Virginia & Naor

Chapter One

Naor ached as he laid beside a river under a small bridge. He had narrowly gotten out of that fight, only getting away at all because his father taught him how to tear through into other worlds. It was dangerous but that situation had called for drastic measures. He’d return to where he was from once he had a good nights sleep and could do it responsibly. He was just about to pass out when a woman approached him. He could tell she meant no harm, not a single one of his senses felt any threat, just compassion “excuse me” read more

Aurik & Brenda 2

Chapter One

Four years since Brenda informed Aurik of her work and the men after her they were living happily in Minnesota. Virginia quickly took a liking to Aurik and as such Brenda felt fine moving in with him when he asked her to in the second year of their relationship. Aurik had been ecstatic but now he wanted more, he wanted Brenda to marry him so on their weekly date night he took her to their favorite fine dining restaurant and popped his burning question. read more

Johnny & Bella 2

Chapter One

“What do you mean he escaped?” Johnny asked, his voice shaking with fear and anger.

“Some of his lackeys attacked the transport van and busted him out.” Evander explained. “He’s sworn revenge on you for ruining him.”

Johnny’s heart was beating overly fast in his chest and he felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t let this happen again, not to Bella. “What do we do?” read more

Aurik & Brenda

Chapter One

Brenda shook her head when she pulled up into the libraries parking lot and already saw Auriks car waiting. She parked and made her way to the door. Auriks car door soon opened and he followed her “Go away unless you want books” he smiled “we had a nice talk yesterday. You know you like talking to me” read more