Suri & Hern 7

Chapter one

Suri pushed against Herns chest as he licked and nibbled at her ear. “baby, I can’t take any more. please. no more making love. We were just at it all night and now twice this morning” Hern kissed Suris cheek with all the love and tenderness he had in him “is it my fault you’re so ravishing?” Suri giggled “you’ve been looking at me for years”

“and your beauty hasn’t deminished in the slightest my love”

“just calm down mister insatiable”

“but it’s my birthday tomorrow” Suri let out a laugh that filled Hern with even more warmth than he was feeling before “you’ve been using that excuse all week’

“well it’s been true. How can you deny the birthday week boy?” Suri pulled him down to kiss her then said ‘lets go sit in the hotsprings and then maybe one more time” Hern picked his wife up and threw a small blanket over her so nobody would see her naked body as he took her to their hotspring. Suri laid her head on Herns shoulder. She was excited about all their friends and family coming over tomorrow to celebrate. Birthdays it was guaranteed to see everybody. Hern demanded no gifts and was serious but a few of his guests were planning on giving him one anyway because they knew he would be happy they went against his wishes. Chthon, Ruth, Nigel, Vina, Assaku and Ava were drawing near to the portal that would lead them into Suri and Herns world. He had sent them an invitation to his party last month and Assaku brought up the best idea for a gift anyone could have thought of.

Four days after the invitation Assaku and Chthon had been up late just talking since neither man could sleep. Chthon began talking about Hern and his family and about how they named one of their daughters after his deceased mother because she was such an amazing person. as the story progressed Assaku said “why don’t we give him the present to beat all he’s ever gotten? Lets bring his parents back to life for his birthday” Chthon jumped up and hugged Assaku, feeling foolish he hadn’t thought of that himself. They couldn’t go around giving everybody on earth a second chance at life but Hern was a close friend and his parents were both amazing people who did deserve to walk again in Chthons opinion. They spent the next days gathering ingredients and practicing the spell again so it woudl be done right. They traveled tonight with all they needed to give Hern the best birthday of his life.

Hern held tighty to Suri’s hips as he licked hungrily between her legs. She was at the point where all she could was lay there limply and whimper. He kissed his way slowly up her, biting at her shoulder as he pulled her legs around his waist and pushed into her. “Hern, hurry.” She moaned and he kissed her, smiling against her lips as he made love to her slowly. He moaned into her mouth when he found his release then kissed her softly before moving to lay next to her.

“You okay baby?” He asked as he pulled her into his arms.

“You…so mean.” She answered with a smile.

“I didn’t know being mean could make someone look so satisfied. I guess I should be mean all the time. We have forever for me to be mean.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Go ahead and sleep my love, I’ll be good.”

She gave a small laugh. “Until tomorrow you mean.”

He grinned and kissed her. “Yes baby, until tomorrow so rest up.”

She fell asleep with a smile on her face, loving how much he needed her. It had been nice since Ryker had taken over, but they made sure he made enough time for Dhalia who Suri had found out was pregnant. She had wanted it to be a surprise so Suri had kept it to herself. Hern allowed himself to drift of next to his beautiful wife, falling into her love and warmth.

The next morning they were both tired when a maid beckoned them “Please, it’s my birthday and we’re tired”

“I”m sorry Hern but your friends are here. Chthon, Ruth, Assaku, Ava and Nigel. Nigel has found a mate and she’s here aswell. Her name is Vina if I heard correctly. She has the cutest ears.” The maid blushed and face palmed herself. There was no need to mention how cute Vina was. “You should have started with that. Please tell them we’ll be right there”

“Yes sir” The maid hurried off, excited to see the bunny girl again. “I can’t believe Nigel actually has a mate” Suri said then Hern responded. “I know, I thought he would never settle down with just one woman”

“I’m glad he did”

“what’s a man without a good woman at his side” Hern said sweetly. Suri smiled then hugged her husband once she was dressed “Happy birthday sweetheart” as she pulled back he kissed her. When their lips parted he took his wifes hand and headed out to meet his friends and be introduced to the woman who had finally made Nigel settle down. Suri was eager to see why Vina was so cute. ┬áSuri smiled when she saw Vestele tugging on Vinas ears as Vina held her on her hip. Suris words came out as giggles “Vestele, that probably hurts”

“Oh, it doesn’t. My ears are really tough” Vina assured.

