Sylvie & Jarius

Chapter One

Sylvie was sitting with her brother Galt discussing the upcoming ball at their aunt and uncles castle when Jarius came into view, flying towards them. “do you need me to make him go away?” Her brother quickly asked and she answered ‘why would I need that? We’re still friends”

“you never look happy anymore when he comes around.”

“It’s just a sucky, semi awkward situation. It’ll pass and we’ll be back to normal”

“I guess I’ll leave you guys to it then. Love you, if he becomes too much and you need him dealt with remember you have three brothers”

“I’ll be fine, out of anything he may do, hurting me would never even cross his mind” he was about to say something else but Jarius landed. Galt shifted, taking to the sky himself. “Hey Jarius” she greeted softly. “Hello Sylvie, I’m sorry but I’m going to get right to the point of why I’m here…I need to know why you said yes to going on a date with me then suddenly canceled. I don’t think it’s ridiculous to ask why even though I waited so long after to do it. Please, I promise if you talk this out with me right now and you still dont want to even give me the chance to woo you into being my mate it’ll never come up again.”

“Jarius…why does why matter”

“Because I love you…I love you so much that my heart aches every time I look at you now knowing I can never have you as my mate” Her heart stuttered in her chest “You love me?”

“Yes, I’ve loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. It took me a few months to realize it but you instantly wrapped me around your beautiful fingers Sylvie.” she sighed “you truly mean that you love me?”

“why would I just say that Sylvie?” She sighed, obviously uncomfortable. He hated being the reason she was but he had to know why if he was ever going to force himself to move on and act normal around here. He wasn’t sure it was possible but this was the only step he could think of in either that direction or getting her to change her mind. “well” she started then swallowed, fidgeting because she really didn’t want to have this conversation but he did have every right to ask her why. “Thompson told me that you move around so much because…well because you like to sleep around and that you only asked me out because it would lead to me sleeping with you eventually and from what he had heard I was your last…well stop before moving on to the next place and group of girls and I’m not judging you for it I mean…look at you…you’re so handsome. Why not sleep with a bunch of girls when it comes so easy but I just can’t be with you”

She couldn’t look at him, his aura was so angry and it scared her a little. She almost wanted to call for her brother but his voice was much different than his aura. His voice was calm and sad “Sylvie…that isn’t true at all. I mean, I’m by no means a virgin but considering how long I’ve lived I truly don’t think I’ve been with an outrageous number of women sexually.” he had to pause, he was so angry at that bastard Thompson and so heartbroken by what she thought of him he was struggling to speak. He wasn’t sure if he was going to cry or take off and beat the life out of Thompson.

“I love you Sylvie, things with you could never be a one night stand. I have caves of riches that I would give up if it meant I could have you as my mate. I love you so much I am a slave to your will. No matter how ridiculous the request I’d do anything for you, absolutely anything you asked. You are my first thought every single morning and my dreams at night. As many dragons I love collecting and learning but since the day I laid eyes on you nothing else has mattered. I haven’t had the slightest desire to leave this place until you rejected me…I haven’t been with a single other woman that lives in this kingdom. I swear that to you Sylvie. You aren’t some conquest so I can move on you are my lifes goal. I want…for now I want you to please look at me Sylvie”

She slowly looked up and her heart tripped over itself again due to the way he was looking at her “I love you and you have to see that I mean that. You of all people should know that people don’t always tell the truth about others. It was you who told me the story of your aunt and uncle. How it took them a long time to get together because your father thought it would be funny to make Cantaly think he was gay. I don’t know Thompsons motives but what he said isn’t true”

She stared at him silently until a tear tumbled down his cheek and crumbled her heart. He wasn’t lieing and she felt horrible for ever believing what Thompson said “I’m sorry Jarius…”

“you still wont give me a chance?”

“I meant I’m sorry for believing him…um…” she felt nervous for a different reason now, she felt stupid. “we can go on the date you planned if you’d still want that and we can even go to my aunt and uncles ball coming up”


“Yes, of course.” She took his face in her hands and wiped the tear away. “I’m truly sorry.”

“You never have to apologize to me.”

“I do, I should have come to you immediately.”

His arms wrapped around her and he hugged her to him, pressing their foreheads together. “Thank you, Sylvie. May…may I kiss you? Just one, I promise.” Sylvie nodded shyly, her cheeks tinted red as he moved slowly in and pressed their lips together. He made it brief, but hoped she could feel how much he loved her.

“I can have that date ready tonight if you haven’t got anything else going on” He tucked some hair behind her right ear and she gave him a small smile “I’d really like that” He let her go and began to walk away but soon felt her grab his hand “Hey…” he looked at her, seeing how badly she felt all over her face “It’s alright Sylvie…all that matters is that you’ll give me a chance now” He wanted to go set up their date but he wouldn’t dare tug away, not from her when she was finally letting him be so close again. “I’ve just…I’ve never seen you cry before…I’ve never felt you that mad either”

“Mad” the word almost coming out in a laugh “I’m not sure there’s a word for how I feel about Thompson right now. The only things keeping me from giving him a piece of my mind is the fact I’d rather be with you. Let me go get our date ready, I really want to take you on it…you truly are everything to me Sylvie” She hugged him again then surprised him with a kiss on the cheek “I can’t wait for our date. Should I be anywhere at a certain time?”

