Leopold & Theta

Contributed to by Breanna Toutloff

Chapter One

Leopold was into his second year of being a police officer and doing his nightly patrols in his car. He’d just drive around a few neighborhoods then go home. Each officer in his department had a route they’d take after their shift ended. Tonight screaming caught his attention from a house that was fairly secluded, she didn’t have a neighbor for at least a few miles which made the screaming alarm him even more. He slammed on breaks, jumped out of his car and ran up to the womans door, pounding loudly and yelling that he was a police officer and the name of his department. A woman soon came to the door wearing nothing but a towel, her face terrified and he could tell she was exhausted. She looked as exhausted as his parents had when he was a young child and they had dealt with that terrible demon. read more

Fiora & Kaleb

Chapter One

Fiora sighed, feeling incredibly bored. She was about to get up and leave the river when she felt Kaleb land, his massive black wings somehow looking cooler in the setting sun. His long, wild hair was all over the place as usual but that was just another incredibly sexy thing about him to her. There wasn’t much clothing on him but that was normal for Kaleb. She didn’t mind, his every muscle was pronounced and she loved being able to glance every now and then. She’d stare if she was more confident and didn’t worry about coming across rude. She had never felt ugly but she felt plain next to a creature as attractive as him. “Fiora, are you alright? You look sad” read more

Langdon & Lashon

Chapter One

Langdon strode angrily beside the preacher who had told him a vampire was refusing to leave his church. It pissed him off when vampires and demons did things like this to the humans that feared them. It made the ones who wanted to live in peace look horrible. He flung open the door and instantly realized the humans had been wrong about one thing so far. This was a vampire but it wasn’t a pure blood. He had Satyr in him. “You, what is your name?” Langdon asked darkly “I am not leaving without my mother!” Lashon yelled angrily, shaking the church and causing a few of the decorations to come off the walls. Langdon paused, his demeanor mellowing. It wasn’t a lie that was just yelled at him, he knew lies when he heard them so he looked at the preacher. “Before I talk to you keep in mind I know lies when I hear them. What is he talking about?” read more

Ediva & Chapin 2

Chapter One

Ediva, Chapin and their son Malchior were playing with Ryan & Leilani’s twins to give them some alone time in their home. They had had them since shortly after breakfast and at this point Chapin and Malchior were playfully rough housing with them, both having enough control not to harm the kids but still making them laugh and making the kids feel like they were actually fighting with them. Ediva was grading papers from her still busy and thriving school. Her son had started going there at five and had taken every class at this point, passing them all and making Ediva proud. She was teh first to spot the angel coming, somthing told her she was coming to see them and her intuition proved correct when the angel landed, she looked so serious but under that Ediva could feel emotional pain. read more

Tracy & Keith

Chapter One

Tracy woke late and in a foul mood after fighting with her father the previous night about begging forgiveness from the creators. She would never grovel for the return of wings and immortality. She understood how much that hurt her parents because she would die one day but she refused to grovel when most of the choices that lead up to her wings being taken she hadn’t felt were wrong. Angels had too many stupid rules, including the fact her boyfriend had to break up with her when she was cast out as a mortal because angels were only allowed to be with angels. As a fallen angel she no longer counted as one so to stay with her would have meant the removal of his own immortality and wings. While she wished she meant enough to him to be with her anyway she never blamed him for staying in heaven. read more

Nigel & Vina 2

Chapter One

Vina was hopping as if those rabbit ears weren’t attached to a demon woman but a real, furry little rabbit. Nigel laughed happily and she looked at him “what?’

“you are far too cute when you’re excited”

“I haven’t seen baby dragons hatch in so long! Oh I can’t wait. We’re so close!” he laughed again, wanting to hold her but knowing there was no way to keep her still long enough. They walked well past nightfall and decided to rest so they’d get there within an hour of when they started walking tomorrow. “So the dragons don’t mind you watching all their babies hatch?” read more

Lotus & Zenon

A Collaboration between us and Caylie

Chapter One

Arian sat talking with Zenon again in his cage “I wonder if my sister is worrying yet. Theres really no telling since I’ve gone this long without seeing her before..I get caught up when I help people and somtimes forget to get in contact and let her know I’m still doing well” read more

Hafsah & Chione

Chapter One

“wake up!” they heard children calling happily as three or four of them pounded on their bedroom door. Chione giggled “you up Hafsah?”

“I’ve been up, just seeing how long I could lay here with you before breakfast” Chione rubbed her still sleepy eyes and moved to kiss her wife “we better feed the cuties.” read more

Avaset & Etta

Chapter One

“Finally here” Avaset said with a happy smile as they arrived at Gloria and Thorns home. Avaset had told Gloria they would be arriving that evening so Gloria was ready to pounce with excitement when they knocked. Avaset laughed happily as her friend lunged at her “missed you too Gloria, please meet my mate Etta” Etta offered a hand but recieved a hug instead “welcome, It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Gloria and my mate is Thorn” Thorn gave a friendly wave then said “come in” they all walked inside then Gloria said “want blood smoothies?” read more

Gloria 106 & Thorn 346

Chapter One

Thorn was covered in blood after slaying a group of males that tried to avenge the rape of their twin sisters. He had collard the two girls with chains and spent a little over a week raping and taunting them by the time he set them free. It wasn’t even a full two days later their brothers came after him, not knowing what a powerful demon he was. The five of them may as well have been human children to Thorns strength and abilities. If he didn’t enjoy his rape victims remembering what he had done to them he may have gone after the girls and slain them too for punishment because they told on him. He stood over the dead men, spitting on them then saying “stupid bitches, getting so worked up over worthless women” he decided to call on some of his necrophiliac demon friends to rape the corpses for causing him so much trouble and ruining clothes he liked very much. read more