“It is so good to see everyone.” Hern said and shook hands with his old friends. Suri hugged everyone, taking Vestele from Vina when the little girl reached for her.

“We need to visit more or better yet you need to visit us.” Chthon replied with a warm smile.

“We’ll have to arrange a family vacation and get all the kids and grandkids out of this castle. Would you like us to show you to your rooms so you can drop off your bags?”

“Sure.” Hern and Suri lead them through the castle and to one of the halls with rooms.

“Please sleep where you like. If you need anything just ask. My home is your home.” As they were settling in Mictian and Sonata came in from the courtyard with little Afriel. She made a sound and reached for Hern, making him laugh and reach for her. “Are you ready to meet some new people?” He asked.

“Yes.” She answered. It was her favorite word right now and Sonata had never been happier. She feared the no stage. Chthon, Ruth, Nigel, Vina, Assaku and Ava came out smiling brightly when they saw Sonata and Mictian. They all exchanged hugs or handshakes and Nigel introduced them to Vina.

“Your ears are so cute.” Sonata said and Vina giggled.

“Thank you.”

“You can touch them if you want. A lot of people want to but seem to be afraid to ask me. Only children just hop right up and do it” Sonata smiled then moved close enough to feel them “wow, they feel as if they are off a real bunny. Would you like to meet Nico and Juliet? I would introduce you to their daughter aswell but she has been out since the rising of the sun. You can’t keep that girl in the castle. She’ll be back atleast by lunch since that’s when the feast is for Herns birthday”

“I’d love to. Don’t you have a twin sister aswell?” Vina asked Sonata. “Yes, she and her husband I think are still resting. I’m not quite sure atall where their daughters are. They are fourteen and busy as ever. They are almost as bad as Kaylessa when it comes to not being around.” Vina smiled “I lived on a mountain top since I was really small. I can understand loving to be outside. It’s odd for me to sleep indoors now”

“Why’d you live on a mountain?”

“My parents didn’t want me any more so just left me there. Don’t feel bad though. I’ve found that’s sad to a lot of people. I really don’t care. I’ve never thought what if or dreamed of meeting them so there’s nothing to feel sad for. I lived very happily on my mountain and would have stayed for eternity if Nigel hadn’t stumbled upon me” Mictian and Sonata felt bad anyway but didn’t say anything. Instead Sonata guided them to the garden where Juliet and Nico were laughing and playing together. “Juliet! Nico!” Sonata called. They stopped “Hey!” They said excitedly then came over to hug everyone. They paused at Vina. Nigel proudly spoke “This is my mate. Her name is Vina”

They gave her a hug then introduced themselves. Nico said “Let me wake my lazy bones sister and her husband so they can meet you too.” Nico ran off before they could answer. Juliet marveled at Vinas eyes “I adore your eyes” she said in a voice that reflected it. “Thank you”

“Those ears are cute too” Vina laughed again. She was yet to meet someone who didn’t at one point or another comment on her ears. “touch them if you wish.” Juliet did and smiled “so cute” Vina smiled brightly. nico didn’t return until he had Fallon and Rain following. They exchanged hugs with everyone aswell and were introduced to Vina. “wow, does your mother live here?” Fallon asked then Vina answered ‘I wouldn’t know. She abandoned me when I was a small child.”

“Oh, sorry i asked”

“Don’t be sorry. It doesn’t bother me. Why did you ask though?”

“You look just like a woman I met about five years back. Just coincidence I guess”


“have you met our daughters?’


“Is Kaylessa gone too?” Fallon aksed Juliet and she smiled “yep”

“How about we find them all to introduce them” Fallon suggested and the group agreed.

Rain had a good idea of where the children were and headed to the wood on the east side of the castle. He had seen Fera and Alean following Kaylessa into the woods many times and figured they were out there now with her, Anatoly, and Gavril. They were all such wild children, loving to explore the world around them. Their parents had made sure they had respect for the woods and all that lived in it. One wrong move and you easily end up injured or dead. They stopped on the edge of the forest and Rain put fingers in his mouth and let out a loud whistle.