“I’ll find you” she smiled, her sad face seeming a little amused “you are really talented at finding me” “me neither” he stepped away from her and took off flying into the sky. She just stood there, watching him until he was out of view. Her brother returned and she blushed “that went well”

“You stayed?”

“Of course, you were so tense I wanted to be sure nothing would happen. If I had left and he hurt you…I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself”

“do you think it was a lie too?”

“Who knows, but what I do know is it is obvious he cares about you deeply, even if that did turn out to be his past.”

“He was so sad”

“I saw and thats good, it means if you do take him as your mate he’ll do anything to never lose you again”

“I just don’t understand why Thompson would lie.”

Galt shrugged. “Jealousy? Selfishness? Perhaps he just felt like being cruel.”

Sylvie sighed. “That’s so out of character.”

“Sometimes the heart makes us do crazy things. Even so, spreading rumors is wrong and even if his past is a bit colored, it’s no ones business to tell you but Jarius. I feel if there was any merit to the story, he loves you enough he would have told you when he thought it appropriate.”

Sylvie nodded. “Yeah, maybe I should talk to Thompson?”

Galt shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, just focus on your date with Jarius. You shouldn’t be thinking about something like that while you’re having fun.”

“You’re right.”

“Come on, you should start deciding what you want to wear, we both know it takes women forever to get ready.”

She shoved him, but couldn’t help but smile at his teasing. “Alright, let’s go.”

Jarius went to Sylvies favorite sushi place and asked for the owner. He came out the back “Jarius, what can I do for you?”

“could you have a Carolina Snow, Yummy and Crunch Roll ready for me in about two hours?” He smiled “For Sylvie Valdemar, you do know she can’t eat three, she can barely fit two in her”

“It’s her favorites and that way she can just have a little of all three. I don’t care about her finishing them”

“It’s no trouble, good luck tonight. I’m glad you two sorted whatever the problem was out…I heard Sylvie and her brothers talking in here about a falling out between you two but I wasn’t near the table long enough to hear the whole story”

“someone told her some things that weren’t true about me and it soured things a little bit but once she told me I cleared it all up…I just want this date to happen before anything else does so thanks for the luck, I really need it” Jarius hurried off, eager to have everything ready. He didn’t want to skip a single detail of the date he had imagined for them.

Home was next and then he had to see if his friend Stellen would still do his part of the date. They were close friends but this was still very last minute. Jarius wasted no time gathering what he had to at home then was soon flying as fast as he could yet again, hoping to find Stellen quickly. Jarius found luck shining on him when on the way to Stellens home he spotted him laying in a field. Jarius landed, catching his friends attention instantly.

“Not sullen any longer I see, things are better with Sylvie?”

“she’s willing to go on that date again” Stellen smiled “ah, I see, sure, you can count on me”

“Thank you”


“tonight” Stellen chuckled “You don’t waste time. You were just mopeing yesterday so you had to of fixed things today”

“I did and the person responsible is lucky I don’t want to disappoint her.”

“Alright, what time then?”

“About eight.”

“I’ll be there.”

Jarius smiled. “Thank you.”

Sylvie had managed to get down to two dresses and looked back and forth between them as her brother leaned against the wall and watched her with an amused expression on his face. “I don’t know Galt, they’re both pretty.”

“Would you like my opinion?”

“Yes, please.”

“The mint green compliments your eyes and I think if you put a matching bow in your hair, you’ll look really beautiful.”

“Really?” Galt nodded. “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry so much sister. Just have a good time.”

“I will.”

Chapter Two

Before she knew it sunset had come upon them and Sylvie hoped it wasn’t Jarius who now changed his mind. She hadn’t done anything she could think of but technically, neither had he when she changed her mind so she felt it would be a bit of karma for not being more trusting. “are you okay?” Jarius’s nervous voice suddenly filled Sylvie’s ears and she stood up, having been sitting on a swing her father had made. She smiled “Now I am” he now wore such a sweet, happy smile that she had to hug him. It was when she moved to she noticed he had flowers. Not just any flowers either, her favorite. Her heart stuttered “did you already have those” they didn’t grow near where they lived so she couldn’t imagine he had gone all that way today.

“No, when motivated enough I can get anything done though and I wanted this date to be as close to what I originally planned as possible. Last time I was going to get these the day before but I just flew as fast as I could without stopping so you could still have them today” She took them, her eyes growing damp. Her heart fell in his chest, “hey, don’t cry, please”

“You’re so sweet”

“Because I want to make you happy, don’t cry” she hugged him and he held her with one arm while calmingly stroking her hair and back. “you look so beautiful Sylvie” he almost whispered to her as they stood there.

“I’m sorry, Jarius, here I am already ruining our date.”

“Nonsense, you could never ruin anything.” He pulled back to wipe her tears away. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, where are you taking me?”

