Virginia & Naor

Chapter One

Naor ached as he laid beside a river under a small bridge. He had narrowly gotten out of that fight, only getting away at all because his father taught him how to tear through into other worlds. It was dangerous but that situation had called for drastic measures. He’d return to where he was from once he had a good nights sleep and could do it responsibly. He was just about to pass out when a woman approached him. He could tell she meant no harm, not a single one of his senses felt any threat, just compassion “excuse me” read more

Maksym & Poppi

Chapter One

Maksym was almost to his brothers mansion so he decided just to relax a bit. It was time to check on him again and make sure he wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t to anybody or to the land around him but he was tired and he wasn’t quite sure he was mentally ready yet to deal with whatever crap Lakopa was doing now. Lakopa was older by about twenty years and just like him, he looked a lot like their mother. However, he was more like their father in attitude. Maksym knew his parents never had much more than a sexual relationship but still, he wasn’t sure how his dad even ever got his mother in bed with him. He didn’t think on this too long, instead he just enjoyed how beautiful it was in this area. read more

Jain & Saadet

Chapter One

Jain clutched his stomach around the arrow protruding from his lower abdomen as he trudged through the snow, his sword held in his right hand. He wasn’t sure how long he had been walking; an hour? two? He had left his dead horse back there after it had been brought down by archers. The ambush had been brutal. He had watched his brothers slaughtered, their blood splattering across his face and armor as he fought to help them. He had barely escaped and even now he wasn’t sure he was going to make it. He panted, his skin dotted with sweat that the cold air turned to pinpricks of ice. The toe of his boot caught a rock hidden beneath the snow and he had to brace himself on his sword to keep from falling all the way down. He crouched their on one knee, struggling to push himself back up. read more

Antigone & Paruush

Chapter One

Paruush truly hadn’t been paying any mind to where he was going when his brother appeared in front of him “Paruush, what the hell are you doing here? Get your ass home”

“I’m just walking”

“right into the territory of known vampire killers. I know you’re hurting and I know Antigone still wont answer your calls or the door when you go to see her but you will destroy mom and dad if you keep doing stupid shit. You need to take care of yourself, if not for you for us” He looked around “I didn’t come here on purpose…I was lost in thought…maybe I was guided here….I hurt her….one more second and I would….I….” read more

Ryoko & Donat 2

Chapter One

“Ryoko, I know basically all your jobs are dangerous but we’re in the middle of a war! The king can’t be asking you to do this, to cross enemy lines!”

“Donat I’m the best when it comes to this and you know that. He’s asking me because he knows I’ll come back” read more

Alastor & Cyrino 2

Chapter One

Alastor was busy making lunch for Cyrino when someone knocked on the front door of their home. He stopped what he was doing and quickly wiped the tomato juice off of his hands before running to answer. His eyes widened slightly when he saw the demon, his eyes and skin just like Cyrino’s. “Hello um can I help you?” He asked. The demon blinked in confusion which soon turned to suspicion that had him grabbing Alastor by the throat. read more

Aitolia & Flynn

Co written by Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

The fine hairs on the back of my neck rise. My cheeks are flushed as the blood rushes swift and hot to give me away. I can feel them all staring at me, unable to pry their eyes away, even just for a second. I focus on putting one foot in front of another to keep myself moving towards my salvation. Just a few more seconds of torment and I can be free. read more

Emma & Siavash 2

Chapter One

Emma was a bit nervous as she stood at the bow of the ship and stared out over the sea. She was finally going to see where her husband had grown up and meet his family. It had seemed like it had taken them forever to make time for this trip. She felt arms slip around her and smiled when he rested his chin on her head. “I can feel how nervous you are my love.” Siavash said softly. read more

Wren & Odin

Chapter One

Wren walked through the home of Gregory Welter, talking to him about her ideas for it based on his likes. She was facing away from him, talking about the window when he suddenly was up against her and starting to feel her up. She sharply turned, elbowing him right in the ear. The blow landed so hard she knocked him off his feet “I WILL NOT be disrespected like that you creep. We’re done, I don’t work for assholes” she started to leave and with a move of his hand the door slammed “fucking bitch” she heard him say. he was suddenly on top of her, trying to rip her clothes off. “You don’t know who the hell you’re messing with you piece of garbage!” she screamed as she let her wolf take over. read more

Julian & Lucius 2

Chapter One

“So you just didn’t tell him you were coming out here?” Uri asked as he and Lucius walked down the old cobblestone path to the abandoned house. There had been reports of strange noises coming from inside, screams and the sound of chanting.

“Why would I, it’s just work.” Lucius replied. read more