Dafina & Marlin 2

Chapter One

They were preparing a quick dinner together and Dafina couldn’t get their therapists words out of her head. They had been seeing one once a week ever since they came back together and stopped their divorce proceedings just to make sure things stayed solid between them and they truly worked out and understood what had caused the rift between them in the first place. It had been incredibly helpful and insightful. This week she had brought up always being honest with eachother, mostly due to the fact if they had been more verbal when the other hurt their feelings things might not have gotten so out of hand between them. They were good at talking now but he still didn’t know she saw countdowns above peoples heads and for the first time in her life she felt guilty about that. read more

Divina and Rowan

Story inspired from Breannas mind and co written with Carrie and I

Chapter One

She felt the magic lace down her fingertips, weaving together in soft swirls. She wove her hands in and out of the air, softly caressing the element. The colors started to change as her thoughts wondered as if a dark cloud had been summoned. The sparks flitting in front of her face brought her back to the present and she quickly waved the spell away. There was no point on trying to be calm when she was furious. Hundreds, thousands of elves had lost their lives already in the war. How many others had to perish? What if Rowan was one of them? She couldn’t bare the thought. She let her mind settle on his face and her heart softened. The rage melted away and sorrow filled its place. She loved Rowan and he loved her. There was nothing that could come in between them but they were never short of obstacles. He was a dark elf and she a high elf. The two races fought viciously, sworn enemies since the high elves decided they wanted part of the dark elves land. She knew her people were in the wrong but just because she was a high elf didn’t mean she agreed with everything that they did. This futile feud now kept them apart for fear of charges of fraternizing with the enemy. Even worse they would be cast out of their homelands and rejected. Their only ally was the shadows and the shadows always kept their secrets. read more

Alkon & Anthousai 4

Chapter One

Alkon was at a bar having a drink with Hybris and Kallen when a man approached Alkon. Alkon assumed the man must be a noble. It was in the way he held himself and walked, even in the way he spoke. “Are you Alkon Birral?” He asked as though he already knew and Alkon liked the confidence. Even nobles sometimes spoke to him with apprehension “Yes I am, why?” Buck lowered his voice “may I speak with you in private? Your ship mates may be around but I don’t want the wrong ears here to know what we discuss” read more

Arrow & Zaylee 5

Zaylee wore a huge smile as she cut up vegetables for the stew she planned on making when her husband came back with the meat. A horrible snow storm was coming that would keep them inside and make hunting much harder so they were trying to prepare meals they could store and reheat. He had gone after something big so they could make the stew as large as possible. Her five children still at home were happily playing in the living room, her four boys making their baby sister laugh. She had been starting to wonder if she could have a baby girl by the time little Nelly came along. read more

Jubal & Delia 3

Chapter One

Delia’s head rested on his shoulder as he drove and he glanced in the review mirror at his cousin Finn who was staring at his iPad. He could sense his nervousness, his fear and worry. Delia’s family had invited them over for a week and Delia had insisted on taking Finn with them since he didn’t get out much. Jubal had had to reassure the boy time and time again that if anything went wrong, he would stop him, but Finn was still terrified. “How’s he doing?” Delia said softly. read more

Rehan & Alpheus 2

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story ~

Chapter One

Alpheus was happy to be a little over half way through his shift. He would soon be with his fiance and away from all these drunks. He smiled as thought of Rehan. They didn’t have a date set for the wedding yet but Alpheus was had been bursting with happiness ever since Rehan had accepted his proposal. Alpheus was wiping down a spill on the bar as he happily thought of going home but the mens conversation that had been mere background noise before now had his full attention, something was wrong in the other kingdom, the kingdom Rehans mother lived in. “yeah, nobody knows where the lot of them came from but jesus they are fierce. I’ve heard some people have died of heart attacks just from seeing them burst out of the ground or seem to simply fall from the sky” read more

Ryoko & Donat 2

Chapter One

“Ryoko, I know basically all your jobs are dangerous but we’re in the middle of a war! The king can’t be asking you to do this, to cross enemy lines!”

“Donat I’m the best when it comes to this and you know that. He’s asking me because he knows I’ll come back” read more

Lucy & Soter

Chapter One

She felt cold, her entire body shook, waking her. She blinked awake, her eyes resting on the open door that let snow swirl in and around her. What was happening? Where was she? She slowly sat up, her head pounding. “Hello?” She said. “Is anybody there?” Her question was met only by the wind. She groaned, blinked and there was suddenly someone standing just outside the door. She yelped, scrambling back. read more

Leola & Acel 2

Chapter One

Leola cried into Acels arms. They had been living such a happy life in the new world they had run away to to be together. They had raised children, made friends and all but forgot the world they were from but now it was all over, they had to remember. Apparently soon after she ran away with Acel her parents were so furious at being embarrassed they had sent an assassin after her. They’d rather her be dead since she wouldn’t listen and marry the man she was matched to. It was mostly their pride and she knew that. They had never loved eachother and because of that they had never loved her. Their pride was truly all they had and she had wounded that pride by choosing to run away. read more

Rama & Helem 2

Chapter One

Rama shook as he tried to concentrate on the magic, feeling Helem’s eyes on him. He was terrified of unleashing the wolves, of what they might do to Helem once they appeared. “Breathe, Rama.” Helem’s voice was gentle and Rama felt frustration crawling.

“I can’t do it.” He dropped his head in defeat and Helem’s arms were suddenly around him, pulling him close. read more