Sylvie & Jarius

Chapter One

Sylvie was sitting with her brother Galt discussing the upcoming ball at their aunt and uncles castle when Jarius came into view, flying towards them. “do you need me to make him go away?” Her brother quickly asked and she answered ‘why would I need that? We’re still friends” read more

Leto & Ethan 2

Chapter One

“Excuse me, are you Ethan Kincaid?” The voice startled Ethan and had him spinning around and putting himself between Leto and the stranger.

“Who are you?” He asked and the man held up his hands to show Ethan he wasn’t armed nor was he looking for a fight.

“I have a message for you.” read more

Nigel & Vina 6

Chapter One

Cadoc was laying in a beautiful field of flowers when he felt someone grab his shirt and lift him into the air “what the” he began to say angrily but then he saw who had him, he was looking into Mered’s eyes, the father of the woman he was crazy over. Even if he wasn’t he was an intimidating demon ‘Do you have feelings for Tahairah or not you little punk” read more

Rian & Kou

Chapter One

Kou struggled to pick what to wear yet again today. It was one of three days a week he took a cooking class taught by world renowned chef Rian Foetida. He was incredibly handsome at 6’1 with those beautiful green eyes and seemingly flawless body. Rian obviously didn’t remember but they had met before when Kou was a child. Rians first cooking show had been one where he cooked something with a kid on every episode. It would be a complicated dish, something most adults wouldn’t dream of letting their kids help with but that was part of the allure of the show. Kou had been on with him a few times and had developed a little crush on him. read more

Maude & Hugh 2

Chapter One

Hugh watched as Maude and Isaac practiced dancing before class. He had made them partners of his studio and they helped him teach classes. He felt a little jealous of her dancing with Isaac, but knew they were only friends and that he would get to dance with her once class started. When people started to come in Isaac switched off the music and changed the CD while Maude ran over to Hugh and gave him a kiss. “Are you ready for class?” She asked excitedly. read more