“It’s a surprise.” He lifted her and his wings unfolded behind him. He would have shifted completely, but he wanted to hold her close. He gently lifted off the ground and sailed up high.

“It’s always so beautiful up here.” Sylvie whispered as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“It is, but it pales in comparison to you.”

His words tugged at her heartstrings, causing her eyes to grow damp again. “You’re so sweet.”

He flew slowly through the cooling air. He wanted her to be able to enjoy the view since it was harder to when you were the one flying. Besides, things were already perfect. he had already touched her heart so much she had cried and now he had her close. His anxiety was also leaving him that had weighed him down as he prepared for this. She had canceled last time and a small part of him had feared all day that would occur again. Sylvie began trying to figure out where they were headed as the scenery passed below but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out where he was planning their date, even when he began to land.

He could tell she was thinking hard by her face, he knew all her expressions at this point. “You’ve never been where we are going”

“well now that makes sense” he chuckled “I adore the face you make when you’re trying hard to figure out something” she blushed “I make a face”

“to most you probably dont but…well to me I can read you fairly easy at this point” he hoped that didn’t sound stalkerish or weird but she didn’t seem bothered by it. “so are we here?”

“almost’ he held out his hand “could I still hold your hand please?”

She slid her hand into his, feeling warmth crawl up her arm, and he drew her closer, his thumb brushing over her skin. He guided her through the night, making sure she didn’t trip over anything and lifting her over any obstacle in her way. Light bloomed ahead of them and Sylvie’s eyes widened at the little orbs of light drifting around an entrance leading into the woods. She could see that it was a tunnel made by entwined tree branches and the orbs moved around inside, lighting the way for them. “Sylvie, may I cover your eyes?” He knew he sounded nervous, but he didn’t want to scare her away.

She looked into his eyes, seeing he was worried and smiled warmly up at him. “Of course, I trust you.”

“Thank you.” He gently stroked her cheek then moved behind her and covered her eyes with his hands. Her fingers wrapped around his forearms and he felt her touch to the core of his being. “I won’t let you fall or anything, I promise.”

“I know.”

He guided her slowly but she was even enjoying this part of their date. As long as she was with him she felt she could be happy doing anything now that Thompson ridiculous lie wasn’t causing awkwardness between them. Beyond just enjoying being with Jarius it was nice wherever they were. The air felt amazing and smelled so fresh, having so many beautiful scents from nature in it, absolutely uncorrupted by civilization. Even the grass that rubbed against her was a welcome feeling as she walked. When they stopped he removed his hands then moved to her side “Open your eyes please” his voice was now a mixture of nerves and hopefulness.

Her heart pattered in her chest as she took in one of the most romantic scenes she had ever seen, it was like something a prince would do for a princess in a book. There was a blanket laid out and on it sat what appeared to be a bottle of wine, her favorite juice, and water. Besides that there was a little black basket which she assumed had food in it for them. Their lighting was the moon, stars and those beautiful orbs she had seen before Jarius covered her eyes.

It surprised her when she finally noticed Stellen “hey Sylvie” he said with a kind smile “Um ,hey”

“I’m here to play my violin for you two” she might have cried again if Jarius hadn’t asked her not to. This date was so beautiful and obviously so thought out…he had really gone out of his way for her and she hadn’t trusted him, a man whom she was supposed to be close friends with and had never done anything before to make Thompsons words seem true. Her reaction to them hadn’t been fair, she had let insecurity get the better of her and even though things were fixed now she wished she could go back before she had hurt such a caring man.

“Jarius…you didn’t have to do all this”

“You deserve it, this isn’t even our whole date but…if it gets too late I promise I’ll take you home. Don’t feel self consious about telling me you’re tired”

“are you kidding? It already looks like I wont want this night to end Jarius” He took her hand, pulling her gently to the blanket and sitting down with her. Stellen grinned as he picked up his violin and began playing a soft, calming tune. He started pulling out seemingly all of her favorite things. He really had to stop being so sweet before she hated herself for all eternity. Once is was all out he said “I’d like to have some wine with you. That particularly kind is especially good but I brought other drinks if you weren’t comfortable drinking alcohol with me”

“I’d love to. I hate that—“

He brushed his fingers over her cheek, feeling her skin heat at his touch. “Please don’t let what happened upset you any longer. I may wind up finding Thompson and beating him up at this rate.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would, especially if it makes you cry.” He leaned in, pressing their foreheads together. “Be happy my love.”

“I’ll stop worrying, thank you for being so sweet.”

“It’s easy when it’s you.” He rubbed their noses together, getting a smile from her that had his heart trippin over itself. He pulled away, grabbing glasses and the wine. He uncorked it, poured them both some and handed her her glass. “If you don’t like it, please tell me and I’ll get you something else.”

She took a small sip of it and was surprised at just how good it tasted “wow, where did you get this? It’s amazing”

“I once helped a vineyard owner find his missing daughter. He gifted me all his best wine. I have more than just what he gave me since wine has always been one of the things I like to collect but his has always been my favorite. I save it for only the most special occasions but he said I could always come back for more”

“where was she?”

