. Suri suddenly burst through their ranks and flew into his arms.

“They’re not in the forest. Fallon gave them necklaces and ave me this.” She lifted the leather band to show him the multicolored stone. “She said it’s like a beacon.”

“Then where are they?”

She turned and pointed toward a large mountain in the distance. She didn’t know if they were in the mountain or not, but she felt a strong pull in that direction. “We have to get them back.”

“We will, I swear to you.”

Nico cried while Ryker tried to comfort him. They were both worried what mom and dad were going to do, they were both scared. The little cell they sat in was cold with only one blanket. He wrapped it around Nico and hugged him close. The fairy had been a Frint in disguise. The moment it had taken them out of sight it had quickly bound and gagged them then carried them to its home in the mountain. Ryker remembered hearing them whispering something about the human world where their mom had come from. Ryker felt his tummy growl and walked over to the cell door.

“We’re hungry.” He yelled. “Hello, we didn’t have breakfast.” The Frint that had been guarding them walked angrily over.

“Sit down and shut up.” It said.

Ryker glared at the creature and screamed. The sound was loud and grated on the Frint’s ears. “Alright, alright. Give me a minute.”

Nico cracked a small smile “You’re so amazing Ryker! Good job!” He sat back down beside his brother. Nico said “What do you think they want with us? Why were they saying mommy was from somwhere else?”

“I don’t know Nico. I’m sure when mom and dad find us they’ll explain.” The frint came back with 2 apples and just threw it in there. They got dirty on the floor but the boys didn’t care and just ate. When they were done Nico put his arms around his brother Rykers arm and layed his head down on his shoulder. “Why didn’t we listen to our mother?”

Hern was carrying Suri. She had givin him permission to run as fast as he could even though it made her sick the last time he did that. He was going a little bit slower than his fastest though to make it easier on her. Hern was emotionally spent. First finding out how he had been hurting his wife and sons and now Ryker & Nico were missing. He was terrfied for their safety. There’s so many different and powerful creatures in their land. Anything could have the two children.

Suri could tell her husband was exhausted. She knew he would run himself and his men into the ground before he would admit it. “We need to stop.” She said softly.

“We can’t, we have to keep going no matter what.” He stared straight ahead.

“Hern, I know you’re scared and so am I, but you have to take a breather. We’ve been going all day.”

She could feel him shaking. He blamed himself. She knew what he was thinking, that if he had been paying more attention he could have seen this coming. “Please, just stop for a few minutes.” He glanced down at her and skidded to a halt. He ordered the men to catch their breath and lowered her to her feet. He flopped down on a fallen tree and held his face in his hands. She sat down next to him and rubbed his neck. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“You have far to much faith in my ability to fix things.” He said and sat up, a sad smile crossing his face.

“You always come through. You haven’t failed me yet. Lets make camp until morning.”

He shook his head. “No, we have to get to them.”

“You have to be at full strength when we get to them.”

Hern knew she was right. He sighed and ordered is men to make camp. His soldiers gathered wood and started a fire, never questioning their king. In all honesty they were just as scared for the boys. They treated Ryker and Nico like they were their nephews. The men were enraged, but they held it in for their king and queen. Hern sat in the grass with his back against the fallen tree and Suri in his arms. She dozed off quickly, the stress of the day had drained her. He couldn’t fall asleep, he was too on edge. The men lay in a circle around camp. Nothing would get to Suri and Hern. The sound of giggling drew drifted through the forest. Hern looked around and caught a glimpse of someone small running through the woods.

He hoped it was his sons and gently laid his wife on the ground. Going after the the small person he could barely make out. He caught up to it and it was Nico. He grabbed him and hugged him. He started to laugh again and Hern put his son down. “Where’s your brother?” It transformed into what it really was, a Frint. It said “Sure would be nice to have your sons back huh?” Hern was enraged. “So it was you who took them! Where are they!” It laughed and whispered to him “Shouldn’t you be worried about what you’ll be missing now?”

A Frint had stayed close by to spy on them. It learned that Suri could find her sons and they decided to seperate the two of them so they could steal Suri aswell. “What’re you talking about?”

