Gildhardt & Feran 3

Chapter One

Feran was bored waiting on Gildhardt to return to their little home between kingdoms so he decided to go on a walk before his desires got the better of him and he marched to the castle to demand his husband back. Feran knew that he was getting too old to indulge his every whim anymore and certainly getting too old for Gildhardt to hoist him over his shoulder and carry him off every time he went somewhere he wasn’t supposed to. He guessed they were planning something for his birthday. It was really the only explanation as to why they were being so secretive and weird lately but it was annoying. read more

Inside Out

~ Created with Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

The air was cold and crisp and the wind whipped across my cheeks. The cold air always helped to clear my head, to rid my mind of the thoughts that drove me to madness. Images flashed through my mind, tempting me into action. It had been three months since my last relapse. I could still feel the satisfaction as I gave in to my demons, and the remorse that plagued me after it was over. If only there was help for people like me, the dark and twisted of humanity.
I could see her, laying there, waiting for me. The look in her eyes begging for me to join her. Her body was so hot under my hands. Her moans in my ear as I explored every inch of her breasts. It was so different from the look she held in her eyes once I was finished, cold and staring off into nothingness. I wished she would look at me again as she did before, but as my hands closed around her throat, and her body writhed underneath me as I began to climax, I knew she would never look at anyone that way again. He body fell limp under mine as I finished and her muffled screams halted as she drew her last breaths.
I shook my head, nostalgia would only make it harder to control. My head snapped up as I saw someone approaching. There were always runners in this neighborhood, beautiful women pushing themselves for perfection. I turned to lock myself away behind closed walls. Maybe I should move. read more