“a case of mistaken identity and bad timing got the poor thing kidnapped basically. Two families had arranged a wedding and she so happened to show up where the bride was supposed to come and the grooms family had never seen the girl. They thought she was getting cold feet and forcibly took her since they had already paid her family”

“Oh my goodness, how did you fix it”

“I found the right bride, made sure she wanted to go through with it then brought her to them. Afterwards I simply took the mans daughter home”

“You’ve helped so many people, thats not the first story you’ve told me like that”

“If I can help someone, I don’t think I have it in me to ignore another struggling. That father especially, he was so broken. You’d have to be cruel to ignore someone that sorrow filled”

“How old was his daughter?”


“The groom hadn’t raped her had he?”

“No, he was actually horrified at his family for forcing her to still come”


“Hopefully he and his true bride ended up happy” She ate a little of her sushi and couldn’t resist taking a bigger sip of her wine. Jarius smiled “anytime we’re together you can have some. I’ll go to where I keep the supply I’ve collected and get more”

“But it’s only for special occasion”

“at the risk of you laughing from me being so corny…any time I’m with you is a special occasion to me” she felt her entire body warm at his words. Stellen wanted to tease his friend but he’d wait until later. He didn’t want to ruin the mood by reminding them this music wasn’t coming out of thin air. He could tell that even so soon into their date they only saw eachother and he truly hoped for his friend that he could make Sylvie his mate.

“whats the longest you’ve ever lived somewhere?” Sylvie almost stuttered the question. He had to think hard about that “I’ve lived so long it’s hard to say with conviction but I think four years, if you’re counting at one time. I’ve gone back to places before”

“why did you stay in that place so long” she wanted to keep talking “there was so much to their culture and their language alone took forever to learn. Some are a lot harder than others”

“would you want to take me somewhere one day?”

“I’ll never leave this place unless you’re with me so of course.”

Chapter Three

“You don’t have to wait on me.”

“I do, Sylvie. Without you it would all be meaningless and lonely.”


“I mean it. You are my greatest treasure, more precious to me than all the gold and jewels in the world.”

Sylvie’s heart danced constantly in her chest with his every word. He looked at her so adoringly that she found herself falling even more in love with him. It was like being in a dream with the music and lights surrounding them. “Jarius?” Her voice was a shy whisper.

“Yes my love?”

“Would you kiss me?”

He seemed a little surprised and she was about to take it back when he leaned in and claimed her lips. “I really love you, Sylvie.” Jarius said when he pulled back.

“I love you too.”

He looked so incredibly touched by her saying it that he just sat there staring at her, like he couldn’t believe it. “Could you say it again please?”

Her face flushed bright red. “I…I love you.”

Stellen smiled, waiting a few moments before saying softly “I’m going to let you two be alone now. I hope the rest of your date goes well”

“thank you Stellen” Jarius said and Sylvie added “Ye…yeah, thank you” Jarius took Sylvie’s hand, happy that it was just the two of them now “are you full, do you need any more wine?”

“I don’t drink a lot so I probably shouldn’t but it is incredible. Everything is so amazing, I can’t believe this isn’t the only part of our date. All this trouble for me…” He kissed her temple, lingering there a few moments before saying “I want to spend as much of this evening making you happy as you’ll allow” They ate a little more then packed everything up “I’ll return for these things later’ he said before casting something over it “what did you do?” Sylvie inquired so he answered “I don’t want any animals getting into it and making themselves sick”

Jarius took her hand “come on, I chose this spot for more than just it’s beauty” She held firmly, not sure if she ever wanted to go home this evening. They walked slowly, talking along the way. She was so into their conversation he didn’t feel the need to cover her eyes this time. She hadn’t noticed anything when they stopped and he pointed. She directed her eyes to where he was pointing and gasped “what is happening?” she whispered in awe as she watched this small, butterfly winged monkey create beautiful, glowing colors “I can’t tell if it’s some sort of paint or magic. It’s always alone too so maybe there aren’t much left of his kind”

He loved how amazed she looked and had to resist kissing her again. She was starting to say something to him when a bad feeling crept into Jarius, she could see the look on his face shift “Jarius” He pulled her a little closer “I’m sorry, I just feel like something is wrong” she became quite, turning her own senses to the world around them. She had been so taken by that monkey she hadn’t noticed it before but now Sylvie felt it too. He lifted her, spreading his dragons wings once more “I’m sorry but I can’t keep you out here. We’ll finish this another time I promise”

“Don’t be sorry” once they were up in the air he asked “would you spend a little more time with me in my home?”

“of course” The strange feeling of foreboding didn’t rest and soon the unease increased, no matter how far he flew in the right direction they weren’t getting any closer to home. It was almost as if he were going in a circle without going in a circle.

He didn’t want to land, unsure of what was after them, but he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere by flying. He landed, gently sitting Sylvie on her feet and draping a wing over her shoulders to keep his hands free and protect her at the same time. “What’s happening?” She asked softly, her voice shaking a little.

