Zinlya & Torgan

Written for Melinda Collins

Chapter One

I’m excited, exhilarated even as I run to see my father, the king that will soon step down as I am wed in a few days. I’m ready to run into his arms and tell him all about how wonderful my day was when I’m stopped in my tracks, a gasp caught in my throat so my mouth is just gaping open at the horror before me. He lays dead, his guards all around him. I run, in absolute disbelief he is truly laying lifeless on the floor. I shake him “father! father please talk to me” He’s cold, his skin no longer warm and pink but pale. There’s so much blood on the floor and within me I know he has passed on. This was the day my world fell apart. There was no time for weddings or any type of happiness. Whomever had done this had declared war and my mother, bless her misguided soul was fast to blame a kingdom we had been having some disputes with. They denied her claim but she wouldn’t believe them so now, even years later we are stuck in a war that may or may not even be against the right people. read more

Nebi & Nathan 2

Chapter One

“Wakey, wakey my precious wolf.” Nebi said as he brushed his fingers through Nathan’s hair, pushing it away from his sleeping face. He knew he would get an earful from his mate, but he couldn’t help but come into the cage once the moon had passed. “Nathan.” read more

Haru & Cili

Chapter One

Haru raised the gun as his target’s bodyguard stood and reached in his coat. He fired two bullets into him and then into the other bodyguard as well. His target brought his hands up, placating him and he pulled the trigger. He felt his gun slip back into its holster as he turned away and that’s when the pain blossomed in his back. He gritted his teeth as he twisted around, pulling his gun free and firing into the head of the surviving bodyguard. The man went down with a shocked look on his face and Haru moved closer, seeing the vest peeking out of his shirt. read more

Tir & Lao

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

Tir stood on the bridge, chin propped in his elbow as he watched the water moving below. He had managed to ditch his escorts, but he was sure they would be catching up with him soon. He was amazed they still hadn’t caught onto his tricks. “Prince Tir.” He blinked, raising straight up at his name being called. “It is you, good, I’m glad.” He hadn’t even heard the man walk up to him. Dark eyes full of amusement stared back at him, a smile on the taller man’s face. “You had your men worried.”
“Who are you?” He moved back a few feet and let his hand fall to his sword.
“Now, now, none of that. I’m not here to hurt you.” He bowed. “I am Lao Thrace, your father hired me to watch over you.”
“You weren’t with the others.”
“That was the point. If you had seen me, you would have tried to avoid me.” He stood up straight. “We really should be getting you back. Your father brought you along for a good reason.”
“I can learn more out here than I can visiting foreign dignitaries. Listening to my father and the others is boring, the streets livelier.” He released his sword and turned to leave. “I’ll return to the castle when I am done here.”
“Your father was right, you are quite stubborn.”
Tir was surprised to find Lao standing in front of him. “How did you…”
“If you wish to wander around then I have no choice but to accompany you since I am not allowed to lay my hands on you and take you back by force. After you my prince.”
Tir wasn’t sure about this man but he believed what he was saying. Hiring someone to simply follow undetected sounded like his father. He wished the man would loosen the reigns a little more but he didn’t resent his father for it. In fact this time, he had made the day a little more interesting. ‘alright then” Tir walked forward, Lao moving out the way then walking by his side. “How did my father come to hire you?” Tir asked, curious about this man that had somehow stayed close without detection. “I have a good reputation and have long since been retired from my previous occupation so he sought me out and asked if I would do this. He told me a lot about you and your tendencies to sneak off. To be honest it sounded like fun rather than work and I haven’t been disappointed”
“Should I ask about your previous work?”
“Yes, I was very good at it, but after awhile I decided it was time for a change. After my last job I retired.”
“So my father found you by name?”
Lao nodded. “People like your father know about men like me, especially those who have made a name for themselves.”
“That’s fascinating, I’ve never met an assassin, that I know of at least.” He crossed his arms. “The way you move is amazing. You’re so quiet, like a cat.”
“I was trained well. So, where are we going?”
“I don’t really know, I just wanted to get to know the people. My father likes me to stay close because of who I am.” He deepened his voice. “If a prince should be spotted alone someone may take advantage of the situation. You are my only son, please stay with your escorts.” He found Lao watching him in amusement and blushed, clearing his throat. “Anyway, it’s hard to walk among the people when you have two armed guards with you.”
“And you think I’m not armed?”
Tir looked him over. “Are you? I don’t see any weapons.”
“That’s the point my prince.” He leaned in closer and Tir felt the sharp point of a blade touching his throat. “You see? No one knows until they feel the cool metal.” He slipped the blade back in the sheath at his wrist, showing it to Tir.
“so I can stay close and intimidate a people a lot less unless they know who I am but few would recognize my face. When I work and meet people I normally wear a mask. It’s good practice, it keeps people you care about safe and makes a man like me more able to live a peacful life when I’m not working”
“smart too, my dad was careful in who he picked”
“He loves you very much”
“I know, it can be annoying as hell sometimes but I know he’s the way he is because he loves me” Tir wanted to change the subject so he asked “so your mask, how did you pick it?”
“it was a gift from my mentor”
“May I see it?”
“It’s back in my room, I’ll show you when we go back. For now just enjoy yourself.”
Tir took a winding path through the city, stopping at market stalls and going into shops to look around. He wound up buying a few books and stopped at a bakery to get him and Lao something to eat. “This place is truly amazing, thank you for not making me go back.” He said as they made their way to the castle.
“I told you, I’m not allowed to use force.”
Tir chuckled. “But what if I’m in danger and I refuse to run or what if I were to run into a fight to defend someone? You wouldn’t use force to pull me away?”
“I would simply remove the danger to you.”
“You’re incredibly confident in your abilities.”
“An assassin without confidence is a dead man, prince. I don’t fear death or pain. Assassins are taught from a young age that darkness is our friend, it becomes a part of us that we must tap read more