It wasn’t long before Fera and Alean came running out of the woods, knowing that sound better than anything. They were closely followed by Anatoly and Gavril and lastly by Kaylessa who jumped out of one of the trees. “What happened dad, is someone attacking the castle. Are we going to have to kick someone’s butt?” Fera asked and Rain laughed.

“No, we just have some people we would like you to meet. Besides no one would dare fight my girls.” Hern introduced the children to Chthon and the others. They greeted them excitedly, happy to meet new people from another world. Fera and Alean were especially fascinated with Vina’s ears and gave girlish squeals of delight when they touched them.

“It’s ashame your kids couldn’t come.” Hern said to Chthon.

“The boys will be around before we start eating with my Fotia not far behind. She mothers them more than Ruth, she’s very protective of them and worries about their adventurous nature. They’ll bring our littlest one with them. The others are busy, but they send their love.”

“I’m just happy you all made it and that Nigel brought his mate. I would have included you in the invitation if I knew of you” Vina smiled ‘Yeah, that’s what Nigel said. I didn’t want to intrude at first but he insisted you’d welcome me” on the way Chthon and Assaku had decided to wait and tell Hern of his gift when all were at his lunch. That way everyone could hear the explanation at once of what they would be doing for Hern later that day. Everyone was excited to give Hern and his family the news but they would be patient. Hern could tell thye were all excited about somthing and just guessed that Chthons children that were coming would bring a gift for him.

He wished anyone would listen and not trouble themselves with getting him gifts on his birthday. He had all that he wanted as long as his family all spent time with him on his birthday. They all talked and got to know eachother unil Kaylessa stood “I want to show Vina Kopil Valley. Please can we all go. I know she’ll love it” hern smiled ‘it’s near enough we wont miss lunch. Lets go as long as Vina wants to see”

“I do” Vina said with an excited smile. She wanted nothing more than to explore this world and would ask Nigel tonight if he wanted to stay with Hern for awhile so they could explore. Nigel bent down “ride on my back?” he asked and she climbed on. They all ran, following Kaylessa into the wood and towards the valley.

Suri smiled when she heard Vina’s gasp at the beauty of the valley. She jumped off of Nigel’s back and went running through the grass, laughing and spinning in circles with the children until she was so dizzy she just let herself fall into the soft grass. “This place is amazing.” She said as she looked up at the sky. Nigel chuckled and flopped down next to her, smiling down at her beautiful face. Hern was truly happy is friend had found a woman who had captivated him so. They all enjoyed the valley, Suri and Hern sitting together with the others as the kids and Vina played. Having everyone together like this made them feel truly blessed.

“Alright everyone we need to head back.” Her said and laughed when the kids made groaning sounds of disappointment.

“Come on now, I am sure Chthon’s children have arrived by now and are waiting for us.” Suri said and recieved yes ma’ams from them all.

Hern lifted her off the ground, wanting her in his arms. The other men did the same with the exception of Nigel since Vina wanted a shoulder ride. He squatted down and let her climb on then stood up, holding onto her thighs to make sure she didn’t fall off. As Suri had predicted Pagos, Ilios, Fotia, and Amara were waiting in the courtyard when they returned. Amara came running and Chthon lowered Ruth to her feet so she could lift thei youngest child off the ground.

“I missed you mommy.” She said and Suri let out an awe at how adorable she was.

“I’m sorry baby girl, but you’re with me and daddy now and we’re going to spend all day together.” Amara hugged her mother tightly then reached for Chthon who happily took her.

Hern recognized that look in Suri’s eyes and leaned down to whisper, “Would you like to have more children my love?”


“You may already be pregnant, after how mean I’ve been lately.” She blushed and he chuckled then brushed a kiss onto her cheek.