“I don’t know, just stay close.” His eyes searched the darkness, his other senses flared out. There was something, he could sense it, its dark intent. The monkey was gone, perhaps feeling the danger. He let out a growl, hating the feeling of being stalked. If he wasn’t so afraid of disappointing Sylvie, he would have already set the area on fire and driven the creature out. It did give him an idea. “Sylvie, I’m going to create some smoke, would you be alright with that?”

“Yeah, just be careful.”

He shifted shape, his the moon glinting on his scales. He moved her closer to him, closing his wings around her so the smoke wouldn’t bother her. He kept his head low as he breathed fire into his mouth and let the smoke puff from his nostrils and out into the surrounding area.

Sylvie kept still, trying not to worry. She had to have faith in herself and Jarius. He was an ancient dragon and she had trained with most of her family. She wasn’t helpless and this morning when he had been angry, for the first time since she had met him Sylvie had felt how powerful Jarius was. It took quite a bit of smoke to cause a reaction but then they hear something, a gargling growl. To Sylvie it was what she imagined a zombie would sound like. She had never seen one or heard of one outside of books but its what she had always imagined them to sound like.

Jarius stood his ground, refusing to try to fly again or to be the first to attack. He was going to make whatever it was come to him. He puffed out more smoke, hoping his wings were providing enough protection for Sylvie. Trees started rapidly falling down and Sylvie wondered if she should shift too before something started.

Jarius sat as still as stone, his eyes staring through the smoke, seeing the heat signatures of everything around him. He saw it then darting from tree to tree and then another and another. They were long limbed and fast, but strong as they sent trees bending and toppling. He opened his mouth letting more smoke roll our as he gave a warning growl. “Jarius?” Sylvie said softly.

“Stay there.” His voice was a rumble in his chest, but she didn’t miss the warmth there.

“Are you sure? I can help.”

“I do not doubt that my love, but please stay there. I do not know if they know what you are, you can surprise them if need be.”


They came out of the forest, groaning and growling and Jarius sent fire at one as he swatted at another with his tail. He singed the first, but the second seemed to roll clumsily away. He spat curses in dragon tongue as he snapped his jaws at the third, driving it back.

Suddenly they heard normal laughter, then to shock Sylvie more, clapping. The creatures vanished but just as they did Sylvie felt someone wrap their arms around her. The voice she heard was familiar but the shock made it take a second for her to realize it was Thompson. Jarius looked ready to kill as he came back their way and Thompson let her go, holding his hands up as his features began to shift. It seemed like it should be painful but he smiled the entire time, utterly amused with possibly everything about this situation. Jarius was a man again, shaking with anger “you” he growled “good show Jarius”

“what’s going on? Who are you?” Syvlie asked. The man who she once knew as Thompon gave a theatric bow “I’m Paimon and I’ve been friends with Jarius a very long time”

“we’re not friends, especially now”

“Oh Jarius, don’t be so mean. You know I just like to play. I’d never hurt you”

“you don’t remember the last time we saw eachother”

“How was I to know the extents how noble you are go? It didnt sink in until then. I didn’t know you’d give up your own life to help another. I mean, what you did was absurd”

“It was a child”

“we were all once children Jarius, really, I dont understand the whole its a child thing. Anyway, I like you Sylvie so I’ll explain things to you. I can see you’re getting more lost by the second since we’re speaking of things that happened before you were even born. Anyway, I enjoy games, I like to see how beings will react to things so I mess with their lives”

“But…you’ve always been so nice” He shrugged “most people that have known me in my many forms would call me nice. I’m really not mean as some would say, I’m just playing”

“your games aren’t nice then”

“Hm…I suppose but back on track. I don’t normally continue to bother one being but Jarius fascinates me. He always chooses the noble path no matter what. Most people have their weakness’s but not him, no matter what game I played he would always choose to be noble and the last time I saw that he would choose to do the noble thing even if it cost his life. He’s a protector to a fault and absolutely uncorruptable…or…well…was.”

“I swear to the gods if you try to tell her one more lie.” Jarius started and Paimon chuckled “Jarius, I wasn’t going to say I’ve made you do a bad thing. I’ve just realized something”

“what” he snapped “I’ve never felt you so angry. You want to kill me, I can see it in your eyes and all I did was scare her a little bit, make you think she could be in danger. You’ve always been so pure hearted, I’ve seen you fall in love, break up, be rejected, get into trouble but the way you are with Sylvie here. You managed to find your soul mate and it would seem that is the only way to corrupt you.”

“why do you always speak such nonsense.” Jarius chastised “I’m not speaking nonsense but to be more clear I bet if I killed her you would lose that sense of nobility. I bet you could be completely corrupted by the loss of her. When I started this game by lieing to her I didn’t know what I expected. I had already seen that you cared about her more than you had ever cared about another living being which is why I wanted to see how you’d react to not being able to have her. It was an easy game to start as well because I could tell she felt you were out of her league so a lie about your intentions was an easy sell”

Jarius lunged after him but Paimon vanished, suddenly by her again and laughing “I wont hurt her, I wont go that far to play with someone. I guess I talk and think too loud much too often. I’ll stop this game and I’ll move again but this time I promise, you found me. I had already established a life here when you came to town. I think we’re soul mates too you know, destined to be best friends forever” Paimon made a little heart with his hands.

