Aadi & Remus

Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

Aadi’s breath came out in panicked gasps as she ran, her stomach tied into knots as she heard them behind her, taunting her as they followed her trail of snapped twigs and broken branches. Why had she wandered so far from the campground? The two hunters followed her with ease, gaining on her even as she tried to lose them in the dark forest. She felt a weight hit her back and the ground came up to meet her, the air forced from her lungs as she hit the damp earth. She was flipped over and she began punching and scratching at the man straddling her hips, tears burning in her eyes as she screamed. The other came up behind them, grabbing her ankles while the one on top of her slammed her wrists to the ground. read more

Gavin & Kota 2

Chapter One

Gavin left the university, feeling happy after another good day of school. He walked around the back where Kota always waited for him and slowed down when he saw him talking to another man. The guy was about his age and handsome, they seemed so happy as they chatted and Gavin couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Kota was always so friendly, he smiled all the time, putting people at ease. They said that the more you smiled, the easier it was for you to make friends, not something he himself was good at since he was still as shy as ever. He straightened his back and started walking again, calling out for Kota who looked away from the man he was talking too and smiled lovingly at him. read more

James & Ashton 4

Chapter One

Ashton walked through the woods, enjoying the sunshine and the smell of damp earth. He was excited to be out camping with James, Andrew, Fleur, Katty, Adelyn, Enola, and even Dimitri. He had been wanting to come out so bad and he had finally burst with the need to tell James and it just rushed out of his mouth before he could stop the words from coming out. James had laughed after being startled by his sudden outburst and said it was a good idea since Andrew would be turning eighteen soon. He raised his arms up to the sky, stretching as if he could hug the world around him. He loved being out in nature and was glad to be sharing it with the people he cared about. read more

James & Ashton 2

Ashton went through their bags again before letting James take them down to the car. He wanted to make absolutely sure they had everything they would need. They had been planning this trip for about two week and had decided to invite Adelyn and Enola since they had some time off. They needed some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and Ashton wanted to get James’s mind off of work. He had injured his left shoulder in one of his tournaments and had been ordered to take it easy for a few days. It hadn’t made James happy, but after some coaxing from Ashton he had agreed. They would be heading out early in the mornng and would meet Adelyn and Enola at the campsite. Ashton sat down and finally relaxed after so much packing, tipping his head back and closing his eyes. read more