“Well you see Hern with you away one of us could pretend to be you.As you chased me one of us took her away .She’ll be with your sons soon you foolish man. They will all be unharmed if you do as we ask.” Hern wanted to beat the Frint to a pulp but knew that was no way to get his family back. “What do you want?”

“We want you to let down the protection you have around the cave. We want to destory the humans. Not that we have anything against queen Suri. Its just her world grows more and more evil every day. We Can’t stand letting them go on any longer. They are ruining their home. Couldn’t we all put that land to beter use with the human race extinct?”

Suri was being carried. She opened her eyes and smiled up at Hern. “Where are we going?” She whispered.

“To find the boys.” He said.

She snuggled into him and ran her fingers over his chest. There was no scar. Her eyes snapped open. “Who are you?” She screamed and tried to jump out of his arms.

“Come now Suri, you know who I am.”

“Show your true form now.” The creature laughed evilly and shifted back to itself. A Frint, shapeshifting monsters with a hatred for humans. She forced her way out of its arms and ran, screaming for help. She felt fingers grip her hair and yank her back. She grabbed the necklace and tore it from around her neck and tossed it. The Frint threw her over its shoulder as she punched and kicked and cursed. She hoped the monster’s ears were burning at what came out of her mouth. It was enough to make a sailor blush.

Hern ran back to camp. The sound of the monster’s laughter behind him. The guards wer still sleeping. He ordered them to wake and they sat bolt up right, looking around confused. “They took Suri, we have to find her now. Split up.” They all ran in different direction, Hern tried to find a trail. Frint’s were good at covering their tracks. “My King.” One of the soldiers came running up to him. “I found this.” He held out the necklace Suri had been wearing. He took it and looped it around his neck. He felt a pulling sensation in his chest. “I need you to do something for me. Go back to the castle and gather every man,” he whispered in case someone was listening, “set up an ambush next to the cave. I need you to lower the barrier between the worlds. It will draw our enemy out, but you must hold them off until I return. Ask Fallon to help you keep them back.” The man nodded and took off to round up the others. Hern was going to get his family back.

The boys could suddenly hear their mother screaming. They jumped up as the Frint threw her in the cell with them. “mom!” the boys ran to her to help her up “Where’s dad!?”

“I don’t know.” She hugged them. We’ve been so worried. Have they hurt you?”

“No but they feed us horrible food. They are hurting our tummies.”

Ryker was nervous about asking his mother this but really wanted to know. “Mom they were talking about your world. I don’t understand. Aren’t you from here?” She sighed and said “No babies. I’ve been here a very long time but I was originally from a whole different world.” She sat down and they both sat in her lap as she started the long story about how she came to be there. The boys listened in amazment. “Grandpa sounds like a nice and smart man. I wish I would’ve met him. Ryker said. Nico added “Very smart for setting up mom and dad.”

Hern ran as fast as he could until he reached a whole bunch of Frints. A pariculary large one said “Have you done what we’ve asked?”

Hern sharply responded “Yes the barrier will be down where is my family?!” It laughed and pointed him to a cave. Hern took off and so did the Frints. They were already prepared to go into the human world so set off for the cave that linked the worlds. Ryker jumped up when he saw his father “Daddy!!! Mom! Nico it’s dad!!” Suri jumped up and picked up her son wanted to make sure it was really Hern.

She sighed with relief when it was him. Hern broke the bars to their cell and let them out. Both the boys hugged their father excitedly. The boys suddenly looked afraid “We aren’t in trouble are we?”

Suri said “we’ll talk about that later boys. Hern what’s going on?”

“We have to hurry. I’m taking you home and then I have to get to the cave. The Frints wanted a war so they’ll get one.” He lifted Ryker onto his back and Suri in his arms while she held Nico. “Hold on tight Ryker.” He ran out of the cave and into the forest. He hoped his men’s strength would hold until he arrived. He knew the Frints would use their shapeshifting to their advantage. He couldn’t afford to slow down. He knew it would be dark by the time he got his family home.