Chapter Four

“You bastard.” Jarius started toward him, but it was Sylvie who struck first, catching Paimon off guard and surprising both of them with how hard she punched him.

“You stupid, idiotic jerk. How could even think something like that is fun?!” She yelled, so upset tears sprang to her eyes. “What’s wrong with you?!” He clutched his cheek, his eyes wide. He hadn’t expected any sort of violence from her. He started to open his mouth and she took another swing at him, but this time she missed. “I don’t want to hear anything from you unless it’s sorry!”

“Sylvie, easy.” Jarius said. He didn’t know what Paimon would do if she kept trying to beat him.

“Even if you two are some kind of weird soulmates, you don’t mess with your friends like that. What if he or I had been hurt.”

Paimon finally came to his senses and smiled as he dropped his hand. “What a little hot head you’ve chosen Jarius, I’m almost jealous.” He chuckled. “I would never have let either of you get hurt little dragon, I’ve played this game for a really long time. She lunged at him and he vanished so he was behind Jarius and draped his arms over his shoulders. “What’s important to Jarius is obviously important to me.” Jarius turned with a growl and Paimon was gone again, this time leaning against a tree. “It’s just a little fun, to see what he’ll do, it’s like an experiment and his reactions are so interesting.”

“Paimon, that’s enough, you’ve had your fun.” Jarius said.

Paimon sighed. “I just want to see you lose it, just once. I want to see the beast, the real you.”

“Do yourself a favor and find a mate or something, your obsession with me is unhealthy.” He wasn’t sure Paimon turning his attention on someone else was a good idea, but it might calm him down if he found someone willing to put up with him.

Paimon laughed. “Why would I want a mate? They’re so troublesome, so much work, and they’d only end up running away. You’re the only one who has stuck.” He sighed. “I guess I’ll leave you alone for now, Jarius, but I plan on staying close, I like it here.” He was suddenly back next to Sylvie and had her hand in his. He kissed her knuckles. “It’s been fun Sylvie, do be good to Jarius, I would hate for us to become enemies.”

Just like that he was gone again and Jarius sighed in frustration. Sylvie walked over to Jarius, hugging him as soon as she was close enough “at least we were never in real danger”

“His games go too far…”

“I’m sorry”

“I still don’t want to keep you out here Sylvie. May I take you to my home where we can spend more time together?”

“I’d really like that” He kissed her forehead and this time, they actually made it back to his home. He seemed tense and though it was embarrassing to ask for, she guessed it would help him return to his normal self, the easy going Jarius she knew and loved “can…well…do you want to cuddle with me?” Just the question seemed to lift the world off his shoulders “anywhere you’d like”

“On that couch in front of the fireplace in your living room?”

“Of course.” He carried her through his home and only stopped for a moment to breath a small plume of flame into the fireplace before sitting down and hugging her to him. He pushed his nose into her hair, breathing her in and relaxing. “Sorry he ruined our date.”

“I never said it was ruined, Jarius. He surprised me. Have you really known him for a long time?”

“Yes, unfortunately. He started following me around…I’m not even sure how long ago. He was just there one day, making mischief. Even when I cornered him, had him pinned against a wall, he just smiled at me and laughed when I didn’t hurt him. He has always known what buttons to push to get me angry.”

“He certainly likes you.”

Jarius snorted. “I don’t know why. Maybe I should just beat the crap out of him next time I see him.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“No I don’t, but he’s just so infuriating.”

“Maybe he’s just lonely.”

He pulled back, eyebrow arched. “Are you making excuses for his behavior? you seemed ready to strangle him yourself.”

“No, but he seems to genuinely like you, like it’s not an act. I also didn’t mean to hit him.” She blushed. “I just reacted.”

Jarius chuckled. “It was kind of cute.”

“Oh hush, it was childish, I feel like I stooped to his level.”

“The look on his face was priceless.” He let his fingers slide through her hair. “I was shocked too, I’ve never seen you angry.” He pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, grinning at how much warmer her skin became. “I love you, Sylvie. My fierce little dragon.”

“I love you too” He would have never wished for his date to be messed up like it was but he had to admit, it was nice to have her in his home. Sylvie was in his arms and he hoped she stayed that way until she asked to leave. Their talking grew softer and softer until to his surprise she fell asleep in his arms. The warmth of the fire and the comfort of being like this, along with the increasingly late hour had taken her from the waking world. His heart stuttered, If he just slept here as well he could hold her through the night so he kissed her head one more time then moved carefully so he could lay down. Jarius made sure she was to the back of the chair so there wasn’t any chance of her falling off before completely relaxing to sleep.

When she woke in the morning she flushed instantly at the fact she had fallen asleep, causing him to have to sleep on his couch but as she took in his peaceful face she could see herself waking up like this every morning. She had already known she loved him but now, she was absolutely sure she wanted to be Jarius’s mate every bit as much as he wanted her. She gathered her courage and kissed him awake, melting at how affectionately he began to kiss her back.