Suri smiled at him, loving how happy he was today. He was always his happiest when all their children and grandchildren were around. Especially the rare treat of seeing Juliet and Nico since they lived so far away. They saw Ryker, Dahlia, Fallon, Rain and their children frequently but seeing Juliet and Nico was somthing that rarely happened so they savoured it when they could. Nico got someone to take care of the clan for him so that he could stay a whole week with his family. Hern was surprised the boys nor Fotia held a present. It made him question what Chthon was so excited over.

Everyone went inside and gathered at the large table to eat together. The hall soon filled with laughter and talking amongst everybody. The second Suri had stopped eating Hern grabbed her hand, giving it a quick, loving squeeze. She smiled, giving her face that radiant glow. Hern wondered if Suri knew that she still made his heart stutter with only a smile. Chthon waited for everyone to be finished eating before he rose. Assaku, knowing what Chthon was going to anounce stood aswell. Hern looked at them puzzeld “Yes my friend?” He asked.

“As you know my friend Assaku here is who raised my dearly beloved from the dead all those years ago. We were talking one night after we recieved our invitation to your birthday celebration and assaku suggested somthing i feel horrible for not thinking of myself. Assaku would like to raise your parents from the dead so that they may live with you again. We have everything ready to do so tonight. On our way here we also discussed making you all demons so that you never die. Your kind has tremendously long life spans but as demons your lives would never end unless taken by murder itself.”

Hern swallowed, feeling a lump forming in his throat at the idea of having his parents back and then truly having Suri and his loved ones forever. He took a deep breath and Suri grabbed his hand. “That is quite the gift old friend.” He cleared his throat. He looked at his family. “What do you all think?”

“Dad, wherever you go you know we will follow. If you say yes to immortality then we will join you. If you want grandma and grandpa back then we will be right next to you to greet them.” Fallon said with a warm smile. Everyone else nodded their agreement.

“Alright then, I accept your offer.”

“I am truly glad. We’ll bring your parents back this evening and after they are settled in we’ll change everyone.”

“Change everyone to what?” Ryker asked as he and Dahlia walked into the dining room. “Sorry, I was trying to finish some work so it wouldn’t interfere with dad’s party.”

“Chthon and Assaku are going to bring your grandparents back from the dead and then change us all to demons.” Hern answered.

“That sounds cool. What do you think Dahlia?” She reached for her stomach, the movement catching everyone’s attention. “Are you pregnant?” He asked.

“Yes, I wanted to keep it a surprise for your dad.” She looked at Hern. “Happy birthday, you get another grandbaby.” Hern jumped up and pulled her into a tight hug.

“That is the most wonderful news.” He then looked at Chthon. “Will the change hurt the baby?”

“Not at all.”

Chapter Two

Hern hugged Chthon then went on to hug Assaku “I’m glad you two ignored my request for no presents. You as well Dahlia and Ryker.” Ryker and Dahlia sat down to eat. The room began bustling again with chatter of meeting Sonata and Azaiah. None present today aside from Hern had ever known them. Hern thought of a question and everyone fell silent when they noticed him about to speak “Both my parents died sickly. Reborn will they be ill?”

“No, thye will be healthy and young”

“That’s a relief” Hern said them Sonata chimed in “I can’t believe I’m actually going to meet the woman I’m named after. You’ve told me so many wonderful things daddy”

“I know she’s going to be so happy to meet all of you” Hern responded. While everyone else was thinking and talking of meeting them Suri was thinking about Azaiah reuniting with his wife. She heard of his great depression and knew how deeply he even still missed his departed wife on his death bed. She knew he had never stopped missing her and occasionally crying over her after her passing. She couldn’t wait for them both to wake up and be with eachother again.

They talked for awhile longer until Nico asked Hern to play the harp. Since he was always gone he hardly ever got to hear the beautiful music. Hern readily agreed and had the big black harp Vaedra had given him brought to the garden. He sat on the bench and started plucking the strings. It was one of his mothers favorite songs and one she had often played for him before her death. They were all captivated by the sound, especially Vina who had never heard harp music. Suri smiled at him, finding herself falling in love with him all over again. When he stopped playing everyone clapped and Suri got up and gave him a kiss, making him smile happily.

“That was amazing.” Vina said, her eyes wide with amazement.

“Thank you very much. I look forward to playing for my mother when she’s alive again.”

