Gildhardt & Feran 3

Chapter One

Feran was bored waiting on Gildhardt to return to their little home between kingdoms so he decided to go on a walk before his desires got the better of him and he marched to the castle to demand his husband back. Feran knew that he was getting too old to indulge his every whim anymore and certainly getting too old for Gildhardt to hoist him over his shoulder and carry him off every time he went somewhere he wasn’t supposed to. He guessed they were planning something for his birthday. It was really the only explanation as to why they were being so secretive and weird lately but it was annoying. read more

Lucy & Soter 2

~ Contributed to by Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

Ross held his sobbing wife despite the fact he was already late for work. Though he was late so frequently since his daughters disappearance most would probably think he was supposed to come in about an hour later than what his start time for the day actually was. If his wife wasn’t falling apart he overslept from staying up all night trying to figure out what happened to his daughter. He had once had hope his wife would come out of her depression but the loss of their daughter had sent her spiraling so far down he didn’t know if he could ever pull her back up unless he found Lucy. read more

Suri & Hern 7

Chapter one

Suri pushed against Herns chest as he licked and nibbled at her ear. “baby, I can’t take any more. please. no more making love. We were just at it all night and now twice this morning” Hern kissed Suris cheek with all the love and tenderness he had in him “is it my fault you’re so ravishing?” Suri giggled “you’ve been looking at me for years” read more

Sophies Birthday

~ Prologue ~

It’s only a week before Sophies birthday and Charles can’t figure out what to get her. He was stressed with worry about Sophie leaving on her journey the morning after her birthday. It was even harder to pick a gift with Sophie refusing to tell him what she wanted. Charles desperately wanted to get Sophie something she’d adore. Nothing seemed good enough but things rarely seemed good enough for such perfection as his Sophie. She already had a necklace and she liked making all her own clothes. She didn’t like or use any of the normal girly things. He kept trying. He still had seven days to find the perfect gift for his love and he wasn’t going to settle for anything he didn’t deem worthy of her. read more

Penelope & Max 2

Penelope sat nude in Max’s lap while she painted two leopards playing in the snow. His hands moved around to cup her breasts, his fingers tugging at her nipples. She moaned and wiggled her bottom against him. He was already hard and her wiggling made him painfully so. His lips moved up her spine to her shoulder where he gave her a soft bite. He kissed her neck and then licked her earlobe. He had asked if he could watch her paint and was now being tortured. He had not expected her to come out with nothing on but a ponytail holder. read more