Kay & Shawn

Chapter One

She was beginning to think she needed to call her parents. Her fiance was getting stranger and stranger by the week. A couple months ago she had returned from work to find their home ransacked and her fiance, who should have been home, missing. She called the police but he showed up by himself a few days later. Haggard but not hospital bad off. She had still wanted him to get checked out but he refused, saying he just wanted to be home after everything he had been through. read more

Leevo & Brynlyn

Chapter One

Leevo had about enough of this nightmare or whatever the hell this was. Everything felt weird as he looked for his fiance. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what he was feeling, simply everything felt wrong. Even his own body felt wrong, different. He finally saw someone he knew, his best friend “Hey!” his friend looked at him confused “hey” he spoke it as though it was a question rather than a greeting “where is Brynlyn” Now his best friend was looking at him like he was crazy but that wasn’t his concern right now. Brynlyn hadn’t been answering his texts and when he called her the number was invalid. He had gone everywhere she liked to go and not a sign of her “where is she?” he prompted again read more