Ajmal & Rubie

Chapter One

Ajmal was walking just for the sake of enjoying nature. He truly had nothing to do today with his fridge fully stocked, home clean, and pretty much having anything he needed. He did however wear a satchel with an empty container in it incase he came across some berries. The merchant who collected them for market was charging way too much now for them in Ajmals opinion so he only bought them already gathered if he just couldn’t find any. He had planted a blueberry bush in his garden but it was still growing and yet to produce fruit. read more

Nina & Cavan 3

The demons of Halvincora became outraged when they realized all portals leaving their world had been closed off. They started going around telling everyone and growing in numbers as they tried to break through and destroy the seals. Some started trying passages that hadn’t been used in centuries to see if they missed any that were just rarely thought of but it was to no avail until Kremler suggested ‘Lets try somewhere they’d never think we’d go. Lets go to a fairy world.” They began trying fairy world after fairy world but none of the portals would budge. Finally they found one, a portal they could travel through. The whole hoard that had come went through aside from one who was to tell the other demons. They decided to take out their anger and frustration on the fairies of whatever world this was. ┬áJust being in it was enough to enrage them with how vibrant and beautiful it was. read more

Gregory & Kifa

Gregory had this inexorable urge just to walk when he woke up that Sunday morning. He stretched and put two toaster struddles in his toaster. He waited for them to pop then enjoyed his breakfast. When he was done he set his dishes in the dishwasher, finally having enough to run the load so he filled it with Cascade then let it start before he showered and put on some pants and a hoodie. Last thing he had to do was pull his sneakers on before he walked out the door. Gregory decided to let the world direct him. He just walked along, following his instinct on where he should go. Whatever guided him had Gregory walk through the wood and onward until he reached town. He kept walking, past the toy stores, pharmacies, restaurants and clothing boutiques. He kept going until he found himself in a nice looking suburb. read more