“Jarius” she whispered his name and he whispered back “Yes, Sylvie?” he sounded so sleepy, so comfortable like this he could have drifted back at any moment until she said “I’d really like to be your mate…I want to always wake up like this” She could have sworn she saw the slightest twitch come from his bottom lip before he hugged her to him and whispered “I’d really like to do this the elf way if you’d be okay with that”

“I think that would make my mother incredibly happy. She’s always said she wanted that kind of marriage for me. She loves having that with my dad”

“when can we?” her heart warmed again “how about a week from now to give my family time to put together a nice ceremony”

“Thank you so much, Sylvie. You have no idea how much this means to me, especially after I nearly lost you to that idiot’s games.”

She gave a soft laugh at the bite in his voice and pulled back to look into his eyes. He really did love her, she could see that, the way he seemed to see only her. “Don’t be mad. Maybe I’ll invite him to the wedding and make him help as an apology.”

Jarius groaned. “You wouldn’t. He’d just mess with everyone.”

“You know he may show up regardless.”

Jarius sighed. “I know, he’s good at disguising himself.”

“Maybe if you forced him to promise to be good. Pulling stuff like that around my family is liable to get him more than a punch.”

“True.” He sighed again. “Alright, I’ll make him promise, I’m sure he’ll at least give me that. If he doesn’t I’ll tie him up and leave him somewhere unsavory.”

“Jarius, be nice.” She said with a laugh.

He kissed her again, his heart dancing with happiness over everything. After breakfast he walked her back to her parents home where they told them the good news. They werent even surprised, Her parents had already felt the two would make up and eventually become mates. Maybe not this fast but they felt nothing but happiness over it, especially when Sylvie added how they wanted to become mates. Dacia almost squealed as she hugged her duaghter “Oh that makes me over joyed. I feel there is no better way to become one. We have to tell everybody and get all the details worked out. Are you sure you only want a week to plan it?”

“a week will be perfect, I dont want too much” Jarius warmly said “well while you two tell everyone I’ll go find Paimon and get that hurdle over with”

“Be nice please” Sylvie urged and he closed the distance between them, hugging Sylvie tightly “I promise” He kissed her head then walked out. He could hear one of Sylvies brothers asking about Paimon and was glad he wasn’t staying for that talk, not wanting to get furstrated at him again since Sylvie wanted them to become friends or at least get on good terms.

Jarius was a little surprised to find Paimon in town buying fruits and vegetables from one of the many stands. He was even more surprised by how oddly normal he looked. His hair was tied up in a bun at the back of his head and he was smiling as he chatted with the stall owner. Paimon turned his head, grinning at Jarius as he paid the owner and started over towards him. “Hello Jarius, miss me?”

“Hardly, what were you doing?” He couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“Buying a few things I ran out of.” He held up the bag.

“With fake money?”

Paimon laughed. “Of course not, wouldn’t want to taint Thompson’s name.”

“You are Thompson.”

“And he’s incredibly honest.”

Jarius rolled his eyes. “May I speak with you please, alone?”

“Of course, you know I always have time for you.” He started walking and waved for Jarius to follow him. They walked in silence, Jarius not really sure what to say to him. Having a normal conversation with Paimon wasn’t something one did. He was even more suspicious of the little house Paimon walked up to.

“This is yours?”

“Yes, it’s nice isn’t it? I got quite the deal from the previous owner, there’s nothing this smile can’t do.” He pushed the door open and Jarius followed him inside. “Alright, what’s on your mind? Is it Sylvie? Did she make you come here?”

Jarius huffed. “I just wanted to tell you that Sylvie and I are getting married and…wanted to know…if you’d maybe come.”

Paimon chuckled. “So she did make you come then.”


Paimon nodded. “Alright, I’m sure your hot headed little half dragon can make use of my talents.”

“You must promise to be good, Paimon. I won’t have you ruining her day. I will do something terrible to you if you do. If you can do this for me, then perhaps I can let everything else go.”

Paimon grinned “so we’ll be friends then?”

“It’ll be a good start”

“You know I would have fixed it if you hadn’t been able to.”

“don’t mess with what I have with her again, I mean it” a bit of anger rose back up in Jarius’s voice so Paimon didn’t say anything else about it. As many games as Paimon played he was happy to see Jarius so in love, so ready to take his head off over a woman. They stayed so busy over the following week it felt like the next day was their wedding. Even in such a short time Sylvie’s family had made it a gorgeous event and it seemed as if everyone came.

Paimon was even behaving himself which seemed almost too good to be true but he had been surprisingly helpful with the wedding. He was even creating a few illusions for it that Sylvie had asked of him. As annoying as the being was Jarius was warming up to him since Paimon seemed to really want to be their friend. It was a bit concerning that he and Pellegrino were seeming to have a good time. Jarius could see all the mischief Paimon could potentially get into with a prince.

It didn’t occupy his mind much however since his true focus was on Sylvie, his gorgeous mate. She was wearing a stunning dress that only made her harder to resist. When he could finally take her home he began kissing her the second they were alone, needing it to his core. She was the one to break the kiss so she could ask “do you…well…do you want to try to” her skin almost instantly grew warm with embarrassment. He could tell what she was getting at “Make love?” he asked gently and she nodded. He smiled, gently caressing her face. She seemed so embarrassed he had to ask “have you ever done that before?”