“I’m sure she’ll be very proud love.” Suri said.

“Grandpa, would it be okay if we went back out and played?” Kaylessa asked.

“As long as your parents give you the okay.” Kaylessa looked to Nico.

“Be back before dark and take your new friends, I’m sure they’d like to explore.” She jumped up excitedly and all of the other children followed with the exception of Amara, Vestele, and Afriel who played together in the garden under the watchful eyes of their families.

Even though Hern was excited for evening to come the day past quickly. Surrounded by such good friends, his family and his love made the wait non existent. During dinner Chthon spoke again “so we dont have to cover this after the excitement of seeing Sonata and Azaiah I will do all the females tonight and the males tomorrow. That way everyone has someone to comfort them during their change. It will be painfull so you’ll want the comfort of loved ones” They all nodded their agreement and they finished dinner. Outside Chthon said “Assaku, you resurrect Sonata with me. Nigel, you do Azaiah with Ava” Hern, Mictian, Chthon and Nigel took care of digging up what was left of their bones then Nigel and Assaku began their part of the ceremony. Next Chthon and Ava began to speak the spell to give them their life again.

Hrn was already ready to cry with his hope and excitement. Everyones eyes grew wide as the magic began to work and suddenly, gasping for air before them was the beautiful Sonata and the handsome Azaiah. They both looked as they did when they were twenty five. They were both confused. The last thing Sonata remembered was her goodbyes, same with Azaiah but then Azaiah recognized that breathing and turned, mouth agape seeing his Sonata trying to get up.

It caused Azaiah to jump to his feet at once though he should have had trouble and helped his wife up. “Sonata?”Azaiah said in disbelief through the tears already forming. Hern wanted to run to them but was letting them have their moment. His father had to live a long time without his wife. He never wanted to know the pain of living without Suri, knew it had to be much worse than anything he had been through before so would be patient. “Azaiah” Sonata said softly. She was still deeply confused but grateful to be in his arms againas he hugged her tightly. They both began to sob, Azaiahs being much more violent than Sonatas.

Hern couldn’t hold back anymore and he said, “Mom, dad.” They both turned to him and Sonata’s eyes widened as Azaiah reached for him, pulling him in between them.

“Hern, my sweet boy.” Sonata said. Hern cried as he held tightly to his parents, his body shaking. “My god how you’ve grown. How is this possible?”

“My friends brought you back.” He said between sobs. Chthon and Nigel were helping Ava and Assaku to their feet and simply smiled and nodded.

“We’re going to get them to their room, you two take your time.” Suri thanked them since Hern was crying to hard. Azaiah smiled at her and pulled her into the hug as well.

“Sweet Suri, you still look as beautiful as the last day I saw you. Sonata, this is our daughter in law, Hern’s wife and queen of our kingdom.”

“Very nice to meet you. However this is possible I am very grateful.”

“It’s nice to meet you too and Azaiah we no longer rule the kingdom. Your grandson Ryker and his wife Dahlia rule now. We can’t wait for you to meet all of your grandchildren and great grandchildren. They’re all waiting inside.”

Sonata wiped at her face. “Perhaps we should bathe and change before. We’re all covered in dirt.”

“Ok” Hern and Suri guided Azaiah and Sonata into their old room. Still to this day they hadn’t had a soul ever inhabit it. They had their maids tend to the room and keep it clean but aside from that nobody came in. “Well, you two know where everything is in here. I’m going to have a small meal prepared for you two and sent to your room. Once you’re clean and have eaten meet us in the ball room.” Hern said and his mother and father hugged him again. Sonata slid her hand down his face gently “You were so little when I had to leave you. You’ve grown into such a handsome man. I can’t believe you actually found the Suri I told you about as a little boy. Th perfect one for you”

“Yeah, when i found her I didn’t know it but I connected the dots later. Suri truly is my soul mate mom.” Sonata smiled then hugged Suri “You’ve been in our family a long time I know but welcome to the family anyway” Suri smiled “thank you”

“I’ll go get clean now so i can meet my gradnchildren and great grandchildren” Suri and Hern left them and Azaiah took Sonata into his arms again to cry “sh” sh said softly as she ran her hand down his hair “I missed you so much. I had to live so many years without you”

