Lispin & Rika 2

Thorn could barely make himself move as he made his way to Chthons castle. The last woman he apologized to beat him severely and he was still feeling it even though his body had mostly healed. He only had two more women to go and he could have hope for a chance with Gloria. Since the day he could understand language his father taught him women were toys to be used so he spent most of his teen and adult years violently raping women until he wanted somthing new to look at. About a year ago he fell in love. He met a woman he didn’t see as an object. He saw Gloria as a magnificent, wonderful woman and he wanted to be with her always. He wanted to make her feel loved and make love to her instead of raping and taunting her like he had done with so many women before. read more

Bishin & Olivia: Year 2

Bishin and Ava laid up in bed with the same bug. Nobody knew what was wrong with them but whatever it was, it was really bad. They threw up everything, water, soup, crackers and all else besides fruit smoothies. It wasn’t easy keeping a stock of fruit since they lived in the desert but Olivia and Avas boyfriend Azayle would just make trips out to find some when they ran out. Bishin had been staying in a guest bedroom ever since the day he and Ava fell ill. Olivia wanted him here so she could care for him. It was time yet again to collect berries so Olivia was making sure Bishin and Ava were comfortable before they left. Azayle just watched Olivia, resenting having to tend to Ava and growing more and more lustful for Olivia. Ever since his lover became ill he had taken notice of how curvy Olivias frame was and how soft her boobs looked. He would often imagine biting her lips or bending Olivia over a table and slamming every inch of himself in. read more

Suri & Hern 6

Suri was playing with her daughters Sonata and Fallon in the kingdom until Suris friend Vitrice and her son Huet came up. “Hey Suri!” Vitrice said happily and very loud “hey Vitrice, how’re you and Huet doing today?”

“very well, I’m so glad I saw you out here. I’m in serious need of adult time. Do you want to bring your two girls over? You and I can talk in the house while they play outside with my son.” read more

Nigel & Vina

Nigel was just traveling the worlds now that Chthon had Ruth and a happy family that only seemed to get larger everytime he came back to visit his dear old friend. Nigel was having a great time exploring all there was to see and meeting new people. A friend he met in Piticimer told him of a world called Qwerxi. The more Peter described the landscape and people he met from there the more Nigel wanted to make that the next place he visited. He decided he would make his way to the portal that could get him there tomorrow. Peter told him it was only half a day away. After this journey he would make another trip back to the castle to see how Ruth and Chthon were doing. read more

Nali & Reece 2

Nali stared at the letter in her hand, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief. The name signed at the bottom belonged to her father. “This is impossible.” She whispered as tears burned behind her eyes. “Someone must be playing a sick joke.”

“What is it?” Reece asked and took the letter from her. read more

Nali & Reece

A half demon, half human women named Nali built herself a home deep within the woods near a small village. Because of her human blood demons thought she was repulsive and disgusting. Because of her demon blood humans feared her and tried to kill her every time they saw her. Since her parents were murdered by a hoard of demons she had been all alone. Her parents died but had managed to hide their daughter. They heard the demons were coming and knew they couldn’t all hide or escape. Her father claimed to have eaten Nali when they asked where she was. read more

Mikel & Maril

When Maril left in the morning to sharpen her sword for tomorrows lesson Blake and his parents met with Marils parents. “Before we start a negotiation of price I want it to be laid on the table she’s defective. I don’t know why my son wants some woman who can’t speak but he would like her to be promised to him when they are adults. We’re willing to pay two hundred gold for her. That price is barely bendable but we are willing to talk it out. Our son has insisted she’s who he wants and she keeps spurning his advances. I don’t see how she feels she has options since my family is among the few who bothers to speak to mutes. You already knew this from yesterdays talk so I’m sorry to bring it up again. It just pisses me off she wont give my son a chance. She wouldn’t take the easy way so I’m glad you two agreed to arrange a marriage since it’s your right to do so. What do you say to two hundred gold?” read more