“No” He kissed her again, this time much more sensual “I want you to really be ready then, since it will be your first time. It’s not an obligation because we’re mates now.” she swallowed “I am ready…feeling how much you love me…I really want to” Jarius slowly took her dress off, just enjoying the feel of her warm skin. He then removed her bra and panties before simply marveling at how truly remarkable she looked.

He would have taken her in longer if the standing there hadn’t been making her more nervous. He would have forever to look at her when she was more comfortable in this way. Jarius began to press light kisses into her skin, starting at her shoulders then moving randomly about her body. He could tell by her breathing she was already growing aroused so he lifted her, taking Sylvie to what was now their bed and laying her down.

Jarius was a little shy himself as he moved his hand to slide between her legs. He watched her face and tuned into how she was feeling to be sure she was still okay and didn’t want him to stop. She was certainly nervous but was obviously fine with it so he began to rub her, all the while biting, licking and gently sucking at her neck. He wasn’t naked yet but he worried that would be enough to make her want to stop and he had been desiring to be with her like this for such a long time. He would stop for her but he deeply hoped she would let him have her if he was slow and careful enough.

Soon she was moaning and squirming beneath him so he moved to nibble at her ear “I love you” he whispered and she moaned back “I love you too” When he caused her first orgasm he grew uncomfortably hard, his length being restricted in his clothes so gave her one more long kiss before starting to take his own clothing off, still being open to how she was feeling so that he’d know to stop if she needed it. He had gotten this far with her and even if it stopped now he felt incredibly lucky and happy.

Sylvie covered her face, her heart thumping in her chest when she felt the bed shift as he moved over her. “Sylvie, look at me please.”

“I can’t.”

“Sylvie.” His lips brushed her fingers until she dropped her hands then they were against hers, slow and mindful. His hand lifted hers, pressing her palm against his chest, inviting her to touch him too. She let her hands slide nervously over him, over his chest and up his neck to play in his hair. He pulled back to look at her, his fingers sliding over her, mimicking her movements. Over her breasts and lower still, both of them gasping at each other’s touch. His lips brushed hers, her chin, her neck, his teeth lightly nipping at her. “Are you ready for me?”

She nodded, biting her lip nervously when she felt him pressing into her. His lips moved against hers, his fingers sliding through her hair as he slowly filled her, giving her time to adjust. He exhaled a shuddering breath when she completely enveloped him, telling himself to stay slow. She clung tightly to him when he moved, her eyes locked on his, a little scared, but trusting as he took on a gentle pace. “Oh Jarius.” He pushed into a little harder and her body seemed to shatter into a million pieces as she quivered around him. He lifted her, his arms wrapped tightly around her, his kiss hungry as he found his own release.

“I love you, Sylvie.”

“Me too.” She replied softly, her eyes damp with unshod tears. He laid her back down, but kept her held tightly against him, his hands running lovingly over.

Neither could believe today had actually happened. They were married and they had actually just made love. It came as a surprise a few weeks later when Sylvie realized she was pregnant and probably from that very first time. She had taken the test with her mother so it was Dacia who knew first but Sylvie swore her to secrecy “Please stay quiet about it. I want to tell Jarius myself. If you even tell dad it’s going to spread like wild fire”

“I promise but hurry, my first grandbaby…” her mother squealed and Sylvie smiled though she was filled with nerves. He obviously loved her and truly wanted forever but had he really wanted kids so fast “Sylvie, don’t over think it. Just go tell him, if he wasn’t ready for kids he should have made sure you were on something or kept his cum out of you”

“Mom” Sylvie said as she turned bright red. “go on, its going to kill me waiting to tell your father and brothers” Sylvie hurried off, knowing just where to find Jarius. He was hanging out with a few friends at a pub since Sylvie had told him she would be spending the day with her mother “you’re done with your mom?”

“Yeah, we need to talk” Those words unsettled him, especially since he could tell she was off. He could even feel her nervousness earlier but when it came to her wild family he had learned he could safely ignore it. “Okay, we’ll go right now then” Jarius paid for the few drinks he had consumed then said a quick goodbye to his friends “do you want to go home and talk or just walk?”

“we can just walk, don’t worry, I don’t think it’s bad”

“what happened?”

“I told my mom I didn’t feel good earlier and she jumped to certain conclusions and had me take a test…”

“what sort of test, are you sick? Is it serious?” He sounded so panicky but it was adorable and she couldn’t help but smile ” I’m pregnant…I think I became pregnant that first time we…” She could feel him swell with happiness “Oh Sylvie, thats wonderful! I didn’t expect that so soon but its definitely something I wanted.” She hugged him “I’m so glad you’re happy. I’m happy too”

“you really scared me Sylvie”

“I could tell, I’m sorry” he kissed her “who all knows?”

“Just you and mom. I should let her know she can now proclaim it to everyone” Jarius chuckled, allowing his wings to spread as he lifted her.

~ The End

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