“I’m sorry, I lived as long as I could”

“Don’t be sorry. It was just so hard. I never loved another Sonata” Sonata kissed him which was almost enough to bring Azaiah to his knees. “lets shower my love” Azaiah took her hand and pulled his wife into the bathroom where he got the water running. They both stepped under the water and began to bathe. Hern had the cooks start on somthing easy and small so it wouldn’t be overwhelming to their stomachs and they could sooner come down to meet everyone. When that was started Hern and Suri began gathering their family in the ball room to await Sonata and Azaiah. The only one they wouldn’t be meeting tonight was Afriel because she had already fallen asleep.

Everybody talked excitedly up until the moment Azaiah and Sonata pushed open the ballroom doors. They had worked out how in what order to meet them so they wouldn’t mob Azaiah and Sonata when they came in. Hern had his two boys come up first with their wives and children. Hern then spoke ” The brunette man you see here is mine and Suris son Ryker. He is king with his wife Dahlia.These two young twins are their sons, Gavril and Anatoly. They are both eleven and adventurous as boys can be. Honestly all your grandchildren are.” They exchanged tight hugs “How’s running the kingdom?”

“My dad taught me well and still helps me if i ask for it. It’s not easy but it’s nothing more than i can handle with Dahlia by my side and my parents behind me” Sonata smiled at Rykers answer and kissed his cheek. “A man can do anything when he has his family. Never forget that” Next Hern introduced Nico and his family. He explained that Nico watches over a clan and isn’t here as often as they’d like but he does visit when he can with his family. They explained how Juliet came to be here and that she was human like Suri. They all exchanged hugs. Sonata welcomed Juliet to the family and told Kaylessa how gorgeous she was which made both girls blush.

Next Hern called his twin daughters with their families to come forward. “Mom, dad, the blonde young woman you see before you we named after you mother. She is Sonata Jr. We will all have to get used to throwing in the junior now that you’re back. She is an amazing woman and you would be proud she bore your name of you had known her all these years.” Hern went on a bragging fest about Sonata. His pride showing over her. When he was done he introduced her husband Mictian then explained how they met. After that he introduced them to their twin daughters. “This adorable little girl is Vestele. She is their daughter. They also have a daughter

“You have filled this castle with so much love.” Sonata said with tears in her eyes.

“Our guests are Chthon and Ruth, their children Pagos, Ilios, Fotia and Amara.” They all shook hands and exchanged hugs. “Then there is Ava and Assaku who are both resting.”

“You’ll have to excuse them. It takes a lot to bring someone back from the dead.” Chthon said.

“It’s quite alright, we understand.” Azaiah said.

“Then there is Nigel and Vina.”

“I’ve never seen someone with such cute bunny ears.” Sonata replied and Vina smiled.

“I get that from everyone.”

Sonata teared up again as she looked at her family. Azaiah hugged her and kissed her cheek. “I’m sorry I’m crying so much, but I’m still so shocked and I’m so happy. This castle if filled with so much love.”

“It’s okay mom, cry all you want. It must be overwhelming.” Hern replied.

“Why don’t we have some cake then we can get to changing everyone.” Chthon said with a warm smile. “Mictian you are a demon correct?”

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Then you can help us when it’s time.”

“I’d be glad to.” They all went and enjoyed the cake, somthing the children wouldn’t have gotten to eat so late if this wasn’t a special occasion. They spent hours there, just eating and talking until they finally had to get going with changing everyone. They decided since Sonatas and Azaiahs bodies had already been through coming back to life they should wait until atleast tomorrow night to do their changing. Chthon didn’t think it wise to put their bodies through an already taxing ritual when they had only just been resurrected.

They all went to the ballroom again since it was the biggest area then Chthon, Mictian, Nigel, Ruth, and Vina got to work changing the women and children. They hated the suffering and tears but knew they were giving a gift. Vina offered to sit with the children and help them so the mates could just stay together so hern helped her get them to a large enough room where Fera, Alean, Kaylessa, Anatoly, and Gavriel could rest and be tended to easily by Vina and what maids he would assign to help her. The males each took their wives to their own rooms when the change was done. Azaiah and Sonata had already went straight to bed, not wanting to see their familiy in pain already.

