Solon & Judas

Chapter One

Judas was exhausted and walking out of his cousins house to head home when he saw one of his old friends, bruised, covered in glitter, obviously passed out and bleeding a little from her mouth. He rushed over and checked to see if she was breathing “thank god” he said to himself then checked her purse for a wallet. They had been friends but he didn’t know where she lived. “damn” there was no wallet to be found. He hoped nobody had stolen it. “Hey!” a guy called out from behind him. Judas said “I am going to call an ambulance for her” read more

Olina & Ronnie 2

Chapter One

Ronnie and Olina passed through the final portal and were in the world he originated from.They were planning on having kids soon and this was the last thing he wanted to do with her before they started that chapter of their lives. He would love to bring his kids one day aswell but he wanted to first experience it with the love of his life, showing her everything he had adored about this place. He just knew his lioness was going to love this place “wow, the air smells so much fresher here. I love it” He chuckled “yeah, sometimes I forget how polluted your world is, especially compared to mine. We try very hard here to harm our planet as little as possible” read more

Abella & Corus

Chapter One

Corus sat on the coffee table, studying the beautiful young woman with pink hair and pale skin. She was practically comatose after shooting up, her arms covered in track marks. He was only here because Treffen had asked him for a favor. It was strange in this world when angels and demons were friends, but he had managed to find a good one in Treffen and he felt he owed him. “Alright young one, let’s go before you get up and further damage yourself.” He lifted the young woman whose eyes fluttered open for just a moment, revealing the most stunning blue irises. Treffen had explained what had happened to his daughter and had begged Corus to help until he himself could find a way back to his family. Since demons cared very little about rules it was easy for him to be here. Corus snapped his fingers and a tear opened to his world, a place away from the drugs. He stepped through closing the tear after him. He took her upstairs to a room and gently laid her down. He knew she was going to be freaked out when she woke, but he felt this was the best way to get her clean. She refused any help offered her, this was the only alternative. read more

Ruth & Chthon 6

Chapter One

Chthon didn’t know where he was, but as he stared at his captors from the other side of his cage, he felt an incredible amount of rage move through him. Locked around his neck was a collar infused with magic that suppressed his demonic abilities. He was no stronger than a human and every time he tried to tamper with the collar, a stabbing pain filled his body. “So you are awake, good.” The feminine voice filled the room and he found himself staring in to the eyes of a blonde haired woman. read more

Joss & Arnault

Chapter One

Joss needed to go grocery shopping for his sister again. She was an addict and typically used her food stamps to get drugs rather than the food she was supposed to get with it. He knew buying groceries so he’d know she was eating was enabling her problem but he knew if given a choice she would choose drugs over food anytime. It had been that way since she started using. Abella was once a sweet and talented woman destined for great things but one day she threw it all away and became easily angered. He had never heard his sister scream in his life until she became an addict and it was heartbreaking for Joss what drugs were doing to his sister. read more

Melody & Grady 2

“So what are our bosses having us work on this time?” Melody asked as she walked down down the Interpol hallway to the conference room.

“I don’t love, probably something dangerous. We worked so good together last time that they decided we should work together again.”

They walked into the conference room, shaking the hand of Grady’s boss then taking a seat. “So, what is this about?” Melody asked. read more

Chthon Age 55 Ruth Age 47

It’s ten years later and their youngest son Noah has just had his first baby with Alice. Lucy really wanted to meet her first niece but there was so much going on with the kingdom that Zeus couldn’t be pulled away. Their twin eight year old daughters bickered with their mother about going for a visit “why can’t we leave this world just because dad can’t!” read more

Vivian & Noe

Vivian looked through the scope of her sniper rifle. She wore an eye patch on her left eye to help block out any distraction. The Amazon was incredibly humid, beads of sweat ran down her face, causing fly away red strands of her hair to stick to her skin. She lay at the edge of a small drop off, looking down into a clearing. When the cars pulled up her heart raced. It gave her a rush. These men were drug dealers, soulless monsters who helped suck the life out of young men and women. The cars rolled to a stop, six men exiting each vehicle. Her target was Emmanuel Serna a ruthless, cold blooded beast of a man. She studied all the men, her crosshairs finally resting on the man she had been paid to kill. Noe approached the kingpin with a cold confidence. He stared passively at the disgusting pig before him. Being DEA meant becoming someone else. To this man he was a dealer looking for good product. His dark curls clung to his forehead. The heat was overwhelming, the smell of Emmanuel Serna reached his wolf nose and it took everything he had not to vomit. He held out a hand and the kingpin shook it, showing his disgusting yellow teeth. A strange scent reach his nose, feline. He looked around, his eyes settling on a certain area. Vivian stared at the man through her scope as he stared at her. He was handsome, muscular, and looking right at her with amber eyes. There was no way he could see her. His nose flared, he was sniffing. She inhaled the air, her eyes widening when she recognized the familiar scent of wolf. She had to make this quick before this wolf pinpointed her exact spot. She swiveled the gun to Serna, her finger squeezing the trigger. The gun boomed, kicked, and the damn wolf saved Serna’s life. She slung the gun across her back and closed her eyes, allowing the change to roll over her. White fur with black stripes covered her skin. Bones contorted, large paws taking the place of hands and feet. The eyepatch fell from her face, violet eyes staring from the tigers face as she ran read more

Lupin & Brigid

He found himself sitting in a jail cell again, this time for disorderly conduct. He stared irritatedly at the bars and sighed. He should be at home, not here next to a sleeping drunk who smelled worse than anything he had ever had the pleasure of inhaling. He heard the door to the cell block open and smiled when he saw her. “Again Lupin, really?” Brigid asked, a look of disappointment on her beautiful face. read more

Lispin & Rika

Rika was on her tip toes trying to get the book back on the shelf. She stretched as far as she could, wondering how she had got it down in the first place. She gave a sigh of frustration and felt a hand slide over hers and take the book away. She looked up, finding herself staring into Lispin’s eyes. He had an amused look on his face. “Thank you.” She said softly and he smiled. read more