Virginia & Naor

Chapter One

Naor ached as he laid beside a river under a small bridge. He had narrowly gotten out of that fight, only getting away at all because his father taught him how to tear through into other worlds. It was dangerous but that situation had called for drastic measures. He’d return to where he was from once he had a good nights sleep and could do it responsibly. He was just about to pass out when a woman approached him. He could tell she meant no harm, not a single one of his senses felt any threat, just compassion “excuse me” read more

Marissa & Nick

Here’s a story we’ve been working on with Breanna Vincent the past two months 🙂 Started March 15th and it ended on May 19th

Chapter One

She slowly raised the hose up her calf, over her knee, and up her thigh. She repeated the motion with the other foot, moving mechanically, lost in thought. She focused on the way her fingers felt on her flesh and wished they were another’s. She closed her eyes and envisioned the perfect body before her. He was lean, with his skin tight over his muscles. His skin was naturally tanned, his hair course and dark. As he towered over her, slowly leaning in she could feel the heat from his body coming closer and closer. All she wanted was to feel his touch.
Beep Beep Beep! read more

Gaspare & Iom

Chapter one

Gaspare sat in the tree next to the castle, his eyes staring off into the distance as he tried to understand why Mabel had rejected his offer of being mates. He was confused by the mysterious, knowing smile she had given him as she had gently told him no. Was there something wrong with him? He didn’t understand and when he had pressed for a reason she had told him he would know why when it showed up and that it wouldn’t work between them. “Now that is a face I never thought I’d see you make.” The voice startled him and he nearly fell out of the tree. read more