Exhausted once everything was done Chthon and his family went to their rooms aswell. Nigel on the other hand asked a maid where Hern had guided his mate and the children. He didn’t want to be without her tonight and would love nothing more than to help her tend children when they woke. The next morning all were served breakfast in their rooms since the women and children ached from their change. Vina stayed busy, fussing over every little one even though the maids were there too.

When the women were sure they could walk without their legs shaking Hern gave Chthon the go ahead to change the men. “I would like to be changed at the same time as Azaiah.” Sonata said, holding tightly to her husband’s hand.

“Are you sure my love? I could always wait until after you are changed to have myself done.”

“I’m sure, that way it will be done sooner.”

Chthon and the others went from room to room, performing the changing ritual on all the men. Hern was surprisingly did not lose consciusness, stating through gritted teeth that after the sickness that had plagued him before the pain of the change was nothing. Chthon just smiled and shook his head as he left his friends room, letting Suri tend to his needs. “You are such a stubborn man.” Suri said as she brushed his hair off of his forehead.

“If I wasn’t stubborn, I wouldn’t be here today.” He replied and gave him a soft kiss.

“Thank you for being so stubborn my love.” She went into the bathroom and wet a rag then brought it back, wiping the sweat from his face and chest with it. “I kind of wish you had passed out. You keep gritting your teeth and you’re shivering.”

“It’ll pass, just lay with me.” She tossed the rag in the clothes basket then curled up next to him, kissing his cheek before resting her head on his chest. “I feel better already. You’re the best medicine Suri. You’re all I need.”

“Try to rest a little Hern, I’ll be here when you wakeup to continue making you feel better.”

He chuckled and closed his eyes, happy even though every muscle in his body as cramped. He drifted off, his body falling still and his breathing getting slow and even. Suri kissed his chest and got off the bed, wanting to check on the others. She went from room to room, making sure her daughters and daughter-in-laws didn’t need anything. The last room she went to was Azaiah’s and Sonata’s. She got a rag and wiped the sweat from their faces then pulled their blankets over them. She was happy to get to meet the woman so highly spoken of by all in the castle. She went back to Hern and crawled into bed, allowing herself to fall asleep next to him.

Everyone slept late the following morning aside from the staff who made breakfast and served it in the rooms. Around lunch time everyone began emerging. Azaiah and Sonata were among the last to come out of their rooms due to Azaiah barely being able to share her after suffering so many years without his love. It wasn’t to say Azaiah wasn’t happy to be with his children and grandchildren, he was over flowing with joy to meet them all but no pain had ever stacked up to the anguish of the years without his wife and it was such a gift to be with her again. Once they were out they spent the rest of the day having fun and getting to know everyone.

Hern had done quite a bit of explaining the night they came alive but there was so much more Sonata wanted to know of her family. She had missed so many years she was even afraid to ask how long she had been dead. To her it was as if she closed her eyes in pain and then woke in health with a large family. No time had passed in her mind so it was still a lot to take in that she was in the ground for so long. Hern eventually asked “want to hear me play the harp mother?”

“That was always my favorite thing when I was alive last” Hern smiled “I know, I’ll be right back” He collected his harp and then returned. Everyone was silent for his playing for their wasn’t a soul that wasn’t enamoured by how good he was. It brought tears to Sonatas eyes how much her boy had improved his playing when he was already so spectacular at it when he was a child. Her cries became hard and Hern stopped ‘you don’t enjoy it mother?”

“I do, I’m just so happy to be alive and with you all” Hern smiled then left his harp to hug his mother “we’re so happy to have you too mom. Happy beyond words. I love you and wont let any sickness steal you again” they stayed in that embrace for a long while before Hern let her go ‘please play more” Sonata asked and hegave her another smile “I’ll play as much as you desire mom” Hern played the day away with Suri by his side and his family along with friends as audience. Hern couldn’t be more grateful for Chthon and Assaku nor had he been this happy since the day he married Suri.

~ The End ~

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