Zane & Belle 7

Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

“Please Mr Koopmann” The young man fell down to his knees “Please teach me. I have no father and you are my idol sir. I want to be an assassin “I only teach my children. Maybe if I hadn’t retired but I retired for a reason. I worked many years, I spent so many days and nights away from my Belle and our children. My life is now completely devoted to them. I will not use my time with family on you no matter how you beg or how much you pay. Go home or maybe take some lessons from my son ZJ. He teaches a class” read more

Leola & Acel 2

Chapter One

Leola cried into Acels arms. They had been living such a happy life in the new world they had run away to to be together. They had raised children, made friends and all but forgot the world they were from but now it was all over, they had to remember. Apparently soon after she ran away with Acel her parents were so furious at being embarrassed they had sent an assassin after her. They’d rather her be dead since she wouldn’t listen and marry the man she was matched to. It was mostly their pride and she knew that. They had never loved eachother and because of that they had never loved her. Their pride was truly all they had and she had wounded that pride by choosing to run away. read more

Carter & Joy 2

Chapter One

Do you want to meet? It was a short letter, but not something he had been expecting. As an experiment he and the others had not exactly formed bonds and to have Nikolai write and ask him was surprising.

“Well, it’s up to you.” Joy said as she looked at the letter. “If you want to go, I can close up for a week.” read more

Hayle & Sheperd

Chapter One

Hayle had stubbornly limped her way home long enough for her father Gabriel Koopmann. He scooped her up and she protested “I’m going to walk myself”

“You’re going to hurt yourself worse. I’m carrying you, end of discussion”


“Enough Hayle, I won’t have you hurt yourself worse” Her angry face was changing in a way that told her father she was definitely on the verge of tears. “Hayle honey” He said in softer tone and sat down, still holding his daughter. She clung to him and sobbed, now even more embarrassed than she was before. He soothed and held her until she stopped and said in a heart wrenching voice “I just…I hate messing up all the time dad. I just want to be a good assassin and make you and mom proud of me. It seems no matter how much I practice or how hard I try when we’re out I just make things harder on you. I’m an embarrassment to this whole family” read more

Carter & Joy

Chapter One

Carter stared dispassionately down at the begging man, his assigned target. Even when the man begged, when he offered to double the price on his head, Carter felt nothing. He pulled the trigger so easily, silenced the target quickly. This is what he had been made for, like the others, even the one who had escaped. They were killers and if they didn’t conform, they were executed. He left without so much as a sound, slid behind the wheel of his car and drove away from that house. He needed to report in then receive his next assignment. read more

Marici & Alexander

Chapter One

Marici perched in the tree, her amber eyes watching the motel. She knew the demon she was looking for was there. He had taken another victim, one she had been called to rescue. If it had not been for the innocent young woman, she would have already ended the life of the rat hiding out in the motel. The door opened and he stepped out, car keys jingling in his hand as he walked down the stairs and to the parking lot. He climbed behind the wheel of the old Toyota and switched it on. The minute he pulled onto the street, she took to the sky, following him. He was so eager to get to his victim and so confident in his ability to not get caught, that he had not even bothered to scent the air. He had no idea he was being stalked. He drove out over the Nevada desert, going far out away from Vegas. He pulled off the main road onto a dirt one, the moonlight showing his tires leaving a dust trail. read more