Elowen & Birch

Chapter One

Mei smiled back at little Tod as he buckled up in her backseat then drove away from the school “How was your day?”

“Great! Is mommy home yet?”

“Just two more nights” He just continued to smile as he began to look out the window so she put in one of his CD’s and put her attention back on the road. Mei was his live in nanny, had been since he was four and it was the best job she had ever taken. Tod was the sweetest boy anybody could ask for and his mother paid her far more than any other live in nannies she knew, especially when she took business trips. She had grown so fond of Tod over the past five years she’d probably even watch him for free at this point. She loved him like he was her own. The nice room, comfortable life and amazing income were just perks now. read more

Atalie and Abarron

~ Original Idea created by Breanna

Chapter One

My only belief is that danger is always present. I can’t sleep, afraid to close my eyes for fear that in the second I choose to find peace my worst nightmares will come to pass. Every noise or footstep was an instant nightmare and my heart beat in my chest at a level that I thought was surely heard. It was September 13th, 1939. Just last month I was playing with my siblings while my mother cooked us dinner and my Father was hard at work. Everything was right in the world. Now, I lie still as a brick, hidden beneath the staircase with only inches to move. I can barely breath but anything was better than nothing. It was more than what my family was lead to. I weep silently as the memories flash through my mind. I can still hear my mother screaming out my name as I was ripped from her arms. read more