Mazie & Cayne

Chapter One

Mazie and Cayne woke to the sound of their son crying hysterically. They bolted out of bed, afraid he had hurt himself. They found him in the living room, holding a large knife from the kitchen. Their couch was destroyed, cut up by the blade their son held in his hand “You drop that knife right now Leopold!” Cayne went from afraid to furious. Their son had been acting up a lot lately and he was sick of it. “Cayne please don’t yell at him” read more

Nedra & Talmadge 2

Chapter One

Nedra happily walked hand in hand with her husband Talmadge. They were in an absolutely gorgeous place locals called The Crystal Woods. Everything shimmered here and while they weren’t actual crystals but living plants they gave the appearance they were made of crystals and this was the only place in the world, that they knew of anyway that plants looks like this. Their triplets were laughing, exploring all around them but keeping up with their mother and father. Nedra had been living such a happy life with her husband even though her parents and the doctor who realized she was pregnant told her she was making the worst mistake of her life. Talmadge wasn’t a mistake, he and having these children were the best choices she ever made. read more

Julian & Lucius 3

Chapter One

There was something wrong with the old castle, Julian’s wolf could smell it as he, Lucius and Uri moved through the dusty interior. They had been told loud screams could be heard coming from the inside at night and people had witnessed someone running past the windows in a seemingly panicked state. Julian inhaled, taking in every scent and separating them out. “Perfume.” He said. read more

Fen & Saffron

Chapter One

Saffron ran as fast as she could, her heart beating fearfully in her chest as she listened to the wolves pursuing her. “Here little bunny, don’t be afraid.” One of them growled out and she let out a whimper. Why did she choose to go on her walk alone today? She always went with her brother, there was safety in pairs, but he had been busy and she had become restless. She looked behind her and that’s when the world fell out from under her and she was tumbling and sliding. When she hit bottom, she just laid there, her entire body hurting. She didn’t know how she had survived, she could see the drop off from where she lay and the wolves at the top pacing back and forth. She slowly sat up, pain radiating through her. She had cuts and scrapes all over her. She had to get out of sight before another predator came for her. She managed to get up and limp away, not daring to stop in case the wolves had decided to come down after her. She started crying when rain clouds moved over her and it only got worse when drops of rain fell on her. She was soaked by the time she found a cave and she sat down, pulling her knees up to her chest and shivering. She couldn’t believe this was happening. read more

Mildred & Allan 2

Chapter One

“Mildred, will you please tell me why you’re mad.” Allan said as he followed his mate into their room.

“It should be obvious.” Mildred replied as she started pulling her work clothes off. They hadn’t really had time to see each other at work with her helping with the new recruits and him doing paperwork. All she had wanted at the end of the day was to see him and when she had there he was talking to some woman who was so obviously flirting with him. read more

Tierney & Bradan

Chapter One

Tierney hadn’t realized how late he had stayed over at his friends Colts house until it was too late and he had been having so much fun he only realized it when his girlfriend made the joke “look who actually stayed until after dark. Grandpa is actually acting his age” He looked at Colts window in horror. It was dark out, pitch dark. He had to lose track of time at Colts house, the one friends house he couldn’t sleep at. His girlfriend Breanna was controlling, probably one of the most controlling girlfriends he had ever seen and he wasn’t sure why Colt put up with it. In any case she strictly forbid anybody sleeping over. They could stay late but four am was the cut off and you had to go home. read more

Ortensia & Sandro 2

Chapter One

It’s three months later and they still have a ton to do with the mansion. It had been left to the elements for generations, just being passed from person to person who didn’t want it and it was an overwhelming job at times to get this place livable. Especially now that Ortensia didn’t have as much help. Her parents still paid for professionals to come out and help once a week because that was as often as they could afford but her friends and her parents friends weren’t helping nearly as much but she didn’t blame them. It was awesome of all of them to help as long as they did. She knew they had lives and it would be selfish of her to be pissed because they didn’t want to still come out three months later. read more

Charles 15 Sophie 14

~ Chapter 1 ~

One morning Charles walked in on Sophie changing. He was excited to tell her about a huge beast he killed the night before while she was sleeping. He was so excited he forgot to knock. The two of them froze as Charles went into a full bodied blush at Sophies nude and very attractive form. When he could force his own body to move he quickly slammed her door “I’m so so so so so sorry” He had his hands over his face, he hoped to get his redness under control but it was the first time he had seen her with nothing on. read more

Susi & Vihreä 2

Vihreä paced nervously as Susi got dressed. He wanted her to stay home instead of going with him to check out more claims of necromancers. He feared for not only her, but their unborn child. She was already starting to show, the barely there bump bringing him a great deal of anxiety. “Stop stressing love or you’re heart might stop.” She said as she tugged on her knee high boots. read more