Wolfric & Merle 3

Chapter One

Wolfric and Merle had been happily married twenty four years now and had their winery for fourteen. It had taken a long time to pick the perfect location, find a good staff, get equipment and a long list of other things they hadn’t known about when they decided they wanted to do this. They hadn’t stressed along the way though. Getting it going was part of their enjoyment. Merle already had more money than they could spend and even though they moved to live on location Wolfric had easily gotten his business going in the area, due in no small part to Merle practically over advertising his dentist office. The winery was just fun, something for them to do as a couple so accomplishing things took however long it took. read more

Johnny & Bella 2

Chapter One

“What do you mean he escaped?” Johnny asked, his voice shaking with fear and anger.

“Some of his lackeys attacked the transport van and busted him out.” Evander explained. “He’s sworn revenge on you for ruining him.”

Johnny’s heart was beating overly fast in his chest and he felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t let this happen again, not to Bella. “What do we do?” read more

Leola & Acel

Chapter One

Leola didn’t even try to look happy as she was fitted for her wedding dress. Her mother was tired of her sulking so snapped “stop acting like a child! Nester is a very handsome man with amazing abilities. You should be thrilled he is your chosen mate. Nester was overjoyed when he was told he was getting you. He’s even still happy after finding out how ungrateful you are for the pairing” read more

Strauss & Troian

Chapter One

“Troian, I have to go back now or my father might find out.” Strauss protested as the demon pressed kisses onto his neck.

“Stay with me tonight.”

He sighed and tangled his fingers in Troian’s hair, pulling until he lifted his head. Those intense silver eyes made him freeze and he almost couldn’t speak. “I can’t, you know that. Please understand, please.” read more

Reyna & Neme

A new king had finally taken over and rebuilt the castle in Holvincora. It was known the queens body was never found so he sent ten of his followers to scavenge the land for Queen Reyna. He wanted another trophy and he couldn’t think of a better one than having the previous kings woman to pleasure him. Over the years Reyna had been slowly building her confidence and her magic to what it used to be. She still wasn’t half as strong as she was when Jeremiah broke her but she was getting there. read more

Mikel & Maril

When Maril left in the morning to sharpen her sword for tomorrows lesson Blake and his parents met with Marils parents. “Before we start a negotiation of price I want it to be laid on the table she’s defective. I don’t know why my son wants some woman who can’t speak but he would like her to be promised to him when they are adults. We’re willing to pay two hundred gold for her. That price is barely bendable but we are willing to talk it out. Our son has insisted she’s who he wants and she keeps spurning his advances. I don’t see how she feels she has options since my family is among the few who bothers to speak to mutes. You already knew this from yesterdays talk so I’m sorry to bring it up again. It just pisses me off she wont give my son a chance. She wouldn’t take the easy way so I’m glad you two agreed to arrange a marriage since it’s your right to do so. What do you say to two hundred gold?” read more