Cade & Holly

Chapter One

Cade had finally decided to head to bed when he heard Cliona crying in her bedroom. His heart sank, with the television as loud as he had it she could have been crying for hours. He kicked himself for not thinking she could possibly be emotional tonight after accidentally hurting him again today. She was such a sweet little girl and the most recent one he had adopted out of the foster system. He often took the troubled children, the children nobody else would keep since he felt they needed saving from the system the most. He opened her door but she didn’t notice she was so upset. “Cliona” he said gently as he sat on her bed. He wanted to hold her but she had been horribly physically abused by her birth parents and was easily scared. He knew it wouldn’t bring her the comfort he would be intending to give. “I’m sorry” read more

Dakarai & Nani 2

Chapter One

Hafsah and Chione had been gone a few days now, leaving the responsibilities of the orphanage in the hands on Dakarai, Nani, Colt and Curtis who had become an adult a few years ago but asked to stay to help around the house. With their orphanage only getting bigger due to knowledge of it spreading they could use the help so they happily decided to let Curtis just spend his life there. He now had his own room and had so far proven himself to be a big help. It also helped having an extra adult during times like this. The reason they were gone was they were helping some of their children who had become adults find their place in the world. read more

Ediva & Chapin 3

Chapter One

Ediva soared through the sky, her enormous wings pushing them through the air. Her husband Chapin and her son Malchior sat confidently on her back, experts at riding her so that she didn’t have to worry about either falling off. They had gotten stir crazy in the village and decided to just leave for awhile, no real destination in their heads. They were now flying into areas none of them had seen before so all three of them were enjoying the amazing view from so high up in the sky. Something caught Malchiors eye below so he yelled “Mom! Mom there’s something I want to see! Can we land please?” She roared then slowly began descending to earth. Flying with her husband and son was amazing but she was eager to look at whatever it was that caught Malchiors attention. read more

Mildred & Allan 2

Chapter One

“Mildred, will you please tell me why you’re mad.” Allan said as he followed his mate into their room.

“It should be obvious.” Mildred replied as she started pulling her work clothes off. They hadn’t really had time to see each other at work with her helping with the new recruits and him doing paperwork. All she had wanted at the end of the day was to see him and when she had there he was talking to some woman who was so obviously flirting with him. read more

Caine & Rajin 2

Chapter One

“Rajin, why don’t we go to Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon” Rajin had expressed the desire to go and help spirits move on again. Caine had visited the tunnels once for his blog and the stories broke his heart. So many sad and horrible things happened in them and he hated knowing spirits were trapped there, left to suffer with how they died for eternity. If they were going to help more spirits, he really wanted it to be them. “Alright, Oregon it is. Lets go spend some time with my parents then leave in the morning” Rajin picked up their house phone and dialed his mother “Hey baby” read more

Ghislain & Scipio 2

Chapter One

Scipio was reading the news online when he saw it again, savage attacks on people vacationing in Ireland. As much as he wanted to ignore it he opened the most recent article and yet again it looked like something one of his species would do. He knew most Dobhar-chu’s were highly aggressive. They didn’t even have to be provoked they just had a foul temperament and would attack because it felt like it. Dobhar-chu’s killed without any remorse and most he had known were complete sociopaths. He didn’t know how he had become so normal, especially considering his parents were just as savage as most of their kind was. He had left Ireland when he did because he was nothing like his family and wanted to break away from them but now, now they seemed to be more vicious than ever and he couldn’t turn a blind eye. read more

Evianna & Imogen

Chapter One

Evianna went between checking her phone and looking all around her as she waited at the ticket booth for Imogen. It was their sixth date and Imogen had come to mean so much to Evianna. She wanted to be more serious with her, to have the title of they were dating but that meant she had to tell Imogen what she was and why she was in this world. She was terrified but she refused to start a relationship without having everything in the open. She hoped Imogen was going to take it well. Her thought process was broken when she finally saw her. She was wearing an adorable top with jean shorts. Imogen was gorgeous just as she always was. read more

Oda & Nuria

Chapter One

“Oh we’re almost there baby! I’m so excited. I hope they will let us adopt one of their children” Nuria said happily as Oda was bringing together her long hair since it was slightly windy and blowing in her face. Oda finished then kissed her wifes shoulder “me too” Oda rested her head where she had kissed and felt grateful once again to have a woman that loved her despite her disability. Nuria carried her everywhere, had been carrying her for over a week now and not one grumble groan or slightest hint that she considered her a burden. They had been married seven years at this point and the only way they’d be happier is if Hafsah and Chione allowed them to adopt one of their children. read more

Milan & Craig

A collaboration between us and Caylie

Chapter One

Milan looked around the airport for his friend Derych Sunt. Since he flew in he had promised to pick him up so he wouldn’t have to call a cab. Finally they found eachother, Derych Sunt giving Milan a tight hug. “Hey” He said semi awkwardly. They hadn’t seen or talked to eachother in person since they broke up the year before Milans father committed a murder suicide, taking out his wife and daughter. It was why coming home after college was such a solemn affair. Two years ago he had to attend the funeral of his mother, father and little seven year old sister. Apparently his father had caught his mother cheating and decided to retaliate with killing her, then his daughter, then himself. read more

James & Ashton 3

James and Ashton were at Babies R Us/Toys R Us again shopping for their son Andrew. They were going to be able to take him home the day after tomorrow once the last bit of paperwork was approved and they passed final inspection tomorrow. James had taken Ashton out to shop for their two year old to ease his nerves. Ashton was a wreck over the final home visit. A social worker had been to their house a few times and left happy every time but since this was the final one that determined if they got their son or not  Ashton was stressed about it. Ashton bonded with the little boy right away the few chances they had gotten to play with him. The very first time they entered the play room to look at the children Andrew had run right up to Ashton and gave him a hug. By the end of their allotted time with the children it took two of the kids caretakers to rip Andrew away from Ashton. read more