Suri clung to her youngest son, her eyes closed as the world zoomed by. Every few seconds she reached up and made sure Ryker had not fallen off. He had a death grip on Hern’s shoulders. When she finally opened her eyes the sun had fallen. The castles loomed up in the distance, a large white beacon in the darkness. Hern took them inside and sat them down in the courtyard. She didn’t want him to go without her. “Let me go with you.” She said, her eyes wide with fear.

“You have to stay here with the boys, Suri.” He ordered.

“Please I can…” He silenced her with a kiss. Holding her tightly against him for just a moment. If he didn’t return this was the last thing she should remember him for.

“Protect our children and our home. I love you with all my heart, remember that.” He was gone before she could say anything else. Her children clung to her legs, shaking like leaves. She lifted them into her arms. “Lets get you boys clean and in bed. I’ll tell you a story about daddy.” She said calmly even though she wanted to cry. She had to stay strong for her children.

She washed them and took them up to bed. When they were snuggled in she said “This is somthing that happend before your father and I were married.” They got excited. They loved when she told stories about their father. “As you know now I wasn’t always from here and I was so curious about everything for a long time. One morning I snuck out before Hern was awake to explore. He was always nervous and wouldn’t let me really have fun which is why I wanted to go without him. I ran in the rainbow river enoying the sights and the cool water when a Minotaur came after me. Hern had already noticed I was gone and was looking for me thankfully or I probably would’ve been a gonner. He followed my screams until he found me and the beast and he bravely fought and killed it. Your dad has saved me many times since I’ve been here. That’s where his scar came from on his chest.”

The boys were in awe of their father once again. To them he was superman and she couldn’t blame them. He very nearly was. Hern was strong and smart. She had no worries he’d make it through this too and be with them again. She got up to walk out and Nico said  “Mommy please don’t leave” She smiled and got in bed with her boys. They snuggled close, drifting away into slumber.

Hern made it to the cave entrance as his men and Fallon sprang from their hiding places. He pulled his dagger from his boot and ran down the hill. The Frints began shifting into large Thrombas and dragonlings. He jumped on ones back, his dagger biting into the back of its neck and severing its spinal cord. One of them spit fire and he rolled away. He threw his dagger, catching it in its open mouth. His men and Fallon drove the beasts back. The largest of them turned his gaze on Hern and roared. Hern rushed the monster, snatching his dagger out of the dead Frint. They grappled with each other, rolling across the ground.

He straddled the beast and raised his dagger. It took Suri’s form and he froze. She smiled up at him, that sweet heartwarming smile. He felt a tugging in his chest. He was still wearing the necklace. He plunged the dagger into the creatures chest. It stared up at him in disbelief as Suri’s form melted away. The rest of the Frint tried to retreat, but Fallon threw up a barrier so the soldiers could slaughter them. He stood, wiping the sweat and grime from his face. He needed to get home, he needed Suri.

As tired as he was he managed to run home. He looked in their room for her and then realized she must be with the boys. He darted to their room where he let out a huge sigh of relief seeing them laying there. Suri was always so beautiful. Ryker and Nico were snuggled close to their mother. He didn’t want to bother them but he really needed her. It was almost too much when the Frint turned into her. He had to be close to his Suri.

He gently moved the boys off their mother and picked her up. Hern was strong but he could be amazingly gentle. When he shut the door to the boys room it woke Suri up. She was so glad to be in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. He fell down and Suri laughed “I’m sorry.”

“Oh no don’t be sorry. I needed that.” She stood up and offered her hand to her husband who took it and got up again. They walked fingers laced to the room where they got in bed and Hern held her tightly covering her in kisses. She laughed and it warmed his heart and made him feel better. “I love you so much Suri. The best thing that ever happend to me was my father bringing us together. I wont take you or our sons for granted ever again.” She kissed him and he kissed back pouring all his love and passion for her into it.

In that moment Suri was bursting with happiness. She had her boys home and had her old Hern back. They stayed up a few hours just enjoying the warm embrace of one another. Hern was exhausted but didn’t want to fall asleep. He fought it until the very end. Tomorrow he had to sort everything that happend out and let the kingdom know. There would be tons to do tomorrow and he didn’t want to leave Suris side.

~ The End ~

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