Tatjana & Bleddyn

Breanna Toutloff contributed to this story

Chapter One

Bleddyn was working on another piece of art for his gallery when his butler came in “I’m sorry sir but that man who has been calling is now at the door, even more persistent than he is on the phone” Bleddyn chuckled “I guess I’ll see him. I admire someone this passionate” read more

Fiora & Kaleb

Chapter One

Fiora sighed, feeling incredibly bored. She was about to get up and leave the river when she felt Kaleb land, his massive black wings somehow looking cooler in the setting sun. His long, wild hair was all over the place as usual but that was just another incredibly sexy thing about him to her. There wasn’t much clothing on him but that was normal for Kaleb. She didn’t mind, his every muscle was pronounced and she loved being able to glance every now and then. She’d stare if she was more confident and didn’t worry about coming across rude. She had never felt ugly but she felt plain next to a creature as attractive as him. “Fiora, are you alright? You look sad” read more

Parley & Mahlon

Chapter One

Parley was driving as he and his friends listened to the radio and talked happily about returning to the lake. It was summer and they were all on break from their college classes. They had grown up together in one of those small towns that consisted of maybe five hundred people and they had spent nearly all their summers at the same lake. It was mostly for lack of anything better to do but they had made amazing memories there all the same. All four boys had had their first kisses there, they had retreated there when their parents were being unfair they had wasted entire weeks just splashing around in that body of water. read more

Nate & Cali

Chapter One

“Excuse me, you left this.” Cali heard from behind her and she turned. She found herself frozen as she looked at his face. She recognized him, those dark eyes which were usually behind a pair of glasses, the blonde hair peeking out from under his Starbucks cap. She looked down at his outstretched hand, seeing he was holding her phone. “Oh, thank you.” She took it, sticking in her purse. “Can’t believe I did that.” read more

Darryl & Garret

Chapter One

Darryl looked down at the young man seated in the cushioned chair, his wide green eyes, the splatter of blood staining his shirt and jeans. He looked traumatized, pale like he had see a ghost. He inhaled the air, taking in his scent. The boy was a fairy. Darryl looked back at his boss who was sitting behind his desk, waiting for Darryl to respond. “You want me to watch him?” read more

Argos & Aella

Chapter One

Aella’s eyes widened when she saw him, Argos, the man she had loved and who had unintentionally broke her heart. He was standing there, talking to her brother on the front porch of her parents house like he had all those years ago. She was so shocked she just stood there staring at him. He must have sensed her gaze or saw her out of the corner of his eye because he looked right at her and smiled that same boyish smile she had fallen for all those years ago. “My god, as I live and breathe, it’s Queen Aella.” read more

Faye & Uther

Chapter One


They stood at the top of the cliff, Uther between Faye and the angry officers. Guns pointed at them. “Just give us the little harlot Uther and you can go free.”

Uther glared back defiantly, dark eyes spitting at these men who would hang her over lies. “You’ll have to kill me first.”
Faye grabbed his arm, not wanting him to die for her. The priest had caught her dancing naked in the forest, had caught her casting spells of protection and good fortune, had twisted her good will into lies. “Uther, it’s okay.” read more

Lillie & Cory 2

Chapter One

Cory leaned against the door frame of his bedroom door, smiling as he sipped his coffee. Lillie laid sleeping on her stomach, hair partially covering her face. The blanket had bunched at her waist so her bare back was exposed. He crossed over, setting his cup down and dropping down gently on the bed. He let his finger trace her spine, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin and a little moan to slip past her lips. His lips followed his finger, stopping just above the blankets. “Lillie, it’s time to wake up baby.” He said softly as he brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her cheek. She groaned and he gave a soft chuckle. He nibbled at her ear and her eyes slowly fluttered open. read more

Arie & Rory 2

Chapter One

“Rory, your mom sent a letter.” Arie said as he walked into their new apartment. They had moved out of the dorm so they wouldn’t disturb their fellow classmates.

“A letter?” Rory looked up from the soup he was making.

Arie walked over and waved the blue envelope in front of his face. Rory reached for it and Arie pulled it away. “Kiss first, then letter.” read more

Fino & Allon 2

Chapter One

Fino waited impatiently in the park, his senses open, his eyes watching pedestrians as they moved about. “Damn, someone feels pissed. Your frigid aura is keeping everyone away.” The voice came from behind him and he didn’t move as the other man hopped over the back of the bench and sat down next to him. read more